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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1901"

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Caftad 1..1 uUdJn. 





mes, oom a.n 
an a 0 
N 1419 
3 37 


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- ----..... .._.

o"nd t805 sse 12 
MUNT & E TT\: T.e I1ple BuUdIn T RONTO 
c. TEL.Ef'HO IJ 0 


4 . SB 

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.. C 
:: or. 



The Toronto General 
Trusts Corporati 

YO" O"
.,. ".I c.. t'4iorne 


. . 

Tht. Toronto (;eneral T, up.., "" 
two ( Jllll..Mllies arc nuw ail)" I u.... t 
Appointment of this Corpu1ntion .1S EXt;':UUH 
the appointment of individu
(1) It ha as a Curporatiull verpetul\l existence. ,2) The capital of the Corpuration ,Llltl its resen ,am 
01\ er "11(. million and a tluarter dollars, furni"h a Aubbtantial guarantee to Lhe pul.lic for the faithfulaùmini 
all business entrusted to itA care. (:i) Its affairs are under the constant supt.rv1sion ..f a Board uf Tlirect, 
Execut ' . ..nd Inspection Committees and a traineù statt' of utticcrtl. (4) Tht' compensatlUlI of the ('orporati 
hy the <-"urts on p.assing account,', and in no ('
se is it aWllrdt'd :reater 1'emuneration than 1" .1110\\(,.1 t.. pr 
\ iùu-,I . hut in many instances considl'rahlr Il'SS 




 11- .-...,..i:".,.-I. I 
1. tr,:: 

",: I 





'; J 



., 1 

 "1-- "1\' 
' \ ,I. 

' J --- . 
 - \ 

?h. -."'- 


John }jen. Q.C.. 
John Laing Blaìlae-. 
\\-. R. Brock. 
J. W. Digby. M.D.. H 
J. J. Yoy Q.C. M.P. 

Eml'oweroo. by 

Executor and 
by will 
Trustee under 
private ind 
will nnnex( 
Guardian of Int"Rnts 



D ':)1(,."11 ò5 T

.r...." 'J 
_1I.1 u 

CI h& 






Life -\f,surance 

>tc etc. 

I HOIi. p, er ;\tllda, 
E. .H. 0 ler. 
I. P. 
J. G. '-'ott (J.e. 
lItherland :-Ola) 
n K ""RIker_ 

,lJltlertake and execute 

.A'- person Rnd 


.:""0. Etc.. EtC'. 

.r Executors. Trus 
.n'ent of money 
es, Stocks, Etc., iss 

c.u t 

In of (Intari.. in is! 
:usts Corporati 
. that cann"t he 0 



flllrt J.1ll1nt 

Ði r!' 




......... . .. . . . . ... ................................................................... 
........ . .. 





. . 






. IS 



'ïH OR()rt
llL y 


.\ \D 




I'V'ß' ll 
FEe 2 f} 


Issued by the North American Life are on the- most approved, up-to-date plans, and, 
moreover, backed by a company of unexcelled financial strength. 


",,') !r- .r:l o ".., 

. jm,) \r''' 






.. L. GOldman, 
.. St:Cl EIA.R\ 
.. .. 
.. . 
................................................................................ . 
................................................................................ . 

HE:-.ERYE n-xn 

M' Sl'RP]X




Send your name, address, and age next birthday, and we will forward to you, rates 
and estimate slips of some very desirable plans of insurance. 

Wm. McCabe, 
)IA" '"I''' DlIlM 'Il 



Head Offlce: TORONTO 

.. .. 
.. .. 
.. 4 BA
.. .. 
.. ---- .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 


.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
:: Capital $1,860,000:: 
.. .. 
:: Reserve Fund 2,418,000:: 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .JOH
IDEN1 .. 
.. .. 
.. R. L. BORDE
NEH .. 
.. . 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. General Manager's Office, Toronto .. 
.. .. 
.. .- 
.. .
.. .. 
.. .. 
u H. C. McLEOD, Genera] Manager .. 
.. .. 
:: DANIEL WATERS, Chief Inspector, Toronto H. A. FLEMMING, Secretary, HalIfax:: 
:: GEO. SANDERSON, Inspector, Halifax W. CALDWELL, ChIef Accountant, Toronto :: 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. ERANCJ3:ES .. 
.. .. 
.. Nova Scotia New Brunswick .. 
.. .. 
.. Amherst Kentville Pictou Campbellton Newcastle Sussex .. 
.. o. 
.. Annapolis Livel'pooJ Stellarton Chatham St. Andrews Woodstock .. 
.. B1"Ìdgetown New Glaøgo" Westville Fl'edericton St. John .. 

: Digby N Sydney Yarmouth l\Ioncton St. Stephen :: 
. . Halifax Oxford . . 
.. Prince Edward Island .. 
.. .. 
.. Ontario Chadottetown Summerside.. 
.. Almonte Bedin .. 
.. Newfoundland .. 
.. Arnprim' Tm'onto . . 
.. "Ifal'bor Grace St. John'" .. 
. . . . Quebec . . . . 
West Indies 
.. Montreal Pa
pebiac .. 
.. Iiingstol1, Ja. .. 
.. .- 
.. Manitoba United States .. 
.. .. 
.. Winnipeg Boston Calais, Me. Chicago . · 
.. .. 
.r .. 
.. .. 
.. Great Britain United States .. - 
:: Royal Bank ..f Scotland and Branches 
E\\ \.ORh- Bank of New lurk. N.RA. 
:: France BObT'.
-l\[erchant8' Xational Bank · 
.. CHIf"GO- First 
ational BalIk .. 
.. Cn'dit;..Lyonnai.. aud Bl"anches PHILAllf:LPHH- 
treet Xational Bank :
BUTIMORf -Citiæns' Xational Bank .. 

 u. FRA 'CII<('O -Canadian Bank of Commerce :: 
:\11, \EU'OLlt,- First National Bank .. 
. - 

Ðresdnel' Bank and Branche!' 

Domininion of Canada 
('anadiall Bank of Commerce and Bmnches 

Havana, Cuba 

Zaldo & C '. 


............................................................. .. 
.. .. 
.: BA
CIAL. 5 :: 
. .. 
. .. 




Capital all Paid-up 
Reserve Fund 
Undivided Profits 

$12 1 0C0 1 000 
7 1 000,000 
510 1 684 

Established 1817- Incorporated by Act of P



D ;\lOG
T nOL\L, G.C.'I.G., 
A. T. Paterson, Esq. Sir W. C. McDonald, G.C.l\I.G. R. n. \ngns, E-q. Edw. B. Greenshields, Esq. 
A. F. Gault, Esq. R. G. Reid. E
q. James Ross, Esq. 




E. ::5. CLOrSTO
, General 

A. 1\1.-\C"IDER, Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches. 





MEREDIfH, l\I.\nager. 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Perth. .. 

St. l\Iary's, " 

A Imonte, Ontario 
B"lleville, . 
Corn wall, 
Ft William .. 
G,:derich, , 

Wallaceburg, Ontario 

Toronto :- 
Y onge and Front 
Y on!;e aud Queen 


In Newfoundland 
ST. JOH:\ s. I\.FLD.-ßank of Montreal. 

1\IontreaJ, Que. ;- 

t. J anlt

t. Catherine Street 
Seigneurs Street 
Pl. ::::'t. Charles 
Quebec, Que. 
(;h..tham, K. ß. 
Frtèdtèricton, .. 
St. John, 

Winnipeg, :.\Ian. 
C"lgary, Alberta 
Rtègin t, As"". 
LdhIJliù!.:e, _-\Ita. 
GretèllwlJod, B.C. 
Xt!l"ifJn, " 
Ktèw Denver, .. 

tèW \\'u.tmini
n..,sl..ud, B C. 
Vancouver, " 




In Great Britain 
I,o:\Doy-Bank IJf 1\Iuntrtèal, 
2 _\hchurch Lane, E.C., 
..u..))ER LA:\t1, ;\Ianager. 

In the United States 
l\E\\ YORK-R. Y. Hebden and J. 1\1. Greata, _-\gents, 50 Wall 



CHIcAGo-Bank of l\Iontreal. 

LO:\lIos-The Bank of England. The Gnion .Bank of London. The London and "-estruinster Bank. 
The Katlonal Provincial Bank of Ellgl..nd. 


. .............................................................................. 
. ................................................................................ 

LI\ERPooL-The Bank ùf Liverpool, Limited. 


SCOTLA:\D-The British Linen Company Bank and Branches. 


YORK-The Kational City Ban\... The Rmk uf I"ew YOlk, S.B.A. BlFFALO-The Marine Bank, Buffalo. 
S.\' FRA" (,,{ -Tile Fir8t 
ationaIB.UlJ,.. The Anglo C.\liforni"n Bank. 
BO,Tù:\ -The Merchants' Sational J. B. Moors &: Co. 


:: RanlLer
 and ChieF Currespundents: 
:: GREAT BRlTAl,-The Bank of Scotland; 
lIlith, Payne .\. ::;mith. hUlA, CHl,.4 DoO J.4pn-l'he 
.. Chartered Bank of India, AU8tralia and China. Fltn"E-Cl"t
dit Lyonnais, Paris; L.,zal'd Freres and Cie, 
:: Paris. GElt'lAr.y-Deutsche Bank. BEwlnl-.L l\latthieu .\: Fils, Brussels. SOL TH AFltICI-Bank of 
.. Africa, L'd. ; Standard Bank of South Ah'ica, L'd. AU<Tlt\u\ A:>.n XE\\ Zt:.\L\"O- lnion Bank of -\.U8- 
.. tralia. L'd. SOITH A
[II.ltICA- -London and Brazilian Bank, L'd.; Brititòh Bauk of ::;ourh America. L'd. 
:: \\-E;,T IKOlEs-Bank of 1'0\'110 Scotia, King8ton, Jamaica; Colonial Bank and Branches. !\1E'l.ICo-B.nco de 
.. Londresy Mexico. Bt:lt'llDA-l'he Bank of Bermuda, Hamilton. XE\\ lOu. - rhe American Exchange 
:: National Bank. CHlCAGO- 
 ol.thern Tru8t Co. 










, jt'F .1>RESIDEST. 

JA:\tES CRATHER", ]<;,q. \\. II. HA)[(LTO:\". E-q. 'I. LIWGAT. E,q. 
JOH" \lUSKI:\", E-q.. 
 Coo LL.D. J. W. FLA VELLE, E.q. 
\\. Eo H. MA!<SEY. E
q A. KI:\"G:\[A
, Esq. 




A:,-.;1. GF' 

\lAX AGi"H. 

Chief In
pec!or find Sup! of H. al\chf'

LONDON, ENG. OFFICE- 60 Lombard St., E.C. 
S. CA:\IERO:\" ALEXA:\"/lER, :\tnMa,R. 

.JJran<.-Jles in Canada: 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West Indies, China, Japan, South . 
America, Australia and New Zealand :. 

Ayr Chatham 
Barrie Collingwood 
Belleville Dresden 
Berlin Dunda8 
Blenheim Dunnville. 
Brantford Fort Francis 
Cayuga Galt 
:\'1ontreal Winnipeg 
Dawson City \Vhite Horse 

( )rangeville 

Port Perry 
St. Catharine8 

Toronto J unc 
W ood8tock 

Sault Ste. 


reenwood Xelson 
Kamloops Kew \\'estminster 
Kanaimo fiossland 


\T ancou\ er 

-\.!.!"e'H..ies in t/H.' l'nited St:.te....: 



D, ORE. 
::;K-\GW.\ Y, AL-\

Deposits Received in the Savings Bank Department and also on Special Deposit, and Current 
Rates of Interest allowed 
Special attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and all 
parts of the world 

B.\:\KING _-\
D FI:\A:\CIAL. 7 : 


Bank of Toronto 






Paid-Up Capital 
Reserve Fund 















Kinl{ St. W. 

('0 B(K R(
Cor'PER CLIn' 



GREAT BRITAIN-The London City and Midland 
Bank, Limited, London. 
INDIA, CHINA and JAPAN - The Chartered Bank 
of India, Australia and China. 
NEW YORK The National Bank of Commerce. 
CHICAGO -First National Bank. 
BUFFALO Manufacturers and Traders Bank. 
DETROIT-Detroit National Bank. 



Correspondents and Special Agents in every BankinJ1:' Town in Canada. 

Collections made on the best term,,; find remitted for on day of payment. 
DraftE issued avai]ab]p in Canada and throughout the world. 
Deposits received and interest allowed thereon. 

: SOLICITORS -BEATTl, BLACKSTOCh., XESlHTT, CUAD\\ICK l(- RWDELL, Bank of Toronto Buildings. 


.. .. 
: · 8 BAXKIKG A:S-D FIIS" A IS"CL-\ L. :: 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
t D
minion Bank I;
ad Offjc
, (oronto 



Capital Authorized 
Capital (Paid-up) 
Reserve Fund 


2,25 0 ,000 

2,25 0 ,000 


BOX SIR FRASK :-;:\IITII, President E. B. OSLER, .:\I.P., Vice-President 

A. W A{.STIX, E"Q. 
W. It. BROCK, Eso., M.P. 

, ESQ. 
\\":\1. I:S-CE, E"Q. 

T. G. BltOUGH, GCllt'ral )I:mager 

H. J. BETUeXE, Inspector 





North End 

TORONTO-Cor. King and Yonge Streets 
Queen Street West, Cor. Esther 
.. Dundas 
Queen Street East, COl'. Sherbourne 
King Street East, Cor. Jarvis 
Spadina Avenue, Cor. COllege 


C0111nlercial Credits Issued for Use In Europe and all Foreign 
Countries. Sterling E \':change Bought and Suld 

IS"EW YORK-The Na.tional City Bank. 
The Bank of British North America. of Buffalo. 
BUSTOX-Ndtional Exchange Bank. 
DETROIT-Detroit Xational Bank. 
DULUTH-American Exchange Bank. 
MIXKEAPOLIS-Northwestern NatlOnal Bank. 


GREAT BRITAIN-The National Bank of Scotland, 
Limited, and Bl-anches. 

:. CHICAGO-Commercial Na.tional Bank. 








D. R. WILKIE, General Manager 
E. HAY, Inspector 


Capital Authorized 
Capital Paid-up 
Reserve Fund 



H. S. HO\YLAXD, President 

T. R. 

IEnnITT, Vice-Presi')ellt 
T. :-;l-THERLA




Branches in Ontario and Quebec 




ST. THO:\L-\S (East End) 



HEAD OFFICE, Wellington Street East 
Yonge and Queen Streets 
Yonge and Bloor Streets 
King and York Streets 


Branches in Manitoba, North-West Territories and 
British Columbia 

DUX, M-\N. 
C.-\LG.-\RY, ALTA. 
. -\LTA. 


roKE, B.C. 

XrPEG, :\L-\.K. 

Bank of :\fontreal and Branches. 

Agents and Correspondents 
Sew York-Dank of l\Iontreal Detroit-Detroit Xatiol1al Bank. 
Bank of America. Duluth-First Katiollal Bank 
tern Kational Bank. Philadelphia-Farmers' and 
Buff>\lo- Bank of Buffalo. ics' X atiol1al Bank. 
BORton-K. Bank of the . Common- St. Paul-Second National Bank. 
Sail Francisco-"'ells, Fargo &; Co's 
Chicago-First Katiollal Bank. Bank. 

Voyd's Balik (Limited) 
l\1anchester and Livel'pool District 
Banking Co. (Limited) 



Credit Lyonllais. 

. ................................................................................ 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 


.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
:: Capital paid-up (Dec. 31st) $1,340,328 :: 

: Head Office, Reserve Fund 200,000 g 
: TORONTO Profit and Loss Account 17,687 :: 
. :: 
DOX .\1.0 :\lACK A Y, Esel., Vice-President :: 
.. .. 
.. .. 
:: ( Corner Welling-ton and Scott Streets :: 
.. .. 
.. T O R O NT O Corner Oueen and Portlan(I 
trects .. 
.. I . .. 
.. .. 
.. . Corner Y onge amI Richmond Streets .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. London, England- New York - .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
:: France and Europe - Boston _ :: 
.. .. 
.. .. 


, Es(l-, Pl'esident 




D. rLLYOT, E!-<.I 

c. McGILL, 

General Manager 

Agents for the Government of Ontario 


.. . 
CIAL. 11 : 
. ---- . 
. . 
. . 
. . 
. . 
.: The Canada Permanent 
and Western Canada Mortgage : 




Canada Permanent -Building, 



Ian. \Tancouver, B.C. St. John, N. B. 




Capital Paid-u p 
Reserve Fund - 


President-GEORGE nO()DF.RHA

1st \ïce-Pres and Chairman of Executive Committee, 

2nd Yice-President-W. H. BEATTY 
General Manager, - WALTER S. LEE 

.................................................. .

DEBENTURES-Interest at Four per cent. per annum, paid half-p'arly on 
 issued for terms of from one to the year
. The debentures can he hall 
uch sums not les
 than !IIIOU as may oe at!'ree,l upon. and are registered at the 
Company's Offices. Interest acenH'
 from the date on which the money is received 
hy the Company. 

SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Interest is allowed on saving
 ,leposits of 
1.01) and 
up\\cmls, paid or compounded half-yeady. 

LOAN DEPARTMENT-Loans made upon tirst mortgage on real estate at 
current rates, and on favorahle terms. Call or time loans made upon municipal 
d('hentures, bonds and stocks. 


............................ ...................................................... 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. 12 BAXKI
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 

t Dank ::

;:I. I


. - .. 
. .. 
. .. 
.JOIlX T. UOSS, E!"l., Vice-Prf'siùent :: 
PARD u; 1\IOIKE, E"ll. W. A. :lUR&U. E"Q. VESEY BO<;;WELL, Est,]. .. 
Q. C. F. SMITH, E"Q. :: 

 RUE \KEY, ESll. President 


THOMAS McDOUGALL, General Manager 




TORONTO-C. C. SMITH, Manager. WM. P. SLOANE, Superintendent, Cor. King and Toronto Sts. 
Montreal Ottawa Pembroke St. Henri St. George Beauce Thetford Mines Thorold 
Three Rivers Yictoriaville Shaweneg-an, P.Q. MO,"TREAL-St. Catharine St. St. Roch, Que. 
C'pper-T..wn, Que. 


Agents in London, England-The Bank of Scotland 
Agents in New York-Bank of B. .N. America aud Hanover National Bank 
Agents in Boston-National Bank of The Republic 

eanada [and
and national 

Eo., J:imiud 

Authorized Capital, 
Paid-Up Capital, 
Subscribed Capital, 
Reserve Funds, 
Total Assets, 





Incorporated under the" Companie g Act." 




Incorporated 1S.
 (Limited) Incorporated 1876 
.ATED 1891 


A. R. CREEL'IAN, E"Q, (,!.C. 

President JOHN HOSKIN, Esq., Q.C., LL.D., Vice-President 
. SEX.-\TOR GOW.-\N, LL.D., C.:\1.G .J. KERR OSßOR:'\E, E
J. S. PL
. K. SILYERTHORl\;. E,,"I. 

Agents in Scotland 
H"'lluox. KlI'
lal< & B'UTSO:V. "T. 35 Queen St Edin- 
)[JLL, lJO
AR ${ Ht :"oTER. W.S.. 15 Hill St. Fdinbnrgh. 

Th Corovany l..ends ){oney on Real Eo;tatc, and purcbasl 
Dorninion, "ro
 incinl and :\Iunicipal Sec-1ritif. I......nee UeLen 
tures p'l) able in ::5t"lIing or C',rrency for II ed Term of Year 


.......................... .................................................... 
.......................... .................................................... 

.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
 The YORK ": 

: Cor. 



Loan and Savings Company 


HEAD OFFICE-Conftdtfation Lift Building 
Yonge and Richmond Sts., TORONTO 


V. ROBIN, Treasurer 
LL.B., Vice-President E. J. BURT, Supervisor 
R. H. SANDERSON, Building Inspector 



TORONTO WEST-Cor. <.!ueen and Dovercourt. 
-30 Hughson Street. 
DON-Dundas a.nd Clarence Streets. 
WHìNIPEG-D Ottawa. Bank Building. 
HALIFAX, N. B.-39 Sackville Street. 


72 Queen Street East. 
OTTAWA-ü6 Bank Street. 
l\'10NTREAL-CanadO\ Life Association Building. 
V ANCOUVER-627 Hastings Street. 
ST. JOHN, N.B.-Jardine Block. 







HEAD OFFICE-54 WEST NILE ST., Glasgow, Scotland 

Subscribed Capital, $250.000 Stg. 

. Tb.e Company boldo.for sale, at.moderate price
 and on very eaoy and favorable terms of payment, Borne Bubstantially built 
sohd BrIck R
 .dence. wtth modern Improvement., 10 Rosedale, Bnchanan Street and other good localities in Toronf-o, also attrac- 
tively ,Ituated Building Lot. in Ito-;edale, and choice Lot_ on :\1 ,.."ham 8rreet, 
;Ilclid A,'enue. High Park A..-enlle and other Streets. 
abo carefully sl'lected I<'arming L..ndi in the m03t de3irable diðtricts of Manitoba. )<'or further information apply to the Commie: 
bioners of the Company in Canada. 


1 York Cham be.... 11 TORONTO ST., TORONTO 

JAMES L. SCARTH, Estate and Financial Agent, 

11 Toronto St., Toronto 

. .............................................................................. 
...................................................., Shops, Factorlf Sites and Choice Buildinc Lots f"or Sale in Toronto. Price. Low. Term. of" palfment 
eaalf. Loans made on Farm, Citlf and Town Properties at Lowest Current Rates. 

.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 

Elevator and House Builders:: 




Esplanade Street, Foot 0" Berkeley Street 




MarlneSlJp, Ship Carpen teTing, Etc. 

Plle Driving A Specialty 










Containing Descriptive Sketches of over 9,OQO post offices in Canada and 
350 in Newfoundland, and over 1,000 places not post offices. The descrip- 
tive sketch of each place will emhrace various items of interest, such as 
location, population, distance to different points, the most convenient shipping 
station, the nearest bank location, stage or steamboat connection, if any, ex- 
press, telegraph and telephone connection, money orùer office, etc., etc. 
The CLASSIFIED PORTION of the Directory will contain complete 
Lists of every Trade and Profession in Canada and Newfoundland, 
making it an easy matter to send 

Circulars to Everyone in any line of Business in Canada. 

The Book is $7.50 per Copy to Subscribers. 
: As only a few will be printed above our subscription list, the price after 
: publication will be $10.00. .. 
. .. 
. e-Send in your Order now and your Name will be printed in .. 
:: DISPLAY TYPE in your line of Business. Advertising Rates on Applica.tion. :: 
. .. 
. .. 
. .. 

.. .. 
. .. 
. .. 
: CAPITAL PAID-UP $100,000.00 :: 
. .. 
.. .. 
:: HEAD OFFICE-59 YONGE ST. JOHN C. CARDNER, Pres. and Managing Director :: 
.. .. 
.. .. 

.. . 


500 King Street West, Toronto 






Oxford lines of Stoves, : 
Ranges and Hollow-Ware :: 


(From Smallest Domestic to Largest Hotel) 

Gas Stoves, Ranges, Etc. 

Gasoline and Wickless Oil Stoves 
Laundry Stoves, Etc., Etc. 

Hot Water Heaters Steam Boilers 

SteaD1 and Hot Water Radiators 

Warm Air Furnaces 



:: 47 Co.borne St., 




Hotel Keepers', Brewers' and 
Distillers' Supplies 




Sole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Company's celebrated " CHAMPION" 
Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps, and Ale Lifts for HOTELS 

Cork Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Bottle Baskets, Corking :l\Iachines, Bottle Filling 
Machines, Beer and 'Vine Faucets, Ice Boxes, Work Boards, 
Metal Polish, Etc.," Etc. 

Tel. 108 


.. .. 
1ENTS. :: 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. .. 
.. . 
.. . 

.. . 
.. Pro p rietor . 
.. . 
.. . 
.. . 

i Tingley & Stewart Mfg. Co. .i 
.. . 
.. . 
.. . 
.. . 
.. . 
.. . 
ii Rubber Stamps ;1 
.. .. 
.. .. 
:: . 

St eel 




l...; ___ J 





-j ., 



 r ----
I I I 
II''''' \ 
/ I 
l ,I 











Railroad and Office Stamps 






; I Telephone 8760 I 


King St. West, 


::.................................................... .
..................................................... .......................... 






va L. :X::X:VI. 

Price, $6.00 

Price, $6.00 

18 A

- AYD- 

A Oomplete Street Guide 







 pR "':t;, 
L',.."... PUBLIC 

. ý.." ,C'........... 
to,.....j c. ,ï Ii .- .!>;!; . J?-1- . 
 -:'J = ;;t vq.."" 

 ...!:I' ..)t?


 ,tv "l.:je;. 
'C"G" ..W 


Entered according to Act of Parliament in the Office of the Minister of .Agriculture in the year of 
Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and one. . 


J"fjJ'" 0 / 

In presenting our twenty-sixth volume of Toronto City Directory to our patrons, we take the 
opportunity-this being the beginning of the new century-of speaking of the growth of our beautiful City. 

The first City Directory of Toronto was published in 1833; we have not a copy of this work. The 
date of the earliest Toronto Directory in our possession is 1837, and in that book is to be found some very 
interesting information, among which is a ta
le of the population of the Home District, which we 
reproduce below that it may be compared with our present population. 

The following table shows a rapid progressive increase in the population of the Home District since 
1799 to the year 1836, inclusive. The population of the City of Toronto, as noted at foot, is not included 
in the returns for the years 1834, 1835, and 1836. 

YearE. Population. Years. PopulaLion. Years. PopulatIOn. 
1799 224 181:
l 1825 17,442 
1800 1,127 1814 1826 19,670 
1801 2,788 1
15 J no returns 1827 21,329 
11:;02 3,370 1816 182
O3 2,328 1817 7,230 1829 25,093 
180-J. :
,378 1818 8,459 1830 28,56i 
1805 3,748 ISH} 9,580 1831 32,841 
1806 no return 1820 10,833 11:;32 40,650 
1807 4,898 1821 1 2,845 1833 47,655 
1809 6,171 1822 13,870 1834 -46,288 
1810} Hs23 14,877 1h35 -47,543 
1811 no returns 1824 16,609 1836 -51,764 
- Exclusive of the City of Toronto which was incorporated in 1834. 

Population of the City in U.,a4, 
" " 1835, 
II II 1836, 


The Home District was what we now know as the Counties of York, Ontario, Peel and Simcoe. 

Since the issu
 of 1823 to the present time, there have been forty-four Directories published of the 

 City of Toronto, each Ahowing an increase in population over the previous issue, until in the present 
volume we find by actual count there are 1:;6,501 individual names. 

This will make 

= Iu arriving at our estimate of the population in the past we have used 3 as the multiple. This 
I year we use a multiple which we arrive at by carefully comparing the figures of the Dominion Census of 

 1881 and 1891 with the number of names contained in the Toronto Directories for those years. 
When we look at the taIJle quoted above and compare the figures with the present population, and 

 note tr
 trcluenè.Où.s increase, Vle \vonder if the people living in Toronto in 1834, when, their I1uluber was 




only 9,254, realized that they were laying the 'foundation of a city of this size; further, do the people of 
the present day realize what Toronto will be fifty years from now; we have worked out what we 
believe to have been the average rate of increase in the past, and applying this rate to the' present 
population, we estimate in 1920 the population of Toronto will be over 550,000, and in 1950 it will exceed 

We do not believe this estimate will be over the mark, if anythin
, it will be under. 
The present population is nearly three times what it was twenty years ago (Dominion Census in 
1881 was 86,415) why should it not double in the next twenty years? 

In comparing the Directory of twenty years ago with the present issue, we find only 15 names on 
Spadina Avenue, north of College, where there are 196 at the present time. On College Street, west of 
Spadina Avenue, to-day will be seen block after block of fine stores, where in I1:>H1 there were only a few 
scattered private houses, and in many other parts of the city, street after street and hundreds of houses 
now cover the fields and market garùens of twenty years ago. 

In the January number of the Directory Trade Journal, M. J. Flaherty tells of "The First Directory 
Published in the World." This was in the City of London in 1677, and contained only USOO names in 
"II. The first Directory published on this continent, says H. 
I. Graves in the same Journal, was in 
Philadelphia, in 1785, and contained barely 3,500 names, when the population was about 35,000; New. 
York was next in order, in 17g6, containing 926, while the population was estimated at 25,000; Hoston 
followed, in 1789, with 1,500 names, the population was not pstimated. 

When we look at these figures and see what those cities are to-day. and then see by the table given 
"bove that in 1799, the population of the whole of the Home District only numbered 224, and again look 
at the present population of Toronto, we may very well believe there will be over 2,000,000 souls in this 
city in 1950. 

Having looked at the old directories from the population standpoint, let us glance at them from 
advertisers' point of view, 

How many firms who have advertised to any great extent, can find any of their ad..'ertisements 
of twen
 years ago doing sen'ice to-day. We venture to say very few indeed, unless the ad \-ertisement 
was in a City Directory. The old Directories in our office are continually being used by all kinds 
of people, and the ad\'ertisements are just as much alive to these searchers of to-day as they were on the 
day of publication. 

In the 1881 Directory we find advertisements of Canada Life Assurance Company, Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, Canadian Rubber Co., Home Sa..-ings & Loan Co., Kenyon Stewart Mfg. Co. (now 
Bernard Cairns), London Guarantee & Accident Co., Ontario Bank, Pure Gold Mfg. Co., Scott & Walmsley, 
Standard Life Insurance Co., M. Staunton & Co., August Bolté, Parker's Steam Dye Works, J. & J. Taylor, 
Toronto Lithographing Co., Elias Rogers & Co., and many others who would have great difficulty in 
finding copies of any of their ad ..:ertisements of twenty years ago, except those in the Directory that are 
still alive and doing good. And we may here remark that the advertisements of those mentioned above 
will be fouml in this issue as well as in every is::;ue for the twenty years back. 
It surely needs no other argument to convince any thinkinO' business man that the cheapest and 
most lasting form of advertising is the City Directory. b 
In conc1usi?n we tende.r sincere thanks to our patrons for their support and. encouragement, and 
8ssure them that, lD future as lD the past, we shall spare no effort to merit a continuance of their favors. 



59 YO
GE ST., Janum"y, 1901. 

JOHX C. GARDXER, President and Generallranag-cr. 




Tel. No. 423. 



Abbreviations ... __... . /j:t 
A(1<}pnda ........ .... .. ... . . . . .. . . . 49 
Ad,.ertispments. ..... ............1 to II. 
Alplmhetical lI
t of names..... .257 to !JOt, 
1I.lnking and Financial...... ........ t 
iness C!"""ifi<-atlon..... ... .007 to 1C:!. 
Int](.x to Advel tlsers. .. '" ... ..... 45 

[nde" to :\1i'Celinneous Directory... .Below 
Introductory. .. .. ... .. .......... .... 42 
Strt-et Director,'..... ............ .83 to 2:iH 
HnlonrlJUn "illages. ....... .. .. . .51 to 82 
'l'itIe pnge........ ........ ......... 41 
Too late for regular Insertion..... 4!! 
Wnrd Boundarle"...... "'" ..... 82ß 


lied ford I'nrk (See North Toronto). .. . t;2 
1Ir:II'ondale. .. .... ........ ........... 51 
ChHter. . .. . . .. ........... ..... .... 5:1 
Cc!t'nul1I (See Uttle York)...... .... 5H 
V".\"i8vllle (See Not.tb TOMnto)...... (;2 
f),el' I'nrk..... ........ ........, 
I )O..C:1 
h'r (See Ch{'
tf'-r)..... ....... 5:
Enst'Toronto........ .............. 55 
I';glinton (See Nortl1 '.roronto).. .. (;2 
Hnmber Bny. . . .. ..... ............. 5/j 


Little \'"ol'k..... ,..." .............. 
M imlco.. . . . ... ..... .....' 
New Toronto........ 
North no\"et'court..,.. 
Nortb Toronto........ 
NOrwny. .. . . . .. .......... ........... 
Swfinse3........ ...... .............. 
'''odlllOrdf'D ......... ...... ............. 
Toronto Junction...... . ..... .. ___ 
 ..11"ood I',..k (See Brncondalel..... 


Pagc. Page., Pa
Ardent Order of Forestern........... 1042 Good Templars. Independent Order of. 1047 Parks and Squares....... ...... .... 1040 
Ancient Order of Hibernians......... 1043 Go, ernor-GE'neral and Stnft'........... 1028 }'ollce Department..... ..... ....... lo:t2 
Ancient Order of United Workmen.. 1045 Halls. Public Buildings, etc............ lo:m I Post Office..... ........ ............ 1030 
Asylnms. Hospitals. etc.............. 1037 Harbor Commissioners..... .......... 102!J Prisons. etc....... .... ............. 10:11 
Bands. .. ..... ............ ........... 1048 Hib"I'nlans. Ancient Order of. ... ..... 1043 Province of Ontario..... ........... -. 10:\() 
Bene\"olent, Fraternal and National H(.spitals. Asylums nnd Homes....... 10.37 Puhlic Buildings. mocks, Halls, etc.. 104() 
Sc.detles... ..... ......... ......... 1041 Indl'strial Schools...... ........... . 1003-1 I'nhllc Schools..... '" ....,..... . _. 10:13 
Blo('ks, Buildings, etc..... ........... 1040 Inland Revenue..... ..., ......,..... 102!J Queen and Royal Famll,............... 10?-S 
('ahlnet fllInlsters......... .... ...... 102!1 Irl
h C.ltl1ollc ß('nevolent Society. .. .. 1045 / Hailroad Organizations..... ........ 1048 
Canadian Home Circles.... .......... 104:\ Irish Protestant Benevolent Society... 101:. IUnks (See clnsslfied Amusement, 
Cntl10llc Mutual Benefit Association.. 10451 Je"ish Societies..... ............... 1045 Place of)........ ....... .......... 1110 
Cemeteries. .. ., ... ................. 11>>0 Jndges of Ontario Courts............ 10:n Roynl Arcanum..... .,. ............ 1045 
Chosen Friends, Canndlan Order of... 1042 Knights of Ireland, Ro,.al Black.... 1044 Roynl Bla('k Knights of Ireland...... 11>>4 
Churehes and MInisters..... ......... 1m8 I{nlghts of th.. Maccabee9.... ....... ]04:1 1 Hoyal 'l'emplars of Temperanc..... _.. 1047 
City Government..... ...... ........ 10
 I'n;gbts of Pythlas..... ............ 1043 St. Andr..w's Socl..ty..... .......... 1046 
Ch'bs........ ......... ..............1048 I Knlghts of St. John and Mnlta.....1043 St.G..orge.sSociety........ ...... ...1046 
Collectors of Customs.. .............. 102!J I I{nlghts of St. John (ll C Union).... 104:\ St. "incent de Pnul Soclety......... 1046 
CollegE's and Universities..... ....... 1033 Knights of Sherwo<>d Forest......... 104:-\ Schools. etc..... ...... ............. 1033 
Colleglnte Institutes........ ......... 1034 I{nlghts Templnr Masonry............ 1042 Sepm'ate Schools....... ...... ....... lo:t4 
Companions of the Forest............ 1042 Labol' Unions..... .. __.. ............ 11>>7 Soeietles........ ...... ............. 1041 
CN.BUls........ ......... ............1030 Legal and Jl'dldal'J"....... ..........1031 Sons of C\lnnda Benevolent Assocla- 
Convents........ ............ ........10-10 Legislative Assembly. Offtcers of..... 10:11 tlon........ ..... ....... .........1041 
CGtu.ty of York (Council. etc)........ ]031 Llhrarles....... ........ ............ 10:!!! Sons of England Benevolent Soclet,... 1046 
Court House........ .............. . ]0..'\1 (Liquor)........ ......... .. 1(1.,1 Son
 of Irelnnd Protestaut Association 1046 
CLstoms. ........ .. ...... ........... 102:1 Mnrkets......... ..... ...... ....... 10:\3 Sons of S('otInnd Benevolent Assocla- 
D'lIlgbters of Ireland Protestant Assn. 11>>6 Mfisons, Order of......... ........... 1041 tlon.....................,........ 11>>6 
Deteetlves (See Police DeIfartment)... 10:\2 Medical Institutions......... ........ 1().'\1 Sons of Temperance..... ............ 1047 
Dominion All1ance..... ...... ....... 11>>6 1I1eteorologieal Office... ............. 10:;0 StE'nmboat Inspection..... ........... 1029 
Dominion Government.... ........... ]02" lIhlltnry..... ....... ................ 10:J0 1 Tempernnee Societies....... ........11>>6 
F.duratlon,.1 Institutions.. .......... 10:\3 Ministry The (of Canada).... ....... 102B TI1E'atres (See classified Amnsement. 
Err.erald Beneficial Association........ 1045 Mls..ellnnrous Socletles...... 104!1 Plaees of)....... ....... ........... 910 
Ex('('utive Coun('iI of Ontnrlo........ 10:11 IIIi<slons.......... ......... ......... 1040 Tmdes and Labor Societies.......... 1047 
Fire Alnrm Slgnnl Boxes............. 1032 flli,slonary Tmlnlng Schools.......... 1040 True Blue Association..... ., ....... 1045 
.. Fire Department..... ........ __. ... .. 10:\2 Odd fellows. Cl1nadlan Order of...... 10-H I United Workmen. Ancient Order or... 11>>5 
For('sters. Andpnt Order of........... 1042 Oddfpllows. Independent Order of.... lO4t Unl\"ersltles. etc..... ..... .......... 1033 
Forpsters. Canadian Order of........ 1042 Oddffcllows. LO.O.F. Manchester Unit,. 1044 Wnler Works..... ... .............. 1o:t3 
Foresters. Catbollc Order of,...... 1043 Ontnrio Go\"el'Dment........... 1030 Women's ChristIan Tpmpernnce Union. 10.i1 
Foresters, Independent Order of..... 11>>3 Ol'ange Assoclntlon...... 1044 ,,'oodmen of the World. Cnnadian Or- 
Gel man BE'ne' olent Socletv.......... 104:; Osgoode Hnll.......... ...... ....... 10:n I der of......... ... . . . .. . . . . . ... 1045 



McGregor & Mcintyre 

IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, / 65 to 73 Pearl 
Angles. Bar Iroq and Steel. 'Phone 2748 




1',1/:.'. l'age. ' l.lge. 
Acheson \\ m H . . . . . . . _ . . . . . ., . 101-. Dolus \\ .J . . . . .. . _ . . . 

nadian Incandescent Gas Light- 
Adams Furniture Co. Ltd. 251:! and U:;ï I Bond & Smith .................. ",UIS mg Co ..... . ............. 345 
Adams .J G ............. ........ 25U Booth G & Son.... ..... .309 and !JU3, Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd........ 345 
Adamson Moulding Co.. . .front cover Boswell A R ................... :nu Canadian Pacific Railway Co's 
Aikenbead Hardware Co ........ Boulter & Stewart .............. ;no Tel. . . .. '" ................. 34ù 
... ..... '" .....right bottom lines Bo\\den Frank A............... 311 Canadian Rubber Co ........... :Hlj 
Alexander B P ............. ..... lOUli Bo\\den .J "\.V & Co........ '" .... 1:!1ù Canadian Saving, Loan & Build- 
Alexander & Cable Lithographing Boxall George ................ 313 ing Assn ...................... 346 
Co of Toronto. Ltd. .. .. .. " .opp 2ü:! Breckels & .Matthews. ... ., " . _. 9U2 , Canadian Specialty Co .......... 34tJ 
Alexander & Son....... .2li2 and Uti:! Brenton & Co ......... ...... .... 1U23 Canadian Typewriter Exchange. 347 
Allen Alfred .................... 1:!35 Eriggs Alfred W ............... 311:! Canadian "Vriters' Bureau ...... 34lj 
Allen 'Vm.. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .opp 2ü3 Brilliant Sign Letters (H 1\1 Stev- CanniIT Henry T ............... 347 
Allen & Co ..................... 43S enson). . . .. '" ............. 319 CanniIT .J Foster ................ 347 
American Fire 1I1ßurance Co .... 2lj(; Bristol, Ca", thra & Bayly ...... 311..1 1 Carey F W ..... ............... 348 
Ames A E & Co . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2üli British America Assurance Co .. C:lrpet Cleaning Co ............ :3;-.0 
Ancient Order of Foresters. ..... :!I;I;' ................ . right bottom lines Carree Chal'les A ............. 3;)0 
Andrews W A .................. 2liU BritIsh American Business College Carrier "V F & Co ............. 9S7 
Angus George .................. lUlli Co. . . .. ..................... !J32 Carruthers .James & Co ........ 351 
Antipitzky Mrs Clara.. .......... l:!ïI, British Empire Mutual Life... a:!U Ca.scallen, Hall & Payne.. ...... 3:;1 
Archer Wm & Co ....... .931:! and 1018 Britnell Albert .......,......... 3:!U Cars",ell Co. Ltd. The...... .opp U7G 
Ardagh Arthur. " ... .. . .270 and W17 Britnell .John. .,. . .. . .. ... " . ... 320 Carter-Crume Co, Ltd. '" ... .. .. 352 
Armour & Mickle ............. :!71 Brock \V R Co. Ltd. The..... .. 3:!1 Case Egerton R '" ....... . front cover 
Armstrong Fred ................ 271 Brown Ale
 & Co ............. . . :
:!2 Case George A ................ 3;.3 
Al'noldi & .Johnston .. _ . . . . . . _ 273 Brown A .J ..................... U3!) Cashmore E .J ................ 3;.3 
Atkinson .James L .... .,. ... .. . HUì' Bro\\ n Eros Ltd. The. " ... " .opp 323 Cassels, Cassels & Brock ..... 3;,3 
Atlantic Refining Co ........... 27ljl Brown .J F Co. Ltd. The. .32;; and !I:".ì' Cassels & Standish ........... 3;;4 
Auld .Jobn, Montreal. Que ...... U-lO, Bro\\n 1'.1 A.................... 3:W Caston & Co .................. :$.," 
Badenach "V & EA... .left bottom lines Bro"n 'VIIl G. . . right and left top lines Castrucci H A . ... ... '" ... .... 
Bain Book & Stationery Co..... 27!J Bro,\ n & Hussey. ... .. . .. '" .... fl27 Cayley Frank & Co. .. " .. .. .. .. 3;-.5 & Slack ............... :!
1 Bryan Geo 1\1 .................. !J::it; Central Business College. .. ... ... 33:> 
Ballets Mrs W ..... _. .,. '" .... lOll, Bryant Press .............. .opp 32:.1 Central Canada Loan & Savings 
Banfield 'V H & Sons.... . .. .. . !I7S Buckland Henry G ............. 10UI; 1 Co..... '" ...........,. .opp 3:;;; 
Bank of Montreal.... ........... 5 Bull .Joseph R (Tor .Junction).. .. . 70 Central Press Agency, Ltd .. _ ... 3;)3 
Bank of Nova Scotia...... .. .. "" .. .. .. . 4: Bull W J ......................... _ .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 9f)(j Chalkley R & Sons .................. _ .. .. Ba5 
Bank of Toronto................ 7 Bunker Geo & Son.............. lOOn Challenger Leather Goods Co .... Hïli 
Barber Henry & Co ... ......... 907 1 Burch .John H................. 93:ï I Chandler S B Dental D
p<Jt, Ltd. 
Barber "
m & Bros ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. . 9
J3 Burgess. Dunn & Ibbotson ............ 3.12 The.. .. .. .. .... ...... ...... ...................... 3
Barchard & Co, Ltd............. U:!:! Burke & Horwood. .. .. .. . left top lines Church of England Publishing Co :
Barnes Frederick............... :!s;. Burns E R Saw Co......333 and 10111 Citizen's Gas Control Co. Ltd.... 361 
Barrett Miss Amelia........ .... 1:!72 Burns P & Co ................. 334 City Dairy Co, Ltd.. . left bottom lines 
Barrett A C.................... 910 Burritt A P & Co .............. 3.'UICity To",el Supply Co ..........1022 
Bartlett, Frazier & Co .......... 2Sï Burt-Sherratt Ellen "'" ....... !lI:!S Clarendon Restaurant. . . _ . . . _ _ _ 10U-; 
Bartlett W-m & Son ............. 9] 3 Cairns Bernard ......... . . . . . . . . 11) I Clarke A R & Co, Ltd .......... n:-.u 
Bar"ick. Aylesworth & Wrigbt... 2"'j' Cale EA...................... 93:; Clarke, Bowes & Swabey ........ 31;.l 
Bayliss .J C .................... 93;' Caledonian Insurance Co.. . front cover Clarkson E R C........ .3t;.; and !II:! 
Beaton A H "'. ... ... ... ..... :!U" Cameron & L
e .... ... ... '" .... 340 Clarkson & Cross... .. " .3lili and t1117 
Beatty, Blackstock, Nesbitt. Chad- Campbell .J & W & Co........... 342 Clay G<!orge ..... ... .......... !H)7 
wick & Riddell ............... 2!Jl Campbell Wm .................. !lft7 I Clayton Robert ................. !J3!J 
Beaty, Snow, Smith & Nasmith... 291 Canada Biscuit Co, Ltd.... ..... 343 Clute, Macdonald & Macintosh.. 3tiS 
r Flint Glass Co. Ltd. .. '" 97t!1 J Canada Featherbone Co ......... 343 Collins .John R......... .373 and lOW 
Beers ""m...... .......... ...... 93:'> Canada Ice Co, Ltd............. 
;7 Colville Wm K................. 374 
Begg Herbert................... 293 Canada Institute for Stammerers, I Commercial Nurseries .......... !I! 10 
Bell Wm & Co ................ 2!.1:-' 1 The.. . .. '" ................ 343 C'ommercial Union Assurance Co 
Bi'lle Ewart Ice Co ......... . "" 9tH Canada Landed & National In- Ltã ............... .
eft bottom line!! 
B...ngough Thomas.right top lines vestment Co, Ltd. .. .. " .12 and R-J
 Common Sense 1\1fg Co . .374 and 5S3 
and. '" ..... ............... _. lOll; Canada Laundry Machinery Co... 974 Confederation Life Assn......... 
Bennett .J S..................... 92, Canada Life Assurance Co ...... 3-l:t ... ., .Ieft top lines and 374 and !)Ii9 
Bennett & 
Wright Co, Ltd, The.. 2!17 1 Canada Paper Co, Ltd..... .opp 344 Cong
r Coal Co ......... .375 and 031 
Berlin Mutual Fire Ins Co ...... Canada Permanent & W
stern Conlan Bros ..... ... . . ....... 37;) 
........;............ right top lines Canada Mortgage Corporation.. 11 Conlan Thomas ................. 37;:; 
Berry Wm '" . ............... \I:;::: Canada Screw Co ............... 344 Connery David G S ............. 376 
st D M & Co ......... _. .... 2!1f11 Canada Switch & Spring Co, Ltd Constable George .............. 377 
B!ggar & Burton. .. ...... ....... 300 (l\{nntreal). ..... '" .... . .opp tjOt; Continental Life Insurance Co. The 
B!ngham Geo A . ................ 94" Canadian Bank of Commerce.6 and ..... ............ ... .right top lines 
BIshop Strachan School ........ 302 opp.............. .. .... .... 3-t-t Cook Thomas .J R ..... .!J30 and 981 
Blachford H & Co ...... right top lines Canadian Birkbeck Investment & Cook Thomas T . ... ... _. . _ _ .... 10

Blake, Lash & Cassels.... ....... 304 Savings Co ................... 3-J.-t Cook 'Wm ..... ............... :
asdell \V H & Co..... .. .. '" 305 Canadian Bridge Co. The ....... 923 Cooper George H ""'" .379 and 100l 
Blight. Arthur ................. !IS:; Canadian Feather & Mattress Co. 981 Copeland & Fairbairn .......... lOOi; 
Blue Lme . .... ................. 30i'i Canadian Fire Insurance Co .... 3-t4 Copeland-Chatterson Co, Ltd..opp !)!ll 
BOCQuet, Bloem & Co..... ... _ _.. fl72 Canadian G
neral Electric Co, Corin .J L & Son. ........ .... ... RSI 
Boeckh Bros & Co .............. 306 Ltd 345 Corley & Loftus ......... R"'1 
Boller Inspection & Insurance Co. 30- Can8.d;

'Ë:':' . S ' . f ' 't" . B ' . i ' I " . c '" 'H" Corticelll Silk Co, Ltd.......... 3....2 
I elne a I" y 0 er o. .:>-ov Co!'<gl'a'
 Brewery Co of Toronto 
Bollard Alive.... "., - 307 Canadian Implement Trade (Sar- Ltd ..... ............ ' 

 Auguste.. '" ... ... ....... l:ï nia. Ont) ....... _ _ ...... .. _ 345 Cotton Wm A .......... 383 


LImIted, 78 CHURCH ST. 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 
large amounts. reasonable terms. 


Standard Life I ASSETS, 
As.surance Company. 146,000,000 

w. M. RAMSAY, 


Toronto Offices: 
Bank of Commerce Building. 

Chas. Hunter, 
Cluef Âllen$, OoWitL 



Coulter &. Campbell ............ pnK%ö' EriE' Railway. . . . . .. ...... ..... rn.f:f.i) ! Hallman Frank A. .. ..... 
Cowan Co, Ltd, The ............ 385 Evans Charles H & Co... .. .., 4:;!J Hamilton Powder Co...... 
Creelman Bros Typewriter Co.... ' Evans & Sons. Ltd...... ...... -14f1IHamilton"\V B Shoe Co. Ltd. 
. .... ... ... ..... right bottom lines Evans-Lewis Charles..... ...... 440, Hamilton & Co...... ,,""" . 
Croft V\"m & Sons .............. 3!)1' Ewart .James..... .., ......... Ð2"; Harbottle Colin C..... ...... .. 
Crombie. Worrell & Gwynne .... 3U11 E" ing & Murphy..... ......... 10:.!1o I Hardwood Lumber Co of Toronto, 
Crompton George. .. ............ 981 Fancy Goods Company of Canada, Ltd, The..... ..... .......... !'í0-t 
Crossin Ed"ard & Co........... 3!)2 Ltd....... ....... ...... .... 443 , . Hardy Digby..... ..... !ì!ì
Crowley & Lcckwood ........... 984 Fashion The (O'Donnell Wm). .., 4-1l Harland Wm & Son.... !'í().') 
Crowther .James................ 394 Ferguson & .Johnston..... ...... 441; Harling R Dawson.. n ..... 100ã 
Cumming & Co (Tor .Junction). . _ . ,II Fergusson & lllaikle..... .... . 4.16 1 Harper George R...... ...... m 1 
Cummings .J A & Co ............ 924 Fetherstonhaugh & Co.......... Harris E Co, Ltd, The..... .,.. :.07 
Curry, Gunther & Eyre.......... 39I .-" .marginal Une bo
tom fro!!t cover Harr!s Lithographing Co, Ltd.... 
Curry J ...., ................. 3!iI I Fmch Wood Preservative & Pamt HarrIs S B..... ... ............ :;OS 
D' Alesandro D & Co ............ 98;' I Co.. . ., ...... ....... ....... 102
 i Harris W G. . . . . . . . . backbone of book 
Darc.h J A & Co ................ 401 :ry.rstbrook Box Co, 'rhe.... .... !ì;?21 Harr!s W & Co..... n' ..... ,,09 
Darlmg & Pearson ........ .... -101 F Itz Gerald .Jerome & Co. ... .., 4;)1, HarrIson & Lewis. " .. ......... 931) 
Davidge & Lunn "" ............. 936 Fletchpr Robert..... ... ...... 4;-;:
 Hart & Riddell. ...... .510 and opp !'il0 
 &. Co.................. 92-11 Follett J J..... ...... ........ 4!'í I J F Co, The..... ... 510 
Davlsville & Carlton Brick Mfg ,Forbes Roofing Co..... ........ 100SIHarvey James H..... ..... :'í11 
Co, North Toronto... .......... 922 Forbes "\V R..... ....... ...... 981 Heffron.J J & Co..... ......... 9R1 
Deacon GP..... ............... 407 Ford Douglas. ..__. .........opp4:ï:ï/Helpert Abraham...__ .__d. n :J71 
Delamere. Reesor & ROS3. .. "'" 40!) Foster James..... "'" .... ., 41)7 HE'nderson C M & Co..... ... m2 
Delaney Thos & Co............. 939 Fotheringham .James.... .... .. 
1)23 1 Henrlerson R B..... ... !'ílS 
De Laplante L A & Co. East To- Fountain Wm. .. .. .rlght bottom lmes Hendry.J C & Co..... ... ...... 519 
ronto.__.. ...... ............ 9ïS Fox & Ross..... ... .......... 4:ï
),Herbert F H.... ........520 and!)ll 
Dillabough & Henderson. . . . . . . .. 99S Foy & Kelly..... ..... ....... 4;J!} I Heward George C..... ......... fi21 
DixfJnFE&Co..... ........... !ì,t; Frankel Bros..__. ...left bottom lines Hewitt R & Son..... .,. "'" !)
Dixon Harry........ ....... . _ fI!ìfi Franklin Press..... . ......... 100
 Heys 'rhomas & Son......522 and 9S.t 
Dixon John P................... 102:-, Fraser & McKeown....... .... 461 Hill PrintIng Co....... ..... .opp 52-l 
Donne Bros ...... ............. 41ã Frl"yseng-P&Co... .....463 and 9-l0 HlIIockJohn&Co............... 52:; 
Dockray Adam..... ... .... .... 985 Frost Arthur J.... '" ..... .opp 9:;:ï Hilton Francis A..... ... 52:ï 
Dods. Grant & MacdonnelL..... .tIt; Fryers Albert E...... ........ !)3<;; HimI' H L & Co..... ... . .... ;-,2:> 
Dominion Bank.... .... ....... 8 (b,mble C & If D..... ........ 4ft, Hirschorn I,azarus... ... ...... 52(j 
Dominion Brewery Co, Ltd..... 417' Gander John 1\1..... . .467 and 1001, Hodgins V\' H..... ....... .... 9
Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co, Gardiner Thomas..... ...... .. 9;-;;-, Holland Wm F........ ........ i)5;} 
Ltd..... ........ ...... ..... i17 Gardner George M..... ........ 4fiS Holmes Electric Protection Co of 
Dominion Distributing Co, The... 9.B Gearln
 'rhomas V..... ........ !ì2fi Toronto, Ltd, The.. ..... !)
Dominion Engraving Co........ 9:ï
 George or H..... '" ........... 4,1 Holt, Renfrew & Co....... .... 530 
DOminion Lace Curtain Co...... !H8 Gibb A & Co..... ..... ...... 4ït Home Savln&"s & Loan Co, The. 
Dominion Line Steamships, Mont- 'Gibbs Malcolm........ ........ 4,
 ........ .... .. .rlght bottom lines 
rea!..... ...... .............1015 Gibson A Cecil... ... ......... 4ï2 Hope G & Son.... ....... ..... !ì18 
DominioJ1 of Canada Guarantee & Gibson .T G...... ... .. ...... 4,:'! Hopkins Ed... '" .. ...... .... 'S
. Accident Insurance Co...... ... 41
 Gibson Robert L... .. ... ...... 4ï3 Hoskin, Ogden & Hoskin... " '" 532 
DomInIon Plate Glass Insurance G!bso
 & Snider... .......... 4,:
 Hotel GladstonE'......... .534 and !}fifi 
Co..... ...... ...... ........ -118 Gilchrist Bros......... ... '. !ì
r. Howard R H & Co..... ........ :>
Dominion Show Case Co.... ..... Glionna-M>lrsicanQ Orchestra. . !ì
:-; Humphrey B D.... ............ ,,38 
..... .....Ieft bottom lines and 418' "G\obe," The.... .... .......:. flSï Humphrey E .J..... .......... fi3S 
Dor. Valley Rendering Works, Globe Savings and Loan Com- Hunter .J & C.:>... .,. ........ :ï40 
Chester, Ont.... ............. 1020 pan)". .... ......... ...... ., 47, Hunter, Ros;> Co, Ltd, The..... f"HfI 
Donald Duncan. " .. ... ........ 419 Goldsmiths' Htock Co of Canada, Husband Bros & Co..... ..... ;-Ht 
Doole Edward C T....... ...... 93.; Ltd... .. """ """" ..... 4,fI Hutchison, Shurly & Derrett.... 42'2 
DoreTiwend Co. Ltd..... ....... 9fi1 Gooch F H....... ... ......... 4ïfl Hutson W D & Sons. right bottom lines 
Dorrien Pll1t1ng and 1\lfg Co. .... -l211 Soodwin Company. The...... 4S0, Hynes W .J. . __..... .. ........ 10(1) 
Douglas Bros... ..... ...... '" 10ûS Gordon, Mackny & Co, Ltd..... 181 H .I?o,; H Cleaner........ ....... 5-l:
Douglas & Ratcliff......... .... 9!H Gorl1on & HelIiwell... .rlght top lines' Imperial B&nk of Canada. ., fI 
Douglass W A..... ... ........ 907 Gorman Mis;; Katie...... ...... 93-l ImperIal Hotel. ....... ..... ... !'iH 
Doust .Joseph... ... '. ....... ".,oJ; I}oulcling G & Sons.... ". ...
.. 4S.
 Imperial Insurance Co...... .... :H-t 
Dovercourt Twine Mills......... 422 Graham Dermatological Institute 4S1 Imperial Life Assurance Co, The. fi.H 
Do\\ner Pattern Works......... 90i 

rahnm Thos & Sons.. ........ 9i8 Imperial Mfg Co.. ............. !'i44 
DO'Yney Alex..... ...... ...... 1017 Grainger Bros, Deer Park....... fI:ï:ï Jmrie, Graham & Co..... """ 1M2 
Dunlop John H ......iett bottom Ihes' Grav J ".ilson...........488 and 910 Independent Order of Foresters.. ;;-H 
Douthle G & Sons. .... ......... 100S Graydon J C'.... . .. .....,... 93(J Independent Order of Oddfellows ?>H 
East & Co..... ... ............ 421 Great North "\Vestern Telegraph Jackes & .Jackes..... ... ...... :'i-lï 
Eastmure A L..... ... ........ 431 Compl1ny of Canada.... ...... 48.<;; Jacques & Grey..... .... 931 
Eastmure & Lightbourn..... .... 431 Great "Test Life Assurance Co.. 4
<;; .Jarvls AemlIius & Co.......... fi:ï1 
East\\"oorl J P..... ............ 431 Greenwool1 Russell.... .... ... 10011 .Tarvis Beaumont....... .Ieft tOD linas 
Fconomica! Fire Insurance Co.. 432 Gregg & Gr<'gg..... ... ....... 911 JefTery & Purvis..... ..... .... 5:ï2 
Edrlis Wilton C....... ......... 90ï, GrenadiH Ice and Coal Co...... .Jenkinil A R..... ._. .. Il1lï 
Edgar & Malone._____ ........ 432 ...... .... '"'' ....Ieft top lines Jpnklns B l\{ &. T.............. 9:ï<;; 
Edwards A .J........ ... ...... .13
 Grierson D'Arcy D..... ... .... 4!ì1 Jenkins & Hardy..... ...552 and :1111' 
Erlwards Charles M & Co...... 952 r.riffith R.J & Co..... ..... 492 Je"ell J H & Co...... """" :-;;-,3 
El1wardß R J & Wagner.... .. .. !)11) Grote G W....... .... ........ 49
 Johnston's Granite & Marble 
Edwards & Hart-Smith..... Guarantee Co of North Amt'rlca WorkS.. _ ., ... ........ .... 
....... ....... _ . front cover and 434 ................ . left bottom lines Jones, Mackenzie & Leonard.. __ 
Fdwardsburg Starch Co. Ltd.... 10l-t Gullett Freò 'B & Sons.. .494 and 1011 Jones V\-m..... ... ..... ...... 
r-:lder. Dempster & Co, Montreal. 101:' r.l1rfinl,iel Samson.. ........... 101;-, Joselin H W......... 
Ell1er Robert Carriage Works... !)2
 Gurnev Founl1ry Co, Ltl1. The.. 1:: 1 Josplin J S...._.. ..,. ........ 
Elliott Mfg Co, Ltd, The.... rì!)4 C:utta Percha & Rubber Mt'g Co of ,';:ay Alexanl1er CycI'! Co, The... . 
Em" C M.__.. __. ............ 436 Toronto, Ltd..... ...... ...... 4f1:í Kay John. Son & Co, Ltd...... 
Employment Office. "The Central" Guy Matthew..... ....... . .., 92" Keeley Institute...... _. _ ..... 
{Allen & Co)..... ..... ...... 438 HaIl F & Son..... ..... "'" 9:í!' I KenneI1Y A E..... ............. 
FJngJ!sh E. Taylour ..... ....... 4

 1\,,11 James (Toronto Junction).. ,I Kent Ambrose & Sans, Ltd.... 
English MIss M..... ........... 9.:. Hall W H - j K t & H R 
Equitable Savings, Loan and I' . . .. ............ . . .. 4!ì
 en B . . . .. .., . . . . . 
Buill1ing-s Assn, The........ .. 438 HaIl & Murray ..... ... .. !)S:; Kerr, BTIll & Rowell..... ..... 
Eq uity F i re In
 Co... . ._.left taD IInes_ Hallam John.,. _. _ '" . 4!ìS l{prr. Davil1 "!J.n


'!'Into Office, 49 WeUington St. East. 'Phone 251. 

Pug- p . 
; ,()I 

1 ()'2'3 


GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent. 
Residence Telephone 3124 
T. C. BLOGG, City Agent.. 
Residence Tclephone 3154 


{Cub and Mutual Plans). 

CAPITAL. .500.000 

Head Office, 

F. CLEMENT BROWN, Managing Director. 
oJ. A. MACFADDEN, Cenera' 
gent. TORONTO, 
24 Kin" St. West. Tel. 165 




ystonc Fire Ins Co.. ........ OJ!..() :\1c:\lurrich. Cr,atsworth, Hodgins Musson Book ....... .. Ii
KIlgour Bros..... ........ .... 511 & :\Ic:\[urrich .., 63.! "My Optician" ................ li:-it; 
Kilmer & Irving..... ... ...... 5ïl McNab Allan.. ................ th::! Kational Assurance Co of Ireland li
K!ng Robt \V & Co..... ...... 9
1 Macdonald, Cartwright & Garvey (;31; Kational Cash Register Co .... !)
Kmg & Yorston..... ........... 5,3 Macdonald .J Gordon ........... 1>3, National Electrotype Co Ltd The IN
Kingsmlll, Hellmuth, Saunders & :\Iacdonell, Boland & Thompson.. ,,
, National Life Assurance Co .... tj
Torrance. . . .. .......:.... .. 573 :\Iacdonell, :\IcMaster & Geary.. li3
 Kational Lithographing Co _ .opp (i.....'i 
Klngstone, Symons & Kmgstone. 5,-1 i\IacDougal Sign Co g'n National Shirt & Collar Laundry tö
Kinlelth Papcr Co, Ltd.......... 57.1 :\.[acdougall & .Jones ....... ... .' I;3S National Trust Co Ltd. . right top lint 

irby Richard G..... .......... 9r
 :\Iackay .John .................. fI/I
 Neff A C ...................... U08 
KItchener & Son..... .......... 1
3 'lackey Stained Glass Co....... (Ha Nelson H A & Sons Co Ltd The.. I.!") 
Kramer W J..... ............. 9
1 1 Maclaren :\Iacdollald, Shepley & Nelson .Jeremiah ............... fI;;
La Bell Madame Prenner...... 9.A Middleton !ì-1" Nerlich & Co ............. .opp li:IIJ 
Lackawanna Railroad.. ........ 57R :\Iaclean Fra
k' W" .... f..-l\ New Idea l'attern Co .......... {jj1 
Laidlaw, Kappelle & Bicknell. . .. 571< Maclean Henry . . . . . . . . . . .. HOS. New York Hat & CaD Factory.. 9tH 
Laidlaw R & Co.... .... ... .. 97g 
Iacrae & Macr

" ""'" 9-U "",ew York Plate Glass Ins Co !I,U 
Lake Simcoe Ice Supply & Cold l\Iagann G P ....:. - : : : : . . . r.-t:: I Newsome & Co Ltd . . . . . . . . tö!l:; 
Storage Co,. Ltd....... ....... Mauuir{' D F & Co DS'; Newsome & Gilbert. ... . liU:! 
...nght bottom lines and 968 Mahaffy.WmS ....:.......:.::: t>-t-t Nif'holson George .......... fl3. 
t Sanitarium.... ...... 579 Mail .Job Prl ' ntl ' ng Co Ltd back "",Il:holson & Cur Ìls 1 0 1 
Lambe Alfred B..... .. ....... 933 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .cover an " opp . . . . ......... ; 
I a h I C "' 80 ,. G OJ fo-t-l )Held Ernest ..... .......... 11)1 ï 
, ncas Ire ns . urance o. .iJ and .,li.j l\ . IaJ ' e s t, ' c Stea L d ... ' \ ". & H . .,.- 
Langley & Lalley 90S m aun ry " .. '" .... ."immo arrlson ...... t....a 
L ..... ......... '- :\Ianf'hester <\.ssurance Co G-t'; "",ixon EmelY ..... ........... 9-t::s 
angley & Langley. .frm1Ì cover Manufacturers' Life Insura

 Ni'i:on FT.... ........... .. I:JU3 
te"r' R 'M' '-"'" ....... :. 83 ': .an d d 3 9!1 1 outside side m'lrginal line front Nordheimer Piano & Music Co 
...... ........OJ an t co " er '''- I Ltd The rIght t I n 
Laver E A & Co........584 and 1017 ..................... '.... ............. op i es 
Law Union and Crown Ins Co 58
 :\Iap & School Supply Co Ltd. \1SfI North American Life Assurance 
Lawrence Bros..... .........:: 58
 :l,larchrnent & ('0 .............. g:i:! Company. ... '" ... .... .3 and 97u 
Leader R & Son 938 Marsh I .J . ., . .. . .. . .. . '" .. . .. . !)'I., North British & Mercantile In- 
Leak & Co ..... ... ..... 581 Martin Henry .................. 9

 1 surance Co ............left top lines 
Lear R H':& .ëo..... .::::::::::: 58; :\Iarti.n Miss H M . '" ......... .. 91'.1 "",ol'th of Scotland Canadian 
Leckie .John Ltd 5SS 
Iashmter W & Co ............. (1;)
 Mortgage Company ......... G97 
Lennox E i........ ':. :::::59'i 'a:
d 91Ì :l.Iasten, Warren, Starr & Spence (jã1 Xorthcote R ................ 6:)7 
La Roy J B & Co 1U()!' l\latthe\\s Asa ............... f/:i,,'Xortheln Life Assce Co ........ 69
Lever Brothers, Ltd..... '" '" 8?.! :\[atthews Bros & Co . " "" .. ... (j:->-! I NOI.ton ]\Ifg Co (HamIlton. Ont) fI:!G 
Le Vesconte R C ..... ....... ,..,;;.
 :\Iatthews H J . ...... ... '" ... .. r.:i} I Norw.iC'h Union Fire Insurance 
Le,y&Co .......::::.......... Ú';J:; Maughan .John & Son ......... nã:ï SOCIety... ................. fl98 
:ckpaste; :\Iparn-: & Hunt ................ 11,,7 Xurse James .................. fl3ï 
Liverpool & London & Globe In- :\Iedalhon Photo & Novelty Co.. 6:i, O'Hara H & Co ....... .right top lines 
surance Co ...... 5n;" :\T<>dler & Arnot. ... .... ....... . 14 O'Hearn .James .J "'" .701 and !)!);S 
Livinski :\[ùe Mary ... ..... i . - !1!ll :\Iehr.J & Son .................. 971 O'Keefe Brewery Co of Toronto 
Lloyd W .J & Co .....::::::::: 5US Meisterschaft School of Lan- Ltd. The .................... 
Lobb & Bah'd ;;!JS 
ag-es. .. . ......... . !)::!
 O'::\lalley .J & J L............. 
London Guarant
e"'& 'Å

;'t 'ë
 Melville R :\1 ...........::.:::: lotli! Oak Hall ...... .............. 
Limited 59
 :\lende1ssohn Piano Co 9f1!1 Office Specialty Mfg Co Ltd, The 
London & L

hi;e' Fir

: :\Ienzies & Hayes. ....::::: ::::. foã!) . .. .. .......... . right bottom lines 
ance Co "'" ............... 5t19 Mercantile Fire Insurance Co. ... (j,,!11 Ogil\ie Robert M .............. !)11 
London & Lanc'lshire Life Assce Merchants' Fire Ins Co '" .0Pp f1ã!ll Ontar
o Accident Insurance Co.. ,O:) 
Company .......... . . . . . . 5f1f1 :\lcJrett.J "'" ................ 6lill OntarIo Bank ............ ..... 98 1
Lougheed R .J................:: Got '\IetalIic Roofing Co of Canada Ontario College of Music ...... '--' 
Love & Hamilton ..... .GOl and 91;!' Ltd The .... -.. .right bottom lines Ontario Industrial Loan & In- 
Lovell R .J Co Ltd The r,Ol l\IE'yer Bros .................... !J,4 vestment Co Ltd ............. 7
Lye Edward & Sons ..:::::::: 9!1:! Mica Boiler Covering Co Ltd. .Ieft Ontario \Vind Engine & Pump Co 
Lyman Bros & Co Ltrl The. .. .. - (iU-t .... . . . .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . top lines Limited --...... ............. 7111) 
L:-man. Knox & Co "'" " ..... I>IJ! l\I!chie & ('0 .......... .foß1 and 10
1i Orm"by A R & Co ............ 1f)0
Lyon .Joh
 R ................: 9:Þ; M
g-ht Directories Limited. .. .. . It f)rr Bros... .Inslde back cover and 93'7 
McBean" m .......... .lìOIi and 1001; 'I

ht J III & ('0 ..... .lìr.2 and 100fo Orr W H & Son..... ........ 700 
l\IcBrady & O'('onnor ...... 1;11; '\hIlar, Ferguson & Hughes. .... 6n3 I O!'ler & Hammond...... ....... 707 
l\IcBride .James ........ ..... !J15 :\flllard Ale'i:ander ............. Rli
 Over Spencer H..... ....... ... 908 

lcCabe A P & Co . . . . . . . . . . . . :: GO, :\1!lIer F S """" ............ 98-1 I Owens E W J. . . .... ... ....... 708 
McCarthy A & Son. .. .. .G09 and 9:Jli :\I
ller G l\I & Co ... .. . .. . ... ... GI
 Pae:e & Co..... ... .......... 937 
McCarthy, Osler, Hoskin & Creel- :\hlllchamp CoylE' & Co ........ GR:) Pal'? Thomas...... ... ...... 937 
man .......... ............ _. (iO'J M!IlS, RanE'Y, Anderson & Hales.. 6111; ParisIan Steam Laundry Co of 
:l\I,:;Causland Robert Stain Glass 1II
lne John & ('0 ............... RR, Ontario, Lt!'l. The... .......... 711 
co Ltd .................... 61/. :\T11ne" J:>mes H & Co .......... 61i7 Parke ROderIck .J..... ......... 93;') 
:McColl Bros & ('0 ......... .0PP Uti:! :\[!trhell ": G & Co ............ f1m Parker A S, New Toronto...... 102-t 
McConkey G S ....... .G12 and 9:!
_1 l\htchell" & .J ............. '" 9,ti Parker R & Co..... ........... :} 
McCullough .J S & Co . .. . '" .... 9:!3 Mitchener J G & Co .......... r.ti!) Parker & Co.... ... ........... 
McCurdy Alex ..... ........... 9RO Moore & Ale-.rander . .. .. .... .OPP U:i:! Paterson Mfe: Co, Ltd, The...... 715 
McDonald C'olid D . .... ...... 9nu :\Iorrlson .James Brass Mfg Co Ltd Paton James W..... ... ...... 714 
McDonald & Clarke .......... . \Hlj I The.............. .Ieft bottom lines, Patterson Candy Works........ 927 
:\.lcEachern & Ritchie .......:. 1f)1l1; Mortimer Herbert. '" ........ .. H71i' Peacock Hotel (Toronto .Junction) 70 
McFarlane George ............. 972 :\Iorton ('ompany Ltd The ...... 6,8 Peacock John W................ 717 
McGre<:"or & McIntyre 95-1 and Morton Miss I ................. 9811 Pearcy Sanderson & Co........ 718 
. .. .. .. " . .. ..... .rlght top lines Moss "-m ..... ................ 93, Pearson Bros....... .......... .718 
McGuire W J & Co ............ (i:! I Mo\\ a t, Langton, Mowat & Mac- Pease .J F Furnace Co, Ltd..... 719 
McIntosh Granite & Marble Co lennan ....... ... ............ fo
ember W T..... ..... ....... 720 
Ltd The """"" _ 9S-! l\Iulock, !\lu1ock, Thomson & Lee t;S
r .John.. ................. 938 
:\[cIntyre, Hon & Co . Ii:!:: :\Iulvey Thomas ........... .,. fo

 Perkms. Ince & Co............ 72
'\IcKenna FE 10:!', :.\hmtz l\Ii"s Laura r.
: Perry J A..... ..... ......... 72
\lcKlnncn S F' & 'ë
: 'Lid" ... G::?li :\rllntz & Beatty .'-'-.' 'f


ley :r Co..... ... ......... 72:{ 
McKnight J II ................ !I:
U .... ...... ............bottomspace e.ry F.... .............. !J::!7 
McLaren .J C Belting Co 6'
7 lIIurray Printing Co "'" 11111:1 P3;h P E J..... ...... .... .opp 7::?-t 
\lcMicha ;- :\Iurray Thoma" ............... OR!) p. e D Co, Ltd, The..... ...... 721 
'. el A F ................ r.31 'Iurmy ". '\. & Co Ltd fo", P
lklngton Bros Ltd............ 721 
\Ir'"\'[Illan, :\Ic \ rthur & Co fo
1 :\Iusgra,-e (,harl s E !)S' Pmkerton 8; Cooke.:... ....... 7
. e........... . . " Plymouth Bmder Twme Agency.. 729 
21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. AND TINSMIT"'


The EQUITY FIRE INS. CO_ I Authorized Capital, - $1,000,000 
....ORONTO CANAD...... Assets, - $520,000 
IIA1f1flilG ARCADE. U KING 87. WEST. Fd. Ul



p. 1 l'.tg"P 
Policy Holders' National Union. ï:!!1 Scott & \\'almsley. . . . . . ., ...... Tp

eman B D . . . . . . 
PostlethwaiteCRW..... ...... no
 ............ ..outsldeedgesofbouk TI..mson Bros ......--... 
PO\\{>11 R P..... .........,32 and 'I:!, f:,.ottlsh Ontario and Manitoba Thnms{)n, Henders<)n & Bell 
Po" er Bros.......... "'" .... ï3
 Land Co, Ltd, .. .... ... ...... 13 Th..m30n Thorn: 9 C ........... 
Publishers' Syndicate Ltd. The, 73, Seagram Arthur W........ .. . .. 782 TII pet A P & ('() .............. 
PurE' Gold :Mfg Co, Ltd.... _ . .. . 73, Sf lman, Kent & Co............ 10:!:; Tomnto Bill Posting Co, Ltd, Th.., 
pyke Geo J..... ... ... ï3S Selby & Co............ ........ U:!O Toronto BIscuit & ConfectionerY 
Quebec Bank..... ..... ....... 12 Shedden ForwardIng Co. Ltd, The Co, Ltd, The .......... ., 8-1;) 
Queen City Oil Co..... ..., ... . .. ...., ........ ...... 7S, Tc..ronto Bolt & Forging Co, 
. .. .. top margInal line front cover Shepard Bros & Co...... ...... ."-" Swansea. Ont ............ 
Queen City Plate Glass and J\lir- Sheppard Chris, . . . . 91; I T,.ronto Cabinet Co . . . . .' . . . 
rOT Co, Ltd..... . _... ....... 73!1 Sherman W H...... ... 7Ut) T"mnto Can Co ............... 
Rathbone George..... i-t:! Sherrin Geo A... 7:.11.1 Toronto Car
t Cleaning Co 
Rathbun Co. The..... ........ .-12 Sibley E & Co... 927 Tcronto College of Music ...... 
Ra\\ linson Llonel..... .... .... 743 Siddall .J W........ .... !HI Toronto Conservatory of MusIc 
Read & Read........ 7-1:: Sim & Co........ ........ ïI:J3 TOl'Onto Fence & Ornamental 
Redmonð ";m H..... ...... i4-t Simpson F & Sons. .... ......... 1:J5H Imn Works .............. "-15 
Reed .Jos B..... ...... ....... i-1;) Simpson Irwin........ ........ 937 Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co, Ltd, 
Repd J CarL.. _.. . __ ... ... 7-1:ï Simpson W A. -- .. .. ........... 79-1 'I'he. .. .. . left top lines and 8-1:-, 
Reed .J S........ ........ ..... D-1;1 Sleeman Drewing & MaHlng Co. Toronto Furn-ace & Crematory 
Reed Le Grand..... ........ .. .-t:; The............ .. ......, ... 7n7 Co, Ltd, The ........."" 9;;. 
Reed & Hynes..... ... _. ..... 7-1:ï Sloan John 
. .... ....... .... ïD, Toronto General Trusts Corpor- 
Reeve Charles. __ _. ... ........ 7-t:) Smallwood os. .. ... ......... 039 atlon ....... ........ __ __. 
Ree,'e .J III. .. ..... ........ .... ï-t:ï Smart Miss Mary H.... ........ : " 9 11 8 8 Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 
Reev(' J T ,-1, Smellie & Shaw. ..... -- ........ T t H So . t 
R 'd G iY:'ë'" ..... ... .... ;-1
 Smith Alfred .W........ .3
0 and .-I-t oron 0 umane cle y ....... 
R e!d ""
o B & ,o c . ., ... ........ 
 / . s Smith Bros... . . . . . . . . .. ..... ()"'j Toronto Institute of OsteopathY. 
el 0....... ......... F J C &51 Toronto Junction College of 

h:"rdC t o & . ' C ...... .,.... ..... US 

.J H
;io''''d' èó, 'Úd: 'Th
B'J Music. Toronto Junction.... 933 
. . 0............... ï-iS 
(l4 1 Toronto Lithographing Co, The, 
minton Standard Typewriter 


. TRfl e && C

:::::::::::: 8\1:-. ............. ...... .846 and 0,7 
R . o. "'" .. ........ ....... 749 
 .th W H 8(1:i Toronto Messenger Co ......... 9"2 
IchardsBros....... ........... .:i0 S .ml G ........... ......... , , ' II Toronto Mortgage C1Jmpany, The 
Riches C H 'U ìt mith & emmell............... , & ..- 
. '" ..-............. ." ì "..... Toronto PapE'r . Metal Co <>.1 
Ridout Douglas K... . _. i53 and :i!JD Smith's Toronto Dye Works...... ,..... ...... 95-1 
Ridout & Ma y bee / " 3 and t)!l 1 Rnyder "Miss AnnIe .J.......... 807 1 Toronto PIcket Wire Fence Co 
..... ... .
;-; .. ì S & C h lUll Toronto Poultry & Garden Pro- 
o & Co..... '" .... !J;;8 olway 0 en........... .... d C Ltd 8 lG 
Ritchie .John, Plumbing & Hea.t- Rpaulding Dr............ ...... 810 uce o. .., " ....... . 
ing Co, Ltd, The.......... .... 7:i-1 
 Nostrand. .. . .. .. Itn
. .



, ..--:

: .. :
pp 8-111 
Ritchie & Ramsay, New Toronto. 7:i-1 pence m . .... ............ 81 
 Toronto Roasting & GrIndin g Co n:
Robertson F & Co 75fi Sproule G F. . . . . ... - . . . - 
Robertson.J S Co..Th
.......... 1 SprouleR K..... ...... ....... 812 Toronto Rug Works ............ 8-t7 
, ......... -:-.7 S kh L 813 Toronto Safe Deposit & A g ency 
R Ro b b
rtS t on R.. - d " ....... ...... n:-
7 . tac' ouse A. . . .. ... ....... " 13 Co ....... ...... . ... . . . . . 
o IDE'te & Go frey 7:)ï Standard Cap Co, The.......... 0 8-H 
Robins & Burden...::: ::::.::: i:;i Standard Fuel Co of Toronto. Ltd, n" Toronto ",,'eekly Railway & 8-1 - . 
Robinson George, Toronto .Junc- . The.................. .813 and ..3_ Steamboat Guide Co. Ltd._ 
Hon. . . . . . " ...... ........... 80 Standard Life Assurance Co..... Tovell .J A (Toronto Junction) . . . . S".! 
R"binson & Heath. ... " .923 and 1016 . .... ...... ...... ... .Ier! top I1n('s Townsend Sherman E.left bottom lines 
rs Charles & Sons Co, Ltd, Standard Mfg Co..... ..... .... !)2, Townsend Steam Laundry Co 
The.. ., .., .... .... .......... 7,n Standard Pork Packing Co, Ltd.. 81-1 . .. .. .. __. __ ., .opp S-l8 and fl,ã 
Rogels Elias Co, Ltd, The....... Stanway Geo & Co.............. 814 Trades' Fire Ins Co . ........... S-I!ì 
..., .... ""'" .rlght corner cards Star I.ife Assurance Society..... - 815 Tremeear & Co ..,..... _.. .. Ð1f: 
orge M...... ........ i'i1 Stark .John & Co........ ........ Trew Thomas E P . . .. _. .. !JOS 
Rolph. Rmith & Co........ ..opp 7G
 . .... ... .Ieft side line front cover 'Tripp.J D A .................. D"fi 
Rolston Laundry Co, 'rhe....... 7';:
 Stauntons. Limited. .. ...... .... 81ã Tunstead .John . " .,. ... .., !lIì-l 
Roper Fred. " .. ., .......764 and !IllS Steele, Briggs Seed Co.......... 8W Turtl' Thomas .................. n3., 
Rosroe George....... ..... .... 929 Steinberger. Hendry Co, Ltd, 'rhe. 81(, Turnbull & Russell Co, The.. .. . fl:)1) 
Rossiter Geo & SOHS............ 91\5 Stevenson Henry M.... ......... 3H} Turner H W ................ 1021\ 
Rothschild Bros & Co.......... 7Hi. Stewart A .J. .. ... .. ...... ..... 9
-l Turner John & Son ............ S:-.3 
Rowan & Ross. . . . . .. ...... .., 7fji Stewart .John..... ...... ...... ü9-1 Tyrrell "'m & Co .. _ . . . . . . . . ... 8:i-1 
Roy Alexander....... ..... .... tiS-! Stinson & Hollwey...... 821 and HI<)" Pnderfef'd Stoker Co, Ltd ...... 9;;1 
Royal- Victoria Life Insurance Co. 76S Stone H & Son """ S_:! PndE'rwood G B Inspirator Co, 
Runciman Robert:...... ........ 7fi9 !'1tone W H ..... . . . . . . . . - - . . - S

 Ltd, The ............... S:14 
Russell H C. " .... .......... .. 7iO Htonehouse Edw3Jrd .., .. - - ., . - ... S2::! Pnlted Electric Co, Ltd .... s;;;} 
Rutherford Miss Harriett.. .... 102-1 Stowe Frank ................... 9-t3 Unwin, Murphy & Esten ...,.... 
Ryckman. Kirkpatrick & Kerr.. 7i2 
chan John ............... 

 ...... ... .. . pages 8;}5 and 
Ryott & Smith....... .......... 
 ;, tn
kland W R ...........;;-t Yan Camp & Co .., " '''''' ..._ 
aworth..... ......... !-!:" 
ulhvan Ed .................... S;;
IVick & Croft ......._..___.____ 
St Andrew s College...... ...... . 13 Sun Insurance Office. ........,.. S_l Yickers W "" & 00 
St Margaret's College........... i73 Sun Life Assurance Co <:
7 Yigeün Harr
' . 
sa L le .Julian Leather Goods Co, Sunlight Soap. ... -..' . S
: Yiv Co, Ltd Th
':...... """ ... 
td. . ... ...... .............. 774 Suydam H H ........ -- -- -- . 100, Walker House Niagara Falls Ont 
Salls Seymour E... .... ...... .. ÎÎ-l Swift Charl
 & Co . !ì
1 .Walker & Robertson " 
Salmon Lumber Co, The. ........ 9i8 Symons & Rae ..... f;
I' ,y I h J J . .. .. ... . 
Salvation Army Printing HOWIe. . T h J P & C !':"} a sames "" . .. . . . . .. .. . . 
_ ac eo................. ,., 'VaIton & Locke "00 find 
..... ...... ...... .........opp 71
 Tailoring & Repairing Co, The.. !I
1 'Wampole Henrv K-&-r
Sanderson Pearcy & Co.. - . . - . . 77" TarIlng C & Co ... . . . . . . . . . . . .. fI"O" ardell I & Son 
Saunders & Crottle. .. . . ., ...... 1007 Taylor Bros ....... .832, 923 and Ð!I-l ,,-. d II TT" 
Saunders & Evans.. .... ........ 1014 [ I D vid J O-H) .ar 
 H m """" .......... 
S E L & C L d 
-- Tay or a . . . . . . - . - ., - . .. ,.,..- I '" arw1ck Bras & Rutter opp 
 0, t.......... .,. Taylor John & Co 8')" " .... 
Scheuer Edmund... .... .778 and DIl Taylor J & .J ... .... 8
,arwick.J H .......... 
Schnaufer F...._.. '_""'." D.., W M ........... n O ' '.atklns Lloyd N ......, 
H h f\ Id R !r!l Taylor ". . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 
 ,,'atson Smoke & SmIth ....... 

 c 0 e . . . . . ., .... ........ ., . Te-agle & Son 9
Schomberg Furniture Co...... 7.f) Tf'dd J h D' .. 92'
 "'E'bb Harry Co, Ltd, The ...... 
Score R & Son......... ........ i80 Tempe

e & .

ïiife" 'Å

 . - ........ ......... 873 and 
Scott W F....... ....... ..... 7!<2 1 surance C<> of ';,orth Am- Weekes W M ........... 
Scott W R. . .. .. . __ _ __ . __ __ __ .. 1010 E'rica ............ right top Un. 
 Weg-ener A C ...... 
. 'Vells P J ................... 
Scott &: Scott. .. . .. ...... ...... 782 I Terry F G .................... 8:-;;; "'
t Chemical Co, The 











.. ttagar" 


.Westman & Baker 
VVeston F J & Sops 
"\\-eston Stamp Co .., 
Whale Albert ........ --. 
Whaley, Royce & Co 
Whatmough Miss F Alice 
",Vhillans & Co ... . . . . . . . . 
.Whitfield John Co, The 
Whitney J W G .... 
Whitten .,- J & Co 
'Nickson A Frank 
V','Eder C & Co ... 
Wllliams Herbert 
."lllIams H & Co . 

hoes 1 t.


L anu DtHH I H.-& c. Blachford's 
Flttmg Shoe made 114 YONGE ST. 



Page. I 
10\)"! \Vilson f' & Son . . " . . . . . . . . . . . " . 
87S ., .. . right coyer cards and 
 Wilson D H . . . . . . . " _ . . . _ 
H2ð Wilson Harold A Co, The. 
ðï,.\ \\'ilson, Lytle, Badgero\\ Co oC 
 Ontario, Ltd, The ......... 
ï \Vilson. :'\[unroe & Cassid} 
Uï!J . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. opp 
882 \Vllson '" m Co Co, Ltd, The. 
882 Winn F \V ............ 
911 'Ninsor & Woodley .... 
9-1 \\"inston John C & Co 
· _ \Voltz l\Hg Co, Ltd 
100, V\ ood G ,,- & Son 
l00!'. "\Yoolnough J W 


's U92 


Wre} Cord & Co 
\, right George 
\VI'ight James . . . . . . . . 
\Vyld-Darling Co, Ltd . 
oman Geo E & Co .,.,.... . 
York County Loan & Savmgs Co 
York Laundry Machinery & Sup- 
ply Co, Ltd, The . 
Y orkville L!l.undry .... 
Young C G '" 
Young F .V . ....... 
): nung James W, Chester Ont 
Young J ...... 
") pung Samuel 






Abbott AILut H. instr In philosophy l'nI\" Burch Arthur 1', Inundrywan, rws 34" I Curtis Georgc, cook \, alker House, rIDS 140 
of Tor, I 24;; Huron Parll.tment Flont w 

dalr Elizabeth (wid Francis), I 360 COllege Burns James, lab, h 12:; S}"denham from 3\-\ VJ.llas U.lrry \:.\lcLaren & Dallas), h 82 
Alexander Grace B (wid Rev Jobn), b 12S sume "oJlt-ge 
Do\ ercourt rd Butchart Augu
 K, IDS, h ;;, Shanuon lJ,lltoll A<lam W (\1a<lden & Dalton), h 340 
Allison Wm, barber 88 Victoria, h 174 from 183 Perth av . Wilton a\' 
River Call' Cbnrles B, bldr 332 Sumach, h same Da\"ls E\"an, clk T Eaton Co, I 103 Marl- 
Amphlett Robert, steamftr, h 17 Trefann, Camer"n Angus, plmbr, I 267 Wellington w borough a\ 
frow 45 I'"ront e Camerun !Juncan, I 2ö7 'Velllngton w De Grussi Josl'pb, forem'ln Parisian Lann- 
Anderson Alexandl'r J (Mills, Raney, Anl- Cameron Rosie ("Id AnguS), h :l67 'Velling- dry, -i W2 Bay, frow 13;; Simcoe 
erson &: Hales) res Toronto Junction ton w Dinmond :.\lIneral Water :.\1fg Co, George 
Andrews Peter, baker, h :;;; Anne, from 59 Canadhm Emplo}ment Bureau and Intelll- Perehnl rungr, rufrs of mineral water 
Huron J gence Ofnce, Henry To}"nbee mgr, 6(j Vlc- 1I\:tcblnc
. r 101 King w 
Archaeological Museum, David Boyle cur- tori,t DimIis Wcbar<l (R !Jlnnls & Son), I 113 
ormal Scbool Hldg Canadian Missionar7 Link (montillfl, l1'j McC:;.ul, from 2(;7 Simcoe 
Armour Hon John D, Chief Justice of the York, ilIe a.- DomInion CO,II Co (Jawes and Jobn 
High Court of Justice of Ont, I 145 Bev- Canoll Miss Frances, tchr Rolleston House O'Leary), 
1 Queen w 
erley I 170 Hloor w Dowlnion Medical Monthly aud Ontario 
Arnu.trong John, Boot.. nnd Shoea Caswell Herbert (Caswell & Pateuon), I Medical Journal, 71 Gros\"enor 
4aD Queen w, h same 191 Seaton Dulmage Vernetta (wid Duncan), I 63 Collier 
Armstrong Jobn, comp Mall, b 180 King w, Cftsweil & Paterson (Herbert Caswell, John Dune.1I! Thomas A. tray Cutbbertson, Mc. 
from ,IS Churcb A Paterson). window ghade mfrs 7 Union ("linn S. ("0 
.\IIU...lluug \\ lit 1', <lll.-el' f] ,,-, <;tou. I 
, ("a!'I(on ""Ill C. ...tod. t,k C,tu.t<l
 de.\. Elliott Lucius J. tl'ea< Tbe ''..ver t;uoli" j"o, 
I'boebe, from 9 l'boebe I Motor Co, I :,;;4 l'arllament Ltd, res Racine, \VIs 
Ashdown Wm H, plmbr, rms 3;; Lombard Ca\"en John, IIID, I 76 Spadlnn rd Foot Jeffrey, asst sec Royal Clln.Jditlll 
Aylesworth Robert B, phy 1347 Queen w Cballener Edwin, carp, r 323 Queen w, I Yncbt Club. h 12 McKenzie cres 
Bacon Isaac, umbrella repr, I 123 York 1 1079 Queen w Ged(les Edwin, clk Can TraILSfer Co, rms 
Barcbard Mary (wid James), matron Union Chambers Miss Junnlta, mU8 tChr, I 9
 2,4 Wellington w 
Station, h 52 Teraulay I
lliott GE>orge Wm K, mngr Simpson, Hall, Mlllt'r 
Barlow Fr.!derlckJ. mldr Dom Radiator Co, Chandler MrsoYal'}", mlnr Ross & Chandler, & Co h 80 Glen rd 
I 100 Gladstone av I 472 Queen w Golden''''rn S, clk T Eaton Co, b 21 Trlt- 
Bates Margaret (wid Tbomas), I 126 Wright Cltessell Eliza (wid George), h 339 Smitb falgnr, frow G1 Elm 
a.-enue Cbl'lstian Samuel E H, bkpr MtColl Bros & Greenawny Annie 1>1 (wid Robert W), clean- 
Baxter Joseph B, steam ftr, h 1056 Queen Co. b G1 Duke er Union Station, rms 272 Wellington w 
e, from 133 Bathurst Christie Annabella (wid Alennder), I 530 GrE>en\\ood Thos C, city ed 
ews, h 56 
BE>aune ],;drnond J, fur dresser and dyer Ghens D'Arcy 
23 St Lawrence, h 69 Heward av Clarke Orange, tra\ I.,!ueen City 011 Co, I Hall George, tra.-, h 316 College, from 86 
Beecroft Fnnk L, b 12 Melbonrne av, from I 61 McCaul, from 143 Robert FIsher 
46 Gwynne av Co('kln Hereward, h 319 Wellesley Ham Jesse, blksmlth 689 Queen e, h 183 
Relknap Fr>lnk A (Peters & Belknap), h 79 I Collins Frederick, prtr, I 370'-!, College, from First nT 
Berkeley from 270 Queen e 143 Borden Hawilton. Bird Co (J H Hamilton, W It 
Bell Waltt'r J, trav Consolidated Pulp '" Collin'! Harry F, mfrs' agr 4 J ombar,l. I Bird), shirt and collar mfrs 41 Yvnge 
l'apE-r Co, I 144 St Pntrlck 14S/; Queen w Hamilton James, wks Jobnson Temperature 
Bell W Percival, h 3 Orford av Collins Jam('s, gdnr, h ;;9 "'Iltl mouth rd, Regulating Co, I 2;;9 College 
Be.-Is Albert E, .-ice-pres W H Steele Co, from 742 Euclid nv Hamilton John H (Hamilton, Bird Co), h 
Ltd, b 119 Mutual, from 160 McCaul Cooney John, plmbr John Rltcltle P & H Co, 191 Cownn a.- 
Blr<l ,\ w R (Hamilton, Bird Co), h 49 h 13 I.-y a\, from 9 Jersey av Bptberington Wm J, m
nr estate of James 
Cowan av Coons Jessie 1If. pby Tor Inst of Osteo- Tennant & Co, h 116 Macdonell av 
Black CampbE-1l1-. sec Toronto Inst of Osteo- pathy. I 567 Sherbourne Hewitt Benjamin, lab Medler & Arnot. b 
pathy, h 567 :sherbourne COons Wm N, phy Tor Inst of Osteopatby, 59 Frederick 
Black Cbarles, clk, I 256 Dunn av I ;;\i7 Sberbourne Hicks "lIss Sarnh, '" Ith The Robt Simpson 
Blake Snmuel J, tmstr Hendrie & Co, ! Coulter John J, clk PO. I 228 McCaul Co, b 34 Alice 
52 Pnimerston av Co.-ert Mrs Mary, h 428 Bloor w Hogben Susan (wId Reuben), rrns 98 Dukt' 
Bloomlleld George T, mach opr, h 10 Tren- Cox Eliza (wid Joseph), I 22 Eastern av Hollan<l Jobn T, opr 1I1 Staunton & Co, .. 
ton ter Crnwford Mary (wid Daniel), rms 181J 485 Yonge 
Bond Zlba, wtr Harry "'ebb Co, I 1 Brant Ricbmond w Hunter Jobn H. librarian Temple Rulldlng 
place Creamer Edward V J, foreman PJtrk. Black- Law Llhrary, I S2 St \lory 
Bnnlsteel Arthur, trav John Northway & well Co, h 75;; King w, from 66 
Iagara J,lckson Hubert R, I 2:;2 WellE-
Co Crocbet and Kulttlng Specialty Co, Henry .Jones Benjnmin S, "Ith Robt Slmp30n Co, 
Rowden John ". & Co (John \V and Joh 1 Davis mngr, 72 Bay ! 4 Kensington av 
Wllsún Bowden), bl"lt dressing 71 Adelaide Crowe Wm J, elk T Eaton Co, b 749 Gerrard K.lble Frnnels U, rnngr v'oodward Chernl- 
east from 67 same <'a"t I ..a I Co I Boar,d (;
 Trå<le Botel from 91 
BrecL.elol .\:: !Untt..e....... (Albert E. Cullen Francls jr, porter Can Exp Co, I 172 King e ' 
Brl"ckels, Alfred Mattbews), Church Or- Geor::e _ 
gan Manufacturers 106-108 Esther (See adv Cunninl(ton Wm, driver Lawrence Bros, h J..<'E>n Mrs C.:t.Jerlne, with The Robert Slmp- 
classified Organ Mfrs) 060 1.onge son Co, Ltd, b 45 Alice 

INSURE British America AssurancE Co. FIRE 
IN THE a- Losse. Paid Since Ore-anization, .18, 707,9
6. 75 MAijlHE 

Tel. 952. 98-100 King St. W. Toronto. 

London, Eng., 




Keens WalteT J, bllyer T Eaton Í"t h 61' L,'\ I l'alll iSlnndard Cnp Co}, b 308 Ade I :lIdlillan Martin, gro 144 Carlton 
Spadlnn rd !alde .... \ :lInnl"y Michael, contr 3 Collable, trom :'8 
Kelly John, wks Wm Da\les Co, 8:> 1.0\\ dell Stuart C, clk Diamond Glass Co. Afton nv 
Cherry h n s Queen e, 2 e Elmer av 'Ilolson Wnlter J, lab, h 51 Oak 
Kerr Milton, mfrs' al(t rm IG, 50 Ba)', I l2IJ I :lleCaffrey Edouard :II, tray, Cockburn & :Ua
tel"s Ed\\ard, broommkr, h 6 r 203 
Robert, from 212 snme Hen, I 20G SIDlc e ' Pnpe av 
Kirkpatrick :llnry (wid Wm), nurse 414 :lle"nrlby Agnes E (wid D'Alton), h 229 Medlen' Alliance of America. Ltd, room 4:1. 
King e. I 
Rme Clip j;; Ycnge. from 34 'Ietorla 
Lang Jame
 C, \\ltb The Robert ShllPQOO1 j \IcChll'" Leslie, plmbr Jas Sberlock, I 59 'Iowrer E A, genl yardmaster GTR, b 899 
Co, I 209 Jnrvls Hnze'tOll av King w 
Lane Frederlek W. broker 34 ndorla. from 'IcCorrulek Robert S, stenog Adams Bros. Pnttel'
on :lIary (wid Chrlstopber S), I 10 
28 same, b G6 Bloor e I'UN ;;4 Teraulay Elrusley pi 
Lane Lerú)', pres er E B{.ls, 'au & Co :llcKlllle.... Jnmes, carrlngemkr 689 Queen e. Ree\e John E, phy 306 Sherbourne, h same. 
Langlois Rlcbmond A agt b (;54 Parlin I h 1,,9 Bolton a\ I from 33:) Janis 
ment " :lleLnreu James A (McLnren & Dallns), b Rlcbardson John T studt Mc:llurrlch Co,tla 
, 37 Howlalld av I ' , 
Lev",r Bros, Limited, soap mlrs Eastern av, )f('Larc'n & Dallas (James A :llcLaren. wortb, HodgIns & McMurllcb, I 30 GrO&- 
.-e cor Don Rl\ er, from 50 Ray Harr)' D
Il.IS), whol shoes 11 Front w nnor 



For any part of the WORLD 




Telephone 2229 

We ADDRESS. . . 

Circulars, Envelopes, Catalogues, Etc. 

F 1 80laer.l:laDDIU, I S C RA P 


. . 

 the best Company 'for the best 
lives. a5 it gives them advanta2es no other Comoanv can lZive. 





(See North Toronto) DONCASTER "\lIJIICO 
.sW ASSE.d 
BRACUÞ,TDALE (See Chesterl 
(See Little York) (See North Torollto) NORTH TORi)STO 
DA VISVILLE (lnclude
 Bedrord Park WYCllWOUV PARK 
(See North Toronto) HUMBER BAY D,\\ i"nlle and J<:gllutonl (See Braeondale) 
SUBURBS. Bracondale 51 

BEDFORD 1>,-UtI.,;: 
(See North Toronto) 

DR_\.CO:\D \.LE 
(Five miles northwest of P 0) 
Alexander Miss Letitia, tchr Bracondale 
l'ubllc School, res Toronto 
Andrews George, lab, h w s Albany av 
Andrews J.tmes, "ks J E Ed",ards & Sons. 
rps Toronto 
Angus James, ('I\rp, h w s Howland av 
Angus John, carp, h 337 Howland av 
Angus Snmb (wid John), I 337 Howland av 
Artburs Annie J (wid James), h n s Daven- 
port rd 
Austin Albert W, broker, h n s Davenport 
tin StI
nn (wid James), I A W Au
Bnlrd Annie (wid Robert), h s s Helena av 
Baird Dnvld, elk, I !'tus A Baird 
BaÏld John. clk. I Mrs A Baird 
Baird Jobn, lab, n w s Brunswick av 
Barber David, mach Boake Mfg Co, re<< 
Baxter Jobn, gdnr, h w s Osslngton av 
Beckway Charles, J E Edward.s & 
So ns, b M rs E Ed wards 
Bedford Jnson, eng, h s s Alcina I1V 
Bedford John. nightwatchman Boake Mfg 
Co. res York tp 
Belfry HU'am T, piano mkr, h w 9 Mark- 
Bell Allnn, Inb, I IIfrs E Bell 
Bel. Ellznbeth (wid Allan), h n s Alcina av 
Bell Hugh, prtr, I Mrs E Bell 
Bell Wm H, clk, I Mrs E ßell 
Blnl'kwell Alfred T (Blaekwell & Co), res 
Blackwell & Co (Alfred T Blackwell), var- 
n:sh mfrs, W s Bathnrst 
Bliss Rebecca (wid Thomas), h n II Brldg. 
mnn av 
Boake Edwood, yardman Boake Mfg Co, I 
G W Boake 
Beake Frederick C, foreman Boak
Co, res Tlronto 
Boake G Wilfrid (Baake Mfg Co), hell 
Boake Mfg Co (Wm F Itnd G Wilfrid 
Boake), planing mill, 307-315 Bowland av 

I Boake Wm F (Boake Mfg Co), res Downs- I 
..!t.w Ont 
Dodle 'Wm, who I btchr, n 9 Dnvenport rd 
is Edwin, gro s (\ Davenport rd, 9 W 
cor Christie 
lIûultbee Alfred, mgr Canadian Produ('e 
Co, res Toronto 
Dov. en Bradford, lab .J H Beslop, I same 
110\\ es \\ m, pdlr. h s s St Clnlr a v 
Hit -\(;0:\")) -\1.1: I>O
T OFFI(;E, Frank 
I Turner Postmaster, Davenport rd, 9 W 
cor Christie 
llrucond.tlc Public School, 
Holmes nrin. e s Bathurst 
ß....dIEY FÌ'.\Dcls G, plstr, h w s Frederica 
B..tllley John P. gro w 9 Vangban rd, cor 
St -\lbans nv, h snme 
Bladle)' Le\1. Inb, h w s Brnnswi('k av , 
Uromle> Harry, bkbndr, h e s Bathurst 
ßro\\11 I:dwnrd, h w s Howlnnd nv 
Urewn I::dward. mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Brown Hurry, mill hd Bonke 
Ifg Co, res 
Un.", n 
liss Lottie. tchr Bracondale Pub (luke Enoch, mkt gdnr w s Lnkevlew aT 
School. res Toronto Clarke John, mkt gdur, s s Davenport rð 
Blyee Peter H, phy n s st Clair aT -;Ia
ke T!lomas, tChr, I J Clarke 
BLffey Reuben, grader Boake Mfg Co, res (Inrl<e \, m, clk. I J Clarke 
'I'...outo C(lntps John, mill foreman Boake Mf. Co" 
Bull George, Inb. h e s Christie res Toronto 
1\\\11 Grpll\ llIe, j!;dnr, I G Bull Con\1oy James, mkt gdnr, e s Osslncton aT 
Bull Nelson, gdnr, I G Dull Conhoy John, gdnr, I James Conboy 
Bl',-bridj!;e J!lmes mkt gdnr, n s Daven- Conboy TbolI'as E, trav. I James Conboy 
\,ort rd. h same COI'lin Thomas J, prtr, h n s Alcina av 
Rurbri<lg-e Rohert, gdnr .J Bnrbrldge CO(lI'y Joseph, carp Boake Mfg Co, b 
Bml.ridge Snrah (wid Robert), I J Bnr- V1Iughun Piank rd, cor St Clair av 
bridge ('útt('rill John, florist I' s Bathurst, h ssme 
e Wm, gdnr J Burbridge, I 'Ime Coulson Mrs Charlotte, hsemald Hillcre.t 
ì3yprs \,"m, mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd COl1vale
cent Home 
Cnlli('ott Joseph, .nkt gdnr, 9 9 Davenport Coy Dn\"ld S, clk, h 9 II 8t Albans nv 
1'<:111 Crang Jethro, bldr n s St Clair av, h same 
CnM,dlnn Prodnce Co, A!frt'd Boultbee mgr, Crawford Wm, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, rH 
w s Christie Toronto . 
Carter (,harles, pntr s s Davl'nport rd Cro7.ler Wm, janitor HiIl('rest Convlll
Cnrtl'r Wm G, mkt gdnr e s Dufferln Eome, I snme 
Carveth MI." Mary, hsekpr Hillcrest Con- Cunningham James, agent, h s s Aldna ay 
Ta'escent Home Curtis Charles E, htchr, I Cbarl!'s Wood 
Cntlon Wm B, motormnn. h 341 Bowland 11.- Curtis Dn\"ld. mkt gdnr e s 
Chcppll' James, ctr J E Edwards & Sons, h Curtis Wm, gdnr, b s s 8t Clnlr ItV 
9 s !.Ibert Davis Henry, carp Bonke Mfg Co, rf'S T&- 
Christie James. (,RUle dlr s s Helena av rOl1to 
taggle, opr, I J Christie DE:.!:'..n James, leb, h s s St Clair ay 
Christie Miss Minnie, mach opr, I J Christie De KolI Jobn, carp, h s s St Albans ay 
Clarke Alfred. hih, h w s Bathnrst Dh:woody Jereminh, n::kt gdnr W If MIlA- 
llss Emlly
 I J Clarke dug at" 



. "E. 



'f 0 Ð ERS 
t tl 2 E AD OFf'C.

tOR ON "to 


THY the LÂKE SIMCOE ICE Supply Uu. UøIIted . 
,p:o;e J. FAIR HEAD, Mgr. =- 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 
SERVES. Investmc
 in Canad
: $65667,079.94 




Dot ....I' Franl, X, pnt.., h s s Helena av H.lmilton 'Ym J, CItl1>. hI's Markh3m I :!tld'oy James, lub, h e. s Hilton av 
las Thon;as, ca..p, lJ w s CI1..15tie H.llnmett Thoma
. yurdmall Boake :\lfg Co, M, C1'ea..y HolJC1't, bteh... 11 w s Shaw 
D"'.II I"mlll., l.tb. II s s Alhert Toronto . 1 11<-1lon""J CIII.Hlopher, ya..dwan Boake \[t
Dnrhom Cha..les. saw)'er Boake ]lltg Co, res U"lIcock Ha....y. ctr J E Ld"a..d
 & Sons, ('0. res 'l'ol'Onto 
'I'm'onto Toronto :\J<-I..t..lalld Jo",'ph, eond Tor It)', h !1 s 
Edw.trds Artl1ur, ct.. J E Edwa..ds & Sons, Hurdy Ellen. h
cmald Hillcrest î'onvah'
- J:ri<l;.:nlllll av 
h n s Vktol"la IIV cl'nt Home, I snme I :\lch,,,y Alldrew, gdD!' ]l11's A Arthurs, res 
Ed" IIrds (,h'II.les. ctr J E Edwards & Sons. Hal"l.imau (,harles, wks J Ð I:dwards & lJe.'r l'al'k 
h w 8 Christie S,ns, res Torollto :\'ch."y Tholt1.ts, gdu.. A W Austin. rl'S 
Ed" 'lI'ds ElizalJeth (wid John E), h (' s 11.lIrls George. curp Boake Mtg Co. r..s 1'. l'f PUI'k 
(,hrlstle 'l'cronto .\JcK,...tiglU'n Johu. flmist s s D Ivenport 
Ed\lards !\Ilss Fannie. opr J E Edwa..ds & IIftrrls \Vm, Inb. lJ w s Lake,-Iew nv I rd, h sallie 
S"us, I H G Edwatdli 1[.II"""Y Amos. drher Bo,lke :!tUg Co. :! Vauiel, wtr, I )J: Hendrick 
Ed\l:u.ds Ha....,' I;. ctr J E Edwnrds & Tcronto JIlcLeall Geor
e. lJkPI', II s s Helena av 
Sons. h n Ii Albert Ht ::sllp Tbomas, briekrukr, b \V S O,.slDg- )ld,'_'.1tI Tholll,IS, hI's I>lIlTe\"Ïu 
Edw,..ds JalU"s IJ E Edwards & Sona), I tOll av 
ft':\lll1au James. h u s Heleu.t :IV 
1111's!': Edwards H
ulh Edwa..d 'r. chelJll
t, h s s St Albans l :\lcMllIuu James jr. ell., I J !\Ie
Edw'lI'd< John (J E Edwnrds & SOliS), b w aV..IIUe lI1ellflll,m Johll, I'll" I J.lIues lI1c:\liIlan 
s Bathurst Jl<'nde,.,on Albert, ellt, I John Hende...on Me:\1ll1an Wm, clk. I Jallics Jlfellflllllu 
Ed" aIds J E & Sous (\Vm R. John nnd Jlel,derson Jobn. eourt ..riel'. h n 0 St Clair I 
I,':\lulleu Ch....les, vat"llisb mkr Blackwell 
J.llues). bal'lless trimmings aud taucy un,uue & Co, I'es Torouto 
It.nther goods, I' s Christie nender
on Wnlter, elk, I John llen<lerson !lld,..lJ Anna (wid Juhn), h n s St Clair ItV 
Ed\lllrds \\"HI H (J E Edwards & Sons). b n.."drick Mur)' (wid Miles H). I :\1 Hen.jllfeX:tb. Donald G. a..Ust. I !Ii's A McNab 
I' 8 Christie I <!,.;ek Me:"-"h \YIIt V, I 1IIrs A lIfc:'\"b 
F.:mt'ry George, drh'er J R Emery, I same Jl<'udrick :!tllchll.el, mkt gdnr s s St Clair nv McQuade Edwnrd. lab, b n s Br.dgman Ity 
...e,.), John, d,.lver J h !':mt"'Y. I sUllie I I1c"drlek \Vm. 'tnkt gdnr n s St Clnlr av 11l1.,(donald John A, 1'011 Boake :\ltg Co, res 
En.e,'y John n, express n s Be.ena Itv HHon J..mes, b n s Helena av Torouta 
llIery Wilbertorce L. Illh. I J 1! Emery I ìre,on 'J'hoDl.ts. cnrp, h u s Alcina av ]If.tekewli Albert E, pulley mkr. I W HI 
EtI.erlngton lab J Dlnwoody, b n 8 Ht'
ì(.p Jobn H. tarmer, h u s Vaugban I :!t1::eKewn 
Vietol"la av Plunk rd !\lat:Ke" II (,ba..les, gdllr. I '" E !\facKewn 
Felvt.s Hlch:ord. rnkt gdnr s s St ('lair av I HIlIt:rcst Convalescent Rome, !IIi's :!tlar- , !ll:ll'l
ewn Geurge, I ,V I;:> M:lc!Ü.....n 
I"..rgt:son A,'chlbald, I 344 nowland av !';",'et Watson matron. Halhurst, U-e Cor l\I"eI
ewll \Vm E. mkt gdur e s OssIngton 
l<'lsher Da,'ld, foreman Boake !lUg Co. res Pavenpo..t rd nveDue 
'Coronto Hilton John, gdnr Thomas Gmham. I 8:1me MllcKt'wn 'Vm E Jr. blc)'cle mkr, I " EI 
Flttoll I.'rederlck, dairy s s St Albans av I Hoot! Emest. whol hteh.. e s Vuughan rd I MneKewll 
1.'lay George, driver Bonke Mtg Co. res [lo!';.: 'I'homns, eond Tor Ry, b ;-\44 How- , 1IIH'llamura I.',ank, gdnr J Macm"nara 
'f"oronto - I land av 1Ilueuamura John. mkt gdnr s s Daveuport 
Filining nohert J, City Assessment Commr Hulmes M.tttbew. prln Bracondale Pub rd, h same 
b 8t Clair av, n-w cor Butburst 'School. h s s Alelua nv !lla,'num.tru John J.., gdllr J :llacnamnra 
FIOI"l'lIee Alexander. cal1>. h w s Brunswick. H,,!nph..e)' I'rancls H. prtr, h w s Christie 1I1.ICllltlU:ll a I'M rick, Illkt gdlll' e s 
",'..nue J II nnt' \VIII. corp. h 350 Howlnud :IV lIladd..tord John, lab, he" Cbrlstle 
I'olcy John. brlckmkr, h w !! Os
lngton av I J,
t'ksou Joseph, htchr, hI's Howl:lnd av JIlarks George L. gro, s " Dn,'ellpot.t rd 
1.'01 tnine Frnllcls, l.tlJ, I 'Vm Young J,...k,oll \Vm. e:lrp, b I' s Dutl'erlu, cor St 1I1.:r5hall J.tme8 B. tillk ct.., h n s Helena 
I.'o".d Gl'orge, gdnr :If Foord, I same Cl:llr av avenue. 
I'oord Helll'y, gdur 111 J?oord I some Jamlesoll J"bu M, htebr I T W Jamieson :!tIaton '
m H. mkt gdD!' n s St Clair av 
Fc'Ord 1IIarshnil mkt gdnr e s Murrny JUI1I;l'<on 'l'bomfts 'V, b'n " Helena av lIf"tthews Mnrmaduke. nrUst, h n s Daven- 
Frost Alldrew, florist I A G B Frost I J:;rdlne Alexuuder, spice mtr, h n s Daven- i'(,rt I'd 
Frost Gl'or!';e B. 1.lh, 11 e !! Bathnrst p<ort rd Mntthews Marmaduke E, clk, I M Yat- 
Frost Gporge C, lob hI's J"
H)P C.lpt Dndley F, b n s St Clair av thews 
G'II',,'r "'alter. gdn
 'V G Cartcr, I same I JollI son I'
dwurd. mkt gdnr u s St Clair 117..)" Hobert. eng. h W.8 Christi" 
Gnrratt JO"l'ph, ctr J E Ed,va..ds & Sons, II v, 11 sume Miles Altred, tlllstr, h e s Howland av 
b n s Alclua nv Johllston 1.'\"Uncls. c:lrp Boake :!tltg Co res Miller Uernard 'V, mkt gdur w s Chrl8t1e 
GalTott '''III H, ctr J E Edwards & Sons, 'CGronto . !I1il1er Edwin 'I' (1\11111'1' & Sons), b w . 
J J Gnrratt .Tohnstou James. gdnr, h e s ('hrlstle !\Inrray 
Geddcs WaIter A, bkpr Bonke IIftg Co, res Johnston 'l'hom:ls. gdnr, h s s Vlctorln nv ]lIllieI' I.'rederlck C (Miller & Sons), b w 8 
'1'orollto Jolll'Y 'Vm, ca..p, I 'Vm Perrin h.'r.rruy 
Gilt''' George. gdnr J Wnnles1I Jr, I J A J",.d:\11 Albert, 
dnr 'V Jordau, I snme Miller Frederick B (
llIIer & Sons). b w . 
Gill's I Jord,," II,>\"Uce, gdllr 'V Jordan, I same Mnrrey 
Giles James, gdnr. h J Dlnwoody .Tordnn Walter, mkt 
dnr w <; Christie Miller & Sons (Frederick C, Frederick H 
Giles JOWl'S I<: A. lab b e s Vaugban Plank JOI'gen
on !lflss Gnnda, tlrs, I G Jorgeuson aud Edwlu T), florists, w s Murruy 
"ûad' JOIl'enson (;nstllv, I:lb. b w sAlhany nv Jlleure Aunn (wid Edward). h w s AIÞany 
GIMS 'Vm W, tlr, h n s St Clnlr nv I Jor!;ensou 1I11ss Mary. tlrs, I G Jorgenson ''''cnue 
Gl'ad A F George, loh, lJ A Florence Joy 1111.I
on. hid,' w s Rathnrst, h same Moore Hnlpb R. lab R J Fleming, res To- IIl'rhl'l.t, wood turner Boake Mtg Co, K"mp ('harles. carp, I P Kcmp routo 
h .. s Howlnnd nv K'mp Ed"ar'J, macho I r Kemp 1I1eore Wm, mill hd. Illfrs A Moore 
Goodchild ["baril's B whol btcbr e s Chrl.i!- Ii:emp 
 JIlu"d. IIrs, I P Kemp Mort;an "'m, gdur. b w s Osslngton av 
tie, h snme' {{
lIIp I'ercy. I l' {{pmI' Mor:Ü Ii'loreuee (wid Geo"ge), conly e II 
G(){,dlltl':" Hobert. loh, h e s Vnugban rd "'t'mp I'layter, corp. 11 u s Da,'enport rd ('10: :"'!e, h same 
Gonld nohert, mill hd Boake 
1tg Co, rp3 Kt'lIny Denlsh, gdur A Jardine, h I' B Chris- MGlTisoll (,harles, sawyer Boake Mtl!' Co, 
'Coronto I tie - r..s Toronto 
GI'a'""u Hl'rm\t"d. mkt gdur w s Hilton a. }{p'"J"iooli EIi7.alwth (wid Thomas), drsmkr 1I10rse Tht''''''s, gdnr D Pick"riug, I snme 
Glfiham 1.'r,'d"rl.-k, pnt... h w s Christie .e s Rnthllrst, h s:lme 1I1'}
Tihan Catbe..lne (wid Denis), h w s 
G,'uhnm Owen, h w s Hilton nv l> Miss Florence, clk, I 1Ilrs E Ker. Hlltou nv 
Gml>nm 'I'bol1lns, mkt g.lnr. h e s nnton ay rl
oll MOYllihan elk, I Mr" C Moynlbaa 
Gn..nsldes Charles. hrickmkr 'Vm G..een. I Kt'....loon I?\"ederlck, brlckmkr, I Mrs E Ker- Mulboll:lud 'VIII. conchmnn S NOrdheimer 
s;des. b s s St Clnll" av rlson J\1t.!It'Uolley John, jal'alluer J E Edward8 & 
 Henry, ùrickmkr Wm Green. l{t'l"J"isoll Wm T, lab, I 1I1..
 E Kerrlson Sons, h s A Victoria nv 
sidcs, I slime Kin!'; \\'m. plllr, h w s Osslngton uv 1>1lillroolley Juhn jl'. jupanner J E Edwar
GHellsldt's H,'ury, mkt gdnr w s OsslngtoD I J(i"l'
tord Wm J, trav, b " II St Clair av & Sons, b s.. Victcrln av 
av. b "ame I{II.hy Hi,'hard G. hldr n s St Clair av 1111 mfo...J 'Vm R, btchr. b e s Bathurst 
GrpE'nsld,'s J'>bll, brlckmkr 'Vm Greell
ldes I Ki,'hv SlIsau (wid Xathaulel), h 342 How- Ml' Wm. tmstr Boake lIftg Co. h 8 . 
res Toronto lilnd :1.\. llr:dglnan nv 
G,pl'nsldt's '1'homas. brlckmkr Wm Green Lah'son Anme... tl'lmk mhr. b n s Alhert Murl'h1' J"lJu, Inb, b w .. Ossinl(ton av 

ltlcs, I Same Lar I': Gpo,';::e, footman S Nordhelmer r\il'ols Ak"ander. driver J !\IcK
GrCPII,IdM 'Vm. hrlck mtr s s S' Clair nv I Ieav{:r Edward, lab D3vid "lel.erlng ..eA 'roronto 
 \Vm Jr, brkkmkr Wm Green- Lt' ('ornn 'Vm. ('arp, h w s R..thnM!t Nordllt'lm.... Samuel. piano mtr, b n s Dav- 
sld..s. I same Llnd'ay Jam('
, cnrp, h n s Helenn nv erro..t rd 
Gre"Jsides 'YIIl A, brlckmkr. h.n s St Clair LII t'" JolJn C. brlekmk.., b \V s Ossington Xorn'on Alllaziab. carp, h 325 Howlam} aT 
a, enue .,,-.'nne NO'lIlnn ISII"e, stndt, I 323 Howlond I\V 
Grlnd,lll I
dward, eng Boake 
lfg Co, rl's I,in;:: Ed..."rd. pntr, Ii w s Howland av NU1I1au JllIs!! IsnlJeUa, drsmkr, I 325 Bow- 
'l'oronto Limon Ulo-hnrd H, t'ng, e s Blliburst 10Ld av .,e Arthur, gdnr, I JIll'" :!t[ Gronrke 1.1\"(...1. C"tlJerlue (wid Heury), he" Mnrk- NOI"ll'an John. y,u'dman Bonke Mtg Co, res Jobn. lah. b e s Bathurst ham Toronto 
Gr<!tlt'ke Martlu. gdur 
I Grourke Lhock Jo
eph. lab, J !lIrs C Llvock O'Brleu ,1cbn. tmstr GTR, b s 5 Davenport 
Grcnrke Mary (w.d Jobn), mkt gdnr e s Le, ot1 John. mkt I':dnr e s (,hrlstle rcad 
I1ntburst. h same Lylle Miss Alice. tcbr Braeond:lle Pub Sch, Oborn H:lrry, Inh, h w 8 Albany av 
Gr.mmitt Wm, mkt gðnr s s A1hert, b samt' It'
 'ro,'onto Orford Mary F (wl,l James), I R J Fleming 
Radio\\" Gl'Orge. gdnr. h 8 8 Albert "..Curthy Edw9rd. lab, I E IIIcCnrtby Pcge Tbomlls J, I'by n s St Clair nv 
Hamilton Johu, eng, h n s Helelllt av 1It('('"rthy EUgene. lab. b II s St A.lbnns av Palmer Percy. helper BlnckweU & Co, res 
Hftmlltoll Tbomas, lab, h 8 s St AIlJalls ,1V Mt'Cnrthy Georgc, prtr. I E McCarthy To..onto J:unctlon 

Guarantee Company of North 
en'l Agents, Mail Buildin
1I Cor. Kine' and Bay. 

Tel. 1061 

Covernment, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

Ho O'HARA & CO. 

SU liU lUIS, 



Parmiter James S, tl'av, bus Alcina 0\ 'nyford 
lIss l\;e!lle. opr J E Ed\\ards & Cor.stable Thomns, gdur A Constable 
I'el.per George, 11"", b e s ß.1tllurst Sens, h :\Irs E I.:dwauls Cc

t.tble Tbomas j.., dmry l'.tpe a,\ 
renin \Ym wotollnau, bus I.Irldgman ,.. Turnfer AllJert, clg.1r mkr. ! 327 Howhnd av Cooper George, carp, h 1>on 110118 rl1. 
P(-nv Arthur n', \"t Stll'g \V s ß.tthnr
t 'l'LU":U "J( \ ,..., (: E, ...."t"'....t.,r. h Coof.t.r TholUUS B, I>lD. h Don 1liJls rd 
Peny :\lr8 A \\', mus tchr w 
 Bnth'lrst u-w cor Cl.Illstie and !J.1\pnlh)rt ,'<1 CC"I,er \\ m U, lUkt I;Gnr 1>on )li:,s rd 
Perry Hichartl, mkt gdur s s 8t Clair av TUlner John, cigar mkr, h 327 Uo\\),tlld av Cuthbeltson James R, let car, h Log,lll av 
Pet"rmau l1eorgc, carp h s 
 Helena av 'fUl "er l', )':udman Boake 1lfg Co, I 1>u"fortù H.lll, 1>nnforth av. cor Eller- 
Pet", m.1n 111ss Jeunle, illach 01"', I G l'(.ter- I 227 Howlallll av bet'k 
rran I Tt.rner's Hall, W s Cbrlstle VO' \ -\.....;\ rU.::\IJI-:,u,t
Petrv Thoma", enrp 1.I0
ke :Ufg Co, I'e
 Tn- I \Vokefl.,ld \Vm, bus !J... en port rd James \V Young Pl"Opl"letor, Factory Don 
rOlito Wall Alma, jwlr, h n s Alelu.1 av \"alley (SH' cnrd Cl:h
ified T:!lIow) 
Pbllilps Reuben, mkt gdnr \V 
 :\Iunny \\'auless Jobn jr, h n s Davenport rd Dou V.tlley Station (GTH), IUch"rd Young 
P,d;crwg !J>I\'id, lI11.t gdnJ" IV s L.lkeview Wntmu Miss 
h.g.1ret, m"ltron Hillcrest b.lggageman, Don Valh,y 
a'enue Convnlesceut Home. I same UIJ ...._^"'. t:.u I tI
T U.'I,".CE, G.,org" 
Pickles \\'m. lab. h w s AIlJany OlV Weir AII:m, bricJ;lyr, h s s St Alhans a\" llr(,ol>s l'Gstmaster, Don !IIllIs rd 
Po-till St"Vbeu J. ca. 1', h w s Bathllrst I \Vl'ir Allan Jr. florist !lillieI' & Sons, I A DOI'ovan J.:J
eph, gro Don Mills rd 
Pc \\ ers Alfred, \\ s B.lthur
t. cor Well' Dullmadge 
hlls. tmstr, h Log-nn aT" 
Aldna av h same \Vell' .11I"s Jenni.., mach opr. I A Weir F..llon John, liremon. h Lognu av 
Price Alla
, cnrp Boake :\lfg Co, L'es '.ro- Wells Hobert, ell>, I WUI W,lkefield 1<'ox Thomas lab, I '.r Bennett 
ronto Wells Wm, lab, h w s Christie Fraukland Hemy R, (011 In Rev, h Dlln- 
Prol"tor I';dward, ,,1.s J N Etlw.1rds .
 Sens, Wh(.ttley Johu, ctr J Ð Ednards & Sons. h forth aT 
rt's Toronto w s !l1.lUnlng IIV Fr(('ly Henry, dahy Pape av, h c
Punnett Dore, gdnr R Punnett, I snm e \\'t"te Heury G, h w s Batburst, cor Ge'din
 AnDle (wid AllJert E), I Thomas 
Puul'ett Uich:ud, mkt gdur "IV s f'hr'sUe \'aughan rd Gnyatt 
Rah;:m Herbert, drIver Boake 11fg Co, res \Vlllte
ides S.lmuel, gdnr \Vm Hendrick G
'II .11(1 Reujamln, laacb, h John 
Toronto Wi
.ch Charles, lab, I Ð Winch Glhl'ard ('alt'b, gdnr J Glbl>.trd, I same 
 Hol'ert. bklyr, h e s Christie Ed\\ard, Inb. h w s Albany av GII.L':ml James, mkt gdnr Pape nv 
Rattenburn Lillie, hsemald BllIcrest Con- \V...tedIUJ'Il George, carp Boake !l1fg Co, Gilmore !la\ld, lab. I Hem')' ';Umore 
'.1:e,cent Home, I same res Toronto Gilmore Hem'y, Inb, h John 
Ravsou Charles, pntr, h n s Bridgman av Wood Charles, brklyr, h e s Christie Cilmore Robert, mldr, I Henry Gilmore 
!tobprtson Alexander florist J 
IcKerighen, Wonl HnJ>;h, 1,Ib, h w s Bruuswlck av GLrgh \Vm E, florist 
cow n" h same 
res Toronto' "'(ood James, Carp. I Hugh "'ood Grncle James jr. mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
Reh'rtsou J.1mes. messr, h e s Bathurst \\ ood John, earp, h 339 Howland av Grade 'Irs ;\farlon, h Leslie 
Rodwell W1I1, pntr, h e 8 Christie Wcod l\;orroau, butler S Nordhelmer, I same Guyatt Thomas, 
ab, h John 
RogHs Alfred, hkr, h e s Bnthurst WG<JdlitTt' Joseph ISibblck & Woodlill'e), h Gu)'att Tho:",,!! jr, paper mkr, I '1' Guyatt 
Rover James, gdnr S Nordheimer. I same s s St Clnlr av Hall David. dairy I.ognn av, h snme 
Ro'e John H, carp, h w s Ossington a\" \Vright George, gdnr R J Fleming, res DeeT Hall John, lab J \V Young, I R Hall 
Rutherford Ernstus C, carp Boake Mfg Co, Park Itell 
Iltgaret .J (wid John). I R H<1!1 
res Toronto \\ 
-('hwood Fire Hall, n 8 Alcina av, 1 w Hall Hobert. d.llty Sarab. h same 
Scott Thomas, h 8 S Helena nv Batburst Hall \Vm, dqlry Sarnh, b same 
Ser.l1er H,.lph, lab, b w s Brunswick av Yet n;:: J.llnes, driver, I Jobn Yonng H:;lIett 
Irs Agnes, ntlrse DOll MlIIs rd 
Shanley Jobn, clk. I M Shanley Young John, dairy s s Da\"enport rd Hnllett Arthur E, el'-", I Mr8 A 
Shf!nley IIllchael, sectlonman GTR, h e s Yontg Wm, cond Tor Ry, h e s Howland Bnllett 
Bathurst ",'enue Hall Uollert, dairy S;lruh, b sarr,.
Shalpley Charles, mkt gdnr w s Christie I You,,-g Wm, !Utt gdnr, h w s Vaughan I'll, RallHt Jo"eph E, tmstr J \\' Young, res 
Sbm'pley James, mkt 
dnr "IV s CIJrlstie ('01' St Clair IIV 'fLronto 
Shel'he,'d John. gdnr !II Shepherd, I same Zion Methodist Chureb, s s St Clair ay Hnllptt Joseph S, 'ah J W Young, res To- 
Shepherd M:!tthew, mkt gdnr, n s St Clair ronto 
a\". h same I B...nilton 
Ialcolm, gdm', I Mrs :II A llam- 
Shepherd Hobert, mnch opr. h e s B.Ühurst IIton 
Short Frauk, carp Boake Mfg Co, res To- CIIESTER B:;m;ltou !\Iary A (wid John), mkt gdnr 
rúnto I Dauforth .
v, h same 
Sbuler Alhert. mtt gdnr s 8 Davenport rd (Four miles northeast of l' 0, He!m Robert. lab, h Ellerhet:k 
I \Irs H Shuter Armstrong Frederick \\" dro\"er J Arm- HO\1
e Hpnry, brit:kmkr, h Don 'Iills rd 
Sbuter Hannah (wid Joseph). h 8 8 Dav- 
trüng, I same' HU.l1l>es Andrew, "ntter, h Don ,(,lis rd 
eq ort rd I ArIL
 Jilllles, cattle dlr Whitney a\" It:ghnm Harriet (wid Joshua), h Don 1\11118 
SI-uler Hllrry R, mkt 
dnr s II Davenport Arrrstrong John, drover J Armstrong read 
.r d " s-e cor Shaw, h snme Arl'old Gt'orge eng h Jobn It.j;ham Joshna. btchr, h Don Ml1ls rd 
Slbblt:k Alhert E (Slbbick & WoodllITe), h An old George 'jr, p';cker, I George Arnold II'" 
rd Glorge, mkt gdnr 1'ape nv, h S8IDi! 
,8 s. St Clair .av AthHsich SlImnel H. gdnr \\ 
I Atherslcb J:I('tmnn l\(i
s SII<l1n, I J L I'layter 
S,I.h'ek "', \\ o.:Jdll:l'e 
AlhPrt E SihNck, Alhersich Wm M, mkt 
dnr Randolph nv Johnson Henry, Inb, h John 
sepb WoodlIffe), mk. J:dnrs s s St Clolr Athersich \\ m M jr, \V 
I Atherslch Latter Ernest, tray, I J Latter 
S.a,enue Haisnm Samuel, carp, h Randolpb av Latter Henry H, studt, I J Latter 

'n'an Thomas, cutter, h n s He}enn av Baptist 'fission, Don I\1l11s rd Latter Joseph, prln Chester PublIc Schocl, 

!mmons En,?cb, Inb, h.w s How,alld av nnrchm'd Josc:pb, box nmfr, h Log:!n I1V h Don 
Iills rd 
:;111!'lalr DavId. I,ab J H Heslop. I same Bee Richard, Illkt gdnr Pal,e av. h samp T pp .101m H. tm'tr. h John 
Smllh Andrew G, stone etr, h n s Aldna HH.rett Thomas, btchr El'erbe
k, b Don Lor.ghurst Moses. Inb, h Don 'Hils rd 
nue Mills rd Lyt:de>n Berbert W, mach, b \Irs I
 1, 80th 
Smith James, mach hd Boak
 Co, res Ber:r:ett Tb'Jmss jr htcbr Whitney av "'gill 
'l't,ront? BellUs Thon:as, brlckmkr. h Snrah L;t"l'Ilon Wm F W, agt, b IIfrs F L Sother- 
Smith "."', mkt gdnr s s St Clnlr nv Den<on Tbown., eng. h Danforth av gill 

mlth \\ m. wlderer, b 8 S Helpna nv lIleke H"trl\" G I:!i> h Don 
lills rd 
Jt.llonald J"me!l. lab \It'>< C Coleman 
S uenth Ceorge, lab, b '" \'! Ossiu
ton a, Hoc'lb Hev 'Wm n. Ì>:!
tor Don '11I1s lIfeth 
Ic\"eigh Johnston, agt, h Sarllh 
N,dden \\esley, gro e 
 B9thur.t. b same Chtlrdl It Don Mills rd lIl",]daford Samuel. ht"br. h I>on !\Illls rd 
lIIer Gem'g", rott gdnr e s B.lthurst Hmy John, earp. h Don l\flll" rd lIfalol'ey Thomns, foreman J W Young, res 
;;-t';," \\ m. carp Boake 
ffg Co, res III'(oks A,lbe!"t E. 
r!lIer; h Don Mills rd Toronto 
Sple dl Ch I h !I I unOOk!< I.r;OIIl",". I "..t"':I..ter nlld M." ne S:!muel, lab. h Fulton nv 
s';;me ar ps, conc man . rs A. Ar- GI'"cer Don lI1i1ls rd, h same 
Iei a!,h Harrlpt E (wid Tbomas WI. I ?Irs 
S Hr('o\;s Joseph. caretkr Che<ter Pnb Sch h F L Sotherglll 
.ley John G, h s II Davenport rd Dou l\(iIIs rd ' 
lerH1ith G.'orge, lah '1' Bennett jr, I same "Ill. stone ctr. h n s Helena s\" Un"n Henry F co constable h Danforth 
Inrphy Edward. drIver 'Irs (' Co]('mll" 
Stephens Charles, gdnr J Stepheus, I same '" l'nue' , Xil'holson H Fmest. ins agt, h Don JlIlIls 
St(-phens John, mkt 
dnr w s Mnrray HIO\\ It John T. co constable, h Don 
 I n: ad 
Stpphens J
bn Jr. gdnr J Stephens, I snmp relld Ostrom Danlpl S. pnper mkr. h Don JlJiI!s rd 
St,'phens \\ In. nokt I:dnr s s Davenport rd Brv,-nt Thomas A pressman h Don !lliIls I OHrom HprlJert. mach opr, IDS O<trom 
S cor Chrlst\e, h same ' rÏ: nd ' . I'erdne '\""m. drh'er J \Y Yonn!:, h Sit Coh 
lI.ter, {ar p , h e s Va"'rh
n ..,} lIut("hpr George lab R H WIIrJ>;ln I same PIII..kitt Harr;son. wngf:on mkr D.lUforth 
.ra o.n ,nos. p str. h s s St Albans av f'arwdll!l GeOl';::
 R, carp. h Flllton 
v av, reg 'Toronto 

eld Charles, foreman, I J Sum- Car"nrdlne Alfred R, mkt gdar Danforth. Pla,-ter -\Iher-r ),:. Irdnr, 1111's 'I 
I Plnyter 
S ,('r e I a\'(-nue P:

 ter .John L. mkt I:dnr D:! nv 

:ld Joseph, trunk mkr, h n s St" :!ItHne Charlcs, I:dnr A H Carwardlne I'la
.ter Mary M (wid Richard), h Ihnfortb 
S\\:!iI .. (,h I kt d Ca..wardlne Hnrr\". driver A H Cnrw"l"ðlnp nvenue 
rd, h snm':.r es, m g nr II 8 Davenport .ht.
ter r'..e<hyterlan Church. Don .\lIl1s rd 1'1:!.1'ter "'m F. mkt gdnr Danfortb flV 
Tay.or Dan'-pl blksmlth, It. s ,\, I Ctf
tl'r PuhllC' School, Joseph Latter prln. Plpc1!!er Walter \V, hrickmkr, h Don 
son . .Jnh
 W, foremnn SCj,
c P
'o':,vuce Çon Mill.. rd nad 
Co, res TorO'lto Co.. man C.It"Prlne (" Id J')hn), dalrv La- Preston Roger mkt gdnr Dnnforth av 
Ton. II ". J It dl Cb gan nv. h same ' 
I n m ,pou ry r w !II rlstle ('01 die John. elk. h Pap.. nv Prlllee Jobn, mkt gdnr 332 Dnnforth nv 
T..lst Tbomas, C'nrp, h 
 8 Br>I.,na av Const
ble A!exnnder, mkt gdnr. Fulton aY Prc.c-tor ReJ>;in:!ld W, clk, h Ellprl"'ck 
Trctman 3.Iattbew II, mkt gdnr w s Shllw Cor
tnhle James, mkt Irtlu-,"-- Pape av I Pur"hase Ed\\ard G, lab, h
lIerbeck , 

'Phone 5481. METALLIC ROOFING COD,limited, COR. 

lm and [!UFfERI

U .11 , Telephone 2274 MELlN;A& JODRR;
N 5T5. 




Pur"hnse Eliznbeth (wid H..nry), h Don Britton 'Vro, motorman, I G C Bntton Gr
Ï1:ger Olhpr (Grnlnger Bros), b w ø 
Mills rd BI-t "klund 'Ym, Hr, h u s Rose Hili :IV YOllge 
Pm""ha,.. George E. 10ek
ll1ith. 10 Ellerheck ßIC\\"U Frederi"k, tm
tr, h e 
 Yonl(e Grout ',"m f., tchr Upper Can College, reø 




.;se I H

 Will, ele"t !Iet Ry, res Kortb T

\[fss Glndys, hend' nurse Dr Meyer's 
Rnwn Isnnc, I 332 Danforth nv Bm'Il,," Bennudce K, broker. I H Burden H"spital 
n....d Fred..rlcb., InlJ, I ". H R..ed CIi1-Il'"11 I11'1l!"). pntr, b s s St Clair 8v G1iffin James, cnr
tkr Dr Meyer's Hospital, 'Ym E. pump mkr Snrah, b same RllI'ke John, assessor, h s s St Clair 8v 10 n s Be,lth 
RI'f>d "'m H, 10 Lognn av HGI'IIt'tt Artbm', gdllr Dr D C :\Ie)'ers, 10 n Gn."ott Fre.lerick, nsst gdnr Upper Can 
Rt'ld G Henry, hOtseshoer Danforth nv, res I s Henth College, res same 
'Coronto I l'alltVnll:lder John, 
dnr, h s s St Clair av H"..d, 'Vm J, eng 1.."pper Cnn College, h 
Rorrey Alfred. Inh. h Sarah ('.lln'I't ('1.'\1"11" I
, \\001, I "m C..lvert IIf..rlborough ov ' 
Ross Er\ine M, eug. h l:{O Danforth nv C,lh'e.t n"orge A, tmv, I "'m Cnh'ert Harrison llIIs Annie L, gro n s Clinton av 
RC'wland Ihchnrd, I H Feely C:thert 'Vm, COI1l ngt, h n s Gleu av Houlsoll Benjnmln, messr, h n s Clinton 
St P.nrnah:ls Chureh (Anl:lknn). Ellerbeck I C.,,"c'y Wm, ('m'p Met Uy, res 
ort" Torontu H,wtiul(s Arthur, blc)'cle mkr, I Mrs G 
Shenhall "'nltpT. b Danforth nv I Chel smnn J\liS3 Alice, nurse Dr lIleyer'
Sb..rwood !IIlss Ll'ra, I III Dnlmage He 'pltal Hn,tlugs Georgina (wid George), h W ø 
Sotberl!lII F.mule I. (wid Thomns W), mus C!JI'ist Chur..b (Aug1Icnn), w s Yo
e Yong.. 
tchr Don IIl1l1s rd. h same C'hri
topher Jnme-, Inl.>, b w 'i SpadID8 rd Hnyl's 'l'homns, Inb JIlt Plensant Cemetary, 
f;tpphen. '''\D, tm"tr, I J H LeI' ( Wm H, clk, 10 n s Rose Hili nv res Nortl.> Toronto 
Stokell Alfred, Cnt-P, h Don 111111" ,.<1 Co<'lmlDe Arthur I., dt'i11 sgt Upper Can Hend..r"on Jnmes B, com mer, h w sAve. 
lthnrltl John, tmstr. h Don 'liIIs rd Cullegt', n" Toronto nul' rd 
Ta:hot Harry. htchr. I Henrv 'Cnlhot Crl'nn Patrick, caretkr St Mlchael's Ceme- Hill Edwin, stalnl'd glass. h s s De Lisle 
Tnlbot Hl'nry, lJtchr Don 1IIiII. rd, h snme t..ry, h \V S Yonge Hoht.s Marin (n-Id Jnmes). h s s Ht'ath 
Tnylor :\Ii" Samh, I 111 Longnhnrst Cle.e-kl'r Sltln..,. C n. Ins agt, 10 s s Clar- Hodgkin Rev Thomas I, I'hy n s Clinton av 
Tomlin Rpn1amln, dairy Pupe av, h same e
c nv nO'Kln AlfrPd, hnrr, h s " Heath 
TurnH Joseph,, b 'Vhltney av CIi:liton IIIi,s ElIl'n. tlrs, I !\Irs :\1. Cnlllton Hoskin A Erskine, barr, I A Hoskin 
Tmnl'r Jo.pph jr, htchr, I J Turner CLIliton Fr"derlck B, mnrble cntter, I 1I1rs Hutty Alfred, com ngt, b Poplnr Plains rd 
VII.It'nt Gl'orgl' !II, Inb, h Pape nv 111 ('ulllton HnH)' George, engraver, I A Hlltty 
W... ....1C'k Wm, cabt mkr, h 420 Danforth Cumtoll John J, steamftr, I Mrs A Culll Jackes Edwin H, barr, h e s Yonge 
ntl'nUe ton J(unlpl(s Ar..hlbald, florist H Jennings 
 JIII"s AIII'e, malo opr. I !\Irs J Watts Culliton Jlfnry (wid Patrick), h w s Yonge Jt'unlnl:' Henrv. florl't. I' s Yong.., 10 same 
Walts Jnnl' (wid Thomns A). h Pope av Culliton Wm P, plmbr, I IIlra III f'ulllton Jer.nings Mrs Sarah, gro e s Yongl', I same 
'Wehster Wm :'<1, trnv, b Whltnl'Y nv Daniel Charles. tmstr 
It PI..asant Cerne- Joh, 'tOil Henry, gdnr Reservoir pnrk, reg 
WIVl':in RII'hnrd H, dnlry Fulton av tery, res York tp Tûronto 
Y';t:n/r Annie (wirt Jaml's), h Don 1If111.. rd fI,,,'ls nul.>ert, carp, II e s Yonge Jol,rston John. brakeman GTR, h n 
1'0\ r.g GI'OI'ge 'I.. elk, I "Irs A Yonng DaYis Robert 'V, carp lIlet Ry, res N<>rth Cia IT av 
",CIl '\{; .J"'1FS ". I'r"f.ri..tor Don T..,"onto Kay Rev Jobn, pastor Deer Park Pr..s 
Vnllcy Ren<1l'rin
 Works, 10 Don Mills rd Da,-Isou 'Yro, h s s Clluton nv Church, h n s DI' Lisle 
(Sle ,,:\rd chlsslfjC'd 'ClIllow) 1I('et" P,lrk Hotel, James O'Hallornn prop, K'nm' John. h De<>r Pnrk Hotel 
\n:ng Richard. lJgpmn r.TH, 10 non VaIlI'Y \V s Yonge Kerr 'Jnme' H. barr, h Poplar Pla1ns rd 
1)1-1.:11 "'UK I'O
'I' OrFJ(E, J"\ I.t':"b. Ale](
nder 0, IE B Rorron 
Spell"s Postmnster, e <; Yonl(e I... .in,,- '''m, whol Gormaly nv 
\ ))H:r I','rk rr",b)'t..rian Chun h, Hev J.)hn I.c." I, Urs Ann E. h Olive av 
],,,y 1","tOl'. n s Sf Clair nv Lt'\\ is Frnnk T, enameller, I Mrs A EI 
Dl'l'r Park Pllhlil' School, "'m J 1'hum.ùn Lewis 
I pI-in, n 3 St Clnlr av Lir dow LottiI' (wid Cbarles J), cook Dr 
Dil'l<i,,'on Jo'eph, gdnr Reservoir Park. reo. 'Ie) ers' Hospital 
Toronto Lln 10\\ 
 "..iiiI'. war
 Dr Meyers' Hß!J- 
l'oherty John. elk, I J A M..Elroy pita I 
""hf>I'ty Wm. I J A IIlcElroy Llftll' John. blksmitb, b I' S Yonge 
I Dc.tiglas Ge..I'!:", gdnr 
H Pleasant Ceme- I.i\'(\('k John. mkt :;rdnr n s St Clair av 
tc '")", J't s "ol'th 'roronto J.(>n
 John. h s s Olive av 
IJllk.. Ch:l1"ll's, hldr II 
 Clinton av 1.11'< om hI' George, Inh, h s s St ('lair av 
r 8.tralt A (wid RiC'hnrd). hI's Yonge I Lynn John. I(dnr :\It Pleasant C('ml'tery, 
l'l'bre" miles nurth of P 0) Dllnc nn Gl'orl!:t', lub ,It Plpn",...t CeroetC'ry, res Korth Toronto 
Alnsll.. Eliza (\,Id Roh..rt S), 1 I'; II Borro\\ J-"" "orth Tor<>nto 
'eRridc "'m, gdnr Reservoir Pnrl!., re.. To- 
AIt'"mdl'r Henson 1', leather, to \\' "AH'nUe DIõ' dns Jame-s, renl est. h \\' s :\Iarlborolli{h n"nto 
mr,d cres IIr..Cnbe HC'nrv. lab St BASil', Novitiate 
Andt'r<ùn Alollw W. mn
r Kntionnl Gran- J,Hn... E. clk, I James lIuDdns 
Ie-('nnn Fr:mèl<:, lab. h s s fit Clulr nv 
Ite Co, res Toronto Dn: nett S3mlleJ. tm"tr Gl'alngl'r RI"S, h 
I<'("nnll I
ranci!, J, I F McCnnn, 
AI'I\,stl'ong Alhert E. ngt, h s 
 Fnrnhnm n, Plensnnt .lfv " 
'l'derlck, dnlry w , "onge 
AIII.<tlong Arthur L elk I Thomas Ann- D\\an P.ltltck, lab. h n s St C'lmr .n 'IcCrea "m. foreman lilt Plensnnt Cern.... 
streng ., DW/ln Thomas, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av I tClT. h w s Yonge 
Aln-<t","!: I'rt.tlerlck, elk I Thomns Arm- , I.:d\\ards Charles H, Inmher. h w s AVl'nue 1'1C'('lInil( Edith 
I (wid Harold C), h s 
st\"ong r"nd A venue rd 
Altr>tl't)nl( John E. htchr, b s s St Clnlr a,' r.r
lIsh Alhert, I.>lksmltb A H Gllmo"" h \fe( ully !\Irs Helen. I Jam'" IIleLar(>!\ 
Arn.stron" è\Inllghau, elk, I Thomns Arm- P.N)Sant av 
IcElr(>y Jo!'n A, shirts, h Moore P....k 
strong b I Fnh'ey John, tmstr, I l' Fnh'ey \leGee Dnmel J, tlr. I E !\IC'G.... 
Arn 'tron
 Thomas. clk, 10 n 
 Fnfllltnru a,-, Jo'..hey 
[jC'h",,1. stl'nm ftl', I P Fnlvey !IIcGee r.d\\nrd, moto 
Iet R). h n 
Þ,mstl'oltg" Thomns, ploy w s Yongl', h sam'" 
,'I\""y I'atrll'l
 J. mkt gdnr n , St Clnlr nv ('r.
e a!" . 
..r John, ..onchman, h W s A VP'llte !-11 I
 Dlvey Pntrlck 'V. gdnr, 10 n .. St C'lnlr av MeGee I' 
wnrd J. elect. I E M..GI'C 
Rnldwln Cion rip" :\1. clk, I IIlr, 
I U"ldwln I. nrew..11 Launcelot, furs. h w 
lcG..e :\I,S'l 
lnry A, dr;;mkr, I E :\t,-GI'
Hn!d,\ln John :\1. C'lk, ) :\11'8 III Rnh1win 
n gh Cl'''" , '1,"Ghee 'pntrl"k. con..hmnn F. Rogers, b 
Bnld"in I.::owrenc.. A, bnrr, I Mrs '1 Rald- Flr..throok "!To.A. box mfr. h \1001'1' Pnrk Clnrence 9.V 
"In 1'1c mlng III1.s Ka
e. clk. I J Long . ),leKny Thoma", mkt I(dnr s s St Clair av 
Inrgul'et \\\Id Wm A) It w 
 An.. FoC'kner Annn I.\\ld Alfr..d J). hI's \:onge Md{lm Thorn..", lIorist Grnl'lgl'r Bros, res 
line rd . Foekner Fredel'lck, I IIhs A Fo..knpr Toronto 
Bill! Miss Marlon, hsekl'r Dr Meyer's Hos- l'ùthel"l:1II MIss è\la\ld, nurs.. Dr :\Icyer'" "\1(1 Pol'en James. h w s Yonge 
pitnl P.ospltal 
Idllchael Miss Mnry, I Jamps McLaren 
Rhekwell ,lohn. h n s l'nrnham av F.-fond. Jo
eph. h s s St Clair nv \Jf_t'kC'ßzie George A. barr. h " , Gll'n av 
BI"I,em'\n Artbur W. tinner, I G H Rink.. \o'rr-st GI'OJ'/:e J, jnnltor Upper Can CoIll'g.., \1.H"kl'tI?ie John. clk, I W- C Mnckenzle 
nUIJ . 10 n " Clinton nv :\!I1<'b...nzle ""m, pres Tor Ry Co, 10 w s 
Hla!'''1I\an I.'rederi..k, clk, I G H Blnb.l'man Gn)' Alfred, vinegar mkr. hI's Yr,uge An'nlle rd 
Hlakf>mnn GI'Olge A, polisher 10 s s St CIRil I (;n
 Ft..derlck. t'lk D (' 
Iu"1'ay. I Alfrl'd 
In('lietl?ie Wm A, elk, I W C MR"kenzle 
nO'ellue ' Gny 'If!ekenzle Wm C, tray, h n s Clnrenre av 
IIIIl1'oJ !III" Eliz.theth, uurse Dr '\1l'vpr's (
;hhotl"" m. gro, h S s Olive .av 
lal1ly Arthur M. stenol(, I Rl'v J G 'Innly 
IT o'pital . Gihson Rohert J barr, 10 I' S Ionge 'Jan!y Chnrll"< è\I, artist, I Rev J G \I::only 
Bland Fmnds H, ma. pur D.. lIle
l'r's Ho
- GlllIorC' _\Ihprt fl. waggonml;r I' s Yonge. '1,;1 h' nev John G. b w s Lawton :tv 
pital res Toronto 
!."1"k, A H 
olwyn, in'i ngt, I Mrs S A 
\101'1011 EtlW'lI"d B h Glen rd n,>,'ht'l Geo1'g('. tra.', h s s St Clair nv Dn,l.>ar 
ROller Joseph, "n'rp, he" Lnwton nv Gou!ding (,harle8" d:lIry w s Fore<<t Hill rd 'I:Ir\<<. Fd\\11I W, ..Ik. I IIlrs E P Marks 
Ht'cnnan Jnm.... Inh, II \\ S Spadlnn rd GU \I'\I;J
II nnos IOth..r nil'] Ed_ '!arks Emily P (w,d George), b 11 S Cl!n- 
Hrf>nnan Pntriek. lab. h \\ " Spadlna rd I \\in). n01'ists, Se"ds, Plallt, nnd Bulb<, ton nv 
Bi:l(nell Bellj.lmln tmstr F Brown. I same w s Yonl(e. "or Olive av (See cnrd cln..l. IIlorsh Henry, bp:lyr, I I è\larsh 
Brit ton Arthur, florist Grainger Bros, I t; fh'd Florists) IIfnrsh Isnac, brklyr, h n s Ros
 Hili 'IV 
n Grr-irgel' Edwin (Grainger Bros), h w " Martin Georg.., mkt gdnr. 1\ s St Clair av 


r fu.1

ge Yonge !If'\ropolitan Rnllway, J W III0yE'I' mngr, 
BrUton Hl'rlle."t T, Jwlr, I G C Britton Grolnger John. cIk, I 0 Grainger oftke w s Yon<<e 


/::;1'1' I.lttle York) 

I) \ , I",YILI,E 

('(' ",""rtb Toronto) 

Drr.n I' \111.. 

Union Assuranca Societ y A. D. w. & E. A. BADENACH, 
Toronto Office, 15-17 Leader Lane. 1114 Tel's: Office, 2288. ßesidence,3516. 

Head Office. 
King St. E. 






Securities for Money Collected. 

East Toronto. 


Ult :\IE1ERS' PUll \'IE J(u..I'IT\I. Sln.mon9 Georgt>, asst janitor Upper Can 
for Nervou.. Diseases, D Campbell 'Ie y - / CLllege, res same 
ers, MD. Proprietor arod 
ledlC:II SUl,t, Sinclair Benjamin, I d Sinclair jr 
Phone 3862, "Heathcote," H!'ath st, Deer Sil:clair Benjamin jr, 10 e s Yonl'e 
Park 1 Thomas, gelnr J \V Moye!t. res 
Meyers D Campbell. prop Dr Meyers' Prl- North Toronto 
\..te Ho
vllal. 10 n s He-'lth Smith James, po!isher, h s s St Clair 8V 
Miehell Allen C, dentist, I C V !ofichell Smith James R, carp, h n s Baker av 
MI<'''ell Charles V, health insp, 10 n s PI('a- SL:lder Fletcher C, harr. h n s De Lisle 
sant av Sorr.(,r\IIJe J:Imes L, tchr Upper C:1n Col- 
Mil hell 'Vm C, tchr, I C V Michell Ie-/(e. res same 
Middlebrook Joseph H, elect !olet Ry, res Southgate Wm E. dry good... h Moor" Par" 
North Toronto SpE'11rs Miss!\. Rohlna. elk PO, I J V Spear
Mills Charles, tchr Upper Can College Spears !ollss Harriet, elk PO, I J V Spear'" 
Milson H..nry, btchr H W Allison, I same SPI-: 
 n.. J \ "IE!' l. Po..tmn",tt>r Rnd 
Milson Henry W, whol btchr n s Gormaly B(>okkeeper Mount Pleasant Cemeter,., h 
av, h same s s St Clair av 
'on W1II. hlchr H W 
lI1son. I same Spink Mrs Ida B, h n sHeath 
Mitt'hener John G. h n s Rose Hili av Spin!.. WilfrId H. elk. I "'m n Spink 

Io( re Anne (wid RLbert). h n s De Lisle Spink Wm B, elk, I Wm H Spink 
'Ioore Fr'lnk A, elk, I Mrs A Moore SplDk W'm H, h w s Lawton av 
Moore Herbert 
I, ('h'lI eng. I 
Irs A Moore SrIgl!'y Jesse E, eng. h s s St Clair av 
Mocre John T, mining. h Moore Park Stepbens "'nlter P. stonecutter, h w s 
Mwre J Carlyle, studt, I J T Moore A,.('nue rd 
,"-unPIn, \n
\lLV. IJnr"..r I PI'f'r Stlhhard Artlp1r, pntr Met Ry, h w sTonge 
C:mada College, Deer Park, h 593 JarvIs, Sw('et Thomas, shippet', h s s St Clair av 
Toronto Talt John. hklH. I Joseph Talt 
)1!'unt Pleasant Cemetery, Henry Thomp- Talt Jost>ph. n>g Surrogate Court, h w s 
son supt, e s Yonge Lawton av 
M"\\:tt Isahella (wid Robert D), h n s Clln- '.fh&yer Frederick. trav, h n " Glen av 
ton av ']'haH'T Frl'derlck H, tray, I F Thaver 
MO\\:It !oIiss Isahella, sew mach opr, I Mrs 'Itt.Ìnp.on Henry, supt !olount Pleasant 
I \lowat Ctmr,ter:r. h e sTonge 

I.'\\at Rohert D. Inh, I !llrs I Mowat Thnrrson Wm J. prin Deer Pnrk Puh Sch. 
 fS John "". mngr Met Ry, h n s Glcn av h R s St Clair nv 
Af,,:hollanl1 Thomas D, elk. h n s Clinton av '1'hlJrnhurv Henry. lab Mt Ple&sant Ceme- 
Mundell Wm, marble ctr :s"atlonal Granite t('rv. res North Toronto 
Co, res Toronto Todd S James. tmv, it n II Rose Hili av 
Mllray A Erskine. bkhndr. I W E !llurray Te-malln Joseph, h e 9 Yonge 
Murray Duncan C, /(ro anð btchr I' II Yonge TOIT'nlln Robert. I J Tomalln 

hllray George. mkt gdnr, es Lawton av Toomhs 
Iar,. (wid Samuel), h n s Clinton 
Murray John 
lcE, elk. I "'. E Murray avenue 
M"rray ""m E. h e s Oriole rd '.fr(d""U ('harle.. ('arp ,It Pleasant Ceme- 
National Grnnlte Co, A "\V Anderson mngr, tery, h s II Gormal,. ay 
e s Yon/(e Tun",r Chrlst"phe-r. plshr 
atlonal Gran- 
O'Brlen Alexander, clk, h s sHeath Ite Co, reg Toronto 
O'Rrien Ed\V:Ird, lab. h w II Spa.Hna rð 1 PPEn (' \ '" \D -\ ('OLLEGF.. G R PAr 
O'Hallornn Miss Bridget, hsekpr Deer Park kin, MA. Prlne1pal. head of A,'enue rd 
Hotel Vint...nt He'1ry F. I J ']' Ylncent 
O'Halloran Frank, bartnðr Deer Park Hotel "In('ent James T, ins ngt, h II II Clarence 
O'Halloran James, prop Deer Park Hotel, aTenue 
w s Yonge Wa!k"r Fr:Inci!l r, 'rIIr l'pper Canadn Cnl- 
0'1 t-ny Patrick. lah. h s s St Clair av lege. r09 same 
Ogden Jncoll, carp. h I' 
 Yonge Wlllm
ley 'l'lIomas. Ins, h w s I.awton av 
Pul'ln George R. !oIA, I,rln Upper Cana'Îa W:t\ton Janies. d:Ilry s .. St Clnlr av 
College, r!'s 
nme W!.Itt Gf'Or".. S. elk h n s C'larenCi! :IV 
Pah'rs,.n R
v ']'hnroa. W. rector Chri1!t Wphh T Ft',-derÏt"k. '('Ik, h n s Bal'Ilornl av 
Chl'rcb, h n II Heath W'e'sh Ruth (wid Ed\Tard). h e 9 lawton 
Pea((>('k Ed\V:Ird R, tchr Upper Can ('::>1- a,enuc 
lege. res "amI' 'Vest Fd\Vard. florist Grainger Rros, I Ed- 
PNJlips 'Vm, foreman. h Poplar Plains rð \\ In GI':Ilnger 
Pri1,'bard Georgc F, carp Mct Ry, res 
orth White Mrs Annie, m:ltron VI' per CIlD Col- 
Tt'ronto I"""c 
Rf',...e O\.lfr.'d, gðnr Rt seryolr Park, I G Whÿte Alex:Inðer. coaclIm3n. h n s St Clair 
Reeve nvenue 
R('{., I' Arthur E, ma,'h. 1 G R"pye "'ï/:lltman JolIn. h n s St nnlr av 
e George, supt Reservoir Park Wi/:"btman Robert, I J Wightman 
obert studt, I G Reeve 'Villinmson J"lIhella (wið Wm), I A Hoskin 
RfC....vOlr Park, George Reeyc snpt, end of W'lllmott !of anN' I, arl'hlt..ct. h n sHeath 
Rose Hill !Iv . "il,nn 'Ii
are-t. nn""e Dr !o1(,YM"s' 
R.....uolrb ,It"" Artrtle. n.Ir.... Dr. 
Ieyel'!'. P.o>>pitai 
HLspltal ""0<XI
 J:Imes. lab, h n s Branl av 
Reynolds Stanley, trav, It s q !':t Clair :IV Wright '''m. t'arp, h .. s St Clair av 
Rl-ortps rdw:Ird. gðnr t:'pper Cp.n College, 
h Clinton av 
Rhcrtps .Jo<eph. stone (tr, It St Clair av 
Rh"dps RohN't. Illh. i J Rhotle
Rohertson Alexanðpr, gr'lnite etr. h s s St 
Clnlr av 
Roh'rtson Dou/:"I:I
. gdnr Re...n-olr P'lrk 
Rog('rs Elia.. ('001. \1 p s Yonge 
St R:Isl\'s X.....ltinte. Rpy 1'
 .T O'''elll su- r: \ !'iT TOROYI'O 
perlor. n s St Clair nv, e of Rathur
St Rasll'q ScholastlCflte. R,'v E J O':-Jclll (Five mll..s east of l' 0) 
supprlor. n . St Clair nv. (> of Bathurst 
St Mlehae!'s Cemetpry, P Crpan car('!kr. w Acres !oIiss Florence, I B Field 
s YonKe AII:In Lilhurn. ('Ik, I Mrs !ol AHan 
St !o;ichael'
 (RC') S('hool, \V s YonJ!"e Allan 'I:tr/(::r"t (wlð Wm), h Charles 
S'Ir/:ant TlInm:I.. rPl!all:I. h n . H('alh Allnn "is
 'larg:Iret J. nurse Charlps 
S'tUnders Alhl'rt. lab ;\It Plp:I<:Int Cern.. .\II.rn 1: r;!'()rgo, C'OPI>ersmlth. I 'Ir
terv. h n s Pleasant nv St!'phenson. 
Saliiðers n,,('(> "'. h:Irr. h 
 s Balmoral av Allnn Waltet". eoppersmith. I !oIl's 'I Allan 
Se, Arthur, C'lk. I J W Se-v('rs Allbright Wm, earp GTR. h Bridge Jame" E. ha III ff. he. Yon/:"e All('n Anthonv p. h Lee ay 
I'e...prg J:Imps 'V. de-I' 
hprlff, h e- sTonge Alliwn Claude B, brkmn GTR, b Steph.- 
Sheparð !lliIes W'. prtr. h n " R....;>(' Hill "" son "'. 
Shrppard Charle
 E. mach, h n s Ple:I
l!nt ' I AIl\\l!rd r.rtwln, eng GTR. h Edwa"11 
a'\"('nue A!'ilrose Lnwrence, grate clnr GTR, r"
Sb d W It h I 
 !';; .. NOl"\V:I'V, Ont 
elrar a er. mae. ,r.. IH'pp:Ir.. An ey c'harl(>s, brkman GTR, res L:ttJe 
Sbleld.. John. porter Dper P:Irk not,,1 "iPrk 

Dn,{' \S'fEU 

i'ee Ch!'ster 

:)'; fRY 
I .'a..




.O'ëË R 5 

 C 0 A L. 
\. tttAD orf'C.

'To R 0",,.0 

Ar.(!l'rson Angnq, trackman GTR. I 
wlek av 
An5;on John E. h Main 
Appleton Charles, sectionman GTR. h Main 
Archibald Alexander, mngr Wm Davies Co, 
h Gerrard 
trong John G, hrknlD GTR. res Little 
Arthur Stephen, spart> eond GTR. I J 
Atkin Nathaniel, brkmn GTR. res Little 
Baird Alexander, eng GTR. h endorby rd 
Baker Ch:Irlps, hkr W H Sn
Il, !PS Toronto 
Bartholomew Charles. II Gerrnr.J 
PoLY View Hotel, John N Lamhert prop, 
Dfmforth av 
Reaty John W, banker, h Bf'i'eh av 
Becket Miss Agnes, tehr East Toronto Pub 
Seh, rea Toronto 
Bell Ar.drew, oilt.r GTR. rps Little York 
Bell D:I'\"ld, eng GTR, h Xor\\ood rd 
Bell Oliver, harðware Main. h same 
Bernhardt Jam..s, fireman GTR, res I,lrtie 
Ber ry John. hlrmkr GTR, h !olary 
B('rtrf<m Rohert, fireman GTR, h Mrs L 
Blnn(>y Davið, baker W H Snell, res Tt>- 
ron to 
Bird Smith, hrkmn GTR. res B('lle'\"llle 
Blr.e-kstock Charlcs H, brkmn GTR, b V 
m3J'Iock Arthur, fireman ("'I'll. " J C Blay. 
Rlaylock Frank. mach, I J (' may-Io('k 
ßla] lock John C. eng GTR, h Danforth :IV 
Bolton Henry, pumpman GTR, h nTR 
Booth Alfrf'd J, pntr Gerrard. h same 
Uooth Alfred J jr, drlvpr. h Kingston Id 
Booth Charles, lah, I A J Booth 
nooth James, lather A J Hooth 
Booth Robert, lah, I A J Both 
Booth "":IIl:Ice, lather, I A J BMth 
Bo'\"ett Harrv. haker, b Mr. Amella Engll<lh 
Bo\\ ler George. hrkmn GTR, res little 
es Wm, fll"f'man nTR, h !Irs I 'Vest- 
Rm]' J'lmes, phy Beech a'\". h same 
IIm\' ""m A earetkr Y!oICA. h same 
Rrltton Carson H, phy V:Infolh :tv 
Brock Wm. elnr GTR. h 'Vm Brother....n 
Bl"fdf'rick Nieholas, hrkmn GTIt, res Vttlo' 
RroI.sdon Joseph H, elk, h Edward 
hton I.'rederlck, ftr GTR. h r'ox\\ell 
Rro\\ n Art!!nr. btchr J Brown. I "amI' 
Rrown Fred C, gro !olaln, h Gerrard 
Bro\\ n John. hrkmn GTR. I J Bro'..n 
Brown John, btchr Oerrarð. h 
Jlrown Itohe-rt. h Benlamonð :IV 
Uro" n Stephen K, mngr F C Brown. h 
Bre\\ n "'m driver J Brown. h Gerrm'.1 
nrcwn Wm. eng GTR, h !ola
Bre"n Wm W, brkmn GTH. res Uttle 
Yc.rk . 
nil c(' Charles. yard foreman GTR. h "ary 
RITC" ""elI!ngton, yard foreman GTP.. re's 
Jlryan J:Imps. brkmn G'l'R. r('
 little York 
Irs All('e. tlr-
. I A E St'atnn 
nurð "'rn. brklDlI G'l'R. h Gerrard 
Bntteriek Snmuel, lab GTR. rp
 Lltt!.. York 

CREELMAN BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. 15 Adelaide E. 'Phone 2251 
1 J. J. SEITZ. Manager. 
Sole Dealers in "Underwood II Typewriters, Headqu....ters for Supplies. TUDewriters R nted 




I Toronto 

Sli /lP liDS. 

Cnu ,,"on p'pnjamill, brkmn GTU, I'P' Llttl.. I ))ollohue .John. Pllg- GTR, h '1.11n Hr.rl i
 Snmuel. botel Kingston rd. "or :linin 
Y"'.k DOllohue Joseph, bl'kmnll GTIt. ,'es Lillie l1,,,.....d Gl,()l"J;e, bollermkr GTn. h cor Main 
CDIIIEI"On Maggie (wid Jnmes). h Swnnwlck York I '!lid Hl'lfJge 
n\t'nllt' Do\\ II John. Klllgstoll 111. h Snllle Hnrvey I'l"Iwk M, livery 1Ilnln. h snme 
C/ln'Jlhell D. fireman GTU. b S Hllrris I DO\tIll's I.'red J. Iirem,ll\ GTH. h .I E Ansoll Hal\'ey J:llncs, driver, I I" 1Il Harvey 
Cnmphell John A. brkmn GTR. res I.IHle 1I0)-le Hnl"l"Y, eoud GTH. r('s Little York Hils)ett J('s"ie 'I.' (\lId John) b Lee av 
 I IhllJI..y Miss Hanl('t. mus tchr :l1.,ln Hasllngs \Vm E, IIremnn GTH. IJ E,lwllrd 
Cn"l:llIg HnI'lY. brlnun GTn. res LltUp I IJllt1il'y Tbomas. shellll,r :11.1111. h snUle H.I\nhol"ll Adam H. cond GTH. h Gerrard 
Ynrk Pili". Hohcl'l. cllg G'I'It, h G"lTaro HilY Jo,,'ph, eng GTR. res Ltttle York 
CIII'mlehncl "'m. Inh. I J Woolley DUllk Ellznbpth (wid Samuel), h 1I1,ry Hellry Peter. GTI
. res Torouto 
IUJhnll .Bros (Will J A and Harold). dl'Ug- Vllnl, F....<le'.l<-k. elk, I MI's E Dlluk Heldman Frcrlenck A. watch Insp GTR, 1Il:1I1I. eoI' Klllgston I'd Dllnn AhmhnlU. grate clnr GTR, res York res 'l'oronto 
Cal"l.IIh:m Hal'old (('al'nnhan Dr!>"). h 1I1aln Town'hlLI Hewitt James A. yard foreman GTn. I Mn 
CII'II:1h:!1I 1\"m .I A (C.lrnllhnn Bros) res Dillin Alfl'''iJ. brkmn GTR j res Little \.01'1, 
'1.'01"011 to . Dllnu Alfr..d, enll hO,. GT t. I A Dllnn I H,"wltt Jo
eph, porter J N Lnmbert, I Mrs 
('nrmll Jamps. eng- GTR. h lIInln Ilnllll Will. dill' GTIt. Yo,.k tp 8 Hewitt . 
Canoll John, app GTR, I J.tllle
 Carroll 1":lh,lm Hol...1"t 'V. t."p.....". Gel'l'Uld JIt.\\itt Salah (wid Jam('s). h Klng..ton rd 
('n"l"OlI 'rhOlllllS, lI..eman GTR. I Jnmes Car- East Toronto FI..e Hall. Main I Uewltt '\'w, carp McMillin & Costin, h 
roJ/ J,:ast To..outo Gosl,el Hall, Swanwlck av Swanwl('k av 
CII....nth('rs Jllm.... brkmn GTR, I T Curtis I'; \S'I' 'HI/(O'...4I I'C",'I' 411-' I"I t.'I>:. 
tr.. Hicks John, 111,tr, I G White 
('arruth.",,, W.l\t('r S. eng GTIt. h Gerrard :lIar... F. Trpn.'h Pp'tml'tre"s, (;c,.
nrd Hill Uiehard. 1J0J/crUlkr GTH. h CatherIne 
Cas>!,ls I1.III'llton, harr. h ßl'lIlamond av Ea
t '']'01"Onlo Pnbllc School, .I \V John- Hilts Alexander. car repr GTn, res Little 
C.., '1(1). "'III I';. plk, h Reech n,' stun prin. Ma..y York 
q'!dh'y Alf..ed, drIver Wm Davies Co, res Ea"toff I
ruest E. tuck pointer. IL Swan- I Hind Edmund, hkpr LAD... LaplaBte II< 
1 t,..onto wlek nV "11. "('S l.lttle York. 
Chrl"lIe .1I1ml'<:. motorman. h KlnJ:"ton I'd E
nn Jnmps, efla" repl' GTR. rNI Toront? Hinds 'Vm. eng G']'R, h Gerr
Chllreh nf ChrIst (Disciples). Main eoI' F:!iJ..ldge Herbert. elk t;I
ahan Bros Hltph Wm L , htehr 1\Ialn. h 'ame 
8\\"allwll'l( av '1,'\111101' .101\11. "pa..e cond UTR. h lII,trY HltE'shue \vm 0, carp Mcll11l11n & Costaln, 
('ht......,11I '\'m D. clnr GTI{. h Mllln Elliott, coal mnn GTR. h Hanna- re.. 1'10rw..,. 
('lark In'''ph. ;1".'1"(1111.," nTH. h Mnln ford BV Hod
son Joan. b.kmn GTR. I W HOd"son 
Clnrke Alhert. hrkmn GTIt. h KIngston rd Ellinlt Solomon, yardman GTR, res LlttJ.. Hl'd!!'on 'Vm, cond GTI{, h Gerrard 
Clnrl(û ArchllJulll, brkmn GTIt, h KIngston Yc.rk Hogan John. h..kmnn GTIt. r.." Little York 
nod Ellis G..orgp, night ,.ard master GTR, b Hog"n TImothy P, hrkm" GTR. res Little 
('1[,,1:1' Jon:lh. hrl,mn nTR. h Main Swanwlck av I York 
Clny \"m II. tnrner GTIt. h L...all av En'erton IWza (wid Jllm..,,). I J Emerton I Hope 1I1..thodlst, cor Danforth av 
CI"'."1'lkn Robe..t G. b..kmn GTn h Swan- Em..rton .Tnhn. hrl(lIInn GTR. h Gprrnrd :\I'd lIIaln 
w'('k av . En:mnnuel p..esbyterlan Chu..cb, Swanwlck HopkIns \\<'m. hrkmn GTR. I 0 Gray 
("nl..'n .1 '''oh R mnf!: optician, h Rp('eh IIV n...enne HOI"/!,nn DennIs, brkmn GTR, res T,lttJe 
lIss Annie. tJrs. I W RIl
d English Mre Am..Ua, gro Kingston ,'d . I Tork 
Coh1pn 'rhom,,". IIremlln GTR I W Burd Enl'l\
h GeOl'gt' boiler wasbcr GTR, h Wal- How.II'd Walt..r H. Inb. h Mnln 
Colõln<:-s Thumns, grate clnr 'GTR h D..n- tel" Ho\\nrth Forhes, trav, h EiJward 
forth nv ' . F.ngll"h Mls9 Minnie. 11I'"mkr KlnJ:;ston rd Howell F..ank, bkpr, b J E An..on 
n" )11'" Rl'rthn, t..lmmer. I J Polllns F.llglI"h \Vm, o\i.,r G'l'R, h Klngstolt rd I How('l1 George, driver Wm HI
ch, h Klngs- 
Co!"ns John. holl.... washer GTR h John I E\-er.d('n AlI'ert .I, bake.. W H Snell, I 1111'9 ton rd 
 \Ii,s T.nttle, cnttl'r, I J ("O'lIIn" L :i'tevhen"on Ho"ell Hprb('rt W, prtr, h Main 
('ook C:lllfor,l. cOlld G'I'R, r.." T(.rnnto Fnll"('loth .Tohn 
[, pntr. h Kln:r
ton rll Howell Rohert B. prtr, h 8\Vnn\Vlck av 
Co.,,, 1'.a..1 
1. ""e YlIlf'A_ h St..nh..n'..n av Fnhdoth Rlcha..d T. elk. I .1 11 I"nl..(')oth Hoza('k John. cond GTR. h Sw'"\\lc
Ceok Rohert, tJremlln G'l'R hJ E Anson Fllrr('11 Th"mns, brkmn GTR. h :lIm'y I Hu..slon 'I.'boma
, eng G'fR, h 1IIaill 
COI'mh J h..kman c:iTH. h E"
'nrd FerJ:u"on Andrew, flremnn GTR. h Klngs- ll",!,phre,. 'I.'homas G, eng GTn. h Swan- 
('OHnh I, "",1 .T. h'.kmn GTR_ h Gprrar,l ton I'd wIck av 
Coomh (;"m.g.., firpmnn GTR. b D Gray FI.-Id Benjnmln, h 1IIain Ht:n:r..rford Miss 1IInT
, h av 
CeoJ'er .101111. pnl:" GTR h Gern,,'iJ Fle"l lII..s !':Il..anna, d'.... goods 1IIab Hunter ArchIbald, underlkr Danforth :IV 
Cop.. John. ('0111 man GTn. I, Mary Flnlnyson (,harles J, clk. I It W Dllrhllm H..".hlnson \Vm. co",1 GTR. res Uttle 
Ce.."ol'lIn .To"pph. h..kmn GTR, 1'e" TOTOllt" Fltz/!,I'I'ald \Vm J, eond GTTI, h 1I1nln York 
Ccr('oran 1I11('I'nel. ('ond GTR res 'I.'oroltto Flr.nnlgnn Daniel, hrkmn GTn, res Llttl.. Hlltton A'lnle (wid Wm DI. h Dnnforth av 
Corn"" ""."'''','I"k, carp 1I1cMÙlln- & Costaln Yerk Hutton Georg.. L, en
 GTR. b 8 Ha..rls 
res 1'10rway , FlIgg 1IInrt!n. cond GTR. res Toronto H,.nds Wm. prtr. h Bel'ch nv 
Cor"t'r Jumes, Inb. 1 J La,.lnnd Flood 1Ilnrtln. cond GTR. h G....rard HnlP Wm .1. IJrkml' GTR. h Swanw\ck av 
Co'la;,. IYn. (McllIIIlln & Costllln) h Nor- ' Flynn .Tohn. foreman GTR, h Mnry Irelnnd Edgnr, I Edwnrd Irelllnd 
"'ood rd . Fohy lIInrtln. hrkmn GTU. r..s Toronto Ire!:",d I
dwllrd, eng GTR. h Rwnnw\ck u. 
Cnnni",,,n Isnnc, hrkmn GTR, res Little F"
';y .To"epb, motorman. h Walter h-<'ns Thomas, en!!; GTR, res Toronto 
Y""k Foster Robert. eng- GrR. h S\\.lßwlck av Jnckson Wm, boiler washer GTR, h Dnll. 
Coy..!llIg Will, spare ('ond GTR. res Little Frpwlng Henry C. plstr. h Lee av forth nv 

 erl( Fuller 1I1i"s Caroline. hSEkpr A P Allpn Jernlngs Charles B, fireman GTR, h Ed- 
Cr" ,,-ford "'ndrew, boiler wn<;her GTR h Gnllagher 1\Ir9 Mary. m,\ntle rnkr. I J.; Shea ward 
BrIdge . Gallowny Robert T, h!!hr, h Edward I Je....ell George H. hrkmn GTR. h Swanw'Ck 
Cr('w Mrs :I[argaret. h Kln!!
ton rd Garhutt Erncst J, lab. h r.;iJwnrd I aver.ue 
("rew llieh".,1 H. hrkmn GTR h John Garhutt Jlim..". ('Inr GTn. rps Tork tp Jnhns :III.... Eva. clk. I H Johns 
Cnm T.t'p. Iltd.." lIbln. h sam": Gardiner 
'lIlter. fireman CTR, h D G...,y I Johns Hnrry. ('Ond GTR. h Eilwnrd 
C, 1 ,'ah Thomas, eall hoy GTR, res Little Gardiner \Vm. swItchman GTR. h U Gm,. Jehns 1IIIss Ivy. steno
. I H JOhll9 
YOrk Gnrlnnd John. ..ik R Garland. I some Johns MI"" Mlmlle, hkpr. I H Johlls 
('''"."n .Tohn J, GTR. res Toronto Garlal'd Richard. grn KllIgston rd. h same Jot-Lson Harold Ð, fireman GTR, reg Llt- 
('urtls A..thur. 1 T Cltrtls Gnrry lIItlrt. cond C'fR. h Enderhy rd tie York 
("nrt,s r"l('man. lirpman GTR h John Garrv Pntrlck. cond GTR. res Little York,s,)11 John. eng GTR. res Little York 
("nr,!" Thom'!s. e_
'mlner GTjt h M.lI'v George Edward. bl'kmn GTR. re" Toronto Johl'ston JOhn W, prln East Toronto Pub 
Cnt,,, Wm I,. "pare cond GTR. h M
ln Georg(' Itl('hnrd, maeh lld lIIeMillln & Coso 8ch, h Renll1mond av 
Dr.rlthornu!!h ("hester. g....t.. clnr GTR res t
ln. h Gerrard Jühl_ston .10seph, cond GTR, rcs TorontO' 
Ll1tle York ' Go, gh Jo'eph. "Inr GTR, h Edward Jot.l'ston Wm J. cond GTR. h Lynll av 
Pavhl_on George A, tmv. I G L Dllvld.on Gough Wnlter. clnr GTR. I J Gough JOI.t.S Alfred M. prtr, I G G Jones 
\'!dson , L. eng GTR. h Gerrard I Graham Rev John W (Methodist), h Dan- Jorps Ernest, tln..mlth J Jones. I same 
DI" 'p" "II:' roo Ltd. The. ht('hrs. Alp"nn- !orth <IV Jones GeorgI'. tln"mlth J Jon..s. I same 
,Ipr AI'cluhald mngr. cor lIIain and Ger- Grn BOllrjlng House. Wm 8mith caretkr" JOIl"S George G. Insp. h Beeeh av 
rn,.d G..rrnrd Jo.....s Jnme
. tln_mlth Kin
ston rd 
Dr....i' Charl..s H. brkmn 6TR. res Little CTl'llnl 'Vm H. harr. h Norwood rd Jordnn John C, hldr L..e av, h same 
Yc.rk Grnvllle George. fireman GTR. h Chnrles J.:<ld F,.nnl,. 'nb. h John 
 Gpor!':e n. fir GTR. re" LIttle York Gray David, coachman, h Edward JlUld W"I, driver W H Snell. I F Judd 
avltt John. eond GTR. res TOt'u'lto GrIffin Stephen, hrl<mn GTR. I 'I.' Na,;h I Judge JO!<eph. hrkmr. GTTI, b D Gra,. 
D.' 1 anlnntl' I.ell A (I. A De Lllplante & ' Gruff Wm H, hrkmn GTIt. h Edward I Knne Francis, brkmn GTR, h lIIaln 
('0). h 1I1.1In 1 ,;,-"" Thnmas. bmbe insp GTR. h D>1n- K!:ne Hnnnah (wid Wm). I F Knnl' 
DE I. \ 1'1. \ 'TF. J. j\ & CO II, \ n.. 1,"- forth av {(""n..dy Alexandcr. clk. I S Kennell,. 
plllnt('), T.umh(,r. L!\th. Shlni:1e. and ("p"nr Hadley C'hnrle". tmstr. IRS Tom1in
on I Kp.-n.."y Fr,'d C, (',k, h Lee ItV 
Posts, eoI' Danfo,.th nv and 1IInln ,See I Hadley Wm, tm"tr, IRS Tomlinson Kernedy Simon. co constnhle. h Main 
en.-d elnssltJed I.nmher) I Hnhles Wm. brukmn GTR, h S\\anwick It... Kerr Unnlel J. cng GTR. h Gerrard 
D..,.np I"I'NI. t'ng CTH. h EnfJprhy rd . H:'m Wm. lab. h John. , Ket'r Rohert p. ftr GTR. h Gerrard 
erry Thomas ,trnckmlln GTR, h ner- H

kHenry J. cllr repr GrIt. rl's Lltt.
 I K..rr \Vm K, eng GTR. h Swnnwlck nv 
Dlr.IHlt J-JpnQ'_ fir"mnn GTR. res LIttle I Hllrmer Miss 
ertha. cashier Wm Da...les Kilgannon James, cond GTR. h SWRnwick 
\ o,'k Co, res Toronto n...enup 
Dbon Wm, firemnn GTIt. h R RRlph n"rrls Alfred J, brkmn GTR. res Llftl!' King Alhert, cook. b Klng",.on rd 
lIee (wid John). h Gcrrard York Kh:g->miIJ FI'edpriek. mkt gdnr Kin

I"n rd 




Brass Railings, Sheet Metal Coods. 

79 Adelaide St. E. (Cor. Church St.), TORONTO. 

Skilled Stenorraphers and Rapid T),PGwr.ters on 
Call at any hour. All kinds of' Verbat.m Report. 
ing-. Cop)'ing- sent f'or and delivered promptly. 
1el.1343. THOMAS BENGOUGH, C.S.R., lIananr. 


E'I.'!t Toronto. 


Kirk Frederick A. flrem"ln GTR, h Stephen- Milligan Miss Grace. tclu- East Toronto Pub Prest \"\,'m, 

are cODd GTR, h Gerrard 
son av Sch. res Toronto )'II!t!y Will H, fireman GTR, h :U,l
Kr.lghts Elgin, sectlonm:m GTR, b T D"w- 'litchell Jamps, cond GTR, res Little York Quinn Edwal'tI, sv.ltcbwan GTU, r
o Lit. 
berry Mltcbell Jobn, fireman GTU, res I.Jttle tie YOt'k 
Kr:úx Wm. cond G'lT, rl's Little York lOll< I I:nl[.11 Hobert L, firemaD. GTR. h Walt('r 
Iol'rubl'rt JoLn N, hotl'l. DaDfortb av Mode[aDd Seward, eDg GTR, h Challes 1:."lIou[d Ernest, tlrewnn GTR, b J E AD. 
Law Gt'O,'gp D, eng GTU, b Germrd 
lod"I.1Ud Tl1ow,,
, ellg GTH, h Edward I ROn 
Laylaud JobD, blksmith, h Edwal"'1 J,.!(.ftatt Alex,mder, carp McMillin & COlI- Ht'ltl Robert 'Y, t'ng GTR, h 1Ayall av 
adl:ty lIlary (wid Jol1n), b G('IT"rd t::iu. res L!ltle York Ih.llh Jobn, fI"eman GT't, b 1111's E Sll'mln 
Lee J:llnes, oiler GTH. IPS Little York MolTatt Jallll'S, yardman L A DeLaplante I n"}'uolds Ulander, flremaD GTR. b C AIII- 
LE'e Jobu, eng GTH. h Chlll'l('s & Co. res Little YOlk son 
LelPaslll"ler .\lbcrt H, fireman GTR, res 1\1'.011 ('h.II'I..s, r.1lser GTR Hie-hardson Fr('d
rÌ!'k W, eDg ,}TR, h "lnr7 
Toronto Moon Robert. trackman GTR, b 'r Dew. I Hkhardson John J 1'. bldr Danforth av 
Liddell ))avld H, eDg G'[R, h Gerrard berry ltI::hy John, I...kmll GTR, I :\I,'s S Mackie 
Llc'dell Robe..t, en
 GTR, res 'f('ronto Moore Edward. h Beech a1: milt, Frnnk, eng GTR, h Alary 
Liddell Uobert F, imp,'o\er GTR. re
 Llt- ;\w(,te H.1n,"', 11 Ge...-ard I Uitl'l,l..y HeD",.. fi..eman GTU, b Airs 8 
tic Yo..k Moo..e ""m, in
 ag!, h Lee av lIJackle 
L;fidell W F,'ank, npþ GTR, I n H 1,Idd..11 Moore ""m B, blkmn GTR, h SWAnwlck av Ro:!l'I, J.lmes, brkmn GTR, h Xorwood rd 
Llghtfot Edward, cnretkr East Toronto Mcrgan Al-tbur. eDg GTIt, h Enderby rd );o:lch ;\Iicl",('I. I J Roach 
l'ub Scb. h KlIlgston rd M,.tI:me.. Eliznbetl1 (wid Jobn), h Swan. Hol.ertson Lewis, flleW:tn GTR, res Little 
Lightfoot Edward A, pumpman GTR, I A wick aveDne Y<'l'k . 
Lightfoot Mortlwer M:trla (wid Henry\. h Gf'rrnrd Rohill
on Thomas H, .fireman GTR. b Mn 
LiU 1.. Je l ," H. hrkmn GTR, res Little York Morton Edward L, clk, h ;-';orwood rd How:trd 
Logan FraDk, eng GTR. res Toronto Morton Wm A, fireman GTR, h Swanwick Rc.hh,'un Wm T, car checker GTR, b T 
L<.o....v Fn.,!....iek G. 
tlldt. I T J Loon!'y &, enue Dewberry 
Looney Thomas J, eng OTR, h Swanwlck M"lhe..'i11 Frederick, bldr 1IInln, h samc Ro
crs Unv Thom:JS H (Prcsbyl('rlnn), b 
aveDue ' I !\Iuh'bead Wm D. ellg GTR. h Kln/!,ston rd !\fIS [ Westlnke 
LCI1...heed Miss [sabella, maeh opr. I G !\Iurch F..ede,lck, enl: GTIt, h Swanwlck av Roget
nn A;hert E (R Rogerson & Son), I 
Welch I MUlch F....d"riek j" elk, I Fred....kk Murch It Jto
L1:ke \\ m W. carp. I F 
lothl"l'SlII I Murray Flederlck W. dentist Main, b Mrs I Rog....son Uobert (It Rogcrson & Son), h 
McArtbur Arcblbald, cond GTR, h Stephen- I Westlake S\('phcnson av 
son av . Mu..ray Micl1nel, cond GTR res Little York Roge..son It & Son (Robert and Albert E), 
McAteer John. fireman GTR, b 'V II HOW' I 1\[lIrrn y PAtrick J, conti GTR, h Gerrartl ccal nnd wood. Stepbl'nson av 
nrd Murray Thomns. elk. I P J Murrn:v r.ol':l'r
on '1'1.omns S. d,her R Rogerson & 
Jolt-Cahe 'fhomns F. eng GTR, h Mary M-,'I..
 :\liss Alice. mantle mkr, I Mrs S Son. b Endcrby rd 
McCnnsl:Jpd Cemplla. (wid John G), tchr Myles Rolston Will. tl'l opr GTR. res Little York 
Fl'st Toronlo I'lIh SCh, h H S"bnefer Myles James. mnch hd McMIllin & costalD' 1 Ross John F. drugs, cor Queen :md Beech 
McCluer lIU,s Chrlstin:1, tlrsmkr, J McCluer I Mrs S Myles n\', res Toronto 
M"Cluer Jo
eph. h Lyall av I Myles Selina (wid James). h Brldgl' Roth George. I..kmn GTR, I "r
 E Siernin 
McClner Hohert H. lab, I J !llcCln('r \1, " \\'Iltred, call boy GTH, I 1I1rs S HCIit-aD :\I.lttbew. cODd GTR. res 1.lttle 
McCluer Miss Sarah, npp. I J M,'Cluer Myles I York 
McCulloch John, lab, t Norwood av Myles Wm, brkmn GTR, res Little York Russell John W, brkman GTR. res Toronto 
M('Culloch J,'hn L. treas East Toronto VII. I Neal Thomas H, trackman GTR, res Llttl.. Ryan !IIartha (wid Bernard), h Swan wick 
lage. h Mary York I avenue 
[(ss Alice M, clk, I S G Mc- Needbnm Rlehard, section foreman GTR, :-;t John's (RCI Church. Kingston rd 
prD1ott l Ies Scarboro St Sa\lour's Church (Anglican). Swnnwlck 
}f,'{','rmott Miss MInnie J, clk. I S G Me- N'l'iI
on Alexantler. yardman GTR, res Llt- , a\enue 
Dermott tie York . SnllsÞury Wm, yard foreman GTR, h Ger- 
McDe..mott !':amul'l G. cODd GTR. h C'harle" Newland Samnel. eng GTR, res Little York r:lrd 
McDermott Snmnel G jr, I S G McD!'rmott I N'ewUlltn James. eontl GTR. res Toronto Salmon Henr.... car checker GTR, h :\fam 
)f,'Elroy J;lmes. storeman GTR. h Ender- l'õiclwlls Jo
eph, oller GTR. res Little York Sard..r
on Herbert J. lireman GTn, res 
bT rd Nlcbolson George, brkmn GTR. h Mrs Gray I rento 
M(;f:nire John. boiler mkr GTR, h Swan- l'õorl"Ì
 Wm, Cnr GTR, h Mnln San<1er
on Riehard, I T Sanderson . 
wiek av North('ott Clarence W, clk. I T H I"Qrthcott I SnDderson Thomas. eng- GTR. h LyalJ aT 
}J('Hnttie Geo
e, eng GTR. h Lynll n... I l'õCI thc()tt John C. slsmD, I '1' H Xorthcott S;1I.ds Jnm
. eng GTR, h John 
McIntvrl' Lachl'lD. e
/( GTR. h Mary 
orthcott Thomas H. lab. h 
alter S('hl1efer Harry. eng GTR, h Lyall av 
McKay Wm J, Iltb (.Tn. h Main N'01th"olt W Bertram, tlnsmttb, I '1' n Schll'nker Jacob, b!ksmith Danforth a.... h 
M('K('e S:Jlllupl, tel opr. I Mrs Reid N
rthcott I :\tnln 
McKenney 'Chomas, brkmn GTR, res Llt- I NOI,ton Hanch. cond GTR, res Toronto f;('al Elizahetb (wid James). h Kingston rd 
tie York I Nottin/(ham Fred, baker "W H Snell, res Sl'al G('orgl'. lah, I ""m Seal 
McKenzie George. eng GTR, rl's Torl)nto TG1'onto !':eal '" m. lab, h Kln
ston rd 
J,t<"f;:ihhm Davl'l. en
 GTR, h Gerrard NottlnA"ham Richard, Improver W H Snell. Seaton Alhert F:. hrkm'1 GTR, h Gerrnrd 
McKinnon Daniel, fireman GTR, b W B I res Toronto Seaton Hden (wid Wm) I A E S..nton 
J\fcOl'e O'C'ennor :\1:11'Y (wid Patrick). h BridA"l" Seaton 1\lIsq :\Iary, drsmkr, I A E Sl'aton 
ht James, baker W H Snell. res O'Connor Thomas. genl yardmaster GTR, SH]man Ellzaheth (wid '1homas), I :\Irs M E 
ronto res Toronto 'I rench _ 
Me-Leod Alex,mder. carp Swan wick av ,O'f'..11 Howard G, fireman GTR, res Little Se<1,r,m :\IIS9 Ellzaheth A, asst postm)!!I. 
M(I,l'o<l Thomas. fireman GTR. b, :\frs) York tr"ss, I Mrs 
I E Treueh 
Westlnke O'Ml'nra Rev Thomns R (Anglican), h SellHq Ed" In. cond GTH. re.> Toronto 
McLuclde Peter, eng GTR. h Swnnwlck a... Reech n., !."e,' ell St(''Ihl'n. acct. h Kln
ton rd 
McLuckie Peter Jr, mnch. I P McLuckie O'Neill '''m, switchman GTR. b Mrs How- Shau!!hnes8Y Lizzie (wid Michael), h Ger. 
Mc!\lIl1in Andt'ew (:\lcMlllln & Costa In), h 'n" rnrd 
Gerrard Oliphant Rolph F.. driver, h Kin
ton 1'<1 Sha\V G.'Or/(l'. fng- GTR. h Lyan av 
Jlllln & Costaln -(A.ndrew Mcllllllin. Wm 111'11'",('d (;('01 g-c ,.. a
sl'SSOr and tnx l'oll, Shea E'hva1'd. brkmn GTR, h Gerrard 
Costnln), planing null, cor Main SDd h 1101"",1 . Sl,nlrn Jnm('s. brkmn GTR. res Little York 
n, ',I.... Ovens Wm J, eng GTR, b Mrs fA"n- Sln'pard Arthur driver W H Snell, I ß S 
el'ly Andrew. c')nd GTR. r!,q Toronto 
hl'ppard ' 
1!:cr-:lsh JOhn, . cond GTR, res Torontf\ 1 1""I;tn
nn GeorA"l'. road commr, h Main St.
rnrd R.vron S. h K[ng-ston rd 
Ma, kl'Y H('nrj1;e. (0,1 opr. I H Jon" l' 11, ill >n G..o,.
e C, cll,. I G I'arklnal)n !':Ì'
pard 'liss Laura A, decorator, IRS 
Mackie Sn
l1n (\V1d AI(',andl'rl. h Gerrard )>alJ.inson Lafayette, fireman GTR, I G RI1('pard 
Maginn Charles W. t1"ll V, h Gerrard I'm kln
on !':h.., rv Luke brkmn GTn b W H Howard 
Ma....hem lJn,ld. hrklllD C.:!;!.t. res J.lttl.. Pari" John C. brkmn GTH. r('!', Little York !"!oh,,,i.. '''m:flreman GTR: h !linin 
York l'as
more Edward. !tr GTR. res Little York !':hinick John H. brkmn GTR. h GerrltnJ 
Marcon Wm H, sM'd
m"n, h Beech av II'en, ce John. barbpr 
Iain, h SAml' S'n mons Dan.l. cond GTR. h Gl'rrard 
Marks Wm, eDg GTR, r('s ToroI!to 1'"a1't Thomas E. fireman GTR. res Ut. l':i1"clAlr Ardllhald, I'n". GTR. h Edward 
Mnrler Roh"rt. tr:lckmnn GTR. h Gprral''' tll' York Rir.c'alr Wm A. eng GTR, h Edward 
Marsh Edwin. brkmn GTR, h Donsld 1'I'CI;: n""rge T. lah. h :\[ary Skl'.cher Jobn G. fireman GTR, h Swan- 
hall David, cnU hoy GTR, I G Mar- Peuny "'"m. hOllnd I,pr Hunt Club.h C
arles "Ick av 
shnll 1"'"ln "-Ill. """', h 
I:J"Y !':h.dl' Jam..... provision dlr. h Bel'ch av 
)jarsball lI[rs Elizaheth. I G Marshan I'I"l"rY Wm H. firemnn GTR. r.... Toronto SI< min Alexander, switchman GTR. h 
Marshall Gl"orge. en!!; GTR. h Gerrard PI,lIpot Frl'dl'rlck V. mng-r. h RN'ch av Cl'arh.q 
Mav ThomAs, night storl'm:llI GTR. 1""S l'hilpot Freo1erick W F. clk, I F V Philpot Rll'min .To
pph. brkmn GTH. h Rrld
Little York 1'kknrd C'h,.i
tophl'r. b Mary I Slurln 'Vm. hrkmn GTR. h Enr1erhy rd 
Mil zie
 Alexander, eng GTR. b Mr
 S 1'1""ton Frl'<I. clnr GTR !':rr.:th n:Jvitl. ftr GTR. h Edward 
Mackie I'la"ton John. blksmlth, h Kin
"ton rd Sm:th Wm. caretkr GTR Bonrdln!\, Honge, 
Ml",'rnn Hugh, brkman GTR. res Little 1'011 ,.ñ r.rroeriek "". hrkmn GTR. .-('s Llt- h Gerrard 
York tie York S"..11 Arthnr F.. I W H Rnl'lI 
Millar Edmund R, eng GTR. h Benlnmond I'tC'"cott George A, brkmn GTH, b Ger- !':r.ell F.rne
t G, drivl'r "'- H !':nell, I same 
I r:lrd !':1I1'1I Wm H, haker l\I:Jln. h same 
.venne )'", .,'n(t Thomas. brkmn GTR, res 1Alttle SI.I<1I'r Frroerlcl;: tlremnn GTR. res Little 
MIller Edward W. elv 
er, h Bet'cb av Yc.rk York . 

Iron Stable Fittings, I Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited, 
Oat Cleaners , Feed Box s. Office: 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 & 104. 

The Confederation Life 

issues a Policy which has NO 
CONDITIONS, and &"uarantees 
after two vears. 


E'lst Toru" to. 


SLider John E, mfrs' ag-t, h Beech av ',"estltlke Sarab íwld '1"homas). h Donald I I'rew Ril'hard, lab, 11 D.I\'hl-on , r{ I 
Snyder Wlll, brkmn G'!'R, res Little York Wt'
t1"kl' Wm b. eng GTlt, I 'Irs I Wpst- Dutnall Robl'rt, I"b, h 1 al." !'hore rd 
SpalTord Wm W, frnlt dlr, h Gerrard I lake DútLall "alter, lab. h Lakl' Sl10re rd 
Sp'!I:g GeOl'gt.. stablem:m W H Snell, h I "",.ite Alhert E, brhnn GTR, b 1I1.11n Fordyce Jobn, lab, b Amelia 
KIngston I'd White Da\'ld, cODd GTR, rl's Toronto Foster Albert, hotel Shor... rd 
Stennett Robert, turner GTlt, res Toronto I" hite Gl'Urgl', plstr Kingston I'd, 11 .ame I Fuller James, mb.t gdnr Sali-IInry av 
Stephenson Lucy (wId Donald G), h Gel" White John. cond G'Clt, h Edward Giles Richard. lab, h Fredet'lca 
urd \\ u!dlfield 'l1ss Clnra. ,lrsmkr. I W Shields Giles ',"m. lab, h Fr!'derica 
Stlbbard Howard. npp GTR I 1.' Stlbbard W;ibee 
ratthew. !'ug GTR. h Swanwick av Gillm..n Wm. mkt gdnr llu."t'n. h same 
Stlht:ud l'l'rcy. call boy GTR I 1.' Stlbbard \\ III,iuson Hl'nry 1.', hll,smith GTlt, h Jobn I (;.""nn (;eorge. lab, b Oliver 
SI.hhm'd Thomas, cond GTR, b \l[nln "'11IIams 'I.' Burton, prtr, h BI'!'cll av Gipson 
I.,rtha. gro Lnk.. Shor!' I'd 
Steba Albert C, tlr Stepbensnn nv, b slime Wi!llum..on Thomas, brkmn GTR, res LIttle Gir son Reuben. pnt,. 3nd co constable, b 
St.lln Fred J, fireman GTR. b Mrs L 10rk Lab.e Sbore rt1 
Stephenson "'llIInmson 'Vm, trackman GTR, res Little Go
dnrd David, mkt gdnr Burgl'''s av 
etn er RIchard, brkmn GTR, res LIttle York Goyne Jobn. mkt gdnr College. h sRme 
1.crk Wilson Charles, carp \l[I'Mlllln & Costa In, Gray G<'Orgl'. farmer. h Salisbury av 
Stotts Dewitt. I CAllison rl's Little York Gn-f"nfleld Samuel, ml,t gdnr QUI'('n 
Suremer"kill Tboma" A, foreman GTR, h "'l1son George 1.', brkmn GTR. 1'('9 !Jttte Gr
pnfield '1 homns, lab Jobn 'laloney ." 
Norwood ,d 1'01'1, Co. h Queen 
Swan I<'rt'de.-Ick A. tlrpman GTR, b BrIdge WiI_on IIInry (wid Rohert), I J D Wl'bstpr Hansford Jaml's, lah. b 15311&bur]' a, 
S>\ept Harry L, eng GTR, b lIIaln Woodworth Rll'bard. tlr A C Stoba, res Llt- B&tris Cha[lp
. h Queen 
Sznmmer J.,bn, png G'1'R, res Little York tip York Harris "'m rnkt gdnr Collpge, b 

Tnmblyn Gordon, elk J }O' Ross, I same Woolley Josepb, lab GTR, b Gerrard PE-lligate "llehael, tlsbl"t'man. I 0 L Hicks 
'It hl'..r Charles, ar repr GTU, res Little WrõJ!:"bt "'m. eug GTR, b Swnnwlck av Hpmlock Jobn, lab. b ColI
York "'und(>-rllcb AlhfD. Oute mkr, b Gerrard Hel'dman J"""pb, watl'bman GTH_ res To- 
Tllllnl'r Jobn, ,'xamlner GTR, res LIttle 1'..0 :\Uss Jenui... tl'hr E
"t Toronto Puh rf'nto 
Ycrk Seh, b !oil'S M Leadlay H:c-ks Frederklr J. boatbldr. I 0 I. HI"ks 
 lor Alhert, brkmn GTR, res Little York York Station. GTR. George Waugb Ag!, Hkk
 Ge"rge H. plmbr. I () I. Hlt-hs 
"or Altred, tlr J E Ziemann. b same I Main Hicks Octa, Ius I.. l><)Ì1tbldr Lake Sbore rd 
'Caylor Allnn, hrkmn GTR, b Norwood rd Yo, IIg J
mes A. eng GTR. res Toronto Hicks '\\"m, hoathldr 0 L Hieks. I same 
lor Andrew. hrlcklyr, h Stepbenson av VCl:hg 
Ien's Chrlstlnn Asso,'latlon IRall- Holllngshend ""m. hartndr Royal Oak Hotel 
TlIylnr g I ankln. I A Tavlor way Department). Earl 'I Cook SPI'. "Main Hrrwood Fr!tnk. b Queen 
'.mylor Miss Flos"le, tlrs j E ZIemann. I P Yom;g "'m W, spare colld GTR. b Gcrrard Hl'GHES eH '\RLES W. POI.troa.ter 
Tnylor ZiE-ß1flllD John. tIr J E Zlem3nn. ) snmf" ar.fI f;puer:d 
tnrp Qnf'en. h !':;II11P 
'}'Ilylor Joseph. e"amlner GTR, h Gerrard Zi{-rrann John K tlr 
Ialn, h eor Mary IInd Hl.,IBER D '\ Y POST OI"FU'E. (' " 
Taylnr l..orne 'V, clk R Garland I P Taylor I.yall av l!llghps Po<<tm.stpr, Queen 
I1ss 'Iahel, mal'h opr. I'P Taylor Ht'mhl'r Bay Public School, Wm Braltb, 
'}'aylor l'eter, driver, h Edward waite prln. ('ol'kburn 
Tnylor Rohert, "tpam "alser GTR, reß LIttle EGL),\TO,," H.-mher Supply ('n. Georg... SImpson mngr. 
Vork I'oal and ,tone. Lakp Shore rd. cor Qu..en 
Terry 'Vm, cond GTR. h Dllnfortb av See Xort'h Toronto Jael:son Henry E, gdnr J Rusb. b Rurgess 
T."key Jobn, hrkmn GTlt, I C B Allison avpnue 
Thompson Frpderll'k. mnJtstpr. h Rpecb av Johr.ston Ellzabetb (wId Wm). rukt gdnr 
TI.",mp..on Jamps. I'lnr Gl'R h ',"a:ter Q"e!'n, b same 
'}'"on !llntthew. helper '". H Snpll I J H1. :unr.n n '\"\ Joh.-ston Rohert. mkt rrdnr Burgps< R' 
Thompson 'n
our and a h..1t miles w of P 0) Ken.. Thomll.. porter C Nurse 
'}'Id.'wrry James L. co constnble, b Stepb- L.-r-!pre 'Ir. 'I.,ry. h I
..k(>- !':horl' I'd 
pn,,'n av Allen Jospph 'V, -mkt gdnr, Burgess av [..Ig-b Jame
. fmstr. b I
..kl' Shore ..I 
Tiffin Arthur, h Swnnwll'k nv A" Gem'g('. foreman John 'Ialonpy Littll' Arthur C. mkt gdnr Que..u. b 
Tlfftn Fredprll'k. hrkmn Gl'R, I A Tlfnn & Co, h Lnke Sbore I'd I",Mp. Alhl'rt. h COl'khurn 
Tiffin (;porgp W, hrkmn G'I'R. I A Tiffin An""trollg Gl'orgl' J, hrkmkr Jobn lIIalonpy '1('K..nzie S'lmu!'!. l:ih. b Queen 
Tilley !':nrnh A (wid nenrv). h King.ton I'd & Co, I G Armstrong III&epher.on Alexander. lah. b Qn",'n 
'1'111.", Wm H. eng G'l'R.' h Klng-ston rd An"-"tr,,ug Wm, port('r C 
llrsp Mnloney Jobn & Co. brll'k mfrs, 1..,1." 
on Tlol....rt S. rmtr. h Swanwlck a.. A: n'er (,harles. mkt g-dnr Bur!:"l'ss flV Shore rd 
"om" ('b'lrlps. l:Ih, I Wm Tom" Bake.. Honry, mkt gdnr D:lvid
on cres A'aw Capt Robert, pleasure boat" rIver 
Tellis Eilward. drlvl'r. I Wm TomR I T:nll Henry. motorman, h Lake Shorp I'd hm.k. rps Toronto 
Tom" John. hrake In
n GTR. I Wm Toms RN.,lle Andrew. lab, h Queen 
I:IY (;('(.rgp. lab, h Cy('le Inn 
T"ms Samll!'l. 101", I W'm Toms Bell('mer Frederick. tmstr, b 
U',liug Aaron. I'nrp. h !':.llIshury av 
'fl'm" !':tpwnrt. drlvpr. I Wm Tom.. BIen Danlpl, hotpl Queen Kig-hting-ale Wm H. h !':..lIshnry a.. 
Tom.. "'m. dnlry Danforth avo h same Boll\nd rat..ll'k, b Amplla XOIth (;,'()rce. ;rdnr. I Wm North 
Trill" Wm Jr. I Wm Tom" Brtl!thwaite Wm. prln Humber B.ty Pub ,"orth Harry. cdnr. I Wm North 
Toynp Jo
pph. trnckmnn GTR, rps Scarboro' Seh, res Toronto North "'m. mkt "dnr Rurj!'''''s nv, h Rllme 
Trehlll'nl'k .To.l'ph. h Wnltpr n..nl1erlt'k l'.,trlck. ,..atcbman GTR. b Salls- Xorth Wrn jr, IT."t g-.}"" Rurgp
s IIV 
Tr"hllelll'k !\1I
s 'fary. tr'I'r East Toronto blll'Y .tV "\. U..F. (')( \1n.I;". Prol.riptor 
"h, I .T Trl'hlleock Brown Ellzahetb Iwid Charlps E), mkt J!:"dnr Xllt""!". Hotel:lnd Boat Builder, Lak.. 
THE'Ven "" n, F. I" i.l G..orp;e}, Gro- S.lIshury av. b same SI,or.. I'd 
rpr nnd l'n"tml
trps" Gerrard, I same B,own G('or(l:e S. studt. I :\Irs E Brown X",,,.. Char..., jr. I (' 1'urse 
Tu' hv (.I.arl.... A. sl
mn, h Beeeh av Blo\\ n Jobn. gdnr \IIrs E BlOwn. h Salis- "\l U
E'S HOT!").. ("'ònrIPN ""or..... I'ro- 
Tnfty 'I'", pne- GTR. ,..s Toronto II1:ry :IV "r;!'tor. Lak.. Shore rd 
"Ip"nd Frank. I'dltor, h SWflnwlek av BI e \\ n John A, mkt gdnr. b Cockburn O'Xl'iI Jobn. lah, b Queen 
dlnw Arthur, htchr. h Gprrnrd B,'own "'alter E. gdnr !\Irs E Brown 01'1' B..niall1ln. honthldr, h Queen 
"'rj!'ner Bavid. sparl' cond GTR. reS I.Utle Rn-;;;I's!! (':iroline Iwill "'m), h IIurg.."s a v Parker Artbur. mkt gdnr Quepn, h samp 
Yl rk BI:lj!'l'ss ',"Ill. JP. mkt j!'dnr Qu('(>n Pnrkl'r "'m H. mkt g-dnr Qup,en. b snml' 
WRH,er .T:Imi'!!, wooil wkr. h Eilward Rutwell "lark. h..kmkr. h Lak... Shllrp rd I'armpntpr Philip. Inh. If (,(}('khurn 
Wlllkpr Jane Iwid John). I 1.' F 
II'Cabe Butw(>-]! Uil'hnrd, hrkmkr, b l..ak.. Shore rd PrHII'Y Alfr..d, eon
tnhle. b Oll
"alk!'r !\n

 Lillian. tlr
. I J!'r Call,,/!"hnn John. brl,mkr John 
IRl..ney .\. Prfsl!'y rrnf"st. lab. I A Prpsley 
Wa'''..r Tlohert F, ennd GTR. h St!'pbens..n Co. h I !':hore I'd Pr"ley l'homns. lab. I A Preßley 
av..m\1' (',.rl
tle 'II.. Jennie. tchr Humber Bay Puh I Pr!'.I..y "-m. lab. I A Prl'<<ley 
 "'m. flr!'mnn GTR. h :llnrv Seh. re.. Etohieol,e tp RH1mnnd "'m. hO"tlpr Uoyal Oak Hotel 
Wnlls John, pxamln"r (;TR. h Enderhv I'd ('In:rl'h\\ard Hohert. carp. 11 FrederIca R,..\ I'
 Frank. mkt C'dnr Collegp. b 
Wal.h Patrick, ha:;rg-a!:pmn (;TR. re'" '1'0- (,ltm'l'hward Rohl'rt :II', I R Churchward R..iil Ann (\\ Id Tl1om:i.). ml,! g-dnr Bt'r
I"('"to ('!arkl' Hendetta (wId Henrv). h !':allsbllrv a". h 
Wn'tp.... "'n. n. phy Danforth av, h samp I a\'l'nllo' , . Reid Rnlpb L, conr !\frs A Reid. i "a111p 
WIt!t..n 'Inrv (wlo1 (;11\"). I 'rr
 F Dunk I ('lark" II..llry. lah. I 'I..q H (,Iarke R
lIIy R"h..rt, mkt :::dnr Rurg-""" av 
Ward FN'd R. <'Ik. h G!'rrard ('ook G!'OI'j!'!'. Inll. 11 1 ake !':horl' rd Ri.-t'..
e. "arp. h I.:ikp Short' rd 
Wart", .T,,"
P. Inh. h \l[aln ('('(lk (;eo..g-e. Inh. b I.ak... !':hore rd f
(.yal Oal, Hotel. o.1nl!'1 Blp:i prop, Quepn 
Wnrf.. .111!]n .T. fl<<'111"n (;TR. h King-
to" I'd ('OI'f,!'tt Rohert, holtmkr. b QUef'n I!,"h Jes"ph. mkt gdnr Rurg-,.
q n\'. 11 
Wartp '11-- 'Inrv. t'r
. I .1 "-..rf!' ('0" Samuel. blksmlth Quepn. h Frl'ùerl..a St .Tnn,..
' ,Anl!lknu) ('lmrC'1,. 1'rpd..rll'lI 
W..rrpn P'r0d. PI1JZ liTR. !"pc;:: 'iornntn Cr'n1min:rs 'YIlt. mkt ,::rlnr nnrg
'i flV 
f"nlly Annip twill 'f.lrtin). h liod,-:ou. rf1. 
Wnrrpn J(}'.Ipph. trAckmnn GT'R. rpliO:: Littlp f'1:IJ"if"1' Pntrií'I\:. h'"klnli:r John '1'1.1ol1(Y ,-',z Sllnp
on (;f
tonf'dlr nnd tßTìe-r Hum- 
Ycrk ('0. 11 IAlk!' Shor.. rd I'.... !'npply ('0. b,e Shorl' I'd 
on Jool'ph. I'lnr "'rR. h (' \pplpton ('YI'I.. Inn, .\l1.....t Fo.!er prop. Lnke :-11',1'1' I !'...i'h Hl'm
. mkt I!dnr Burg-ess flV 
WII.",h Gl'org-l'. 
tntlon agt York St:itlnn. I load !':tpll ArtÞur n. elk. h !':a1i
hnry nv 
res TCJ1"onto H:l1 flt"id!!"f' JnI11P8. mkt cdnr Qu,-.en. h ..:! Iml' 
tpll Geor
T' C. Inmher. ] <<; Gr:lY 
"'p"sl"r .Tohn D. ph.. 'Inln. h 
am.. 1101..11'1" Frnnrl
, mkt e-dnr Qn('('n, h 
:tn,p !';tp\"pn q Jn 1 1P. mkt g-dnr Coli.,,,.,, h ""me 
Weir Roh"rt. ft,. GTH. h S1\"..nwil'l, av I".-.n Simon, h..lm,kr Jobn 
Ialone;' .\ ('0, 'I'::r..rn"r rdw3ld. lnh. h 1','!'iI..rll'a 
""('('h (;po-j!'I', (;TR. I, SW-lnwil'k R\" I P DonO\':m T,,'lor K..t.. (wid (;p"r",e,. I H Dntnall 
"',"link" Alfr"d_ Impro,'pr GTR. I \III'S I Dohpr!\' r,lIril'k. lah Jobn 
Ialonpy & ('0, l'homa
 John. 101". I :III'" <\ Scullv 
"'I'stla',.. rp
 Xew Toronto rh"rn!on'i
. h Lak!' !':horp'rd 
W.sllak'. 1<>,,,'11-0 In hI Richard), bdg hsp Dopo\nn P,lIrlck. watl'hman. h QUl'ell T(drl J..m,'s. rnkt 
.lnr ('"11..,,,1'. h "am,> 
I'.t dl'rhy ..d lìo,ovan Patrick J. tmqtr. I P Dnno\'nn W,.r"l'r 1"t'lnk S. h Da\ldson cres 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Publi6 Aeeonntant, Auditor and Assigneø, 




Policies are indisputable after two years. 
and carry guaranteed Cash, Loan 
and Paid-up Values. 



Little York 

 GeOTl!;e. mkt I!:dnr Church I l'I:I;n John, P:lterson Bros. I A Dunn 
White John mkt gdnr Burl!:C'-ss avo !J same Ea,.thotllne House, Mrs S Hackett prop, 
Wt.ltehead jam
s. lab, I 
11's S Whltpllead D_,mforth av 
Whitehead John. hrkml..T John Maloney & E'.lutt Clarence. driver D Drummond. h 
Co I Mrs I; Whitehead I I_msdown
WtItehead Sarah (wid Thomas!. h Que..n Fmrrl1lg-ham George, ".otel Danf,orth av 
W!Jltworth George, mkt J:dnr Burgess av 11':u,pr!nghalll G!"'rge I:. 
 I mprlnghalll 
Wi(kson Thomas, mkt gdnr Queen l;lIlprlllg-ham "m, I G Lmprlllghalll 
I I ".ms John. prop "hlte House, Danforth 
f1vpnue I 
I I'erguson Ellen (wid Henry). I J Colla ton 
. n"I'l\c.lIl Uanlel, !Jrlonn GTU. b 'Irs Ð' 
 OUI': Hushy 
na me GallngÌ1e
 John. cond GTR. h Danforth 8.V 
(Five mile'" past of P O. Postoftlce GLrrv P.,trick J, eond GTH. II 
Iain I 
Coleman.) Gildlug Frank, htehr. h Danforth av 
Aitken !'athanlel, brklIlan GTR. h White Gh'en" Will H. dry goods Danforth av 
 Gr"nt Alexander Y, mus tchr Danforth n..., 
Arney f"harl
s. hrkmn GTR. h "'hlt,. House b G Emprlngham 
Appleby Edward, hostler G Emprlnglmm Gray Franklin, produce dlr. h I.uttrell a... I 
Al mstrong- Alhert. lab. h I,ansdowne av Grie\e George W. hrkm
 GTR. h M.lIn 
ArrestronJ: Jos('ph. drher D Drummnnd I Gulli"er Fr.lIlk. !!"rtur " E H 
1.lssey, h I 
Armstrong Thomas. W E H 
Ia"sey IÞ('nton\;1 Park Fnrm 
A1'stln Henry, app J W Brandon. b J V{II- 1 H
ckett Sarah ("Id John). hotel, Danforth 
son '....enue O'Dell Albert, yardman GTR, b Mrs 1 A. 
Bal r-ay Herbert, miller W N 
Iorley. I R Fi"lIna Xohle. I R Hl\nna 'Velr 
Banga... Parnl\ Richard. h Dawl"S rd O'Ik'1l Howard. tlreman GTR, h G Emprlnc- 
qmy 'ROh('rt. tmstr. h Dawes rd I Hnre Henry J. e111' rept' GTR. h Dawes rd ham 
Ba"ter Ar('hlhald. tmstr. b 
1idland Harp Geor!!"e, slsllln. b White Hous
 Osborne Rev Alfred. DD. rector St 8a...- 
Bell Andrew. oller GTR. h L:lIlsdo"ne av {<aITls Alfr<?d J. hrkmn GTR. h Luttrell l1v il'er's (,herch, East Toronto. h A Markle 
Bernhardt Jamps. fireman GTR. b '1!dland HÐr...ey James. J \, Brandon, re
Þorne Edmund. lab. h Midland ÐV 
 E.'st 1'or01lto Follord Frederick W, brkmn GTR. b G Em- 
(,y ",,
Iey H. 'os a/(t. h Da\\es rd Hay Jal\1('<. tmstr 
 E H 
fassey. I sl\me prlnl!:hl!.m 
Bla...l()('k "'m H. gro Danforth av, h same H:.... Joseph. eng' G PR. h Ll\psdownp av Park" C'hsrles. brkmn GTR, b 
Irs E Busby 
Bo,,-Ier George. brkmn GTIt. h 
Irs S H('ITon brlcklyr, h Elliott av Passmore Edward. ftr GTR. b A Armqtron&, 
Elicki'tt Pilts Alexa1l(ler, (ar repr GTR, h I,nttr
1I Paterson Bros (Robert and James), grOIl 
Bra1ldon Arthnr S. J W Brandon, b I ,,\('nne I:'enforth av 
G Emprlngham Find Edmnnd, hkpr. I .1 Hind Pnterson Jnmes (Paterson Bros), h DaD- 
BraJ'don Jnlm \,'. haker Daoforth a.... b G Hind Joseph. bldr. h 
hln f(.rth av 
Emprin!rham I;ooper '[homas, see man GTR. h Lsns- Paterson John L. elk, I R PatersoD 
Brant "'m. "o.
ehl\1an W' I
(wne nv Paterson Robert (Paterson Bros), h Dan- 
i"hoI8S. hrkmn GTU. I H J Horg-an II..nis. hrl,mn GTR. h 1\ITs I A Weir forth av 
 Howard \Vm H. brkmn GTR. h Luttrell av Ff terson Thomas. elk. I R PfttersOn 
Er(.therston H
II, [)nnfortb av I.fntchiuson \Y,11 H. eond r.TR II Lan1l- Patersnn Wm. I R Paterson 
Brotherston "'m U. hlksmit.h Danforth av d,'wlle av PE'art Thomas. tlreman GTR. b Mrs E BUII- 
Iootag-ue. ('arp, h 'hdland nv lo""on Alhet.t. harhE'r. h Danforth av I by 
Brown Wm W. brl,mn GTIt, h f uttr
lI av IOhson \\'m. h Dnnforth av p..rklns Cephas W. flour, h Danforth av 
Brownlee Thomas. prln Little York Pnh I hoes Wm H. tlr Danforth av, b G Emprlnl!- Pollard Frederick. hrkmn GTTI. I H .1 H"r.. 
8ch. b ,Irs S Hackett ham I Porter 'V Robert. brkmn GTR. h Lnttrell 
Er] I\n James. brkmn GTR. b Dawes rd .TI'I",son Harold. tlreman GTR, I J Johnson a, enne 
Bu>by Ellen (wid John'. h Lansrtowne av I Jnl'1'Snn Jnhn. eng GTR. h Dawes Ml Prescott Thomas. brkmnn GTR. h Dawes 
Br>hy G
a'd. I Mrs F. Rushy Johr"'on At thnr, shoes Danforth a' I road 
Eutterick Samnpl. lah GTH. h Isahl"lIa Kni;:-ht I'h.
rles. lab. h 'lain Qu:nn 'IInn!e wtrs 'frs 8 Hackett 
Cl'n eron Benjamin. hrkmn (;TIl h I"'1hel1a. Khlvbts '\"111 R. hartnrt,. 
Irs S Hacket! Rlcbardson Ja'me
 ß, cond r.TR. I J 8 RICh, 
C'Impheli John. hrkmll. h \\' Thomson hI"''' r.('orce. e"nd G1'R. h Lnttrl'lI av I\rdson 
Carloam Joseph, tmstr W E H Ma
sey, b f 1',. Jam"". oill'! GTH. h Luttrell a... Richardson John S. btcbr D1lnforth I\V 
W Newman Lh'rt,,11 I"rl'd. ftr r.TR. h T

nsrlow1le a,' Robison "'1\1, see man GTR. h 'I' Hooper 
C:II,nlng W Henry, brkmn GTR. h Dan- L
ddell Joh.. H. hrkmn GTR. h Luttrl'lI av R('ston "'m. tel opr. h 
frs S Hnckl'tt 
- t"rth a... Little York Puhlic School, Thomas Rn'w1l- Itosslter Albert. pr..ssman, I .1 "Ileholls 
COLE\! \ '\" PO
T 01'1'" r.. no"..rt lee prin. Lansdowne liV ROt'han 
l\thani(\1 J. <'Ond GTR_ h 'fain 
Ximmo Postmaster, D:l1lforth avo I.IUle Lloyd C'llflrl(s D. hArber Dnnfnrth av Sahron Henr.. W. car eheeker GTR. h 'fain 
Y<>rk I I,nen" 
1i..s I:lizabeth. tchr Lltt1
 York Pub Shel\ John. I,rkmn GTR. h 
frs E Bnsby 
Collaton John. t'ond GTR. h 
faln St'h. res Tnr<>nto Sherron James. brkmn nTR, b Mrs S 
lns "lIss Netta. slsldy .1 \\" Brandon. res 1 IIL,g "'m H. mngr. h 
fnln Eackett 
F:'st Torollto I '...('rei",ht Frank. hnrnessmkr Danforth av SI,son Elizabeth (,,'Id Thoml\s'. I W .1 
Cook AI.."ander B, hartndr "hlte Hou s .. '" Tsabella Dl\yl
COl"coran Joseph, Þrkw'l GTR. h G Fm- 

cKenney rhomm,. orkmn GTR. h Dawes I RII1der Wm. brkmn G'I'R. h Mrs E Busby 
pringham load Steen Pdmnnd R. elk. : Jnhn Rtp..n 
CorI:ell Cbarlotte (wid .Tames). h 1\J"ln 
laiI'f's 'hry. wtr,. 
Irs R Fhckett Sh'en John. fI<11 <lIpt W E H "Iassey. 't<'9 
Conell Walter G. I'fit-p. h 
1"lu "nrkle .\lfl"I'd. ""ternan GTR, b Dawes rd 1'(.ntonln Pnrk Pnrm 
CClT.lhan Mit'hael. brkmn GTR. h Luttrell '!arkll' Annie (,,'M HlraitJ). I W "" Rrown Slp<-n Rohert. pnz W F. IT '[ns"...... h Den- 
a,'enue I 
I",s('y ('hp.ster D. I Dentonia Park Fa--m t(nla Park }o'nrm . 
Cowling Wm E. brkmn G"I'n. h I<nhella 
In's<>y Walt..r F. H. prop Dentonia Park 810ner Riehm'd. hrkmn GTR. h Dawe" rd 
Co:!wnrth James 'V. harnessmkr F )Ic- Fnrm. reg Toronto . !':lIth..rhnd 
U.s 'Jarc
ret, tehr Little York 
('telght. I samp I 
Iay GPOrg-p. Inh. h Danforth av I'ub Seh, res '.foronto 
Cmrah Jane ("id John), h D
nforth ay "av ThomAs. lah GTR, h rsabl'lla S7ammer<< John C. en/:" GTR. h Dawps 1<1 
CIT'"IIh John. lah. : 
Irs .1 Currl\h 
!..rch..n f'harlE's, hrkmù. I W Thomson '1'1\1 ner Ch:irleq. car repr GTR. I, Dawes rd 
CVI11s Ernest. s" itclIman .
TR. h Luttrell '[erron Hugb, brkmn GTR, h r. Emprlng- Tnylor ('harll'S. pntr. h Dawes rd 
a...enue b..!Im ']'

'IOT Hpnry. tmstr W E H 'Ia""ey, h 
!iss Eva. hkpr, I T Pre<lcott 'Iit('hell Jaml'S. ('Ond GTR. h G Emprlng- r...ntonia Park Farm 
Darhy "'m. lah. h Lallsdown" nv hnm Ta",!oT James. tmstr W E H 
11l"sey, I R 
Da,'I..q r.eor/:"e D. blksmlth. b r.nttre!l av "filchell John. fireman GTH. h Lnttrell av T._vlor 
Daylps Wm J. haggageml\n. h 
Iain 'Ioffat Jaml'<S R. Inmberman. h DI\....('s rd Tayior Rohert. ftr GTR. h Lansdowne av 
Dayls G'prg-e IT. ftr GTR. h Isahella. 
!(\ffatt Rir'hard. mill hd. h Luttrell AV Te<key Jnml'S, hrkmn GTR. I W Thomson 
Der tonln I'
rk Farm and Trout Ponds, "al- 
J, r!..y "'altpr. eng, h Dawes rd Thomson 'Vm. h Dnnfortb av 
ter F. H 
[nss..y prop. Dawe" rd !\!orlE'v Wm 
, tlonr mill [)awp< rd. h qnme Torrance Dn1CtIla (,,'id .Tohn 'no h T"abella 
Din ent Frl'd. I H Dlm...nt Y"rray Johu J. bkr .1 W Brandon, res To- \"nndprHp Walter, coachman f' D 'fnsSí'Y. 
DIIT"nt Henry. tlreman GTR. h Florence av r('nto h 'lid'nnd av 
Du,ald,on hrJ.mll GTR. I J R 'ViI- 'furray 
1ichsel F. eond GTR. h Lnttrell nv "'ng-ní'r David. cond GTR. h Da",e,. rd 
son 'I
er" Jo<"ph. Inh GTR. h. DAwes rd "'a
I'er Ramnel. dry gonds Danforth av 
D('('ne'l... Henry. shoemkr Danforth n.. X..ilson Ale..mcder. yardman GTU. It White "'Alton Thomas. earp. h Danforth AV 
DOllohnp Jos('l'h. h,'kl. n OTR. h 'Irs S Honse "'l\r1e And:-_ lab h D-ulforth av 
f1u'J.ett . 1 ,\,,, lanrt Ramup) G. pnl:" GTR. h Dawes rd Warren Jospph. ..e
tlonman GTR. b Dawl'9 
Dr' gI:is (
eorge, elk W H Rlaylo"k. I same Xl''' man Ann (" Id "'m\. I W "" I road 
[)oylp H,'uu. ('011<1 GTR. b Lansrto"ne a'" 

wm"n "-m. tmstr, b 
Hdlnnd nv ". npnollth Fontonore, W N 
Jorley, b 
Drnmmonrt D"..ld_ coal "nd "ood, Dan- 'l;;t< hnlls Jnseph. nller HTR. h f nttrell a... G F.mprlngham 
forth ay. h f ansdowne a\ I Ximmo 'Uss 'Iarlon, clk R Xlmmo "'elr I"nbella A (" Id Jnmes G). h Danforth 
Dr,'mmond NOPI. elk D Drnmmonrt. I sl\lIIe '""1\10 nOBERT, J ". Gr......r nn.1 nYE'nue 
D Alf 
" I G I P I Wr;te House John E'vans prop, Danforth 
llLn r"". 'rkmn TR. h r."ttrell av ostml\ster. Danforth a.... h s
me m enue 
Duron Alfrnd 1\1. call hny r.TR. I A Dnnn NII!"òlI'o "'m. a""t 1"1. I R ]l;lmmo Wkli.s<>n Georze. tinsmith. h Danforth nv 

t v 
h . 
T HE. '" .- 
8 fRY I' .


S7: (

O 'ERS- 

\C OA.L. 
t HEAD Off\C.t: 
20 lONG 5,!
7'ORott"'t O 

Delivered to all parts of the City 
and Suburbs all year round. Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
TeLEPHONES 86 - 4052 .JAS. FAIRHEAD. - Manas:-er. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. j 26 Wellington St. East. 
GOOCH &; EVANS, Resident Agents.. Tel. No. 423. 


Little York. 


GOI m:Ilv Katherine (wid *Iexander), I EJ Mimlco Public School, J W English prln, 
Stock' (,hurch 
GK\\ Tel Co, R H Skelton agt, G'rR stn- Mitt-hell Thoma", watchman GTR. h 
tion (,bur('h 
Green Henry. I G Greenway Mutart Charles V, tel pr GTR, h Southamp- 
Greontrl'e Thomas, lub Ont Sewer Pipe Co, ton 
I G Greenwav O'Vonneli Thomas, farmer, h Slmp.on av 
Gleen"a.!" Geo;'ge, lab. h 
Ianchl'ster rd O'Dunohue John, mkt gdnr Howland av, cor 
Glf'l'nway '\'m, shoemkr Victoria Industrial E\ans:n- 
S(-bool Olter J.lhl'Z B, pl1y Station r!l_ h same 
Grlg-gs EUl'n A ("id Peter V), h Southamp- Oh"l'r \IIiss Snrah E, h Station I'd 
t<<n Ol.:la:io S<,,,er Pipe Co Ltd, A D Harris 
GI<<hh:I C,IrI (Grobba & Wandrey), h II ngr. \IIlmico '. 
Cl'urch . Or.. Joseph, h Church 
Gnhh:I & Wandrey (C:Irl Grobbn. Ernest Pull, ":Iry (wid Tbmas). h I\""w<,,,stle 
"'nndl"<'y). lIorist. Church l'alk 'Vm H. gild!'r. I :lIrs M Palk 
IIU'IICO Hall \\'m H, h Lal,e Shore I'd l'olfll'Y James, h Chnrch 
(SI''I"I'n miles west of I' 0) E.lmllton Hl'lJry C. studt, I Rev J Ham- Pr;<,1' John, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 
lIton Church 
Adnms Georj!"(", lah Ont Sewer Pipe Co, H.,mllt!,n Rl'v Joseph. pa.tor Mlmlro Pres- ROl:"l'rson Elspeth (wid James :II). h South- Grl'enway hytE'rl:In f'Þureh, h Mlmlco av alnpton 
Adam.on "'m II, Inspr, h Southampton Harris Andr!'w D, mngr Ont Sl'wer Pip(" Co, Ross !Ills" Alice, tchr Mimico Pub Sch, I J 
n:Illpy Thomas, <.':Jrp h Homer av res Toronto \V English 
ß:Irlow Rohert, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h Harri. n:Inipl, mkt g-dnr Qneen, h 
:Im(' Royce Frl'd W. I I W Royce 
Mimleo nv Harris GeorgI'. maeøn, h Qnl'l'n, eOr Church Roy<'1' I":I;ah W, carp, h Chllrch 
Barr nm Lorenzo D, eng Vletorla Industrial Pnrrls John. mid g-dnr QlIl'en. h same Shaver Pl'ter B, carp, h Hillside nT 
S( hool H:Irri'on Char;l's. kiln burnl'r Ont S("wl'r Sbaw John, l:Ih, h Gmnd av 
B:Irro" F.dw:Ird, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipl' Co, Pipe Co, I G Gre("nway Simpson (,hnrl"s. foreman. h Chllrch 
I J n:Irrow . HO:Irwooil Fr.1nk. lam Ont Sewl'r PIgI' Co. SI,!'lton Rbert H, station agt GTR, h South- 
Rl'ban Jllila (wid Gl'Org-e). h Buckingham Hurrlson I ampton 
Bphnn R1ehard. I !.Irs J Behan Harrison Jos("ph, wl'lI digger, b !'t1:Inchester Slater John. blksmltb, h !llacdonald IlV 
Blllir 'Uss Kate, tcbr Mlmlco Pub Seb, I E I a\("Lue 8tl'II Ge"rg-e. planing- mill 
Stoek H:I,,"krl<::
 Mlchnel, m:Ison. h Oxford 8t(<:k F.d".1rd. Jp, h Church 
Bnltl'r Thomas. toreman GTR h Station H..nthl'r H
.-J"'rt. tin"mith Statinn rd Stn<'k T;']-,\'1rd Jr. t:Irm("r. h QlIpeIt 
}""rd . H..ndry Dnuald, tarn...r. b f'11urcb Stul bs GeorgI', htchr and g-ro Cburcb 
Rnwu Hiram, h Melhourne Hpudry Mar,::aret A (wid James). h Mlmlco Swuln F..lwuril T. clk, h Robert 
Br('\\ n Phillip II, gro, lIour and tel'd av("nne Telfl'r Gllhert, I J A T,'lf!'r 
CIlIlrcb, h same He'dry Rbert, turmer. h Robert Tl'lf,'r 'Irs G1"fiee ß. b Pig-I'on 
Brydson John, tmstr, h Station I'd Rohert. Iflh. h Audl("v Telf!'r James H. welghma.,ter GTR. h ßuck- 
Bl:c,,"l'rfjeld :\lIss Mary, stewardess Vlrtorla H..rod Rohert M. hrklyr. h <}nl'en ing-ham 
Inl!ustrial !khool Hoarwhr;d Frank. lab Ont Scw!'r Pipe Co, Telf..r Jubn A. tick..t "g-t, h Pigeon nv 
Bnr;::-c.s Charles H. clk. I W W Rurlress Ie' Humher nay '.ferrplc Andrew, mkt J:tlnr Churcb, h same 
Bur(l:l'ss Frl'd A. Plk. I W 'V ßnr(l:ess Holmes Wm. mkt gdnr Quel'n. h same Tlzzurd I'n\ id. mkt g-dm' QII("l'n, h ":Ime 
Burl:p,s .Tflml''' 'V. clk. I W" W Burgess HOInA W"m S. hak("r Station rd. b s,lme Toom("y 'Thomns. lab Ont Sl'wl'r Pipe Co. 
Bur".!'ss "'.llter W, h Southampton HII<::hes Arthur. l:Ib Ont SI'\\"er Plpl' Co, res. XI'W 1'o
C"ldwl'lI R!'v Jobn 1', pastor Mimlco 1II"tb Mrs:ll A Giles 1'OI"h11l FI:In<:ls. shol'mkr, h (,hurl'
Ch. h !'tllmlco av J, ,"",on 
s R"hecca. Instnlctress Victoria 1'rl'JUflvne Rev Cnnon Francis, rector Cbrlst 
CnYfln (,hurll's. farml'r. h Queen I"dustrlal School (.]mrch. h Churcb 
C'hr'st Church, Rev ('anon Fr:mcl.. Trl'- .Tohnron AI!'xaniler. lah. h Elizabeth UJ'(juhart Miss Kate, hkpr Victoria Indus- 
IL:Iyne, rl'ctor, (,hureh J""ps Thom:Is E. ,::dnr. h !'t1:1ln trllli School 
ChlNlse George lah. h Rose av Kay John, ins 9g-t. h Lakl' Shore rd Vo'nablps !lliss Edith. Instructrl'ss In knlt- 
Chrouse Gl'or
e' .T. lab, I G Chrou!'e K:IY John Jr. Ins ag!, h Victor ,IV 11111: 'ïl'tori:I Intlustrial School 
Chronse Pl'ter. lah. I G Chrouse Kelrl Frunk. h Burlington VI<:torla Industrial Sehool, Chestl'r Ferrier 
Chrnuse Wm J. Inh, I G Chrouse Kenn("(Jy "'m, I Wm Kennedy jr slOpt. :II.. It., cOr Howlaud av 
Clark John. mkt g-dnr Church h same J{pJ:n<,dy "'m ir. ml'lt("r, h Rose IIV Vlnt Charles H, hotel Munchester rd 
CCJ<h("ad Caesar. hldr Supl'rlor'av. cor Stan- 1':'-:'\ '\ Y ,J -\ '\IES .J. '\In..ø..."r 'V....t..r.. Waitl's Lewis, as.t ng"(cultllr:I1 IItstr Vlc- 
ley a\". h s!lme I Assurfln<,1' ('0, Toronto. h 1,:Ikp Shore rd to"ia Tudnstrlal 8<'hool 
y James. ml,t g-dnr 1II'Iln, h slime K
rr Archibald 0, florist. h Central av "'"l1es Roh!'rt. :Ig-riculturl' Instr Vlctorlll 
DavIdson :llIss Janet, h Homer av I KIllman 1IIIss Clara. Instructress In b:Iklng It:dust::-Ial Sebool 
Dfnr Juhn H. '
h Ont 8!'wer Pipe Co h \ïl'tol"l" Tnilnstrlnl !':<'h()<); "'ul'drey Ernl'st (Grobba & Wnndrey), b 
Main ' Lawrence Wm J, Dorlst lIIaln, h Rose av Church 
DOI,Iey Thomas, tarmer. h EVllns IIV LP"ilham John, eng Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h ":arner Russell S, ag!. h Snperlor av 
Ðornelly Ellen (wid Chnrl("
). h Main l'orUnnd \\ntson Jnmes, mkt gdnr Queen. h same 
DOt!J!'las John. Illh. h Homer nv LP
dham John jr, mldr Ont Sewl'r Pipe Co, W"
.ts?n Roh!'rt, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, , 
D()\'vb" Thoma". d'-lVer. I .T Douglas I J Leedham _ 9 Gn'en
Do,g-Ins ""ID. lab GTR, h Ellzahl'th I,....'on Rohl'rt. furmer, h Queen ".utson \\ m. tray, h T,nke Shore I'd 
Drhmmond Hester A (wid John W) h L!rl'bam Peter E. lab, h Alhert nv "er<1pn \ILl'rt D. studt. I A Wl'rden 
('hureh ' I LYLilen 
liss K:Itura. matron VIctoria In- "-J
nDE'\ \t STI'\. Postmnst..r and 
Du!'n J'Im(",.. lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. res ill"'trl<\1 8l'hool. Çrocer Church. !1 
ame _ 
:,\pw 1'Qronto 
I("('orm.<,k P
trlek, Inh Ont 
I'wer Pipe W"llklrson 
I1ss Lmda, tlrs Victoria Indn&- 
Dutnllll Rolt!'rt. lab Ont Sewl'r Pipe ('0. res ("0. h Stllnle-y "V !Ilal Se,?ool 
Humhpr n"y I 
ld !llIss Florenee, h Newcastle I " !Ison :\llss E H, Instrutress Victoria In- 
English John W prln Mlmlco Public School M('j
lroy Pntrlck, lah. h (,hurch Qustrl:I1 School 
h Southnmpto'; , lIfeGrnth Jehn. mkt (l:ilnr Wellesl"y. h snme ":ilson Wm. lab Ontarl.o Sewer P!pe Co 
FI':-rl("r'r, !'upt Victoria Industrlnll !\I
r.raw Sflm11P1. pntr (,hllrch, h .nme " h:dsor H
tel, (" H Vlllt prop, M I DchE'!'ter 
School. h lIIaln Me('nlre F.llz:Iheth (wid JOhn), h lIInln I rd. CQr Vmcent 
Fether.tonhuugh Edward, elk, I'" B Feth- MeCulr(" Francis. I
h. I :III'< E !llrGulrp W"e<<ds G("orge. fireman CPR, I I' J Woods 
elstonhaugh ]',I,'Kenzii' 
:Iml,pI. lab Ont Sewl'r Pipe Co. "'c
d" Patrick A, btchr Church. I I' J 
Fethp....t o nh.lug-h Fr("(Jerlck B, pat barr, h rl's Humher Ray '" oods . 
Lake Shore rd 1II1'I.pod John. lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h W"onils Patnek J. h Chureh 
Finch Arthur. mldr Ont Sl'wer Pipe CO, I I Rose nv Wows Wm J, dentist, I I' J Woods 
G Grpl'nway Jltr('f:Irlnne Wm. mkt gdnr Qupen. h 811mI' 
Forbl" JQhn A R. hkpr, h Albl'rt av Mnhoney Rohert J. see 'Vesteru Asscl' 
Fcrd John. 1'1k. h Elizaheth Co. h Alhert n..- 
Gnree 111. wks Ont Spwer Pipe Co. h CI1u('h Malon!'y Frl'derick. driver, I IIlrs !'tl A :Ma- 
G",'.1d GMrgl' R. earp Victoria Industrial knpy 
Sl'hool. h Howl:Ind av Ma!on("y James, driver, I :\Irs !II A Malonl'Y I\E" TORO:\"TO 
Ghylf'S Jacob, lab Ont Sl'wer Pipe Co. h M,"(}11f'Y '1.11"Y A (wid Timoth...), cnr!'tkr (Seven ano v halt miles Wl'st oC P 0) 
Alhert . !II mil'o Puh Sch. h Stntlon rd 
Glhsnn H("nry. t:Irmer. h Queen :\Ietcnlte Archl'l:Ins. maeh, h !'tlimlco Ab("] nethy Wm, attend:Int Asy:um 
Glh.on W"m, mkt g-dnr Qu!'!'n. h same III1'ding- Aaron, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. res Ad,,,,,,, IhehnnJ H, mugr Sheridan !'tltg Co, 
GII!'s Abrnhnm. lab Ont Sewpr Pipe Co I C JTuJUh("r Bay res Toronto 
Gllps ' IIlimico 1II1'thodist Chur,
h, Rev J T Cald-' AIII!'s Junws. eng Asylum 
Gcdfrl'Y F,?rhl'!'; F: phy Southn
pton I well pa.,tor. I' s Churct! A;o,-idg-I' J.lml". "hoemkr Asylum 
G"dson !'tits. EdIth. Inunilry mstructress 'III'IICO J'OST OFFICE \ n..tln "..r- AS \ I t." ....on .'\ S \ '\ E, J)r '\ .. ÐeeDl- 
\'ll'torla Indn.trifll Sehool I- . '. er MedlCftI Sup..rlnt!'n(]ent. Jnmps Corcor- 
GO!dthorpe Bl'njamln. mkt gdnr Evans av den Postmaster Chur(.h an BIIl's:Ir, r nke Shore rd 
Cc_dthorpe Georg-I'M, mkt g-dnr Evnn,. DV IIflmieo PrPBbyt("rlan Church. Rev Joseph Ba"non John. ntt!'nd,mt A.ylum 
Gormaly George. stndt, I E Stock Hamilton pastor I' s Church cor Mimico I Bnd'el' Wm C. MD, asst SlIpt Asylum tor 
GormRlv James A b k ] E St k "II-pane. res same 
, . ro er, OC - ayenue Rayr;e ',"m A. :tttendnnt Asylum 

Wi;'iamson Samuel R, ;nh, I W J WIlliam- 
mson 'I'homas J brkmn GTR I W J 
"'lIl1nmson ' , 
WIIII:Imson Wm J, see man GTR, h Mld- 
I"nd ,,\ 
Wilson Ann B (wid Hugh). h Dawes rd 
Wilson <:hnrll's, c.lrp. h I":Ihl'lIa 
Wilson Gporge, brkmn GTR, b Mrs S 

il'nn Joseph R. cflrp, h J.nn<d"wne av 
'" 001'1 Hl'nn E. hal'l'r. h J.uttrl'lI av 
WO<<dworth'Richard, tlr, b T Hooper 



McGREGOR & McINTYRE I Plain & Ornamental Fencing 
65 to 73 PEARL ST. 'Phone 2748 I and Grille Work. 


.N nrth D,n prcnurt. 


IT:U '\" II. 'IIJ. "n,,,'rinC....,,...,, n'p [,II 8",11' eo. Ltd. Ch,lrl.; I, Hennl.. l'nttent B G, fnsbr Rltcble & Ram
nY. h 
 hUll for Inc;,:ane, res -c::nme Inngr. 8t.'\ enth Si" th 1 .. 
Billington 1III<
 H. 1II..tron A
ylnm It.,,,. Ide
 '';eorg.., :1.."1' n'tcmp .\. Ram",
I tridge (,hnrles H, shlpppr, res Toronto 
Blake John. tm<tl.. b New Toronto Botel Ie,.. Toronto Pattl"on Thomns, farmer <\<ylnm F.lrm 
lllh'lel, f.trmer, h Lal,e 8horp tI Jaeh>on 
lis- Jennie, drslIIkr S,'vellth p",ton "'m. fheman AsylulII 
Blal,eley John. pirker Xew Toronto ""001 J.IÜ on Joh". nphol, h Se\enth Phillips JaJlles U. f"rem,\Il IItldr S!lerid'ln 
Stoe\., ('0. h Sixth Ja(").-on Thomas. f,ll mer, h Lake Shore r.1 l.'fg- ro. re
Bonlton "'111. IlIng-r Asvlum Farm, res 
nme J.., I.-fin \\ Ill. I Thomas J,lek<on Po::up "'II
on, eng- Hltchle & Ramsa;r, I W 
Bre." n H :\1, prin K..w Tor Public S"':lOol, Jt"nller Roher(. pO! tl'r A-)'lull1 I...vdey 
h Fiftl. Jo.d.1II Dllniel J. mach Sheridan Mfg Co," Pr::tlpy Kate J, nurse Asylnm 
Brnlllige AtI". lIurse A
ylum :-:'>.Ih Purr Johu. lab, h I,'ourth 
Brundige S.lIl!e, nurse A
ylnm Kd:e
 ,( ,m"-. fnrr.:ler, h L.'lkp Shore rd I R:m:sny Allnn, bl,pr mtchll!' & Ramsny, res 
Bull- "'" \If,...d R. po<tmnster Long- Brnnch K'lllher \linnie, nurse Asylum '1', ,onto 
1'0. h Lake Shore rd Kil ,-h. fl) "lit J. farmer L.lke Shore rd RllIIlsny Charles N (Rltcltle & Ramsay), res 
Dullo..k E\:t. nUls.. Asylum 1".i,cI h.'lte, supe,'vlsor Asylum Trrnnto 
Can,pbpll A:hert. p;'per \\ kr Ritchie & Ram Lalnh John, lab Shel"lllnn Mfg Co, h Fonrth Rl'ft1i..l, Ag-ne" (wid John), tlrs Asylum, h 
sny. I J C.llI1phpll a\-..nue I.nke Shore I'd 
Camp hell J,lllIes n. attend'lIlt Asylum
 Daniel, firemnn A
R. Gro....r lUll' 
Camplwll John. I'xl'rp5>o Fifth. h 
:ome L.ttleton A'thur, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, \'..'tmn
tl'r. Lnke Shore rd 
Cnmphell John A. lab. I J Campbell h Lake Shore rd FeLni" Charles L, mngr Impl'rlal Sonp Co, 
!:Irv. I,ltmdrpss Asvlnlll I Lloyd Flora. nn""e A
y!um rl's Toronto 
Carson J.lm-p
. attendant Å
ylum Lloyd 'Vinnlfred, nUise Asylum Re'elpv Wm H 
I, el1g Rltl'hle & Ram
8ldy !.1I..hael, s(,ap mkr, res Toronto L""g Branch P 0, A R Buckles PM, Lake h Fifth 
Iarla, dom A
ylum Shore rd Ricí' James, cllrp, h L.'lke Shore rd 
e Geol'
e, lab Sheridan :\Itl:" Co, h Iolty Gl'org-e, farmer, h Horn(<r av na.-hll' F,','deril'k .\. (Ritchie & Uamsay), 
Si:uh Lt:II'ol'k 
'm, packer RitchIe .'ì.. Ramsny, It re!t Toronto 
Cbrouoe Pí'ter, mldr Sherldnn M!g Co, I I I.',fth . Rit..I'le John, farmpr, h Mlmll'o nv 
GE'orgi' Ch,ouo;e I Lt
"d Frederick, farmer, h I..nk(< Shore rd 1.ltchle 
'm. farmcr. h 1IIIrnico IIV 
Clarke Mar
h:oll W, hrylyr, h Fifth Ly"n Charll's. mall I'arrier, h Sixth RITCHIF & R \ 
!!" \ \, I Fr...t.'ri..k \ 
C(...hran J.lmes, Inb Slteridan 1IH
 Co.. res I.) nn John. lab, I C Lynu n't..hl.... Chllrle!t 
 Rnms..yl. Coat..d Pap- 
1IIimico Ly,nght Frnncis F, I'Ik :-Jew Tor"nto Hotel ers and Cardhoard 'I",nuf:t..t'ners. rei 
Col\-In Peter, snpervlsor Asylum I Lpag-ht John J. mngr Kew Toronto Hotel 5412 (Spe 'roronto AI,hnhptlcal) 
CN,nors John. f.II'mer. h Lnke 
hore rd Ly'..ght 1I1.1rY A (\\Id John J), Itotel Lake Roh('rts Be'la. nurse Asylum 
'm, farmer, h I.nkE' Shore I'd Store rd Rohln
on H"/:"h. wat..hman A
CCf>k Genrg-e, attend:o'" A<vlnm I )1"Clay James C, eng. re
 Toronto It("slttpr F.'Iward. snfler\'lsor A
Ccok Rnl.ert, 'lttendant Asylnm )1..("onnell Adam. well digger, h Fonrth ROt:tlev Hpnry, nttl'nd..nt A
C('Oke Lizzie A, snpervlsor A
ylum \I('C"lIum Christina, Indrs Asylum R.-sk F.linhl'th, 
uJlervl.or A
CO<'rer George, midI' Sheridan :\Irg Co, h :\1..Cullum Edmund. tmslr. I H 
1..Cullnm R.-.-sel! \'r:I. fireman A
Sixth :\1. Cllllulll Hngh. coal and wODd Seventh RI:ttan Jarnh. nttrndant A
Cort-or:ln James, bursar Asylum. res To \lcCullum John J, gro Lake Shore I'd, res !':ali(lford F.dward. farmer. b Lakp Shore rd 
r'(,nto Long Branch S",ndford Edwald jr, farmer. h Ln\..e Short' 
COt,,'h John. attl'ndant Asylnm Mt.f)onald :\liss Flora, stí'nog Itlt..hie & r, ad 
Culham Annie, dom Asylum ){:omsay. res Mlmico P.mmn. nurse A"ylum 
Dea Geolgl'. hnker. h I_'lkp Shore rd :\1.-)I(,n.1Id John, el1g Sherldnn 1IUg Co: h St.IIW lIIarinn. Ind.... Asylum 
Dol'erty Patrick, lab. h Fifth Si"th !'!'..rid.ln 
 Co of !\pw Toronto, Ltd, R 
D(.ug-Iao; Chnrlf's, stahleman Asylum M..VonaJd Ronald, fireman Asvlulll H Adams mng-r. Iron fo"n,lpr
Drnmmnnd AI!en, calendl'r mnn Ritl'hle.\ :1ft 1
lroy Bl'ssip, supervisor Asvlum !,:Ir I'lnlr Chri
toph('r, attendant Asylum 
I:amsay, Ìl Shoth 'I..Knight S:lInuel, carp. " Slxtb 
ipl'lair Wm G. flremnn Asylum 
Drnn Jame
. Inb. h Sixth U.-Ielland Annie, dom Asylnm S'lltpr Jnhn. blk
mlth Se\enth. res 1IIImico 
Dunn J"mps jr, lah. I J (.unn :\1,-'Ilnllen John C, laundryman Asylnm b Rm:th 
lc1npy W. pntr, h Fifth 
Dnnn Thoma". me.sengí'r As;rlum Sixth . , Stpen Charles R. nttendant Asylum 
Dyer Adam, c:lrp Asylum 1I1..'\"nnghton P"ter, asst phy Asylum for St"en Kate. lII1."se Asylum 
Dyer Esther, nurse Asylum JIIsane, res same Stnrt Wnlter P. hursar's elk A
ylnm. res 
lwood nros (J,lme". John. Snmuel and :\11'
pil John. f:umer, h Lake Shore I'd Hnmllton, Ont 
Robert). farmers. Lake Shore rd )ft ::\elll Rllth. nurse Asylum S\\ 1ft AIIl'e. n

t ('ook Asylum 
twood James (Ea
twood Bros), h Lake 
"'Wllllams "Uary, nurse Asylum Tn
'!or Bartholomew, app Sh",'ldan \If I!; Co, 
Sèore rd N::1Ig-ulre Dnvlc1, nttendant Asylum I J JIIa('donnld 
twood J.)hn (Eastwood Bros), h J.ake :llng-nll'(< F"ank, lab, res Mlmlco Tay!or Georl!;e, h Sixth 
Shore rd 1II:.rshall Frí'derick fnrmer h Lake Shorp Ta\ 101' James. aPI? Sheridan 
lfg ('0, I G 
Er.stwood Robert (Enstwood Bros), h Lake ro
d " Tnylor 
Sltore rd \I:;rlln Wm. h Sixth Tf-hh 'Ilartln, f'lrmer. h I,nke Shor(' I'd 
Fr.<twood Snmuel (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 
rnthcso'l Samut'l H gdnl' Asvlum Toomey .Teremlnh. Inh, I J 'I"oomev 
:,"ore rd :\Iit..hel! Jonn, mldr'Sherldnn'Jllfg Co, res To<meÿ John, h Shth . 
r: I<ln :\Ir" Annie. ns
t matron Asylum Toronto 'J'oomey Thomn", Inl1. I J Toomí'v 
Elkin R,>hert, stewnrd A
ylum JII..grldg-e Wm, eng-, h Firth Tcomey Thomns. I..h. I J Toomev 
Evnlls :\I1nn. nurse Asylum Sarah J, senmstress AsYlum To... pI! Henry. farmer. h Lakp Shore N1 
on Colin R, I'arp RitchiE' & RaID- )Iorlnrty Jnhn J. foreman ItÌtchle & Ram- ')'. \' pll John. fnrmer. h I.akp 
1)ore rd 

ny. h Shoth sny. reo; Toronto Tracey John, mldr Sheridan "fg- Co, 1'.... 
Farr Howard. attendnnt Asylum 1110( rls Jan!ps, p:lper wkr Rltl'hle & RalD- I Tc,ronto 
FIJ'; Rnt!,!ord. subwayman A
ylum sa
'. h FIfth I Trctlpr John, s',pervlsor Asylum, I Mlmlco 
Fh,.ay R":hnrd. pnper wkr Ritchie & Ram. Murray James, carp Ritchie & RnDlsay, h au"nnp 
s:ov. h S,,'th Hfth I ',,"nlll
 Frl'd N. storekpr A
Gat ",han 'Ilatllda. supervisor A
ylum :-Jew Toronto Hotpl. JIIrs 
I A I.:vsa/!ht pro- "':: Iterhon
e Alhprt. attel!d;lIIt A
GI."h.'rt Frank, mIdI' Sheridan Mfg Co, res I'rlptre
s. I.nke Shore rd. ..or 'IlIml('o av v.:arnpr Henry G, lab Ritchie & Ramsa;r, 
'1oronto '\"E"'- TORO'\TO POST OFFICE, (-hri..- ..e" 1IlIml..o 
Gorman Jo<:eph, supervisor Asylum tûpher Reid I'M. Lake Shorp rd I Watson Benjamin, mnson Asylum. II Mlmlco 
Gourlay John. chief eng A.ylum :-;pw Tnronto Pnblil' Sl'hool, S S No 12, s 
Gonrley F.lla. nurse Asvlnm Horner IIv 
-est Francis clk Rltchl(< & Ram"ay res 
Grahnm Eunice" nurse Asylum 
pw Toronto" 001 Stock CO or 
Irs Emrnn '1'oronto ' , 
Green Ht'nry. supervisor Asylum Parker I)roprletres
, wool stock and "Utlnm H"nry, farmpr. h 
lImll'o rd 
" Abrnham, mldr Sheridan Mf
 shoddy IlIfrs. Eighth "ö:ttnker ',,"m, nttendant A"ylum 
('0. h Sixth :-JewhorIl Richard. h Lake Shorr rd "\\ t.ittal Jamps J. paper \\ kr IUt..hll
 Henry. wks New Toronto Wool Kp,,"ell AI!..... <'om As\'"lnm I JI
msay. h Sixth 

tl)('k ('0. h 
i"th Np,,"ell louisa, I'ook ÃSTlnm "Ï'lln
on Wm. :IS
t eng A
Hnll O!to, attendant Asylnm XI''' ell 
Iinnle. supervl
or As..lum I Wlllinmq F.1I7nhpth. (:Inndrp
s Asylum 
Hall .
 m. farmer. h Horner nv (ò'Rrll'n Ambro
e. supervisor /'.svlnm "cod Jnhn F. nttrndant Asylum 
Har..." I.ottlp, nuts(< A
yhlm O'Po,'ien Wm. plowman As\'"lum' ',"
:UP S"orman W, nltendant A
Hendrrson T orlll'. attendnnt Asylnm OT..nnnr .Tohn. farmer. h ÌInrne. IJv 
Henní'''sey :l1I..hlll'l. paper roller Richie .\ {)''\"rll Jnlla. 
nper\ isor A.ylnm 
ay. ! Wm Hennes -ey I>ARKT:R ",FREn S, Uenl..r in 

ey Wm, tmstr, h Sixth 
'..ollen Rng-s IInd Wastp, EIg-hth, h Sixth 
Hpnr'pssey Wm J. pnper wkr Rlt..hle & (Sel' ..Iassifipd "..stp Jìpnl('r
Ramsny. I Wm Hennessl'Y Parker F.mmn (wid Alfred), prop 
ew To- 
Herhl'rt RI..hard. asst ..arp Asylnm "..nto \\""nol S<l)('k (""n. rps Toronto 
lIolmes Al!nl'S. nurse Asvlum Pnrkf>r JO<:l'ph H_ ('nrder New Toronto Wool 
Holm,," :\Iarv. dom Asylum Stoe!" Co. h Fifth 
Hu/:"hl's Isaac, atte!ldaut Asylnm Parker O
car G. picker New Torontn Wool 
Hl'nt Henry. /!alvanlzer, b Sidh Stol'k Co, I D J Jordall 
Hunter Thomas. foreman Ritchie &. Rnm- P::rker Walter IT. mng-r Xew Toronto 
say. h Lake Shore rd 
t".-k Co, I D J Jordan 


(Four and a hnlf miles nort!lwest of P 0) 
Ad, ms nohert 'V. pil'ture frnmps n s Main 
"lInm 'Vm, pntr, h w s Wl'stmoM'land nv 
A"drews John, btchr, h w s O
sln:;;ton av 
AnII'"'' s John. pntr, h w s 'Ve
Wool A

 Thomas, pntr, h w s Llghthonrne 
I fl\f"nue 

Limited. 78 CHURCH ST. 

npn<;:p nr rlpi
ttpn iinO' thp<;:p ln


Toronto Offices: 
d. W. KERR, Oashier 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 
Low Rates and Large Profits 
on Endowments. 



N ortb Dovercourt. 


.Antln Jaml's. blksmlth. h n s Mnln I Jo}C1' I<'rl'derick W. plmbr. I !llr'l 
I Joyce 
Aylnrd Hpnry. dairy I' s !II.ll"'l'rn a" Joyce Mary (wid Thom.l
). h n s :llaln 
B,'gsley Edmond J. elk GTR. hI's Ham- JOHe Samul'l T. blchr. 1 :lh's M Joye!' 
bl.rg fl". K('{'her Gp()r
e W, Inh. h e 
 SOIDf'rt;;et ß,," 
B:;inl' T;dward W. h w S Soml'rset n" KeLlJl'dy John B. brieldyr. h s s 
BaldiI' Rohert. tlr. h s s Chaudos nv Kih ing-ton John. mkt gdnr, h s s Main 
l\..ldwin \\'m. hrlcklyr. h w s Hamburg av Klrl,I'Y J'l'tl'r J, forl'man. h n s Main 
rbl'r John. currier. h s s Main Knapp Hl'nry L. drl.....r. 11 s s Malu 
B,'zII'Y Alfred. lab. hI's Dela"are a... L&lley Alfrl'd. hI's Duð'edn 
ß'ckle Gl'orge. coli GTR, h !' S Hamburg nv Josl'pb. tmstr. h n s Brandon av 
Bocth GeorgI'. elk. h w S Ossln/:"ton av Lappin :llrs )Iary A, drsmkr u s Rr.tndon \C..ll1prislng the \ llIagl's of Bedford Psrk. 
Bray H{'ury. gdnr. hI's Sommerset av r pster Rl'nhen. macho h w S Bartlptt av 
Bray Henry jr. I H Bray LOI:gh.y 1:l\l'n ("Id Jame
). h n s !llaln Davlsvllle and Eglinton, three and a 
Brcoks H3milton. pntr. h w s Salem av Louj!lpy Herman, plstr. I Jllrs I: Longley half mll..s north of I' O} 
B:ûwn Louisa I (wid John). nurse w 'i :I;cClure Robert G. carp. h w " Bartlett av 
\Vestmoreland avo h snme :l1,'Cluteh!'y lah. h w !\ Dufferln Adams Albert. lab, IJ u s Merton. Davis- 
Brûwnlng Samuel. lab. h s s Main \r. Cue Edward. lab. h e s Hamhurg av ,'Jlle 
Bluce Alexander. I Mrs J Bruce !lI,'Hllg-h Charles H, m:dr. h w s Bartlett AL(;prson Albert E. prtr. h n s Merton. 
Br!::,-e Donald. I Mn J Bruee a\ pnue l.adsville 
BIuee Jessie (wid Donald). hI's Hambm'g !I'cLfinghlln Robert. lab, b u ,. C'haHdos av Acdprsou John 
I. f....mer. h w s Yonge, Eg- 
nue I JII[ c-Kewn A!bert. maeh. I W E JIIa..Ke\\n In ton 
Bur ns John, eatU.. dlr w s Û!'slngton aY ,,1< ':Kewn rharle<;. g-dnr W F 1I1acKewn Arm'tron
 Elljab. h s s Roebampton avo 
Butt Geor
e, earp. hI's Duð'erln :lIacKewn Gc"Orge, pntr, I \" E ]IIacKe" n Eglin ton 
Callahan .Tames. driver. hils !linin :\{acK!'\\n \Vm E. mkt gdnr I' S Os.lngtoD Arm.,,-trong 
.lI11n..I, lork township tre
Ccrollne James W. agt. h s s Chando_ av avo h same er. h w s longe. Egllnton 
Ca...anag-h James. I!dnr. h s s Davenport t'd !II, d{..wn \Vm E ,shipper. I W E :liae- A
hfield Wm. tlr. h " !\ Yonge. DavlsvllIe 
Charlton Rohert H. whol htehr I' s Somer- I\"ewn Atkms Elliott. h s s Vletorla avo EgUnton 
set avo h same "t"lshall Charles. earp. h w's Westmore- AtI:lnll \','m, elk. b W H MInns 
c\;fford Thomas. 'ah. h w s Delawnre av .nnd av \'I'lil'\SO"\ JOn'\ I:. 4.r......r """ 
Cochran John. whol htehr I' s Som..rset ay Matthe,,'" John K. awning mkr. hI's West- l'ostma..ter. w II Yonge. Bedford Pilrk 
COLMy James. ml,t l!t1Jtr I' s Oo"ingtnn a\' fI:creland av Atkinson Thomas. lah, hI's Yonge, Bed- 
COI boy John. gdnr James Conhoy. I ..amI' :lI.ndes Edward. pdlr 1 C I' FUJ1!ht fûrd Park 
Contoy Thomas E. tl'av. I Jamps Conboy !lft'mhery Edward, app, I Henry ..Iemhery Auld "Irs Sarah. stationery w .. Yonge, h 
COLj!regational 1Ilioslon. I' s "'pstmorelaUtl , 1I1"11Ih('1"v Henrv, pressman. h w s West-' Sfi l me, EgUntoD 
a...enue n:nrpla"nd a... . Au d ":m. earp. h w " Yonge. EJgllnton 
Cook Arthur A, mptal mixer. h w s Dela. 'IIlI,.r rharles. tmstr. b Vi" " H3mbnrg av AnI!" m. prodnee dlr u s Frederick. h 
wnre av !I%l1Is J..mps A, lab. h s " Main s!lme. DavlsvllIe 
Cuper Michael H. cooper. b s s Rrandon a
omelY John H, whnl btphr w s Dela- Daliey Ann (wid Ed\\ard). h n s Glebe rd. 
Correll SamuC'1 K. eomp, h w s nnrtlett a".. , ",'re av. h "nml' D:r... ls \II.le 
Cc.utts Thomas G. pntr, h 30 PrImrose av XN-Iy lIIiss I izzip, h w s Deiawa
 av Bal.I'Y Rtchard. tmstr. b n " Gll'be rd. 
Ct,,-gg-s Fdwfird I., driver "''11 Craggs, hI's 1".
 me Thomas E. comp. hI's Bartll'tt ftV 
Westmoreland av ""\':n,, J"hn. car rppr. h 32 Primrose av I B,,,lIIe Robert C. h s II Victoria av. Eglln- 
CrlW!,s Wm. d.\lry f) S "'I'stmorelftnd a.... ]1;. wton Wm. "hol htchr 'V " Do\'"ercourt rd t
m, . 
I"es Toronto Xhon Jnmes. lah. h n s !lIain I BaIllIe Rosanna (wtd Wm). nnrs.. n S !.ler- 
Cutler Hnrry. flttl'r. 1 H C\.tll'r 
 (lg-Ip \,m. rppalr"r CPR. hI's Bartlett a... tpn. h same. DavlsvllIe _ 
C...tler Henry, lDaeh. hI's Bartlett av Pa'mer Frank. lah. h " " PhandoEl av Bal
lIe \"m, bldr n s Merton, h same. DaVlS- 
['C' Sidney, twine mfr. h w s Ham- Palmpr Jo"eph. dairy 1I1ahern a\'. h saIDI' ...1.le , 
t.rr/! av I ppterhallg-h Alfred. mach hd, h w s Dela- B
lfour JIIlss Eltzabeth. tchr Egllnton Pub 
Dillon ',m. lah. h " s Som"rspt !\v ,"are av uc'h. 1 Rev \V n Roache 
DO' EnCO(-nT POS'I' OFFICE. .J _-\ Phillips Alfred. g-dnr. hI''' H
mhnrl!::tv Ball Herl
"rt, ..ep, h n s Merton. Davls"\'llIe 
Hopkins p
I. '< " 
laiu. cor DO\'l'rcourt rd Phillip" 'Iiss GC'rtrudC'. tI,.,.. I J Phillips B:1l'ks \IIS9 Elizabeth. he" Yonge. Bed- 
Doyle Thomas. lab. b J Lappin Phillips ;rohn. ea..p. h w " SOIDpr"et av fo..d Park . 
DUI Jam!'s. lah. h w" Primro"e av I'hil1iI''' :lIi"s 'Iahel. I J Phlllil1" Beaty Arthnr. ear
tkr I
ghnton Puh Seh, 
P"n'"vy Jos!'ph. pntr, h w s Duð'erln P;ekering "'m hricklvr h n " Brandon av h :llr. L R..umsklli 
Dwi!,ht Alhert. driver, h " " Somerset av I'lI.ktlam "'m: I..h. li ,.; 0 Chagdos av BLdford Par!, Hotel, Edward Knlbaugh 
En/:"!'n Arthur. maeh. h 28 Primrose n\' P,ppr Alf..ed dalrv s _ Main h ,.ame ,.'0p. w s I'm!!e. Bedfnrd Pa..k 
Er.tin'l John C. upholstl'rer, h w s West- }'ollord 'Ils
' Emliy. tit..... I \\'m Pnlla"" IJEDI"ORU I'AUK f'O!'''' O"'
^I( E, J E: 
rr.<:>relftnd av Pollard 'fiss Fannie. tlr<:. I Wm Pollard I Alklnson Postmaster. " , Ionge, Bed- 
Fash:>, Hem..... drh'l'r. h .... " Prlruros.. nv Pollard 1\Iis'l Hehpcca "Isld... I Wm Pollard ford Park 
E..h!in PWllÌnder 'I. wood wkr, h s" Dun- Pollard "'m. ..arp. h' p s !i:òmproet av BI'II Samuel. brklyr. h t' S Yongl'. Eglin 
bar av Poilfird \\"m J. (')1;:. 1 \'ID Pollard ton 
Fait EtI"ard F. hlr mkr. he" Dufferln I'c.I1.... Walter. lah. h w " ])elnw:rre av BI'<'L()by Helen G (wid Edward), h s s Eg- 
Flig-ht (,harlps p. fish pdlr. h s s 
Iain I'owtl,'pll nporgp. hriC'klvr. h " s Chandos av U"ton a\. Da\'i"...illp 
FlIedI' "'alter. harb"r. he" Somprset av Pc\' pll John, hrlekh r '1 W Pnwell Bwgham Wm. lab James Pea..s. hI's Gor- 
I^erd G('()rge. lab. hI's Lan"down!' av P",'-!'II IlIC'har". pl,.h: h " s \Iain 
on. I!avlsvllIe 
li'rC'od John A. 11gt, b n s JII:rin Pc", ell \,alter hrlel;:lvr h I' 
 \Vp"tmore- BuC'h I'.rnest. lab. I JIIrs S Blreh 
,rest 4.ntonia. lah. h w s Lig-hthonrne -av iand fiV" Birch :lliss Esther, "ew maeh opr. I lIIrs S 
Frcst Loul". lab. h n s Brandon av r,'("ctor ""m. lah, h w s Dplaware av 
nardnpr In''.ph, C'nrp, h e s SalC'm av I'....'<{'r .T.1n...", Imtr. h 
 s 'lain lah. I lIIrs S ß.r..h 
(;!II Joseph. II w s 8om"rset a... Qo::g-Ipy Thomas G. dairy w s \\'pstmor.... Bin'b Sa!'nh (wid 'I'homas). h n s SherwOOd 
(JIll Thbmas. hrass fnshr. h w s Hamburg lal'lI nv. h sam.. m'. El!:hnton 
,,,,enue n.I-(>rtson David I. shipp"r. hI's West- BÎf('h "'m J, lab. h s s \Voburn avo Red" 
(lold Adolphus. lah. h w s Sal!'m av Ihürpland a... f. rd I'ark 
ih' Henr.... 
dnr. hI's Jllal...prn av I1..P n,,"'lw..t T;. plmhr. I R J Rose Birchard Fdgar. C'ng N Tor W W. h s s 
nail CharlC'.. ctr. h " s Da...enport rd [loop Hnhert J. C'arp. hI's Rnrtlett av K!'D"lngton av. Egllnton 
Har py AI!'"1andC'r. iab. h w .. Lll!;hthourne n(SS; rharlC',._ lah. h n ,. Dnnhar av Bi..rpll Charles. lah. h w s Yonge. Davis- 
a,pnup Sh","'''mlth Hpnr:>,. lab, h w s Salem av ,-I:le 
Han('y P.ohert S. dairy w s Lighthourne av Snt.1I H('nr
 C. clk. hI's Hllmhurg- av Bopuick C'harles. mngr. h n s 
Hanna Da\id. tm
tr. hI's Do...ereourt rd SpIT-nil' Thnma" J, ..arp. h 3(; Primrose av a\'. E/:"Unton 
Hanna D.n id jr. I D Hanna Stn:rt H"nry. I R Stnart Booth 
Iiss Erangellne, Commls"loner Sal- 
Hr.rd Grorl!"P. cli, ('I'll. h " " Dunbar av Sh-IIrt Rohel t, shlppPI", h s " Brandon av 'I.tion Army. h e s Yor.gC', E
Hare' AuC'u
tns H. litho. h w " f)!'laware BV Stu,".t nol",rt .ir. ..Ik. I R Stnart Bcoth James. gdnr, h " s \Voodward a.... 
IJ:.rpl'lI !\ancy (wid Benjamin). I A E Jones Swonton George. hroom mkr. h eo s Ham- EI-':linton 
Hogan John. blk.mith, h s s Dunbar a... bt"'
 a\'" Bpnldon Frt'derid,. IndIcation taker, h n II 
Hc.IIi" r,rorge. lIorist s s Da\C'nport rd 'fa)'lor' Ed"ln J, ..arp. h,. s !lIaln Sh!'rwood avo Fglinton 
HOI'KI"\!ô ,J \'II-'S \. Grocer RDCI 'f",ry .Tos!'ph. ha"oer. hI's Lan,.downe a\' BoyC'r Hem'v. fiorlst n s \Vohurn av. h 
 s 'hin. h "am
 'I'br.rnp'on Alhert R. dver. h w " Hartlett av samP. BecJtor'd Pnrk 
IfCl psall George. lab. h n s ChandOfl nv 'J'mr.lln"on .Tames, ear deaner GTR. h w s BOYl'r John, potter h w s Y
>Dge. Da\'"ls- 
H. d
on rf]I)\\ :1rd. pomp. h p !': n'ltTf'rin HI: Inbur
 av \"!lle 
lit doon John C. carp, hI's Dun'erin 'f""!"al,, John r. II n " Phando
 av Uranton Henry. lab. h I! 
 Sh..rwood avo 
HI:cí"nn Snsana (wid Clement), I E Hudsou TW'dale John C' jr. harber. h VI" .. Bartlett Eg-linton 
fTt-d<on \"alter. pntr. hI's Dull'erin a\'C'nne John, dairy - 
Ii"" C'"'S";C', elk. I Jo
pph Hughes \'an ßn"ld,.k Isaae. agot. he" Hamllnrg av Dltvlwill" 
HUg'''e" Jooepb. poll.her. h w s DC'IIlware nv VeC'ehio Antonio. lab. -h s s Dnnhar av Br:..rh';v Joseph. mkt gdnr, h s s Da\lsvllle 
Jacnh FrC',I",.ick J. tm'tr. h w s Salpm av Wat!'r.. John. macho hI's Hamburg av a\'. Da"is...llle 
Jel Ding" FI'nf'''t. he" Lan"dn\\ne av W..ller Jp""e. h !' S Dntrerln Br(.<,d "'ID H. macho h w s Youge, Bpdford 
JOlipS .4.lhert F. glldpl'. hI's SalelD av W..ller '('homa" H_ wi,s ('PR. . J Weller Park 
\ld W. coal 3nd wood w s DufTerln, \\:h:hle
 Charle". lall. h w s O'sln
ton av B

Ùen Alonzo J. jwlr, h w s Yonge, Davl'. 
res Torolho Juuctlon "lltesldC'9 Henry, lab. h s s Jll3ln B'('wn Fdwarcl II. farmC', h 
Joy. . Arrhnr E. I..b. I 'Irs '\1 Joyee ' "'i1,.on Jam('s. tlr w s Ossingtou av Bedford Park 

\ViI<.on Tlwmas. photo, h w s Delaware a" 
\\ i:son "nt, pr(\s
er James 'Vil
on, 1 same 
Wo((ls,.ick. lah. h s s 
Zadtz Jllmes 1.:. laundr) m.ln. h s s Dunhar 

'\OIlTH Tono:\" ro 

Da vI.....llle 





CEO. R. HARGRAFT, General Agent, 
'Phone 251 TORONTO 

GORDON & HELLIWELL' IA hI - teet .. 



orth Toroulu 

Brú\\n Ed"ln C. auctioneer n 
 Eg!IDton I Da\l" John & Son (Joseph S Davis.. pro-' 
<1\. h s.lme, Egllnton. p.ietol" Da,b\lIIe Pottery, I' s Yonge. I 
Br<.."n Ed\\y, pntl", I Jame.. Brown Da\'i!"IIII' I 
Brewu Jam..s, co cOD5t",blc. h e s \.onge, U \. \. IS ,)IU''\. J, Grucer nn,. . "....1_ 
Eglinton mnster, I' ci Yonge, h same. Dansvllle 
Hr'.wn J.tDe \wld D:l\j
), h w s Gordon. Da\i< Joseph S (John Davis &. Son), 
I'a\is\lIIe and JP, hI's 1'0nge. 
B.e\\n "m, assessor, h w s Yonge," D:.\i" Jo"eph S jr, wi,.. John Ua\i8 & Sons, 
\"I!le h end Frt>derick, Dn...lsvlll
Brú\\ n \Vm. elect. b \V J Martin Davis Hohert \V. condo h s s Da\ Is\ IIII' av, 
Hro\\nlow James \V, frnits n s Merton, h Da...lsville 
s:!me, Davis,"ille Drvb...Ule Hotel. 1\ H !lllnns prop, I' 8 
8r<..\\nlo"l\" Philip, harnessmkr w s Yonge, Yengc. Dnvls...llle 
h same, Da\isdlle D"...i"\ÌlIe 
t Chnrch. Rev Alhert G 
Hn:;nskill Alt>x,tnder, foreman, b W J Mar- U,'d,on pastor. w S Yon!:\'. 
tin V\.\. IS' I1.LE PO
T 0......1(.1-;. John .J 
Brm'sklll Lncy (Wid Wm), h w s Yonge, Eg, Da\ls 1'\1, I' S Yong-e, Davls\ IIII' 
IlI1ton Da\ Is\ IIII' Potte, Y. John Davis & Son props, 
BI") (.1' Alexander, dairy w 8 Yonge, h same, I' s Yonge. Dß\ Is...llle 
Egllntou D:n i
\ Ule Public School, J C Rutherford 
Bnbl'ar \,"m, hostlcr, b W H 
1Iun.'1 prlD. n S Davl!lvllle av, Da\"lsviIJp 
Bulmer Rohl'rt J. foreman, h n s Kenslng- u_" I
\ II.' E \. '\U (' \III.'I'O,\ HRICI,,- 
. ton a.... Eglinton !llfg C'o (Jnmes 1'I'ars), n s Egllnton a\". 
Burbidge D" (Burblrlge & Shnter), h w DJ\\ i"\ iIIe PO (Sl'e classified Brick 
s \. onge. D.t\"i..vllle Dav George. shlnpl'r, h n s ROI'hampton av. Eglinton Baptist- Church, Rl'v Edward 
Burbidgl' & Shuter (David Burbidgl'. Ed- F.gJinton - l'billips l),lstor, w s Yonge. cor Castle- 
w"rd Shuter), mkt gdun. w s Yongp, Dl'an Rlchnrd T. florist, w S Yonge. h same. fit'ld av, Eglinton DIn isdlIe Eglinton M"thodist Chnreh. I' 8 Yonge. 
HI rus Geo,'ge, shoemkr I' s Yonge, h same, DH'/:Ln Miss Catherine, cashier, I 1IIrs M opp Glen Grove a.... Eglinton 
lIa\is\lIIe I'E'egan EGI.I:\"TO:\" PO!iT OFFI{-E, 'Ii"" H 
Bntler M.IIY (\\ Id Dennis), hI's Gordon, DeE'gan John J, clk, I MrB M Deegan Hargrave P

tmistress, I' 8 \.o'nge. 
Davis\"lIJe ['(egaD 'fary (wid Michael), h n 1:1 Eglln- ton 
Cnmeron Robert, florist s s Merton, h same. Ion nv. F.
linton Lj:(linton Presbyterian Chnreh. Rev J C 
DavlsvllJe D(.ferrl'ri Charle", mkt gdnr n s Broadway '.fibb pastor, w s Yonge, Eglinton 
CI rden 
largaret, dom Miss E...angellne a..., h same, Egllnton Eglinton Public School. W J
 Pop kings 
He.ofh D"rrett Emma (wid Benjamin). I Wm 
Ia- prln. n s Erskine avo E
C'an.y Wm, lab, h s s DavlsvllJe av, Davis- gnlre EGLIXTO'\ '}'O\\. "\" HALL, \\. m J 
\me De Yalder Peter mkt Jrdnr .. B Sherwood l'('nglas Town Clerk, \\ s Yonge, Cor 
Css(aden W'm, brickmkr, h n s Egllnton a... h "amI' Ègllnton 1IIontgomery a.... Egllnton 
a.... Egllnton DIg-';nm John 'A acct h W 8 Yonge Davls- I E!hbeit Wm, pntr, h n s Merton, DavlsvllJe 
Cluombt>rs Thomas F, lab, h w s Yonge. vl'l
 ., 'Ellis "'m G, jwlr, h w s Yonge, B
I'edford Park Di""le Samne! K, h w s Yonge, Davls...iIIe I Park 
CI nrman 
a'l1uel, latber, h w s Gordon, D:"on Alexander H tray h e s Yongl' Ea_ Eu_erson Frederick, lab A Bryce. h w 8 
D.l...i,,\"ilJe III:ton'" <> , \.cnge, Eghntcn 
C"J,.1lds Jaml''' A, blksmlth I' s Yonge. h Dbon Howard A. I A H Dixon Er;l!lnnd Alf,'ed, dairy n B Sondan av, I Wm 
snme, Eglinton DOhE'rty Francis, clk, I W F Doherty 
Iorgan, DavlsvllJe 
ttbew K. bk:pr, b_ J A 
Ignum Doherty Frederick J. studt. I W F Doherty Englo
d GE'orge, farmer, h n s Egllntoo 
CL \II....E \\"1 .-\, Clerk \ ork To"n- DOherty \\"m L, h w s Yonge, EJ:llnton \ . ,a.... Egllntoll 
ship, h 6-1 A\cnne rd. Toronto Deollng Miss Catherlnc, I Mrs 
1 DeE'gan }"thl'rlngton Manrlce. lab A Bryce, b R Ed- 
Col,bl'lln Edward, lab, h s 8 Ballol. Davis- D(u;:-l:ls George. gdnr, h S s Merton Davls- wards 
....!Ie I . Fahlen John L. h w s Yonge. Egllnton 
Co!bran George, gdnr, h w s Yonge. Davis- Do"g-Ins Samuel J, com agt h w s Yonge. Farpwell Samuel J. clk G E Coon, I same 
\'i'le Eellnton' I Frrley Rohl'rt J. vet surg C 8 Yonge, h 
Cole El'lerpy. h w s Yonge, Egllnton Ð(,,
"las Wm waggon mkr e s Yonge h same, Da\is...iIIe 
Collett Jospph. pntr, hI'S Yonge, Egllnton s,.
E', Egli';ton ' Farr \Vm J, btchl" I' 8 Yonge, h same. Eg- 
Co.'loy rhomas. dairy w s "kongI'. h same, VOl {a. \Oi "-:U J. To" n Clerk An.l IInton 
Dn...i8\"lIIe I Treasurer Ì1 n s Roehampton a... Egiln- FI'Lwit-k 'Vm, h s s Sondan av, Davlsvllle 
Cook r;liza (wid James), h s s Davl
..-Ille ton' . " Ferg-n
on Rohert, potter John & SOli. 
a\". Davls..-llle I Dlake Pascal W "hoemkr hI's Beresford b \V H 
Ccok Gpor","e, whol btchr n s Davlsville av, avo Dnvis...iII
 ' ., r-:I
l er John, carp, hI's Yonge, Egllnton 
h same. Davlsvllle Drewry Rohert. blksmitb I' 8 Yonge h J; I
zpntrlck. forE'msn James Prors. h w 8 
Cook .Jo
n, whol btchr, n s Davl8vllle avo same. ' I 1'onge.. Davls\"lIIe 
Dnns....lle . Dltll.... Richard carp b J J Sellers FitzpatrIck 
fark J, brlckmkr, h 8 S Eglln- 
Ccok Robert. cattle dlr s s Da...lsvllle av. , DuIT'John tm
tr Ja,',.es Pear8 h s s Eglin, I ton a\'. DavlsviIJe 
h saml'. Davlsvhle tpn Da;ls...llle . Fortes Hell'n (\\id James), h s s Albertns 
Cook Robert, cattle dlr w s Yonge, h same, Henry R bkpr h n s Victoria av Eg- a..., Eglinlon 
Bpdfo!d Park IInton " 'Forrl"t Charles F, clk. h 8 8 Bedford av, 
Ccok "'-II. lab. h w s Yong-e, Bl'dford Park Dt:ÞE's Robert R mote h s s Sondan av r.('dford Park 
n George E. gro. flour and feed, w 8 1 I'nvls...llle " , Fox UI'\' Thomas, b s s Victoria avo F.g, 
1'('lIgl', h same, Egllntou Dn.can Alpxander. lab h II 8 Glebe rd, I IlIlton 
Ccpeland JO"I'IJh, mkt gdnr s "Da\lsvllJe Davisvl!1e' Frchle Barrv, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h III\me. 
a\-. h same. DovlsvllJe Dnr can George lab h s s Frederick Davis-I Proford Park 
Cordingll'Y Wm E, 1 W ". Cordlngley ...III
 T , , 'F,isby Arthnr. blk"mlth, b W ,t Martin 
CorGingly Wm W, brlc!<mkr James Pears. D'!JJcan 
1is::J Jennl
 E, tchr Davlsvllle I F.-i
by Wllfnod, condo h Sondan av, Da
h w s B,:ulah av, Dav.svllle Pnb Sch. b W AulJ ..lIIe 
Cor"l'h Jo..ah T, h n f; Merton. Davls...lJle Ðrm('nn Thomas mkt gdnr n " Glebe rd. G..mble 
1I;;s Susan. h s 8 EglintoIl avo 
Crnck"l\"ell. Robert, baker, h n s Albertus ' I'avlsvlll.e 
a... Eglmton . I Dr'nn BpnJ.lmln m3ch h n s Ml'rton Davis, Gar! . a,nd 
khola8, m
rehant, hI's Yonge, 
Crlghton A.-thn:- J. 1"8 agt, h s s Glen ,'1'11' " , Eghnton 
Gro\e a..., F:j1;lInton Dunnl'lt Allan fdl"ttler h e B Yon"e Bed- Gor!and :-Jlcbolas L, clothing mfr. hI's 
hank Colin, h n s Davlsvllle avo ford Park' . <> , Y('ug-I', E
Davls...lJle Dunnett \Vm J farmer hI's Yonge Bed- Gartshor
 John J, ry ønppli
, h n s El1:lIn- 
C"II'1III'r Alh
rt E, carp, h n s Sherwood ford Park" , ton avo Eg-linton 
avo Egllnton D,'pl'l' John. h " s Soudan a.... DavlsvUle GEslon Charles. mkt gelnr n 8 Egllnton av, 
Dack ROben, hI's Yonge, Bedford Park DllIand Charles A barr h n I! Victoria av h "ame. Egllnton 
Danl'e Robl'rt. lub, h w s Yonge, Egllnton Eglinton " , G1 f;ton Samuel. mkt gdnr n s Eglinton avo 
ra!"lI n t:" Berbprt. carp. h s s Sherwood av, Do:rand Napier. mns tchr, n 8 Victoria av, h same, Egllnton 
E gllnton 1 snlllP E"lInton Ga8ton Samuel Jr. mkt I!:dnr n s Smith avo 
 Herbert jr, W J Farr, I H Dcrle ArchÍbnld F, eng, hI's Gordon, h same, 
Da,rhng Davls\lIIe GaIl's Phlhp. lah, h 8 S Merton Davl..vllle 
Danes Jo1:ln L. .....ks Met St Ry Co, h n B D I 
. :I I d . J Holden. I A F Gibson Robl'rt J. see York 1II.lsonic Lodgf', 
Briar Hi:! av, Eglin ton nr I' .. m '. rIver os rl'S Deer 
Davis Alexnnder J,. potter Jo
n &. Durie Gib
on Thomas A. barr, h e s Yonge. Davis- 
Son, h n s Fredertck, Da...lsvtlle r"urrett Emma T (wid Benjamin). I Wm 
Davis Charles R. elk J J I F B 1 M' (
I;bert George, h w s Yonge. Egllnton 
Davis ' agune Gi
l'od Jackson lab h w s Yon2"e Davis" Frederick H, prodnce dlr w s Yonge, Ed"ards Richard. lab A Bryce, h n s AI- v
lIe ., . 
h some, Da...lsvllle I bertus a.... Egllnton Gill Ernest, jwlr. h w B Yonge, Davl8...iIIe 
Davis Herbert B, clk, I F H Edwards Wm W, caretkr Town Hall. Ins Gill Richard. mkt gdnr B s Sondan av, h Jame s I._h kpr. b J 
 Fubien Fg-linton av, Eglinton semI', 

I I 
...Jr,THE.;" 11- '"I""

 .fJ.1"?:... _ 
liE'S?: , -..>
Oé'ËR s 

 H 2 EAD OF,f'\C.!. 

'T QØ:&"''' 0 

The OFFICE SPECIAL TV rt1FC. CO., Limited. S H ANN 0 N . . . 
High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture. 

I C E Lake Simcoe and Grenadier Lake I C E 
Telephone 217 or 5103. GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. 


North Turunto, 


Gianc.. Dominick, b Wm Porter lIol, fony B. hiksmitl1 w S \.onge, 11 1 Lunv Jobn, brickt.,kr, b n s Sberwood av, 
G'an,'" Tbom.,o;, waggonml,r, b "'m Porter ð,ll'lt'. Bedford Park 1.:,.!intoD 
Glen arm e 1'.111,. w s Yong", E;:;lIntoI' Horn G,,')rgi', LJI,pr, h \ ktoria .lV, Eg- u> "il"'''' nenjumlll, packer, b B B BaIlloI, 
Go..don .\.If..ed, hors.. dir n p Alb"rtus avo h I..,lon Ih\.-b\ilIe 
so-me, E;:;linton Hc>\\e Frands, putr, h n s Da.-Isvllle av, LqJOf>ky Ala.lIn, d.lIry n It Egllnton av, 
G'''I,\h Altl"e.t lab, b n s Davis,'iIle av, Darls,lIIe EgJlutOD 
D.n' is,' lIle How<;on Bernnrd, elk. I. F GrundY L'I.:>tage "Ill J, b B S Broadway av, EgJln, 
GlUnd .\lamIc.. J. prtt, h w 
 Alberta cres, How"on Eliz.,LJeth (\\ ill J.\lne-). I 1<' Qrunr1y Ion 
Da\'ls.-Jlle l!t:d>on Hev AILJ"..t G. pa>tor Davlsvllle Lcwls MI
s Ellzaheth V, tcbr DavlsvllIe 
Green H.lIn'lbas, h w 
 Yongc, Fglinton 
It'th Ch, b w s You!:e, l.u\is\lIle l'ub S,'h, b \Vw Aul! 
Gr<-gg Ww R. architect, h w s Yonge, Eg- HUJ;bes JObn, pad",r, h w s Yonge, Davls- Lewis 
\Jiss Lily. sleno
, b Wm At>1l 
Imton vIII.. Linkp Emil, sllOelllkr w s Gordon, h Bame<. 
G..lce E;:zabeth twid Benjamin). I T Grice HUJ':hes Josepb, lab, h s s Balhol, DaviB' Dayis,lIle 
elke 10'...\111., Jlorlst n s Balhol. h same, ,'iIl.. Len"h John, jwlr, h n s 'Voburn av, Bro- 
Havls\'llle Hnuher.on John S, flU'mer, h e s Yonge, t. rd Park 
GI'C" l",'ederick, 1,1mbI'. I T Grke Ikdfo..d Park Lo,'k "'I"'d,,rlek, carriage mkr, b B B Mer- 
G..;ee ThoDlas, h s s Davlsville av, D.lvls- Humphrey "',"aneIA. h .. s Gordon, DavIs- ton, Da\-ls\'lIIe 
\'me vllle Lück George, prtr, I FLock 
C..ifl1tbs Richard, stenog, I lúlss Evangeline Ht:nt John T, mkt gdnr e B Evelyn, Eglln- Locke James l
, curl', b \V S Gordon, Davl&- 
J.:ooth ton .-lIIs 
GnllJd} FI-edericl" Ins agt, h n s \Vood- Hm-st Edward, gdnr, h s s Balllol. Davls- Legie James, tmv, h B S Erskine av, Eglln- 
'V1Pl"d nv, Eglinton vUle ton 
Gu'st G
I. b"rtndr W J Martin HUl st Ed\\ard jr. 101" I E Hurst Lo.t'lion John. mngr, h n B Vjctorl
 av, I
G,,"cott GeOlge, WkB Cl'R, h n s Egllnton h,ghnm Wm, portt:l: \\ J :I1m'Un 1.1 Ion 
11\-, egllnton lunes John. artist 1f S Eigluton av, h same, LC'\\e Hugh, driver A, b R Edwards 
H"ddp" S.tJnuel J. pntr, b s s Egllnton av, l'J1vi
\'lIIe L."nn D,,,-Id, !nh, I '1' I.)',in 
U",-IAvll!e luwood Gt'orge, h e s ) ong-e, Eg-lInton Lyun JoIJII, loll>, I 'f Lynn 
H::gPlm;lIt Peter, tmstr John Davis & Son Jrd:es Bert....m. elk, I G \V Jaekes L}nn Thomas, mcnr. II 8 S Erskine av, Eg- 
h e 
 Balliol, Dn\ Is,'lIIe ' J:\( bes E, ne>(, plk, I G 'V J:1(-kes lIJ<ton 
Hall mtt gdnr n s Egllnton av, h J::('\'f8 George W, pby e s Yonge, h same. Lynn Tbomas.. th..esher, b n B Glenwood 
"'me. Eglinton El!linton avo navlsvlhe 
Hnll A, baker, h n s Broadway av, JUt'kes Henrietta (wid Wm), h e s Yonge. L:: l -:> a n r 
 k Bernard. elk, b C If Yonge, Bedford 
I.;glinton EJ':lInton 
H.lll James. mkt gdnr n " Davlsvllle av, h Jo,-kes James, rufrs' agt, I lIlr" H Ja..kes )I<-('unn John, lab. h w " Yong-e. Egllnton 
s;,me. Ua\lsvlIle In,-I<son "-m, ca..p, b n s F....deriek. Davls- '!(-('ann John. fnsl'r, I I. !Ilc('nnn 
Hall Joh". mU gdnr n B Egllnton av, b ,lIIe '1<-('onn Jo<eph, elk. I L '1,,('.lIIn 
S:lme, EgliDton Ja t ' o '\ Q 'i
 Albert, driver, h w s Yonge, Eglin- 
I ' 
 I (' . _ l a e nn Lawrence, lab, h w s Yonge, DR",I&- 
Hall Hi<-II:tJd, b.lrber .. " Yonge, h same, 
D.tvls\lIIe .Tchn.on <\h..aham, h s s Wol>urn avo Bed- )l,
Ca..tnE'Y lIIaggie (wid George), nurse eo! 
H.III1'homas. I John Hall f....d Park ',ng-e, h samp. Dn\'lsvllle 
H.'mllJ :M:I..tha C (\\id Henry), h ø B Ers- J, hnson Henrv. ml,t gdnr e s Gordon, bill, Clelpnd Tll3mos J, CIt'1' h n s Sherwood 
kine av. Eglinton s:1Ine. Davls\lIIe It\', Eglinton ' 
H.lrgaret AILJe..t, carp, I IIlrs E Hargrave Johnsoll Henry L. tmstr Jamps Pears, h n s 111<-('011 Duncan. h 
 !! Alb..rtus nv Eg\inton 
Hargla\ e Elizahetl, ,,\'Id Josepb), grocer e s Sondan uv. Davls\-lIIe III. Coli Wm, dairy s s Aibertus a;, h same, 
Yonge, b same. Egllnton Jol.n<on I.eonard. tmstr James Pears. I 11 Egllnton 
Ii>s Emily, drsmkr e s Yonge, h Jchuson .M ' 
( I : , o l" mb James, stereo, h n s Merton, Davis- 
snn"" Egllnton JcbJ:ston John. mkt gdnr, s s Glehe rd, h 
HAIU;n \. \ I-; .'IIS
 H \.RIUET. Po..... 
"me. DnvisvlIle A,,-CormacJ, George, farmer, h w II Yonge, 
mlstrpss 1.:gllnton P 0, h e s Yonge, EI:- Jol'r.
ton 1II'lrY J (wid John), I R 10bn- r.<cdforù Park 
\ill ton stOll ]\1..( Hem-)'. cattle dlr w s Yonge, h 
H.II'per Richard. Ins ogt, h n B Glen Calm, Jol'"
ton Rohprt. mkt gdnr, n B Glebe rd, h s::me, DIIYls,lIle 
Eglinton, Dnvisvi!lE' U('
\'eady John. lab, h n B M('rton, Davls- 
H.II-lis lab JamE'S PearB, h e B JOI_es Benjamin, b n s Victoria av, 
l"lIn- "lIe 
}onge, Egilnton ton 1Iknonnld Murdoch lab h s s Albertus av 
Harrison Asellath 111 (wid Christopher), h J......s EIbnhetb (wid Je.
p). dairy 8 s Egllnton - , , , 
B s Victoria av, Ej:(lIl1ton Broadway nv. h same. Egllnton 1If \ '-I I ' , ' I o " nald "-m A; carp, h tV S Yonge, Davls- 
H"rri.on .Miss Ethelyn. tchr. I Mrs A \If JOII... Stephen, g-dnr. h s s B.\lI\ol, Davls- 
Harrison ,-;lIs McDowell G..orge. mason. h s s Hoebamp- 
Harrison Georg.... Inb, h e s Yonge. Egllnton Jo,'('
 "'m. hlcllr Josepb Holdpn. b same ton av, EgUnton 
Ha,'''s '1"homas. lab, h \V S Yong-e, Davt..I"e Jmy I
....pst ('. ('Iv 
er, h s s Egllnton nv, \I
 I " I ' I I:;on Atthur, gdllr, h ,. s Yonge, Davl..... 
Hunbrow Stl"phpn. florist s s Davls\ ille av, Eg-lJuton ' 
b same. Da.-I
\-lIIe Ka:balt<:-h Ed\Vard. hotel w s Yonge. Bed- IIkEldon Acthur J, driver J J Davis I A 
n. mminj:( Henry K S b s s Glen Grove av I f",d Park 
'.-Eldon . 
EgUllton' , K.: 
t Hichmd, io.b, h n 8 Broad"-,,.. av, \I<,e \IIiss IS"belln I ',"m Fpnv.-Ick 
HUlllerson 1IIrs Annie h e 9 Yonge, Eglin. I Jo'glillton . 'I,-I\"inlay Allan H. elk. 'I A R 
ton . 1';:..111.111 I.'rnnk N, barr. b w .. Beulnb av, 1\I':Kinlav A....illh..ld H, trav. h s s Glen 
Ht'"dprslJn Miss Isabella dk I Mrs A Hen- I lIavis\'ille GrO\e avo I-:!:ilnlon 
d",son ' , Kp,'s\\ell miznhetb (wid Cbarles II), b w s 'I"Kinlay _\..blh.,ld T. I A R :It.-Kinlay 
H<-lIder u on ,'ormnn. elk, I 
Irs A Hendprson Y'-n
p. FJ':linton 
I<-Kiniay "'Ill \Y. elk. I A R 'ldÜnloy 
H.'slop 'Iary (wid ThomaB), b s AlbertllS av, l'eN\\t'lI 'Vm I. ('Ik. I \IIrs E Kpr
wl'lI !I[cQualn<,y (whl J-:zeki..I), I J Copl'lnnd 
Ej:1inton I I"rl' Allthony C'. lab, h n s EglJnton av, 
I.,hhett Wm, lab, b tV S Yonge. Bedford 
HII d> EIJ\\'ard, farmer h s s Egllnton av El':hnton 
I'p,'lsvllle' , Kirl' JO<l'ph. lab, b n s "'oburn av, Bed- 1II.eDuð' Jobn, tmstr, b s s Egllnton av 
 JObn, tmstr, h s s Glenwood 0..... f..rd I'"..k 1'a\ isvllle ' 
\lIIe I(linel, Josepb A, carp, h e s Yonge, Eglin- ",",mire Wm. be s YonJ::e. Eg-lIl1ton 
lIil'!ls RIchard. 1.11>. b w B Gordon. Da.-is- t
n 1I1.1I:lIlug Honora (\\'id Thomas). I J llN'nnan 

-I.le. I IIa..d Alfl-ed J. elk. I J Laird M:-_I'tin Helbert, b,'I,mn GTlt. I Wm J 
 Uoh..rt. ItrleJ,mkr James Pears, h w s 1a;nl J"hll. pl"tltre frames e s Gordon, b till 
'onl:('. \)avls\'lIIe san)('. n,,,'I,,-lIIe 
I.II tin Wm J. hotel w s Yon!{e h snme 
Hil1YPS Georgp J. plstr, h s B Merton, Dads- Lamb l'r:IIII,I. '1'. hrlckmkr James Pears. h Eg'inton - . , 
\-111.. n s C.,
tll'fj('ld a\'. E;:;lInton !l1r.son I;U7.1hptlt (wid Hemy), h n s Mer- 
Hi".on Eliza (wid Harrison). I A E P',g-.lpy L"tham J.lIl.. (wi<1 lIellry;. h n s Kenslng- ton. Da\'I<,IIIE' 
H..t'.t'1tl John J, Ind.,y, h n s Castlefidd ton av, J.;g-linton 1 1\1.1111('\\. llelllY, btehr. h s s GlenwOO1l av, 
H\". I-:I\"lillton Latham HlCharrl. t 1II,'s J Lnthnm Dads\-lIIe 
l!n',lpn H,', hert, driver Joseph Holden, I Lnw Edwin G, t.lrmeL', h e s Yonge, Eglln- \Ia
'es El'1\e
t J, jAnitor, h n " Sberwood 
J. b" Hohl..n ton I a\'. E<:-lInton 
Ho'd..n JamEs, mkt gdnr 9 s Broadway av, I.awl('ss John. h n s Rop..r nv. Egllntoo "Ipad Th"mas. f1oris1: U T Dean b n s 
F:;:-lintnn . Lnwlpss J"seph. I John Lawlcss rJ:lvis.l\le av, Da\I.,m.. ' 
Hohl..n John, btebr, h s s Eglinton av, I.a\\"r..nel' Frands. farmer. h e s Yonge, 
Ieaker John, mkt I:dnr n s Davlsvl!le av, 
Da\'ls\'lIIe R,'df01'd Park h .nIDP. Davisvllle 
H..!dpn Jnseph. btcbr e s Yonge, I John I a\\ ,'..n('p '
"01"gP H. cblef constable, h s S !l1':1I'" Rich.H'd, gl1nr. b s B Merton, Davis. 
1I0'<1el\ Ralilol. Da\'I,,-lI1e \ III" 
JI,'pkings lIllss B..I.tha C. minr. I J E Hop- La\\rpn('1' HplllY T, mkt gdnr n s Da\'lsvllle 
[et St Rv ',"altinl: Tlo"m. w B Yongc cor 
kin!:'; avo Dn\'I.\-llIe (;1.." Gro\'l
 nv, Egllnton ' 
EopUI\g-s JIIIss Emily III, mlnr, 1 J E Hop- 'L,_wr('n('p \I.\lY I'; (wid Robert), b s B I 
1;.ldlphrook Josl'ph H eleet h s s Davis- 
klr;!s D
,.illf' :n.. Da\rjlõ:\ ,"ille flV. })n,-h,,-lIle g , 

 J.\m.'s E, town commissioner, b ú"w1"en('1' !'.1Il1lle\, fnrmer, h w s,"onge. 
1it1tlleton Hobert U, lab, b '" s Erskine av, 
n " Uoehampton 'IV, F.g-IInton Pl'dford Pno'k I F.gllnton 
Hopkin!!:s Wnlter E. Plln Eglinton Pub Sch, Lnwrenee Stephen. florist n s Kensington 'Ihms Ernest II, ,'Ik. I W H IIIlnns 


 nv. h n s Cn
tl..n('ld av, Fg-lInton ' 'lit "" Walt('r ß. ,'J I
 "n" __ 

Stein way Pianos 

PIANO & MUSIO 00" Limited, 


North Torunto. 


9 Váctot"la all'. 

:Mh'ns Walter H. botel e s Yonge, Oa\'I

1.ll'l1ell Cba"'es, coacbllian, b n s 
D,l \ is"ilIe 

lllt-liell Hobcl't, gdn... I J St...ldl-r 
l>!t.u'e J"wes, II n s 8ond.m a\, Dayis\lIle 

011;,<n :Uary (wid Hobe..t), h W S \.onge, 
DU\ is\'ilIe 

OI-g.Ut \\10. drher, b s s Spndan ay, D'ni9- 

' Frank H. ('Ik, I W J !lose9 
h1( tes Will J, l1.l..d\\are e s \.ong.., b 
:Mu",_,n Jul1n, btchr, h s b E:;Ilnton avo DavIs- 

'ull John, sbol'lnk.. I' S '\.onge. b 8:1me. I-
Mul:<ns AI.thur. sblpper. I J 1\lnlllull J.lmes. dyer, b 8 S H.llliol. Davls- 
\ ilIe 

1,:Il:l1i'on Jallet (wid Jobn). b s 9 Kensing- 
ton a v, Egllnton 
Mmdocl1 Hngl1, baker.. 9 Yonge. b snme, 
lJ.l \-is"ille . 
}:lo.pl1y Charl..8. impl..m..nt dh' w s Yo"ge. 
b same, Davl8vllie 
:Muston W.lJle... Xortb Tor Floral Co, 
I1 n s H.llJlol, DIIVIsvlIle 
X,'sh Hubert ],'. cowp, h s 8 Me..tou. Davl9' 
!'I son Hussell ],,, lOng.. Xo..tb Toronto 
1'10....1 Co. b n s BalJlol, D.l"i",-liIe 
L..l Colm. Ilori8t s s Eglinlon av, h 9ame. 
!'i,L...t }'e...r. bkpr. h 9 9 Egllnton av, 
ri"0I W.ln Addloon, electric beJt8. b n 9 Glen. 
\HOO av. DavisvlIle 
:Sorth TOI'onto Electric Ligbt Power Hse. 
8 s Kensm&;ton a\', l:>gllnton 
:Sl'rlh TOl"Onto 1,' Co. Ltd. R F 
mng... tlorists. n s Balliol. D.lvisyille 
:SOltl1 TOlOnto Wate.. \\ o..ks. Edgar Bircb- 
urd eug, 11 s U\", Elginton 
Oral!:;e H.lII, n 8 ;\lotttgomery av 
Os!e.. Rev Canon. b n s linwtborne /lv. Eg- 
hili on 
(oni('O[['8 Hot..l. W J' Martin prop. w 8 
1 (onge, Eglinton 
Page )lis
 Agnes. I Miss Evang..llne Rooth Cba.....s. l.tl1, b 9 S Ball:ol, Davisyllle 
Page James, carp. b W 8 Yonge Davisville 
PU!:" 8tephen, lal1, h s s Halhol, Davis. 
Fe;ln."e H.icl1ie E, wason, h 9 S Me-rton, 
{'...lll Jubn. clk, b w ;; Yonge, Bedford 
PEAltS JA \IES 10n,-i!n ille .\: Cnrl- 
tUL: llric
 )ffg Co), b n s E:;hnton av. Ji:g- 
IInton (8ee c.lrd el.lsslfied Brick Mfrs) Jame8 Jr. !Jrlckmkr J.lmes P.-ar8 
ou Ho!JeIt, lab. b n 8 Sberwood av 
Eglin ton ' 
Pe.., in 8tephen A, b n s Soudan av Davis- 
i:le ' 
,lips Rev Edward. pastor Eglinton Bap- 

o;l1urCh, b " s Itoel1ampton avo Eg- 
Pili I ps A..tbur. lab, I 9 Pb1pps 
il'l'S, ca..p. b e s '\.onge, Bed!ord 
PILder Abrabllm, _dairy u 9 Glen Grove avo 
b same. Egllnton 
P:I'de.. Hobe..t, !Jlksmitb J A Childs r,,
YOl'k Tp . 
Phml.;.... Tbomas. caretkr Davisvllle Pub 
_St:h. h n s Frederick. D.lylsvllle 
Pipe.. imp I agt. b n s Egllnton 
ß\'. r.::;lIulon 
Plant H"I hert. cblna decorator. b e s Yonge 
I.:avlsvllle . 
Porler )I.'
s !lIary. b W 9 Yonge. Eglinton 
Pc..ter "ro, 1>I
t... b w 9 Yong.. Davisville 
Powell Uey Thomas W. r..clor S't Clement.s 
Cl1u..cl1. h e s Yonge. Egllnton 
Pratt AI!Jt...t, farme.., b w s Yonge Bed 
fOl d 1',lrk . 
S D..lima, gro s s Merton h 8ame 
r 'n vJ
, HIe I, 
Pratt Thomas. I JIllss D Pratt 
Pr!t('bard Chnrles. jwlr, I G F Prltcbard 
Pr,tclund George F, ca..p, It !!I" E..skine ay. 
Pritt:hard Geor:;e F Jr. carp, b 9 8 Erskinp 
av, E::;lInton 
Pugsley A..thur F., cattle dlr n 9 Roehamp- 
ton av. Egllnton 
Pmrell P/ltrick, b s s Egllnton av, Da\i

I', .cy Geotge G. sUppe.. mf.. w s '\.onge, h I 
1C\\art 1lev James W, b 
lIle, DU\ is\ IIII' 
H.... Ho!Jert. !JhPI', II 3 iI Erskine av. I;g- SLl,h,ud Albe..t. gdnr J S StI!Jbard 
Ill'tott SliL h.ud Jobu S. mkt gdnr n s C..e
cent av 
..!.) H.lrr> L. ""LU"P. I J.lmes Ham
..lY h 'i.Ulle. LolInton ' 
H.m'<.IY J.llnes, bid... 9 S Victoria, b Sol me, SILchd,lle Jo-epl1, pntr n 9 \\ oburn av. b 
I':ghnton ' line, Bedfo..d P.lrk 
H.ln -.1) Jame.. A. elk. I James Rnm"ny I StLcke.. t:eorge, Ì!ldr s " Kensington av, b 
H..u', IY Wol, moto. ill's \.un:;e. Eglinton s,lIne. Egllntun 
H.l) IW.. AI!Jert, ptttr, I S It,lyner 
"".Ider AllJert. gdnr. I J Strad..r 
-IIl'r Samuel. pntr, II I' s Alberta cres StJ
der Jol1n, mkt gdnr e s Yonge b same. 
1"..1\ i...., i1le IJ:.! ,"i:s\ lHe ' 
1le..dY Jo eph. pdl... b W 9 Gordon. Davls- SutLon Edw'Ird. daily n " Roper av. b same 
\ Hie r
lintoll . 
Rtl'des HenJ.tUlÏn. brlckmkr. b n s Smitb Taylo.. Arthur E, j\\ Ir, h s s Wo!Ju..n av 
a \'. Eglinton l;
dfo..d Park . 
Hich.nd.ulI 8amuel R. pby w s \.onge. b 1'1',,)'10.. Ed\\ard. b s 9 Glen Grove av. Eg- 
'niP. l.:gllnton Unton 
final-he Ht.v \Vm It, h S 9 P.oehampton avo Ta)-Ior Elizabetb. dolO T A Gibson 
Eglinton TI.ump"ún Henry, grucer I' S Yonge b same'on Alexander, lab. h n s Broadwa, I':j;lmton ,. 
n\'. Eglin ton Tbompson "'m. lab A Bryce, b F Emerson 
R( hin!'iJn George. IIlb. b n B CastJefield a\, TI1
 mson John I. mfrs' .I:>:t. b s b 1;I..n 
Eg!lnton ! Gl'ove nv, Eghnton 
RüL-ill$on 'larsball '1'. awning mfr 9 S Son. 'Tbomson Jlllius A, clk. I J J Tbomson 
dan 1\\, b same, Davlsviile Tllol'n!Jury Harry, lab, b I' S Yonge. Davia- 
Rol',on George. b e s Yonge. EgIIDton I ,,'lie 
R(\("he Da!uel. macb. b s s Soudan avo 'l'I!Jb Rey J Campbell, pasto.. Eglinton Prf!9 
I'a\ i
yille I Chnrch, h 8 S Briar 1Ii11 avo Eghnton 
R(chfOl'd Tboma!'. pdlr, b w s Gordon T'-mhleson John. lab. b e s Yonge. E:;'lntoo 
Dnis\lIIe . 'l'oulinson \\,llfrpd R. pntr I' s Yonge b 
Ress Fmnk, mkt gdnr, e s Yonge, h same. 8
mp, I':gllntolJ ' 
l-a\'ls\ilIe Tooley ElnIDa (wid Jobn), I J Tooley 
RI'\\ Ilnson Jobn H, glide... h s s B:llllol Teoley I';rnest. Jame8 Pears. h n !!I 
Da vl
\ il!e . ' C.1stletìeld av, Egllnton 
Rutterford )lIss Ella, tcbr Eglinton Pub TooI..y Jobn. wtcbman \let St Ry Co. b II " 
S<"I1, I J C Uutberford I K,'nsiugton n". Egllnton 
Rutherford J Campbell, prin Dnvl8ville Pub l.ono....l'O POlLTR} "'0 (.\ROB.. 
Sch, b w 8 Yonl;e, Davlsvllle I'rodu('e Co, Ltd, J \1 WiI$on \lana:;er. 
R,,,b..rford ;\hll"g.lret (wid J.lml'S) I J C P'úduce. Poultry, Butter and Eg:;s. s . 
fil.tberfo"d . ,'::.:lintoll ,n'. Davlsyille 
lh.therford )1iss Te$sie tcbr I J C Rutber- 'l't:lller J-'dward C, <"Ik. I )lrs S Turner 
f"rli ., 'l'ul"lJ(>r S,lI'nll (wid Tbomas). b S 9 Merton. 
Ruth\en Albe..t H. candy mkr. I H Ruth- Lavls\'ille 
'en UICJuhn..t p..ter. elk. I James Logie 
P.uth\-cn Harry. b n 9 Kensin:;ton ay Eg- Vnnrhan Edwa..d. p..e"ser, b w S Yong!!, 
lil,ton . E:.:linton 
St Clement.s Churcb. Rev T W Powell rec- I \'('I<<'s 'liles, bard ware. :J. n s Victoria all', 
tor, n s Hnwtborne a\'. Egllnton E:.:llnton 
St G..rmpÍiI Endr..w H farmer b W S \\ _\.DDI'\{.TO:\ HI:UnEI\T, !'ecretnry 
'\.('pge, B..dford Park . . Uell,lDce J oaI]. & Savings Co. b n s Vle- 
Su derson J.lmp
. whol btcbr 9 8 Erskine t(.rI.t "v. Eghnton 
av. h same, I:gllnton \V.
'msley James. varnlsb mkr, b 9 S Davls- 
Sanderson Ro!J..rt H. waggonmkr I' S Yon:;e. 
'llIP av, Da\"lsYII.le 
b same, Dayl$Yllle "
I'd Charles H. Jwlr. b I' S Yonge. Eg- 
S1ml bhpr. b s 9 Egllnton av DaYis- In;ton 
\-Ple . W,.ld" \liss Agn..s, tchr Egllnton Pub Scb, 
S,1l'nders George. potter Jobn Davis & Son I res Toronto 
b \V S Yo!)ge, Davisville ' Warden Ed\\ard !J, Oorlst n s Sberwood Le,l. potter Jobn Davis & Son I :1\'. It 
:lUl". Eglmton 
h \\ S Yonge. Davlsvllle . Warren Alg
'non. bkpr. I R Warren 
Scott \Vm T. macb. b n s Wobum flV \,:",'r..n R"
II':lld, <"Ik. I R Warren 
B.,dford Park . \
 a tr..n fioh",..t. poultry dlr s s Sbe.....ood 
Sera"e b !!I 9 Glenwood avo Dayls- a\'. II "nlli... E
\'I lie ' \Va
hlnl::ton G..orge. shoemkr. b e 9 Yonge, 
wi('k Alhert, Oorlst w s Yonge b 8ame JI...lf"rd Pa..k 
Da\ i8vllle .. \Vn
ton G..orge jr, sboemkr. be" 
St ('\ iol''' Ji)bn gdnr h e 9 Alberta cres 'on:.:<'. ßpdtord Park 
Davisvllle' . , ',"lItts G..orge. tJr, h 8 8 B:llllol, Davl"vllle 
S.,I1.,..s Jobn J. Inb, h w s Yonge. Da\"lsville Wa
1t !I[j
s Dorotby J E, 8tenog. I Spencer 
Ser our Louis R, la h A BITce b n s Ken- \\ .\Ugh 
sinJrton av. Eglinton .. WI. ugh Spt'ncer. b n s Roehampton. Eglln- 
Setl(\ur Xe"'el L. brickmkr James PelI.... I 
J. It Spnour . \\ I',
h )11"" )1.1ry. bsekpr IIIlss Fvan
!'.." ,,11 )l:Ittbew, I Mrs I. Brunskill ßwth . 
Sl.f('kleton Jllm..s, lab N Garland. h n 9 \'\'"',"t Eh..neze-r. clk. h s s Broadway av, 
Sl-..r\\ '>00 ny. Ecllnton 1'.Jrllnt
SI1I"1.... Edward (Burbidge & Shuter) b w 9 "
-t \\ m, Ill!' alrt, b 8 S Brondway ftv. 
Yon:::e, f):tylsvll1.. . I'.
Sin ,"son Alfred bklyr b s s Balliol Davis- I Wh.llt.y John _\1('1.. est agt 9 9 Smltb all'. 
, 'I , h .:::unp. Eghnton 
rntt Thomas carp h 9 9 M'erton Davls- Whit,: 'l.l.."and'er S. ruler, h 8 s 
\'1110 " , J)a n,,\'lIIe 
8licht H..nry. gdnr. h n s Sberwood av, """!te ":m J C, I W
 T White 
r.l:linton W'hto ".m T. nursety :lgt, h Ii. s Erskl'1e 
8milh Charles. mkt gdnr n s Sbe"wi)od av, a\:. Eu1mton ' 
"me. EgUnlon ." loItfi..ld J.}hn, lnb, b n s Merton. Davis- 
f'mith Wm. IoU gdnr W 9 Yonge, b same. n
 I 'I I : t IP tl b 
reUnton .. ng am Agnes (wId Robert), b H 
S - "II J "" 
 nmes, lab. b s s 'Voodward /lV, ":Ih-;-'x Catherine F: (wid Simon E). b 9 9 
Spiíi,'1 Charles. bklyr, b 8 S Alh..rtu8 /l\-. 
.;(('n G.. '
'e av. E
1':l!linton \\ llIlams 1 hom.lS, mkt gdnr w s Yong@. 
_ It -a me. J-;gllnton 
Sp.ttel Harry. CIUP. b 89 Albertus Itv. I':g- Will
hlre 1,:.Iwurd. farmer. b 9 s Egllnton 
lIuton '1\', D
StEnton Thomas, lah A Bryce, h h s Roper \Vir,te.. l
r,lIIc1s, Inb. h s 9 Broadway avo 
av, Eglinton 1,:"lInton 
Sl..\,h..nson Wm, Oorlst, b n s Er"hine ay. \'\'"<':ldlifTe Wm, driver A B..yce, b P Ed- 
E!:Unton WP I dg 

c, M V I t " FOUNTAIN the TAILOR, D t D S . t 
y a e , 30 Adelaide St. W. Tel. 8074 1 
en s ress UI S 



Toronto Fruit Vinegar 


North Toronto. 


III" : n""ri
{)n. Inh. h Bnr!;I'" : n' 
h'l p:lld Charl"8, h Berkeley nv S.llnuel H. eng, 11 HUI'ges8 a v 
11II..kiu' IIIlss 
Iaud. )Jllckp,', I J W PerkIn. 
1-1("\\ itt h::lõlC. hldr f 'o
" ('.)I n\" It sam.' SI( Loth John, eXIU"ess. h. Kingston rd 
II, witt Wm. carp. I I Hewitt ' SI.-t-th Will. .lol"ke,v, I J Sle"tl1 
Hi' es Fmily Iwid \Vm). h Kingston rd 
u"th Hkhllrd, 1.lh, b Coxwell 11" 
lI"S Tll(}Juns, stmftr. I )(r" Jo: IIm
Ol-tl1 'WIIl, b Cassels nv 
IIi"..s Wm. photo. I 
Irs I.; Hines I Tew Hkbm'd. RsslglJee, b Elmer nv 
hue J"h.lDna (wid Jobn). I S R H.,,
 I 'l'.......kins Johanun (wid Tbomns). b Klng'- 
Elll'shue \VIIl 0, cnrp, h Burgess nv tou rd 
E(,I son "-UI, ,StOIlC cutter, h nv I Tr(;u
llton Will. "tl'wIIl'd Torouto Golf Assn. 
IItrlck, htf'llr, !J J Gallngher Ltd, b "ame 
F.t Iman I

Jrar, jockey, In, E Holman Tt'l'lJer Alb",'t C, driver James Clny, res 
Ho lIIan I'led. joc!<l'y. I R I> Holm,ln Cllc8tel'. Ont 
lIo'mnlJ Itichnrd E, wbol btcbr, h Kingston Tyler S"muel W. provisIOn dlr. h Wood!Jlne 
1"( ad. :'It'enne 
Ho'npss \Vm. cnrp. h King_ton rd I T,-mou Andrew J jr botel 1680 Quecn e 
Hnt,ghan John I, mncb, 11 Elmer nv \....Hhler James E, élk Norwny House 
 IIrd Arthur, Inh, b Coxwell av Vi\'i:1l1 Edw'll'd T. mkt gdnr Kln;!;ston rd 
 son James W, trnv, h Berkeley av I Volk Wm. whol btchl'. h Kingston rd 
([.'our miles enst of P 0) J,fUn" Heury A. whol ht,'hr CoxwplI nV Wall
ct. Elizabeth (wid Cbnl'les) b Mrs A 
AlIlhroso Laureuce, gl'nte clnl' GTR. h JehI ston ;Miss Ellznht'th J, cook, I It John- lIal'nhorough ' 
nt'l'!;cley av slcm. WEir John. mkt gdn:- Woodbine av 
AI dpr_on Sarah (wId Andre,,), h Woodblm' JOltI _ton James, bkpr, I.n Johnston I 
pst Charles, hkpr, b Herbert av 
avenu" J<-IlIIston Bohert, gro Gerrard, h Same "pst Ernest clk I C \Vest 
AIl andale Arthur "'. seedsmnn, b Kings- Joh._ston Rober. J. elk. I R Jobnston "'t'st Ha....'.: muslclnn, I C West 
ton rd 
tIIlPii Sy
uey H, r.f'ct, h Woodbine a'\" \,:llPaUpv Edw'lI'd, !Jtchr, I '1' WlIeaUey 
Amold g:Ilf'lIel, b,'l<-l. mkr, h ('0"" ell av 5 s r- n Wm H, carp. ,II Herbert av \\ 1-(>fitJey Thomas. Inb, h Elmer av 
Aylllud Amos. ('Ik F H Schmidt, h Snme Kdfer S.\ (wid Bpnjamln), h GerMll'd \VIIII:uns John, harness mkl', h Coxwell av 
H. ker F.llz,\bt'lh (wId Daniel), h Kingston K l e;stema 1 n JessIe (wid Wm), I Rev W L "}lson Ch.,rles, I'dnl'. h Coxwell av 
"""d ,aynes- tet'd "lIson George gdllr I C \Vllson 
llnr-hel' Gpol'!:e, mngr. h Berkeley av Lr:lle Da,'id, lab, h Hprbert av W!lson Kate h
ld IU
hnrd), h Herbert av 
III rr.s Alhert, hkbndr, h Herbert av Lh(,ok
e SlIsnn (wid George), mkt gdnr \,:,Isoll Samuel, paint mkr. b Kingston rd Jos"ph W, 1.\1), b Cassels av ,
I' e ey '}V. h same \\ ood J:l1ne8, mnf'h hd 11 Herhert av 
HI tehelor HI('h.l\"d \V. prop NOI'way House 
.Isl oml: if " altpr, photo. I Mrs S Liscombe \Vood Johu. knItter h Woodhlne nv 
nnd "cl1'lIn..\stcr, Kingston I'd ' I Logan D k "ed. Inh, h \Voorlhlne a.. W("drufT House, F 'H Schmidt prop, Klngs- 
Batt's Ira, "oad comlllr Co York. h Klngs- I (Jng J u e, clk,.1 John Long Ion rd 
ton rd .ong ohn. h Kmgston rd WcodrufT \Vm D, cnl'p, h \Voorlhlne av 
-Hct..1 Up,\" \Vm I., act rector St L
e, HenrJ: S., h 
orway pI \Voodwnrd Ho!Jert, trnv, h Berkeley nv 
John s (Anglican) ChlH"ch. h Kmgston rd ::,.'i"è

, \
allnce. JOllrnallst, h \Voodblne av W,'att Samuel, jockey J Duggon. b F H 
lIe'h:IDI George H. lah. h Coxwell av ';'-. .,,1 nOIlEIIT, I'o"tlllu.ter SchmJdt 
Bell \VII. tmstr h [.'Imer av ...'IIIJrS.on rondo h same 
.Be....y 1'1;olllas, 'clk, h Coxwell av 

er Ha"ry, japanner. I H Mnnder. 
.Bezer "'m C, pntr h Coxwell av Manl I er H"IlI'Y. jllpnoner. h Be,'helpy nv 
.Boles John, lab, ti Burgess .tv '.111 er \Vm E, j.lpanner, I H 1II.\nder SWJlI\"SEA 
Bolton Ernest, gmlner. h Kingston rd 
d \Vm R, architect. h Kingston rd 
BGGth Joseph, lah. h Cnssels nv :r :um Carter, tea packer, I R W ]lel- (Four miles west of l' 0) 
Hr('ughton'I\:. IJlach It Coxwell nv 
IIrown Jamps. poultry dlr Coxwpil av 

c;rrllm h Rlchnrd \V, ,pntr Kingston rd Adnms Joseph, lah Tor Bolt & Forging Co 
B...."ner Samuel. lab, h Coxwell av I. ers Gaweu, OOl',st, h Berkeley av h \Vlndermere av ' 
Burns Rohprt, co constahle h !lIal'Y's lanl: IIIl11ar James W, watchmkt, h Kingston rd Ad lk 
 r lson George E, pnperhanger Rnd care- 
Charlton Wm. nphol. b Coxwell 
v . M.""el' IIIlelm.el, glue mkr. h Gerrard High 1'a,'k Golf Cluh, h Bloor 
(']It'sler Mathew. wa!:onmkr Kingston rd b Nlc_J:o?lson Wm, nll'ht wnlch. h Kingston rd AII.ens Hobe,.t .T, mugr Grenndler Ice & 
Mrs A Darnborougb ' NOI\\ny Hous"" n W Batchelor prop, Klnlts- Coal Co. res TOl'onlo 
ark John ".. mldr h ('ox well av ton I'd Brllantyne Rev Wm D, h Thompson 
Clay James, dairy C
xwell nv, b same I\"OR'V.'" '- rOST OFFICE. Rob
rl I lli stow Henry. fllII..b Toronto Bolt & For
Clny Jamcs H. sele('tor, I Jame-s Clay Malcolm Postmaster. Kingston rd ng Co. res Toronto 
Coliins Ihchnl'd. dri\"er. h Kingston rd N01'WflY I'uhlic School, Josinh Pnlmer prln B(:"dle Anrlrew, lab 
'oronto Bolt & Forging 
('ol'llell \Vm. Clllp b Burgess av King-ston rd ' o. res TOI'onto 
CuO('1I Wm. (,MP. h Woodbine av NorwflY Wplgh SPflles, R \V Batchelor B
hnn FI;
nk. tmstr Grenndier Ice & Coni 
Clr.g-gs 1IIary (wioJ George) I G F Dodd ",..Ighmuster, Kin
ston rd o. res ]OI'onto 
Cra,",'n Hpury L, bkr Woodbine av O'Connor Denl
, hlksmlth, h Kln
ston rd B
:('kltflll Peter, much opr Toronto Bolt ." 
Dnmer \Varnett, car bldl', b Coxwell av O"er George E A, studt, I W R Over 
 Co: res Toronto 
h Aunie (wid Peter). h Kingston Over Spencer H, acct, I W n Over Blae!;"I'1I Fterl J. elk Toronto Bolt & FOl'g- 
rond Over Walter p. draughtsman. I \V n Over In
 ('0. res Toronto 
rnhorougÌl Jospph wdwkr II{ Chester Over Waltpr R, tmv h Woodhlne av BillY Charles. hll>smlth Toronto Bolt & 
l\<:r9 A Darnhorongb 
 I'lIdllon \Vm H. vflrnisher, b Coxwell a.. I.'orging Co. res Toronto 
, illson George. Oorlst b D Leslie I'n,::et 
(ary Iwld \Vm 1'1. I W H I'nget B,'pen Jam!'s. tmstr Grenadier Ice .'c Coni 
en\"ls 'I'homas. forpmnn' h Berkeley av I'n,::et \Vm H. trav. h Bel'kcley nv ('0. res Toronto 
Dot:id Geor
e I^. ('al'vpr,'h Cas"els flV }'a!mer JOsiab, pI'in Norway Pub Sch, h Bmwn George S, (')k Toronto Bolt & Forg- 
Doyle Arthur. hartndr A J Tymon jr c'or Klngslon rrl nud Woodhine av Ing ('0, res !T'lmher Bay 
I.' Joseph, b E Bolton I'n!l
er Walter, !Jnyer Norwny Weigh Bry
son DnvId, Oorlst \Vm Rennie. I J 
man !lh-s Barb"ra, mus tchr Berkeley S( nles, b Norway House . BI yrlson 
av, h same I'r>rwu H..nry, :mtr. h Coxwell av I,,
rlron James. hlksmlth, h Thompson 
Enr'n:an \Vm, brass fnshr, h Bprkeley av Pentz Philip S, I A W Annandale Drtdon Jan.,s; foreman Grenadier Ice & 
Flb('rmg-I'on Wm Inb h KIngston rd I'prklns Hpnry. mal'h I J W Perkins (,.al Co, h Ellis nv 
";<O-I'I'"uson James: lah: h Klnl'stou I'd 1;t'l'kln9 John W, carP, h Coxwell av nrydson john.. tmstr GrenadIer Ice & Coni 
I'lntt Zephllnlab. core mkr. h Herbert av ICl'kln9 1IIIss Loulsn, steamstress, I J W Co. res !llIm,co 
Fox Alsey 1', brick mkr. h Berkeley a.. Perkins .Bl...ha
an Chnrles. mnch Toronto Bolt & 
F",,'mnn 1IIIss Annie, fcy gds wkr I J W Potter Alfroo. trav, h Herbert nv I. orgmg Co, res Toronto 
Freemlln 'I'ewell Alfred. spxton St Jobn's (AngIl- RI.rfield George. tmstr GrenadIer Ice & 
I"r(('man Fl'llnk, apI', I J \V Freemnn ,('an) Ch, h Cns
elq ay Cf fli Co. res Toronto 
Freeman John \V, paper cuttpl' h KIngston 10\\ ell !\Irs Ellzl,lbeth caretkr NorwRY Puh C. rless F.rlmtlnd. Iflh, h Bertha 
rend 'S('h, h Cassels :\v' ('al'r MatthIas J. lab, h WIndermere av 
]o'rr<'m!'n 1IIIs9 \Vlnnlfrcd, fcy gds wkr. I J rrest :rhomas. nnd football mfr. ('r,
('y "-m. piano "kr. h 'Tnompson 
\V I- reeman _ Mnry s Inne, h same Cbl'lsUe Mnrgaret (wid Jnmes). I James 

"rpy BrYfin 0, Stlpt, h Norway Honse hr-pve Hpnry, clk, 11 1
lmer av BJ')rlson 
(rallagher Jobn, wlwl btchr, h Coxwell av Hlghy Wm, mach, h BUl'ge"s av Ch!-rf'l)ward Robert. mach Toronto Bolt & 
Galley Charlps, hrlcklyr, h Coxwpll RV Ikhl
on Alhert. øntr. h Kingston rd lorl"mg ('0. res Humhel' Bny 
Galley 'Ils9 Evelyn, elk, I C Gnlley Uose Rlf'hnt'd, football mkr '1' Prest h ('Ia,-Ion Alfrerl ('. plmhr. h }-'ark rd. 
Gtrl'ett Edwnrd, Illb. h Coxwell av KlnJ(ston rd . C'aHon Fr:lIlces G (wId Joseph) I J Ellis 
G( -Rei I.ouis. Ur, h Kln!,ston rd I" "" Cnlhcrine (wlrl Alexander), h He:-bert Cll1yt
n FrP'dprlck, hlngemkr Toronto Bolt 
. Gt'lsel W...... hrass fnshr, I L Geisel avenue & Ii orglng ('0, h Wlndprmere av 
Gc,rman Hugh. tmstr, h Coxwell nv St John's Church (AnJ(I1can), Woodhlne RV Cochml1P IIpnl'Y. mach opr Toronto Bolt &: 
Gray George R. hide rill' Coxwpll RV Sandcl'son Frederick M, mncb, b Coxwell ForJrlng ('0, res Toronto 
Grove Jnlla (wid Dr.vifl). I W 0 Hlt{'Sbne a, e,-,ue COt hrane Jo'eph. m'lch opr. Toronto Bolt 
Ct:tbrle Hohert, stonecutt('r, h Ca.ssels av Sd\!1l 1rlt Frpilerlck H, prop Woodl'nll' House_ & I^orglug Co. res Toronto 
HnmIJton IIIlss Laura, h Elmer flV Kmgston r.l Coe Ann (wId Mnrk). h Lnvlnla 
Handy Alfred, marble works Kingston rd, Sh('ard Alfl't'd \V, jockey, h Klng_tnn rrl (oe (']
arles, mkt gdnr Lnvlnln. h 8IIme 
b \Voüdblne av Sl pppnrd 1IIiRS Annlc tchr Norway Pub C'ê' '" m A. tmstr Grenadie.r Ice &: Coal 
Her der.on \Vm H, mesRr, h Berkeley av S,'h res Toronto ' 

 h h ElI l ls b av l M 
. , -' a r a, ,.s A Coe 
Roses, Carnations, Violets I Dunlop ' sl 5 


4 w. , 
and Decorative Plants. 445 YONGE ST. 
'P",one 4192 

W,od M'lry ("id James). h u . 
Ua,' i..., ille 

d" Hill II. fireman, he.. ",-ung(', Eg-lIn- 

H 'Iaria. tehI", h w 

nArthllr. dk, h n s BI'Ondway RV, Eg- 
"'right 'VOl H. gdnr, h e s Yonge Edlnton 
Y( rl,;: ì\1:tSOllic Lo(]
('. H.oLt-'rt J f;thson see, 
w s Yong\.. E
ZeLgmall John, mkt gdnr e s Yonge It 
snm... Bedford Park ' 
7ion B.tptist Church, w s Yonge, Fglinton 


Lansdowne Ave. and 
Bloor St. West. 
felepboIle 6125. 

An Unexcelled R ecor d I The Tem


u Llf"e 

!iU Ill' Ilns. 

COIlIett Wm, tmstr Grenlldier Ice & ('oul E"tlly Fled, IDaeh opr '1'orol1to Uolt .""- I
('u I 111": Co, res Toronto 
C<'I"I'lgnn Jolin, mad: opr Toronto Dolt &. Kyle \Viii. tl'" Toronto Bolt & Forglns 
rlr;.;(ug CO, 1"('S Tor('lllto liD. l"eS ""1"01"Ol.tO 
Cil \\ e 'll1olll.IS. lII.teh TOlOnto Dolt &; Fors- I L..lgh .-\IIJel t, 1II,leh Toronto Bolt & Forslng 
In;.: CO, J'
S TOlouto Co. l"(!8 To."outo 
CLI tis Ho\\, 1II...,h Toronto Eolt & Forg. Lt.,I< JO<"I.h, 1II.lch opr Toronto no:t & 
inJ,:' Co. res "l'OIO:'to FOI glug Co, rl';;;: Toronto 
Deilt,), Jl'I"cIIII.1h, Ulaeh opr Toronto Bolt &; L;,.d
.IY John, maeh Toronto Uolt & Forg- 
l,'olgiug L'o, l"t.!S rrOl"Olito ill
 Co. It.8 TOIOlltn 
])u\<htlly 10'....111<, lIIadt Toronto Bolt &: LU'1r George, mnsr "'m Hellnle, II Thump.- 
FUlgiug' Co. l(!
lilllico MJU 
])11,10 Li,'ol 
e, lIIadl opr Toronto Bc,1t &; :'II,.C,'pary Hlchard. Iwater Toronto Dolt & 
I'-orging Cu, lCS 'Toronto I'(,I'
 ("0. It'S Toronto 
Do)'le Ellell U 1\\ hi l:tI...ardl. h ('rnig I \:'.('lIt.-lIPOII WliI, tlr. h 'Vlllrlt'I'lIwrp a,- 
Do)'le Homer S, elk, I lIlls ),; G Doyle Mt.T";:lIIh,y J.unps, 1II:...h opr 'l'ololtto Uolt & 
Drí"w Uich"ld. 1..17 To.'onto UUlt & Forsins F",'dll
 Co, rps '1'01'01110 
Co, rl'
 HnlttlJer H"y :'I:d hl'l.
on .-\lp:\::I1I<11' I'. 1111str GrpnadlPl' Ice 
olt Arthnr, III.H.h Opl' Toronto Dolt Ør.. I &; ('onl ('0. "ps Hltlllh,'r Hay 
Forgillg" Co, n's Torollto 
l-Iddlltosh Itev Donald 1I h Collpse 6t cx- 
Lllis John, b Ellis :IV I tll;i
on ' 
Fell Ill'III
', ..lIg Tor Jtll'.
 W ''', res '1'0- 1II.,,.I;1t Hpllly, Inach Toronto Bolt & I
l( lito Jnnctloll I 11l
 Co, res 'l'm'onto 
],'10',111 l'..trlcl.. hlksmlth's he:per Toronto 
It (][.lIlci (,harles I'., h Thompson 

c,lt &; l'-OI'glltg Cn, l.t'S TorolHo lIl..dlalltl Ch:u-h'
 n. elk 'I'nroltto Uolt & 
],'It'lIIlng" JO"'I.II, hll,'lIIitli Toronto Bolt & F", Irillg ('a, I C l' \1".11",..1 
F"rgll!g ('"0, h Wi!I.<lel"lll
re av 
1",Il:l1Id Fn'd, l1taeh Oln' Toronto Eolt & 
Fo;lI)"('e John, I..h lownlo Bolt & ],'orslns FOiging ('0, le< TOI'onto 
Co, t'es IIIIIIIhEr BIIY I :'lIt tll:l1Ic1 "'III. n!fi,'h Toronto Rolt _
1-"lle1l1.1n Alfn'.!. t,lt." Toronto Bolt & For s - \ IIt
 ('0, reo; T..r..nto 
I!I:=; Co, res Torouto :'IIt-" :' HIl.Upl, hlkslllith's h!pr Torouto Dolt 
FI'('her "ill, m...-II opr Toronto lIolt & &!. o"gllt
 ('"0 res Toroltlo 
FOI'ging 1'0, reS Toronto M,.rratt Hoht'rt.' 'l'oronto Doll & Forg- 
..., lli..lch OIH" Toronto Bolt &. ii,:.=- ('0. lOPS Toronto 
I "r\ill'.;" C". l'pS 'I',)I'onto lI""'IlI.,
,it!" l'resIJytel"\lIn C
urcll Collesc 
Gt n:meil Jobn, arehitPt.t, h Ellis I',. <t ,'xt"n
lon .' 
GCllll.lin .. olli" y.1I tl fon'malt 'l'orO:.Ito Bolt l\r t : ,.1" Ch.., h'!' J, lah, h WlnrlerlOprp nv 
& I' OI}:IIIg- CO, leS 1'OI,,,tUu lI. r 1.!l!g:11I Jo
eph, m,leh opr 'l'Ot'onto Bolt & 
Giles ]saap, tmst!" Grenadier Ice & Coal FOI'dlt
 Co, rp< Tomltt:J 
Co, I 
"m GIICS. MI '
on IIt'IIIY S, pastor St OIa..-e's ('hurch 
Gill's Wm. 1.lh Urenudler Ice & Coal CO, 'P" IslIlIgton ' 
t'"'' J-I"umiJpr 13:11 Il\ell Hoy, pckr Toronto Bolt & Forsln
GII.LIES GEOIttiE, l"o..tnU1!.t..r n"fl rp" To.-ollto . 
I,!.t"I!lpnt Toronto Bolt Ix Forging Co, LId, l\ewlII'In Gpo"!;e, mach opr Toronto Dolt 
res '1oronto I l'.. FOI'glng ('0, rp
Ghmd I'nol. StIlUOt' 'Igr ,
Tn. rps Toronto 0'n1"lpn J\J-I"gpt (\\'hl í'atrl"l;) h Bloor 
GII'I"'" Uohe! t, tmstr GreiJlldier :::-e &. Coa; O'BI'i"1I J:IIlIt'S, I :'If." l! O'l!
Co. b Thompson Ogl"t.y Jo'I':I1.k. laIJ Torcnto Bolt & Forslng 
GI'..ld JaDlPs, 1II.,,,h opr Tpronto Bolt & Co. re< Tmonto 
 Co. res Toronto O!h'pr Jospph, tI"1Pl<pr Toronto Rolt & 
Grllh:lm John, dl"l,er \\ Ul Rennie, h Wln- ).'on::-lnJ:" ('0, rp" Torollto 
olPI ruere nv 0.,<,1' npnry. I:lh. h "'''ulermere av 
Grl h.11II Johnston. I J Graham O":"r I:ollprt, 1:l1J GI'enlldler ]ee &. COlli Co 
GI c!'lIdler lee & Co.}1 Co, It J Aikens mnsr I n O
tt'r ' 
L"l'p S!lore rd P,I!'lIIPlllp,' PhIal', m'lch opr Toronto Dolt &. 
Gll:1n Illphard. m:leh opr Toronto Dolt & I' or::-III!:- ('0. rps Hllmh"r Ray 
I'OI'SIIlI:- Co, rps Toronto Pa,'ne ('harle
, tm
tr Greuadier Ice &. Coal 
::-'Is John. "npt TOl"Onto Jnne Pump Ins ('"0, "p
 ][nmhpr ß-IY 

.Itlnn rps TOl'onto ,
lInction , PH'I A,'mon.-. I:lh Toronto Dolt &. Forslns 
Bn_Ild:lY Jall
t's. lII.u'li Io.-onto Bolt &. 1- ors- ('0. h ('ollpgp st pxtplI"lün 
Ins Co, h \
e av 1' Jol... II. m:l"h Toronto Dolt &: Forg- 
fOl.d "m. 1:11> (,.-en'ldler Ice & Cod III
 ('0, ,'ps To.-onlo 
('0, rp" Hmnher Ihy ]'Ct 
!Py Alf,''''!. nl
ht w:!tphm:ln 'Toronto 
H:,.-t Thomlls, ,p.leke.- Toronto Bolt &; Forg- Pnlt &. F'orsing ('"0, rps H!lmhpr 11:1.. 
Ill!; Co. reS I"oronto ]'.-.,
Ipy "'In, m""t] Oflr Toronto Dölt & 
11:1," k
 Fn>derlek, for;-mnn Toronto Dolt & I,'ol"::-"t!! Co, rps nnmhpr Rav 
I...-glll!! Co. rpS T
routo 1'1'1"" Alllrns. Inkt grlllr ('r'lhi. h sump 
TIt.nry 'Vm. tnlstr G.-enadler Ice & Coul 1'1""0' .Tohn, tmstr G.-enadler ]ee & Coal Co 
Co. rps Toronto I 1'1'1,,1' , 
h Park Gulf Clnb, G E A,1dl80n care- Pl'tt "'m F. ,,"ct Toronto Dolt & Forslng 
tkr. s s Bloor, 1 ". High Park fOn "IU
l'rllsllon Jumes, en:; Tor June 'Y 'V. es To- QIII1; "'m H. P1:1"h. h Wln(IO'rlnpre av 
I'(nlo H:lh:py Er1ward, In"eh opr TOI'onto Bolt & 
R(,,,:arrl Alfrpd 'V, eonfy J.nke S:lOre l"d I'o,":õn!! ('0, rO'
11o,"lIrd Hehpr, h":llpl' Toronto l.Iolt & n,,:r:ry John. m:lc!t .'pr. Toronto Dolt & 
1 (,rglng Co, I A 'Y IIoward F01'!!in" ('0. rpS Toronto 
rO\\lIrrl J.
rnp A, mach, I A W TTowarrl )((1'nlp Thom:l q , h Em
Howa!d RI"hard T, n
't snpt Toronto l.Iolt H"I.nlp Will. sP"rl trial I:-ronn"q, Em" nv 
IS.. I, orslng ('0. I"C'S Toronto HII"h;" 0 ,T, nl"ln Swansea Puh Seh I Rev 
lJ",:rack 0:1..-1<1, "'ksmith'q helper Toronto JI :'I'arlnto
h . , 
Dolt &. Forgin!! C,'. I'es 'l'oronlo HrI'pl,t< :'Iliss F'Inn:" J., I J Em" 
HI ITman M!
s ElIl1n:l, I R l! John
on Rnhpl"t
oll Ar"hlhah!. "hlr'l'er Toronto Bolt 
Bnllman "m, plckl.. mkr R n Juhn<oTl &. I>ordn!! ('0. res Tornlllo 
Ht mher S"lnery, Isaiah 'Vurner ronsr. Rol.P1'1
0" .T:lmp
. In'l"h oflr Toronto Bolt & 
Jllne I,'or::-In<: ('0. rp" Toronto 
 .Inp .Tamps K. 10nrn:lllst, h Th"mp
on R. ss ChI npt. "Ik Toronto Dolt & FOl"!:-Ing 
JeLldnq ISII.le, hoxmKr Toronto D"lt & I,'ors- ('0. I'P" Toronto . 
1,,<: Co, !"ps Toronto R"" la1l<1 Alpxanrlpr. plk To.-onto ,Dolt & 
Johnson RIPlmrtl B, (I[ckle mnfr Lake Shore l'or
lng Co, .-ps Toronto 
_rd. cor J:Ine. h s:lme Ro\\'ntrO'e ('h:I1'lps, ma"h Toronto Bolt &. 
fie,nlp)'" :'I1I('h.tcl. n;';'rli ol'r Toronto Bolt &. 1"or
ln!! ('0, rps Toronto 
]. orglng ('0. rps I,!'ronlo Rnll' (,harlpq. tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coul 

 Ro,lerlek r..., I"IJ Toronto Dolt & ('0....." Toronto 
]., rsm
 Co, .-es Toronto Rnle (,hn.-Ips I
. hrklyr Toronto Dolt & 
rns Charles, maeh opr Toronto Dolt &. f'(,rj::ln::- Co, res Toronto 
I'-orglns Co, res Toronto Rule John. tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 
Fptrns Henry, mneh opr Toronto Dolt & res Toronto 
.Forsing Co, n>s Toronto Rt ....cll Hpnry, maeh opr Toronto Bolt & 
I\.elr John, jonrnnJlst, h Crnlg Fo.-glng Co, h ',,"Indl'rmere nv 

T,.d morden. 



}RY ."-"" 
ç S "" ... ......,., :2Þ,"" 
, " ' -""f ..,
 Ji,:""' I
Ö ÊR 5 
\ "I:"D ÔF!!f
'to"RO"''t O 

St Ol"..,,'s Chili eh, 11 S Musson pastor. 
\\ïn<ll'rlllel'p :r V 
SI f':I)" JO
t'l'h, pat mkr Toronto Dolt &: 
FOI gill!;" Cn. 1 <,s 'Corollto 
S:';I.n'"I1:1I1 Thoma". [:rIJ Grenadier Ice &: 
C".II 1"0, res Toronto 
Rmlth IInl)(.rt, 1:11t. I '1' Rmltl1 
RmHh J:ohprt C, agt, h ThOolnpqon 
S",:III Thom:.s, l:rh. h \\ïn'lo.n'.....e av 
Smllh Thollt:ls J. 'alt, I '1' Smith 
f;1It;lh "'m. h (';Irk 1'.1\"lIIe John. ":lrp Toronto Rolt &: Forg- 
h;g ('0. 1','S Toronlo 
81 rr nip GO'orgp \\'. l'nl:- Toronto Bo:t &: 
inJ: ('0, h "'hu!p, mprp av 
SIt'l'hp.'s John. onpl Torouto lIolt & Forg- 
Ing ('c" rp" Toronto 
on John. m:...h Toronto Dolt & For
 Co. re'i Toronto 
Sth son JO
"I,h. m....h Toronto Bolt & Forg'. 
In<: ('0. rpS Toronto 
S,,, 0\ 
SE \. PO!'''' OFFU"F., Geor::-e 
(:lIlIp" Po
t..r, "ïmlcrmO're av 
"'1 1'11:,111' S,'hool, D J IUtclile (.rln, 
I' " "'Inrll'rmpre :I v 
Tr.rlor J I1enry, florist '''m Rennie, h 
, hnm,,,c;:.on 
Tc.,lrl Clh'e L, tinsmith, h Co'lege st exten- 
..'tIlIO'\TO DOl,'" ^'\n Fonr.I'\G ('"0 
Llfl, f;porr::-p f;1.IIMO Prpslrl"nt, 'I' II W:Jt- 
{-(,I',--TI'p::c;:.lIrpr_ \\ïnd..&,mer(l av 
IRp" (':1111 Toronlo A1nh:lhNI"al) 
TOI'onto .lnnc'tlon ". '" l>IIm,'(IIS !!tation, 
r I'n n"<:J:":I
"rt, Ellis nv 
p,. "-m. m'l"h To.-onto Bolt & Forging 
("0. ..('
 Tornn to 
Y'I1.c:han Fr",!pl kk. m
"h of'r Toronto Bolt 
& For
ln!! ('0, h W"ln"pr,"pr;> nv 
,-:."..hnn l'hlll,.. m
'h .'1'1' 'Toronto Dplt & 
l.'or<:llIg ('0. h I.a,'lnla 
W"I"f!P!" ]sn!alt, Dlnsr lIumber Swlnpr,., h 
on Thorn".. n, spc-t...."s Toronto Bolt 
& Fm'!!llIg ('0. r.lrl. rps "f)ronlo 
""alt Arthnr. t,p:!tO'r '1'oronto Rolt & Forg- 
InC' ("0. rpq T'lrnnfn 
lpy Ch"rl,,
, nu:"h Toronto Dolt & Forg- 
In!:' ("0. rPfiiI Toron:o 
"n Oad,!. IIm"h ol'r ']:oronto Bolt & 
l'or<:llIg ('n. re
"-,, ,I
or F":lnk, In
"h of'r Toronto Dolt &: 
)."nr!"llI!!' ('0. r('
"','Ight \\"m. ":lrp Toronto Bolt & ForgIng 
('0. rf"'CI '"oron to 
Wrsp Geor!!p. m:l"h T,'ronto Bolt &: For
Ing ('0. rps Toronto 

(Fonr und a hnlf JUlies n e of I' 0) 
oll D:I"lrl. I:lh Tn
'lor Dro q . h R_ 
on D 1-', ederlek, sllipper Taylor I.Iroll, 
I D Aitphl
on .Tohn 1". drh'pr, I D Alt"hl
Alt, N
on "'m IT, 111:1 "h. h f;amIJle 11\- 
Arnold Georse, ens 'l'aylor Bros, re!l Che. 
Ash Clayton F, foreman Taylor Bros. h Don 
A-I.Joy Wm. 
,lnr, h 11M' 
n:lllpy Ilt-n lamln. mkt gdnr Don IIl1\s rd 
l!a',lwln Alfl"pd J. C:Jrp. h Rpe 
BI.r!,pr (,ha.-Ies, lull Taylor Dros. II Jllmetl 
I:t rsess 



!.imlted 43 ESPLANADE ST, E, 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 
Telephone No. 423. 


T.. 1m .r.len. 


.... 26... 


I\uJ..c>r 'WItI, htb '!'..ylor Bros, I E Crozle,' 
OU("':. Gell
tore IIDII 
It'r, nOli Mills rd. h snme 
lc>r'" 11..11. 0011 1II1l1" rd 
BC>f\"l'r 'rtlOlUns G, c,lrp, h Bee 
1>,-11.. 1tI
' ('1;11 kp, tltlSI'- T..ylor Bros, b 
1I"\\"lborIl6 ;tV 
Bl'II..ltIy (h'o,,;;,' H, 
lIr. I C BelI'lD1Y 
1!1';,a 1tI)' John E. trush' Tnylor Bros, I C 
ß"IIIIS Arthur, blksmltb Tnylor Bros, b 
Hnwthol"lIe 3V 

t I,"
 Thomas. humer Taylor Bros. rl'9 
IU!,:Il'w I.'rell. 1:lb Taylor Dros. b J Burge

1.1103-1' Hobert, ellg 'I'nylor Bros, h Don Mills 
Bl'!dt'rsoll 'Vm J, lah. b '\'ood\"\1Ie av 
1I,'u)'nlltn Tholtl..s J. f..rm hd J II Tnylor 
1.11"'11'1:111 Hobe..t, I..b '1'''3'lor Bros, res To. 
BH_wn Cnrrol. :.Ih Tnylor Bros, res Toronto 
HH,wn 'Vm, iah Taylor nros, res Toronto 
l-:rYl'e Wm. lab '1':lylor B..o
, res Toronto 
IJllrgc>ss Jnm('s, C'II"P '1'nylor Bros, b WIl- 
8l1rgc>ss John, cnrp, I Jlllnes Bnrgess 
lIur!,:ess 'Viti, carl' Ta)'lor HI'os. b nee 
rUlI,s Chnrlc>s, Inh Tn)'lor Bros, I S Bnrns 
lIurns Sa ItI uc>1 R, potter, Don YnlIe" 
I'adden 'Vm, lab Tnylor Bros, res To- 
Cntternll Wm, brk mkr Taylor Bros, res 
Chnlnherlnne Rlchnrd. I'lk, h WillIam 
C.RI'k Jaml''' E, IlIkt gdnr Pnpe nv 
ColbornI' Edwat'd, \ttb Tnylor Bros, rps 
KGrth Torouto 
C< lhornl' F.tlward jr, Inb Tnylor Bros, res 
Kc>rtb TOl"OIIto 
C"lIlns Jo''''pb, mkt gdpr Don Mills rd 
Cl'I'pl'r Gc>o..gc>, I \\'m Ashhy 
CO!olhnrn Ch:lI"les. 
"lIr. h Gowan nv 
('rnlot.."e Aglles (,,'Id Roher!).h Don MlIls rd 
Cn mp D:' nd. grol'er Don 1IIiIls rd 
Cramp :llIss \lIllIIe, I D Cramp 
hton Joseph G, foremall Taylor Bros. 
res Toronto 
('I(;zlc>r I':dward, tmstr Taylor Bros, b H"w- 
thorne :Iv 
Curlpw 18:1ap, I'nrp, h Don IIIlIIs r<1 
Do'!hnOl'p John, finisher Taylor Dros b 
"'oo<I\'lIIe av . ' 
Dnn'y Allllie (wid Henrt"), b Don \IIlIIs rd 
Dan'y {;C>01'ge F, clk, I 1I1r
 A Dnvey 
Da\"l'Y \lIls" Hl'nrletta. Ilrsmkr Don )llIIs rd 
1.1,1\ II's Gc>orge 1", hrl'wer, I It D:I' II's 
Dm'les Hoh..rt, hr"wpr. h Don IIII1ls rd 
nc> 1.'rPllerl"k, la", b nee 
D;pfl'nhakpr 'VIII 1", tchr. h Don MIlls rd 
));,-on "'111, plltr, I J 1Illlnro 
Don 1\IIIIs :lll'tholll
t Chnrcb Don lIlIll
lIIage \lIllIs, tmstr Taylor "Bros, res Cbes- 
D,'r mmonll Alhert. farmer David Smltb, b 
I'on MIlls rd 
Dur.das Charles, lab Taylor Bros. rcs Dnvls- 
D1I1111as Harry, Inb Tnylor Bros, res Davis. 
,"i 1 1(' 
Dt"llIloq Jobn. lab Taylor Bros, res Dn,ls- 
D"nn Tho",..'. b Don lIlills rd 
Emmory Waiter. bal'hpr. h Don 1Illlls rd 
mlnger Jubn. lab Ta;vlor Bros, b C Ped- 
F"....Ic>r David. btehr, h Hnwthorne nv 
Fllc>" '''111, paper mkr Ta)'lor Bros, b Ha\\"- 
thorn.. c v 
Forll 1'.I'<1prlck, bnrner Taylor Bros, res 
Fo" Tholl1.,,,, lab Tavlor 13,'os. I"l'q Chc>qter 
G:m.hlc John, prop Todmordc>n nonse, Don 
1" roJ 
Ghmhll' .lobn jr, elk Tollmonl"n Honse 
G",\\ooll "'m. lab. h DOli 1Illllq rd 
Gihh Josepb, In'kmkr 'I'nylor HI'os. res To- 
Qlhl'o"e Dn\'IIl. lah Tavlor nrOq, res Toronto 
GUn ore I-{pnry. Inh Tn"Ylnr Bros, re!ò' Chp
G!ln.ore Itohert, Inb T:lylor nros, res Ches- 
Golrlomltb James. Inb Tnylor Broo. res To- 
('.Iollqon Rohert, elk, I J A :lloI'II01J.,ld 
G:-"C>II Ramuel, hlk
mlth Don \IIilIs rd. b 
l'r po
 ntt Thomas. lab Taylor nro
, res Cheq- 
H:lrrlgan Patrlc\<, mkt gdnr Don 
lIlls rd 
Ellrrlgan Thomoq, mkt gllnr Don \II'llq rd 

lIan ey John G. mnfg chemist, Don !lllIIs rd Self Gilhert, brklyr, h Gaml>le .1\ 
H:.wthorue I'redcrick, farmer, I George A Shp". :IIi s BrIdget. I Thomas Dillin 
Tarlor 8hl','par<1 8nmllel J, eng 'l'aylor 13ros, b Don 
Hm'ps 'Wm. burner Taylor Bros. res To- I lIlills I'd 
1'; .:to Shellol,tn George, gdnr, b Don Mills rd 
I:az'pton J A Jll:tcllon:llll. elk. I It Hazleton 8lel"ld:rn Itobert, tmsh' Taylor nros, I 0 
n. 7.'etoll Robe:-t. dl"t1
!,:ist. h Gamhle av Sloel'id"n 
LT..lm !tohert. setter Ta.rlor Bros, res Cbes- SIJip Fwn\>, paper mkr Taylor Bros, b 
ter r!"Ol"l":lUCø nv 
IJe"11erson DavId Inb Tnylor Bros res '1'0- I Shq,son George S, fireman, I G Bntl'r 
I'' '8m;,h l>:I,-id. litho. h Don III1lls ..d 
HiI.hltt Henry, btehr Gamhlp av b snme I ::;milh H.II'old .... litho, I Ua,'id 8mllb 
II, <1;::1' Jnmes bnrner Taylor 'Hros res' 8u- i rtl J:rmps, c>ng, Don IIl1l1s rd 
(hester ' . I 
lIcith Wm A. gl"Oom, h Don IIll11s rd 
H\.lnphrles George, lab, I W G Humphries 
o:""\On Ha....y. smilh's hplp.", S Gret'n 
11I_ll1phries \\ m G, tm
tr. h Gowan av :>olllers Jobn, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
I'..r.t IIl0qe
, lab Tavlor Bros res Chester 'J': ylor .A ur,e (wltl George), h 0011 lIIillti rd 
 James H 'borse tr3(ner h Don '1'[,:or Bms (John I.', GeOl'
e A and Wm 'r), 

1iIl!l rd' , papcr, paper bag and brick mfrs, Don 
J'I Hils .1I1dson. I'lk. I J H Jl'nklns '.llIey 
1"IIs Ha..,v. I:lh T:lvlor nros rl's Chpster Taylor Charle9 :lIef.. stud"nt. I J H T'.ylor 
J\:elley Wm, 'Iab Tnylor Bros, 'b Woodvllle 'l'a)'lor George A (Ta)'lor Bros). II Don AIllia 
nVI'Dne nnd 
Kill I.p..lpy Jllhnr hrnss fnqhr h Gnmhle nv 'J',,) lor Jonn, farmer, I J II T.lylor 
KlI'kpatrll'k '.rilOmns fireman Taylor Bros I T",lor John I' (Taylor Bros). h U"n 1II1!1q rd 
h Don 'I[Jlls I'd' , ' l 'I'''
'lor John H, fal'mer, h DOl\ \Jllls rd 
Lnl'ey ""m, dl'h'er J W MnrUn I snm
 'I'nJlor JlIOI'tOll. student. I J H T.lylor 
I.all,am John. Inb To)'lor nro.., I \Vm A
nhy :rv3'lor Will 'I' (Taylor Bros), b Don Mills rd 
I.a",rence Oliver lab '1'nylor Bros res 1'0- I t'ny John. lah, I G A lIIoses' 'Tht.I'ne M;Qs lII:try G. bOon :llills rd 
1.1'1' John 1', tmstr Tnylor Bros, res Cbester T"
!no..den Honse, JolIn Gamble prop, Don 
b Gporge, plltr. h Gnmhle av 
 Ills I'd 
l\!.,r pan Wm, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Doo J'UUUUUDJ-:'\" PUST OFI"ICI<:, (;eorJ{e 
Mill" rtl lI"ter Postmaster, Don \lIllIs rd 
lI:ac>donnld Helen (wId Simon) b Don 'IlIlIs TI.r.-nnee.A A, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
rt ad . 'J'I"( well George, lab '1'aylor Bros, res '1'0- 
]\fal'donalll John A. merl'hllnt, b Bee ....."to 
Martin John 'W, 11ah'y Gamhle nv 'a!'!II\'an George, lab Taylor Bros, I Wm 
l\:nyna'" Alfl'pd. g.lnr, I \IIark JIIaynnrd _, ftnh,,-nn 
\IInynar<1 \IIork, hrl,lyr. h Hnwthorne nt" \""Ill\'ao Wm. eng Taylor Bros, b DOD 
?"(,:lr'ht'm Thomas, eng T"ylor Bros b Don Vnllpy 
 r,l 'Yno::.:haD George, lab Taylor Bros, rl's To- 
'Ill'ade John. dnlry Don Mills rll !OI:tO 
III\1Iar John B, foreman T:lylor Bros, b Don "alker Jobn, tll1str T:lylor Bros, h Don 
Ynllpy Valley 
\IIonk .10sepb, I'tb T:lylor Bros, b R Chnm- "-
st\\oo,d John. mkt gdnr, Don IIl1l1s rð. 
h"l'laln ,\ h)'te Elizabeth (wid .A lexnnder), I Mrs C 
"00.... Mary A (wid 1IIa..lln). h Don !lllI1s rd Rll'e. . 
lI'oore '''m, 
Ismn, h 'Yllllnm ".hrte "m McK. pal'ker, h J.o::-:m :IV 
Morl'q Arthur plmhr 1 G A \IIo
ps \\ 1Ison Hpnry. lah, b Don MlI1s rll 
1I.""eg Georgè A brk mkr Taylor Bros h \\'I,son John, fireman Tuylor Uros, b Don 
Hcl" , \"n II c>y 
IIIrQes Geo
p H lah Tavlor Bros I G A 'Wrorl9 Andrew, paper mkr Taylor Bros. res 

('9 . . , I York Co 
II:, Sl'
 .10seph, lab Tnylor Bros, I G A I 'V:< oIls Iqaal', Jab Taylor B..o
. r<'S Yort Co 
:I'oses "yalt Da\"ld. lab. h Don MlIls rd 
\II, untaln Alhprt. mkt 
nr Don \IIl1\q rll 
lilt ,'ro E
",neV, I:lh T:I\"lor BI'OQ, b WilHam 
IIi, n..o Jaml'S: gllnr. h' Dr..1 IIl1l1s ,11 
ro Wm R. ftrem:ln Taylor Bros I J 
l\lnnro ' 
!IIptT Edward. pdlr. h Hawthorne nv 

:lnlel, mach tndr Tay:'<>r Bros, res Will 
e (,'Jarl".. lab Taylor Bros. res North 
P((nar Albert, lab T'lylor Bros. h Gamble 
r" f'll 1 e 
I"H11ar ('ha..ll'q. h..k mkr, I J PI't'Ilnr 
I'ul1ar Cha..le
, d:.lrv TOrtAnl'e av 
p"nnr .10hn. dal..v Torranl'P :I\" 
Pt dl:lr I"h 111 P. \,:lPC>" mkr, h Torranl'l' nv 
Pl'slpll Alfred. Inb Taylor Bros, b Don llliI1s 
pc>"lpll "'m, iwlr. I A PI'Qtpll 
pfSt,,1I 'W ""'If.'pll, jwlr, I A Pp"Il'1I 
l'l'\\"t"PSQ 1111's 1I11l1'v. I G A 'I'
 tl'r lIc>nrt" B. ":hopml,r. II n..p 
PI::tpr Hc>nrt" E. shoernkr. I H 13 PI:lvt..r 
:?pr "T:1ltpr. 1)l"eSser 'I'nylor Bros. res 
( 1u:
Pol a" Thomaq. lab, h Don !lll11s rd 
r.fol'd Fl'ellerlck, tmstr Taylor Bros, re9 
( hpQter 
It,,,11 Hpll1'Y 8. dairy P:lpe nv. h snme 
nfc(l Rlch:1fd. Tn
t l!'dnr L('
:lf'. h snmc 
CI:.l'l1on Rlchard, I:lb T.lylor Bros. res '1'0- 
Ril'e (,hflrlotte (\\"ill GpO\'!!I'), h Don 'Jillq r<1 
Itll'e GI'V,-gp, seltPl' Tn\"lor Bros. h Haw- 
thorn" n v 
Col,rrtq :MIlIl'olm. paper mkr Taylor Bros. 
I 'J' Ro hc>rt
 TlIomn.. lab Taylor Bros, b Don 
Rr,l'l'"tQon Wm. ellg Tavlor Bro
, h Don 
\'nllc>y , 
TI, I,h'
on ('hnrlc>
. tmstr, h Hawtbm ne nv 
n, hl"son "'l1fred. shader Taylor Bros. b 
Pn\\"thorne nv 


(I'our mnes nortlI\7t'St of P 0) 
lIIayor and COt1nelllors. 
be found at end of book, See Index.. 


Tl ,,"n Clerk. Wm J Conron 
TIP"St1I'CI', .1 T Jnl'kqon 
SOIlC"ÏtOl', C..arle.. C Going 

Wllter W{'rks. 

JLlIn Hag;::as enJ:"lneer nnd snperlntendent 
lr"nry 1"1'11. 211<1 englrper 
st En!!lneel'. Jtlmf's Hilqdt'D 

ElectrIc Light I'lant_ 
F.lel'trician. J:lm<
Er_::-ineer 'Va Iter Hnl'ge.s 
l'dieal Henltb Officer Dr, :llavpty 
Chief of Polil'e, Joslnh n Itoyce 
S'I_ltary Inspector, Josl:Jb It Ito\"ee 
ChIef of FIre Dep:lrtment, JolIn Itoblnsc.n 
Sll'ict Commissioner, Petp" Moon 
All ott Ep'un. h 21G LOlIlQa 
AIoI" Fredel'lck W. cond CPR, b 59 WeSt. 
ern nv 
Alwll H R,'::lnald, wd carver Helntzmnn & 
Co. h Gl :If.,y 
AI>prnethy Jobll W, en!! CPR h 4ï I'\\ndas p. 
Abl'PY Geor
e R In
p Canalla Cycle & lIIotor 
("0, h 214 'Ylllou
hh;v n\ 
 Annie (\\";d ShlI1PY). h :13 Hook nv 
Adams \o'l'l'd. tool mkr ('f.nada Cycle & 
or Co. h Hpyllnn Houqe 
Adnmq JOQeph. gdnder Can C;vcle & lIIotor 
Co. res TOl"Onto 

Guarantee Company of North America. 
..,EDLAND Be. dONES, Cen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 1el.1061 

H. O'ijARA & CO., 

Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 


Torunto Junction. 


Inttbew, tool mkr Canada C)cl,' Altun Tbomas J, action reg Heintzman &: I PH'n'r
,< H, Ont Pa,'ing Br
ck Co, 
utor Cu I'es Toronto I Co, I 17;; Vine av h IUS Marla 
Ad,llu<un Uob
rt III, lll.!el1 CI'H, h 131 !lln, AU
lin \I,ny (wid Henry), b 302 Pacific av FtJ!"'ey Annie S (wl-1 AI..xanJ..r), h 3o! Hos- 
kl'k ,1\ south I klll:1\ 
Ad.I...,n, elk, h ;1n:J We
ton Id A,..tin Wm J. fireman CPR. I 302 Pacific Hl'rl..y ;Tohn I'
, action rn
br Helntzmcn &: 
Adllr-un Jobn, I aKI We.ton rd a,' " I lo. I ;H l;Ioskln av 
.Agln \11"" Anni.., tlrs. I ,IU Vine av Anlty Thomas, mach hd Heintzman & Co, ß'h.m V.I\"Id. fl,' (,I'R. h 2!. 
Agin B,nber, l.arber 18 Dund.!s 1', h 49 VIDe res Toronto _ B( hnn 
'1muel, for..lUan CPl!, h 21 Quebec 
a,-enue Annu.. Hotel. Mrs A J Smith prop, 20" .'EDue 
Ague" John H tlr 2V flUndas 1', h 21 An, Dt ntlas w I Bllden Walter, carp CPR, h 45 Paclfi
 a\" " 
n..Ue e . A
-:Ing F,'ederl<'k, I 2G1 St Clair av I' , l>ell 1I11ss Anni.., tchr Model School, I 117 
nrshall, tlr J H Agncw. b :; .\
 li"g" John, bl'kmkr, h 2r.I St Clair av I' C,,'ndenau .....- 
,,"Ihon Vi 'h IIn
 Wm. brkmkr, h 4o! Edmund Bell Georg.,. Canada Cycle & Mot- 
A'd,.r \\ m. b 22\ Pacific av s ß;H"kus John, stone cutter, h 40 
cMurrny or ('0, res Toronto 
Ald"rson "m T brklllL.r est of 
 Wake- an'nue Bell Georg.., tlnn"r CPR, h 55 Eitmund 
1I..ld, b 21 Alb,;ny rd Bagnall Robl't"t, wiper CPR. h 29 May Hell James, bk1'r, h 2!J2 Willougbby av 
A d
Iarlon ("id James) h 34 Falrvie" B"g
l..y HprLprt, I 203 Pacillc av s 11..11 '[eleph"nl' ('0, 11 Keele s 
a,'enue ' Br.".ley Wm A, eng A Campbell. h 203 pn nell Wm, h 1i7 C'endt'lt:ln av 
AIlf'n U"Grgp gdnr Mrs Cook I 76 Evelyn I"fic 'Iv S Hell" tIl J. studt, I 1i7 Clendenan flV 
cres' , Bain Franc1
. ttr CPR, h 21õ Pnclflc 1\'1"" reLnett (,harles, 
"itel1 tender t'PR, rea 
Allpn Lizzie (wid Charles II), I 57 W..stern Llaln FrancIs H, IIremnD CPR, I 26 Pacific 10rk tp 
fl\ cnue a,' .. I't-[ nctt Gporge, call boy CPR, res Tork tp 
Allen Sa mUl'l tlusmlth CPR. h 58 Pacillc nalr.. Albert E, cRr r<>pr CPR. h ;;1 Argyle I B... nett GPQrge A. tone reg Heintzman & 
n" " '- r"ad Co, res Toronto 
AUF' Hall 114 Duudns I' Po, ine Gporgl' T, pntr Wilkinson Plough n"nnett Harr), b,'kmn CPR, res York tp 
-\'\"DEnSò:\ ALE'\-\:\DF.R J, Barrh.t- Co. h 20 Klng's rd l',nnett Hf'DlY, pat mkr Wilkinson Plou,;b 
er, Solicitor, Etc, 6 Dundas e, b 188 ß..ird John. steamhoat ngpnt 7 Kpplp 9 I Co. res Toronto 
11 BnLer (,harles, 
ectlonman, h 127 Chur<'blJJ J Elsworth, clk E R Rogers, I 59 
Ar<<Jf'rson Â.rthur. ttr CPR, h 65 Mc'lurrar a,pnue I\.'("lurrnr ov 
n,-enu" n..k..r F..h\ard, ear repr ('PR, h 31 Honk nv ßfnnett Hohert, cnrp, h 59 
[urray av 
^l:df'rson "'rank. clk Cumming lie Co, reS' Baker Harry, helper CPR, h 20 C!end..naD I B, Thomas. <Crt'''' ml;r Canadll Cr"le 
!lugton n, emu!. & 
otor Co, h 30 "'estern nv 
Ano:Jerson Manly, clk J T McGlenDlng, res Rnk..r Jnr..<1. t1r J (' "llInrd. b 20 )Iay Bt.non W, mach Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 
'rerouto P
I:f'r J, mnch Cnnndn C,'cle & Motor Co rc" Toronto 
on Snmuel, llremnn CPR, I 55 
c. nalrJock Albert, cond CPR, b Occldentul lIo-1 B..ntley Wm C. piano stringer Heintzman &: 
Ynrrny av tel Co, h 4 Llndl'r Arthur II nns 6 Dundns w ßnll Chnrles E, app HelDtzmaD lie Co, res I BERGI '\ ItE \ ''''\1, p",.tnr <it Ct!- 
At'lJrf'''s Frank. fil:emnn ('pR. res Elora Tlronto I cfO\la's (Rn ChUt'ch, h In Annettf' w 
A"drpws H..nry, pntr. h Z1 E,1mund Bn
ks George, mach CPR, h 179 Clendcnnn Derry Wm II, swltcbman CPIt. h 4ï \"Ine av 
Arõrcws Jarnf's, eng CPR. b 54 Union II nvenue S Jam..s. grinder Cnnada Cycle & !\Iotor 
AI.drews J.lmes IIlcL clnr CPR I 54 rn- 1'''1 k
 James E, eDg Tor Sub Ry, h 44 t Co res Toronto . 
Ion n . , (,Inlr nv w B,st' Thomas, mer CaDada Crcle & 
Ardrl'ws !llIss Jennie, bkpr R G Andrews, I E
.I hour Ephrnlm, ftour nnd feed 137 Dun- Co. res Westl'n 
20 Dundns w rJaq e. h same Bf'swlck Chester A, prtr Tribune, b :; WII- 
Ardr..,,'s John. sll\"er pInter. I 2!J Edmund It 4. Rei. 4. Y 4.'.F.
 -\:\DER, Grne"r fin son pi 
Aldrf'ws Itol>prt G, grOI'f'r 2/) Dundns w Annette e, h 02 snme BeYlngton Thoma.. sonp mL.r PugskF. Dlng- 
AI'I_..tte St Rnptlst Church. Rpv W J Pady Rltre-Iny Wm A, ynrdman CPR, h 47 West- IT,nn & Co, h 2:"-(1 Keele s 
pnqtor. Annpttp w. D-e cor III!!h Park nv ern nv Be"non John. carp 'Vllklnson Plough Co, 
Au pU.. St !llpth (,hnrch. Re\" W R Parker Bnrf'foot George R, ftr CPR, h 70 Mc'lur- h' 

16 Da,-enport rd 
pp<tnr. Annette w, bet Hlgb Park nv nnd my nv IT Bigham 
Iiss Ella J, clk )Irs M Cotterell, 
QllPh..c av Drrkpr 
1I.s Annll E. bkpr Thomas E oar 6ï 'lay 
AI,,'in!! Chnrles, packer A Campbell. h 20 & Co, r:: es Weston Bigham George. h 3.'1 Lnlon D 
Arthur 'IV n:.II,er "rn 'Y". pnckpr. It 5:J Vlr-torh RI;:hllm George J. brklyr. I 67 Mny 
A"son Arthnr T, wd carver lIelntzmnD & H::r"..s Allnn Itrkrnn CPR. I 84 P,wlfle nv 8 1 ßI;:ham Jaru..s G, elk Thomas E Hoar & 
('0. h Gl 
Iny n Charlps. studt. I 148 Clpndpnnn IIV CO, I 38 rnlon n 
Al,thony Rohprt. tinsmith E R Rogers, res H::r.."q Dnvld G, cond CPR h.:'iO Annette w B gham John. brklyr, h 117 IIlar 
Inmhton. Ont Rr.l'n..s JohD J. cond ('pR. h .5 Edrnnnd Pig-ham J Clnvton .1
lIln I 38 Union n 
Ar<hl'r Alh..rt. tlr H " "oTrlson. I 26 Jane Barres Josephine (wid Sidney), h 2'10 1'a- Hilton John. Ìmtr' 58 Quèhec av, h snme 
A'-cher Elliott, Inh CPR h 2ß Jane clflc n'V s I Bil <h Hpesp tool mkr ('anada Cycle & 
Arl"l1Pr Jame". car rppr CPR re" York tp H, rnes 
" Lelia. qtenog. I 2'10 paclnc av s Motor Co. n.s Toronto - 
Arls Thomaq. "ontr 55 "p<tern av. h same Br,.npg 
h<" Rachel, tchr 
Iodel I';chool, Binnington Edward ". lab CPR I 46 West- 
Al'mlta!!p Aubrey, app Dodge )Ug Co. I 80 I 116 Westprn IlV I ern nv " 
AI'r,f'ffe e p." F....d. brlcklvr Ont Paving Brick Rit,nin"ton Frpdertek vard foreman CPR 
Allu l ta!!1' Charlp< S. lah ('annda Cycle & Co. res Lamhton 1\lIl1s h 157 Vine av ,. . 
'Iotor ('0. It 
O AnDette I' H< rrle Joltn. trav. h G1 Wllloughhy nv Rit n;n
on Rohert h 46 Western nv 
Acmltagp D."'ld. wks Pugsley, Dingman & Brao"",, "'nlt..r f;. 
orpman Canada Cycle Bil.nin2ton Robert J, yardman CPR, I 46 
Co. h 6:J , Ine av & 
Iotor Co. b 5 ""son pJ "'f'otern av 
AI mlta!."p Dongln q . pullf'Y wkr Dodge !lUg I
arry Emma ,[ (wid RI<:hard\. I 42 rnlon n B nn
 Allan H, CPR. h 42 Union n 
('0. h 
 Annptte I' . I.r!'ry Harry F. npp HemtzmaD & Co, I 42 us"y, fireman CPR 
Armlta!!p IIprhprt. I'tlmn nss{>mhlpr Can- 1:nlon 
 Bint D." Id, mptnl pl<hr, I 50! Edmund 
nd'l ('Yl'lp & \lotor Co. 180 Annptte I' Rr.rlon 1- rprJ. rppr ('nna,ln ('ycle & Motor Ilint John. metnl plshr, h 50! Edmund 
Arn:ltngp Wm J S. fireman CPR. b ti3 AI, Co. 1'1'. 
Iount Denn!q _ ßird (n hI Wm), I :m 
h:,ny rt1 Enr" Ise JonathaD, ftrs hlpr CPR. h 2:'i Vlc- ßÏrd "'m. eari' CPR. res Elizabeth 
AI'rr<trong- Charles. flrf'man CPR, rf'S Tf'es, to,'ln ß;rd 'Vm E. bench bd Dodge '-'fg Co, reo 
.....nter _ II!\1P
 Thomns, fnshr HelntZ!llan & Co, res I Toronto 
AI'nootrong- Gporge. gr() 51)0 Dundn< '" TI'ronto I Birrell 
1I<s Christina dr<mkr I 78 pa 
Allr"!1'on;: Jnne (wid John), h 157 Clen- lIatt (,harles H. clk, I 14!> HI
h Park av c'fic a; s ", 
itfnnn 'IV ß>,ff (,bnrlps 'V, contr G4 LuloD D. h 149 n:rrel1 Jnme". h i8 Pacilic nv s 
Arm<tron!! In<pph. \Vk" Pu;:slf'Y, Dingman HIgh Pnrk 'I" 13:1'11'11 )Ii". )lInnle. I'lk. I i8 l'nplfic av s 
& ('0. I 1'0 Campbell 'IV Rart Robert J. clk. I 149 HI!!h Park nv Hirrell '\"m Lkpr I 78 PaciOc av B 
Arm<trong- npnhpn. rJ,'y ;:oorJq :12 D'wda" w natt Thoma" "'. studt. I t4!J Hi.!!h Pnrk av mn('k RolJprt lab (,PEt 
Arn .t'on!! Thornn". h fO ('amnbpll nv Bhffye .10hn F. trnv, h 
1 King r.1:;l'kmore Géor
e H. ..nrp. h 2;;2 Kepi" n 
Arrn<tron!! Thomas V. clk CPR I 127 Clen- Baltyf' !\Irs Sarnh A. I 81
Rlng Hlnl'k<tock George. h 2:;2 Keele n 
ite"j,n nv IIm:f'r Charles A. mlrJr, h .0 Lang-htoD 'IV ßlnck<to..k GpOlCp \. tnoJ rnk.. Canada 
,rJ Harr". .,-,0..... mfr. h 1!13 Kef'lp s II
I" tlnhelmer Wm H. driver GeorgI' Rob- Cvele & Motor - Co, I 2:;2 Keel., n 
 rJ John, fir..mnn CPR. h 2G Alhany 'r_
on, Hl......btock H..nry. LII'Y('(" hd, I 2:;2 Kf'f'le n 
r n<1 Bn"fer Jnmps, h 149 EII!,nheth s III: ,'kstock H..rhert. "inrJer. I 2:;2 Rel'le n 
"r-" J""'l'ph. hrll'k setter ODt Povln,:: 1I:;)'"y John. ;:rJnr. h 1., HumherslrJ.. 'IV I' BI"ln James, drol' for!!er Canad.1 Cvcle & 
P"..k ('0- h "p<ton rd Ppan Amo". n ' ;'t<'hman C'Inada ('y,,11' 
Iotor ('0 rl's Toronto . 
At..hl'<on M..I...ll1e, clk Wood ßro q . I G6 & 
Iotor ('0. h 77 Pal'l1Jc nv s I 13;""1' John' Ini, h -1 Ho<kln av 
ln,'rav nv _ nHm A J 'IIIton (Godwin & BeaD")' I 77 ni
"p Jo<p';h' t;'ISt; Ont Pn\"I"'
 Brick Co 
Atkin Fr..rJprlck H. provq 2-,6 Dundaq w r"clflc nv s h Wp
ton ;d . 
In<on James. eng CPR, b Occh1ental n,'an Gf'or

, cond Tor Suh St Uv ('0. h 74 RI-lI'f'v Jplf..rson pl"hr HelDtzman &: C 
HotI'I 1.'dronnd 
 ''J'oronto . . 0, 
Atk'n<on Thornns -\. tmstr H..lntzman &: IIp"n 'Valt
r. øpp Heintzman & Co I 4fJ e. 
('0 h 11" Annette I' r"lon n . BI..a 'Y"m. hartndr !"llbW.lY Ho""'_ h 21 
Alton F"
nk E. wks Png-slev, Dingman &: Heard Thomas lab. h 33 Mny Dpndns e 
('0, 117:; Vlnp nv' Pf'nttle IS'lnc'L prln 
t Clair Av Sl'b, h Hlf'nl'oe Gf'or;:... eng CPR. rl"< r,ondoD 
Atton Gpor;:p W. action reg lIelntzman & ;'8 
Iedlaod Ble, Ins Wm. brkron CPR. h 28 P'Iclflc av n 
Co. h G5 
Iay ppntty 
Intthew H. CODly 1 DUDdas 1', b lilt weU "m H. C'lr r..p. CPR. rE : York tp 
ret (wlrJ James\. h 1ï5 Vlnf' :IV 117 Lnws r::,.omflpld 'h-, 
alah. h 101 "ïlJoll!!hhvav 

M t II - C II I - I Metallic 
- e a IC ellngs. 'Phnm

Roofing Co.
Cor. K INC And DUfFERIN 818. 





T"rollto J ullction. 


ßkor 'l'hom:is, wks P:ilmer Shoe Co. h 33 
Carlton 1.1 
ß.twd:11I Elloeh. .ero!! sawyer Heilltzm:in 
&, ('0. r
:i 9)'01"0IltO 
D'u1l<1all I......llk. e"ht mkr. h 81 I.OIl19:i 
CO'" dmalt Geor!;". mach. h 2öJ 81 CLair nv 
D"It<-her!. C:ise mkr Hei:ltzman & Co. 
b (H Alh.IIIY l'tI 
,",t :\1 b. Y.eltlt:i, tchr C:irlton St Sch. res 
Dol"l'tI Juhn P. case lItkt. Heintzman & Co. 
n.!':i TorOlilO 
Dol.1l1t1 TlltllllaS F. p!shr IIelntzm:1U & Co. 
res Ul'(,f l'õ1rk 
nt.ltoll Ch 'rl,,<, ,,'k.. Pugsley. Dingman & 
{'U. I 140 'Inlol'l, aV 
Do:l,oll Juhll Jo'. plttr. h 140 Mlllock nv 
C(lton 1'..,-"y. wh"d IJ.cer Canad,\ Cycle & 
A'olor Cu 
DUH] C',al"l<'s A. C:ise mkr lldntzID:in & Co. 
1\s. EII't. clk "'m J Duncan. I 19 
r., 1111 James. cleva tor opr, h 21 "'estprn av 
Uund J:lllle.... J,:'."UC"l..O 2.i
 Ihllulas w. h o;;,;,:lIue 
L!olltl :\hs< .1 (:('",-;;luJ.. tlt.s J It Chl.holm. 
1 '21
2 Ih1l111:1o; w 
D('lIti Hif-h:lltl G. I'a.e mkr IIplntzman & 
Cu. I 2:! )J1I1I(].I
DlJu(] I:ichan1 J. l1J
ICl1 Dodge "Itg Co. res 
n"ltll ::;t.l.ulpy. appr Dollgp 1IIf::: Co, re9 To- 
C,.t II Tholll:is 'V, pat mkr Dodge Mrg Co, 
Dr,lId \\"111. wkq Pugsley, DIngman & Co, 
2:; \VestpJ"tl :IV 
Hellh'"11 0\\ ell. gro 1:18 
t (;1:llr nv w 
Bonn Ch:1I"1f-'s J. contr 2nt Qlwhpc :IV 
no!'th George. prE'sser. h 94 J'l'lhaDl nv 
octh (;eUlgt....t'Il;! ('PH. ."p'" UWl'U Sound 
H.,.lh .Johll. laD (,Pit, 10 1:!'1 Annl'ttp " 
Do"th "'nlter, {)arDer l' Connell, b 121 
H"r;:illll Ch:ir\('s n. tlrllgs 4-1 Dnnll:is W 
( !Cloll ];I'l'tl. h..klllil (' pn, ] !if; AlIllPtte 
nett J:llIIpS H. I'outl Cl'H, h 73 "Ine av 
J:l n her )I" \"id II, c.lll'. h 101 Q\1eb,,1' nv 
UCI:rtloll IITi.s Allee. I 183 Lnllisa 
L!et!' lion A,.thlll- J. action Hplntzmnn 
& 1'0, I IS.'! 1.0\1,":1 
n. \1rl1on Will, nt'S' hlpr CPR. I 188 LDUlslt 
HI,\\"(}('n J,III!l'
, l),It III In.. b :iO Edllluud 
UOW.Jt'1I Jaltle
 .fl'. I 30 Edmund 
nuw....lng' F'""tlprlC'k "', rllhber Helntzmnn 
& ('0, "eq TDronto 
nn'-"I's !l1i
s J,'nnit.. I 43 Clenll(illan nv 
B"wles Geurg" 
1. t(1haI'CDnist. I 22 LJ.W9 
Howle,", John. It 2:! L3W!= 
n"wies !I[,.t'OIl L. tl"fi". I :!:! L:i\Vs 
Uc,wlllall J"IIII. {),-Imm ('I'll. h 139 Vine '" 
How-lit'l!! Allan N. carp CPIt, h 54 Clen- 
(if linn :tv 
:Co,,",fit'lIl :\Iiss Annie. clk. I 5"1 Clcndenn'l 
I:oT sl1l'ld WID J. elk. I 54 Clendennn :iv 
H, ,_all H:tI"l"Y, plsl1r HeIntzman & Cu. re9 
nIl Wm C. plshr Helntzmnn & ('0. .. 
:!S C:ir1ton pi 
HI.,.-e J:\C"oh. 1:110 ('pR, h 24 Albany 1"<1 
Bn,"1 [
.I t('. holler mkrs' hlpr CPR. h 134 
('( OpPl. I1v 
HI',,1 Jol'lI. ttr CPR. h (;2 Pnclflc nv s 
n John. 1111\:t gl1nr Keèle, S-\V cor An- 
IIpt te W, 11 t::tlne 
f"oT l:tu '\'111. v:u-dmnn ('pR, I J Boylan 
1',(,; IIIDn D,,, Ill. I' ;{:I F.tlmllnd 
Bo; ntnu '\"111. mlll\\"rll';ht Cnn:J.da CYClE' & 
lIIolor ('0. I'I'S T01'onto 
Rr'H'k \\ m ,V. gro 
18 AnnpttE' w, h 
Grandon LornI'. ()Ir mkr CPR, \) 2G2 DUD- 
nmQler Harry E. clk C:inada CyclE' & 
lIIntor ('I'. I'es Toronto 
nr":iI<Pllrltl"e A....hle E, carp, h 100 Marla 
Erpl'kpJl\'pp.l Alrred. brkmn rpn. b 00 ,vlI- 
1(,1 g-hhy :IV 
En-r'kI'JI\'ped 'Va1tpr. flrO'mnn CPR, h 20 
"r (""itern a v 
Brfoen Fprrlq J. cnse mkr Heintzman & 
Co. b :m Vnn Horlle 
1I.:"r 1'.1111 'V I., trav Wllklnsoll Plough 
Co. req '.foronto 
Br1l-e Jamps. ('olld CrR. h Ol'cll1ent:J1 HDtpl 
B'-;l'kplI" Sidney, clk 'Vm Da,'les Co. res 
Brl('kl'r ErvIn. Indry 14 Hnnl'ttE' w, h same 
1I\\p1"l"y J:t1nps. lah, h 
:; Cnrlton pi 
Rr:,::ht Alhp,.t, conl1 CPII. h 2'lr. p:11'1fll' nv " 

Ih'hnl't' John, tlr. h 134 Davenport rd 
!:titl"ln All '-I'll, png CPH, h 40 !l1:IY 
Hrod\: J':rllcst. {"UIUJ., II 1 ....
l"guson :IV 
1:, ",'I,I"hank Cal"l"l" It (will Jatnes), rms G 
IhIlUlH"i \\ 
L!ro<'klehal,I< Townley J. tinsmith, rm9 G 
11I!lIdas \V 
Hrr"ok 1I,'II1Y. storckpr CI'r.. h 3:! AI{):tny rtl 
1l1"f.(lks Ed\\ H1"(], llJut;'r II & II n Ii:pnt, b 2J 
Jllwd.IS W 
U......I's Jo"l'tl,'rlek A, h 28 1\ll'dlallll 
):nU,1Il J.IIUl"!":. 1))"0 IIll'd :!:j::! .'1111(1.19 W 
L!lOlhel s L!ert, tn.teh Cl'LI, b D7 lilt;b I'ark 
B.. \\ II Alhert F., nl:il'll. h 59 1;",hr"l:::e nv 
11...\\ II :\lis
 AI1<-\". wks [.ae\"s &. 11......1 ('I' 
c. ()\\ II AI tlIUI", wood Wkl" !Jo(];;e Mlg Co, 11 
2.1:-; D:I \"l'tll1ort l"tI 
I:... "II II. 1II:I('h C,tn:id:i Cycle &. MotDr Co, 
HIl'" II V,,,-I.] A, trav, h 7:1 Clenllennn nv 
lIlI.wn Eliza (will '1'hnmas). It 4
ll!-, \\ n Fre.lpr cl" wtl turller, Dodge AIrg 
Co. () 10 I
lp1 nv 
nrowll I1('lIl")a, Coli"]'. 11 11:; f'lpnc1pn2In nv 
l:rlOwII H"'"T. 1II:I<:h hll 'Vllklnsoll l'lough 
('0. rc. YOI"k tl' 
13,-( wn II"\-In A, dk. I 71 ClplII1cnan nv 
BILWII John, Ill.ilCh, h (;:::; ""estoll 1"11 
UU)\\"II Jtjbn, (I!slr, It 4:!:J \\"e
ton J"t) 
BrowlI Jo."phme (will L! 1'), h -U:! Pac1f1
nv s 
B...;...n Lnonarll. m:ill cnrder. I 11;; CI"n- 
(!"U;!D nv 
Tln....u !l1.,ry (wid John). h 3:;2 Wpston I'll 
L!..o\t u :\lIl1s, m:lch Dodge lIlfg Co, () 20 
P:u"lfie .IV 
B,own I:ohl'l't. ('m tpr Canada Cycle & 1II0t- 
Ot. Co, h ('''D1I,h..11 nv 
Drown Rohert E, {)Ir washer C1'n. h 7.} 
t'ell." 1"(1 
El"Own !lII
s null". wks L:il'l's & B..ald Co 
1:,.,\\ n '\'111. {)..kmkr. I 3
:! 'Ve
t"n ..<1 
lI..,.wn 'VIII J, prop C:ulton Hotel. 6311 
n ..d 
nr"wu \\"111 O. I C:lrlton Hotel 
Bn.wlIl"idg(' Jubn P, :ilatloll .lgput UTlt. 
I.n '"(-'UPOI't stutiOll. rps S:llne 
BrYilnt Alhpt,t '"', case mk.. Heintzman & 
CO, l"1!S TOlonto 
Lryunt At.thu.. G. car I'epr CPR, h 1-1-1 nne 

Bty".. lIa,. gluer Dol1gp !lItg Co. h 67 
Hook a v 
Bt"-tl,,n '\'111. eng CPR. res 'Vllf1
Bn Pt. (,bad,'s I'. I G7 Hook "V 
B..;..r I.eticin (will H",'uHJlllIl. h ()i" Hook av 
Br,..r lIannonll, I Gi" Huok av 
Bllch:tnan" H,'n..y. CPR, h 39 Hoskin av 
null Alhert E. app Helntzmnn & Co. res 
'J (ronto 
Bna :\liss Ca....le. tcb,. C
.I.lton St Sch. res 
\\"p.ton. Ont 

s, Wagons anrl Sldghs 
Heavy Bodies Made f"or the Trade 
Horseshoeing and Builders Iron Works a Specialty 
,"j67 JJ' ES1"OX nO

Bull Jo
eph R. cardage rukr. 31;7 "'eston 
l-rI. rE'S YDrk tp 
Bt iiiI'd Tbomas. cnrp CPR. h 3!) HDskln nv 
nt'nt John, holler mkr CPR. h õi" Vlnp nv 
E\lrbldgo RDhl'..t, Cuse mkr HeIntzman & 
('0. re'i TorDnto 
Bt"cber rhnrlps, pntr Docge lIUg Co. res 
Bur"her Wm. putr DDdge :lUg Co, rE'9 '1'0- 
ß,'rrord Ernest W. Itlrmkrs' hll,r CPR. I 2.6 
Al1nptte W 
Bt.t ford :\fiss GertiE'. mlnr Miss F A Hnr- 

h<tw, I 'lie Annette w H'lrJ"let (wltl 'Vm E). 11,'smkr 2iG 
Al nette lV, h snmE' 
Errt:ps,s Thon13s J. 
nul1d h03.rd rotr 
}(dntzm'ln & Co. h 178 Ontario 
Bt:rj!f'<s "'nlter. eng Electric Light Stntlon. 
b 12(; F.dmllnl\ 
Bt',kp Jobn. ppampll'r C:innd'l Cycle & Mot 
0.. Co, res Toronto 
Bur!;p Jo,eph, nppr Dodge !lUg Co. ref! TD- 

ß,',ke Josepb J, npp Helntzmnn &. Co, res 

omas filer WilkInson Plough CO, 
I(-':i Toronto' 
Ikrke, sawyer Dodge lIUg Co, rl!lJ 
DIII'ke \\ m, night watchman Dodge !lUg-Co, 
le< 1"OIonto 
Ellrkholllet' Alrred. wnsblng macblnes, 11 14:S 
l-:tl"i!w :IV S 
Bt:1t' Geo..!,"p, firl'mall CPR, res LOlldon 
ll<S !\llnnle, cik Sb\"I'p:lld & SDn, 
I 7!j l'adlic av 
n...t't CI...i,tI.1II K. tr:i\". I 114 ,,'estern nT 
1:..rt Va ,-Ill, fI..eman CPR. () 117 Uigh I'n1"\1 
BII..t :\I,
s FannIe, tlrs J it Chisholm, b 41\ 
lIulon n 
Bllrt !\luses C. tmv. h 117 QtlPhpc av 
Bllrt 'VIII. clnr CPIt. h Ii:! lIo<kin nv 
BIII-t 'Vm J, ,'all {)oy CPH, I (j3 f1o<kln nv 
L!U"tOIt Ge'Jrge, section wan Cl'U. h l2S 
Annptte e 
nt"I','1II J:lme
. flremnn Ont Pa,-Ing ßrlck 
Co. h 1:!,; Ethllllnll 
1'1'.111'11 Alh"rt. :11'1' Gasoline Englr.e Co, I 
21;:; St Chtlt. uv I' 
hell Alr"ed, hrkml,r. I 21:; 8t Clnlr ßv e 
UII!o'J"pli Edmund" tm..:tr COllger Coal Co, 
h 21:; St Clulr nv e 
hclI E.J,nun<.l 11', 1I0rlst. I 213 8t Clnir 
nv .. 
Itl'1I Will. hrkmkr, I 21:; St Clair nv e 
J,t \t'hart Ch:ll'les AI, s"pt. h n s Conllult. 
1 '" of 104 
B,.tt'hurt J:,mps 'V. cDntr w s WllIoLgbby 
:n a , 1 s or 
 1:2. It f:.amc 
1It:It,IIPr John. lIy fi:..shr Heintzman & Co, h 
]4'1 Vlul' av 
ßn1tou 'Ym J W, pl:ino back mkr Helntz- 
IT,'III & Co. h 4i" Keele s 
By...l Walter. roremnn CPR. h 23-1 Pnclßc 
nv s 
C"in O:inlpl, ya\"(lm:in ern, h 112 Duml,,!! e 
Ü'!l"",'k Johu, hlk
lIIith's hlpr CJ.nada C) c1e 
& \[otor ('0. I Alh.IIIY I'll 
..ullu-"hun J.:Jhn. 1:lh CI'R. h 13 C:irlton pI 
...'II'''l"On AIt'x.lUdet., groom \\'m lII.tber, b 
;:i Ya" Horn 
Call'prou H"rhprt. fireman CPR. h 2!J !ll:iy 
(' :lIIeron Malcolm. IuD. h 43 ElImnnll 
ChillI' lIeT Ceorge T, /J astor Disdples or 
1"1,,1<1 ('hlll'ph. h 441 ueh"c I1v 
Cr,n'phell AII'''':indpr M. supt COllrederatlon 
Lifp IntO: f'o, t;,j ] Þl11u]a,,; w, l"P
C.4. 'UPIIEI.I. '\IICIIIII \.LD. Proprietor 
Q'''','U Citv Flour :\llIIs. rt Cawthra "v. 
h :;:1:\ Annette \V 
C:nr-[1hell Archlhald ", with J\ Campbell, I 
::33 Allnt'tte w 
Cmrphell CIt:irlps R. brkmn CPR, b Sub- 
WflY Hons.e 
C:I1l1phell Colin. elk Cnn Bank Df Com, rPS 
Cnmphell DDnald. fnshr Heintzman & Co, 
. (1'..01 Toron to 
(',"nphpil EI1D9 :II, mngr. h 14=> '1lIlock nv 
COlllphell Jo'r:inl'lq J. fly rnshr Helntzmnlt &: 
Co. h J J Gnlon n 
C:,n'phpll F'-ultk, npp HE'lntzm.1D & Co, I 
1:1 Union n 
(', IT 1'1,,'11 J:ime., clk, I 13 {Tnlon n 
C:I1T'phl'lI Josepb, eng CPR. b Snhwny 
Cl1l11phell Lnngblln. brkmn (,PR. h Snbwny 
II OI,"E' 
C"lTl'hell !I[Jqs LizzIe, 8tenog A Cnmpbl'lI. I 
,.2 Me.llnlll1 
(':tI1'phell :\1'11. hrlll:!e bldr 73 Brighton pI 
C.llr ph,.11 Ppler, h 104 A nnE'tte I' 
('r- mphpll "'m. h 174 Pacific :i v .. 
('::mphl'lI "'m, eng CPR. h 00 Mc:\lnrrny av 
C: m"I..'1I Wm S. "ks Sub St Ry, II 110 
Al'nptte " 
C. 11 plilt Al{)ert C. ftr CPR, I Z! 1'.11'1111' 
nv n 
Cnll'plin Charle.. eng CPR, h Z! Pnclfle BV 
CUl1a<Ju CyPle & Motor Co. I.tl1, H J TI:iS8 
SI'I't. F ,V Quinn '1('l't, mrr9 of bil'yele8 
nnd motDr vehicles. Keele n. cor !lIcCor- 
C01':itUan R:mk of ('ommE'ree. Rohert C 
Jpr"ning-s rnncr, 
Cr_1 m'nn E.lwa..l1. hlk'I1I'
h Wilkinson 
rl""!:!h ('I'. h 117 Chll rch III 11 V 
C::navan Wm B, WDDd wkr. I 117 Cburehlll 
Cnt:nlng Frnnk. nsst pInter Cannda CyclE' '" 
!\rntnr Co. I 76 Edmllnd 

w. &. E. A. BADENACH. 
Telephones: Office. 2288; Reg., 3516 


OF ENGLAND. A.D. 1714. 

Head Offic
King St. E. 

Y, I 

FINANCIAL and other Corporations. 


';" I 

Toronto Junction. 

Ca[ nln
 Wm S, asst 1'11'1' '1'01' Sub Uy, b 110 C11 mmer AL"-I!.ID H, trav, h :!:!2 LaJ,.eylew 
Arnette e 3"pnue 
 Lizzie, tlrs J R Chlsbolm, I I..'I.E:\VE'\ \:\ GEORGE ''', I'h
..icinn I 
;;6 Hook :IV 1;\0 Umltl-ts 'v, 11 ",amI' 
C. rh..n,' 
s Mary, tcllr St Clair Av Scb, CO:III, John, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co res 
I 5G Hook av I Toronto ' 
Cl!rl y :';'lr,lh (wid John), h 00 Hook nv Ü I htahP John, en
 CpIt, b 12-1 Pal'lfll' RV S 
Card "alter D. 
enl ngt 4GS Qnehec nv C(de \\ alter, scctlon foreman CPR h l:!3 1 
C:,ro>foot Ahstin R, maeh CPR. b 2û Lnws M:u i" ' 
Cr.rlto1t Hotel, W'm J Brown prop, roll C"" 'Irs, nnrse G;;;) Ann..ttc w 
'V(-ston rol Coe Hi,'hnrd, constahle. h t;j., Annette w 
C..r!ton J'lInes. lab. b Cnrlton Hotel Ct.I,..r Hent." cond CPR, h ;;0 I':dlllnnd 
C,.rlton 8t Pnhllc 
('hool, S E Jewltt prln, C(,I1 ., "('k Fl":\nklin C C, prln High School, b I 
R S Carlton. 1 I' King H_ L;>nlsa 
CAIII.TO'\ '" E!ii'I' l'O!iiT OFFU-E, 'Vm ("(,lh(>('1; Lednda (wid Edwnrd), I 142 I.oulsa 
H I"ord 1';)1. :!S Dn 'n'nport rd Col(> CeDl'ge, tool mkr Can.lda C, ell' & 
CMmkha..1 Ed\\ard, Urewan CPR. b Mc- 
-'otor Co, res Toronto ' 
Mnrray av C(',oman Eùw,trd, IIrcw.ln CPR, res Streets- 
Carmichacl Jaows A 0, teller Can Bank of ,III" 
CI>Ul, r..s Toronlo C(,!"man Jobn, blksmltb's belper CPR, b lH 
C,.rney Jam..", brkmkr est of M Woke- 'me na' 
fll.ltl, re5 Toronto CI 'bonn "'m, n-ks Pugsley, Dingman & 
Ct 1 rler Charles, \\"d carver HeIntzman & Co, h f)(j Qneb(>c av 
Cu. l'I'S 'I'oronto Col'ey John T, h,.. tnllr P(>neoek Hotel 
Cftrrnlh Wm J. fnsbr Delnlzm;m & Co, b Collins Althm', (,\k (,I'R, h 6-1 P.\cltlc 119 s Co!&isb Frank, moto Tor Sub St Ry C
, rp8 
31.' Van Porne CI,l:ins Heury J, varnbher HeintzlUan & lork tp 
Cnruthers Walter B, fireman CpIt. h 51 Co. res Toronto CGII,o,'k Aubrey, brkmn CPR, I 16 Clen- 
tI>tlt av C(!lIn,> John. tIr A A lvI's, b Ellzahl'th !!,'ran av 
c,.ùden Rohert, h 238 Aunette w Co::in" Hohert J, mll1er A Campbell h Sub- C( d 'l!oek Jmnes L, car CPR, b 16 Clen 
CIII<on David J, brkmn CI'It b i2 Annette \\:;y House ' ennn nv 
st ' CG:,'in :\lIs8 Emmeline, bkpr Tor SuI> lilt ('GlIl\mll Waiter J, yardman (,PR. b 12..'; 
('",-son Henry E. wiper (,PIt, 12:1 May Hy Co, I 20 \ïetor;.. I Drndas., 
on Margarct E (wid Hnrr, 1.), bdg bse Co:, In Jobn, carp CI'H. h 20 VIctoria C,."prell 
nret (,,-Id 'I'bomDs), f('y gd. 
2; J\hty Co;\"ln Jehn H. stnùt, I :!O \ï(,(I.ria (,!) Ðnn<1,ts ,''fT. h same 
Cr.'''fJn Hoh..rt. brkmn CPR I 51) Annette w Coi,-iu :Mlss L1bble t1rs J R Chisholm I 20 çGty Pet<>r, ."b Cl'H. b G1 Annette 
C:'lson :O;umn..I, hrkmn CpH. I ;;1' Annette w Vlctor\;[' . I (Gnlter Alhet"( H, Calp. b 2'J!I ! 
C!".non "'tn. 1'011,1 CPR. b 111 
h\lo('k a" Col\"in 
Iary E, t1
s, I 20 Vict
rla ('o,,!ter AI"",nnder. " h 448 "'pston I'd 
CDlson "m J. lukmll CpIt, h iO Annette I' CI..\"ln Wm X. t('br, 120 Vl<-tol'13 CI.!' tel' George, blrwkr's hipI' CPR, b :n 
Cart..r H:..'old, I .8 Qlleeu's rd Conger Coal Co, ,V E Hogt, mngr, 2:! Dnn. \ II.torla . 
Carte,. Johll. h i82 Qn
n's rd d.\s e. 
licbael Ja('ksoll mn
r 104 VillI' av I Cnnlle' MI
s M3rgaret L, tchr Mod!'1 School, 
Clirl..r Thotnas, clothing cutter, 11 140 (,I..n- Conn J, flreUt;I"I CPÛ.'h 37 Ke..le 9 h 1!16 J.'?lIl"a - 
dl nnn :\v Connell Alexnnùe,', brkwl\ Cl'It, I 43 VDn Cu!\II..r Ilichard A, car ebecker CPR, b 3:1 
Cart..r W ',":\Iter, clk C J Musson I 140 Horne 'Ine av 
ell I\dl'nnl\ n,' ' C",-nell Anastasio \wid Jobnl, I 51 Van C.,n!tt;r 'YOm J. forem:\n Heintzman & Co. 

"y E.I" ard. brnld foremon LDces & HI" ne . reI!! roronto 
Ifg' Co, res York tp C, ulell Edward, eug CpIt, h :>1 Van Horne COt sins Alh..rt R, DPp IIelntzmnn & Co, I 
Cl:r<:\1\ Al'l hnr. fll"I'mlln ('pR, h 50 UnIon s lOT r:ell Hngb can cbecker Cl'R I 43 Van 40 \ an Horne 
Idy \VITo. tm,', b 121 ('Ipnd(>n:\n a,' Horne' , C"I,
lns Churles. tmstr, h 40 '"01\ Horne 
Calhl'.nt Uohprt A. gro I;);; Dnndas n ('o.opll 
lIss l
ah..1\II. I 43 \"an Horne C""hb ('1\01"1(>". hnlt ctr \Vllkln..on Plough 
Ilss :\lan<1. bkpr Ww Dones Co, C(-'Æ..II John. eond CPR, b 1Gi Vll\c IIV C;o. h :;7 1:
.Imnntl _ 
(br). res Toronto CN,nell 
I,tl'lha "ks Pu
sley Dlng- ('r.,I-ITt'e 1- tI\\":n-,I. lab Ont Pavm
\;tt Ih.\ (" id Edwnrd), I 10-1 Condnlt man & C;; 1-43 Van Horne...' I ('0. rl's York t
Ch;lndl(>r 1.'reder!C'k, bl'kmn CI'll, h 1J9 Co(,\'ell P..t
r, barher 3 Dnndn
 1', h same C1al
 Uob..rt '\'. I':\Ule dl,. ();) HDOk nv 
y _ CcncE:II Wesley, ùrh'er, I -13 Van HOl"Jle I C':\,,-ford F,'ank 
. asst for
mlln Canada 
('h, pmnn I homa". ht('hr 5.. Davenport rl1 CLt'nolly F.ù\\"'trd. excavator. h 5-1 Coulton ('y('l(' & Motor (0, h 7!J Ehzal>ptb 
CIT:'rlt(>n lI1,s" Arm(>nl". tchr C,trlton St Ct \:1_1'11\' Eù"ald J c1k Padget & ('0 I 5-1 Cl",wfonl Frt'derlek, car tracer CPR. b Sub- 
Sch. I 10:\ Wlllon
hhy av C"rltòn' , I '''n,' I1on
Ch'!!-lton Hicha'd II1cL jr, c1v eng, h 10:J Comolly Fr..rlerlck C, DPp HeIntzman & C. :I\\"forol 8-lmncI J. for(>mnn ('anada Cycl.. 
\\ IlIon::llhy av Co, I :H Carlton &, \I1otor Co, res Toronto 
Cb_'..! ry 
ll's Mary E, tcbr Carlton St Sch, CeM\ors ('baril's. CPR I 1 CII.IY U'!.hert, m !I'h opr Canada (','rle & 
I .0 Dnllll:\s e ('I'LnOrS John. fireman CPR re
 London \otor '0. res 'Ioronto 
(']I,..holm A I..",an<1pr, boots :\nd sboes 26 Ct l:I"on 81:101..y. Dodge 
1fg Co b 5 1 Crl;ly Thoma". hll.ydl' lid Canada Cy('le & 
1 nnthls \Y, h s:\me ""il.on pi 'lI."lor ('0, res Toronlo 
holut (:"OI
1. tool mkr C,mnda Cycle eO
lIo'\ '" 'I ,J. To'Wn I.. h...rk. '1'.." n Cl' 'VOl. m
'-h opr ('.lnada Cvcle & Mot- 
&. 'Iolo
 Co. h 102 CIf'llIl..n III Un II. 1r.-lS K..ele s. h 139 PaC'lfi(' IIV 8 or ('0, r(>
Chlsl'DIIII John It, t1r 1G Dunùas w, b 1-t-! Cc"roy Tio::oth", lob (,PR, b 96 Pe1!\am av I C
"l'k(>tt John, carp ('PR II iG 
Ann..t... t" ('on
t'lI\tine John. ar('hltpct h 181 Keele 8 Cton..y Jmnes, fireman CTU, I ;SU Fmr\"I..", 
Cl.-nle Ht'rhert ('. s,'r(>wmkr ('anada ('yell' CI,L stanrine Jo
epb A clk' 
Iolsons Bank a, ..nue> 
& JlJ"tor ('0. h :;1 C.ltupht'li ny I 181 Kp..le s ' . , C't'\,,,y .1ohn. I'lnr CpIt. I 36 F"llr\"lew av 
I(>I" !\lInIln A, tehr High 8ehool, h 212 C("\_<t:\ntinp :\1i
s Snsle, kinder tcbr Carlton Cr<TPY ',"m, firs' hlpr CPR, h ;{6 Falnlew,'I(>w nv \';t 
eh. I 181 K....le s '\\"enu(' 
Cbul'h John A. (>Ik W J SI1I'ppnrd I 49 Mnv COI't"'-tHne Jos"ph E sawyer Dodge !lUg Cr"
Qan Loona {,,'h1 Robert>, b 100 Dundas 
Cl'"bh Rllllnt'l J, case mkr Hei;ttzman &. Co. rp
 Torûnto ' ,,'.st 
('0. h 49 \Iay C(ok 1I1"s AUIII... 'teno
 C.lOnda C,'cle lIr CIO

ptt John B, elk CPR, h IGI CI..nd..n
Cb\1Ichlll JO"'l'h. adlon rpg Heintzman & :\'otor Co. I 40 I'al'iflr nv n a'enne 
Co. t'e" Toronto ('(',ok Frank blkmn ('PU h 16 Hook av I Cnwe 'Vm. flleman CPIt. h 2!1 May 
rl, AI"
:III1I,'r II. h!JG ('lel1.I(>'1an n7 Conk .1:\&les'. eDlp CPlt. it :!j HO<kln' av C,,
ham ;10hn. enll'. h 14 Chal'l(>s 
Clark GeOll;"e I:;. 1II:l<'h. h 38 :\1,1:<" ('001.. I.IT1. ('Wit! John LI. h 71i C.-!,..n 'I h-omas, fnshr Ht'lntzmau & Co, re.. 
Clark J:\u.. (\\ Id Holwrt). I 28-1 Pacific nv s ]-','el\"n cres 'I, ronto 
C:"rk lIoh(>I"t. 1,lh. h TS:! Ont-1I In Cool, ':\Ir
 :\Inr,'. h 40 Paelf1" nv n ('rlt"rton_ Thomn
. pntr 'Vllklnson Plong-b 
C :'rk 
 !nm,'I. Ilorlel'. h 101 1'..lh
m nv CGok Xil-hl)l.\". pl"hr Canada C:I"cle & Motor ('0. b 2;. M
CIr.I"k \\ m, mIllr Wilkluson Plough ('0. re" ('0. h il Jo:,lrnl1D11 . ('l'!II'Y "m H, hellyman II..lntzman & ('0. 
Toroulo ("(ok Thom,I.. 1001 mkr Can:\da C:I"('le & 1"1''; Toront? 
Clr,II,.. Charles, eng CPR, h 50 ClendenDD Xútor Co, I i7 E.lmulHl . Chlro
" ,!)and R, aetlon reg HelntzmDlt & 
:tn"nne ("'(n" 'Ym. a('tlou fnsbr Heintzman & Co So. h .6 I an-s 
:e Charles 1'. brkmn I'PR. b 43 We
t- I 40 p.l('\fic :tv n ' Cnr.mln" Georg-I' It (Cumming & Co) h:;:' 

In_:l\" Cûo" 'Ym .1. C'Ilht mkr Heintzman & Co h r\'ntb; w . 
(',"I"kt> John f;, ('a,'p CPIt. h 41 DnnòaR ;;.: Chur('hlll DV ' 
Cia" 1
'lfI \". fil"(>1!':\n CPR h 34 Alhany n1 ("'ook
('y fleury. (,\k. I 213 Krelp 8 
y "11\. tìl"t'n\:ln CI'R. h 34 Alhan
' ...1 ('((;k
..y Tholl\:\'. l:th. h :!;3 Kl'Ple s 
CI:.' ton .1 SIII;,rt_. n

(>'nhler Can C,-cle & C'DP A. fo'
(>lIIhl..r Can:tll:\ C,'ele & Motor 
II 0101' C!'. res "\:ork 1\1 ('n. re9 TOl"onto . 
CI::yton ";,!t(>,. C', a..
t sto('k r(>('el\"er Can- ('(opt>r AI,'x.ll'der J. tlr J (' 'VIIla.rd. b 183 
nda Cn'le & :\I..tor Co. I Ale",and.>, :tV 1',l('llic nv 
Clflantl Ar..luhaili. ('arp. h ::;; Hn
kln nv ('1 0 1'(>1' 'Vm, fireman CPR, b Ï1 
le'lnrrny Elnest eaU ho CPH I 3ü H kl nnlll'p 

 , Y I os - n Co..ril1
p E, Gasoline Engine 
8\ PJ1UC Co. rf""'- Toronto 
C'('lnnd 'Wm, hil'yel(> IHI Cannda Cycle & I C'oltlinorl\" James B. ftrs' hlpr Cplt, rms û 
Motor Co, I 130 Dunlla" w ' 1'1111 ]a" w 

TlJlJewriters Rented, Ribbons, Carbons, PaDers, eto, 

E. y 
, 'IJ
 . .""
. .

\"0 E R S 
'\C. ' 'L. 

 "tAD o"",tf; 
20 lONG $1 
"'08.0 tot'" 0 


Toronto Junction 
Telephone 39, Junction 

, Phone 2251. 

75 A de/aide E. 
J. J. SEITZ. Manaaef. 




I J 

Torollto JUllcti,on 


Cunlllllm; & Co (Gt'OI'ge It CUIlJUlillgl. un- I', 'pulld Jol1l1 Ii. elk A, ellUI' Hotei [lttll('lIn JlltIles. 01,.;, pr. t 3 E,1mund "' 1 1_ 
1!,-,.t:.I,(',.s ;;:, 1>1l1ltl..s \V I)" I.;,te,.",- Alllli,' (wid Hob...t). b 207 Qlle Dt:n(':l1. ThollJa
 A. .'11, {I .: 'I'H. II 300 \V 
CLI "In!:s Rùl",,.t C. c; t,.immpr. b ht.e:1V I,'..ghhy :1\- 
4-17 Quehe.. ;tV Dltlm_tU G,-o"ge W. tOile reg Heinrzman &. Dt;"".11I \\ m J. l'Ollf) and dg,..'s 7 Dundns I' 
CUI:l'Ìugs Wm H, canluge \I'lmmer. I 4-17 Co. I. 52 Lonvs 1I"1ll1.." l' "1II<-1S. lah. b ;;-1 'Yp
tern nv 
Q.-lI",c a\" 1:, n'"l'ux John. Itlb, h 58 ('ooppr nv r...."hs J:nlle>. ..oud. ] 5-1 'Vpstern av 
Cnlll,llIgton Wm J. vet ..It'g 1;1 Quehl'c :tV D,,-Ills ]I:lIIlel H. dk. I -15 L.II.e,'iew nv IIt'llC'I:Is Juhll. moto. I 5-1 'Vt'stp"11 aI' 
l't.rh'lt H...'I"Y G. fOl'elll;t1l C, (')'ele & 1',', fits .;all"'s II. Inh. h -I;; Lakel'lt'w n\" D,'ndin H.t,.,.y, ytlrd foreruall Cl'U, 172 BOil- 
M..tor Cu. h /:2 Klng's ,.<1 I't',-llls "iss Leta. tipmk,.. I 4;; Lakl',lpw 'IV kin nv 
CI.,'j,.tt Jobn ('. 1.lshr C"II:tda Cycle & Det 1111 S;t,..,h J (,'101 J:tllll'S). hils St Clair I llulldin 'Vnlter, cnll boy CPR, I 72 HoskIn 
:MotOl' Co. res 'Veston 
L 1 W l1'II,,"y

llIg menuI' 
' a,
bonlas. se..tion llJ;tn CPIt, b 14. ['tw41'\!i
i" :',
 ("mada C) ell' & Motor Co. 1l>

e\\ m. y,ndmnstpr (,I'U. h 72 HoskIn 
Cnlll'Y Hoh"l t. I'lIg, h lIl,'s E Lnke O. "nr Jalllps_ casp mkr Hellltzm:m & Co, b DUlllt."y John D. pntr 'VlIklnsou Plougb Co, 
C1' rle 1I11ss Anna. Urs J C \\'1I1m'd, I lie 1;;3 Ellzabetb s res XOllh DOHl"conr1 
}'lIlIda.. e Dt.
"1' Henrietta F (wltl George II), h n.; Dunlop J.lnlt's. m,lch Clinadn CYcle & Mol- 
CUlrl" I1:II'hllra (wid Rohl'r!), carpet weav. 1I1nlo('\, nv or Co. rl'S TOIOlito 
I'r Uti HUlnlas ". h 
:""1' De,.1' HeUl'Y, clk. I 136 J\1ulock nv Dunlop "'m. t'"r "'pr CPIt, h 57 (,hnrle
CL!J"le ,l:I1I'''S, wks Pugsll'f, Dln!;lUau & Dt,yl' _\\'111 A, ulllgr, I l:\Ii !lllIlo('k av DI nn B:u barll (wId Alexnuder), I 11;; An- 
Co. I 1\.; \lnnd:l_< I' V,,'
le John B. ..oud CI'H. h 41 nclorla lIette I' 
tom Hon
t'. 'Vesll'f Pearson collector, pi"h,. Ja-,'Is. brkrnkr, It 17 HoskIn IIV I'l'nn FrptlerlPk 'V. n('('t Canada (')"1'11' & 
HI-I:! \',11' Horlle Dighy Uoher', ('''PI'pSS II! MI'tllnnd Motor Co, res Toronlo 
Ct:lle,' Waller. clk, h 21;; Pal'lfic nv . 1>111 Tltoma
. lIIach Dodge bltg ('0, reS Tn. D,'nn J<" ';"ol"; fO....llllln Canada Cycle & 
'lel" :llIs
e, nUl
p 6 \lnudlls W rOl,to lI r ..lor Co, res TorcnlO 
1>"le (:"",-ge, moto Tor Snb SL Uy Co, res ['III 'Vm. mnch Dodge lIlfJ: ('0. res Toronto D"1I11 Silaq 'V. I"h CPH, h A,'pnue Hotel 
'1-(,ronto Olq::m,," Arcl"h:lld 'V (Pugsley, Dlngmltn Dun
pllih Lewl... {nsbr. I ;;2 UnIon n 
- J....t.lllillh. p]shr Canada C,'ele & Mot. I< Co). res Toronto 1)o;III1u MI
s I-:llpn. I 112 nund,I8 I' 
or, h !Ij" Hook IIv DIH'Ipies of (",hrl
t Cburch. Uev G T Cnmp Durrant Hl'nry. b 37 QIH'en's ,-,I 
Dn!lon :lli'
 Alice. I 67 Annette I' paslOr, S I A.nllPtte e. ('or Kl'f'le s Dm'rout \\'111, car rppr CPIt, b :l7 Quepn's rd 
I a'ton Will J. fountl,'r 112 E,hnnnd DI
on Alfred, brkmn CPR I 44 I'nlon Dn Yernl'l Uev Frederick H, ,..'('tor SI 
LIJI'ook J"hn H. d"\IIer Wilkinson Plougb Ui,.on Edward. ynrd toreman ('PR, b 165 Jr,hn's (Angll('aci (,bu'-,'h. h 2;;8 Lakp. 
Co. I ;;8 (',"nl,lIl'lI nv Clendennu nv vlp\V nv 
Da.-lt'ls I-:d"...-tl, cal" repr cpn, I 188 All DOlinI' Irll, IIlght wlltchman Wilkinson Dv.on Jllmes, mal'h DOdge Mfg Co. res T()- 
neUe w PI..ngh Co. res '1'oronlo r"LLo 
Dn'!H.. I.'mnds, Inlt. h 3 Carltoll pi D.."ne Pel'elnl E. time kpr 
anada Cycle Dyer Rlchllrd W, carp cpn, h 130 Pneille 
1>nnl"ls George s"Uchmnn CI'U res 1'ort & Motor Co, res Toronto IIv . 
tuntshl\. ' , Dcl'
on John. filer WilkInson Plongh Co, E"dps :I1lss Ellza{)eth, tJrs, I 36 1I1c:lIurray 
DOl'Ieis Thomll
, carplkr Annette St Mf"th I res Toronto ß\l'oue 
("I ur"h, h 183 Annette w Deh
oll :I1a..k. mldr, h 7 Cllr!ton pi E; oil'S George, fireman cpn, h 4;; Hoskin 
DCIII,.ls Will WhL...1 h, Cannda CTele & Do..tor Jlprt. app ('PR, h !J7 Hh!h Pnrk IIV a,-enue 
lI'otOl' Co. i 18S Annette w . Dodds John W (HlIIock & Dodds), h 39 Ead..s Rlchllrd W, fireman CPR, h 38 lIlc. 
bton A "tlllu'. ponltr,' air [j<) ElIz,.heth I roundos.. lI'crray nv 
i'aughton Thomas, IInemnll. h 77 EdlUun.! Doilds Thomas, I'ng Lnces & Braid Co, b Eades Uuth Ii: (wid Wm), h 36 Mclll_nrray 
D:.'e.."....t 1I1..thodlst Ch..rch. Rev H S H"ydon House ""follue . 
M::tthpws p..stor Davenport rd, opp Dmlge 
Infg Co, Ltd. SlImuel l\1ny Pres, F.rrlle Gl'Orge. lah, h 57 ClJ1lrchlll IIV 
Churchill nv ' I Ch:ull's F "heaton sec-tren
. H S MIlY E,Hlip John, hencb hd Dodge Mfg Co. I 57 
Dm'pnpOl-t I'oslofflce, Wm Rowntree PM. ,-I(,p-pres. pulley mnfrs, s s Pelham av, 1 ChurC'hlll:lv 
:11:1 ])a,'pnpOl-t rd e Edmund F.ndle SlImnel. pullE'Y mkr. 157 Chur('hllJ av 
DII,'pnpOl" Stillion. Jobn P ßrownrlrlge øta- Dpr;
on Hi..hllrd, carp Ont Paving Brick Co, F.:'dip Thoma
 'V, hencb hd Dodse :lIfg Co, 
t!c,u a!;t. VII t-t"'POI-t rd. por C.llnphpll av res Toronto I 57 Chur('hlll nv 
D"'e)' Alht'rl, 
hil'pet.. h 46 QneE'tI'iI rd DO!h,. Rohert. lab, b 811 ('hnrles Endle Wm. IlIb, J 57 Chnr('hlll nv 
D"vpy John, cllrp, h 2:!0 Quehec av I D. ;11'1"" Enrl, lab Ont Pa,'lng Brick Co, I FLgpn Thomas II, supt Heintzman & Co. 
DII\"I',1' S"ultlel J, ha..ness mkr, b 38 U:r:., Kpl'le n r..s Toronlo 
1II'!d::-1' "" DOI.nld Robert. cooper A Campbell, b Un. Earl James S. clk. h t1E Annette I' 
Dnvlt1gl' Arthur n, I 44 Van Horne Ion FarIs FrnnC'es Iwld Rohprtl. h 1;; VictorIa 
,. F...'tle..ick J. tlreman CPR, h 47 Dr.npr John n. cnrp CPR, h 183 Pllcl,... av. r';,'rls Jllmes G. tlr, I l:i VI..torla . 
,"nn 1I0rn.! Dopfer ISllrJore, hlpr Cannda Cyele & Motor, Err\s John. mlrlr. I 1;) Vldorlll 
D,,,'hll':p Gpor
p. tm
tr. h !)6 Chnrlps I Elizabeth EllrJ
 'fho:nns E. IIrpm,111. I 15 VJdorlll 
1)[,,'1011':" Thom:.s J, tnshr Hl'lntzm:ln & Co, D"tihledny John. clnr CPR h 100 Marin EII
twood \11.. Gertrude L, tchr Hlgb 
It'S 'j'..ronto I'ougills Alt..pd. Illb Ont Paving Brit'k Co, S..bool. b 200 I'lIdfll' IIV S 
Da,'hlJ!:p Win n. cllretkr Carlton St ruh h Carlloll Hotel Eal(\n Albert E. firl'mnn cpn I 123 An- 
Seh. h 
7 KIng Dcn
]ns Etlwllrd, ]nh. h 150 St Clnlr av e n..lte c ' 
D,,,-ldJ!:e Wm H jr. pntr's hlpr, I 27 King DOI'
llIs Roger. I 1:-.0 St Clair av I' Ellion Annie (wid GE'orge). h 121 Annette e 
Dn' !d
on Hugh. en!; CPR, h 180 Higb 1'a,'k Dt.rglllss Gpor
e n. 
C'rE'W mkr Canndn I':,IGII Miss Jes
le. hkpr. I 123 Annette e 
IIn'lIl1l' C
de & Motor Co, I 38 May Err'lestone Roh,.rt ('. ('Ik C.madn Cycle lie 
D,,,-Id.on J:nnps J,. tool mkr Cllllnda Cyclp Dou
 John. eng (,PR h 57 !llay Motor Co. h 2..:1 Clendpnan IIV 
& Molor ('0. b 51 P'll'llIc IIV s Do,'p Arthur J. 
upl. h [j8 Hoskin -IIV rrlgar Geor!;e 'V. se-e, h 372 Annptte \V 
D",'(ps (',"'lIon. "ssemh ' .... Canada Cycle &: [,ove !I1ntthpw. foreman Wilkinson Plough Ed':::II' Jospph. brkmn CPR. II 40 Annette e 
1110101' ('0, h M..s E I.nke Co, res Toronlo Frlinglon James. Illh. h 186 !\Iarla 
Dr\"les 'Win ('0. LId (h..), bkhril, F.Irwln D(\wllng GeorgI'. eng ('pn, rps London F.dmonrls Lewis. fireman CPR. h 14.. Vine a" 
n" gr. 10,12 Dund..s w Down 'Vm H. m::('h CPR. I Dundas E(J""ril
 Janl' (wId Hellr\"). h !)!) 'luloC'k "" 
1:1I,'ls JI....s (Hle-h.u'd J Dnvls), e:r:press, 101 I1úv.son John. hrk mkr. h 178 IIIa,.ln 1-:'dl'r Clnrence. firemnn (,PR. h 2!J )lay 
n.-udns I' Do
-Ie Home.., clk MacDonald & Davis, res E;dl'l' Geor2e, firemlln CPR h 2!) :llay 
 ])a,'hl. ..01101 Tor Sub St Ry Co, b Swnnsl'n ElpC'tl'i(' I,lght Stntlon. Jameq IIardy supt, 
1(':llurr"y IIV Doyle James J. gro 2
6 Dundas w. h s,'\mp w 
 We..ton rd. 1 n of CPR track 
 Banv, ftr<'mnn (,PR, Te
 Vmd"n Do
"le Julia (wid James). b !J:J King F.l'lott Re,- Joshna_ h 120 QItPhep II\" 
Da,'ls H,.....,. R (
IncDona\d & Dllvls), b 113 D""per 
lIss Annie, drsml,r. I 117 Anllette I' E'llott Wm I':. h,.kmn CPR. " 61 !l1.IY 
Duntl"" w V,.IIY R,('har". fi,'emnn Ollt PavIng Brick I':'liott \\' George. Inb. b 17 Lamhert /IV 
I'n,ld..ou John. lab CPR, h 77 :I(c)lurrar Co. h r04 Camphell nv Wliq :ln
s Annie B, tcbr 1Il0dei S('hoo]. 
a"'lIIle D,ew Jaml'
. fit'pman (,PR rE'S London 1!14 Lllke,.lew IIV 
11111 Is )ns
 Mar,.. rlrsmkr. h 45 Vnn Hor1lE' Dr(-wltl Chllrles. hl('yl'le hd Canada Cycle & Elli. George. app Wilkinson Plougb Co, 110 
 Oliver. whepl wrapl,er Cllnada Cycle )Jotor ('0. res Toronto KlnJ:
lev hV 
&. )Ioto- ('0, I 4 Fergusn" nv Dl'ewltt Emily (wid Prederl('k). h 56 An- r.llls IInn'nllh (wlrl Uohertl. h 10 Klngs
pv av 
Da\"ls 0lh-pr :>I. Inh ('nnnda Cyc]
 & Motor n..tte W Ellis I.nllc. 
Ignnlmlln GTR, rps Tornnto 
Co. h 4 Fe' 
ItSOIl av D....w\tt Wm P, eng- CPR. h 30 Annptte I' Ellis Jllmes A, IIrchltecl, h 220 Clendenlln 
D",'(s RIchard J (Davis l.Iros), h 101 Dun- Drl
("01l Jamt'l3, planer bd Dodge lIltg Co. ",-enue 
 0 . r,'s Toronto I'::II
 Peter. Pollpe )tllglstrllte. res Toronto 
D:J\ I
 Wm. show ca
1' mkr, h !Jß Queen's rd D,'nrllllg 1.'ra1lrls \V. pl
hr. I 12:; )lulO<'k av 1':lIis Phoehe (wid George). hsekpr 78 Kin
 W," S. ('ond CPR. h 58 Union s Drt'dlng John F. plshr Cnnada Cycle & Mot. r. "d 
Da, I
on J Harcourt._ urkmn <"PR. h 57 or Co, h 12:> )Iulock av Ii'lIIs "'m hlksmlth 'Vilklll
on Plough Co 
lern nv Druer,. 'Valter. macb Dodge l\1fg Co, res . h - 92 Coover . 
1'('1111 JI
hll. farmpr. b :lS Vlln Horlle T..ronto E,II
 \,"m. rtrs' h]pr CPR. h We
lon rd 
D(lIn "m .1. h,.kmll (,PR. h 116 Hook nv Drumm" Andrew E. tit. 502 Dundas"'. Emit! 'Vm A, ..ooper A C..mpbell, b Klng'8 
l('r James H. pncker A C"mpbl'lI, lJlI-ry (,harIes, sisnnl man GTn. )"{s 
orth n.nd 
L'JI!das 'V D,,"erl'aurt , E. gllsb Snmuel. hllrher, b Oc..ldpntal Hotel 
Dt'r.nls Alfrpd v.ks Pugsley, Dingman & Co, OnffHI Alfred. stmrtr CPR. I 8S Qupen q r4I E
h,. 'l'l\omn
. hrkmkr. II ('arlto11 n"te\ 
It S Lind... __ Duffill F E. IIsspmh1er Canada ('ycle & 1-:"II'n
 Alp,<nntler. Illb Ont pnvlng BrIck Co. 
 A ,-thur. h... Hoskin av \I.,_tor ('0, res Toronto h "'I'ston rd 
Dn,nlq Thoma.. wks Pugsley. Dingman lie 1'nff'lI .Rohl'rt J. ca{)l mkr CPR. h 83 1,:,".11\8 .l...
e. I..h. h 1116 Pacific IIV s 
Co. It 118 Duudns I' I Queen s rd I
"nn!! Jnhn )1. fruits 8:> Dund,lq w, h snme 
D..,.ry Jo.eph n. pntr [jOG Dundns \V 'IJUI.rnn Ad:l/tJ, moto, h !1:l Edmnnd I:","s '1'bnma.. fireman CPR. h 2!J )III






S I 

We Make a FULL 

rei. 1343 for anything in our line. 

SHORTHAND and. . . .. 79 ADeLAIDE 
I. t., lutluruu. 
. ,Offici'" Court Stenograpber, M........OK.. 

killed Sten3graphers ::..Id Type writ
 . on c_B_". Copying pent for and delivered promptly. 



T",'ontu J UllcLiun. 


Ev..rson John. macb CPR. h 2t4 K....le n I Ford W"m M. P M Carlton West PO. flou. GlIh..rt AII..n. cik, I 100 Dundas w 
l1iss LOlli",. tlrs, I 35 Queen'" rd aud f(>()d, 28 Da\"euport ..d. 11 8 King Gillie,.t 
s Auulp (:MIssed Gilbeh). I 314 
Eznrd :\1uUldol (" Id Hi<'ba..d), b 35 Queen'" 1'<'lpste.. .....ede..lck. mUler A Cnwl'bd.. 11 D:t\'pnllo, t rd 
'"C..." 2n K..<,le n GIII,..,t 
llss .,...anc..s. I 100 Dundas w 
Fllbl'Y John. yard foremun Dodge Mfg 
o, Jo' 1
lcetta E (wid Wm), h 7G Uxbrldge GI'lit'rt 1"'.1111<. grhulpr Cunadol Cycle · 
res Toronto a\'..nnn 
rotor Co, h 42 L
nghton a\' 
FlilJ'lps George H, lab Canada C)cle & Mot- Jane (wid John). I 76 Uxbrlclge av GilI,t"t Gl.orgp, I 100 1Jt:udas w 
or Co ),'l.rret 'VIII, stone cutter, hI's Cl'oper av, Gut.t'rt 
ll<s Isab,,1 (\1lsses Gilbert), I 3U, 
I....iI.lps "' t ' p..dal ass..mbler Canada Cyple & 1" of D:I\'euI,ort rd I>a\.eup....t rd 
Mutor 0 ),'orstpr },'rederlck C H, fireman CPR, h 1ï4 GI,lot'l t Jaue (wid Tbomas), b 100 Dundna 
llss Annlp. st..nog, I 326 Dnv..nport rd Marla w""t 
l1.s Jpnnle. muo;le tcl1r 32ü Daven. "'"stf<r Hng-t. C, hlksmlth. b lQG Pelhnm a\' GILl,e,'t Jospph C. nsst In
p Canac1a Cycle · 
pert ..d, I snme l'o
t..r Jallws, lah. h 2
 St CI.llr /IV w lI11'tor ('0. I 100 Dund.lM W 
....'r.. Jo<eph. I:\h Callada Cycle & Motor Co "'0" !pr AI,thur. h..kmk... I ('0-13 'Vpston rd GI..'''I t lIUss,'s tAllllie lIud Isabtll. ecltool 
h 32ß Da\..upOl.t I'd ' Fcw!..r l,'..e.lprid,. hl'kmkr, I 643 \\,pstOIl I'd :;14 Da\plIlIort rd 
Fa.... ....slle 'V. mach Heintzman & Co, bOO Fû\\l..r Heury 'V, bicycle wkr, h 411 'Vel!- Gl!hprt Thumas. I'lk, I 100 Dundns w 
Fook av ton rd UIl,'III'I
t Archilmld. fI..rlst w 
 b'lz:th,;(b II 
lIss Sa1':,h. c1rsmkr 326 Davenport rd l
(owler Joshua, pressman, I 643 Weston rd Gl!t'h..l-t" m J. t'o,ul Cl'R, h 22 Alhany rd 
}'arr '\'111. h 2.0 D:\\'I'III'ort ...1 _ 1.'owr..r lUchard. LI,'icl, setter Out Paving GiI..s Ernest, drh-..,., b ;,7 
lurruy av 
Fa....pll An'1 (wl<1 
[al tin). It Kpl'le n U..1P1.. Co. h 64:1 Weston rd 1.I;h:1II '11t'hapl. Inb, h 212 l'....lnc av II 
Farrell Jobn, shipper CPU, h 169 Western I
(,,, Ed"md H, 
tock, h 16 Western av (;iIl, ...klyr. h 18-1 
a\pnue Fox Hobert, lab Out Paving B..lck Co. I Gill Muud, tlom !Jï HIJ:"h I'al'k av 
F: l'1'ell Wm. stock hlpr ('anada Cyele & lÚ...le Gillam Josl'pb J. h 51 M"1 
Motor Co I !lJrs A Farrell Fruu'ls I"naC'. Inb CPR. b !)() Queen's rd Gï:lIt's Alf.-..ù J, 1)1"01' Lllces lie Braid Co, I 
Fa"pptt AIf.xauc1pr H. prop Leader ond Re- l'rllnk 
Ilss Flossie, h 35 Vine nV 120 Qu....n 
pUlder. b 74 Dumlas w I.',.,.nk GI' E, packer A Campbell, b 33 GII!/.s 
li"s J Ida, bkpr Laces .f!: Braid Co, 
rnlt'y Jumes, b..kmn CPR I !)7 Hlgb Vine av I 120 
Park av ' I"'aser Angus, ftrl'man CPR. b 121 Dundas p Gi'u:.111 Alfred W, tlr A E Drumma. b 002 
Fee Ann (wid .1ames). h 22-1 C:l'ndC'nnn av F....
pr James 'V, brklDu CPR, h :,!) JIo,;kln l)ulld,ls w 
Fep 'fhomas. lab, I 22t Clenclpnan av avenue GI!rra. tin John, mach Dodge Mfg Co, b 55 
F.' Herbert, tlr J C WlIlard, b 90 FI:;
pr Maud (wid Jobn W), I 7G Evelyll ClJUrchlll av 
n'arlcs c....s GIIII'our Alpxander, bolt cutter crn, b 48 
Fell HplI\'v. eng b 41 Ho"kln av Fr3s..r Sarab (wid Jnmps). I 5!) Hoskin nv Queen's rd 
F..ll John" H, a'pp H..lntzman & Co I 41 "'H'
er Wm J. brkrun CI'H. b 59 Hoskin av Gi:n'Ot!r Jane (wid 'l"hcmas), b 130 Dundas 
Ho,kln av 'FIepman James, t1r, 11 :l!) 'Ve,;tern flV w

Fell Win G, npp Heintzman & Co I 41 HOB- F. ..nch George 'V, fI..eman CI'U, b 
 Gl!pln John, groppr 20-1 Dun<1as W 
kin av 'King's rd GI pill Johll H, lab, I T Hirons 
F"cnpll Ahram H. bkpr. h 2
1 Lnkpvl..w av FI.f<ueh G..orge W jr, tlr J. n Chisholm. b;;6 Glisoll Arthnr. pntrs' blpr CPR, b ElIza- 
FPI npl! Wm J, clk H E Sn..ll, I 231 I.ake- nook av, n cpn trapk 
vl..w 'IV Frcats 
Iyron, pat mkr Dodge !tUg Co, b Gl."sford "'m, switchman CPR, h 52 '['n- 
Ferguson Henry. pntr CPR. h 1ß I
ranklsh ,108 A!,nette " Ion II 
nvpnue I, "û
t ....1\\ III. fireman Ont Paving Brick Co, GI.,uu Jame
. maph bit .Wllklnson Plougb 
on John A, ftr CPR, b !)7 High Park ,h 287 
Iarln Co. h 300 Dnvcnport rd 
nve::tue 1'1 Ost Geor::e B. mgr People's Coal Co Gt"tlhold RpnjamlQ, mngr Mrs E Godlto!d, b 
Fe..gnson Thomns. pnrp CPR, h 6G Argyle r.l . (br), rl'S Bracondale 11 Dunda,; e 
Ff-....ler John \Y. haker n;; Dundas w. h snme I, ro
t Georl:e H. hrl,mkr est of !II Wake- G(>(]hold 
liss Clara, bkpr Mrs E Godbold, 
Ffolkps Fc1wn...l n E. mngr Wilkinson 1If<ld, h 201 St Clair av e I 11 Dundas I' 
Plouj!b Co. res Toronto F"oud. F, plsl1r Canada C)'cle & Motor Co, Godhohl 'Irs Elmira. Indry 11 Dundas e 
FI..ld nurton F., prtr, I 18 
lurray av .es 1'oronto GOI1frpy 'l'hOID:lS, night watchman Canada 
F'..Ic1 Jol'n W. forpmlln Lead..r and Re- Fry Fr..d..rlpk, app Wilkinson Plougb Co, C)"I.le & !\Iot9r ('0, h 40 'Vhltnpy av 
cordpr. b i8 
[urra". av ....s Toronto G,'d",ln Thomas (God" In &, b 77 
Flnph Jamps, ,,'ood can'er, h 12-1 Cooper av Fry Jamp
. I 48 Van Horne Dundas w 
Fh,...ty .10hn. lah (,PR. h 49 Ho
kln av I':IY 
lIss Maud. I 48 Van Horne Godwin & Bpan (Thomas Godwin. A J M 
I<';nlay Edward, CPR. h 2!) May I, ry Spba
tI:tn. cnrp, h 48 Van Horne Hpau), I:Npers 77 Duudas VI' 
Fln'ay Frank. eng. h 300 Annette w FITrnire Henry C, gro '1 Dundas w. b:!O Goldlke Edw.trd. wks Pugsley, Dingman ". 
Flr'ay John R. plsbr Heintzman & Co, b 50 

:lY Co, I 134 I
..nnklln B" 
King. Fu:ph..r James. cooper A Campbell, b 44 Goldlke Jobn I
, car checker CPR, h 134 
nss Ida. I'lk. 116:l Vine av ,tUIOD Franklin av 
lIs" Lnlu M. bkpr Standard Fuel ..ulford Joh!', clnr. 164 St Clair nv w Going Cb:ulEs (', town solicitor, b 2'J3 Lnke- 
Co (hr). I 1n3 Vine nv t ullerton "m J, blksmllh 30 Keele S h 12 vlpw av 
1.'lnlny"on Npll J, ,-essel capt. h 163 Vine av Annette w 'Go'ding Andrl'w \V. lab Canada Cycle & 
Fh.layson Wm, dk, I lr
1 Vine av r-: ulton J?sepb, pntr, h 00 Queen's rd Motor Co. b 57 Uxbrldge av 
Fh \If I:an Edwurc1. mnch Canada Cycl
 & 1'1'1 ".. ,,_ rn. supt Dodge !lUg Co, b 113 Gul<1lug !IIlss Florence, mantle mkr, I 93 
Mfotm' Co. r..s '.foronto ChurchIll av ""lIIoughhy nv 
Fir.. Hall No I, Jobn Robinson Chief 1G- Gnhpl AUg'ust 
I. tlr 53 Dundas w, h 
nIDe Golding G:II'n<'t. fnshr H..lntzman & ('0 I 
18 Kp..le s ' Gaflll'Y John. hicycle bd Can C)'cle & Motor !I:; WlIlougbb1 ay , 
Flrp Hall Xo 2. GPOr!!e H Mason foreman Co. rl'S Toronto G.'bUnl: G"fII""" "', fnshr H..lntzman & Co, 
I' sKin!!. 1 n C:u-fton ' Galhralth, mldr. b 122 Marla I 5ï Uxhrldge IIV 
F:sh..r Alhl'rt S, lIy fusbr Heintzman & Co, Galhraitb Holr..y, clothing cutter, I 12-1 Golding H..'.h....t. apn Cannda Cycle & Mot- 
r..s Toronto. 
J.lrla 01' Co, I 57 Uxhrldge av 
FIsh..r .Tamcs A. "hO<'mkr. b 122 Annptte e 
aihrn!th Rob..rt. stmftr CPR, I l!t 
Inrla Go!!ling 1'\ol'rnnn. hi..).pJ.. hd Canadll Cyclll 
FltI,pn Hpnrv J. mkr 210 Dundas p l,a.hrlllth Sarah A (wid JObn), h 121 Marla & 
Iotor Co, I 51 U:\hrld,::e :IV 
h 59;; ""est on rd ' G:llIa!!hpr Farr..11 U. forpman Canada Cyclp G,,'ding 'Vrn H, g..iuc1er WlIkinl!on Plougb 
J!':tzhpnry Jam..s. lab CPR. r..s Wpston ,& 'Iotor ('0, b Hpydon Hou
.. Co. h !)3 ""1Il0ug bh 1 av 
Fitzpatrick Edward, eng CPR, h 82 .!.nnettp G;1nlshy Sidney, artist. h 37 
Iecllnnc1 Gopderltam J.','ar.k, wks Pogsley, Dingman 
east Garnpau ('
Ib('rln... h
..rnnlc1 ï6 E\'plvn erp" & ('0. rps Toronto 
F t minI!" :l1I"q Augu"ta L. drsmkr, I 3.1 C-:trrptt W. ponl' ,n'lnc1l'r Canada Cycle & (
c ..c1on Gporg", porl..r Carlton Hotel 
QUI'..n's rd 'Iotor Co. res Toronto Go
" III Thorna
_ conc1 Tor Sub SL Ry h 
Fh'mlng G..orgp E. cnrp. I 2r.R Dnndns w Gasoline En!!h... ('0. I.ld. The. Rohert Hun- K..ele n. cor St 
llIlr IIV ' 
Flpmlng R. press opr Canada ('ycl.. & Mot- 1t'r 1;>rps, IIIurpbpy vlpe-pres, A H Gprwill 'V\II. ""l'tloumnn GTn, I Ket"le n, 
or ('0 P..t'fp<'t sp<,-trpl1s. g
"ollue englpp", WI'S- cor St nv 
Flpming Thomas A, carp. I 2r.R Dundas w I ton rd. nr GTn station G('
ppl Hal!, 127 Dnn<1as w 
FI..rnlng 'fhomas F. contr. h 2ljH DU'1i!as w G, <slon Frank P, tinsmith 48 Ânn..tte w G. n..<1i..r ADIos, eonfr 1:; Dunc1ns e h s
FI,'mln!! Wm, tm"tr. b 3.3 Qupl'n's rd GI'!1r]"" Rphl'pt'a (wid Richard), h 2<
0 Pa- GOI..dipr Louis, clk A Gourdler, i 15 Dun- 
F!ptpher George. mach Canada ('vcle & )Iot- c,fic av 9 das I' 
or Co. rps Toronto . c: ep Alhprt K hlr mkr CPR. h 45 Viptorla Gr,u..I.IY Patrick, tchr High School, res To- 
Flint Rll'bard, fireman CPR. rps Owen Genr"p (,ha,l..s F. a::ot :Upt Life Ins Co 5 I.onto 
Sound r.undaq ". h 74 Klng's r<1 G,a,'." AIl',<and..r. hlcycle hd Canada CyC'le 
FlIntoff G'C'orge C, police ,'on
t:lble. ... Sl Gpol'gp Chn,.(p!! H. c1airv 1
Iul'rny av & !\Iotor Co, h 2;;1 C.I....dpnan nv 
Pacific :IV s 
t"'n'an Joshh D. cond CPR. h H6 {'nlon n (.,,1< "\ Alpx,lIId..r Jr. 
unrd la....r Canada 
FIO\\prs \\"m H. stock kpr Canada ('vcle & ht'lI"Y Thomas J. foreman Dodge Mfg Ce, (',.("11' & Motol' ('0. I 2ï1 CI..nc1pnan nv 
Motor Co. h 3t King . rps Toronlo Gr"cp:v J. hlpypl.. hc1 C.,:!"c1a Cycle & Mot- 
Forbt"s Ang-us. brkmn CPR. h 36 Carlton 1'1 
'm ('h;lrles F. cont
 120 "'..,,tl'rn av or ('0, I 2:;1 ('Ipntl..n:tn av 
Fûrbps Jame
. action fnshr Helntzmnn & GI C hsOn Han;y C. varDl"her llelntzman & Gr:II'''y "'\11. car (,PR. h lR6 'Iarlll 
Co. res Toronto o. I 120 "..stern av Gr:lh:tm Alh..rt, I'lk. h 108 Pflciflc nv " 
, Glh.ou .IaI\lP
 ('. png ('PR, h 51 Ar!!,lp rd Gmham John J. trav, h 21 HùSkm av 
Ford George. bolt ctr Wilkinson Plough Co. Glb.ûn Janll's P. cnr p CPR . b 49 Victoria 
G.aham IIlrs R:lchel, h 44 t::HI..y Xortb Dovercourt Glb.ou Jamu R, mal'll CPR, h 88 Pacific a9 Crnham ',m, trav. h 216 Pacillc av s 
Ford George T, al"llon reg Hplntzman & south GI'aÎlIg'..r Geol'l:e J, filpr C:tnada Cycle a: 
CQ. re s Toronto e'iggles George, lab, h G46 W eston rd 
 r.tor Co, I 95 Edmund 



.!!!? !


e6 CO. 


or a paid-up policy, is granted after 
two years by 'the Unconditional Accu" 
mulative Policy of" the 
Conf"ederation Life Association. 


'foront() J UIICI ion. 

8l" III lIB!". 

Grlllnl(pr J:1mp
, eng WUklnson Plough Co. nail Jane (whl Rohert S). I CI} L:ikevleR av I Hoss Charlps It, IISSt H<),k elk Cllnlld:i C)cle 
h Dj Edmlllld Hal' Lucills 
1 (Htlll 
lfg Co), b Kenlledy & 
[otor Co, 12.1 Hlgb 1'...k II' ._ 
Omllll;e,' TltumDs. plshr CIID:U1:i Cycle & 1'lIrk 1I11'
 Hl'rnJ.1U J, '"I)' C.lUlllh Cyc'e '" 
Motor CD Hull Mllonfllctllrlllg Co (Rohprt P. "fIllrry 
otor Co. I 2.4 HIgh I'lIrk ,IV 
liss Rowpnll. I 12 Annette w C lIud l.lIcins M H:ill). pktllre frame mfrll, n,,<s Joltn 10'. 1...lV. It 2<1 l1..:h Pllrk av 
'lIl1on (CII..llon). WHlmr Urundy ag1, e s WillOl'ghhy :It.. 1 
 lit J'fJ I H'I

I..tI Uobel't A. cbecker Gl'It. b 32 Whlt- 
Wpston rd HIIII Hobert, It \)8 HIIUlber
!de nv e I\ey IIV . 
G....t'twlt! Wm. Helutzmall & Co, re.. Hall HohN! I':. 1I"...kl" CI'U, , D nllll D,.I<.1t Henry, pulley turller Dodge Mfg (0. 
Tl','onto H,III Hobert I' (1I:t1l 
lfg Co). I L )1 111111 fl'S To..onlo 
Gnut \'eter :II, t1111ry 2.g FlIzllhptb s III.II"IIIY Jo.('plt A. plllno (llshr, It I. 1..1 \V < nay Ale":Imlpr. IlIh cru, h -to Carlton 
G[IIY Amos. 1'011<-1111\1\0 2"'! Alllwtte w p_III\....
on John D. "PI' HelutzUl.1D 
 Co. 1I.,y J-:UlUl't (wltl LOl\ls). h 32 )1:lY 
GIllY Hohprt. (',,[,,'pss 107 DIIIU]II.. I' h Hook a..., cor Bruce n,,)' lIt'n!")' U, b..klllll CI'It. h 101; _
nnpttp e 
Gtu:v Uohprt J... "ks It U....). h 79 Hos- l{:amllhHl A..tbur, miller A Campbpll, res II,,,. Johu, 
tmftr C['It, h 53 QtwhCp av rd 
\;In IIV 'l'orollto 11.,y Uobert J h..l<lun CI'It. h 71i King'.. 
G!n... Thomas S, ('lIrtpr Cllnada Cycle &: H.tlulltoll GPOrge C, mach Gasoline Eu
 H:>) wa..d lIell)lIl11lu, lab Ont I'..vlug Brick 
!I'oto,- Co. rm" (\ [)nndlls Co. h 2;;2 Kt'elp n Co. tf'S Keele u 
Gray \\"111. lah, h 10:1 AIIIIPtte I' HUlllllton Hp,-bert H, IIrpman CI'U. b 2:) lit'lld Emlll.1 (\\ 101 Gporg-e H). It 20 MIIY 
GrllY 'VIII 1'. hlk<IIII,h el'H, h 87 Erlmond M,.)- IIe..tlon W I'; 'V, tl'olV Wilkinson l'lough ('0, 
Grl.n10n F....rlprkl< \\". "<
..mhl..r C"ntlda H,'mlllpl !oIls.. VIola, furl"lpr, I 3!) Lakevlew rps Toronto 
C,':('le & 1I10tor Co, I 101 1IIuloek av 1I\'eIlIlP Hp:a
lil' Hohe..t. IlIh CPR h :18 PUlpy 
-tl()n Jllmp
 E, app HeintzlII.1fi & Co. I lIõOlIIUleU W-Ill. ('nrp Canada Cycle & Motor lIt'lIth H(,Il1-Y J. ('oml CPIt. h 121 lIum!ns e 
Jot Mulo..k IIV CO. re.. Toronto H...Jdon 'rbomtls R, m.tcb CPlt, b 20 l1cMur- 
Grll...don \\"m. miller, h 101 Muloek aT Hallllllolld Juhll. b 7;; Charle.. r.[)' IIV 
G:-' W Tel Co (br). John Btlll'd IIgt. 7 Kpele Hpllllllolld U!i\'" Cb.111I IIs..embler Canada n.w:hlugton John D. pllttern mkr Canadll 
sontb C)cle & lIlotor Co. res Toronto h 10 - . Cycle & )Iotor Co. rps Toronto 
G". pn Fredprlck C. Illb CPR, b Heydon H:.JI(-opk Johll A, eug Dotlge MIg Co, lIt'im..od EntPst. h 1:14 C:l'1\"tlltll IIv 
HOII"e Churcblll av IIpi1,tzlllau Gporgp C (IIellltzm:m & Co) II 
GIH'nl'\n9 Dllvld L, case mkr, h 88 Quebec H,.II('o"k JollII B. elpct 1107 Ch
rel>lll av 2S8 Allnettp w . 
...t'Dne 1I:1IJ/1 Ch:lI'l
", mldr 'V{lklnsoll l'lougb Co. b 1t.,lntzlII"u Herrulln (lIelntzUlan & ('o). h 
G....'ulv 'n.s Dorothy. h 203 !\Inrl:1 !ì
 Pelbam av 2!14 High 1'111 k IIv 
Il<. Estbpr.' drslllkr 20;; }llIrta Hma] l::<lw.II'd, Iron wkr Wilkinson Floup;h 1I1'i"tzllu\D M:11'Y J (wid Charle.. T) h 9'> 
G,ppllwoorl (; 'g-e, ('Ik. I 11:) Annplte w Co. b 37 Charle.. I':\'elyn cr<'9 . 
O[('pn\\'ood Wm. relll I'!'!tllte 11:1 Annt'tte 11' H&lId Mr.. !';lIc't. I 1)2 P"lham IIV Ht'llItzmnn & Co (Hprmlln IInrl George Ç), 
Gt'(('r 'VI)) R, png CPH. h :10 ('"rlton pI HnllcJ Henry, II,,"-b II(] 'VlIklus'Jn Flouglt Co, I.;"no mfrs. ,,\II lIorup. 1 . CPR trn('k 
ç..p!g G('01'/;P A. PII/; CPR, h 1(;1) 'ïnp IIV b 4C Camphell :IV H",'der
oll Ale:r,IIIi!pr. \\ ks I'lIgslp.!'. Ding- 
GIf"!:: Jnlllp
. p"prp

. h ]2:; Pacific IIV!'l H:llld J,I1I"'S. e"
 CI'R, b C7 AOllette I' 11'1111 & Co, I 44 l
rnnklln IIV . 
[edfOl'd. brkmn CPR, h 104 Ed- HIIIIJpy "'m, qll\Vyer COllger C031 Co, b 22:J IIpl_c!prson Gporge, Co uti CPR. h 211 Pa- 
t Clai.. a\' w dill' av 9 
fln Grorl(p. brkmkr. h :no Weston rd H,.,-COII..t Aubrey, ('all boy CPU. I M 1I0s- IIl'..lIet.sou Jobn, ('arp CPR, b 44 FranklIn 
Grlflln \I('IIIY J. I !16 Fnlr\"lp,," a\" kin av lI\pIIUP 
Griffin R!'hprt J. Illh. h 67 Wllloul(hhy av Har('ourt Gporge, brkm:!\ CPR, h :;4 Hoskin 1I('lI<ler<on Jo
pph. hllkpr. h 4:13 Wp
ton rd 
G..lffln "
-1t10n !';. pillno tuner Helutzman & a\,,,,,"e Ht'n.lp,"on M.tdge (wid Francis). h 2
" WII- 
Co. h !il PlIplfl(' nv !'I HII,"dilll; Jos
ph. fnshr Hplntzman & Co. res lû"l(hhy IIV 
Grl!flth Thomn.. N, clk Rnybonld Dro.. re.. 'J <<rulltC) 1I1I.(1Ì'l"son Stainer, tnsbr Hclntzman &. Co, 
ton . H"..:y Jllmp
. supt Ele('trIc Llgbt Stallon. "es 'l'oronto 
G.-I"" .
 nnie (wli! Altrerl). h 291 :llnria h :1;; Van \lOt'llC Ht I r,' Jo'..etlt'rJeok G. mach hd G:tsollne En- 
G""" C"lIr!ps F. hleTc!e rppr Janes Hall Pm lI,all Ellen (wid 1
lIIs). h 40 Wpstern av 
IIIP Co, rcs Torollt" 
b 2:; Ho<l;!n DV ' , H:l\"per Et1111"nt1 D. dk. I 134 Au,:<.t!e p lit "".1' Jo<pph, pnl:" CPR. h 41 Mprll"nd 
C...,,!! Gprtnalp. pOok 7C E\"elyn ('res Hillyer I"r
derick E. foreman C['U, h 11) IIp[...... J Xelson, coud CPIt. h 140 St Clllir 
Grimes Gporgp, hrkmn crn, b 27 'Ve
tprn \\ cstl'rn :IT av \V 
II\-pnup HalT'''r Heury W. milch Dodgp Mtg Co, I IIp,I,,'rt Ch:lrl('s, h 113 Edmunrl 
Gr:m('< :\llItthp",. ('ond CPR. h 27 WestPrD ]21 lIluJo('k nv Pell>crt Chllrles J, wines aud IIquot'R 74 
1I\'..lIue H:II ppr Jospph H, mill hd A C.lmpbeU, b D"UII'IS p. h slime 
GllInrllpr (;por!!e .1. 1'1""0 mkr Heintzman 121 M"lo("k av . ne..on (;'"ÜII!'t', la" CPU. h Z1ï )1"rla 
& Co.. h -t3 Cll'nrlplllln "V H'"ppr \(o".,..t. pollcp con..table, h 134 An- Heltln:?tou \lIs. Almie. wks rug,le\' Diug- 
Gr!:lIr1\" \\ï'hur, qtlltlon agt GTU. h St Clair nl'He.. 11'1111 & Co, I 30 MIlY ., 
II". 1 e of rv trll('k . HIII'ppr R?hprt L, 'Illdr. I 121 '''llo('k aT H('trlll
m[ John. (':[rp \Vilkin
on Plongh 
Gr_r.n Alhprt. hh. h 2 I'pr
on IIV" H.lIJ1pr "III J, IIpp, I 121 lIIuJod, av Co, h .10 
Guun ^.,,,u<lus. tm<tr Conger Coal Co I 20 H:u-rlogtcn Christopher. carp CPR, h 26 Ar- 11(,II"OU II",'ht'rt F. ,pnperer Heintzman & 
Annpltp w . gylp ...1 Co. res 'I'oronto 
Gn"'l HpIII-:T, tn\
tr CO"l;er Coal ('0, h 20 Eurl, Jobn. IlIh, h 300 Dllvpnpott rrl H...-spy AII'I1I. lItrp rppr CPR. h 2
Aun('t!e 'I\" HI'I'\'is JOSPI,h J. npp Heintzman &. Co. res }fprt7hprg- Auton L. clv pngo, h 2;;1 1.lIke- 
Gt".n "m A, IIIm11nl!' wtr. h !16 Gilmonr flV Tc."ollto ,'Iew av 
Gm,nlng John. IIrpmnn CPU. b OCclrleutnl' , H':....i
[lehIlPI J. pl('ct Tor Sub St fly Co. H,'\\"glll Alhprt. al!'pnt. h :;5 "Inp aT 
nolel "es "pston, Ont H,,\\mn John. miller. b f.() Hook !Iv 
Gm,yo \11.. ?!fllhaill. ,,"k
 III('es & ßrllid Co n,ll"1< Slntll1: G 'V. htehr T Chapman, I 8G Fprllon Alpx,llItlt,.. .T. pl'Op Subway Hougp. 
Gn<tllr C-"or!::p. wks Pn!:sley. Ding-man & FdlJ'u!"d. . ' I
ecle n. 
.w ('or \'Ine IIV 
CO. h 1
 Llndpr Hllrlls 1 hom
s, forpmnn "lIkmson T'lou
b Hc
 tlon Chn..lps :II, 1'11\" 48 DII1"pnpo,-t rd 
HIII!'/.:IIS John. supt wlltprworks h fi3 Hook ('0. It ;;S Cllmphel! IIV n..nJon F,'ands h 48 ))alpnport r" 
a'Plllle 'JIII..rls 'I'ifr.n, ('a..p CI'U. II 32 Fah'\"ip\\, a,- JI.'
-l:1on H0I1SP. ':\h'
 Ellz,lhptb T"!pr prop. 
 Roy, npp Ga,ollne Engine Co. I 63 H. rrl
 'VIII. st'c Sehool Board. It 86 Ed- \\""ston ..<I. ('or St Clair av ' 
y Inl",d 1'''_I'l:1on "'1"'0111' ß. IIpp C,tnllda ('V ('IE & 
HII!!"'II< SlIn q . mfl('h cpn. h SuhwllY Ffon
e HII" Is "m .1. mach Dodgp Mf
 ('0. I 380 'l'tor Co. I 41' Dllvpnport rd . 
Hllin Alp"lInder. ,1alry :I F.,1'Jlnnrl. h <nmp DIITpnport rd, Hiekpy Arlrilln. hellymtln H('lutzman &. Co, 
n,.ln GN\rl!'c. Illh. h 14 Klnl(<l('y IIV H:irrlson Jamps. pnt.... hlpr CFR, h 52 un- I 1:; Hoqkln "V 
H.,lnp< John. II\.pr... 3t Mpr1l1l1l1l. It 3() '''me lon.n _ l1lekpy Palrl('k. coutr 1:\ Hoqkln av 
Hlllp Prpdprlck, pt!lIey rukr 1 40 'Vpstern HalT[<on John, "Ollrl CPR It .8 \nnpttp e Hicks John ('h 
PI' h 47 Fnlon .. 
1I\'"n"(' . l!n..r;
on R!,'h:iI'11. tm<tr. h Ii;; St Clllir liVe' H.(.I<.. John' C cl;tt
r J R Chi
llOim rm.. I') 
HnU ('h1lt'!P... m!lph Cllnalla Cv('lp & lI.IOtOl' 1'lIr
hllw Mi.s Io':tnnle A, IIIll11npry 7;; Dun- DI,ndll
 w . '.- 
Co. b :lh
 F. I.lIke' 1111" w, I .\6 Annettp p Hj('k
on Rohprt. 1I....lIIhlpr Cllnad:i Crcle &: 
Hall Chll,'lps )1. lI1.tI
t, h 4;; Quell p ,. av Hllrqh;lw lI[1<s Gpo"!':;P, mlnr. I 311 AonNtp.. Motor Co re.. Toronto . 
HII1I DII'IIl, h e 
 Clpndpnan av. 1 sot No I H
r.h.lw 'I'hOlllfl.. ('o.ntr 3(j Annette p HI/.:/.:pl'""n \Vtn." _
\""lIue Hotp1 
0;-:; IIp.';t Dllnlel. ('arp "lIklnson PloLgh Co. It Fi:.:!py Hllnnn (wId John A), h 1H Vine av 
" 6_ (':imr>hell 11\' Ri!l.oru Jo
pph. enl'I' CP11. rp' \ OI'k Ip 
HII.. D Wm, roofer, I D H'III I Hart Jo,:;,'!,h E. :'\pp C:in.lda Cyclp & \lotor Hili Arthur W. wtJ (':irver I1pl...tzman & 
HIIII Mr.. Ellzllheth, I HI) Pllcllle IIv s Co. h _1. 1'11...111' IIV " I ('0. b (11 T
nion s 
IInll Hllrr C (II II Mf C ) Toronto IT.- rtllllln Sehll
t:iln, IIl!'pnt, b 111 Erlmund I ,HiII F,'pi!..ripk, tluner W-iIIdnsoll pI90gh Co. 
T fI J. go. J"{'S I ITlrtu\f\nn Alhplt It. fnreulfiP IIelntzlJl.ln & lp
Co. r('
 Tmonto Hili Fr.'d-",'ick T. t'IIse mk.. Hp1ntzmau &: 
JAMES HALL HIII.tmnnn 1','('(1pl'lpk E T. milch Hpintzmnn Co re.. Toronto 
I &. ('0. h 107 Wïlloll/.:hhv av I 11i11' (;porge. hkpr. h 5 "'''<on 1'1 
FELT. SLATE AND TILE EII'fnp\"fo'rnnkß.hl,pr" l'Hflrtnev,I
;; RHI Gporg"S. coop"r.h1'IUnmhp.-.lt1ellve 
Edmund ' I HII! Jo"n_ :1..t :::Iuer Dodge '1fg Co. b 121 
ROOFER Hartnpy Wm P, ('0111 Weston rll. opp GTn p?,;r(,
III1Sav"t CPR It 56 T 
tlltlrm. 1II\(1 14 Dt\I\('"
 .... h S:; Edmund F:li "t0l

drh'pr 'Wm 1II

1';:' rm
21 Dundas Street East Hal'II'lel< Au;::n
 G. PII.g Helntzlnlln & Co. 1 Fire HilI! 
TORONTO JUNCTION h ,.0 Van Horne J:I\I Reuhen B:. mach CPR I 2;;0 Epple n 
nUI\'p", J. tool mkr Canada Cy('le &. Motor HIli "'m. IlIh Ont Pa, In
 n..l('k Co. res 
Hall Jllmp<. roofpr 21 Dum111" 1', h 11) <11m" (" '. r<" Toronto York tv 

111an E. T

wp and F!!l3I!eial Agent, 

(.able Aò';ress, 




Hon. .JOHN DRYDEN, President. 
CEO. B. WOODS, Ceneral Manager. 

Sli ßUlWS. 


Toronto Junction. 

Hill "'m H. lIlksmlth CPR. h 2;;0 Kpl'l" n fir-I n
ell Alh"rt II, action tnshr Heintzman 
I1l1lo('k James, ('fir r"pr CPR. IJ 3;; Hool, av ,v. Co. I 70 Hook nv 
HlIIc...k Will (HWock & Dodds), h 48 Uliion H""P
cll Johll. fllshr, h 70 Hook nv 
B(,uth HOtsI' H.It'..
-. hrkmll CPR, h 6H 'Veston I'd 
Hi IOI-k & Dodds (\Vm Hillock, John "" Housl<')' ;\1.lgl;ic, hs..m:1id Pe.lcock House 
f)<dds), IJtchrs nnd grocers 39-41 DUL Hot. stOll Jau
t (wid Alex'lIlder), h 37 
d:l8 <> QlIl'ell'
 Gl'orge T, tnshr Hl'inlzmnn & Co, res HO\\ß1d Ch.'rll's. npp Cnnada Cycle & Mowr 
'l'l'ronto Co, r"s TOI"OIiIO 
HilYl'r 'Vm. mIdI' Wilkinson Plough Co, h Huw'lId G Ht'lhl',l, forl'mnn Cnnnda Cycle 
GG Cnmphell nv &. )Iolor Co, h !M High I'nrk nv 
lmyer Zt""IS, midI' Wllklnson Plollgh ('0, h How,lt d HI'IIIT C. nsst illsp Cauada ('ycle & 
 i Coopl'r nv ):c,tor Co. h lG lIcdl:lDtl 
Hhl/II' Al'thur It. holler mkrs' hipI' CPR, I I Hot\ I'll John J C. studt. I 2111 AnnettI' W 
2O!1 St Clair av w HO\\eU Thomns W, Silldt, I 2;\6 AIlI>Ptte w J:1nlt's H, mIdI', I 20D St ('1:111' nv w lIot\ I'll Wm W (Howl'lI & Co), h 2JG An, 
Hind" !lieh:.rc'1. IJlr lllkrs' hlpr CI'U, h 2()!) Leite w 
St (,Inlr nv w Hunell .\. (-0 <<'''m " H "'<'0"" II I 
H it"le Wm. hrlckmkr est of hi WakeOeJd, I L'llIggIst!! 8 Dllndns w 
2O'J St Clair n\' \V I Ho,,-,',v I-:wily J (\\ id \Iolrk), h 30 Ho
kln nv I ...... 
Hilide '''Ill A. lah. h 142 )1111'1'1 Ho\\ey L. molch opr Cauada C)'cle & Motor 
Hh,dl' "m H. co!.d C1'/{. I r.'J Pacinc nv C" 
Hlnlon )lIss 1"Iorence, clk. I G4 Lnu
',ton nv He" land Robert, tral'kman Tor Sub St Ry, ' 
Hlutoll F"Pll<'rick, wd wkr Dodge )If:? Co, h 2i Dlllld.,s w 
J."" Toronto HI'w'on Johll A. toreIl!nn Cnnnda Cycle & Iveson James, tmstr Conger Coal Co b. IT 
Hmton )1:11'Y A (wid John), h 64 Laughton 
Iotor Co, h G!I Lake\'lew nv Mdlunny nv ' 
annne H"""d; 
I1<s An Ilk. tl1"..etre
s kindergarten Jal'k
ou Alfred, hrkmn CPR h 32 PaclOc BY 
HII,ton Walter, shipper Dodge Mtg Co, res )lodl'l School, I 180 High l'nrk nv north ' 
Toronto H....hnrd HI'lIry, Inb Out Pavlug Brick Co, J"cksou Geor"e cond CPR h "" Carleton pi 
Hlrl'"s Th"m

. rOlld CPR, b Cawthrn nv, res Toronto Jacksou George'U app G"8011;; E
giue Co 
sow cor Herbert H..hl' Clwst\'r,
..1Il t>d Cnnnda Cycle & I (j
 Annette w ' , 
on Jos\'ph. 
erew mkr Can Cyele & Motor Co, 19, WlIloughlJy av J8eksoll Heury lIrkmn CI'R 132 PaclOe a'l' 
)!otor ('0, I 8! Queen's rd Hl'he Hol:lDd O. n\,Jch ('nnadn Cycle & norlh' , 

nn Rohert, lalJ, h w sKeelI' n, 1 n St )Iotor Co, h !!7 WlIIoughhy nv JACKSO
 J.\. "ES T, To.....n Tren..nrer 
Clulr nv HuhI'I Lewis '\. hrkr
u C1'lt. I 3.1 Hook 8V I To" n Hall 16-18 Keele s It 230 lii"Ìl1'lIrk 

on 8'1I"ah (wid Rohprt). h 8! QUl'I'n's rd HI'hl'rt John. I'ng crn, h 116 QUl'hec nv 3\ enue ' '.. 
on "'"liter J. mach C:mndol ('yel" & Ht!d
on Rkhard A. caht mkr, h 1;;6 Edmund In('ksou 'I1chnel, mugr Conger Coni Co, h 
;\fotor Co. I S.t Qnel'n's rll Hugill Thollla
. "ks ('PH. h 20() )lnria G:': Auuette \V 
H"'1I" Thomas E (Thomns E Honr & Co), h Ut'mlJer;::lde Waltlng Room, 'Vm J Dunenn Jneksou Waltl'r E, mach Canada Cycle & 
1:;(1 Pncltlc a\" s prop, , pun
as e - Motor Co. res Toronto 
Hear Thnma
 E & ('0 (Thomas E Honr), fh.nter ,ltss Jo mma, drsmkr. b 40 Mc:Uur, JlleolJ Johu J. fU'\;hr Heintzman & Co, b 
hardware 14 Dundas w ray av Occldenlal Hotel 
lIol'fnl'r Arehlbald. pntr J R null, I 76 Ed- Hl'lIter George, ftremnn CPR, h 2!1 
Iny Jnmes Alill'rt. IJlksmlth W J l"ul1erton, I'm. 
n','nd Hunter 1I0JI"rt, pres Gnsollne l
nglne Co, I 30 Hook ,IV 
HOl'fner Frl'dl'rl('k, rooper, h 711 Edmnnd Ufi :\Iul!'ck nv James Charles. b ffi Pnciftc :IV S 
HOl.fller Jnshna. cooper. I 76 Erlmnml Heuter W m.. fir
mall CPR. h Dnndas Jumes 'Vill. 
hoemkr. h 2:.13 
Uül'f'1er ?tliss Lil1l:ln. eonfr. I i6 Etlmnnd IIt!?ton BenJ

ID, Inb Cannda Cycle & Mot. Jnne Miss Mnmle. tlrs. I 108 AIIUl'Ue I' 
1I0/:f,n .Tohn. mnch hd 'Vilklnson Plough Co, f ,OI Co, re" 10rollio Jar\'I
 Jolmes, IJrknlll CPH, I 13:; 1':11'1111' a'l' 
res Toronto erd E;lllJorn, h ,!7 WlIlo!'gh!'y n'l' Jarvis John T, carp C1'H, h :;:;U St Clair :1'1' 
Ho/:p Wnll..r E. ngt Conger Coni Co, b 01'- Hurl W m. t
m'.th. h 5. "lIlonchby av west 
chlpntal Hotel I1nstpd I.l"z,e (wId SlIns), h Gl Vlue nv ,Tanis Wm 1 J T Jnrvls 
Ho'dl'n .Tohn F. h 81 Louisa IIl.1r'hinson James, ttrs' helpr CPR, h U Jpek- Herl;ert F, clk. h 121 AuncUI' I' 
H"ldl'n O
car R. elk, , 81 Lonisa Hook av J..nnincs John. lJa,'r 22 Duudols 1', I 143 
wortlJ Altrrd. wks Pug.,ley, Dln/:mnn Hy':md Benjamin, lab CPR, b 300 Pncltl< I Lake..-iew n... 
& Co, h 9 LImIer "''''''a! Jl'nnings Roll....t C: mngr Can Bank ot 
s Rprtha, wks Pugsley, H)lpnd Fmnk, tlremnn CPR, 1302 Paclftt COIll. h 143 Lnke\'iew nv 
man & ('n. rl'
 Toronto nv, A Jprom" Alfred, IHllr \\ïlklnson Plollgh Co, 
H011ln/:shp'Hl Hl'rhl'rt O. hllfTer CannO"l Iml',e Ehl'nl'?l'r, cond CPR, h 58 H<Jok nv rl'S Toronto 
('y<'le & 
Iotnr ('0. h Camphl'1I av lúF Lodgl' Uoom"', 18 Dllndns w ! Je\\"i
oll W'm. putI' Dodge 'lfg Co, res To- 
hl'ad Wm, driver '" l' Hnrtnev, h 1... 
on F:lI'l'nr, cnr repr CPR, h 2 Llndnl'r ronto 
15 '';olnll 
 . I Inpson Fred, lab Ont Pn\'lng Brick Co, h JI> Je\\ itt Sfimuel E, prin Cnrlton St School, It 
IInHow:1\" F.dw:lrd H en" turner CPR h 19 Ch,!!'11'8 77 Charles 
Yktorin . 
 . I Inl'
on H
rry. cnr rl'pr ('PR, h 7 Lindner Jickless George, InlJ Out Padng Bl'lck Co, h 
Holloway Francis J. ronclm:istl'r ('PR h 6t Inl'son" m. <'ar repr CPR. h 15 Chnrles I 'We
t(Jn rd 
Annettl' " ' I In..-oldslJy .Toseph, drill hd Heintzmnn & JCl'dicke Charles. fty fnshr Heintzman & 
Hnllow:lY G"or/:e, npp ('PR. I fit Annl'tte.. ('0. h 1
:; )Iaria ("0. r"
Bollowny GeorgI', ellg (,PR h 12!J 1'011'111" av Inkpen Stephen, eoppersmlth ('PR. h 2t'i Jol1nson Albert. mach, h 321 St ('lair nv e 
soulh Ln\\ s Johnsou Miss Rertha. wk" Pugsley, Ding- 
Hn!!c'wny Jam!'s S. app ('PR. I 19 Victoria Ilre,I.II\' "'!u. h 23 KIn/: I mnn &. Co. I :!ß Cnrlton pi 
Holly Joscnh J. lab Canada Cvcle & 
Iotor Irel'1nd ",m, ml'tal\1st, h Q .!4 W"stern 8V Johnson George A. action tnshr Heintzman 
('0 rpq ,,- I'ston . 11l'
.tOd W m J. agl'lI t, h ,H 3 '" estou I'd I & Co, res Toron to 
 Chnn/:. Indry 8.t Dllnda" w. h 
am!' Ir' \111' Alex.tOder, ftreman CPR, I 75 Clen- John
on Le" i. S. npp Gasollnl' Engine Co, I 
HO"'-I'r )ll
s AII"lIstn-F. tehr MOIIel School denan n, 26 C:lrlton pi 
I 74 Hnok.. I1V-
' . Ir\ Ine Alllirew. boots nnd shoes G3 Dundas Johnson '''m, h 26 Carlton pI 
IJeo,'er E"el'ton. elk. I 4!Ji (':tmphl'1I nv \,,:. h 
ame _ Joltn<:()!l_.)' m J. eng Pugsley. Dingman & 
J!(){ò\-er Eth!'llu.rt. clk. I 497 ('alllphpil I1V Ir...:ne Ell" ard. wks A Irnne, I 63 Dundas w Co. h ", Hook nv 
HoO\'er Jacnh H. Ins a/:t. h 497 Camphl'lI av Ir'l_ne John, fIrs' hipI' CPR. h 7:; Clendenan Johustou Edward. hrkmkr,]1 321 Weston rd 
HeO\'l'r Jnh!l R. h'
 In'n. I lor. D:i\'euport rd n\ enue Johnston Jum..s O. Inh. h 58 )lcUurr.IY '1'1' 
I!ro\'er .Tn
"'nh H, h 7
 Hnnk 'IV I h','llIe John. mnch Dodge )Itg Co, res To- Jnhn
ton John. contI' Ont I'olvlJlg Brick Co, 
Hl{'vl'r ,V F.d
ar, m"ch CPH. h 21 Lows r,?lIto h KepII' t:!. 
HOI per Ell. wnnrl \\ kr "'lIkln
oll I'!on/:h Irn!l" 
hss Vloll't A. dr"IIJ,!<r r.3 Dundn!'! w Johnston ="elson wood wkr Dodge Mfg Co, 
Co. h (;8 Cnmphl'lI av. In\:!n C.It

 F. tmslr. ,h .,r. :\lc:\llIrray av h n We,,-tern av 
Horrpr Hl'rhl'l.t lI,kmn CPR h 76 Hoskin Ir\\ III l'r,l1Ik H. mngr "111 Dadl's Co, Ltd, John
ton ="ohle. enry>, h 2.
 Alhony rd 
nvenlle' . - - I III
S 6 Dundos W Johnslon Susannah (wid Joseph), I 21 Lans- 
Hl'T,rpr .T"hn. ftrem:ln Ont Paving Brick Co. 11"\
-1II Rollert, IllOtO Tor SulJ St Ry Co, res .10" nl' n'" 
h 2;;r. )T
rla \ 
rk tp Johnston Thomas, ftreman CPR, res Streets- 
HOI'Ppr !':'I1Hl1'" W. <,nrD Wilkinson PlolI"h I Irwill Uoh"
t D. pressman Ll'nder nOlI Re- villI' Junct 
Co. h 40 r..hrhlgl' :IV - 
 .c?,rdt'I', I 68 Qnehe"_ 01\ Jnhn
ton T
omns, trav, h 23 Wond
lde a'l' 
lI'o\.p"r "'alter T, plshr Helntzmnn & Co, II "_III \\ 111. cnl'p. I 4;. 'Tedlnnd John..nn "_m J_ ellg CPH. h 2.
res Toronto I
\\ In 
VItI J. COlltl' 1,8 QlIl'h,,!, n.... h same Jnhn
tnJl" m 'V. eng CPR. rp" Tel'swater 
HOI Jlhy Rohl'rt H. tra.... h [; rprJ!l1
nn nv I h p
 AI_I'X.IIIII.l'r A, dry g,l" 11.. DUlld:l
 w Johnstone Ch:trl!'!', c.'se mkr Heintzman & 
Horne GI'Ol'/:('. carp (,PR. h liG ATarln Ivps 'I
,s AlIce =". elk A .A hI's, I 11.. Dun. Co. rl's Tor
nl" Pl'r A.1I
tlU l' tra\' '171 10111-01 das \\ . .Tnll George. IInem,n. I 3G ""y 
1I01"l,er jos"ph A: elk'. Ii 2t r.:l1I
e av I I"'J
..s l'an
y, clk A A, I 115 Dnn- .lnll Gr.lce (wid John). It 313 'I.IY 
HOI ner Jo
hun C. t\':1", It 171 I.oulsn ' - Jol!y James. nlr brake Insp CPR, res York 
Tlnrpl'r T r
'1" 0_ elk. I 1 i1 r.nul
o 1...1''' 
l1s Theodora. clk A A h'es, I 115 to\\ IIshiV 
Horner Wi'her H. elk. I 171 I.oul
a Dund:ls w Jones Alfred Y, boiler mkr CPR. h 3G Pa- 
Horsll';V Tsanc, eond CPR, I 2
 Hook nv In; Theotlore. clk A A lvI's. Ill:; Dl1nd:l!'! w clnc n... s 
IJl.u/:hton Gp.or!:I', stoul'mnson, h )Irs E In 'On Etlwnrd. -uphol D Snnders. I :;i '11'- Jone
 (,lJarll's. earelkr St Clair Av Sch, h 
Lnke '[,In:lY :\... ::1<1 St Clnlr nv w 

I C - E - - LAI;E SS
T,...lþ_......__ 0&:'1. 

CIt )VHE- 
 / '- iYA 
ve!flY " . .s..,,..,,..-- 

ØÉR s ' 
ío COAL. 
 'EAD Orf\


.,. 0 R_.' .. 




e ICE SUf.

' 1 CO A 
43 ESP


DE ST. E. 

uality. All Si"!es 




Tel. No. 423. 




Toronto J unCI inn. 

Jonl'S D'....ld 'V, coal mer, h 48 Campl.Jcll nv King Hobl'rt, cnrl!tkr 1\[0,11'1 Sch, res 8nme 
Jonc>! Fl'cdl'rick. tiler Couad.l C) ell' & :.lot. KiuA"slt'y Thomns, h 84 Coopl'r av 
or Co res 'l'oa"OlllO I"i 1':' II (1:U" A,I.lnl T9 COil). h :í2!) Annette w 
Jones jon.,s, carv, h 13'; Annette I' Klr,lIt'ar John, app Hl'intzman & Co, I 52!J 
JOlles UOllen, brkmn CPH, I 13 !Jundas I' AllIlI'tle w 
JoneH UusseJl plshr, I 1>4 I;"bridge .1 v Klnsm:1It JllIs. AI:lska, I 21 Vine av 
J<>III'S ::;;.llIuel. drh-e!" Kemp & \"hetter. I Kir.smnn nanlel, moto Tor Suh St Ry Co, 
37 P.lcitie ß\ S h 2!) Vlnp :IV 
Jones" III 'V, I'ng CPU. I.J 123 Dundas I' K'r.sman JllIss F.llnn. tl'l opr. I 2'J Ylne :IV 
Jonl's W John, w,tch Dodge !\ltg Co, res '1.'0- Klnsllllln Herltl'rt. ,I.-III hd Cnn.lda C)-ell' & 
rOllto JIIotor Co, I 2!J VillI' nv 
Jo.'d.1ß Edward, upI' WilkInson Plough Co. ILI'!,ing Albert E, foreumu CPR, h 21 Lam 
rl'S Toronto ht--1"t :1\' 
Joy :\lI,;s 1liunle. drsmkr 21th Dundns e. I Kh-h
' Hle-har,I, pntr ('PH. h 4'1 Wcstern nv 
:!S 1..un-ll'w n, KIr-k Thoma... I'ng CPH. h 2!J JIIny 
JO)' Hobert n. I 28 Falrvl..w nv KIr-kby MIs8 Agnes, furrier, I 181 Clendl'n- 
JO) Wm 1.. bead miJler A Cumpbell, h 56 nil nv 
""'h 1'..rk .tv Kh khy Hl'ubcn F, eng CPR, h 148 Mulock 
Joy" III '1.', hrkl)'r, h 28 Falr,'ll'w av """UUI' 
JUllgl' 11i's Bt'rlha, l.Juyc.r.. 148 Uulon s Kilkhy Theodorl', ftr CPH. h 181 Clelldenan 
Judg,' Miss Viuu, I.Jkpr .ulllock & Dodds, "",'"UA 
4!- I;nlon , Kh'kl'llld Ellen (wid Hugh), h 00 Vl\lghton 
Kalscl' IWuj.tmln, h 5 Wilson pI n\"l'nup'r D;IItII'I. (-;u'p, I 5 Wllsou pI KIr'klnnd !ll1ss Lily, (nshr, I !IO I.:lug"hton n, 
K:I'ser :\11"" Elizabeth, I.Jd;; hse ;; Wilson pi Ii ,......0" ,I .Jo.... !iõ. Po..t....."t".r... 
Klllsel" G"o,'!:I'. t"hr, I.J H,')'don HOII"e 19 Dundas w 
K."u11l I'-rede,'il'k W. Itct fn"hr Helutzmnn & Iil'''''''11 Wm, cnr rl'pr ('PR, h 667 Weston 
Co. res 'J"orDuto 1"0:1.(1 
Kan" 1"-s 
lm')', h 35 Arg)'le rd K'II'''k Ellns. "arp CPH. h :11 Hook nv 
K:I) e George E, tll"l'm'llI t;.Plt: h 4
 ('nlon B lilll...k Miss Ethel, ,,"ks Laces & Brnld Co, 
Kel' John. I\In"h CI'H. h!l. H'/:h .tV I :n Hook nv 
1\1'1'111"1" J05ellh. pmI' Tor Jlluctlon Guide, 16 Klln('k Os('ar I
. wks (,PR. I :11 nnnk nv 
\"all Horn 1'. I"I'S "I'ston KIII,I' Alpxnn,ll'r, mldr '\'III<ln80n Plough Co, 
KI'etl,'r !\IlSH Louise. proof rdr Tor Junction "1''' 'I'm-onto 
nulùe, rl's TOI"Duto liline Miss Hell'nn, drsmkr, I 8G Uxbrldge 
Kl'l'Je Augushl A (wid Chal'ies C), h H6 a"1"0111' 
Kel'le s K'õnp Pl'tpr. I'nrp \YUklnsun Plough Co, It 
Kehoe J,1Dles J, mach Helntzmnn & CO. '!I
 r,h'-ioll!'l' !IV 
rl's Torouto Klose Louise, dom 96 EVI'I:rn crl'S 
KI'I"hpr Ht'nry. ma('h CPR. h 'i2 Pnclfie nv s KI "PI' "'hN' (', hl"kmll (,PH, I om M:lY 
Kl'lchl'r JIIiss Lena M, sl,;1<1)', I 72 I'ncific nv Kn:lpP .1:1111' (wltl ('hn,.ll's JI. h :í!) \I;':r 
sonth I{""',,p I.pwi
. ('ond Tor Sun St R:r ('0, II 
Kl'lcher '''m H. bkpr. I 72 Pncific nv B 1:J
 !tlulo,'k nv 
Kells \\'1\1. mach CPR h ;;7 Hosklu av , "_ Rn!ght !1111's Annie, chocolnte dlppl'r, I 52 
Kl'lIv Andre\\. nsst phlter Cnu:lt].t C)'e1e.., 1',11111111,1 
\Iòtor Co, I 
;; 'Inria . KIII!!ht Ephraim, cnr repr CPR, h 30 Mc- 
Kell) t..:'hurle" ..1\... Proprietor 0__'- 
hlrr:1V nv 
cldeutal Hotel. Dunda
. cor \':111 Horne I\:lIi!!ht \1i
s Ethel 81
ld.-, I !'í2 Edmund 
Kl'lIv Juhn. fil"em:ln GTH, I 29;; 11arla 1\."I!!ht .Iohn. IlIh_ 'h 52,,",1 
Kl'lIv 11uhel (wid Ch:lrles), opr Bell Tel Co. Knig-ht 11181' Lonlse. chocQ)nte dipper, I 52 
h a2 Lnws 1 1--'II11"'U' 
Kelly :llIcha<I, bicycle mkr, h 115 Churchl!l RIII!!I't8 A rt1111 r. plnno stringer Helntzmnn 
a"enlll l(.. Co. rl'S 'rorontc:. 
Kl'liv Thomas. h 29;) :\Iarln K,"'wl<'" A"thll,. g"t'lnder Wilkinson Plough 
Kel'-ey Richard J. I.Jrkmu CP.U. h .oundn
 " Co. 128 
Kl'lso F.zra. Improver Ont PaVIng Kl"Onshe"_!!"1" Edwnl"d J. droT> forgel" Cnnado 
Co. b :lIrs E Lnke ('nil' & Motor Co. h :13 Honk nv. 
Kl'mp GeorgI', wks Wru Kemp, I 226 Kl'ele K,-i p Hngh n. I'ng ('PH. h '-"2 Vine nv 
south L'.cplles Arthur, lab, h 124 Annette I' 
Kl'mp Robert (Re-mp & 'Vbetter), h 2 Pa. La(','s nnd Br:lld :llfJ! ('0. A J Gillies mugr 
ciðc a, s n..d P"op. :>40 ('nmphell nv 
Kf'mp "'m, dvlry 22fl Kl'l'le s. h snme Large George H frame mkr Helntzmnn & 
Kl'mv &. "'hetter IRohl'rt Kemp, "'rank ..,.
 '1'01-01110 ' 
'''netter) htchrs ]39 DIIII!'n.. w 1.nlllson Miss Annll', wks Lnrl's l{' Rrnld ('0 
Kendall Jnml'S, forNuan 'V.lklnson Plongh I.rln
on Arthur W, trunk repr CPR, h DS 
Co, h 107 Edmund Etlmnnd 
Kendall John. forl'man Wilkinson Plou};h Lnkl" Emma (wid l\Ivron) helg hse Weston 
Co. l' 2S I
dmnnd r<:td . ., 
Kenne<:1y All'xlnn, dom 2;;1 Lnkedew av I.;'k(' F"l'd. pre<:
 01" Canndn Cyrle &. !llot- 
plnce _ or ('0, h :l1,.s E Ln k.. 
Kl'nneoly Frnncls. I'lgnr mkr. h 2;> ('nrltnn Lmnb Alhert. pl
h\" Cnnndn Cycle & Motor 
Kennl'dy Hugh, mach Wilkinson Iiough Co, ('0. h 1>4 T""hl'!clge nv 
rl's TOJ"OlIto L.,mh :\lIss Bl'rthn, drsmkr, I 246 Kl'l'le n 
 ,1')111\, case mkr Heintzman & Co, Lnmh Gl'or
l'. I'lpv opr Canada Cycle &. 
rc.. Toronto :\Iotol' ('0 I 24r. Kpell' n 
KI',.neIlI'Y John. action fnshr Helntzmnn &. Lamlt Jnm;'.. A. "Ishr Cannela C'-I'll' & Mot- 
Co, res Toronto or ('0. I 24r. Kpele n . 
Kl'un,- Hilary n, IIpp, I 40 Vnn Horne Lllmh ,10hn. "pp Cunnda Cycle & Motor Co, 
Kl"nt B &. :1 R (br), jwlrs 23 Dundas W, I 24G lit'clp u 
].:dwnrd Rrook. mnJrr J...llth :11"1:1'11' (wid Jnmes), h 24'1 Kpl'll" n 
Kerr (,hrlstln", dom Sllhwny Honsp _ I.IIIIt!.....t Hohert, Inl.J A Camphell, h 117 Ed- 
Ko,rr Jnmes E, ke)'hoard rukr, h 10" Que- mnnd . 
hcc !IV 
 L I L:-mhprt Wesley. pncke\" A Camphell, I 117 
Kerr Jamps I, Vl't su,.g, h 1!1.. OU 
Kerr L:llrù 0, ke)'bonrd mkr, h 5!J Quebec 1..mC'aster John. brkmn CPR, b 131 Dundas 
:n.etlllP P:J
Kerr Mnry J (wid Andrl"'lV). I 10) Qtll'hec n,' Lnuf':!.tl'r Rkhnrel T. grinder 't\"llklnson 
Kerr :\liss :\lInllll'. mus t('hr 10.. Ol!ehec av 1'1< "J!h ('0. h 8'1 r.h!1 r1 es 
Kerr "'m. cond ('PR. h :18 Van Horne I.:1J_C'astpr Rohe..t. Inh, h Sß Chllrll's 
Kprr 'Vm, png (,Pit, h 2!1 Mny 1.""1' \Vm. 11\"('mnll ('PH. h 1\1 Vine nv 
Kl'r!llnkc Josevh F. wood I'll rver, b 167 CIl'u- Lang Ann (w!cl "'m). h :.0 K('pll" S 
dpllan "V Lnlll!' Jo
lah, tmstr, h 00 Chnrlp
Kl'tterer John A, elk Dodge 11fg ('c:., h 2!JG L;u'!! 1I11s
 011\"1', tlrs 
 e ""llInrd. 
I1n,'cllno,'t rd ]((''''1' a 
Kc)'('s Wm J, car repr CPR. h 7:5 McMurray Lm'l: Miss Sarah, tlr" J C Willard. 
n,,'nup J{rl'le B 
Kldd Wm. ðrl'mlln CPR, b r.7 Hook av , C & 1.1 t 
Klmmls George H, car repr CPH, h 108 Lnr,
h;lJn H:lrry, app Ca::<>da yde' 0 or 
Louisa Co, res Weston 
Klllg J!lmes J. wks Pugsll'Y, Dlngmnn & L,ongrm Fmncis, h 33 KIng 
Co, h 72 Quehec av Lnllg,'111 Frnnels jr. elect, I 33 King 

Lf nkill John )1\ DIßch DOdge :Mfg Co, reft 
L,-pp Wm n, I'arp, h 240 PIl('ltlc av 8 
"" "..11:. 1 Vü F'nfn lC'w 3\' 
1.lIl'p,'ge \nll. I'"r ,.rpr (,I'H. II 21 VIctoria 
1..11'11111 Jost'ph )1;. ('oml CI'U, h :14 1I1":r 
1.f.lge- (jPOI"g'f' H. '.":lllle mkr Hl'lntzll1nn & 
Co, It 11G \V e"teru ny 
LllrJ!e Juhn J. ",np, h 114 WI'
tem av 
f.:lr""k Bl'rn:l1"d. cond ('['It, h 143 Vine av 
Ln",-el1l's FIt'cll"l'lck, th'lII hd Hl'lntzmuII & 
Co, I llO QIII'l'n 
Lnsl'elll"s .hmt's. h,.kmkr est of 111 Wake- 
n..I<I. h 30'> Wt'ston I'd 
('elil's '1I

 Jane, wks Laces &. Braid 
Co, I 110 QUl'l"n 
1."-"1'''''. UiI'hard, Inb Ont Padng Brick Co, 
h 110 O"I'I'n 
Lnsrll Arthur. hostll'\" Pt'nco('k Hotel 
I1ss Allllie J. asst dlr kinder 

lfHlf'1 S('II. I 2"12 Dax(1npnrt ..'I 
J.nlll:htOJl I.',.,mk S. I 2\2 )ìn,'pllport rd 
I.:;ugl,ton ['pip,'. IItkt J!d"r 212 T!:I\'p'hport rd 
1.11 \'I'ntll"e Will. cal'p ('PH, h 213 Pn('ltlc nv 
1.:1'" )lpn_lalllln It, cnr"':1ge trimmer, h 100 
Hll1nhpl"!-õhle :IV (1 
Law J111"
 S'\I'''h, I 24 Annl'ttp I' 
I."WI" A,lIli'on pnJ! (,I'l!, h 22 Hook nv 
I.n\\ rl'n,,1' \Ym, lah, It 37 'Yhltnpy nv 
L..,,"son H;lI'rv. haker. I 118 )ìllnda
I..:nn"nn 'l"hnni:IQ9 sulphur hd Dn(J;::e 
ffg Co. 
b 113 F.thlll1l\d 
I.p:,C'lIlIInn Hnbl'rt, .drIll hd CPR, h 40 
Qnf'cn's r(] 
LI'::ùh""UN Nl"lson, trustr Ont PllvIng Brick 
('n_ h :H :l11',1I:1l1d 
LI':ld.'r nntl 1IP('o,'''er. Thl'. (hr:tnl'lt) (week- 
ly), A H Fnwcctt proprlptor. 74 !>uncl:>s w 
LI'-Ihy 1':1I1"1('k A. mIdi' Cannda Cy
!e & 
Motor ('n. res Toronto 
Len\t1on .Toh... (.ooper; h ]27 )ìnndas I! 
l.eamon :lllss Uzzle, rpst 4;; nllndns I' 
LPnlllon :l1I-s ''IIIIu,1. wks l'ugsll'Y, Dlngmnn 
&. ('0. I 127 ))1I"das I' 
Leam,oJ\ Wm, I 127 Dllndns I' 
Le Bl'r )l;lcholns, eng CI'U, h 133 Pnclftc nv 
Lpe Esther (wid Andrew), h 1021,.{, Clendl'n- 
nn nv 
Lee I,'wln JII, driver George Rohlnson 
Lp(, J:lInes. \V 9 lllUgl\ h n s Bloor w. 1 w ot 
QlIl'bpc nv 
lIs. :\Inud. mnntle mkr, I 102Y,a Clen- 
nl .:IV 
L<'l'mln!! John N. mnch CPR. h 140 Cnwthr:t 
Lel'lIllng Miss J:lnp. tchr. ! 140 ('nwthrn nv 
1.l'l'l:ott Chal"ll'
. ml"r, h 622 Weston rd 
I.plJ!h John. I 49 Mny 
1.l'cl'han Jobn, I:lh CPH. n-s 'Vl'ston Thomas. 1'111: ('PH. h 13!1 VlllP a. 
I.ppplnl'"ton Mark, I'ar I'epr CPR. res Lamb- 
ton Millq 
1.1' no)" Alhcrt. hnlll'r mkr. 11 73 Pn('lf1c nv 8 
I.pslle Al"not, bakl'r G Robinson. h 103 Que- 
bl'c IIV 
Lpster Hobl'rt. f1l"l'mnn Ont PavIng Brick 
Co, h Weston rd 
LI"-I'r Hen"J", (.a.'p, h 13!J Vine nv 
I.. wls Lewis W. (,:lrl'tk", h 2.t 'Ilp,Hand 
Lpwls ":try (wid Jaml's). 1 53 Victoria 
L<,wls Will .1. npp Helutzman & Co, res 
Me,,'nt Denis 
LIH,y Clarl'''l'e. tlrl'm:ln (,PH. h 2!J Ma
Lllthy 11nttbl'w, ma('!t hd ('PR, It 1;;!J Clen- 
dpn:tn :lV 
I.llth.. Rohert. tlreman ('PH. h 2!J 
I.le.(.ñsl' hl'I'I'''tor's Olfice. J !II -Penren 
"'sp. 21 Dnndns w 
LlIIl'w Ed" ;tnl, pntr Wilkinson Pll>ugb Co. 
LlIIl'w Victor. wks Pugsley, Dlngmnn &. Co. 
It 13 F,."nklln av 
VIIII' Philip. tlreman ('PH. h 142 Mnlock av 
LlIlv AIl'xand.'r. moto. h 2f) P:1 p l"c nv n 
IlnÏ1say AII'"an,ll'r. hlk
mlths' -hlpr ('PR, b 
7-: Ho!'=kln 3v 
L'nton Miss Ell.., clk John W Ferricr. I 165 
Vlpp. fI'\'" 
I,II:ton Hnnnnh (wlel John), h lr.5 Vlnf'_ av 
Linton .Tobn J. I'ase mkr Hl"lntzman &. Co, 
I 165 Vine nv 
50 Linton 1.1'\\ Is I.. bicycle mkr. I ]G5 Ylne av 
:;0 LllIton Wllfl"oo E, fty fnshr Heintzman &, 
('0, res "ro."onro 
LI8('mn Jl'l"emlab D, car hldr "1'H. h 6!' 
Qlieen's rd 
Li>lon Jaml's. mnl'lI hd 'Yllkln
on Plough 
('0, res Toronto 




McCregor & Mcintyre 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 73 PEARL. 'Phone 2748 



Toronto J unci ion. 

Lltll" Chrl
topher G. sl1lppcr A (':lmPbell' l :\1C'('om'"y \,"m. t:rem:ln CPR. h 2\) "lay 
h 5
 Hoo!" ItV "I, Cormack Rohelt I., h 43 K
le s 
VItiI' John 1', I j!) Hook :IV 'l<-I'ort ""s
 \lillnlp. wks I'UgSll'y, DID
Little Josl'pii \\', e'lg CI'It. h lz.! Quebcc n':ln &. ("0, I 4j Dund:ls I' 
"vpm... "1("('l":\w \\ m, I))kmll ('I'R. b Occidental 
Llo,.d Arthur E. \\"d c.un-r Heintzman"" Hotel 
Co, h :IG King 
I('( 't "ddpn JolIn, hlksmlth's I1lpr CPR, h 
 d Gporg" A. shlppcr \\ïlklnson Plough 4:: C11:1 I'll''' 
('0. 1"'" Toronto 
I('('ullongh H:lrolrt. Inh CPR. rps 'I'"ronto 
Locke Fredl'rlck, cIk Wm Davies Co, Ltd. 
I<'Dprmld Arcblb:lld. tOl'l'm'1D Can:ld.. ('yC'l" 
II'S 1'01'01110 .... :\Iotul' ('0. ,-".. '1'01 011 to 
L( I-khart Gcorg" A. sound honrd mkr 
Ic{o.'rmott GrOlge, blksmlth, h ISO On, 
n"lntzm:ln &: Co, I 15 La\\"s tm io 
lo('kha..t J:lmes A, ftr'('PR. h 134 
I<-\le' itt John, b:lrtndr Occh'pnt:ll H,)tel 
rav :IV !II. 1"'".,ld IIl'ni1l", dlh"r St:lnd:lrd Fnel Co, 
Lo('j,;ll:lrt James A, p:lttern mkr 
-PR, h 1;; h 
9 King 
f.nwq !lII'vcn:lld Uphert, C'lk CPR, rm,> Dnnd:ls 
 hart John C, ßtore toreman CrR, h MC'I>on:lld Sns3n (\\"(Id Uev Wilson) b 40 
Wi Dnnd:\s 1V Yun Horu(! , 
LenJ: Elizabeth (wid John), I 56 Cnmpbell MC'I'IÆald Wm, 
ecUon mnn CrR, b 61 An- 
 nt'tte e 
Long Frcderllk R, mnch CPR. b 63 Paclftc 'I"';nanpy 
Ii"s Alice, mus tchr 102 Pn,'lfic 
nv s av 8, I ,>:une 
Loug F. m:lch opr Cnnada Cycle &: Motor !l1.....n:lI1ey Alchlbald, brkmn CPR, I 102 
Cc-mp:lny PaC'11I1' av 9 
Long Gt'OI'ge, I:lb Ont r:lvlng Brick Co, rl'a !It-Ennnl')' Dngald T, cond CPR, I 102 Pn- 
'I'oronto cllie :IV s 
long .T""ppll. mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, h Md':nnney Jospph, brkmn CPR, I 102 Paelfte 
61 EIImnnll :I" .. 
LO! IZ 'II.... EllIth, elk Shl'pp:lrd & Son. r.II:F.n:IOf'Y 
I1si Uzzle (C:
I1sses lI[eEnnnI'Y). 
138 (,ll'lIo1l'lInll :Iv It 102 I'acillc IIV s 
Lortz nI'01-J!:t'. (':iretkr High School, h 138 !II. E":II1"y 
l:iry (
I1sses :llcEn:lney), 
('11'('<1"0:111 "V I 102 P:lcltiP :I, s 
I.onghrill Pat,lC'k J. trnv. h 00 Edmnno1 !l1C'EII.IIlf'
Iis<r" 1J,Izzie and Mnry), drs- 
Len' GcOt'
e, elotblng entter, b :n West- n'krs 1u2 r:lt'llIe av s 
I'rn nv 1I1<'I:own Jolin M, tray, It 114 Condnlt 
lon-II Gporge J, :llZpllt, h 210 St ('1"lr :IV I' !If. Farl:lne Chl'l.;topher, "nr repr CPR, h 7 
Lo\\"ð"11 Stn"rt C, gl:lss mkr, lt 15 Laugbton I'-..rguson av 
n,-pm'" !lIr-Fllrl:1De \Vm. moto 'I'or Sub St Ry Co, 
Lowe Hohprt II, ttr CrR. h 37 Edmnnd h 138 P::.clfte :Iv S 
I.owndpq \VIII, pllllbr 43 lìnnd:lq p. It S1me !llcGibbon Glorge F. ense mkr Heintzman & 
 GpO!;!e B, lII:leh C:ln:.d:l Cvele &. :\Iot. (''', h 12 \ 1ì1l1'C1:Js I' 
or ('0, h 81 Klllg , "\IcGilI John, cond CPR, h 82 Uxbl'ldge av 
L\lnd Fredel'l
k, clk C J Hprbert, res To- \1,-,:111 Will E, III kllln CPR. I 131 III..y 
r<.lIlo 'lpGlennin/: John '1'. I!"roppr 9 Dnnð.s e 
Ln"Ion John, c:lbt mkr Helntzm:ln "'= Co, MeGovern Albert. cond CPR, It 64 Hoot av 
 Toronto "1d"
ow:ln Ed"-,,..d. pl:lner hd Dodge !\Itg 
Lyrns George, h !IS High P:lrk :IV CO, res 'I'oronto 
I.yons J,l1l1t'S T. hiC'
'dp hd, I 11 ('h:lr!pR 
1"<:o\Vlln J.tmes, 3ppr Dodge Mtg Co, res 
Ly('"s Joh'!. wks Pngsley, Dingmnn "'= Co, '1'oronto 
I 11 (,hllrlo'" \l1-Gr"gor Alex:lnder, h SO UXhrhlge nv 
Lyr.ns Mnry A (witl TIwmns), b 11 Chnrles 
I<-Grp::or M:lry (wid N..II). h 112 Annette I' 
Lyons "'111 ('. 
I'rpw mkr Callnd:l Cycle &: 
II'GI'el!"or Hohert, I 7 Fprgnqon :IV 
1II010r ('0, I 11 (,Iwrles M"Gro:lrty BI'I-nnrd I:lh CPR, b 2'1 
HeAIlI..Il'r Alexllnder, ftrem:ln CPR, res !lll'IlIprnpy John, pllg ('['n. h f!:J AnnetÏ:e e 
1(-K:lY John A. I:lh ('pR. It 72 Hook nv 
ter D:lnlel, carp CPR, It 80 Hoskin :\leI(ny Robert L, mneh bd Helntzmnn "'= 
8"pnne 1'0, ,'eq Toronto 
Y..Brid,' Fr:lnk, "sst Insp C:lnndn Cycle &. 

I-Ke:lnd Jnmes, mnch Dodge Mtg Co rea 

!otnr Co. ("Ins 1-1!1 Vine 3V T(lrnnto . 

s T.:lI\l':I. stellog A J Andl'rson, lIlcKep James, blksmlth G'I'R, h 66 1IIc3.l:\lr- 
I 510 Hh:h I':lrk :IV 'IIr :IV 
l:irgnret (wid Wm J). h 510 High lIIcl(Pe Wm, blk,>mlth, I 66 lIIc!l[urrny nv 
Pnrk nv lIId(l'pn Will, s:lwyer Dod
e Mtg Co It 50 
1111 Bride 
f:lry (wid J:llnps). I !'I3 Kln!t l"nlQn n ' 
MC'Bnrnlp Joltn, eabt mkr Dodge lIItg Co, h "1,'K..nzie Donnld, filer Canndn Cycle &. 
7 Ch:lrles 
Intor Co 
Mc('nhl' J:lmp". plk, I 101 AnnettI' I' . "1C'Kf'O" n Albert, gluer Dodge Yt
 Co, res 
If<-Cnll \"lncent K. m:lI'I1 Dodge Mtg Co, res Toront. ,iI 
'1 <ronto McI,cown Miss Evelyn, tehr Model School; 
Hc('nllum !lIIss F.lhmhetb W Iibr:lrlnn Pub ".s Toront,' 
Llhrarv. I 45 Ulllo\l s ' !l1('K.,,, n W E, shipper C:lnttdn Cycle &: 
MC'(':lllnilt \VIII, 1It:;:C'h. b G1 !lI:I]' 
Iotor Co. res Toronto 
HC'('anee John, fir"m:ln cI'n: h 47 Val> 'lcKlllip Henry, h 104 Lonisa 
Horne \I("Klllh'y Cb:\rles, lah, h 171: Ontnrlo 
Ye('nnn S:lmuel, slgn:lI m:ln GTR, rl'8 Nortb !lII'Kinley James C, bolt mkr, It 92 Pttclfte 
Do,'prconrt "" a 
MeClllln Thom:l". v:lrnlsher Hl'Intzm:ln & "I,-Killnon Archibnld blksmlth CpIt h 138 
Co, res Torol<lo ' (':I wthrn a v' , 
' J,"nes. I:!b. 1 3B "'eqtprn av 
1,'Kinnon Arehlhald. trmnl' repr C:ln:ldn 
llcCartney John, I:lb Ont P:I,'lng Brick ('0, C)(II' &: Motor Co. h 17 We"tprn :lr 
h æ \Vestern nv !If<'L:lebl:ln John, blksmttb, h 72 QII....n.s rd 
}.IC'('"rtnl'\, nûhert. I:lb, I 38 \Vl'
tprn :IV "Id :I..
hlin nohel.t, :lsst Dodp:e lltg 
ll..(':lul John D, elk Wllkillson I'lougb Co. Co. I II:! Edmund 
res Toronto "lc'L:lughlin Uubert J, fttter CPR, I 21 Clen- 
M<(':\1llp:v AI..,mn;ler, rûadlll:\stlr CPR. h 11<-n,,,, n,' 
l:n Dundas I' \[C'L.\IIJ:hlln Wm, b 21 ClenlIennll :IV 
lIcl':luley Wm, fireman CrR, b ]31 Dundas Mf"L'\IIJ!:hllll WID, m.lch Dodge 
lfg Co, res 
e.;!5:t Tf"ronto 
M,'('lelian Xorman, ft.-s' t.:pr CPR, h 2!) !l1I-1
"tughlin Wm J. 8lsmn, I 2-1 Clendpnlln 
:\1.13" :1\'f'nlH
JoIc(,lell:lnd Thom:ls R. h 2fI "'p
t..r" :IV \lpLI':ln L. m:lch C:lnnda ('yell' & Motor 
)IcClure John
ton, C:l..P. h 3!) r..hl'hlgt, :I" ('0. h :rm K"el., 
MI'C!ure Tholll:lS, wheel trne.. C,m,ItI" (,
-cl.. !lld.p:tII Itkh,lrd F H. I:lb, b 205 St Clnl.. 
&. :\Iolor Co, res Toronto .1\ " 
lIeClu..e Wm J, enr repr cpn, II IiI 1I0<kln "1.-
I"n"s Herbert, brkmn (,Pit, II 27 West- 
nUe ern flV 
Me('onllell Arthur, Ilpp, I :2 QUI'PII'S r<l 1II,-
laster D:I' [d A. splnnel' Hl'lntzm:ln &: 
YcConncll Ernest N, eng CPR, h !l1 Bill'h ('0. rps Toronto 
l>ark a V :\1c?<.11I1:11l Arcblbllld, agent, h ;;2 Ml"lll:lnd 




GJ.' I 

1..\lulk[1I Edwin. .1pp Can:lII.t C
ele &: Mot 
or Co. res Toro
lnlkln Jûhn '1'. tool mkr Can:ld.t Cycle &. 
,Ifllo l - Co. h 
-J AIH1Ptte f' 
lnliell rllGmas, b :!18 Keell' n 
\I.-:',..ÏI' Harr-
. tr:l>. I 2\ Woo.I"lùe :IV 
:lmll:l John J. fireman (,Pit, res 'I'e"s- 
" :Lt....r 
1II,-'Xt,t'ly .\Ip":lnder. cond CPH. It ãß UnIon 

linnie. dom 2SS ,-\ IInptle w 

II,:,;,'iI Will, fireman CPIt. b 97 High !':lrk 
Iaud, mlnr 1II1ss F A H"r- 
"how. I G!) Annette I' 
Md'h:lll A 1I'h1h.tId, lab Ont P:lvlng Brick 
('0. '-I'll ". eslon 
lIIc-1\:lp John, ftrpm:ln CPR. b G1 Vlnl" av 
AIt'T:lg'g"rt M:llcolm D, firl'mttu CPR h J-t 
A:h:lln- HI ' 
Mllhly i.'rpdl'rlck !II. npllon tnshr Helnt>:- 
11 n n &: Co. I 1 "ïctorln 
!lI"hly .1""PI,h !II. !ly (nsbr Helntzm:ln & 
Co. It 1 Vletorln 
1I1t"',IolI:l"I '" noyer l'fcDon:llli "'= Davlq) h 
] 1:\ Dnmbs w . 
M:I('Donnltl Jumps E H, :lrtlst, h 512 Qn.... 
....C" tn. 
A[:lC'Donnld "'= D:I\'!s (I'" B Mal'DnDald. Harry 
It )ì,lvl..). IZros 113 'pund"s \V 
lII:1l-mlll:l1l (,hrl
Una (wid Cb:lrles). h -13 
High Pnrk :IV 
Mnenallinn "'IMN '-ill. nir..__.trt"'!IO'M 
'I:nr","o JunC'tlon College of 
ic, I 4:1 
hlJ:h P:\1'k n\"' 
1If::'I'I'\:lhh Itt.v Alp'mnde.. \\'. p:lstor St !lI,lr- 
Un's ill Ihe I';..ld. h ;;2 ('"mllhpll :Iv 
!\II c,n:lm:ll":\ Albprt T, phy 100 1I,I\t,nport rd 
:\1 (':'\:1 m:l I :I J:1m"s J. Iph.., b 5G Tlo<klll nv 
!>l:id,II'n Albert, eng CPR. res \\ïntlsor 
lII:,I1<1pn Uodnpy. C':.rp CPR. h 1::9 Vine. 
AJ:Jddoeks Edwllrd, tr"lIw in
I' ('anndn 
C_t'pll' "'= !llotor Co, h 2:;:) St (,Idlr :IV e 
Mnlitiocks John. plpv opr C:lnnda ('yell' "'= 
Motor Co. 1 2;;n St ('Inlr :IV I' 
 P,Itrick. mldr \Vllklll
on rlouj:'h 
Co, b Pe:leoek HOlel 
M. dj!I,t /lVm. Im
tr. h 35 "'llItIlI'Y n V 
M'I!:-nlrl" (,h:lrles A J, swltchni,tn GTR b 
:!O Whitney :IV . 
lIf:Jher Wm, I"-ery 22 Keple s. h 101 ('ondllit 
AJ"honey I':chv"rd J. pin no mkr H,'intzm:ln 
&.. Co. I Kpele n, 1 n ot St (,1:llr 3V 
IIlabonl'Y Jampq. bl'lIym:ln HPintzm:ln & 
Co. h 72 DnndnR I''y J"nlt''', ""I!" CPR. It 121 Qnpltpc:lv 
1IIahonl'Y !l1I
s 1I1:lgglp. hdg hse 1:!3 !Junda< e 
Mllhollp)' !l1:lrg:lret (wltl Cornl'lIus). h 121 
Dllndns e 
I1clt:lel. lumberm:ln CPH h 161 
Wf'ston rd . 
 lIIylps. elk CPR. 1161 Wt'<lon rd 
1II"honl'Y I'i)trlpk, 
el'tlon torl"mall f:TR h 
I' q K,'ple n. 1 II St (' .It ' 
M"lns IìI'nC':ln. png CPH, rps 1.0n1I"n 
Mnll:lhy Frpderll'k J, :lpp Hl'lntzlll:ln & Co 
I li79 ,,"pslon I"d ' 
M,lIll1hy Ppter, blksmltlt J R Bnll, h G711 
Wpston rd 
M:,"llng F.dwln F. tOl"f'm:ln C'1n:ld:l C, cl.. ... 
Mctor Co, hI's Kpele s. 1 s ot No-9 
M:\IIlIlntr Jaml's. I 202 HI<:-h P:lrk :IV 
lI f ,'1 pS Jps
e, (1rlrer. It :;7 
M:lrl'tt "'m, 
hoemkr 12 !llav. h SlIme 
M"rks John. ttr CPR. b 6.1 p:lcillc a,' 
1II,trr Alex:lnder, tnrrler. I ;;7 1)nnd:l9 e 
lII:orr Gordon. rppOl ter. I :;7 Dllnd:ls I" 
1I1"rr James. fllrrll"r. 1 57 Dund:ls e 
1II11rr John. hldr 20 Keele s. h ;;7 lìllnd:ls " 
IIlnrr John Jr. slsmn. rms 27 DUlltI:ls I' 
'sh.tll Albert, b!ksmltlt's hlpr CPR, res 
1 m'k tp 
M:.rslmll Isn:ll'. b:lrtndr Peacopk Rotl'l 
lII:.l'sh:l1l "I:ltthew, truck repr ('PR, res To- 
III.n-sball Robert. Inb Ont Pllvlng Brick Co, 
1''''' MOllllt Denis 
r.::I,'sh:l1l Tholn..s, I:lb, 1 21.1 KPI'le " 
1Il:irsl:lnd Clempnt B. net m:ln:lger Moisons 
H:tnk, rms 13 KepiI' n 
I'lIlI AI(rpd W, hkr 2!)() Dundas w, h 31 
(,Iendell:lll av 
1II11rtln (,ht'
t"r. m:leh Cannda Cyele &: 1\Iot- 
or Co, h Mrq E L:lke 
!l1:\I'1I1I :\1i
" Bthpl. wks Pugsley, Dlngnmll 
'" Co, b 5G Hook IIV 

IRrtin G...or,.... S. n..ntist 8 DIIR- 
.hls W, II IS;; High Pnrk :IV 
\I:Il'Un J:llnes. :lpp CPR, I 153 Vine a, 
U::rtin John, I:lb crn, b 39 Ho"kln nv 
amuel G, eng CPR, It 1;)3 Vine a' 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 
large amounts. reasonable terms. 
"Tn 'J'.l.I'IIATTn1t..T 1:"1:"1:" "'UAnl""...,n 

Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 


w. M. RAMSAY, 

Toronto Offices: 
Bank of Commerce Building. 

Chas. Hunter, 
Chief A,ent, Ontario. 


,Turonto Junction. 


c"nr John R, mngr Pug,ley, Dlngmnn & I Mlln" John, "oncl (,I'R b Avenne Hotpl I 
Io\\"t Jamps "', chief eng Tor Snb St Ry, 
Co. h :;!I AIIIIPttl' e Mllnp JObll, 11"''''1 opr 'C:ID:tda Cycle & Mot- h 31 1II1'dl:md 
on A.'lhm.. hte'hr, I 207 Qnl'he" nv or ('a, n's Toronto 1Ill,\\"at Jolin, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, I 31 
M.sou ElIz:.hetb (whl Will). I U!I 1',\(,II1e :IV 
 lIIh'akl'r "'m H, h 1:\1 Dnncl:1s e 'I<dlnlld 
M:o'''" 1 :,.", ge H, IIreman r\o 2 Fire Dept, !lltuehln Aaron. lall CPR, h 80 Queen's rd 
"Yl'" H Morgan, eheeker CI'R, h 11! 
h 44 Klnl: Mihlls James S, \\"d eill'ver Heiutzlll.m & Ll ul:>I1 

IDMOIl hOllier, PIJ,.Mlcoinn IInfl Sur Co, h mil Annette w 
fnir lJ:npid, nl
C'h, b 81) Edmund 
]':"011, ült1t'e 210 ])nlldns w, h 
nme l\I11ISh:1W Jûhll, mn,'h CI'R. h 64 rllion s lIJnrmery Artbur E, blrmkr CPR, h 6C 
M"'l'1I Hobe.'t ''', shll,per, h 108 St CI.tir nv l.Ih,tNn 'V"ltoll. pntr, h 2\4 l'n('\lIc av 8 (.\u"pu's 1"11 
e:lst Minto '\"111, t", mer, h 110 Condliit 1111\1" h ('('<:11 J, slgnnl man GTR, h 28 
Mr,s"y JTprhl'rt, stenog Wilkinson I'longh Mit(-hell Juhn G, ear repr CrH, h ;;0 Argyle I Whltn"y Bv 
Co. r"s TOl"Onlo ,rm\(1 111 ml"ll Ueorge, fireman ("PR, h ::0 "Gnion n 
Ala''l)n D,,,-ltI, eoll and trelght ngt CPR, h 1I111<-hpll Perey A, elk Howell & Co, b fiG lIlm'eh Lt'\\ls. flrem.1Il CPR. h Annette 
3:i Wl'stern aV lIook nv Mn..chpy JO'eph, ,fee-pres Gasollue Engine 
lIl",-"'.-m"n George, brkmn CI'R, 11 711 Hos- 
Htt hell "-m, cond CrR, b :;s AnnettI' W Co. b 43 11..y 
kin :1\" I lIll1ehell "-m. tushr Hellllzman & Co, b Almdoeh A,'ehlbald, ftcemaa CPR, b 7! 
111:"'1'1'" Wm, tobacco i2 Dnndl1
 1', h "nml' A,-eunp Holel lIfl'Murrny nv 
IIlnlht'son Angus, l" CPR, I 1S:S I'Il- 1\ Jobn, 1"" ("pR, h 1i8 Marla 1I:1.I'ney HI''''y J. "rnughtsman Dodge MfC 
eWe :I,' II10tlei St'ho"I, "'1\1 Wilson prin, Annette w, Co, h 142 Cle1111ennn nv 
lIlaUhl'\\S narry 1', Ill' J R Chlsbolm, h 11 1 (-or CI"ntlenon av Murphy "'m. "'.... Canada Cyele & 110t- 
llulllhprshll' av I' lIIoffatt Jnn.p,; L, enrp CI'R, b 103 Humber- or Co, n., 'roronto 
MaUhe,,-' IIt'V lIl'nry S, p,,"tor Dnvenport I ""II' nv foh'rrny S:'lIdy, CPR. r.... London 
IIIl'lh CJIIII'eh. h :H4 Dan'upOl't rd MolTatt Uobprt, m'leh hd Wllklnson I'lough Murray '\"m, "n
 CPR, h ;;:; 1Ie1[urra:r nl' 
1I1:,,-ely AlexRtlll"r C, phy ro \Iny, h snme Co, h 10 Klugs'"y nv ?It:! ray Wm. lab. b 19 Carlton pi 
1I1:1\V James, e:II'p, h :n Vine a" I lIlO]" Chn,'les, elk Godwin & nenn, I 12;; 1111 "son Cbarles J, staty 17 Dundas w, re
1II.l\\" 1[al'k. wks 'Viti !lfl1hp", h 2!J!I 11"1'1.. CJ('ndennn :IV 'l"ûronto 
11,,"1..,1 Rlpph,'n. ,nkt !!.lm' 2"\;; St ('lair flV I' lIlole 1,'rederick A, elk CrR, I 12;; Clenden- 1I1.-,sou Edwin T. mpeh Cnna(la Cycle '" 
1Il,,,,'e.l Thumns. Inb Ont I'n,'h"" lI"iek Co, nn "V 'ktûr Co, res 'Ve'ton 
r"s !lIount ))"III,ls - Mole Jobn, enrp CPR, h ]2. CI"ndpnan IIV Mnoson Jobn G, elk C J Musson, res I"lln
111:1" \\ I'll Miss FIOI'('uee, mlnr. I 11 Lindner 1 
fr.lp Johu R. d..lver, I 12:; Cll'ncleunn nv ton 
lIIa"wl'lI UIl-ha",1 S. ,onndln!: hO:lrd mkr l illole Jospph S, npp Heiutzman & Co, I 12;; MI-
se::t pprey J, repr Canada Cyele & Mot- 
lil'inlzmnn & Co. h 37 
t (,1:1Ir ave' Clendl'n,lD nv or ('0. res 'Veslon. Ont 
M: "well Uohert, fh'em'lII CPR, b 123 Dun I Mole Uohert \1, elk.n E Snell, I 12:; Cl
n- lI'utnrt Andrpw C. elk CPR. h 4
da" 0 denan av Xn"l. Annie (n Id Jnml"l. h r.:! Pneifte nv . 
1.,"'<\1"1,11 !lIiss Sarab n, maeh opr. I 11 11011' "'alter J, npp. I 12;; CIl'nden"n BV r\1'1I Wm. "'chI'. b 2'> [':llr,-le\V av 
!.In,lner Molsons Thp, C n Marsland. act l\f'ilnntls Grpgory, mlleh CPR, h 28 Fronk- 
!\[n:\.wt'!I \\'m. Inb Canada Cycle & Motor Ct), 1'1lll!r, 2 Dllndas w Inlld av 
h 11 Llndn<'1" lIfr.nek J 1.'rllnk. IIremnn CI'R, h 1i3 Pa- r\ellson John '1', pnl!" CPR. h 71 P"l'lfie av . 
111"",,",'11 W", .1. en
 mkr Helntzmnn & Co <=Iii" :IV S Xp:lps John H. lah, h :;9 1I11'dlnnd 
I, 11 J.lIII!npr ' 1I10llkhou
e A. m"l'h opr Canndn Cyele & l't-Ill's Hohlll(1 E. madl (".Jlwd:t Cyele '" 
lIIav Alhet-t D, eue mkr S \Iay & Co, rf'S !\Jotor Co, I 82 Edmund IIJûtor Co, I 44 Union n 
'l"l','onlo MOllklJolIse I-'r:lIlk, IJI(-
'ele wkr Canada r\eloon 1111's ElIHU.I, hdg h'e 44 Union n 
l\f"v JT"1l1-y S, vlee-pres Dodge Mfll" Co, res C)"('le & 1I1010r CD r\.., iIIe Alex.H.der. app Wllkin
on Plollgh 
Torollto - U'>lIkhollSI' S.lIullel, lab, h 82 Edmllnd ("0. I 2:;8 KepII' n 
III".,. UiI'hnrd, ense mkr Hplntzmnn & Co h 
Ionlgomery '''m J, wks CPR. IJ 2.i Laws l\".., in. mneh CPH. h 2.8 Keele n 
:H Laws - , lIIe.',1I I't.t.'r, 
treet eommlssloner, h 136 r\l'wlove Fmnk, elk '''att & "'ntson. reo 
111.", !;:Ullnel (S:lmuel lI1ay & Co), res To ('I"ndenan nv '1'( ronlo 
rlllltll l\[eoLeu "III. seetIonmnn CPR. h 31 Hook !\"e\\"I\1:111 Ernpst, ftrpmnn ('PR. h 2!) IIlav 

I:I" S.lmllel ,'Ie ('0 (Snmnel 1\1".1"1. b\1llard t\\ennp X..,,"m:1D, pnll" CPR rp" Omngevlllf' 
t"hlp III II f.,s. s s Pl'lh
lII. 1 I' E.!m'lIId 
loonl'Y Ch:lrles. app 'Vllkinson Plough Co, 
l \\ m"n John, en
 CPH. h 2!\ May 
l\[",'hl'\V J"oepb. wk
 CI'U. h 41 p,.ell1e nv s I 17 Laughton nv r\e\\"nmn Viclor, IIremnn A ('amphell, b 100 
1IIe,lI"y Hol"'l't J. hll<'1II1t1J C:lnada Cyele &. Moonpy James, opp Dodgs 1lfg ('0, res To- ,!I:arla 
11010r ('0, res Toronto routo 
on Hpnry H. brk!yr. h 2) lIookln 8V 
IIlp11l, Wm, m.lell Dodge Mtg Co, res 1.'0- 110"l'py John. enrp, h 17 Lnllghlon av 1":e\\"son John G. po!l
llI'r. h 21 "hltn"y BV 
I'"uto 11I1{.{
ney Xe\\"hery, wheel tl"Ur" Cnnada r\t.\\ .on !tpginal,! .L "ase mkr HI'lntzlll"n ,'Ie 
111"11,,.. ."nnC'. smelter Wilkinson I'lûugh Co (')"<'11' & 'IntoI' Co, I Ii Laugltl,m n\' ('0. b 54 Anllette \V 
\"L'S Toronlo . 1I1wre Dl'lford F.. Iyp"g-raph opr Lpader &. 
i,-hpl WID H, timt'kpr ('pR. h 61 Annette 

.f'".pr \Ii". Amy J., elk ""m J !lloore, b H..eor<ll'r. rps 'I.'orol'to l\1(-holls Alldrew. case 11:1l-dpller ('an.ldtt 
 \V 1 11lH're J GllfOld. ellg (,PR. II IS Mny C,'ele & lIlotor Co, reS '1"oronto 
1I1"1f-"r Miss J!"lpna, I 1;;8 I,ollion 111001'1' Thomas, enrp ('pR, h 66 nool, nv r\kholls A.'lhm, foreman hlksrnilh CI'R, h 
l\f('rl'pr lIJ,os 1\[:\I"g-:I....t, h 1:;1' Loul.n '[001''' \\'11\ J. 'tnl)' ï2 lIundas w, h same GS Hoskin nv 
lIIelf-pr II110s M'II')' III. I 1:;8 LOlllon 1[001'1' Wm 1.' E. Iu'kmn CPR, h 21 1I1.'y Nieholls Gporg-p, "sst ear foreman ("pR, h 
1II"lrlek Hellhen 0, brkmn CPH h 122 110run "-m. n

l'mhler Cllunda Cyele & lIIot- !)11 !'nlrvlpw av 
Qlle"n 'or Co, I'es '.roronlo r\ieholls John. "love mntr, I ]21 QlIeen 
II'H..itt G"orge V, wdwkr Heintzman & I 
It.rg.tu Fred. eng CPR. re8 London r\llholh; Hicharcl. odorless p"eavator, 124 
Co. h 1;;:; Vh", a,' ",Iorg"n J'Hnes, lab 'Vilkinson Plough Co, Q,'ppn, h same 
IIIH"alt Hohfil.t. maelt rplt. h 2S8 Dun<l:H'" I 1'''' Toronto r\i"lwHs Hir-h \1-<1, enrp CPR. I 68 Hoskin nv 

1..lropolll.lIl Lite f1I'IlI'anee Co, C I' lII"rlpy Bt'oek F, boot and shoe dlr, h 131 1 r\!(hols 1111's 
:lrY E. II 6!1 Paeift, nv 9 
'" ßJ,:'....nt. 
 Dunf1ns .... E,"plyu crt'S l\!f 1101... 1'.1111. wood turuer Dodge AIrg Co, I.J 
Mlr1<llplon ElI>:aheth (wid Thomas J) h 300 Motlls Edward, moto, h 8 I'"rgllson nv 112 Dund"s I' 
1':Ol'lfte 11\- ,,- 'M(,n is J.\lnes, I 67 '''i!loughhy "T r\lc-hol
 Hohert J, enrp. h 408 Pnelne IIV B 
1Ificl<1I"lon John. lah. h R,c! Lallghton IIV lilt n I' .John. y.trdman oodge 1lfg Co, res J\ij!'h I "wl
. :::rllHl"r Canada Cyele & 1I10to1" 
IIft,!dlelon WtIt J, I :\00 l'1It"llic "" s Toronto ("0. h :m J.akf'vlr'w nv 
IIUllar A H, l-onfy !\S -Dnntl 's w, h 
ame 1II......i"oll Hpnry N, mer tlr 22 Dnndas \v, b r\ohle 'WtIt, 11..lry 1;; Ellznhl'lh s, h same 
1Ilillnrd E....I'
I. n",,,h ra.u.dn Cvcle &. lI1"t- l'pneo,-k Hotel r\ohlp "'m 1-'. h 1;; F.lizalH'lh " 
or Co. h 11,'s F. Lnke ' 111, ,ri'on John E, tlr H N !\Iorrison, h 2G r\t'rlheol" John. mneh. h 112 Quppu 
IIIl11md John. en::: Cl'R. I, i2 {,aws 'Vp
tern av r\orlhey 'Vtn, blksmlth's blpr CI'R. b Ave- 
1I1111l'r ('onrad. j!'ro 38 Carlton pI, h 

m(' Mo....i<on Seott, brkmn CPR, h 00 Klng's IIIIP Hotel 
lllillpr F.-"deriek A, 1':11' repr (,PH, h 55 Är- !r,ar! l'orton 'fh"mns W. hrl"kmnkl'r. h Itfl QlI"l'n 
!!yle rd 1 1I'mTison "-'m. "ng- CPH. h i9 "inl' nv r\. nn B"nj:llnln. wks Pngsley, Dingman & 
1I1111pr nl'orj!'p G. ne"t. 1144 nothle nv 1I1o'row A. m"eh C.III.tda r)-de & 
Iotor ('0, ('0. h 114 Annptte I' ' 
1I1111pr J:IIues E. ya.'dUl"u CPR, II 80 Quel'n's reS To
onto r\l!11\l John A, plshr Hplnlzman &. Co, 1""
road 1I1"rlûn ('h.II'les, mkt j!'<1nr 2
1 St ('1:1 h' nv p '}'oronto 
111.11..1' Kpnnpth A. elk. h 144 anthll' nv 1I10rt.)Jt .1,.m,'''', mkt j!'<1nr 
,,!\ St ('lair av e X. "hal\11I .10Im. maeh hd Helntzmnn &. ('." 
IIIl11pr Hiehatd 1.', elk H ]
 Suell, I I:> I'll- 
IP'" Jallles. h :;0 Camphell nv rpS Toronl.) 
<'i!ìe :IV II Moss lTPIll-y, nelio'l reg Heintzman & ('0, O'Connor C'larlp", ('ng- CPR. I úO J "ws 
1I1i1tl'r Tlohl'rt. ,h"'er I;porge Robinson, b h 400; I'..clfte nv s 0'1 on nOr 
I"":r (witl J_.mesl. h 50 1.-1W" 
40 IIle'[nrr"v av lIIr.s
 .Johll It. \\":ttl'ltman Heintzman & Co, 0'1'..11 Frederlr'k, brkmn CPR, I 38 Van 
!ll1II..r Waltl'l': I'al"p, 11 264 Dlln<1
s \V . h 2:U; Ke('le n Uor"e 
IIIl11p,.."'nlter '''. l'oofp,'. IJ ;;2 IIby 1\[oos Wm, 1II:I(.h's hIpI' CPR. h 2n Klng's rr! 0'[101\11('11 llfil'hnl'1 J, vnrnlsher HelntzmaD 
Miller 'Vm. I 2r.4 DII1\I1,.s w 1Iolhp..w,,11 J:11I1pS A, elk Can Bank of Com, &. Co. res Toronto 
Malf'tt '1'1"'>111"'. I:lb (,l'H. h 611 lIltll'v 1'111' 311 Dn1ll1as p 0'1>01\1\('11 PMrlr'k J. I'onnpetor C:mada 
1If1:Ig-nte Hl'nry. wood" kr, h 4:; 1lp.Jlnnd 1I:"uld S:ll11l1t.1. I..h Ont I'avlng Brlek Co, C_vele &. 1110101" Co, h 37!1 !;I n, \V 
1I111l11'nn R"lIInel III, tel opr GTIt. h ]79 IPS 110llnt O'Farrell Hohe..t, II 1G8 111"11,, 
P",-Ifte av s 11p\;1,1 11i,s S-lIah, I 32 III,,}' 0'11,'11' Ja1l1ps, n'
l'mhler. h \II" E Lake 
1\[llIIn<<lon James. hlrmkr. h 1:;0 Cnwthrn IIv 1I1(.nld Thomns G, blehr '1" Chapman, I i6 0'1 P:II:r 1'1'11'1', netlûn reg Hplulzman &. Co, 
1111110)- Hugh. conti. b 1'8 Pneifte nv s I (-I a,'II'
 rl'O Toronto 
M.lls J J "hl"t insp Cannda C)-ell' &. 'Iot- '[{,uld Wm. hldr, h iG Charll''' O""ei! J:ltltl'o. m"eh hd WlIkln
on Plongh 
, lIkwal Gl'rJlg-I'. "Ik. I 3] 1[('{!!nn" Co. rl's Toronto 
or Co. h H"vdon Honse 1111''''11 James, lab Ont 1',,,-ing llrieb. Co, II O."pi!I Frank, \\d earver Heintzman &. Co. 
Mnnl' John. C'on,! CPR. h 21!J Annl'ttp \V 1\[
I-I" I'es Toronlo 



Toronto Office, 49 WeUington St. East. 'Phone 251 

GEO. ß. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent. 
Residenee Telephone 3124 
T. C. BLOGG, City Agent. 
Residence Telephone 3154 



(Cash and Mutual Plans). CAPITAL. $500,000 

Managing Director, 

A Cash Mutual Fire Ins. Co. with Stock ('apltal. 
}I'uB GU\ CIIIIIU.:ut JJl'I'U..iL
 }'ur rdtea. call upon 
J. A. r;ACFADDEN, Cen'l Agent, Toronto. 
Manning mde., 24 King St. '_"J. TEL_ 1.65 



Turonto Junction. 

O';(eillllliss Jetty, Indrs Mrs E Godhold, I PEACOCK HOTEL 
11 Unnd"s I' 
O'Keill \\ lli J, car rcpr CI'R, h 1:18 Ann..tte FRANCIS WATTS, Prop. 

a.n J, fllt,r Cnnada Cycle & Yotor Co, . ChOi(
 c'iquors and Cigars. 
res 'J OI.onto I 
O'U"lIIy Jo
el,b, lab CPR. res York tp TERMS, $1.00 PER DAY 
O'Toole J,IIII"
 J, pl
1I1' lleintzlliun 6: Co, 
 'foronto S I.J TORONTO JUNCTION Teltphone 55 
Ontt Ch,tdes D, I.Jrkmn CPR, I.J 11 wny 

ntnl 1I0tel, (."nrle.. \. KeU,- 1'l"tcoek Hotel, Francis '''ults prop, 23 
ProplÍetor. Unl1dns. cor Van Horne Ul1l1thts I' 
OSlp \\"111. sectillnnUIn CPU. 
'o..k tp 1'";,,....' Ut'orge 'V, l.J..kman C I' R, I.J Oeel- 

g, (b



2 J



oet:ly, license Insp 2-1 Dnndas w, 
Ontmlo Padng 1I,'jek Co, Ltd, A E Kemp I'P
pl'es, \\' J U;I;;e \"ice-pres, S G n"dUy I'earson Angnstus. wd car.-er Heintzman &. 
tn"as. L S FI....l.ser sec, \\estun rd CO, [L'S Toronto 
O t"CIIS Hol.Jert U , sl
run, h 12J ChlllChlll av I'em.son :l1..s I';lizn, bd;; hse 20S Dllmlns \V 
L C I 1'1',11 son Oet,l\.ills W. c,tse mk.. lielllrzlli,tn & 
O"'IIS It C",:m;ln, uvp Heint:tm,'n... '0, C 1 4"3 W'ston ,d 
12:\ Ch.'u'cJIIU n;-- 
 ., Pt',

on \\.esl

', eoU C H. rcs '1'0..01110 
0> It'Y "!n J, ) a,dmn Dod"e YCg Co, h 121 I'l'u,-e\" Chulles C l' It I.J iü CJllt'''n's rd 
ClIllI'clllll uv I I'el.k \'.m y,rJmdn C P Ii I.J ü3 I'aeilie II\" Port Wm H, ftr CPR, h 120 Pnclfle nv B 
Paee Will :II. pl"OllllC" 
!r 3-18 
lIndas W sonth" , J'OI ter Wm. C I' It, h 3ï "me av 
I'del,er ClIa..les, I:lh CI It.. ..!'s lsllll;noll PPlln.11 Frederick G ns
t snpt Cnnnd:\ Cy. I'ost :\,IU"tnlel. c.II'p C l' tt. I ii LOlllsa 
Pnd;;pt Itohcrt (I';ld;,;et & l.:o), h 118, .\Jnrl:\ cle /\: Motor Co 1';'1' Turonto I'....t \\ m H, hkJlr, h lù3 Clendendn II\" 
I'l'd!:"et Thomas I' (I'udget & Co), h 1;2 DdV- I't'llIl
e 'Jdmes c
r repl' C I' It, h 100 1'1'1- I '0'.")' Hem)', I.Jlr II1kr C Pit, h :.!1 "ICtorla 
e"JlOl.t I'd . b.lm a\" ' 1'0\\.1'11 JO."I.lI. I.ntl', h I>:.! ClI;lrles 

 Co, (l
 Thomns P I'nL- I'eollle's Coni Co (hr), Geo B Frost mngr, 1'0\\.,,11 TllIIn"'
, boots nnd ,.lIoes 28 Dnndas 
.. D.l\enpOtI ,d I tJnl1ll,,
 p cor Ito,.c", nv w. II S,lIIle 
I'.td)' Rt'V "nUl'r .1, JI:lstOl' Annette St Bap- Pepplatt 1'l.Jlllp l.J..kl
 ,: h U:.I Wlllou
hhy nv I'o\\el W"lrer C, l.Joot and shoe mer, h 23 
t!st Church, h 
=! Qllt'hl'e a!" I'e...,y io"rpd \\: fn>hl', 'I 4ü MolY" CJnel.Jec ".. 

nge F;lIl'n (,nd I hOI
),. I ,139 Qu,:
,pe n
 I'e"t..- J:lme
, ng
, b 4li :lJ;I)' I I'U\\"h')' AHred E, elk A E H Powley, I 13:; 
1::;:1' I.olpb U, tcllr lllgl.J School, h 3.1:.1 Qut - I'el'c)' Jolin M. m,ICh C I' H, I 41; :llny UllIuhts e 
> !1pc !IV I'I'I'Cec[ Alf..ed II, Vlly 0; Anlll.!te w Po\\"le\" Alfrpd E H, boots nnd shoes 133 
I n
II'pr Cbn..lps, cooper A Cnmpl.JeU, b 44 Pe..kill
 Albert, wd\\ kr Uod;;e :lUg Co), res Ulllld;lS 1', II s,mle _ 
t; nlon n . Torollto Powle)" Le\\ I" 0, 1t.1 opr, b 133 Dundns I' 
rn1mct. Chnl'lotte (wid Rlcbard), I 37 Dun- I'pr,ln Harry. tool mkr C I' R. b 1:;9 Ylne n" I'lil'e Ale>':lndpl'. IIIkt j;ndr I' s Jdne, 1 n of 
dns .. I'eterson Jamc,. macb 12 Unndas 1', II lU 1\1001' \\", II 
!!"H Rlcbm'd '1', prop I'nlmer Shoe Co. b 
nmc' I Price Jnck
on I.;. k IG Lnws 
0>, Dnnd,t" I' . ,['hilIiIIS Ahrnllßm cnrp b In2 Ann..tte \V PI ice J:lllIl'
, ellg C I' It, 1'1'1' lom]on 
I'aime.. Sho" Co, Richard T Pnlmer prop, 31 I'hUIII'S AIC"l'I1, e
g CPR, II 4;; A 1';:-)' 'e ..d 1'1 ice TlIom:lS II, 1.J,'k mfr, h 10-1 C'JIIllnlt 
Dnndns e _ . I'll II iiI's Edw.lI'd, co..e mkr Wilkinson 1'rlnc" .All.Jerl E. sU1II1I1 hO<1\'d wkr llclntz- 
ralllt'nter Jolin S, tnshr llelnlzman & Co, Plon"h Co I -IU Lnlon n \ lIIan .\: Co, I :n ''"est....11 .IV 
1'1''' 'ror
nto I'hllli,,';; Fo'e'de..lek. ","'p, h IiI ,'Inp nv I'rinee TlIomds, curl' C I' It, h 21 Western 
Pantpr )\r-s Fannie, elk Standarc:' Fuel Co, I'hli li 1'5 II"",,),. IIr
l;:ner Canada C
'cle & a,."uue 
I 48 Mc.dlnnli )Iotur Co, h Hi E,.el).n el'es I'rince Wm T, mach C I' R, h 8G Clendenan 
Pant"r )lIss Jeunle. we!I\'er, I 4S )1".11nlld I'hili l l'S Oscar F, fOlewnn CPR, h 12G nnm"" 
P.lnter JO
PI,It. h,'I,m,n C I'll. 148 :llellland '"lne n, I'rltehard Jobn J, renl est 1.2;; Dundas 1', 
I."')' (will (.po,
;:I'), h 
8 Medlnnd I'lIlilil's Peter, planing mill :;0 l'aelfle nv "ps To..onto _ 
Park Thomas, 1,lh. h 2 is !II.!...,' 
, h 103 Ln\\"s rlltehnll1 Juhn J Jr, gro 10.> Dnmlas I' 
POl'ker Miss Anllettp, wl.s 1..lces.... Brnld Co I'lIll1ip
 n il-II.1 I'd, porter Heintzman & Co, l'.-oetor ClImles E, c"r I'epr C I' n, h G2 
Parker, Inllg.. Hpydoll House, 'Ves- h 4ü union n :llcdl"ud 
ton rd, co.. SI Ch,lr av I'hillip
olomon planing mill 0 Keele n, h p"OI1;;l'" Ueorge. en;:: C I' n, res Lomlon 
Pr.rker U'.'Ol'ge H, co!ul CI'.R, h 159 Vine nv :?03 Y:nln ' ]'l'Od;;,'.. ',",II, IIr"lIInn C I: U. rps London 
PCI Lpr "m, Inh, h J!ID "t."ton ,'d I'IIII'I's Anllur B eng C I' R b 1-1-1 Clen- l'ngll All.Je..t, I.Jlkslllltll. I .S Edullllul 
Plllkpr ',"m, III'eman CPR, I [jnlon den:1D nv' , I'n;:11 Audre,,". lIelper 'Vilkinson I'lough Co, 
Pnrkpr Rp, ',"m It. I"I
tor Aunett.. Mptho- I'hipps Artllnr E, fireman C I' R, I It! Clen- I is Edmund 
dlH Church, 11 121 Ln\\"
 dennn n,' J"'gII Julin, mldr. I 78 ElImnnd 
Pmkin !lohert, Inb CI:!l. h 117 Marin Phoenix .Albprt. Canadn Cycle &; I'n;;h Jo,eph J, plsllr Wilkinson Plough Co, 
P:>.rks TIm J, mldr, h :1, :llc
lu....ay av Motor Co, II IGS í'.wlfie n,' s It is Edmnnd 
P.trry J A, I.Jlcycle hd Cannda C)'ele & Mo- I'lpr Wm, mll1r WUkluson I'longh Co, res I'ngh nll.h,,,'d. g,lnder Wilkinson 1'10 ugh Co. 
tor Co. res 'V('stou Toronto 1 i8 Edmnllli 
on.s J,lmes, shipper A Campl.Jell, h 54 1'1;::<:ott Chnrles. packer A Campl.Jell, h l!)J Pn

lpy Uenjamln, wks I'ugsley, Dingman 
Klllg s rd -'unNte w & Co, res Torouto 
Partington Miss Agnps, drsmkr, I !II WIII- PI""ott Donnld !licK, ble)'ele hd, I 131 l'n!:"slpf, Uln;;Ill,lIl & Co (John I'ng
ongh!Jy nv Qìl.t
pn Arch:h.11fl ,\ UlugW3U), SOtlpS and I.Jlnes, 
Pnrtln/:ton Henrietta (\\J.1 Herbprt), h 01 I'I"
ott F.lIwnr(1 hl".-ele h(1 CnDada Cyele tt Cawtllrn nv 
Wilionglll.Jy nv .
Iulor Co. rès !IIönnt D('Dls rn/:
t..y John (Pngsley, Dingman & Co), res 
Pntcll :snmuel, eng CPR h Snbw:ly House pl:!gott John, 1I""1I1;1D ;0.;0 1. h :\9 Van IIornc Toronto Henry, nst, h 12;; Hnml.Jerslde a\" ]'I;::-;:ott John. l:th C l' n, h 131 Qn('('n rurtle 
 Annlp. wks I'ngsley, Dlngmnn 
wpst Pkg-ott !'amnel P, screw mkr C:ln:lda Cy- & Co, I :iU '."n HOl'ne 
Pnter"on John (J I'nterson & Co), h IGi "Ip & :llotor Co. b 40 WI'Herll n" r.-
 Arthlll' I.. c:nl'. h :;02 Cnmphpll nv 
a I'lIkpy reter, tmstr, h I' 8 J,we, cor Annctte Qi,nntz Altl'ed, mllhnlgllt, h 10:.1 Wiliongh- 
Paterson J & Co (John Paterson), plmbr3 "pst hy n\" 
31 Dnndns enst I'lmlpr Bennison npp Helntzmnn &; Co, 110'1 Q,mntz Wnlter, mnch Dodge !lUg Co, I 109 
Paterson Robert plmbr.J I'aterson &; Co, I Qnpl.Jpc n\ ' Wllfongllhy nv 
IG 7 Lo I . I'hilier John C, mach CPR, h 108 Quebec Queen Cit,- Flour 'tI1I1... -\.r,'hl- 
usa n,.enne b..hl Cnmpllell Proprlptor, tt Cnwtllra av 
Pntterson Hngh, bicycle mkr, h 191 Que- Plnkll"v George J, car re"pr C I' R, h 0::; Qnepn D,I\-hl. coli. II 4:; ".ID 1I0rne 
hee av A..
.-Ie rot CJ"Pen J,"lIp" A. PII:!: Cunada Cycle & Motor 
P tt J ( Id J ) h 39 Y lIn d I'lllknp.- John, flremnn C I' R, I 9::; Ar;::yle rd I Co, h -I:! Vnn Horne 
a erson anI' w ames, _' p'..' n Ph.le J:.m"s, hkr 2!13 DlIlI(1:1s w. II 
allle Ql'pllnpll A,,,tllI. hl<-ycl(' hrl, I 100 Chnrle" 
Pntterson John, mncb CPR, h ,7 '1111' nv Pirie John, brkman C I' n, h 28 "'estern I QlIPllnpll Jnmes, "'. P Hartney, b 100 
pntterson :1111's MInnie, tehr, I 191 Quebec :".enue Ch:lrll's 
n.-ellne plttnm Alfred, snwycr Dodge Mtg Co, res QlIPnll
iI Wm. cnrp. h !)S Charle!l 
To..onto Qllllll"'t Patrick, wdwkr Dodge Yfg Co, res 
Pntterson Wm, bllllnrds 18 Dund:uI w, I 39 I'lntt Will, turner CPR, h 148 Cawthrn Toronto 
Medland n,.pnlle QlIlnn". brkmkr est of M Wakefteld. 
Patterson Wm ii', chief elk CPR, h 131" I'laytpr Henry M, ftreman 1\0 I, h 2G Cnlon rp!l Yo
k Tv 
nOl'th Qnlnn ,\ m, pug CPR, h 13::; I'nclfle av 
Roycp av I'lpt:tpr Gporge, wd turner Dodge Mfg Co, h sonth 
I"nlll John A, eng CPR, h 07 Ynlock av 11 Lulon n Rne D".-Id, tln"mlth CPR, h 113 'Inrla 
Pence Bar..ev foreman Canada C)'ele & PlptzPI' LornI', npp Dodge Yfg Co, I 11 Un- Rne Rev Jnmes 'V. "n
tor Ylctorla I'resby 
M t C b'r!:! 'I I k Ion n terlnn ClI, h Iii High Pnrk nv 
o or 0, - 11 oc 3V l'oH..e Conrt 011(1 Stntlon. Pf"'tf"r . _ C PR l 61 Me-- 
Ppnce John H. h 128 Falr.-lp\V av Ellis 1I1a<:I<tratp. Jo
lnh R Royce Chief" Rnfferty Ed"ln, brkman , 
Pence Wm. bicycle hd Cnnadn Cyele & Yo- rpnr of Town HnU. lG-1S K('ple s Murray av _ 
tor Co, h 123 :lIuloek nv I'ordn;::e John W, mkt j!'(lnr 21ï !'t Clnlr n.- ' nntYprty Jnmps, mnsou. h {j, 
IlIrr:lY nv 

 -- (
:)'eI RY 
;i1;'- , 
S7: :. 

'\ COAL. 







Th EQU ITV FI RE I NS CO t ARCH. CAMPBELL, M.P.. P....sident:. , 
Tt40S. CRaWFORO, M.P.P., Vice-Pres,d.n'Eo 
e " _ ... WM URI!IENWOUO RROWN. De^.a,al Manac er . 
.A.LA.. !'iUIA OlA aII j... 
 r...... .n,"re protected pl- 
.. KINO STREET nUTo MIa. """" II ..... --"I ___ rates aeçordin&"lyo 


1'..ronto Junction. 


Ralferty James 1', hr!;.man CPR. h 37 Clen llol,ertson John, varnlsher Hdntzm3.lJ &. HU

l:ll An.hew, hl!;.smlth CI'll, h 3j Vle- 
den.\n II \ Co. ,'es '.rûronto lorl,. 
Ran-erty :\liss :\[aud, I (j1 \lc:\lurray IIV Ht,I,,-rbtJII Juhn, pork p..cker, t) C2 Uniou 

ell perch'nl G, ht.p. h 343 Qlll'ht.c Dr 
Rane,") 'Vm, I U7 :\Ie\lurl.!y flV Rc,h"rtson Mis>! Xettlc, tlrs H 
 AIoni>!on, 1...,lol'rC",oI Juhn W, eng CI'J(. h 4ü Luws 
Ruud.!1 \\"m, prtr, h 39 ViIU HUlne re>! Westou H)-õlll M,...y (t\"ld AllllIlI). h 
-; L;tWS 
 :<,'mUl", u,)r C I' R Rohertsuu Thomas G, h,'kmkr e
t of AI H}-.III Hose, dum 8uhtnlY House 
Rllne) Wm E. h.!rr, h 334 Lakcdew av Wuketit'ld, h 3Q8 Weston rd It.'-diu/.: :SUlJ1uel (H)'dlUg & Co), h 200 Dun, 
H.lttle1lge Hichard, 1)l'kmkr j!; 8t Clllir a., Robt'.'tsou Wm, coachmun I1Ils Cook, h 12ù \V 
P, h 
aille I'adUc 3V s li)tliul!: & Co IS H)'dlng, F Rlehards), 
Rattll'dge Uichard jr, brk mCr 2G WhItney J:ohiu<on Ale-,;andcr 'V. jwlr, I 2 !l[ny ..:.,-,Io.-s 200 Dundas w 
u\, h 
ame Hc,I,lnsou JIliss Bella. Urs A I1[ Gohel, rm'\ S:,blu JOIIII, "'sl 111-)> Cnn:u]a C,'cle & !lIot- 
Un\l'n Arlhur, wks Pn&,sley, Dlngmlln & Co, 4 \)lIl1d..s \V 0" Co res 'I"..roulo 
I :.t.!U Frllukllu ,n' Itohinsou Chestl'r. drill hd ('nnada Cycle &. St Ct'eill.,',< (HC) Clmrch. nev Wm nergln 
Itaven Jobu A, carp CPR, h 
G Frank- lI!, tOl' Co, h 
32 C.\illphl'lI av 1...
101', Paei"c n,. s-e cor Annelle W 
IIn II.. St Clalr A.. School, I L Re.tltle plln, 5t 
Ra"....JU 'Vnlter, Inb, h ãã Hoskin n\" III CI.tir :IV W 
Itny Wm. d.lhy HS Dnndlls w, h same GEO. ROB....SON St Clah' 1,:.llIIlIn<l. tool mkr. 1112 Aunette e 
Ruybonld Bros \Ha....y ,,, and Joseph 
), 1St John's Chllrch IAn!!"I!,'an). Ite.. I,' H J)u 
IJtchrs :!ð LJunt1ns w @.. BilKER d \.("."'I<.'t I"fi<:'tOI", S S .Julldas \\". w of Louisa 
 bo..ld HarlY W lRnyhould Bros) , h 2;; -........tI&tJ an Se !II""k's (Ailgllc:tll) CIIIII'eh. It.." C E 
lJundus w 
 '111011l:5UII lector. C:lrlton. II-e cor li:lllg 
Ra)'bonld Josl'pb, pntr's helper C I' R, res 
 CONFECTIONER Sa!lIIon Miss .A1ke E, m.lch 0)>1', I 2:1 Carl- 
York Tp tou pi 
Rn)bullld Joseph 
 (Rayhould Bros), h 2.) 21 Dundas \Nest S..lInon mphard J, car checker CPR, , 29 
Dundns \V ('",'Iton pi 
Rn)-lJonl<l "prry J, npp Heintzman & CO, TORONTO .JUNCTION, ONT. S,lln,ou !Illss Rose. mnch opr. I 2:1 ('õlrlton 
res York Tp 1.lnce 
RaymO'r Ht.tu-y B. mnch hd Heintzman &. Itobiuson George. bkr 21 Dundas w. It same S..:won Susan (wid Rlchnrd), lt 2!1 Carlton 
('0. h 203 Quebec BV & 1 Itohillson John. chlet Toronto Junction Firl' I'!..ce 
Rl'nd I<'rnuk F, nsst Sllpt Cnnndn Cycle II" I It? 
Iav S:1t deI's Onvld. C'!rniture )0 Dunt1a- e 
I1lotot. Co res 'roronto '.1'. - - '. Su"dr-rs E<lwm-d, I.tb Out l'a,'llIg ß,'lck Co, 
Rpa(]lng A 'J, drfilll'" Cnnnda Cycle & l!clHIISOn .1us,'P
rp, _ b 144 Vine av It 'Veston fl\ 
110101' Co res Toronto , 1'C!'lUSOU L H.lIv(y, slock receiver Cnulldn SI'Io,I<'rsoll Eliza (wid Wm), h 33 Whitney 
Rem'le AI'c!,lhnld, h 123 Dundns E . C>:c1e lie. 
Ioto" Co, I 2 
 "" It,-enul' 
Rl'dhuru George '.r. hlksmlth Wilkinson ).e,I'lIIso'.' Tbon1.ts A, C.trme., h ,,3
 Camp- Snndp,'son :\Hss Lillie, drsmkr, I 33 ''\"hlt- 
l'lough Co h 78 Chnrles I he!' n, . IIPV a\"enue 
Reesor Joseph, tlUslr: h 4G Annette e H
lolllc,!)n. _Will, lab Ont PavIng, Bnck Co, S,miierson JIllss !llnnl'l. slsldy, I 3
Rpe,'es 1"l',onk "', firl'Ulau C P H. h 142 , .'1' ) S ll IO l t
 Il t
 G " CPR h II ' Q I'h ee It\' S;\I.son 'Vm, btchr '1' Chapman. I 2.'1 Du"en- 
Cnwthrn :IV I ,,(.) n ..
!': e ,en e 1 ":I U 
 .. po t r(1 
RO'ld J-,cksull h Reele n cor Herbert nv Hol'
ön C.....encp !II. macb. I 138 Pn,.ltic nv s sap
"Ua Gul""ppe, mnch Gasoline Engine 
Upld .J
llD H' bkpr Leadèr &. Uecorder, res I:,.hson F Innk 
. mnch, I 138 P:Idfic a
 s Co, ,,"s 'l:o,-ont" 
Toronto ' Hoh.on I< ,.edenck. J, action Cnshr HelDtz- S:lIlI'dl'rS Charles, brkrun CPR, I 31 Pacific 
Reid lIlrs Snrah. I 17G OntarIo "'Ill & Co, rps'loronto 0 av A 
Itpld. lIllsB EdIth, maeh opr, I G9 McMurrny Itl'!""'!'! 'Intthl'w G (Hobson &. Son), h 1,,8 S.llIlHh'I'S Wm, hrkmn CPR. h 31 Pncifie nv 
n \ enue I .uo.fic .ay s _ !ôõl'\utb 
Relds Ernl'st. "ks Pugslev, Dingman & Co. I not.son "ill J (ltoh.on & Son). photo 2. !;.\vn:;:e Andrl'w. nmph CPR. h 44 Meilland 
I {j!} 'Ic:\lnrrny nv ' III:n.llls e, I 138 Paclne nv B SlIv.\J'" "'I1CI-('(] S, npp Heintzman & Co, I 
Rplds Geot'gl' W. btksmlth Wilkinson Plongh I:oh
tm &. Son f"
ntthe\V G nnd Wm J), 44 !llc,'land 
Co. b {j!J :\Idlurrny av I ,1'''''1 eslate nnd IIIsurn,nce. 5 Dundas I' !;:t\"lIIe )(P\llY, lab ('PR. h 111 ('I,'n"hIIl n\' 
Renah:m Wm, sectlonman GT R, res 1\10unt I,ed:;::er John. fh'eman ('I ll, res I,,?n.lon Sn,'lIIe Hpnry jr. drill I't] Cnunda Cycle &. 
 Itot!well Hl'nry. I'ng ('PH. h 31 "Ietorla 
Io!or Co. I 111 (,hurchi1l nv 
RI')'nol<ls Harry, tmstr Conger ConI Co, h ltoJ'l't.s F.d\\"in R. bardware 2 Dundas e. h Sn\"lIIe John W. m'dI'. I 111 C'hurphill nv 
104 \"Iue ItV 137 Lnke,'lew nv Sa\"!lIe Wm. putI' Oodge 
ICg Co, I 111 
Rp\'uolds ,,'m prtr TrIbune b 29 Vlln Hoger, J.lm,'
. It 32 Western nv (,hurchlll av 
Iforne' . Iltol'"ers :\I1
s !lIinnle. hl;pr. I 32 Westl'rn nv !;eah's "'m. lah, h 12-'1 Cooper RY 
Rhodes John cnr repr CPR res Lnmbton I:olls Arlhur. tm'l'mnll Cunada Cycle & 'lot- Sennlon Plltrick J, cond CI'It. h 00 Oundn
1\11l1q' . or ("0, h 7:
llnlnIH] ,\'pst 
Rhodl's Thomns A. blksmlth 28 Dnndns e, Itl"I'nln John W. gdnr, h 15 Uxhridge nv Sen,'lptt Edward W, gravel dlr, h G4 St 
h 94 PacIfic nv s I:ork !l1I
s Jt'nnle. tcbr St Clair A\' Selt, Crnlr a\" \\" 
RIce A:lnn R. mnl!'r Tbe Tribnne, 25 Dun-I 2:12 I.:
ke"ipw av Sc1'mÏl1t Fred, tlr A !II Gnbcl, h 61 Dundlls 
dfts w. h 216 Clendenan av I I:ork ",,, !\t,ny, tchr Model School. b 

Rice ',,"m H. h 312 Lilkevlpw av l.ake,lew av SchmhH TIpUl'y ""', nnrber and tohaeco 51 
Rich Ch'ules. enrp, b 20 
Iny nose Gpor:::e, h 2'!3 Pnelfie nv 9 O\llu1;IS \V, b li3 
Riph nnrry. mach 'VlIkinson Plough Co, b Rose Hngh F. stellmttr CPR. h 437 An S('h1":1pdO'r (,h,.i
tonhpl". lab Canada Cycle &. 
20 !llay nette w _ :\,. Co. rl's Toronto 
Itlchnrd John H. plshr. h 3G Whllnl'Y nv H..
I' JaIDps, IHI" mkr. I 213 Pnelflc nv s Sdtl'"ihel' 'l'homns 0, storemnn CPR, h 21 
IUehnrllq E,h,ard, pntr's helper CPR, h l:u,,'Iu-nl!'h Frnnk N. trnv. b 2-1 Wood
lde av ral'Iton 1'1 
46 Ar!:"yle rd I:t:sp""al' Jnmes. Tor Sub St Uy Co, !;ehultz John. contI" 00 :\1('.llnnd. h S,1D.e 
Rlch'ullq John. Inh. h 37 Hosl;ln nv h 112 QtlPhpr av !khnltz Rohel t .T. COlld. h !I I,'O','/!,u.on av 
Ri, h
r<1c Thomns. lah, h 1:;1 Ellzahpth s HOH.\t,;1t" :\lnUhew C, supt Tor Sub St Ry s, Itultz "'ID_ stone mason. I r.o )I"tl\,n:d 
RII-hor<1con Charles A, bkpr A Campbell, h ('0. h 4;; '
nlon -, !;(h\\,pnkpr (,hadps II, COI'cmnn Helulzman 
17 Ring" Hocs Alp"and"I'. hrkmn (,PR. h 81 Edmnnd & Co. h 40 Laws 
RlpJ]t\rdcon Frederick, fireman !'o 1. b 39 Russ ('ltpt John. h l'
R I.ouisa !;I"ntt ?Irs CMlop,-lnl'. h 10'! Ulllock n\' 
Vnn TIornC" I Ho
s Thom:1s. wks CPR. h 32 Edmund SI'Ott J:\lnl's, (]'lh-y 3:;1 Hi;!"h PI\I'\< ny 
ltir1dpll John M. 117:1 Paelfl,' nv ,. Hnwdl'o Thomas, yard Coreman CPR, h 4(1 
('ott .Tohn. 1O;le11 ('PH_ h :\1 IIo
)dn av 
RillIey Oa,ld. Inll CPR. h !i11 Etlmnnd Van Horne 
'olt .John C. elk. I 3:;1 Hi!!h Pnrk av 
Rlt1lpy Frnnels. car In
p CI'R, h 13 Carl, r:owlln Frank A. plk Cannda Cycle &. Mot- Srott Jocl'ph 'V, npp Heintzman & Co, I 103 
t(>D 1'1 or ('0. re
 Toronto ;\I.,Io("k av 
Ridlpv Wm I n ('nrlton 1'1 I:mnltl PI' MI
s Annie E. tchr Modpl School. Siolt :\I1ss J.iJlian 'I (Scult .(, ('0\ I !l9 
Rllpy' Gpor!!";'. enl!' (,Pit. h 11 Victoria I 1r.4 Coopl'r av lìnntl.Is e 
nilpy '''tn. Inh, h 167 Pnpllip av s He.n ntrl'e (;POJ'I!'P, It 22 Wpstel"D nv S,-ott Lonis11 (wId ',"m), (Scott & ('0), h !I!! 
I"w Philip, C'lltt mkr S \Inv & ('0, h 140 Uo" IIU'C'P !IIlss H:1ttle, mus tchr 1R4 ('ooper OIll-d:I" e 
AIII1Pttp 0 1\\'. I snme !;l'Ott ',"m, pnll" A Cnmphp11. h 7!'1 Rlnl!"s rd 
Rit,-hip (;porl':(' H. pn" rPR. It 74 Annette e Itpw1:tr"l' Hl'nry. clk 'Vm ;Rowntree. I 164 !;ec,tt 'Vm J, plk, I :J;it nil!'lt P'lI'k n" 
RII.-hll' .Tohn E. I'n!1; CPR h 14 Laws ('.'oppr n,' S,'ott & ('0 I"rs
n nn.1 lIlI..s Lillian 
Hohh ,1 ,mp
. h :/0 Hook nv R(wnlrpe !IIis.. Ida. elk, I 22 W,,
tPr'l nv It[ !;eottl, !1;l"oeprs on OnlHlls e 
Ruhh '''m C, miller A Campbell, h 61 Hook Rown!rl'e Lorne, pulle,' rukr. I 22 'Vestprn SI'III
 Jnhn J. as
t to m.\ster meehanll'. 
3"f'nne a\('Jn'e CPH. h 2
7 .Anru:"tt.... 'W 
Rol'.'rtq Frpdprlek. moC'h opr Cannda CyC'le I:o\\,n!,.pe :l1I
s S.lrnlt. hkpr Wm Rowutree. !'ewl'1I RohP1"t A. opr ('pR. h :t!1 :lle,llnn<1 
& !IIolor ('0. I 113 I1lnlo<,k nv I 1114 Cooppr nV Spnnon" Altl'l'd 'V, Cnsbr Heintzmnn & Co, 
 OC'or/!'e. hl"ickmkr. I 113 ]IInloek 1\ I' Ro" r.t,'ee "m. I!'t"Oepr amI po
tm!\st('r 31
1 Ii "<I Ch-n'I,'
 Opor/!,p W. n
toek ,-peplver can- I lìa\,pnpoTt h 111.1 Cooppr nv ShaiTpr WIiCret'!. wood tnrner Dodge I1ltg Co. 
n.1:\ (',\""p & \lo!or ('0, res Wpcton J(o,-e'e .10
lnh II. _chlpC or police nn" sanl- rps Toronlo 
Rohprlq .Tohn. hrlpkmkr. It 1l
 !lInlnpk nV ,t,u' y Inop. h n.. Annpt!C' w Shllnnon Go.orge, mach Dodge lIItg Co, reI! 
 MIss LIzzIe, tlrs J H Agnew, res 1
I'mhlp FI:pdl'l
pk J. fir (,PR. !:t_ 40 King Toronto 
'J "ron!o 1.I:lnhlC' 'r-,
s 1';p\llp. npp. I 40 lung !'Ohannon :\lichapl. Inh. h 61 Vlnp nv 
Rohprts Wm, cnr repr CPR. h 50 Uftlpy nnn'hlC' "m., npp Opdge ?!t
 Co. I 40 RIng I 
h"rp Wm. elk '1' Po\\'ell. t. 2"1 OnndfJs W 
? . I:,"hhrook "m. as
t slupper Wllklnson SH \. n JOE "GH \. C'I , 'n..flon....... In 
R, hl'rts ',"m F. brlckmkr. h 8_ Queen s rd I'lo"!1;h Co, rl'q Toronto - 
"r"nep nn,1 Rpnl Ectatl' 1'!3 Dlln,ln
R' þprt..on Miss JennIe !II, drsmkr. I 181 RI'<cpll 'II

 Aimee, tchr St Clair .A\' I'\ph. flltarrnrd Fl'pdl'rlpk. nrkll'n CPR. h 34 ''"P'\t- 
("pndennn nv I 1:\:; Vletorln pm nv 


Limited. Dealers in Clarified Milk and Cream 
and Dairy Products. 





114 YONGE ST.. TORONTO f'or Style, Fit and Wear. 


TorOlilo J ullction. 


Shu\\ John, IJlhswlth, h m;; Weston rd SWlthsun Ellzal.)eth 1"ld John), h 4-11; \\es- Ste\\art Sar...h A (\\"Id Thowas), b 209 Pa- 
Sha\\ Jyhu A, mugr St.\ud.trd l,'uel Co, h 41 ton ,'d cHic ".- s 

lt,dlaud SOIHhsun John, I.)rkman. h -1;;0 \\ eston rd ::;tew,tn \\ IIfrpd. tnshr Heintzman .I;; Co. I 
Shaw Jul.)n \\, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, Slu
th Htlne)'. tu-'s helper C l' It, I 1;; ;.3 \.lueilec av 
11 78 Uxl.)1'idge ...v Jo't...nklin \\. :<tul,.es Itlclllll''', I.\b. b Gl "Ine a'l' 
lIss hcl"tl.).... wks LaC'es & Braid Co, SW)lli '!uowas J. truer Canada C)de Stolte l"rõlnk H, toremtln C...nada Cycle '" 
I ;)7 CIlI-Itl'll pI .\: \10tor Lo. h b3 Willougliuy ..., 
Iotor Co, h 
m Huok tlV 
She.,t Juhn, liner \\ïlklnson Plough Co, h Sm) th \\ m S, stoI'emtln C l' It, h 15 Frank- Stonem.,n ua,,". handle I.)ar ttr Canada Cy. 
37 Cõl1'iton 1,1 Ian .\\- cle oS.. 1.Iotor Co, h 3-1 Carlton pi 
SI.. 1 ' 1 ""-" Jonn (Sheppard & Son), h 111 Sne.,tl.) Uobert, firemtln A Ctlmpbell, h 60 Stunenmn ,,",eorge, 1.\1.) C l' H, b 128 AnD, 
1.'rtlnklill .\\ ette' 

\'ohn, firem:1D Cl'H, res Lonåon S'j


:rd E, gro 131 Dundas w. b 4;; 


:' ig
d CT
u'L 3
t C1


, p
SloclIl"tld \\ m H. I 2JO High Park av !5nlder Ed\\.ud. lab Wilkinson Plough Co. 3:: Cilrlton pi 
SI t'I'V. tI " \\ 01 J, jwlr 4:1 lJundas \\, I 2JO I'"" TOl'unto StoneWtln \\'w. sIgnalman C I' R, h 239 
Illl;ll l'itrk a'l' Suuthh y Henr' J , brass lnshr C P n, h 48 h.cele II 
Sht'lI)>itld \. W R (Sheppard & Son), I 119 Arg) Ie rd ' Stoll:; Josteph. h 1-19 Pacific a..- s 
IHIII'''''' W d ::'outútJrn Alfred G , bic y cle hd , I 110 St ::;tOl-ey Hugh. tnshr HeIntzman & Co. rea 
Sht 1III'tld &. Son (John and \\ m n). ry Clõllr a, e Tomnto 
gouds. l:!l Dllnd...jJ W SOuthúrn Edward , filer Canada C'cle & M<>- Storey Jõlmes, mach CPR, h 56 PacIfic av 
Shct" In Lharles, õlctlon lnshr Heintzman &. , 
eo J"
S Tnrü!Jt() lor Co. H."s l"uronto s 
SI.I ': I.I , A h.".....-!u . toreman mach ,;ho p C S..uthorn Eli, brJ..mkr, h 110 8t ClaIr av e Storey 
lartha, h 4;) Charles 

 ., Sou thorn Jo..eph. dl-III hd Canada Cycle & Storey Thomas, car repr C l' U, h 15 Carl, 
I' R. h 122 Western av 
lotûr Co. tou 
Shields Thulll.18, hI.) Cl'U. h 262 1.Inrla South\\ I'll Charles J, tool clk Canada Cycle Streight 
Iaud, tchr 
Iodel Seh, b 216 
Shl'rt Ch'''''''8 it, tool mkr Cõlnõldtl Cycle & & 1.Iotúr Co, 144 \\'cstern av Ch'utlen...n .IV 

l(otol' Co, rms I> Dundõls \V Somhwell John. mach Cõlnada Cycle & 1.10- !5lrclluu Arthur, I 280 Keele s 
Shm-t J"mteS it. 'o'O:III"n Canada Cycle &. tor Co, h -1-1 Western a,' :$Ircltl'll itol.)ert, tm8tr. h 280 Keele s 

oto.. Co, h 144 M'lrla Spacey EdwIn, mal'h Heintzman & Co, res SltI,trt Wm, m"ch opr Canada Cycle & Mo. 
ShOlt \l:m. wood wkr Dodge 
Itg Co. re3 Turonto tor C", I Gl Arg)'le 
Toronto :Spallord Edward B. slsman, h 79 Edmllnd Stuhhings \VOI, wheel lacer Canada Cycle 
Sidd:"1 Et!\,a"t!. carp Wilkinson Plough Co. SJ!.trks Ch"rles R. bolt ctr C P It, h 39 & Mutor Co. 
lt 1O\J Church!'1 av Charles !;:tuhus Frauk '1', japanner Heintzman &. 
Si,hJ"lI \\ m, lJelleh hd Dodge 
Itg Co, I 53 !5pence Briden, moto. h 2-19 Clendenan av Co, r<'s Turouto 
C"mpbdl õlV Svicer 1;lIz,t Iwld Harr)), 1 b:J ElIz.lueth Stnmp Jesse. 1..1.) C P n. I 117 Qllebec 0'1' 
Slm :$"lIIuel, mldr \Vllklnson Plough Co, rfS Spicer Henry, eõlr repr C l' it, h !;3 Eliza- Slulllp I'erey, driver Kemp .I;; \\'hetter. I 117 
Tûronto lIcth Quebec av 
Slml'sUU GeOl'gc A. rubber Heintzman & Spicer \\ m. car repr C P n, h 138 Franklin Sull\\'a> Hlltel, A J Hc)'don prop, Kf!ele n, 
Co. rcs Toronto .\\enue ...w cor Vine a' 
SIIIIIJSOU Jose)lh C, toreman Canada Cycl
 SI.lllk Elizaheth (\\ Id Wm), h ;;0 1.Ic
Iur- Su
gitt Jo'lancis. driver Standard l?uel Co, h 
&. )1otOI' Co, h ;;6 Campbell av l'õI)' av ;;!I All.)any av 
Slw)lsoU Thowas, wlllwl"lght A Cawpbell, Spink James A, jwlr, I 50 
lurray av Su;;
itt GlOrgp S. mach hd WilkInson 
res \\'est01l I'I.illk \\ m S. fllshr, I ;;0 
ll11r.\y av I'lou
h Co, res Lamhton 
Silns G
'O,.ge W, uphol. I 120 Annette I' Sprntt I;rederlck. lab C P U. h 40 Laaghtun !>urri<lge I"redrlek. tmstr. I 319 Weston r4 
Sll11s "Ill. cutter, h 120 Anuette e a\-cnUe 
ull"l";.:e Jõlmes. tmstr, h 31!J \Veston rd 
SiLclalr Arthur \V, wks C
'U. I 62 Yc1.lur- !;:pmtt noland. ennmeller Canada C)'cle & Sulhel'\.11111 
1I,.,. Jennie. clk. I 31 Keele s 
I-ay ,
v . I 
10tOl' Co, I 40 L"nghton av Sutherland John, slsman A C.\mp"ell, h 130 
SII!dau' Christopher, car rf'pr CPR, res Spring Charles, wks 1'ugsley, DIngman &. C"wthru a,- 
"lork tp . Co, res Toronto 
IJss Kate, clk, I 37 Keele s 
SII:o:I"lr .\IIS" Hanna, tin H :-< 
forrlson, b Sluing J...lues. 1,Ishr Canada Cycle & Motol S\\,," Johll. I.)lksmith. h G Ferguson av 
]13 Dund,ls I' I Co rcs Torouto S\\..}'zle "-m, mõlch Dodge Mfg Co, rf!S '1'<>- 
SlIoclal1' l' Wm, yardman cpn, h 62 Mc- , SIn iilgford itiehnrd, flier. h 23 Hoskin av roul.. 
.Mllrray. av 8 Sprlngtord Wm, clk J Gilmour, 1 2:J Hoskin !i;
tpr Richard S. piano mkr, h 37 St 
S.s-on Gordon, cooper A Campbell. h 4 a, ellue ('!alr av e 
{'nlon n , Sproule Frederick A. png C P n. h 71 Lo!",a Talllillyn Arthur S P, fly tnshr HeIntzman 
Sisson MIss Grace, tlrs A M Gobel, rms ti !5l1l"Oule Thomas J, carp C I' It. res Xork & Co. h :J\J Clendenan a, 
Dllndas 'v I 'I'p T.lsker Jilllles, Iller \\'ilkillson Plough Co, 
SlacJ.. lJlI\ Id. tool mkr Canada Cycle & MOo Spro\\ I H.llIn.lh (\\"Id Ellett), h 130 Annette t'p" TOI'oillo 
tor Co, h 64 Klllg's r,l pa-t Ta'sell Ch.trll's H, crater Canada Cycle '" 
- Slack George E. ttr C l' R. h 39 Vil't,?ria Sp;lrr John B, l'ep, h 202 High Park av \Iotor Co. I 30 King's rd 
Slack Thom.\s, tool mkr Canada Cycle &. 
Io' l 
I; ;Il') Joel. ealp, h :1:1 VIIII' av 'r.lssell \\'m J, flrelll'llI Canõlda Cycle & M<>- 
tor Co, res Toronto Sri"ll" JOJSel,h drher Smudard 1"01'1 Co, tur Co. h 30 Klllg's rd 
Smith Alice J (\\Id brchlbald), hotel 20.1 3!J \
llle nv ' Ti'\\'s Arthur. IJkr U Rohinson. I We-tern 1'4 
Dunl1as w I Srl!!le,- Rouert J. carp, h 27 Vine av T'I
-Ior Charles S, rul.)l.)l'r Heintzman Co. h 

n1lth Auna (wid Thomas). I 39 May 8tálkèr \1rs Helena It. h 179 Keele s 4-" Frnllklln a.. 
8mlti> Annie, clk. I llõ:l I'nclfic av s 8tl1llll.nd Fuel Co (I.)rJ. J A Shaw llillgr. 42 Ti"'I,,r ,v'llIiel, firemnn C P n. b 29 1.Iay 
Smith Ch.tlles, li\I.), h 1;;;; \.ne av DUlld.ts \V "{iI;'lor FIPd, I.)lc)-cle hd Cõlnada Cycle &: 
Smith Charles \V, mach, h 6" Laughton av Stallfo....; Gilbert G. app Heintzman & Co, ,totor Co, 
" ('[arn. I'll<. I ]li9 l'acltlc nv S re" Turollto TiI)'lor George W. png. h 14 
f:mith I.'rank. hclper C l' n. I.) Dundas !;:1.lples J JIID cilrp C I' n, h 120 'Iarla T,,,'lor H'.II..... tarmer, h 3!) Van Horne 
Smith Frederick. lIIill'h, h -17 Vlctorl.1 
Ieels l'(.tel: I.).klllan C I' H, h \V S Caw- T..)-Ior Jt'reml"n '1', lah Heintzman & Co, h 
Smith Harry, fireman C P n. b 1J7 1.Iulock th"a a,-. 2 s of Herhert a, I 1]7 Annette e 
avenue Steiller Eu
ellp.'h C l' U, b 18 Hook av T.1\"}or John, app HeIntzman & Co, I 53 
SmIth Jõlcob, enrp, I ]39 VIne av :"tephens GeOlge, e,tr repr C P n. res Jane I ' \h',\1a,..{ . 
Smith Jallles. tmstr- h 109 CJaepn Slc'phells Ueol'ge. m,tch Dodge 
fg Co, res r..)-Im: \I.lrJ:aret (wId Henry B), I 98 Hum- 
Smith Jesse C, grain "u)'er, I 145 Pacific Toronto hels,,11' n\" I' 
a\" s Stpphells 'Vm H, hrkman C l' n, I cor Ann T,n-Ior Uieh,lrd, car Insp C P n, h 69 Ut- 
Smith John. blksll.lth. h 130 Cooper av cUe 'lIId Jnlle t!t'y 
Smith Joseph. J:ralll mer. h :!S9 AIIIIPtte w St. p1",ns.... Harry, brkman C P n. h 47 T,,,-Im' RohPl"t, I'nrp. h ;;3 'Ip,lIam{ 
Smith LOliise (\\ III I.'rank). h I;; 1:nlon n Hoskin av Tp:tsd,.!p \(anon (\\ Id Anthony). h 70 Pacific 
Smith L)'rilil (wlrl James F). b ]20 QIIPen SI"I.I"'"SOII Joseph, ear repr CPR, h 172 ,\\-eIlUe s _ 
Smith Lydia (\\'Id .John C), h IG9 Pacific a.. \I'lrl.l Tl'lfot'cl 
OI'nt:1n, fireman C P n. b 61 
sOllth Stppnes Wm G. packer A Campbell, h 2-11 T,-lford \\'111. ell
 C l' U, h 2-11 Allnette \V 
Smith nohert. mach opr Canada Cycle & Kpele n TplIlpll' Flptlellck, toreman 'l'rluune. h 30 

Iotor Co, I GG Laughton a\ Rte, PIIs Allee. dom 19 Duudns \V 1,'"ln-ll'\\" av 
lIss Sarah A. tchr Carlton St Sch. 8te, pns eGorge, drill hd Cnnada C)'l'le & T,'ml,le WIU, shoemkr;;] 
(pdland. h same 
res Cm'lIon '\'est P 0 \Iotor Co. res Toronto I TholllilS 
h-s H.lDnah. I.)dJ: hse ti-1 1.:nloll s 
Smith TholUilS, ,Iav \\"atC'hman Cnnada C)'- Stpt-ens Juhll. drl" hd Canada Cycle & 
Io- Thomas 
Iiss LI'('Y. wks Pugsle)', DIngman 
I'll' & 
Iotor Co. h 2:'G Kpele n tor Co res Torollto & Cu. ! :jG Hook a\" 

mlth Thomas H. ('I...mlst fõ" flllnllas \V Ste,pnsón John S. "rkmnn C [' n, h 38 Ed- Thomas ),1I-s Ola. I.)kpr H E Snell. I 64 Un- 
Smith W" Iter, app Oo"!!e Mf;:- Co. I 39 
Ia r 1I11111d 1011 s 
Smith \\'m. n!\!'emhler Canada C)'cle "" 1.Iu. 
on Wm. blk-mlth WilkInson Plo\)
h Thum:1S "'111. \\".{ turner HeIntzman & Co, 
tor Co. res Toronto Co h 71; Lallghton n" h ]30 Clellllenan a\" 
Smith Wm. Inb Ont Paving BrIck Co, J 
tp';art AIIIID. carp C P n. h 53 Quel.)el' I Thollll,soll I"" Id, signalman G '1' n, h 308 
Jane a,-enue \)a,-pIII'Ol"t rt{ 
Smith 'Ym. rootpr. II 39 May St.'\\ ,.rt 'lis" Emma, bkpr Kemp &. Whet- / Thompsoll Hpllly, night \\ atchman Ont Pa'l'- 
ter. II 209 Pncifil' av S illg 111';('1,. Co. h fiG 'Iarla 
Smith Wm. \\"d\\kr Dodge 
Itg' Co, res-T<>- !;:tpmll't John. I.)lc)'cle mkr, h 19-! Lakevlew Thompson Ht'nry Jr. putI'. I 9G 
ronto a,-pnue I Thomp-on John D. billiard room G6 Dundas 
Smith Wm J. enl: C P n. h 139 Pacific av Stewnrt '1Iss Laura. tchr Model Sch. I 194 P, h :!O Cm'lton 1'1 
south Lake..-Iew n.. Thompson John J. I'ond. I 20 Western a'l' 







Tel. 952. 98-100 King St. W. Toronto. 

Londen. Eng.. 




Toronlo J IIncl.ion. 


on Rohert, I :!() W"slern ß\ To\\"n
i"y G"org.' H. pott"r> :;14 WI' [On rd W"!I,,,'" HolI....t. "PI' "ïlklll 011 I'l
ugb c.... 
ThÜlUlJSOIl Ulls.sell G. .tI)[) Uudgc )lfg Co. res 'l'fJWJJslpv f:C'O..
C' S. h('L, Jot.. :)14. \\p..'.-toD ld n', TornHto 
Turollto ,'f"\\"II<ley )li
s Lillie. steuog. I 51! W, ou "'"II,pr l:olI"rt A. I.J.-klllu CPR, I .10 :U,,\1ur- 
TbolUI''Jull fò:..u".lh. cook A, ('one IIoteJ J'und. 1":1)- :1" _ 
ThoUlPSOU Tholll,ts C, eo,"I. I m; )!at'l:t 'f1'He Em... Ii..eman' CI'R. I.e
 i.<m<1,)n W.'.h..,. nolle,.t S, stone etr, b 1(;" Davpn- 
Tholllpsou Tlwm"s H. motu, h 2U We.tern "I',."ill G,'o'-I;"e E. IIt,ur all<1 teed 2J::! 1I1I1I<1a' po,.t u] 
:1\1'11111' w. b same ""Ike.. S,IIIIII"I, lah, b 96 Hlllllhel
l<1e IIV 
ThollsOIl Re\ Ch'lI'le
 r-:. rector St )Iark's 'I".."..s (;,'o,.;::e R. lal.J CPR. b :;2 Ar;::rle rd "'"II.t... S,1I1II1t'1 1'\ t.-:I\'. hI!':; )1.111.. 
CI.J. b 142 Chtll"l1l11 a\" '.r.-.I\ j" J:lIIlt'''. 1II:1('h 01'" C
nat!n C)'ell! & "',,!I"'I' 'rholl"'
 II: ""lion Iusb,' lleiulzmnn 
TlhJ'u....ou l.:lHII"ll"s T, !)Ttr 61 Dundas w, I :a.lotor Co, I :.
 AI"s,)"1e I'() & CO, "\-'S "f"t,1"UlitO 
 Chll..,,1.J1II "t' 'l'r,,,.I< 'I"holl"'s. J"h, h Wï '1.,,'1:1 W.I'I;e,' \\ ":.;1,,)'. 1.J.-I;lIln CPR, h 40 lII('11l1r- 
Tbomson Ba, hi F. fly fnsb.. n
lntzman &. '1'I.ilollll(' The (\\t'ekl...>, A 11 Iti"e mngr, 21 ..,,)' ,,\' . 
Co, .."" 'I"O"Ollto BlIlId"s W \\"alh"." F '.:111 k. "'''.1' ('I'lL b 
:)l 1II.lrln 
. 11 Kennelh G C. stndt. 114
 Cb11reh-, '1'1'111,1010' (;('o..::e D. b:lrl.Jer 3::; Duudas 1'. 1..1 I \\'"11,,,.(. 1....."'1'. tll''' fl.. C
I"''''' C)'de &, 
III n"o 4:; ".csh'''11 ;1\'" 1!uhU" ('0. I'
S. 'rol'onto 
((11 \Jiss 
a..ah n, tehr 
[odcl Seh. I:;
 '1',-;mhl,. H,.,.I.....t J. "'Ise mkr Hclntzmon & "..lli,...e Johll "', 
"IIOI'. h 42 E,lmund 

d!.lDd Co. b 8-1 Quel.Jec av \\",'1.",.1' 'l'holll"
 n. )',,,.dlllau CI'U. I 11
')'II('u's(,11 "Ill C. arti
t. I 112 (,bu..ehlll av 'I"t.ill'lole Jo
el)lJ.. tl.."maD CPR. h 45 "'est, !l1;".I" 
Tho,.nd) ke Edw.I:',I. wk< Pngslpy, Dingman ern av "'"II",." "'Ill, hhlr 11;; )[a,'la. h "a me 
& Co. 1 H QIIPen'" .-d 'Tl'lmhle 'l"ho1lna", I:lh. h r,:: 1II:1Y \\'"Ish \\"111. l'1-;hl'. h 
Ij F"ln.lpw :I.. 
'] hornd,'I,e Uol"'I't. Inh. h 44 Quepn's rd ')',';",hle 'rhOIll.IS J, h'lI'l.Je.., I (j:J )I:lY "',,'I<'rs FI.'l1Ik. y"..luli,n CI'H. h :;OS Dn
Thorpe \\'11\. ('''I': (,I'H. res 0" "n SOllnd '1"1'01\ AII.J"I.t. ""r .."pr CI'll. IJ. W3 I'acllk tl"q \V 
TI.,h" Alh"..t. ('''
e mkr H,>lntzm,n & Co.' ov s "'"I1('..s J'tlne.. W. ea.p, II 10
Ii 134 ('10'",lI'n,n :IV 'j'I'I11np Edwin. /1:. nr. h 39 :I!")[nrra,. IlV a\' u 
Tin<ll" (,!ilfOld, e')opel'" hlpr .\ (':lmpùelJ, h 'fll,-].er I>..\"id K lah. h 4!J Qllt'h,'e "V "'"",,,'s .To
"ph, ","r. h SS P:."lfte av s 
GO Hook :11' 1'u"':e.. M:lI'y (wl.1 Ma,'kl. I 4!1 Qlll'h"e nv \\'illlt"s \\"111. I In:! I\nm..",-hh' III' e 
'l:nlill" Rpllj.lmill. fo.."mall pntr Wllkln"on '1'm,
t"nt1 I:..o,!:",' II, fnshr IIelntzlUan & \\',,111111 n",.ill C. Iohh' 2'i /.ill.h.... h same 
Plou"b ('0. I 3fj )ì.I\-eupol't r<1 Co. I'e
 Tu,'olllo "'""I,,s
 lIullc,l1t :lkG, 
ilI'I' CPIt. h 74 Me- 
Tinllr.e J.lm"
. h 36 U,,,.pnport rd 'rmllhull '\11'",,"del', pnttern ruk.... CPR. h lI!III,'ay a\' 
Tlnlin.. Hoh"I'I. ca.-I' \Yilkiuson I'I0IIgl1 Co. !J!I Mu!o('k av "':lII-h,.Ollgh Et]wa.-d. hl'kmn CPR. h 20 
 T(,l'Onlo TI,,'uioull Will, carp CPR. h :n ITook ov \\'hllll(,y av 
Till!ine 'rhoJU"" C. hkpr Wilkinson Plougb Tull Hent']., car III
p CI'R. h 201 I'",,!fic nv ''"illlsl....'''gb Jilmes 
Co, I 3n; Dm'''npOl t I'd 
oul b. a \"I' 111 IC 
Th_,.\py IU"hn,,1. m
('b Canada C)'ele & '1'1111>' PhiliP. eng turner CPR. h 32 Paeille "'iI1I"Òl.JlOllgb Mary 
111010.. Co. h 2
2 J{""Jp n nv A "ïlihll'V av 
Tltlt,y RnpPI.t. .',u 1....1'.. (,I'n. h 121 Que"n To:lly Thomn.. A, ftrem:m CPR. 1..1 140 Ed, "'ill'd Ali'Nt E. ""I: CPII. h :Ii Vnn Horne 
'fUns Fel"J1;:)lIdo I'
. hal"r. 11 
.!'2 f'1f'w!C'nòlll tn. 11I\Jlld ".<'\1"<1 1-:1101.11, ,:i.1nr. " St CI.,Ir ft'O \V 
 HI'l'JU,tn. tmstr Conger Coal Co, I 20 '1',-1,,1' 1111's F.:I?':l!'''th. 1"'01' He)'don nonse, "',".,1 Fmllk L, Jll'elll.1l1 CPIt, 1..1 37 van 
Ar'n"tte w \\.('''toll l"(]. cor SI CI.II.. av 110""" 
'e n. Iilh, I 2!1 '"I('torln TY
'>1I "'m H. ma('h, I 7:1 Padne nv 9 "'1I1f1 1:"0"1:". molo. h 7:1 :l1")I,,rray nv 
 .Tolm. 1..11. h 21 \'õ"I'H"h Up!'p..loll CI,,,,'lps 1':. drlrer St.lIlt]al'd IrllPI \\'",,1 )]"111." [. plllr. h HO )I:lr;a 
Tillis Jo<"ph A. I.lh_ I 2:) \'iC'lorl9. ('0. h 11:1 \'111" III' "'a 1.,1 lIt., h"l'l. "Ik. I 7:1 
III"r:l" av 
'].itu" \\ m J. 1111,"'. I 2:) \.;"101'1'1 Ur
nhal'1 A"('hllmhl. ..,-k" Pllgsley. DIng, WIII',I H"I.!.'" t n. 
Iu,JI. I :!I I',,,'I/Ie :IV n 
e A. thllr. ":lk"r. I ;;ï!J \\'"slon rd n,oll & Co, h 400 "',,"1011 r.1 "'n..l Jennlc (wid 'Iï'ollla
>. h 37 Van 
'1'..,,,,, HI'III'Y. l.JI'kmkr, b ;,ïf "'t'slon rd U"',I:h:ul Juhn. III'"mn.. ("I'll. h 2!1 MII;'- HorllP 
']'011 1.......I'...I"k. wille ,'11, Snhway Hse V"nc.e Alf""d H, Jt\'I.-, I r.<; Lau"hloll nv "',utl )[arl:ar"t (wl,1 J"me
). 1 43 nn"kln 01' 
To:n'"" John. I 5f:" w Van('e D.I\'id X. I,kp", h c.,o; L.,"::-hlon nv "',,,'d '1litl.y A (wId Tholll,IS). 11 21 I'acifte 
T('II1'ln"on \[j
s Edna. mus tehr 449 Qnebec V:OII('e .Iohll H. "/:1'111, I. 1
1 Chll,."hlll av n.... 11 
a". I ,,"m,' Vn.,,,,, 11111''''.1 J. jwlr. I GS 1.:lIIl!hIOIl nv "'lInl ]\lIc'hn"l. ear r"pr CPR h 270 
T(\1I1](1I<01l Johll L. \\"d wkr m:l,,11 CPR. h 44
 \'nll IT01"1l \\"111 H. lah. h 11:; E.lmllnd "'n...1 Hoh",.t F. COlli] '1'or Sul.J St Uy Co. 
QlIl'he" a\' V".II Hn"1"', 1)I.kl_n. h Gï E",nllnt! h 1!10 AIIII"tte w 
TOI'I:;n E,I\\""I"! n. ""lion fnshr Heintzman Vml "'m n. hll'" !J:! Clw,'h's. h 
:Ime "'n...1 Thollas E, fireman CPR. h 43 VI". 
& Co. ] 42. I1i::-h )',,, k a\' V...llnhl..." Fr"cl, tnshr Helnlzman & Co. 1,,11:1 
Tonkin .J Will. 111010 Tor Sul.J St Ry Co, h 7/; Annette e Waldp]( lI[rs F.](pn. I 74 I,all!,hton av 
4::?:; HI::-h )'.tl'k av V"n"loh'< .Tohn G. m'lC'lI hd Wilkinson W"I'e John J. l"ltr C
nada C)'de & :Uotor 
Torpln!! Chal'les, wd wkr Dodge lIff!:' Co, h Plr:llch ('0. I 7G Annette p Co. ,."" Torollio 
43 \ïll" a\' V"rwhle n. t'n::. h 7G An""tt" p '\\"1I1'k Snmllel J, flrcmnn CPR. b 49 Argyll' 
Toppin;:: Edward. gluer Dodge lIUg Co. res V",.,.on 1'\01'11\"". w;.,,, "Ik HI'
"lon Ho,'"p '."'HI 
'1'01'011 to \"ll'Io,'la (,hm'..h (["',,
hn('I'lnnl. R"\' .T W -"'al'l""n F.."cl"rlC'k. h 3:\6 Ann"tI" w 
TOItO"l'O J1 "{,'TJO'i rOI.I.F.GE OF Hap p'l
lor, Annettp \\'. "or !l1",I'a:,,1 "'

.I"II Thomns n., h 1:;0 Clpndenan 
1IIn-le, )II

1,...mlll," Dlr('elrp-". 4:1' ,\,h'I'1I1 C. maeh Cnnada Cyele & Molor Co. ",-,'n.." 
Hi::-h I'a..k n\' (See e\assUJ.t'd Co](pges. .."q'roronlo "'''I",'worth Wm J. hlltrer Canadn Cycle &, 
S('hools. 1'1(') V",ltl,'n XOI'1U1Iß. drh-er Hillock &. Dodd", 1\Iolor Co. res Toronlo 
TOl'tJIIlo Jnn"tion Daln', Wm Ray P"op. US r.." 'rnronto "'ath"111 John driller WilkInson Plough Co. 
Bnlltl.." \V . VolI, 10', PlI..,'I"k C. plsbr Heintzman &. Co. '''
Torolllo Jnn"lion GIIIII" (w""kly), Jo" K h 16 J{llIc
'"'' av Wall<lll<on lIIrs A
es W, sec bd gds 32 
l{p"lh'.. 1"'0(1. IG \',,:1 )]o,'n" VolI, .Tohn \V. plshr lIelutzmnn & Co, 10 DlIlltlas P, I "all\" 
T"ronlo Jnll,,'!oll Ill!:"h R,'hor,l. F C (' Col, 12 KIII;::
I"y nv "'"Ison Chl"lslhlll W. trov. h 2:;1 nigh Park 
I",,'k prill. Qllt'h".' :1\'. 01'1' Hllmh"I'sllle nv "'",I
\\'OI'Ih "'m J, enrp CPR. h S
 HoskIn ",'I'IIUI! 
'fO .TI"CTIO" I'OS'I' OF..'U''';. a\'''"ne "'nt-on Jam"" S, 11 1:1 I.:llIl!lllon nv 
John S KiI.k'\'ood Postnl:lsler, 18 Dun, "',,(,..1;',1.1 E'lward. b..kmkr 111 Wakefield. "'al
oll Jo
('ph. flr"1I1nn ('PI!, r".. London 
t!,.s '" I'"q To"onlo \Vnt
on Joseph Itrs' I1lpr CPR 1..1 IIp)'don 
To,'onlo .Tnll"tlo" rnhllc T.lhr
r,.. lIIiqs E Wak"f1phl Fr",I"rl"k. mngr 111 Wnkelleld est. I1oll
e' . 
W lII,,('a'lnm Iihr,,,'J',.., 34 D':o,I:I" PhI' :;r. RI ('I"... n" e Wat
on J A, tool mkr Cnnada '....èle &. 11ot- 
TOl'onlo Snlolll h.1II Rtl'pet Unllw,IY Co. 1 \,\""1,,,11,,1.1 r:"01./1:", 1.J,'kmkr M Wnkefleld. I r or Co. "es TOl'onlo 
Dt!llcl"" ". po\\'''r house s-w Cor St Clllir 5'; RI (,Ial.. a\' " "'alson, I".kmn CPR. 1 G1 Hook nv 
a.... a,"1 W,,
lolI ..,1 "'"k..l\ehl M (,,
t 00. Fr",rk Wak"field "',II
on IIi: n. a
""lIIh'pr Canadn C)'ele & 
TorI''' ,,,,'hn,,!. ""<: CPII. re" Lon,lon IIHI;::". 1o,'I
k IIIf..... r ;'11 RI ('lair,.... " 1\[olor ('0. I'('S 'Toronlo 
TOllt Rill ""!" fil."'n,," (,I'H. h 
[")III..ray av "'nl.,'(1"hl l'lnllp. bl'kmkr l\I ',"nkefi
ld. I r "',"
Oll Wesley D (W"tt & Wntson), h 
!i., Ft Clnir n" e Ilonli: ftV 
\\'"k,.n,,1<1 "'aU".. R. I.Jrkmkr },J Wakefield. "',,11 I'",.nk !II. h 3;."1 E'17",h"lh .. 
h 1no SI (,1:llr av I' W:I" I..,."d'.'....k .T. n

t sl.Jlpper Dodge Mfg 
\\"ak,'lIn J\I'lhllr. piano strInger llplntzman ('0. I 20;1 RI ('lair nv 
.... ('n. h :;2 I{"'I: W"" .Tohll IW,,1t .... \'\"'ll q on), rps Toronto 
\\'lIhl,'" 1
<1tva.-d, car repr CPR, h 35 Hook "'nlt l\llss Mal'lhn. I 4:; Q",'II..
-t C I :1""'111(' "'oIt 
lmHI. I :I!J L:lkp,'lpw 01' 
E.tates Managed. Houses Ren cd. 0 - "'"II",r A"thnr. s"r"w mkr Canad:l Cycle & "'"tl 
,Imnpl. jap:lDller HeIntzman & Co, 
lections Made. Insurance Effected !tlt.tor Co. r"" Torollio r"" York 11' 
\\'nil<<'.. A.-Ihnr 'f. t'nsmlth, h !l7 IIlgh Park "'"tt .... "'"t
on (John Walt. Wp"lpy D 
n,."tlll" "'al"on). whol tppd "'p"ton rd. nr Dllndas 
,,",,",,'r ro,'o"I:". eon,l crll. I :IS ":In norn" "'""" A"..
h"m. brkmkr G S Town..ley. h 
W"lkN 1I0w<ll'd, ea,.p. I IJ(\ lluml.Jerslde nv (lïl W.."t..n rd 
qt W"IIs Dn,'hl. IIll'mk.. CPR. h 142 'IInrla 
(j \\', 11",1' T
":le ß. h..kmn ('PR, I :U Hook ß" ,V -\'J'T!i' FR" "("IS. Prol,rietor Pell- 
',"alk"r "olld ('I'H. II \"ne n\' ('O('k Holt>!. 
 Dnnd"s e 

e"erton. I.Jrkman CPR. I !l7 nigh "'p:\t'pr J orpnzo 'I. forpmnn. h 4:> May 
'\'a'k,'r 1\["/1:1:'''. "ook I'''II('O('k Holel Wehh Edward F. cooper Å Campl.Jell. h 4() 
W"lkpr 1\[lss l'>elJle, l.Jox mkr. I G 'I' WIJ, UnIon 
on "'phh Geor/1:e H, pntr. h 35 Medlnnd 

W. opr, h l
ï Mlllock 
(wltl Thomas). h 22 





'j'o\,pII Japhelh A. I:"n agt and nsslgnee 
Dnn.l\1Iii f"w 11 f:.Hne 
TO"" H" T.I.. 'VIII J COllron Cl..rk. .J. 
']' J:l,,]",m T,'pa"11I'"r. lr.-lS K"
I,, .. 
To" 1'
"UtI '111
s Annie, mlnr. I IiI \Ve
Tn" nlõ:Plul Thomnq n
 nom l::xo ßc-ent nnd 

f('r C'PJt. It 1i1 ''{''p
h'rn :IV 


bs'r-! Metal s 


is Distinctly Lower among Total Abstainers than amongst Non.Abstainers. 

Weber Joseph, mach CPR, b 36 McMurray Willurd J.tlllt.-s C. tlr I.. Dnndas ". h same 
e ne \\ i:lard Walter T. dentist ;; Dund.ts P 
er Albert R, app GasoUup Engiue CP, "::ïllcox \\ liter J. _"eui Y:1 rdmaster CPR. It 
res Toronto oJ!)!' Annette w 
Webster Charles, mach CPR. h 70 Queeu's William
 \Irs Adellnn. h l:i {ulon 8 
road Wilhams Charlps, tinupr, h 27 Medlaud 
ter Wm W, mach crR, h 55 Pacific WllliaUls Ed\\ard. CDr insp ('PR, 1:1 47 P.I 
av II cltl" a
Wpeks Charles, clk E Barbom', b 137 Dun- Willi tm
 f'rnest. brkmu CPR. I 40 
das e rwf' av 
W('eks Korman, carp, h 66 Hoskin av "hii.,ms Ernest, 
hippel" Dodge Mfg Co, h 
\Yceks Thomas, tmstr G S To\\usley, It 589 30 Edmund . 
".pston rd ".,.Ilums E
ten, Itkpr, h 2;; L.t1t'downe a\ I 
Wet'se Oscar B, mach, h 4-1 May \\ Illi.tms George B. chief clk CPlt, I -H 
\\< eir Miss Christina, drsmkr, I 53 Pacific Pacific av s 
av II WI;liams 
Iiss I_;ertle, clk J :II Evans, I 1:3 
Weir Miss Emma. drsmkr, 15'1 Pacific a.. s I.niou s 
Wplr James, ttr CPR, h 53 Pudfic In s "Il:iams Hpctor, app CPR. I 47 Pacific av s 
Weiland I'red, clk Howell & Co, I 55 Hos- ,\ illi.l1u<on Hc,'bert D, piano tuner, Þ 205 
kin av Qupbec Dv 
Wells David, pntr, h 75 ,'Ine av "ïlliams Hpctor, Dpp Cl'R, I 47 Pacific av 
"ellwood "m, fiy fnshr Helntzmnn &. Co, 
nnth I 
h 68 Dundas Williams Jemima (wid George), h 113 Qup- 
Welsh James J, macho h 1-16 Cawthrn av Iter ß\' I 
Welsh Wm E, plshr Heintzman & Co, h 26 WiIli.\I
.lS Jopl, lIy fnshr HeIntzman & Co, \\(,(,d Harr
 jr. (ase mkr Heintzman · 
Falrvlew av h Ho> Quebec av Co I 24 Hook av 
man Charles, confy 2;) Dundns e Wtlli.lms _Miss Louisa, stenog Heintzman & Wood In-Ine (Wood Bros), I cor St Clair av 
WeIsman Charles, mldr, 1213 Annette w I C
! I 4. ,Pacific sv s . I :wd 
otthpm tracks 
"'plsman Frederick, app. I 21:1 Annette w \\-I..lnms 'Ihomas, nctlOn tnshr HtclDtzlt!nn "codburn Christopher. sound board mtr 
,,"plsman George. clk Charles W('lslDan, h !<_ .Co, res Toronto . I 
eintzDlan & Co, h 46 King 
213 Annette w I "1,luul1
on Herbert D, pIano tuner. h 20" "ocdcrott Charles. prtr Toronto Junction 
Weisman George F C mldr, I 213 Annette Qtõebec av I Guide. res Toronto 
\\E;St ' Wllli
 Harry. mach, 1142 Annette \\ WûrklUan J.tmes car repr CPR h 23 Med, 
WentzpI 0 KRrl. foreman Toronto Junction Wi
l!s Jol1n, mach, I 142 Annette w land . , 
Guide, I 127 Dundas e "1.l1s Johu, cnr foreman Cl'R, h 142 An- Worth Will, eng CPR. res Owen Sound 
West George, ho
tler Pen('ock Hot;!1 !!ette w Wlay Jo
eph. lab Cl'H. res York tp 
West Henry W, fruits 116 Dundas \\ 1 ".!.llIton
'harl,e< \\. tlr H 
 MOl rison, b \\:r:I)' "-m, hhmkr CPR, b 208 Dundas 
Wpstovpr Edwin. boilermakers' hlpr CPR. - _"i Ho,klD a\ , "I'g-ht Ad.lm A. pntr, I 36 Albanv rd 
h 34 Whitney a'l' \ ,\ IIImmm Fd..."rd, piano tunel' Hpilltzmau "'right Addison A. grinder "l:klnson 
Wheaton Charles F, sec-treas Dodge \[fg 
. ('0. res ,Tor.onto !'!"ugh Co. h iO C.tmphell av 
Co res Toronto ".I.lmot BenJ:lmm. h 74 Laughton av "l'Ight Cecil C tly tnshr Heintzman & Co 
Whp'eler Guy L asst Insp Cannd,} Cycle & ";:lmot John W. Ins a!rt, h 125 Churchill b;;O Pac:flc 'av s ' 
Motor Co res'Toronto 'n P\HI<! "'right Charles, I 33 Dunda!i e 
Whpthnm 'Thomas. cone grinder Canad.1 "iIImot )1is
 Mercy C. mlnr, I i4 Laugh- "'r:ght Charlps F, news agent, h -10 Union 
Cvcle & !\Iotor Co I ton av net th 
Whetter Frank (Kemp &. Whetter). re
on Andrew :II. Ins agt, h 127 Clendpnan Wright Edwin R. prtr, I 33 Dund:>s e 
york tp n.n.nue I Wrlg-ht 'liss Eugene. drsmkr, I 2;) Law" 
\'I hlte Fred J. opr CPR h 53 Western av 1 \\ Iison Charles E. bicycle hlpr. I 136 Cnw. Wright Pr,mk. mach Canada Cvcle & Mot. 
White James. corp, h 1;;8 Edmund 
_hra av I or Co, b Heydon House 
Wtite Jamp
, carp Wilkinson Plough Co. ".
Ison .t;:dw.trd. lab, I 136 Cawthra av Wr;ght George C. barber 62 Dundas w 
h 189 Elizabeth ",
I'on t::mberson. clnr CPR, I 20 Pacific av "r:ght Jame
. tool mkr Canada Cycle &: 
\\ Lite John L. yardman CPR h 74 Hoskin \\ Iisou Eruest, screw mkr Canada Cyrle & Motor Co, b Hpydon Honse 
Iotor Co , WI ight James :\1. t1v fn'hr Helntzm.!lD &: 
Wllte Robert T, car repr CPR. h 194 ".
Ison Frederick J. wks CPR, h 67 VIne av I Co. res Toronto . 
Marin ",
0I1 Isaac, h 143 Pacific av s Wright John, pntr. h 25 LaWB 
White "\\'m G, section mal' CPR, h 2'i
on James, mldr, h 22
 Keele s Wright John J. lab. h 2iJ-t Marla 
Marla ".ilson James I.I. brkmn CPR, h 41 May Wllght Joseph J. hlksmlth Wilkinson 
Whitelaw John. mach, h 33 Ho
klñ"'av "Ilson Jg
n \\. ledger kpr Molsons Bank I'I"ugh Co, res Toronto 
Whitlock Robert, pntr. h ::12 Hook av ,(hr). b _'J Laws " It HafT J G, Ph... Ð. Dru
A"IBt and 
Wh)'ard Herbert, f'lk C B Borland, b 63 PRo "tlson !\1i
s Maggie E. Indrs, h 172 Pacific Ch..mlst;13 Duudas e h same 
!!V 9 I Wright Robert. brkmn ëpR h 36 Albany rd 
 Arthur. hlrv
lp hd ('n!lada'" "llso
 Robert B, supt Ont Paving Brick ('0, Wril!ht Thomas P "ontr 100 Evelvn crej! 
Motor Co. I 31 Carlton pi I
 "eston rd Wright Thorpe, h' 65 Pacific .!IV s' 

 Charles. Dlat"'h, b Hevdon Hou
" 1\' Iison Sarah A (wid David), I 172 Pariflc I Wri
ht '\Vm '1" plmbr. I 36 Albany rd 
WIC'ks ]':lvi,l. h!cyclp hd ('anad.} C)'ele & .a v s , - I Wyatt Wm E. cond Cl'R h 55 Mny 
Motor Co. h 81 CDrlton vI I " ils'!,o Thomas, lab Ont Paving Brick co" Wlypy Andrew. app CPR: I 34 Albany rd 
WI(-kson Isaac. forpmnn Canada Cycle & !:! 1",6 Cawthra av W) Ie)' Ann (wid Samuel) I 34 Alban rd 
\Iolor Co, h 53 Ho
kln RV ''.II'on ",alter. brkmn CPR, 1_33 Hook av Wyllie George. lab W 
es To- 
Wlrl<son John D, ruhher Caunda Cycle'" ".!I'<'I\ ",elllngton. condo h 25 Western av I routo . 
MI..tor Co. h 73 Ho
kln av "Ibon "01, prln Model School, h 338 An- Wyllie J.1mes A. fireman CPR I 149 Louisa 
Wideman Jacob, pntr. h 101 Wllloughbv av [Eolte w. I WyHle Wm, h 141} Lonlsa ' 
WIO:-"' I S 'l.lhprt, I.". ..... '''Il
on "m B, car Insp CPR. h 110 Pacific I "'yllle Wm A. tuner Heintzman &: Ce ree 
g-lns John A, potr - h 26 Hook av 
, " I Toronto ' 
Wi/(glns Jo,pph. wk
 Þ'lgsley, Dlngm'\n & ".llson ".m E, eng CPR. h 69 Annette e Wynn Isaac, lab. h 147 Elizabeth s 
Co. h 107 Qnpbec av \V I!.
on "lImot H, cond CPR, h 57 Ann('ttp W) IIn I
anc Jr. clk It G Andrcws, I 147 
l!'ln" Robprt C, cond Tor But. St Rv. 

st E!lzabeth s 
!! 5-1 IotAY "lIIdo\"er Ellznbeth (wid John). hsekpr 77 Wvun IÆx. b<kmn CPR, h 5 Chnrles 
'" 1"l!lns \\<m slsmn 126 Hook av Charles I . 
WIÎòy Frederick, tmstr, I 46 Annette e ":!ug RO
Rnna (wid PhlIl.p). bdg hsp 61 Ma)' 
 run S,,
uel, npp 'I'rlbune, I 147 EII7.abeth 
Wilher Charles. f...reman blr mla' CPR. n I " ,ub.lpt. Emil J, plshr Hplntzman &. Co, res I Ynlloþ \\ m G. yardma
ler ('pR. h 42 
54 l\Iedlnnd !oronto , QII('('n' o rd 
Wilber Fr:mk. brkmn CPR. I 54 Medland I " C h''' l worth ".Ilter G, stove mntr, h 43 St I Yatp
 H nry tll C d C I &. 
Wllt.y Pprcy H. 3
t. h 11R Clendenan nv ' la r av e 
 ' er !lnn a yc e 'Motor 
 Ellnn. lab CPR. h 260 !olarla I " I
p David A, bpnch hd Dodge :\Itg Co, I ('0, b ,arlton Hotpl 
Wiles Jo
eph. Inb CPR b Jnne 1..2 Ccoper av Y
rln!!ton Se)'mour S 'ab h 2-'1 (' It I 
WIlf-Y Andrew. app CPR. I 34 "Ibuny rd "
se Henry, pntr Dodge !oItg Co. h 132 Yp"ls Henrv lab Cl'R" 'Ln b t ar M o l n l1 p 
WllEoY John \V. lab. IJ 1:J2 Clpndenan av nop
r av I " ,
 . . res m on 8 
Wllpy Robert. sawyer Dodgp !'tUg \;0. res I " Ith('rld
e Christopher W, brkmn CPR, h '\ H>man lhoffins. m.lch hd Wllkln!!lOD 
2 HC?ok av I Piough Co, I'es Toronto 
Wilkinson Fl"ederl('k. brkmn CPR. h 81 ",therldge John, fireman CPR, h 161 \"111 Yokom ('e c' l D d " , 
P"C'\lIc Bv S avenue 1. .!Ipp 0 ge .u g Ce. res To- 
on Georgp T. mach. h 21 King's rd ",,:onl!' Yuen, Ind
y 17 Dundas e, h Same [Onto 
\\ I.klnson John H, marriage IIcpnRes 66% I \\ ûod Arthur (" ood Bros). cor St Clair I Young Ja"ob. h ;;1 Pacific av s 
pllnda" w. h same 
o, res Toronto ' " '" '. . 
 Pf.Ol C.II eo. LnIlTI-:U. "<'Ûd Art
l\r (Wood Bros), I cor St ('lair Y.oun
s :Illume. I 63 PDclOc av s 
on Jones Pre.ldent, E G E Ffolke. av and r;orthern tracks 1 '\ oung Thomns S. midI" WilkInson Plough 
Manngpr. Mfr. of Ploughs. ScrapHs. BRr- 'Y{Od Bro<; (Arthur and Irvine) oils etc ('0. h 34 Union n 
rGws, Etc, Brandon av, cor Campbell av 12-3 Dundas w ' , Young '\"m app (' D' d' C 


e J. tchr Model School. I W()
d Harry. 
witchman GTR, h 24 Hoot r( Toro
to .1 .1.1 yelp & Motor Co. 
a,enue Za\Ítz Ed\\..rd \1. trav. It 39 Lakevlp\\ av 




Toronto J unctioD, 




E. y

 _ _ 
/et 1'1 

.. . ':') .. 


. -

\. C OA L. 
. "
"D OFf'C.'- 
2öIONG S! .,tS 1 
T. .,,.0 

THY the LAKE SIMCOE ICE Supply CO.Limited. 
'Phone &.I. FAIRHEAD. M
r. 'Phone 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 





WARD No. I.-All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the east- 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay; thence northerly along Blijd production and along the centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern R\'enue to the centre line of Sumach street; thence 
northerly along the centre line of 
umach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street; thence easterly along the centre JÎne of 'Vellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue; thence northerly along the centre line of P3rk View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the above-described point. 
W ARU No, 2.-All iliat portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit uf Ward No.1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jan'is street to the centre line of Bloor street; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Yonge street; thence. northerly along the centre line of Yonge street to the 
north city limit. 
WARD No. 3.-AIl that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of 'Yard No.2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the W!1.ters of the Bay; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Que,-,n street; thence easterly along the centre line uf Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the cel1tre line of Avenue road; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 
\V ARD Ko. 4.-AIl that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No.3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city ; 
together with the Island lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park. are also included in this ward, 

W...ltD :r-;o. 5.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit vt Ward No.4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produ.,ed southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Dovercourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the J"'Iorth city limit. 
WARD No. 6.-Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west- 
ward of the west limit of Ward No.5. 

Guarantee Company of North America. 
MI!DL.AND A "ONES, C.n'l A....... Mail Bulldina-, Cor. Kina- and Bay. Tel. 1M 

stand in their own lieht When they INSURE WltholC 
consultine a representative of' 
The Temperance and General Life. 

Total Abstainers 


..A..BBREV""I..A.. TI a N""S 

accL accountant. 
adY. adYerti
all:rl. iwpt:;. all:ricultllral imple- 
men ts. 
app, apprentice. 
appro appraiser. 
arcb. arebitect. 
aøøn. a88udu tI()n. 
&Mt. all818lant. 
audt. att.'utlant 
att,.. attorney. 
ay. aveuoe. 
b.emn. b8l1:plI:eman. 
bu. baker. 
barre barrister. 
It. board.. 
bdl(. boardlnl(. 
bet. betw..en. 
blksmth, hl.tek<mlth, 
blrmkr, hOlII'I' uwkl'r, 
bkbndr. book bind PI'. 
bkpr. bookkt!l'per. 
btlr. bottl..r, 
br brancb. 
orklyr. hricklayer. 
orkr broker, 
brkmn. brakpmao. 
bldr. hniluer, 
bldg. 11I1I1,ling 
btcbr. hnteber, 
cnbt. mkr, I'ahinet makl'r. 
C,A.R. Cannda .\tlantlc Ry. 
Can. Ex, Canndlan Exprell8. 
C.P.R. Cnnadlan Pacific ny. 
<'1Irp. carpenter, 
C. p, Cf.ntrllI PrIson_ 
cbkr. chpckpr. 
pr. dvll 
elk. cll'rk. 
coli. I'ollpctor. 
eom. m..r, commission mer, 
compo ('ompo
comr. commissioner. 
cood. conductor. 
contr. confectlonl'r. 
conf;r. confectionerJ". 

R. C. D. Royal Canadian 
R. C. U. I. Royal Canadlaa 
Ueglment Infantry. 
rm.. rooma. 
S. A. Salvation Army. 
.dlr. II>Iddl I' or harneu maJIiIIL 
8181dy. I18.leBladJ". 
818mo. øah.'sman. 
8mstra. 81'.lmstre8L 
a. e. side pntrance. 
a.-e,. Bontbea8t. 
a. a. 80uth side. 
a.-w. southwest 
eec. bd. gda. second U

c. secretary. 
sew. mach. Be" Ing macbl__ 
sq. sqn&re. 
8tn. stn tlon. 
S. S. stpam
stenog. 8tenographer. 
8tereo. stereotyper. 
stndt. student, 
8UPt. lupprlntendent. 
g" itch. switchman. 
tlr. tallor, 
tlrs. tallore88. 
tcbr. teacher. 
tm8tr. teamster. 
tel. tell'graph or telepbOD& 
tel'. terrace. 
tlnnpr. tin8mltb, 
T. W. W. Toronto Water WOIb 
tp. township. 
trana. transportation. 
trQV, traveller 
trpas. trpnsurer. 
nphol. uphol.t..rer, 
vd. BTIrg. vpterlnar;r sur.- 
wtr. walter. 
w. west. 
w. s. .....t!II1: sldl'. 
.....bol. "holesale. 
wid. wIdow. 
Wm, William. 
wd wkr. wood worker. 
.....ks. works. 'I 

contI'. contractor. 
cor. corner. 
Corp. C'Ul"LJur3Uun. 
co. county. 
crt'8. crt'sceDt. 
ctr. cutter. 
C. B. Custom Bonse, 
dlr. deal..r. 
dept. tlel'...tmeut. 
d,'py. deputy. 
dom. domestic. 
Dom. Dominion. 
Dom. Ex, Co. Dominion Ex- 
prell8 Co. 
drømkr. drPssmaker. 
e. ea8t. 
e. a. east IIIde. 
elect. electriclan. 
electro. pl..ctrol
elev. opr. elevator operator, 
png. enll:'lnper, 
engr. enll:r:iVer. 
e:J:nm. t'xamIDer. 
fn8br. finl8her. 
ft, foot of. 
furn. furniture. 
gdnr. II:nrdener. 
genl. lI:'eneral. 
G.T_R. Grnnd Tnmk RJ". 
gro. grocer. 
lHI\\nre. hard\\:ile, 
h1pr. helper, 
b. bouse. 
h8pkpr. houseke
B. of C. Bouse of Common.. 
In. Rpv. Inland Revenul', 
Insp. inspl'ctor. 
'wlr. '<'weller or watchmaker. 
lab. lahorer. 
Idg. IlIndlng waite'!". 
In. IanI', 
Indrs. lauo(\ress. 
Indry. lal1ndr;r. 
Ltd. limIted. 
11th, IIthogrQpber. 
I. lives. 
macb. mal"blnlst. 
macb. bd. machIne band. 
mkr. maker. 
Tbe word ".treet" 

mlstr, maltster, 
mnll:r. m.lnall:er. 
mnll:. dlr. mauaging dlreetor. 
mfll:. m.lDufa<turin&o 
mkt. II:dnr. market lI:ardenef. 
mecb. mpf'hamc. 
mt:ssr. messenger. 
minI'. milllner. 
moto. motorman 
mldr. moulder. 
mntr, mounter. 
mn.. tchr. mUBlc teacber. 
n. north. 
0. e. nortbeast. 
0. .. north side. 
n. w. nortbwe8t. 
11l'. near. 
opp. opposIte. 
opr. operator. 
pntr. paInter. 
Parlt. Parliament'. 
pdlr. pcddler. 
pboto. photographer. 
pby. pbY8lclan, 
pl. placl'. 
pl8tr. plasterer. 
plmbr. plumber. 
p. C. pollce constable. 
plsbr. p"llshpr. 
P. O. P08t Office. 
prea. prl'slf!ent. 
prill. prlnclpaL 
prop. pr"prll'tor. 
prtr. pri ntl'r. 
pro. med. proprlptarJ" medlelne 
prova. provIsions. 
publr. publl-ber. 
r. real". 
res. rl'sldes. 
ty. rnllway. 
Ry. 'r.S. Rdll.....ay \fall Spr- 
rep. r..porter, 
repro repaIrer. 
ret. reta II, 
Rev. Re...ereoo. 
R. C. Roman Catbollc. 
I. always understood. 




rofession, business. etc., of individuals and firms is only given a.t their respective places 
of busmess ; to find the occupation of householders. refer to the Alphabetical List of Na.mes 

Abbey Lane. 



Sherhourne to 
ward 2, 
Rear entrances 

from 37 

. .. .. . , .. South SIde ......... 
1 Coulter Andrew 
YQcQnt lots 
9 Stewardson Samuel 
11 )lItchl'lI Henry 
13 Ginn Ernest 
Vacant lot 
21 )(c!Jowl'lI James C 
27 Beasllp Thomas G 

. . -- . -- .. \" est Side ......... 
48 Abell John Engine Ma- 
chIne Works Co, Ltd 
Skating ring, s e 

) {HE. 
 .. ......., 
-7, C
y, .,

S.,. to
 . ;.... 
.." , 

. c 0 A L. 
\: !lEAD o,n'\ 
10 I0Il6 STWt.S 


ABBS, w from 16 Brock av 
to I' of O'Hara av, wsrd 6 
.... .... l\orth Side .. .....: 
2 BarrIs Miss W F, drsmkr 
8 Bowley Georll:e I 
Vacant lot 
12 O'BrIen !Irs :Settle 
H Meldrnm Wm 
16 McBride George S 
20 Johnston Walker 
Z! Balley Wm B 
24 LaulI:hran Frank 

ABERDEE:S A V, e from 483 
Ontario to Parllament, wl1rd 
. ... '... Nortb Side .. 
:! Clarke .Mrs Agnes 
II Ll'arn John W 
8 Stone !I:itthew I 
ABELL. n from ArmonI' to 8'1.. Fulton Mrs Bannab 
opp 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 10 ":icant 
E S ' d !.:J Hocking Wm 
. .. .. .. .. ast L e ......... 1-1 McDonald Mrs Ellzabetb 
_ :Sot buUt on 1 6 Pbleeger Benry L 

For Pure ICE. Perfect Deli.err.. 
Head Office, Tel. 86- 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 
Telephone No. 423. 


Abel'deen Av. 

Oldfield A G, engraver 
82 Odium Albert E 
84 Standard Embossing Co 
86 Shea Andrew, junk 
88-90 Scott WIll'- barber 
112-94 8hutt1eworth E 
Chemlcßl Co 
lIü-!J8 ,'acant 
'lellling & r.lcTamney, 
103 Fleruin
 & McTamney, 
104 Ward D'l\ld, pawnbrkr 
108 "acant 
110 Earsm.J.n Alex & Son, 
brass fonnders 
112 SolnllY & Cohen. jnnk 
12U-22 8chUler House 
124 'l'omllnson Mrs M, restr 
Tomliuson 'Vesley 
126 Campbell A. harness 
128 Toronto 
alt 'Yorks 
1:30-2 Todhunter, Mitchell & 
pice 1IIi11 
1;14-6 Rennie Will, seeds 
, .. _"'" South Ride.,...... 
Star P & P Co s e 
1 Knight C F, de'ntlst 
Cook 'VIII, barr 
Wright Jos A barr 
Yonng C G, rubber stamps 
Corln Wm J, pntr 
3 Lonpy J E, real est 
5 Rron n 'V J, real estate 
Beanharnals G H, stenog 
7 r\esbitt J A, rpnl pstate 
o Higgins J D, real ('state 
Higgins Da,ld. Ius agt 
. Edinbnrgh Life Assl'e Co 
'Vasblngton T E, real est 
0% Sno\\don Chambers 
1 Hislop Thoma
, barr 
2 Sinelalr I
 G C, real est 

 Wm, real est 
4 Gr.lhnm J A, broker 
l'et1ey & Co, real est 
5 "acant 
G McGhie & Keeler, bans 
7 Tytler John, harr 
McCa be Cb.1 rles J, barr 
8 r\ew John, broker 
DEllis J A, archlto:ct 
10 Richards )<'rank & Co, 
11-14 Cnpp T W Co, mtll: 
j"n ellers 
15 Jackson J H & Co, en- 
2ra vers 
16 Simpson H. ar('blteet 
17 Laugher Nora, adv 
18 Macgregor Angus &: Co, 
19 Dowdell J 0 all:t 
20-21 Tlsd.tll Supply Co, 
22-23-24 Bnrgess A E &: 
Co, rnfg jwlrs 
Z; Macphail Hector, care. 
2(J Knaggs Wm, violin mkr 
27 NIchols J Llstl'r & Co, 
Illfrs all:ts 
28 Vacant 
11 Martin I
 J, mer tailor 
13 Tarbox Bros, wire gds 
Nicol & NicOl, bnrrs 
15 Creelman Bros 'r,VI'ewr'ter 
17 Pearson Chambers 
Pearson HI'OS, renl est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson E P, Ins agt 
Connecticut 1,'Ire Ins Co 
Penrson & Mc
anght, Ins 

I Sloan J W, real estate 
McEncbren Donald, real 
estn te 
2 Vncnnt 
3 Wright J A. b"rr 
4 CannIff H T, harr 
Cannlii Fred "\1, barr 
6 Vacant 
7 Morrey Wru H, pblsbrs' 
Peake '1' J I., real est 
Guarantee Company of North 
MEDLAND A .JON S. Cen" Annis. Mail Builrlinv_ Cnr_ lCi....O' 
....,. R

IS Walden Cbarles H 
10 Storry Hartle)' F 
22 Wblte E8U T 
Ireland Mrs M 1 
House. 8 e 
... .' .... Soutb Side ......... 
House. 6 Q 
1 Campbell Edwin 'I' 
a Gray r.lrs Sarab 
1\ Smltb Miss M S, drsmkr 
'1 Devean Natban M 
II Hanford J E 
11 Clay George 
13 Stanbury R B J 
21 Starr Mrs JessIe 
23 Bogart Alouzo A 
25 Alleu Jobn '1' 
House, 8 e 

 A V, w from 440 
Perth .IV, ward 6. 

 ... .... Nortb SIde .. ...... 
Kot built on 
. .. .' __ ., South Side ......... 
House, s e 
1 'l'asker James 
II Higgins Micbnel 
Ii Mack Mrs I"rances A 

111 Yonge to Jarvi!!, ward 
.... .,.. North Side " ...... 
Andrews Capt W D, neWs 
2 Vokes Hardware Co, s e 
6 Alkeuhead Hnrdware Co 
TIsdale Iron Stnble 1
Unll:s Co 
8 Strand Hotel 
10 Lee Wm A & Son, rl est 
10Y., Codl' James H, barr 
Stonebouse Ed, barr 
Blashfortl W A, papr rnler 
Dudgeon & TllOrnton,prtrs 
Once a Week 
'l'ravel nnd Recrentlon 
Virtue & Co. pblrs 
EconomIst Tbe 
Birney J & J I., real est 
Parsom. Wm broker 
Maple Lenf Council, Royal 
12 Boustead J B. real est 
Mltcl...11 Tb08. stamps 
14 Copeland & Falrbnl1n, rl 
People's Bldg & Loan 
Freehohl Loan Bldg 
16-18 Smltb I" J & Co, real 
estate loans and Ins 
20 Small "Sydney, real est 
. VIctoria st Intprsetc 
22 Equltuble Savlnll:s, Loan & 
Bldg Assn 
22-24 Equity Chambers 
3-4 Newsome W B, renl 
5 IIcnovan Josbua, barr 
6 Grote G W. barr 
Proctor J A. barr 
7 Murpby Nlcbolas, barr 
8 Mncklln H G, drftsmn 
9 Vacnnt 
10-11-12 HpnderS'On,SmaIl 
& Grlrfin, barrs 
Postletbwalte C R W, 
13-15 Ht'nderson & DavId 
8011S. bnrrs 
Brotberbood of St An- 
16 Cun Correspandence 
17 y,teant 
18 l'enton I
d. barr 
19 '"ucant 
20 Cnnadlan Legal Pub 
Co. F I Fox see 
Cunndlan Law List 
Ontario Legal Chart 
Quebec Leg.11 Chart 
21 Vneant 
22 'Vardrobe J jr.caretkr 
24 Ppndleton 8 R. artist 


Z; Vacnnt 
26 Sa,lgny R A. Iller tlr 
28-30 Carswell Co. Jaw books 
Cnnudl.J.u Luw 'l'lmes 
Nova Scotia Reports 
Hevlsed Ueports 
r\ew BrunswIck Reports 
I,awyel"s' Annual 
Itullng Cuses (I
London Law (montbly) 
Law JOUrtla,.I Reports 
Encyclopedln of the Lnws 
of England 
Law Ueports 
32-34 Illlperinl Chambers 
Pboeulx Assurance Co of 
London. England 
Paterson 'j' C. ins 
McCleary Tbompson, acet 
1 Holpb & Brown, bnrrll 
3 llIlperlul Loan & n- 
tll1ent Co 
4 Rnckl.lnd H G, real est 
Greeuwood Hussell rl 
5 Vac3nt 
G ",Icaut 
7 Uolph & Rrown, barr!! 
8 Toronto Whl
t Club 
10 Choate A P, journalist' 
:11 Ccntury SnpplY Co 
12-13 "acant 
14 Banks J I., artist 
I;} ".Icaut 
16 "ae:mt 
.17 Halne. Fred. artist 
18-19 Sissons C T. care- 
Huff Walter, elev opr 
36-42 I'ostorficp Building 
Customs Postal Pnckage 
Postoffice Inspector's Of- 
ficp. James Henderson 
Pr.stoffice. T C Patteson 

. George Ross alfflt 
Ross George 
44-44% Reaumont & Sheppard 
4ft Brllli"n t Sign Letters 
48 Vacl1nt 
50 Troy John J.. fin all:t 
<i2 hlsh Canadinn 
54 D\I(lgl'on T W, pblr 
50 Dnke's Hotel 
McGarn' ;\ll's Marla I
58 Doust J os, Ia w stn ty 
Gó Don Valley Pressed BrIck 
60Y:. Adelaide Chnmbers 
Underwooll & Uuderwood, 
stereo vIews 
ArrnstronJ;: Press, prtrs 

ng A E, mfrs agt 
1-2 Aid Snvlngs & Lonn 
Lloyd B, rl est 
3 Rutley Warming & 
Ventilating Co 
4-:i-r. Ont Sewer I'lpe Co 
7 Va('ant 
8-\)-10 Vacant 
11 Vncant 
14 Pepler E E. artist 
1;} M('
laster Wm, stamps 
Johnst.on JObn, caretkr 
16-17-18 'a('ant 
G:J Anderson J W. cIgars 
64-66 Rlt('hlp John Plumbing 
& Hpatlng Co 
68 Rl'nnerly n I. Co. !;boes 
Mullin T H. clothIng mfr 

Ì:."ltb I. A, clothlnr: 
'\\Inton & J,eyden. factv 
 "Irs Korn V. 
70 Rkkarr1. & Woods, carps 
72 Vneant 
7-1 Entprprlse Prtg Co 
7(; Vacnnt 
. Cburch st Intersects 
Puhllc LIbrary Building 
78 r\elson George. caretkr 
80 Public Library Reference 




- - 


8 Swayzle B E, barr 
II Sheppard I. (' &: Co, 
Gray EdwIn, jl1nltor 
111-21 I"ox & Itoss, brokerll 
Mines Selection Co 
Sullor Consolidated Mlnlnll: 
& MIlling Co 
Toronto Llllooet Gold 
23 I.and Secnrlty Chnmbers 
Kerr, Dl1vldson, I'uterson 
& Grant, barr'l 
Bdtlsh Clln I. & I Co, II e 
. Vlctoda st Intersectll 
33 Sun Lit" Assee Co 
35 Aherdet'n Charnbcrll 
1 Vacant 
2 SYlllons J T. est hroker 
Iclmsley Memy, office 
3 \'acl1nt 
4 Haunnh W G, barr 
5 Mutual MercsnUle AII:- 
enc,' of Clln:lda 
6 O'!I':r A E & Co, rl ellt 
8 V'l1k & Co, lumber 
Leak 'Vm, real est 
11-10 Hei
llington J, tax-r 
Close 'Vm ß, hroker 
12 "ncant 
13 "acant 
14 Strkklllnd H 
" contr 
lã Stricklnnd W U, arl:b 
16 Symons Harrv, h.ur 
17 Gouinlo('k John, In' 
Goulnlo('k ,V I", Ing ngt 
18 Vacaut 
10 Carscallen, Hall 
Puyne, barrs 
20 Cnne J G & Co, wbol 
21 Vacant 
22 Cull Cubeb H, prt." 
2;; Clougher J 1'. IlUblr 
Churcb of I
nll: Year 
Seeurity Gold MinIng &: 
Development Co 
Hcnnessey J, caretkr 
37 r\ewsome & Co Ltd, sta- 
tlone rs 
31.1 Cnnndilln Order of For- 
McArthnr Donald, sol 
Glltlny Iticbnrd, r06ter 
Gavin R C. real estate 
Gmbnm H & Son, rl eat 
Ont l'erm.lllent Bldg &: 
Lonn Assn 
41 People's Loan & Depollit 
43 Cavell & (lihson, barrs 
'J'aylor ". B, barr 
Taylor & l\lcConn('II, bars 
E\"uns-Lewis C, burr 
Chnllener ... S, !lrtlst 
Martin H J, barr 
McJo;nchrl'n & Rltcble, Ins 
Chavlgnaud George, artist 
45 CnuadlIIn 'J'yvpwriter Ex- 
47 nt'eton Ed, watcbmkr 
Wood l<' A. real est 
411 Tache J I' & Co, brokers 
. Toronto st ends 
I'nblic Lavatory 
Smith It I, cnretkr 
Trnst & Loan Rldg, II e 
57 Court House 
Connty Council Office, 
John A Unmsd('n clerk 
den Jobn A. mar- 
rlnge licenses 
Hlgb Constables's office 
M('Dougall Jas, clv eng 
County Engineer's Office, 
Jnmes l\1('Douga\l eng 
McFarlen G W, suneyor 
County 'l'rpasurer's Office, 
J K Macdonald treasnrer 
First Dinslon Court. I
Morson IInd E(I
Morgan judg-cs. A !\IcL 
Hownrd cle,"k 
'Vlngfit'ld Cb.ule
 IJJ S, 
Lackie r\ H, halllO' 
J.awrle "'m D, caretkr 
'67 Bowdl'n John 'V & Co, 
bl'lt dressing 



Tal 1nA7 

H O ' HARA & CO Brokers 80d Financial Agents, 

Arlt:laide East. 



Metallic Ceilings. 

69 Clauss Bhear Co, cutlery 
United States Specialty Co 
Parkhurst Edwin R 
71 Purdy W A & ('0, adv 
Canadlnn Advertising &: 
Dlstrlhutlng Co 
13 Day G H &: Son. brokers 
Canada Crown Cork and 
8eal ('0 
1:1 Cornell Building 
Fpssendpn A R 
O'Neill Harvey 
17 I'eerless Press, prtrs 
79 Imperial A. t Co 
. Churpb ..t luterset'ts 
8t James Sphool. s I' 
13;; Shelter of the ChHdrell's 
Aid Sodety 
ßustard John n 
Gannon Joseph, caretkr 
HI Forsyth Geo 
Allward John. hldr, r 
143 Moses Andrpw 
14547 Lumbers John, 1I0ur 
. Franels st ends 
159 Archer WID E 

LAIDE WEST, w from 
118 Yonge to Bathurst, 

ards 3 and 4. 
,.. __ __ .. :S-orth Sid., 
Store. s e 
6 Ballard F.le('trlc and Mo- 
phlne Co Ltd 
:\lcDonoul;h A J. mfrs' agt 
8 Tpmple H P. dt'ntal sup 
10 .10nps J L 
lIl!rnvlng Co 
12-14 :S-atlOnnl Eleptrotype 
& Stereo Co 
141.f, Tompkins Horace E, 
lr. :\[oore & Ale"nnd,'r. eugr
('anadlan Photo Engrtl.vl..
ß.trtlptt "-m & Son, shad.' 
18 Paton J W. pnlnts 
.ttlnders H & .\. jwlrs 
1I.1\'ls Dental 'If!!' Co 
'I<'Burnev-Bpnttie Co (br) 
\-i<-tor Fire I
Co (faptorv) 
22 Jones & :\Ioore ElectrIc 
('0. motor... dyn9.IDos 
24 (,ohen Bros Tile. optlclnns 
2r.-2.. Saturd..y :S-ll!ht Rldg 

h"ppnrd Pub Co Ltd 
Toronto Saturd.ty NIght 
Thl" \\"l.ekly 
F.lliott Wm J. h'Irr 
I:"1'itpd Rtatps Con
8t'wpll Wm L. consul 
Christian :lle
:I[ontreal Oolzette 
:I[nrtlo W1II T. ngt 
I,Iquor Journal & Hote. 
Gold Coin Mining Co of 
Ont Ltd 

en tlnpl Prtg Co 
The Sentinel 
Bir'vple :llfr
(;rlp P,'lnting & Pub Co 

nn Prlntlnr;: Co 
("lDadhn Cir;:ar and To- 
hapco Journal 
GagnIer Haroll1 T. pblr 
:\loney & Risks rtg & Pub 
1\1oney & Rbks 
30 Fountain Wm. tailor 
Clothes Prpsslng Co Ltd 
32 Tunstead John. hatter 
34 Johnston W S "'- Co. prtrs 
Independent Oddfpllow 
:I[('Clure J:\mes. clo contr 
Collins Mnfg Co, hdw:\re 
Bryan !!< Bedingfield. 
I en non H T. publrs' al(1: 
Zoek J .1 "'- Co. mnfl; jwlrs 
Dominion DI,trlhuting Co 
36 Glhson S R. ('oofr 
38 42 Dom P'lper R. x Co 
40 42 Toronto r::1 <'trlcal Wk
Co Ltd 
42 'litchener J G & Co, man- 

Cohen Bamuel, clo contr 
44 Toronto Dental Depot 
46 Purdy, ManseIl &: Co, 
48 Douglas Rros, prtrs 
fíO Jones Br08 & Co, labora. 
52 Lyons .\ Marks, hdwnre 
54 Brush & Co, corsetl! 
56 Hambly & Crammond, 
58 Kennedy A E. tlr 
60 Stewart W T & Co, roof- 
e", . 
Grant A & Co, contrs 
. Bay st Intersect
62 Side entrance 
64 Kitto J It. shoemkr 
CUI.tlS Thomas 
Jordan :\Irs I,'rances 
72 "okes John, cut 
74-76 Pendrlth G T & Co, 
Tor Io::evator SlIpply & Re- 
pair ('0 
Enton Wm H. pntr 
78 r.htthews Asa, gal Iron 
80 Morrison & McDermott, 
82 C Irroll Thomas, hldr 
Cisterna Paul, show cnses 
Fl'aron E U. carp 
8! Curroll Robert. t'ontr 
C.pdit Fork. I\U'Ilng & 
l\lfg Co 
86 '-acant 
88 \'acant 
00 Vacant 
92 Vacant 
9-1 Ami's Walter, toolmkr 
Bull Wm J. patternmkr 
. Sheppard st commpnces 
"acant lot 
102-8 Caslor & Howard, elec- 
tro 1>latprs 
Josplln J S, patt..rnmkr 
in E & Co, piano 
Jooes Bros & Co, tuctory 
102-4 Spcncl' Wm A. mach 
Xlxon Io:mery. macb 
10-! Smith W I' & Co. wood 
106 '\'"oolnough 
108 Bnnfleld W 
110 HI'V
 Thomas & Son, 
:S-atlonnl Shirt & 
Xorway Cahlnet ('0 
112 \'acant 
114 Courtne'\'" :\liss M 
116 V'Lean' Patrick 
118 \\ ood 
Irs ",nnette 
120 Abdo Peter 
122 "acllnt 
12.\ Vouglas Bros. rOOfl'r'3 
Thomson C 'V Paper Box 

"\ mour Meter Co 
12/J Hlng Quong. laundry 
12S Jones Ricbard, tllllor 
Store, s e 
. York st Intersects 
Store, 8 4;.. 
132 ' l, l\[eredith Mrs :\Iargt 
M4 jalohs Albert 
1M Lee "Irs Jospphlne 
138 I<'rench Mrs :lIary 
'acant lots 
142 Hallam Thomas 0 
146 Kerr John 
148 RabbI'<' Thoma'!, tli. 
1:;0 Peaber :lfrs Susannah 
1;;2 McGnftlu James W 
1:;r, Antlpltzk'\'" Mrs Clara, junk 
11;2166 Toron'to Hat Mfg Co 
164 Boeckh Bros & Co, brush 
and broom factory 
1GB Johnson C K "'- Co, boiler 
170 :\[arks Mr
172 \ïckers :\[rs C M 
Private grounds 
1"0 :lIeGrel1.'or Archibald. Mg 
IS2 Charle- 

J W, 
H ok 



184 Fa wcett Miss M A, bdg 
186 Flelschmsnn & Co, yeast 
Eleetrlne 'led Co 
188 r\uttall Edward. gro 
100 Sherrin James, tlr 
ffotel, s e 
. Simcoe st Intersects 
194 McCulle:r James 
100 Kent Joseph 
198 Jackson Mrs MInnie 
Beatty John. cabs 
200 Briggs l\[rs Annie 
202 O'Leury Michael 
20-1 Da WBOn Mr
2Oi\ O"borne Melvin 
208 Vacant 
210 Arthur James 
212 Brent George 
214 DulI :lUs
 A III. bdg 
211: Rumner IIIrs lIIary, bdg 
218 Norton Hansom IS 
218'1. Cro"s Wm G 
2'1/) Gordou Mr" Elizabeth 
222 Godfrey John 
22-1 CampIln Hlchard 
22'; Camplln Isaac 
on Peter 
2-:0 :\Iallet Mrs Marl,. 
2";2 ('ooper Louis. optician 
234 Hohinson \Irs Esther 
2.!H Kirby Jnmes 
238 Armstrong neo. hallltr 
2-10 Johnston :llro Jane 
212 I'uddv :llr
 Thlr>la, gro 
. lIunpån "t l"ommences 
244 J....kson John 
2-11i (;rnndon !Iliss Harriet 
248 Cameron Charles '" 
2.-.0 Rohprtoon Alexander 
2:;2 :lhIlwnrd "'m. hdg 
2:;4 (,harbott }frs 'flnnle 
2:;U-8 Bro\\ n T W, carriage, 
2M l\[('Carty James 
2';2 Howard :I[rs Flora 
21;-t :\I.txwpll Wm 
21',1; Matthews :\Irs Isabella 
2';8 Spring Mr
2.0 Dill HoJ){.rt A. pntr 
272 Pppler Wm H. phy 
. John st Intprsects 
Store, " e 
2...0 :\ll-Donald L, shoemkr 
2 Chung Lee. laundry 
2.'>! Gilchr;psp AIÞert E 
88 K..rr Jamp
. blksm'th 
2!10 O'Dea :\Ir" :\Iary A 
2!JO'h Roberts l\1..,. Annlp 
2'2 Scott Abraham 
Cnmpton Geor!:e T. r 
SlIIence l<'rRnk 
2114 Yntps !IIlss Amy III 
3/)(. Vapant 
:!02 O'Grndy John A 
30t :I[cGUlre !\Irs \tary 
:{/)(; Robson !\Irs :\Iargaret 
:!O'! Levi Paul 
am ('AS." Mrs Hannah 
. Widmer st Intersects 
312 Downs Martin J 
:n4 f'11nnlngham Wm II 
31H :\Iunn Robert 
a18 Hendprson ThomaA 
320 Bruuet Peter 
322 WrlJrht Georj\"e 
324 \lootone LouIs 
321; Berti Louis A 
. Drummond pI commenc
'i MolI,," John 
3:{O Murphy Wm 
3:12 Godd-.rd Thomal! 
334 Mit('hell E W 
f\ Hawkins George 
3:t8 Coffey :\Irs :\[a ry 
340 Morlln 
[rs A, drsmkr 
Moran 'Ym 
. Peter 51 Intersect. 
342 Mende Mr" Emma, bdg 
Private 11.'1"0unds 
350 Wilby Wm G. I>ldr 
3;;2 C'amphell John E 
Cooppr IInrry. r 
 Fred. r 
Mulrhend Frank, r 
354 Troyer Jncob 
3!iI, Parrett Jtlme
3.,)<; l\Ioore John K 
3('.0 Foster Wm G 
362 Rule Wm 
364 Clegg Thom

366 Barker Mrs Barab J 
368 Scott Peter 
370 Shetrer Noah 
372 Watson Wm 
374 Murpby Wm 
376 Playter Thomas H 
378 Warner Cbrlstopber 
380 Partridge John V 
382 WrIght Wm J 
384 Dln
oodle Mrs Ellen 
386 Usher Mrs Ellz'Ibeth 
Usher Miss M. drsmkr 
388 Richardson James 
Store, s e 
. Spadlna av Intersects 
Store, s e 
392 Vacant 
3\J21,!, Wong T L 
:m4 :llItchell1:!pnry 
396 Bakewell Wm H 
:!fI8 Herrman Charles 
400 Phillip
4/)2 J..well Frank 
.104 Holden Hnrl'Y 
4Üi) !IIolse S S, tel opr 
408 Latimer James 
410 rrquhart Alex-tuder R 
412 White Mrs Eml:y 
414 Saunders Charles A 
418 Common Jllmes 
420 I1a"klngs George 
422-24 Glo
 Paint Co 
.J:!1i Co", 
111 Jamp"., 
4:!'i :lleadow. Isnac 
4:;1) \\ IJlillms Hiram 
43:! \Iannlng John :II 
\'ncant lot 
410 Whyter :\Irs Rosa 
lJuranrl :\Irs )Iary 
442 Ferguson !tfrs Bridget 

tor2, s e 
. tirllnt .t Intersects 
St Andre
's sq 
. \laud st commences 
'"lIcant lot 
WO Weale !tll's :\farla. conty 
4!'2 Woods 'lIcbae1 D 
4!H Halusbottom Richard 
4!JI: I'ra \\ ford :llrs Susan 
4!IS Ilrlfliths :I[rs Alice 
50!) Rl,ltleJl :\lrs Ettie M 
::;O:! Wude :\Iartln. liquors 
. Portland st Intersects 
:;04 Firlllan :lfrs S A, gro 
::;00 Ad.IIDS !tlr:l F.llz 
:;0>1 Woodwllrd Richard 
510 Flul"v Armand L 
513 Crquhart Jobn 
5H Coughlin James J F 

lll \lcClvmont '\'"m 
). nle ':\I\ss Janet, nurse 
lcDontlld Edward 
:;2\J Taylor John 
:>U In<rram Jobn A 
::;24 Gibson 1\lrs :\[ary 
(Hhson Miss A, drsmkr 
524'-1. Flllvcn James 
52" Hendry EdwIn A 
'.2r.Ii, Hanson Thomas 
;;::'8 :llaln" Archlbolld 
530 Stonehlllll Joseph D 
on James B 
:;34 OuthwaIte :l1I's Eli. 
536 Hurton Wm R 
538 :\Ioore 1\1 rs Anastasia 
:;40 Wade 'lartln 
Clarke Bros. bldrs, r 
542 Howard Wm 
Howard Wm W S 
;;44 Roe Charles 
546 Dale WI1I R 
;;4" Fraser Robert 
5:;0 F. \ a ns Gpor
 La velie John 
;;;;4 Dorricott J oSl'ph 
556 Ferrv Mr'l AnnIe 
Rouse. s e 
......... South Ridp ......,., 
1 F.dward" A J. dentist 
r\oble C H. photo 
on T. dentist 
. Gr Ind Opera 1:1 comml'Dceø 
9 Hill t; C ,It!!: Co, bIcycle 
Lyon 1\Ifl1.' ('0. typewt1lers 
!J'h Curran Albert. hatt!!r 
Thomp'on George. barber 
Brown 'Irs Is:\tiella 
11 Grand 01> rn 110.111 
13-1:; Grand Op 110111 

Metallic Roofing Co., LlI4ITU. 
'Phone 5481 Gor. KINC and DUFFERIN 8T8. 




A,h'laide 'Vest. 

. Johll>ton st ends 
17-It! Wor<1en HOllse 
21 1I00th Geo & 
on, pntrs 
23 Vacunt 
23v., W.,rd James, confy 
25-27 Toronto Opera House 
l<;akins Joseph 
TrelJllcock John, cigars 
29 nogers Alex, elga
Fell I C & Co, stencils 
Dominion Watch Case Re- 
palriug Co 
31 Jones Bros & Co, cuUrs 
33 Parker Ueorge, prtr 
35 McLaren H & Son, dental 
Toronto Piano Strlug Mfg 
37 Anglo-Amerlcau News Ag- 
39 Thompson, Worth & Mar- 
tin, contrs 
43 Derrick 1\1 R. blacksmith 
Hotel. s I' 
. Bay st Intersects 
Hotel. s " 
53-59 Smith W B,sale stables 
Graham J D, horse dlr 
Grand's Repository, sale 
61-(I;j Sanderson Pearcy & Co, 
paInts. oils and glass 
67 Parisian Steam Laundry 
Shepard Bros & Co, prtrs 
Saunders, LoriI' & Co. 
73 Wilson Pub Co 
Truth The (weekly) 
Ladles' Journal (monthly, 
Canada Jewelery Caße Co 
Canada Crown Cork & 
Seal Co 
lIaberman Philip. t1r 
WIlliams J S, printer 
X'atlonal Lithograph Co 
Imperial Paver Dux Co 
'Best D M & Co. piano 
hammer mfrs 
Lo\'e R D, clothing cùotr 
SlntzpI Thomas, clothing 
Yesbera :\<Ifg Co, comblna- 
tlOil taùles 
nob"ou W B. c10tblng 
con tr 
77 'foronto ::'Ial'h Tool Works 
81 Membl'l'Y E. electro pia tel' 
87 'lunro \Vm .... Son. bldrs 
!'!t-:J7 Amprlean Copper Co 
1(orrisOD .James, BraS8 
MfJ: Co 
\fashinter W & Co. plmbrs 
97% Coyne 1', tlr 
{)9 Do....len Plating & )ltg 
101 Wynpss PIa ling Co 
!\fnrtln G W. wire gds 
101v., TIIlI:bes & Jones, bats 
Globe ::'Ug Co, gro sun 
103 Gorrle George T, show 
;-; Owen Frank, hamboo gds 
lroy" Toronto Machine Screw 
Firth Josepn. cutler 
W('nlgman Paul, electrlen 
111 ContI's A E, piano string 
And('rson R & Co, machs 
Palmer Piano Co 
::'ferehnnts' Counter Check 
Book ('0 Ltd 
115-117 Maguire T M & Son, 
Vncant lot 
125 Colleran J J, horsesl1r 
Jenning.. Jas, brass fndr 
127 Marks Harris 
129 Wilks Harris 
131 Rotkln Benjamin 
133-135 Hotel, s I' 
. York at Intersecb 
Store, a D 
139 Vaeant 
141 Rasmlnaky PhIlip 
Pallett Samuel 
143 Costenl John, aptlficlal 
145 Lockhart I\1rs Marla 
147 Diamond Henry 

}49 Melnnes :s"eal 
1;í;J I'ahllel' 1111's )Iary 
157 Rooney )Uchael 
'I'hoUlI;son John, r 
h IIpnry ,r 
Heeney ;\Irs 1
:len, r 
I;J9 Leith John 
1m Da\is IIlrs '\Iatllda 
W3 Hnntord John 
16:;-(;:J B..uwn H, earrlnges 
171 Uohl'rtson Ua \ hi D 
I,:{ 8.lIullels Solomon 
17;í Claym.ltt 
177 Greene Jneob 
17!J lIernsteln Hurrts 
un Hpmin!:ton John 
183 "nlker Thom,\s 
11\:; )[n thers Willinm 
IS7 Wllsou James 
IS!! Price Albert 
in1 Bond !\Irs Gretta 
IV3 l'ollnkotf Bernard 
In;; lIta
Donnld Geor;oe 
199 Strathy Building 
Page Dr Medicine Co 
!\I errll , "m 
Heck Geor::;e L 
Price Wm C 
Fraser Alexander 
Francis Charles n 
Carpenter lIIrs ;\l'na'
Humphrey James 
IIftrr Patrick F 
Peunyleglon Charlea 
Lister S A 
Lnuglols Alexander 
Webber John EJ 
Grelsmane Louis 
Winship A S 
Ha\"(>nshaw MI!O!I 
Denison M..
 Grace E 
)fonck Edwnrd A l' 
Winkleman George 
Townley Mrs E. caretkr 
. SImcoe st Intersects 
House. s e 
Re.. I' entrances 
Ueillv ?Irq I
223 Uo/:e'rson Chn..les, c'gars 
Old U C College, I' C 
231-2:n Lawson Milling Co 
/lour mill 
239 Ormerod Fletcher 
Old U C Collpge grounds 
. John st Intersects 
Honse. s e 
29;; lIa tes Jam("s C 
2!)7 Prout )[1'5 Lillian 
299 Temple lII1ss Sid 
301 House, s I' 
303 Retldmnn !\I F. gro 
. Wlrlmer st Intersects 
Otflce. s I' 
313 Tooker Wm H 
315 Yneant 
327 LonJ: Wm 
+ Peter ..t Intersects 
HOllse. s I' 
331 Warrl )frs, gro 
333 SnorÍ<lon Wp.le\". flour 
335 !\[p:s"abb )Ir.. 1\fpUlssa 
Munro !\Irq Janet, r 
!\IcGraw .10seph, I' 
Anderson Frank, I' 
Seatter James, r 
337 Feldstein SnmUel 
339 Roberts Thomas 
341 Walsh Robert B 
Vacant lots 
. Charlottp st ends 
House, s I' 
351 Harding Robert B 
Prl\"IIte J:rounds 
35;1 Morrison Robprt ."! 
357 Deeks Charles H 
3;ín Qu'nton Robert 
363 ('00 Wm H 
3m ('oulle Andrew 
367 LILLII' :rho mas H, phy 
. Sparllna ar Intprsrcts 
Hotel. s I' 
371 T..ylor Bert 
373 )[cIntosh Robert 
375 Keech Fred W 
377 Thompson James H 
37!! Smith Oliver 

1 Cronin Bartbolomew J 


383 Lindsay James C 
38;\ Lung' I,'rederlck 
3b7 1'helps l'runk A 
3b\J 1'l1rent Amnule 
rU)1 Hlntter) Juhn 
3\1331J7 \-acant 13) 
3ut! Crottle 
rs Ann 

kr 1/16S Louisa, 
401 limns Arthur 
403 \\ )'11(> Wm 
421 lIaloney Mlchnel 
42:; Cain Thomas J 
42;\ Lyng' James 
427 Adallls Mrs Bridll:et 
4:.'9 Hay John, /:rocer 
. Bran t st In tersect6 
1'IIblic School 
439 E<1wards Uichard 
441 I\[c1>onnld Mrs Eliza 
44.'J )Ic\ïcar Dugald 
. I\[orrlson st ends 
445 Guy Wm J 
Vacnnt lots 
459 Ghl.l{ras Telesphore 
461 Mllue Wm 
Watts Jobn, r 
Taylor Peter J, I' 
463 Poulton ;\Irs Margaret 
McGirr Ed war.j r 
Northey Mrs L';nlsft r 
465 Dougherty !\Irs Mar;' 
467 Binnie Wm, l rocer 
Hlekev !\Irs nn I' 
469 1I/nnlè Wm j,', dairy 
Private grounds 
473 !\fIller Sldnpy II 
Foley Juhn J, I' 
475 Long Howard 
477 Houregard Jo..epb 
Qulnlivpn Dnnlel, I' 
479-81 Landon Wrn J 
.Port/nnd st Intersecta 
48:; House, s I' 
Sta bles 
487 Amsberÿ James F 
Vncant lots 
497 Gr("gg H..ll1'Y 
49!J )Iarvyn Felix 
501 Bather James 
Bryers John, I' 
Lonch Fruncls A, I' 
503 Bell John C 
505 Slee Ril'hard 
507 Donovan Patrick 
509 Donllidson Mrs Ellz 
511 Conwny John P 
. Adelnlde pi commences 
521 Jamieson John 
525 McClean Wm J 
527 Lynch Dennis 
:;29 lIfrs Norah 
531 Connor Michael 
533 Mel\[ahon T I", phy 

I,A I U]
 trom 511 
Adelnldp ", wnrd ,I. 
. -- -- __ __ Ea 
t Sltlp ......... 
1 lIfurphv Pntrl
3 ('hamplon Charles T E 
ã Battey Jamps R 
7 Br:,ssòn Charles 
I} \Valklnqhaw \Vm 
11 \\ïllinmson Edwin B G 
IIol1!oìe, s e- 
... . . _ .., \\'("
t !;Ide 
I,nmber yard 

ADMIRAL ROAD, n from opp 
71 Lowther nv to Bernard 
av, ward 4, 
, . . . - . . .. Enst Si,l" ......... 
Vaeant lot.. 
9 Jaekes Mr< )I.I1'y S 
11 Ghent Da"d A 
13 Bastedo Samnel T 
15 Ince Wm jr 
17 Clnrl,e C II Stanley 
19 Lloyd ßenj.lmln 
21 Ashworth Jnqu's J 
21 Fenwlek !\fnrr,IY M 
25 Brereton Richard L 
27 Wardell Thomas J 
29 Knott John A 
31 Nicholls Bruee F 
33 Holland Frederick lIf 
35 lIfoncrletr Wm G 
37 Vaeant 


Vaeant lots 
61 Swubey Charles 
63 Rolph Frank A 
81 IIrough Theodore 0 
. .. , -- -- . West Side 
House, s e 
Pdvate grO\mds 
12 Simpson l
rnest A 
14 Collins Joshua W, lumber 
16 Torrance !\Irs Ua ty lIf 
28 Hall Thom:ts H 
Val'lInt lots 
46 Jones Col Charll's S 
48 Bllrnett !\frs Mary 1!1 
50 O'Hnra Wm J 
62 Vncant 
Vacant lots 
58 Apted Wm II 
60 Morrison Currnn 
62 Robertson Rev Jnmes 
64 Baylt'y Wm B 
66 Bally W.lliam 
V aenn t lot 
72 Johnston Dr Amelia 
Johnston Miss Annie K. 
74 Page ChariI''' J 
76 Duggan Edmund H 

AFTON A V, w trom 216 Mil- 
gal' to Northcote av, ward 6. 
. .. '.,. " North Side. 
2 Scully 'I'homus S 
4 Jones J W..sley 
Vucaut lOtS 
12 Dollery Mrs I.;. fcy gds 
14 J ohu"on 
"'S <; A 
. I.lsgnr 8t rel'IHUIll..nces 
16 Richards J n ml'
18 ßpaton All''<O,"u]er 
20 Reid David V 
22 Ballunlyne Rohert 
24 ìII.tle Thornns J 
26 COllz"ns C'hm'leq W 
28 Moftntt Ch.lrl!!s g 
o Brld..1 1,',-.1Ilcls H 
2 Fj
hel' John J.. 
34 Milne Wm G 
36 S:nmd"rs l;eorge ,'" 
:18 'Iartin Thomas 
40 S,lvnge "'m 
42 Plln.c
l"n('st I... 
-14 1"......11.'.. Hohert C 
46 Xulan Ha....y J 
48 1I0nd"dull' Charles 
50 Jessop Walter G 

2 Fr3ser I'hiJip 
. Heaconstlptd lIV Inter6ects 
;J6 Maule,\" Miehllpl. bldr 
;;S NyI' \,",11 
I'd va t,. grounds 
68 Taylor '\..11 
70 \Vestwl)oð S S 
72 Sttì

:::, Rohert, marriage 
7 t ....."101' Miss K 
'r' - '... 
outh Shle ......... 
1 \\ïtmer A lIf. <:ro 
3 \Vnlker "'m 'I' 
5 H"rant John W 
7 BI'
 ant I,'r..derick 
9 ';10\-1'1' Ad"m lIf 
11 1'0lln\"l1 Hh'hnril F 
13 l/:lllliltou Gporge 
1;' "I('('nrllv JmDes 
17 [toherts;"11 I..ewiø 
1!) Gillespie Wrn 
21 Watson James A 
2,1 Nlcbol Jam("s 
25 Gllllnm John H 
wanton \Vm J 
2fI H....,.I!> Jf>hn W 
31 Hreen Hobert 
Vaenut lot 
. Jlpaconsflt'ld av Illtersects 
Storp, s e 
3!J Atkinson fInny 
41 Fnwl'ctt John 
43 Rnthprford 'l'homas 
45 Hnllprl/rp Rohert 
47 'l'bomllS P 
49 Kent Wm 
51 WIlI..on Rpuben 
,,3 Hf'Ilt'ick Thomas 
55 !;"nlley M.... Catherine 
1;1 Kingdom Jnmes 
Storf', s e 
. Northcofe nv ends 
House, s e 

w. & E. A. BADENAC

Offices, Nos. 15-17 LEADER LANE. 
Telephone 2288. ' 
Re81dence, No. 86 aT. MARY aT. Telephone 3111" 

Head Office, 
K!ng St. E. 


!!, I 



AG"WS, w trom 302 Yonge to 
University a\, ward a, 
. . , .. .. " 
orth S,de......... 
:! Vacant 
t; Williamson Ih)bert E 
8 Blake Wm 
10 Dear Geol/;e C 
10', Taylor John J, 
12 Wadswol'th 1I1rs S E 
AltJert lll".m I" 
Lo\e Hu\ld. r 
14 Thomp
on I"rank 
It; !Joyle 1I1rs I':lIel1 
Ward !llis,; Snsau, I' 
I{een I......d,.riel; H 
J{een J:I1U..S I 
1" \:In Zandt 1I(r
20) Ad.lllIson Jobn G 
22 IUggs Allana H 
2-1 J\ldwlls Herb..rt L 
2'; !llulrhe:Jd Jam..f> A 
28 H:llr.. !III'" _'uul.. 
30 Atklusou Hogl"r [J 
32 1':llmer IUehurd 
34 I'rit('hett G. (luper bungl"r 
36 J:I..obs George A 
3S-4ú H.lrrl_ \\ ltl H, express 
42--1 Brown 111's Eliza J 
4tõ Ath'v \\ m 
4S A tJl'" M rs !llarv A 
51) !':ltII; Albert E 
!lla..tln 1111-8 Ellz:1 
:;2 WUlklu;; Wtll \" 
Dought). 'Ihs SI1'iIUl, I' 
54 Cnlhl"rt \11'>1 C 
Satterley John, r 
Phllltl'S ob:ttll:lh. r 
51; I'm'ker Georg.. '1' 
!llethodlsr l:hurl'h 
. -r..raultt) st hltprsects 
()4 Lt., .wk S A, IHchr 
G6 Owen Gt'Orgl' 1) 
Owen !III's J.Ule, gro 
(j8 J",ney '-Irs !llar
70 Searl<'tt George 
í2 "I'shl (( .J ,IW.,S, dairy 
74 S A Homp for Working 
,V omen 
76 MOðre Alexaud"r, exp 
78 Patterson John 
80 Pope Georg.. 
StewRt't Tbo1O,'S, r 
82 Earle GeorgI' 
84 'l'urvl'Y Jost'ph 
86 Gallaher Richard 
112 4 Harrin
ton E, stoves 
. Elizabeth st Intl"rsi'cts 
W-8 Star Hotel 
100 Giuffre S. frnlt 
102 Va('ant 
10-1 !lleConnell Mr>l E, gro 
100 l>rnke Wm 
108 Hart Ison ltohl'
110 I
ugllsh Mrs R:lchl'l 
112 !llcAulilTe E, gro 
!l1:lson John R 
. Chestnut 8t Intersects 
114 O'Reilly !\Irs Bridget 
116 Cadesky Charles 
118 Dillon l<'rank 
120 Whitley IIIlss '" arT. 
122 Harrington IIIrs ELj" 
124 Sullivan Jnmes 
128 Granatsteln 1I1"ndel, junk 
130 Granat"telu John fI 
132 Jeffers Wm J 
134 Martin 1I11ss E J 
136 Weltz 1I1rs L, j!"ro 
V;l'ltz Herman 
. Centre av Inter
138-40 Walkl'r Mrs M C, gro 
142 Mumford Bros, btchr.. 
144 Gallllgh!'r !llr
146 Breckell Wm' 
Vacant lot 
156 McKague Jame
 W, COlli 
...... .. South 81de . 
Store, 8 II' 
II'I'ona1tl Thomas 
13 II' AJl'sandro James 
Cherrv Y. 'bla('k,.mlth 
1:> Grahåm Robert 
 111"\ Un Patrick 
Ii !lloran Thoma.. 
Thompson Robert 
17 1 1'J Whittaker John 
19 Vacant 
21 Fanelli J05e{\b 
23 Davis Miss Francl'!! 
25 Halfhead E B L 



'2i Oldham 
olmuel. exp 
29 \'acant 
31 \'ac:ant 
3:! Xapolltano 
 V'Alesandro D 
37 nertram Wm 
39 l:lockling Uobert 
41 !, Alexander 
43 Hendersoñ James 
Iuckle Charlei> P 
41 Rawlln Frank 
49 Oï:lyrne Gl'orge I' 
Ashton Jnmea 
51 Hales Henry G 
;;3 Jnckson !II ra !llartba 
;;;; Thomas Gilbert S 

.i-9 Pollcl' Station Xo 2 
ta H.lllIg'ln Wm 
I;;; Cornv "-m J 
. l'eraùl..)' st Intersect.. 
,;.-, Coates \[1" A, sec hd itds 
tjí \torlO\\ Jnme
U9 Hider Wm G jr 
íl Cranfield Charles J 
73 \\'aldm'lD Louis 
í;; Whitp Juhn 
,i Hill lIIrs !l1.mde 
í9 Huskl>> Louis B 
b1 \Ianacl'" eth Josl'ph 
b3 Tugendhaft n. gro 
Vacant. I' 

;; AIt('hisou Win H 
I::,i f.h In/..stone lIIrs Annie 
1;9 Stewal t John 
Ul King Hlrnm D 
!13 fti('hard" 
!):; ('<;rk" I'll \Irs A, fruit 
!Ii I\.pvfctz :-;. scbool 
. Ellznbetb st Intersects 
House. s e 
. Chestnut "t intersects 
lOi Somers (,harle" 
to!) Rldle.. Walter lIf 
111 PerkIns 
lich,l(>1 H 
113 Wl\hs R"bl"rt 
\ 1;; IllItq H)-h-ester 
11i I;'rledman Ueuben, tIr 
11\1 Abbott James 
1:!1 I'rfll'ch Samuel 
1:!3 Hercowll'il Louis 
ch3rr Zt'smaß 
. ('pntre a,- Intersect
l:!i 'I'In
ley Alfred 
129 no" n..y Alonzo J 
1:"13 Farrell Thomas 
1:"1;; CaDlpbell Juml'
137 Parker 
I1ss Sarah 
139 Pothlpr Mrs !'ophia 

AJÆAXY A V, n from Bloor 
w, first e of Batburst, ward I 
. " , . . _ _, East Side 
Vacant 1015 
;;;; 1.0" e Arthur T 
5, White Altred 
59 Porter Frl'derlck D 
tJl Jones \Irs Georgina S 
G3 MUne John 
\'lIcant Jots 
. Harton av Inter
VIlea"t lots 
. \\"1'11" st In"tersects 
Le Grow Joshua 
Vacant lots to end 
, __ , . , __, W I'St Side '" _ __ , 
Vacant lot.. 
41: !llollard John T 
4S Hanson George F 
50 Pope !III's Della 
:;:1 111'0\\ n !lIrs Annie 
Vacant lot" 
. BII rton a ,. In tersects 
Vn('ant Jots 
134 Codd HpnQ- F 
1;{'1 Harris Christopher G 
. \\"I'lb st Intl'rsects 
1I0üÏ;e. .. 1" 
lGO !':UI'S AdolphI' 
lü2 I':dgar !l1I
-s Margaret, 
164 E,'ls Altr..d 
lUG Grll'rson J:1mp< F 
1m; nllncan F.rnest 
170 Prior RIchard 
17:1 Kennl'dv \\' 
174 Ledger 'Waltpr 
V aC:1n t lots 
104 Ward Geora:e 
]00 Wnter
 Altred W 

15 Adelaide E. 

1!J8 Baird Henry 

()O Clements Eùwlll 
20.1 Parry John J 
2U4 Carmoody !III's 
:!ÚS Gilldnsou Yrs .\,1.;1' !\. 

Vacant lot
222 Stotbers Gporg
224 Kennedy JO.l'ph H 
221; Xlckl..son F. John 
2:!S Tra, I'rs Joseph 
Vaeaut lots to end 

ALBEHT, w frolD 21b I"onge 
to Ch,,
tnut, ".u.t! 3. 
. ,.. .... Kortb Side .. ...... 
Store, s e 
,1 I:l1iott W Foster, dentist 
Banes John H 
6 Workshol' 
8 l-:mery Wm H. bicycles 
. Albert Ian.. commences 
10-14 Eaton T & Co, wal'ehse 
It;-24 S A Temple 
S A Printing Hou
Young Soldier (wel'kly) 
War Cry Official Gazette 
All tbl' World (monthly) 
18 Liddle J"ml's. earct!;.r 
:!ú Meu's Social Dept S A 
:''2 Women's Social 'Vork 
24 Ceutral Outarlo Provln- 
Cl.ll He.,dquarters 
. James st int..rge('ts 
2li Pearce Chnrles A 
2S 1'arklnson George 
30 Bmdll'Y George 
32 Quigley !III's Sarah 
34 Croley !III'S !II. ludl') 
3U GllwtJle Joshua 
38 Wilsou !Ill's !llarguret 
40 Hltl.hle '" J. eXII 
Hltchle !llrs Jane, drsmkr 
42 Wri/{ht Frederick E 
44 Itruee John 
4(\ Haker John 
4S Hunter '\"m II 
,,0 (,Isternll Polul 
54 Croucher Thomas 
Vacant lot 
. Teraulay st Intersects 
Store, S e 
1;0 Hili W m. tailor 
\jtl Goddard Snmnel 
Vacant housl' 
Kl'nnedy Martin, I' 
tJ8 Pritchard John J 
70 Parkes "'m 
72 Pollard l1enr'V 
Pollard 'Irs )1, btlg 
713 Britt Wm 
íll }'Ia.."hnll George 
1'0 Gotld,trt! Samuel. exp 
82 O'U..llly Will. blksmlth 
8-1 Stepheuson !I1rs 
lary E 
00 Grossi OlinI' 
. Ellzabetb st Intersects 
!ì'.!-94 Store. s e 
96 Spath 
'rederlck J 
!IS 1
'1ng \\'111 
](10-102 Storl"bouse 
101 O'l:pllly Will 
100 Vacant store 
. . , , . , ... South Side .. __ .. . . . 
Store, s e 
7 Gadsbv Frederick ". 
9 Lamb
rt J W 
11-13 \'acant 
1:),,]11 Store. r e 
21 Collins George, rl'st 
'2:i Store, r e 
. James st Intersl'cts 
Court House, I' e 
. Ternulay st Intersects 
Store J 
.3 Torrance JRmes 
5:> Gal1aghl'r Robert J 
59 Crowe !llartin 
\'ac:1nt lots 
Factorv. s I' 
Housl': s e 
. FII7abl'th' .t Intersects 
103 Hillock Frank. lumber 

ALRERT A V. n trom s ot 
Paton to city limits. tlrst ... 
of Lansdowne av. ward 6. 

, THE. ! - \ 
Y ,f I --. ,:.
tS1" I ..

. r 

\' co A L. 
\ IItAD))ff\'1. 
. -t!}"'''O 

. . . . . . , '. Side ....... 
31 Thompson Thomas 
. .' . , , ... \Vest Side ......... 
Kot built on 

ALBFRT LAè'i:E. runs n from 
8 Alhl'rt to Allcl', first 'tV ot 
Y onge, ward 3, 

ALEXAXDF.R. I' trom 400 
Yonge to 
nllan, ward 3, 
. ... ',., !lõortb Sldl' __ ...... 
2 Store, s e 
4 Christian 8<-ll'nce AB8D 
Reading Room 
Toronto Shorthantl In- 
Second Church of Christ 
6-8 Stables 
10 Drur)- Robert, Wtl carver 
Vavldson James A 
14 Lane !III's Emll:r 
It] Boak !III'. Annie 
18 !llortl..y RandGlph S 
20 Jackson Jospph 
2J Clifton 
Irs i'arnh, nul'fl" 
Hendl'rson Charles H 
2-1 '''eston 
lrs Jan.. 
26 Hartwell !\Irs Isabella 
28 Brown John W 
30 Skinner Altred P.: 
3:.1 Hall 
Irs Elizabeth 
34 BI'II 1>:1\ ld 
36 Glo'Vl'r Lewl.. 
38 !lln
son Christopher H 
Prhute crouods 
4-1 \fldglev !II rs Mary A 
411 Hayward I'
 R B 
48 Lowry Robert A 
Armstrong MIss D. 
50 RI'll DOIl!:ald 
flchl'lI \Irs Knte J 
54 Priest Fraucls H 
51! Wllh'ox 
Iis.. C S 
58 Jnrv Alfred B. mus tchr 
Jurv )11''' A F.. InUS tcbr 
60 Uriham !l1r< Helen 
62 !lfltchl'lI !llrs Fmma 
64 !llason Pet'elval L 
G6 Falrty J08epb J 
6.'; Congl'r Rodger D 
72 House. s e 
. Chnrch st IntersecLs 
House, S P 
81! R'Vmal !llnrsball n 
Gonlt! !l1I
s Katl', tlrsmkr 
00 Garrison ('harleR J, bðg 
Boyd !\I1
s F 10I L, mas 
. A lane 
9'..1 Co
hs L E 
Burling-am Hiram 
9-t F.\(>rl
t Alfred H 
00 Bdmon,!s Albert J 
98 Stewartl !llrs Joanna C 
PrivatI' crounds 
]08 Llttll' Harrison H 
Playter K phy 
- -. -". Soutb Side 
Hotel, B ., 
7 ('ronln John 
!1 '-lcRrlen John 
11 I>nkl' Henry. b'ksmltll 
13 Tholn"" Grpenwood 
15 Thomas Francis !\I 
1õ Ja<'k..on Fr,mk W, bldr 
19 ('rysler J H. pntr 
21 Switzer 1'iipl>lon 
23 Stodda rt 
I r- 
 ary J 
27 Ford!' Ed ward J. 



one 2251 ". ". SEt. Z, !t\anager. TYPEWRITERS RENTI!D. 




A "'xano 


20 Turk Rev Geo It 
al-30 Toronto I'hurch 
ch J.HI 
41 Hastings 'I.II'Uund 
43 Wood Jolm. window 
45 ConlaTl Bros, pntrs 
Conlan \{obert J 
47 Passmore 
Iarlu L 
49 Coleman Arthur. bldl' 
III Bnundt'rs l\h-a gsth..r 
Ií3 Johuson J'lmt''' l' 
Ií:i Thornton E, carp 
r>T Plm G( orce. ueet 
59 Vucant 
61 Maunder Wm A 
63 Jone" }'Irs Clara 
65 Held Wm H 
House, 13 e 
. Church st Intersects 
School, s e 
93 Lyle Wm H 
95 Allen Miss Eilen, drsmkr 
Allpn Miss 
. drsmkr 
97 Je!r!.t.y I,'rauk I' 
99 :Sord M..s Surah 
101 M.tcKinnou MI's Isabella 
103 Landon }'Irs E A 
Flsh.'r lofbs J F., mus tchr 
105 Hndel)' E J 
107 }'Iarston Wm P 
109 Huggett Mrs !II A 

ALHAMBRA. n from llou- 
Btead av to Bl09r w, first w 
ot Uund.1s, ward 6- 
Not bnllt on 

ALICI';, w from 2SO Yonge to 
Ternulay, "nrd :j, 
....... .. Xorth Side 
2 Vacant 
6 Avery Thomas. hlksmltb 
N'lpley Ft'lix, r 
8 Stables 
1()-12 Rudd Gpo A &: Co, har- 
ness mfrs 
Ackerman G L 
14 lhaham George 
16 Leavens Hiram H 
18 Avery Thomas 
Davis }'Irs Surah D, r 
20 Hult' John 
Bule 1\ft-s },I A, bdg 
22 Weir !IIrs Frnuees 
22Y., Shuw Wm J 
24 Wlltson \II's Alice 
26 Jackson Edward 11 
28 Scnn :\II'
 .1:1 ne G 
30 BIng Edward 
32 Quinlan Matthew 
34 Burton Jl:ell :\lcD 
311 F.1I'ley Will J 
38 MIIla1"(1 lj M 
40 Hurt :\f,'s :\Iargaret 
Sheridan 'Ym, r 
42 '.raylor Walter 
Ryan :\frs Sarah, r 
44 Lllnlg.1U Miss Annie 
Cullullt Walter, r 
46 Cowun Hichard H 
('rnwtord Henry 
48 Stl"Oug John 1\1 
Erickson :\lts E 
:;0 Gamhle Duvld 
Walsh ThoUlus J 
52 Vucunt 
56 Wulsh Albet-t 
Martin Mrs E A 
58 Jpau l:d,,,"..1 
Dennan JohQ 
60 Deger Joseph 
Mathews A I
, e"p 
Store. H {> 
... .. .... South Side........ . 
1 McGahey Robt J, dentist 
JI; ....tOIl 
lIss Ellen 
Mitchell Wm II 
S1ßnley John 
Adams Alex \V 
Horner 1II1ss M, drslllkr 
Tdne:lr }'lIss K:lte 
Kilby 1IIr8 Sarah 
3 8t John's Hall 
. Alhprt honp end" 
5 I"orsyth AI"nzo, dah'y 
7 Lhlllgstonp n"v((1 G 
9 Anderson J D, mus !chr 
11 MIII:lr Wm 
13 Cuthbert John 

15 Clark Delltal \Ifg Co 
19 Cro\\ ley & Lu{'k"..I',-.d, 
1!J-23 C.'llleron :\If:; ("'''. kt,y 
board mntr8 
l,!lIeen City Ci1"wlllg l..nm 
& Otto ",,"dl-lg Co 
I::imith J HIIII,,
rforj Co. 
Oltg chemists 
25 Hollo,,"y Bellj:tmln 
27 Smith Sanm..1 E 
2!J Hnghill J. mil" Illsts 
31 Simonds :\I..s J.1'te 
33 Black" I'll Mrs 
1 .J 
35 Sandprson Charles H 
39 Md
ll1op Duncfil' 
41 ('lIsllek D:lniel 

 Reynolds Henry 
45 Malonev 
Iartln J 

I.lloney Miss E, dr
47 (;[Illes )irs !IIDry 
4!J Honeywell Jobn 



n · 
55 Cre" Mrs Ann 
57 'Vilsoll :\lrs Sar th 
Ieve..honer JUIi"8 A 
. Downey I tu.. ends 
6; Br.ldlt:y John J 

 A V, e from 263 
Bl"o:uh"lew uv to CoH.o:J av. 
walll 1. 
. . , . " .. ., 
 o"Ih Sid.. . 

[Ol"(>, S e 
!j Dunn John, exp 
10 Scott Joseph 
la Uhl''' s A, potlltoes 
\"".."ut lots 
10 Scott Gt'orge 
IS B,'ines Hobert 
20 e"h ns 'f'homas W 
22 Phillips \VID H 
24 Foden D"vld 
26 Cassidy Frunk J 
Cassidy :\Irs N, d,'>mk
Prh-ate grounds 
.!2 H"binSDn George, conh' 
34 Phllcox J:lml's 
30 },Iacdonuld John A 
38 Leslie James 
40 ('on ie J"mes 
42 Constable Cbar'o's It 
44 Good Jospph 
46 Ferry John 
48 Fost..r Arhngton 
50 Pretty J'lmes 
52 Lew".." Wm G 
54 Chaplain Hobert 
 Pl'hUJll(J"'ull lJu \ id 
56 Siwons Alldrew 10' 
58 Smith Edw.nd J 
1;0 T"n",t Edward C 
1;2 To" n
end Ch:lrlps 
Iorrison Seth 
1)0 Powell Ge....".. 
68 Chestnut F..pd"r'ck C 
;0 Tic.. J Helu'y 
;2 ("onst:l hIe 'Ir
Constah,.. Jame!l 
Firp Hall, s e 
.,. .. ..., South 
;d!' .. 
Store, II e 
7 Heudle Thom:ls W 
!J Bakt''' S"nnIPI 
11 'I'umalt.. John 
13 n..dlpy'I';mnnuel 
('ott Roh..rt A 
l'i I 'anQ Hen..y A 
lpr George 
21 Brod;.. John H 
23 ('01lnter I
25 Mlllpr John S 
27 Ht'tferln
31 Brooks James A 
33 Kelly 
rhom.1s J 
37 Glovpr R. t'xpress 
3<J (,hown 'l'hom:ls E 
41 Norris ))lIniel 
43 Collptt Charles R 
45 Hold!'n 1\lrs Eliza 
47 Douglas John 
49 Grek Wm 
51 Grell!.' Charles E 
53 Howell Bryce 
Vucllnt lot 
63 Wales !IIrs Agneø 
65 Hawker Thomas \" 
67 Smith Jobn F 
69 Gorton 1\1rs Cbu.-Il)tte 

73 Auderson 'Irs S"ral} 
Ii' Uolson George 
79 r;



S A. dr
81 BalTiI,all Aitl""d 
8:1 De' onshlr.. Alfn,d .J 

IA A V, w r....m 'i8 G\.ld- 
stone ';.1\., tu Dutrerlu, wUHI 

. ,. .. ., " North 
itlp . 
2 Store, s e 
8 Johnston Thom:ls 
lu Hnssell John 
12 Hurst 'Vulter J 
14 Wlnt
s I
mery 0 
16 Sfe'"enson Itobprt 
18 Itad"y :\hchael J: 
20 Gray Wm 
22 Hicks !\Irs AnnIe 
24 LiIIlt. James 
Iuldoon James 
28 Euglt'son 'l'hom:ls S 
:!O Alg.lfe :\hs Eliza 
32 1..11 TLlOm
... _ _ _... South 
Store. s e 
7 li""osf'r George 
t\ H:\"klns Ht'nry 
11 H.,JIt.y Gporge 
13 I:rl<<eth 1,:11 
Wllklll 1\flss L, dl"smkr 
hel'pm-d F W 
17 White Uobpl"r S 
19 Wbite Daniel 
21 Crosson .Jucob 
23 l\ldvor wm 
25 Dom\) Robert 
27 Lt' Bl'r Thomas 
Gln::tl"d :\lias M, drsmkr 
2:.! GI""y 'Vm 
31 s.,dl1on 
Irs F l\f, gro 

Al.PHA A y, w trom head ot 
Sack,-lIIe. w.nd 2. 
. .. .. ., .. !\orth Side,. .. ..... 
2 Chinn 
4 81mpson Johll 'V 
'I Elliot 'Vm 
Iead Edw:lrd 
10 Go
s !>1rs Jessie FJ 
12 ("ouelt "-n' 
14 :\Ialtm:\D C W 
16 ('lmndler }O' C 
18 G ra)- George 
outlt Side ......... 
1 flipping Jobn 
3 fI:lniel :\lrs Cbristlna 
;; Fitzpatrick Will 
7 Blnton GeorKe H 
9 C:lrle'\'" 
Irs 1
11 D:lnlël Edwin 
13 ""lIson James 'V 
1;; Potter l\lrs Harr'et 
17 Pellow ChH"elll'e 

A \IE LIA. I' from opp 56'2 
Parllnmcnt to Don River. 
wurd 2. 
." .... 
orth Side 
Store, s e 
12 Flint Ralph 
Iulrh..nd James 
16 l\Iulkln
 Will H 
18 Monughan John 
20 Gaden G"orl:p \V 
22 Lon!,: Albert E 
2S Ypu;<lee 
30 Snmrt Eli 
1'rh'at" !;rounds 
36 TuU }o'rpl1erlek 
38 O'BriplI John J 
Idnlosh :\Irs ADn 
nears I,: J S 
42 WllIIums Frank 
48 Gardiner Richart! B 
50 Collar.1 Walter 0 
;;2 :\lolrhead Daniel 
54 Brett Forster C 
56 Allen \\"m H 
I R, drømkr 
58 De Hart Thomas E 
62 Hedgt's Benj:lmln 
134 Ha" tin G..orge W 
G6 Beaver Bro". plstrs 
Bpa,er Hellry R 
68 Coker Johll T 
70 Cullen Henry 
72 Lepper Frederick H 
74 Rouse Isr..el G 

;fJ Dean Edwnrd T 
. S.lck,-iIle sl mtersects 
íh CI".mtJeld I.: S, drugs 
t>O Kln
 He, Charles W 

:: Sbler Snmuel 'V 
lrs Yargaret 
hfJ Smith Henry W 
I>S Bird Edmulld J 
!JO H.1rrlson Hobert, contr 
!J2 Lewis Wulter I
, bldr 
34 SOlllers 
Prh ute 
100 Fogel Herman H W 
lit..lJeli \lr

liss I., mus tcbr 
]n4 Do" dell George C 
lO'i Coop.'r'es It 
Icl'herson AIl.\D 
110 Ashenbul"st AI..".mder 
112 Fortner C II C 
114 (;oss I1..nry A 
nfô Il1lù) \\"111 
120 Cullin ell John It 
I.lcklin John. coli 
]21\ Elford Wm H 
1:JS B.ttln..h J.llnes E 
];;0 Knowlton Joseph 
13:4 Gorrie J.tJnes 
]:\4 neck Thomas ,V 
(j t.:reen Josppb 
Iert,,"q r..ank W 
142 Scott Fr:Inds G 
144 n.1 [;e I' Alùert 
HI> I:rz John 
14S Bro" n 
I rs Catherine 
,2 1....II.,y ,V HO":lrd 
. Snm.1cb st Intersects 
Vacullt lot
154 Huttull Johu W 
1:,.1 l{oll
h 'lI
s E. drsmkr 
];;S \\"ril:ht TlJoma8 
lüO Lewi, !;:llIIlIel 
lli2 Fleming 
Irs Isabel 
,__.... '. I"outh Sitl.. ..'...... 
Wood \"ard. s e 
!J Uusspli :\lrs [o;,ther ID 

l..Gr.1th },Irs Ann 
11 COI rlgall Hlchard 
13 A)"1II01l::- Hoek A 
1';-. St.' Jt.'reluluh . 
17 "o
t Xurln..\n rr 
J!J I'h,lOdler Alù!'rt E 
l'rh..ltt. grounds 
It,tc.,ife al 
l'. S '=' 
, Steph..nson Jobn E 
3; Lee Allretl H 
! Thollla
 PhlllV J 
4l Wu...1 Wm E 
Ia..tln Fr..derlck 
tiles Edn ill f' 
4; IJt'al'on D Ch:lrles 
4!' I'ost Ch.trles \Y 
;;1 HIt..blnsnll JO$eph S 
e. S f-' 
. Sack,"ille st Intersects 

peers Hob"rt M 
hi I.....dlnaud L 
tm 'l.
Iurg.ln C 
111 Ihbltsoll .J.ln-I
!J:\ Hn"ball Robert 10' 
U;; 1.0\'1' ""alter 
U7 D.lck Frederick 
!J!J Unl'kln Hnrry 
101 Lee Hlch,ull 
103 GilJsOlt Johll 
10:-' Howl.ltt 
Irs Ada 
Jlldge Gem'l:" H 
lOi Camvhpll (;eorge F 
109 Price Johll I" 
111 AI'mstron:!, Thomas 
n;J Lllt"us John J 
11:> Ch..yne Wm 
IHI Harry Joseph 
121 SlItherland Chrlstopber 
l<'f)ou:lld J obn 
127 J..nes \Irs 1':lIzuheth 
129 Wolfe 
Irs \I. gro 
Wolfe Alfrpd E, bnker 
133 Dewe Georl:e 
13;; Anderson \Irs JennIe 
137 Gearon Edward 
J39 Pearce '''m. com mer 
141 Allen 
lrs Margaret 
143 :\lulllgan James 
. Sumach 9t Intersects 
X"cropolls I:rounds 
](;4 Gl"Hhalll S.lmuel W 

. . ae-97 
. The JAS. 1\10RRISON t:)RASG MFG. CO.,'ed. ADELAIDE ST. VI. . 

We Make a FULL 

A Office 
or Actual in SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITINO. I TH08. BENGOUGH, C.8.R.. Pre.ident. 

AJ1croft Place. 



AIKEN HEAD HARDWARE OO. \ Cear & Milling Outters, \ FAIRBANKS 
6 Adelaide St. E. 'PhoIl88òand,104 FINE MACHINISTS' TOOLS. Scales and Valves. 

Sherbourne n. first s of 
Maple av, ward 2, 
.... .... North Side .. 
Not built on 
. . ' .. .. '. South !':ide ......... 
3 Da\-Ies Mrs Emilie T P 
DavIes Miss E L. mus tchr 
5 Henderson James 

AXlJEHSO:\, w from opp 113 
lty a\ to M"Canl, 
nard 4, 
. . .. .... North Side .. 
2 Uargrea \.es John 
4 Greeu \\ m S 
6 Stokes Mrs 
8 CUlllmlu!:s :\Irs Catherine 
10 Fournier CaJ:etan 
Ortlce, 8 e 
. Simcoe 5t Intersects 
Toronto -B & :u Co, s e 
Lumber yard 
28 Hn:lenle Carpet Cleaning 
. William st Intersects 
House, s e 
40 Snnderson "'m \V 
Linton Mrs :\Iary 
4:1 Qululnn J..mes 

 Upade 'f'homas 
46 Stnl!lI: Wm 
48 Smltb Frederick E 
{j0 Lewis Isnae H 
52 S"ltzer 
Irs Kettle 
. Store, s e 
... .. .... South f.:lde ,...... 
3 Black 
Irs l\Iargaret B 
House, s e 
. Simcoe st Intersects 
Ilou:5e! s e 
21 Jobnston :\Irs Harriet 
23 Grogan :\Irs :\ellle 
2.. MUll,by Patrick 
'J:1 De\ Ine I.' ra nk, bkr 
:!9,I.'o!:lpr :\Iorrls. jwlr 
De\ Ine I.'rnnk 
Store. s e 
. WIlliam st Intersects 
Stol'e, S D 
3!J 8no\,,'on Hev \\'01 H 
41 Kenuy \\'111 
43 Sbouldlce S.lIuuel 
45 IIrookstein f.:inal 
4i Doug-Ias Walter S 
49 She.II'ns 'I'homas 
53 GltfOld :\Irs Ellz.tbeth 
5:ï 'rohln C James 
5i COllertlll Thomas W 
59 Dan:5ulI (suRe 

AX:>;E, e from 431 Yonge to 
Mntual, wartl 
"" "" !l:orth Side 
2 Uiggs James 
Methodist Church. 1" e 
24 And..rson :\Irs R \V bdg 

n\'tler !llIss A, el
I'rh.n tl' I:"ound
40 Gorrell Lewis 
42 Hell 
Irs J.;mlll....hdg 
Melnm's !lti
s K, drsmkr 
42% Fitzp:tt..iek John P 
I"\!zl);,lrlt'k :\fiss :\I.drsmkr 
44 Enwr}' Mrs Barbara 
40 Tbompson Jllmt's 
48 Dnllniu
 Charles A 
50 Rollins",. John 
52 Snell Olh'e.' J 
Id\:('own :\Irs I
56 Voddl'n Ruht'rt 
58 Krieger H""man 
CO Climpson 
Irs S J 
64 Chlll.tler Thpophlle 
66 Mp(}1:l :\Irs :\Iargaret 
i2 Shapter 
74 Roden GMrge E 
i8 SuJ\ Patrick. eabs 
House. s e 
. Chureh st Intersects 
HOllse. s e 
Vaeant lot 
98 Sherlllan \Vllson 
3.00 Brul'n :\Irs 
10:! Crnlekshank Alex R 
106 Detcher Will J 
108 Kenney J E, drsmkr 

1 A, drsmkr 
110 8le"')1 t Wm 
It:! Gr.lUt John B 
lId<1leton John 
lltj Ua,\,"son James A 
të\\ art :\Irs Heiell 
120 Martin AIl'xander 
" --..... South Slde...._ 
Storl'. s e 
1 Honse, s e 
3 Buckingham & Boyle, reg- 
Istry office 
ham Miss F 
Boyle 1\IIss C 
5 Wilson W:lllace 
7 Or.n-I'>< H C 
9 Doble George W 
11 Good Harry J 
13 Marks Ira 
1;) \V\I1son Ferdinand C 
H-l!J Vacant 
21 Ca ve :\1I's Edys 
25 Wardt'n Mrs Elizabeth 
2!J Partridge Wm G, pntr 
3:{ Bonner ,TosPVh 
37 Brown II I' 
39 Hodge Wm 
I<'l'hprson Jo
43 ",orton Lester 
47 Crotty Hemy A 
49 Xeal) Edwald 
51 Hn wklns 1\IIss Susie 
53 GllIesplp James 
55 Pieree Miss Funny 
57 Talt Wm C 
59 En!:lIsh ti NI'ISon 
61 1\l\In Uobert 
63 Sherlock RQbcrt 
65 O'Connor John 
1\7 Malln Svlvester 
71 Ynkes Ãbrnham 
i3 Barry J .me 
75 (;\11 Josl'ph II 
i7 Doyle Berna..d J 
i!J Stnrk John 
81 Ross Alex G 
Store. i: D 
. Church st Intersects 
StOI"P a g ø 
!J;; fl" dson :\Iark 
!J7 CO"" John H 
tltI nene Alfred 
101 'rrempe 
Irs J:lne 
]03 Trott Alhert J 
10;; Hice :\1'1vl:lnd A 
107 Wade H..lph C 
10!! Gilpin Hlchard 
]O'.Jlh \\'pnslpy James 
113 Swnftleld 'Irs A. IndlY 
115 B..eeh 1\Ir
Bpe"h Ui

 .\, drsmkr 
117 \\'enslev Jnmps (' 
Iadlll . Aaron 
121 Coates Lorne 

AHa, I.E. \\ from 1!J-1 Shaw 
to Gladstone ,)\'. w'l1'ds 5 
pnd (t 
. . , . . . . " ",..rth 
2 :\Idntosh Wm lJ 
4 Wij!gins :\ieholns 
1\ Hewat :\Irs Mary 
8 Austin George 
10 I:ihson Frlluk L 
12 Cu,.tis Etlw.Il'd J 
I<-EI\\ain S.llllUel C 
ItJ I'jehtt Thomas 
18 :\lacCalhun Archlb'lld 
Iorrison J oh n 
22 Trow....n Peter '1' 
2" l'ete"lIIl1n Alfred E 
28 Cla.k John 
:10 I1alllldorf John 
;{2 Hu
1lI Charles 
. I:h en
 st Interseds 
:\4 Snpl!:rove Geor::-e F 
:\11 Hald\\in Alex H 
:18 nplJ Andrew n 
40 Steen Samuel 
42 Small Thomas 
4-1 1.00'ke .Tohn H 
4G Wray Thomas J 
48 ('m'roll John 
50 HlIrst Josepb E 
r.2 'l'avlor Charlc" B 
54 Keily C
56 Hnnt :\Irs 
1 I.. fey !(tIs 
Dnncan !\Irs 
I. nurse 
;;()'h Smith Wm H 

56 Bleknpll OeOlge A 
. lJundas "t Intersects 

tol"e. s e 
1c1 ean Geo A 
,;2 W:,dd..11 George D 
G4 Smith Henry 
GG Burrough..s James H 
G8 rUing Jobn 
1..Cosk..le John A 
72 l'rinee He11'el t 
i-1 Hamid John 
itJ \\ n tts c.:b....le
i8 Dobbin F1"ederlck C 
60 1\Ianderson Alexander A 
82 It \ ,..s Thomas G 
8G C;i.Ulìn Jolm 
88 1\Iemory 
s .\ 
'h.tJJor)' T A, mus tchr 
90 \' John H 
!12 Smith Jumes A 
tI-1 l\:t.lly .T.IIllI'S 
!l6 Ford Henry 
!l8 Cont.tenuy ï-: II 
100 Whlll:lllS J..mð! 
"-hill:tns .1< ('0, contI'S 
106 Ingleson Geor,!,e 
110 H:t1"ris C;eorge 
112 Hell Jo.eph it 
114 Ha vward :\Irs Eliza 
116 l\l;.i,tin Hl'rbe.-t S 
118 rew Hem'v 
120 H:trt"eU AÎ.tllUr H 
122 'Inrra) C11.trles \V 
']2-1 Ilibhert Johu C 
126 Demps!l'r John jr 
128 Campbell mehard 
130 Stevens G..orge 
1:\2 I'cndrh'k :\11"S Hal"rlet 
VB Baird 
11 s J :\ 
1:\6 Tmner James 
138 DetJJp.ter Johu 
. Do\ e1"coll1"t I'd intersects 
Baptist Chureh 
142 ('rookshank 
Irs Eliza A 
B-1 Hobillson Geor
HG Cros
I:Jnd Joseph A 
11S Behan Jeremiah 
,0 Lt'!:1! Mr
J:í2 \tldu:"ull J:lln
" S 
1;;-1 Quinn Mrs Anu 
15Cj L"e John \V. d.lh'y 
. Li'J::lr st IntersecU 
1;;S nt'll Ue1lt'y C 
1';0 Pht'nlx Ehenezer 
11;4 Cullllm \Irs Eliz 
1"11111101 :\11<< }I C, drsmkr 
It;li \I"Rae D It 
170 \11I1"phy 
Ieho"'s C 
172 C.>rhett \\'"m 
lit1 \\ïlson PHtrlc'k T 
17S Knrtz John :\ 
. n..nt'oll<f!eld uv luterscct!! 
11'.11 :\1<'Qlllllen Edw:trd J 
2 \\'"orkman \\'m J, bldr 
18-1 :\1It<'hpll 
lSI1 :\ortJJ:tu ' :-. 
1f-8 Terll'lI Wm T 
1!IO I'l'ttet J"5l'ph C 
1!'2 1'.1I11p1>ell GeCl1"ge 
t!I-1 Edj!a1" .101m 0 
1!)(ì [1..1"1"' HpI\l'V r 
1!1<' !:1It\.ih Alt.I:1"t I 
200 Itu.i<:l'rs \"-s Jennie 
20.12 "".-lTer 
aruh A 
20-1 IItrcb A G T 
2()(õ-8 Dllde Da \ hI. htl'br 
. ",ortbcote :n' Intersects 
Store. s " 
212 \'.'eant shop 
Storp. s e 
. . . . . . . .. .soutb .side 
1 Xelson S.unuel 
11l, "'"slev John r 
3 Jus!:lh H 
5 I'orter Charles 
7 Hutt 1';lam 
!) Ln1el'
l)n .:rhomns 
11 I'olla.'d :\Irs Frances 
13 ThotJJp
on "'m J 
f'ubltc <chool. s e 
. Gi\ l'n
 st Intersects 
Store. .. e 
35 \"ae:lnt 
. Argyll' pi t'nds 
39 \lc'Inrray S 
. hosiery 
41 S('\'t'nth D..} .\dVllltiStS' 
43 Jordan Johu 
!;1 Store, s e 

. Dundas st Intersects 
Store, 8.e t 
55 Taylor Henry, expre.. 
5i Scriver Robert J 
59 Taylor Hubert E 
61 Stuart James 
63 :\Iatson John B, bldr 
65 \Iuckleston Mrs AnnIe 
67 Wright Thomas D 
6!J Cook HUKh "'I 
71 Wllrner George E 
73 T..ylor Jobn S 
75 Sou It's Walter 
77 Aylett Thomns 
7i ' , Gibson Hobert 
7!J EdwlIrd H 
7!Jth Learmonth John F 
81 Jobnston George 
83 McManus John 
85 Whitely ItIehard 
87 HopklllS Wm H 
8!J Booty Rohert H 
91 Hazlett nobe1"t 
Icbol:ts "'Irs Harriet 
95 Emmptt Charles L 
117 lJunnan John 
!J!J Gray M..s 1\Iaria 
103 Bro\\ n Richard 
105 Reid George A 
107 Scott Ad:lm W 
100J Orlftln John 
Hugbes MIs C. nurse 
113 Le lJukl' Josepb 
117 Levi 1\11 s Sophia, (.,.al 
I evl Judah 
121 Cliff Old Jpsse 
125 T':astiey 
lr8 M A 
127 Faragher James 
12!1 J oney 
Irs J.:llzabetb 
131 Heffe.. James E 
1:13 Louie Charle8, Indry 
1:1;; Heffer James E. fey gel. 
Glauelll L )<' 
Ferry \Vm, I' 
lynn Joseph. r 
Britton Rohert, I' 
Storp, s e 
. Dovereourt rd Intersect. 
House, So e 
1-17 Peters ehrlstopher S 
U!I Hill Flank I 
]51 I'colll'lI Frederi..k \'" 
153 Hohb George 
1;;5 Brum John H 
157 Chapmun T K 
159 Hughston James 
ItJl Stít'kells 0 '1', E' 
:H' st interse
 Orr UoJbert. gro 
'h F..wtrell 1-1 J. 
11\5 Hit-hartlson Thomas 
167 Trimble Mrs WilhelmIna 
lr.!J Sehn,'lder Alex R 
171 l'uterson D J :\1 
173 AlpXßutler S R. bldr 
 B M, m... 
175 Grah..m 
I:lrgar"t L 
177 little J.mws 
e. fii t' 
. nl'aeon-tlpld av intersect.- 
. s (' 
li9 Gllrlnist John C 
181 lIallor.1ll l'atrit-k .J 
lR:! !':mlth Wm 
11'5 A rmsuong \V In J 
187 Wehb "e....y. coal oil 
1&!J :\ o>lson Unber! 
1!11 Burnl'tt Gpor::-e I' 
19:3 Wheeler Hobert 
1!1;; "'ndds Gp.!rge, gro 
197 \I('Gnrvln J )<;, drugs 
. :\ortbcote D" Interseet. 
HilI Tittprlngton Jas, gro 
205 1I1gham Thoma.. 
!':torl', s p 

,\RG\ I E I'r., n from 24 Bru_ 
to Atl!) I... ward ;;. 
. .' __ .. _. I-::I"t f.:ide 
Siaugllter house 
31 Gourle\ 1"'.:lC B 
33 \lellruy 
:\;; TIIU
' . Albert 
37 ])on.tldsoD \\'m 

. .. .., ... Wt"'t 
e. s e 
:\ot built ou 


Head Office, - Toronto. 
d. K. MACDONALD. fI1anaglng DIrector. 



AIUI0IlY, w from 69 Chestnnt 
to University av, ward 3. 
u.. .... Nortb Side 
Store, s I' 
osen Samuel 
.. Culbert Edgar E, dentist 

 Luhelsky Morris 
8 'I'eldl Ha,-id 
11) Hocllllek Josepb 
. ('entre av conum'nces 
110118(>, S e 
82 Crouden Ww 
.34 Gelber Leo 
3G House. ø " 
...,,'... Soutb Side 
Armory. s e 

AIt\IOUIt, n w rrom King w 
10 Abl'lI, first I' or Ibe snh 

ay, wards 1; and G, 
. __. "" Nortb Side .. ....., 
Asylnm gronuds 
. I,isgar st commences 
LumLer yard 
. .. ,_ . ... Soutb Side .'.. " . _ . 
Diamond Glass ('0 Ltd 

AIlMSTRO:-lG A \', w :rtJID 
Vul'terln to II
lJnll(>rson In-, 2 
11 of Bloor w. "ltrd 6. 
_... __,. North Side 
Store. s I' 
4G Guest I,'mnci" 
61 Leeder It & Son. contrs 
Leet1er Uobprt 
f!2 Leed,'r Tbos 1<:. l'roduel' 
i.01'! \'alt' George W 
116 Moul.. R F. dlliry 
_ ,: .. .. .' South Side ,..".,... 
47 Rohluson Henry It 
1H nutt Geor!;.' 
D3 Sht'dJun IÞaniel 
103 Malouey Johu 
. Dav Wm 
im l'l';.ryman \\"01 J 

An'IY T1
RnACE. ø fl"om a 
fauc. hl'tween 31 RD.t :19 
McMurri..b. ward 3. 
. . , - . . . " 1';.I>..t Side 
Not buIlt on 
"',.-.., Wpst Sltll' 
I Hur"t !':ltfilupl 
2 Armstrong Hohert II 
S Saunders Georl:p 
.. Giroux Louis 

 SmllR1ers Henry 

OI.]) A V. n fr."" 54 
's.)-denham to Wilton ai\", 
'",ani 2. 
. . . , , . . _. East Side ......... 
House. 8 D 
.. Regent av eommences 
Honse. s e 
Vneant lots 
.. St Dln'ld sl Inler,;ect
House, s P 
Vacant lots 
.40 Priestly Wm 
.til Web her lIfrs alary 
Bouse, 8 e 
. .' '..... W lost Sldl' 
House. s to 
2 WlIllams Philip 
4 West Wm 
G Highfield 1tlr
 M."'" ,\ 
Vacant lots 
2H Moddy Jame
M Ford Geor!:.. 
3'J Beanli.h 
Honse. s I' 
.. St Da,ld st Inter","cts 
House. s I' 
.co Muir l"rellcrick II 
..9 Arnold Geor1:e 
'4 Muir air" Elizn'Leth 
46 Armstron
 lIIrs 1.:Uz.\ 
48 Sproule George I.' 
1\0 Johnston Wm N 
=:>2 Smith Wm 
M Stnbbs SnlUnel 
GEl Stevenson Da\"ÍlI 
M l'eUow Jobn 
en Swain 'Vm I> 

 Goselln 'I'hullln' 
House, s p 

AUTHUR, w rrom liP} 341 
ß,\thurst to ])un".\
. ward 
.... ..,. Xortb Side 
Store, s e 
G Lnpl'age Geor&-e 
8 LYIIIl HeUl'Y S 
10 l\:ennedy Jumes 
J2 l';u'ringlon ""m jr 
14 Kll1d Henry 
J{j IIIcGhlll Jo"rnneis 
18 Mansell J G. LIch" 
llIrkham tit IIJteâ..
20 Walkel' Jonn. g.-o 
22 Mitchell Michael. frnlt 
24 },iceIJee lIIrs 1'; !If 
28 MeKennd Wm G 
:10 Jackson \Vm 
:12 lIullon U'm. 
lcll..t1ry Hem-y J 
36 Bit II II.. Campbell 
38 Anderson 'Vm 
Anderson \' J E. n\\'
40 Lee John l' 
42 ßOti<l
 Wm A 
44 Dolen Edw...",I. b"lr 
4'; Ij"l::'r
u.son JauU'
48 Hymns 
.I'almerston n, Intersc..ts 
50 Luttrell !\II''' IO:sther. 1("" 
;'2 Atl...m
oll Alex 
54 Whlttt'm Wm 
58 ('Inrk lIa,-id. plo1hr 
02 nennett 
Irs A. dry gds 
Ianspll Hlch.lrd 
!\Iansell '-II':; (' A. fey gds 
66-';8 Selh, 
Irs K ('onry 
' ßenj.tmin L 
72 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 
. IO:nclld a.- Intersects 
74 Harron Hpnry. winO's 
7tt Herlrnm Wm G 
78 I1rown '-Illton ". 
';0 ElIIolt Unhprl D 
,,2 Walker 
Ir' l' 
84 Jobnston Wm 
811 Gr,,,' Geo 
8H !-:t:..iley .Tamp,.. 
!to '-[('(',mle.. A 10: 
!!:J IUle,' Win n 

\4 Joilliston Wm I.' 
!18 Jobnston F & Co, coal 
{annlng a,' inter..ccts 
Store, s I' 
100 Stewart Artbur, ðour 
102 Topping lIfrs E. gro 
Topping ""Ie bolas 
Store. s I' 
. ('I..remont st Intersectø 
10-1 lIIe])onald Mrs M J 
110 Sharpe Wm J 
112 Durlt' \Vm 
 111 rs lIf. gru 
. s " 
. Upllwoods nv Intersects 
1211 Henderson J T. j\"ro 
122 Rawlinson G J, btebr 
Newsom I..OUlfii 
121 Hell1.. 
]20 Vacant 
]28 JIIudford Hl'nry 
1:J0 Pa
't'" Wm 
]32 Morri, T R 
Vneant Int" 
. Gr:u.'p st t"onnuences 
1,,4 !\IeCkll:md W J. cnltlp 
1:;(; '-{cComh Samne1 11 
1:;S Wbite John 
Vacont 10tB 
. Beatrlee av Commencp" 
]74 Vacant 
176 MeDonahl Jobn A 
O WalInce David 
Vacant lots 
18R Riddle Wm 
IS'! Kennedy Charles G 
100 RIx Frånk. I::ro 
RIx Miss Eliz, drsmkr 
. Sully st cmnmene('s 
Vaennt lots 
. Crawford st IntprsPt'I' 
Vncant lots 
. Shaw st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
looney RIcbard 
2f:2 Mneklln :Mrs Snrah A 
2tH Dickson Wm W 
2dn I.ndlow E.lw.lrd .1 


2ü8 Woolsey CburleB A 
270 Ulcbes W1I1 H 
272 Tripp 31r.. \II A 
. GI.-ens I<t Intersects 
Private gronn4ls 
200 Hudgins J R, borBeshr 
Vacant 10t8 
300 Vaeant 
-- "'" South Sl<1e ......... 
Bouse, s e 
1 NDxon A, phy and drngs 
5 Bentley Alhert E 
7 Goodwin MrB Jane 
II .Jobnson Cbas, sboemkr 
15 MeConm'lI John 
McConnell A E. drsmkr 
Store, " I' 
. Markbam st Inlersects 
21 Kettle Snmuel, eoufy 
23 Davenport David 1'.lI'her 
2::; Westun Waltpr. bkl. 
211 I':nrlght Thomas n 
33 Hall ThomaB 
35 LaroBp Arthur, tlr 
37 Ryan Jobn J, tinsmith 
:{!< Anderson Mrs Annk 
41 Ross MisB 1\1 R, conr, 
4:1 Summers David H 
45 MItchI'll E M, fancy gds 
Mltpbell Chn rles 
47 Gallaher Chorleø I' 
oj!! Reid Mrs ElI7.abe
51 Robb Wm, bid" 
. Palmprston nv Interseets 
Store. s 
53 Deverell C lIf 
57 Drohan MrB Mary C 
59 Spencer James B 
59',1, Cohen A, sec hd gds 
61 Wrlgbt Hnrry, sbopmlh' 
G3 IWlott 'Wm A, pnt!" 
65 HurlIng C E, plct'lres 
69 Gardiner Davld 
71 Chapman R, borse dlr 
Store. s I' 
. Euelld a\" Interse,.t. 
73 Apted Edwin 
79 Song Kee, Indry 
81 Hagnn Pntrle\;; 
83 Co('kll1lrn Alpx 
83',1, BI'ennan lIfrB 111. coury 
85 Stewart IIIrs I. 
87 Algar Wm, barb.... 
89 O'Brien Jobn D 
!II Ahbpy James H 
 Rowland Mrs E 
Uowland Wm 
. Manning av Intersects 
95 Stnha Mrs Bile... 
fl5'Æ, Walsb Wm, sbnemkr 
97 (,Iarke Jobn 'V, harber 
. ('Iaremont st Intersects 
Vapant lots 
113 ("oilier 'J'homnA b 
1 Hi 1"nrnel' Wilt J 
Vneant lots 
. Hellwoods a,' h;tprSt..:t5 
Vacant lots 
. Gorevale ends 
Vacant lots 
143 Wltlton J. dlth'y 
145 Brown :>;Iebola", 
147 Beattie Wm 
151-157 Vacant (4) 
. Crawford Bt Inter'iCCts 
Bellwoods Park 
. Sltnw st intersects 
2:;5 Milnes Jobn 
.!I Henderson JameS 
21;] Hnpklp 'l'hos S 
Prh'at.. grouuds 
279 Tarllng Arphlbald 
2"1 Hurd Alhert J 
2.<<3 Wellø Albt-rt 
285 Tbonrton Uob..rt 
287 Bntler John S 
289 Goddard John A, cartage 

ASHRY PL. n from 498 King 
e, ward 1. 
. . . '. . . " East Side 
Store, B I' 
1 1.'lInt Wm C 
2 Hnrnes \Vm 
3 Adnms Alhert 
4 Adams npOl"ge 
5 Hoskin ('t'phus W 
(; Poole 1II,'s lII,uy A 
7 Admns James 

8 Hughes Wm 
I) Beaton IIIrB Cbrlstlnll 
10 Cavanagb Peter )l 
n Stokes J':dward P 
12 Clark Charles W 
,_....,.' West Side 
rrivate grounds 

ASHPOIt'I' A V, n rrom nrar 
1-100 Queen 1', ward L 
. ., '. .. " Ea"t Side ......... 
Not hullt on 
....,.,.. \Vest Side ..... __ 
Meth Cl1uteb, s r 
Cupps F D, tallow factol"T 

 AV. w from reer ot 
154 Sherld;tn av to Brock 
nv, wm'd G- 
........, ""orth Side ......... 
10 Mt'J,aren Arnold R 
12 Smith Chnrles 
H ('ouitier ("l1m'le8 W 
Hi J..mleson JIIrs Letitia 
18 Sparleott Edward E' 
20 Buvers John A 
22 IlpÎnn.tnt Geor,::e 
2-1 ("ullen Jatnf.
..uth Sidp 
HOllse, s r 
1 Hauna Wm 
:I Hurns Jobn T 
5 Todd 1'-ran('IB W 
7 Gnlln
hpr \Vm .J 
!I Mc
elce Rnhert 
11 Corrl
ltII 'Vm 
13 HplTron \Ym 
1;; Railey Alfred A 
17 Whale Thomaø 
19 Cook Wm (' 
21 Cook John 
2'J C'arter Daniel 
110llse, 9 I' 

ATLANTIC AV. n rrom G T 
R tra('ks to King w, ftl'llt 11' 
of Suhway, wards Ii and tI. 
.. . " --.. East Side __'...... 
Not built on 
. .. , . . . __ \\" est Side ,........ 
:14-36 Flueb Wood Pres and 
ralnt Co 
Vncant lots 
Fnetory, B I' 
. Uherty st Intprsectø 
I;() St Davld's Wlue Growe.... 
Co, wlne8 
Vacant, lots 
112 ('Iarke John jr 
Vaeant lots 
Factory, ø I' 

AUDLEY AV, .. frlllll 21. 
Pape av, ward I, 
.....'... North SIde "... 
Honse, 8 e 
24 Rouse Samllel J 
26 Annlng l
- " . . . ... South Side 
HOllse, B I' 

AUGUSTA AV, n frolli 180 
St Plltr...k to ColIe
e. ward 
. , . .. .. .. Ea "t Sldp __. __ .. . . 
1 Dow A M, drn
3 McSweeny James D 
Ii Hawtln Wm J 
7 (,hntpm Jnmes 
\I Gnrdner "m 
11 Cral
13 J\noruer JO"t'ph H 
15 Chapman Jos..pb W 
Oke JnmeB H. r 
17 Wlllla",,,ol\ MrB Mar,. 
ROdger Jobn, r 
19 l'oldt,..ill Mis" L, ðtHmkr 
21 Smith Da viii G 
 IUd", rdson Wm J 
25 nrpenway Frederick W 
27 ('owl..y John 
2!1 Rlapk Alexnndpr 
33 Ha.-lIand Samuel 
35 Grant ThomaB S 
37 Sm\"th JaUles F 
311 Ellôtt Wm M 
41 Simpson Henry 
43 DRVI" CharleB 
45 Holdpu MrB IiJlrrlet 

S he rm a n E T S e n d Public Accountant, Audiror and AssigD88, 
. own , 





Augusla .:\.\'. 

41 Andrews Frank B 
49 Bunker George 
Bunker Miss S, drsmkr 
61 Cbenoweth IUcbard 
113 Ja('kson Wm S 
M McArthur James 
67 Dodge Oscar F 
ð9 Lyncb Wm 
61 Davidson ltlrs MarR'aret 
65 Mundy Henry 
67 Brockbank Wm 
69 ColIIer Wm 
71 l\It'/'ht'rsou -J"m
73 Plnmb James 
75 lIottomley :5 J. hIllr 
77 GIlchrist Wm J '1' 
7D I.ukt'man Jamps H 
81 Gadsby Wm 
811.1. l\IpKague A 
>, coal 
. Haldnin st ends 
sa Brennand George 
S5 Robinson Il"t...rt '.r 
8. HolIInger Jõbn W 
89 Gadsb\ f'rt'derl"K \\' 
herm'un Thomas 
93 Clftrke lIfrs Annie M 
95 Miller George 
97 Mulloy Jnmes J 
99 Deverloaux John J 
101 Cumming John 
103 Robinson Jobn, gro 
. Sassan 
t intersects 
105 Sneath Fred S, gro 
107 Robertson Ua...ld E 
10:.1 Rlalr t'rnn'" J 
111 Kekewich Gporge B 
113 Morris Mrs Chulotte 
11;; Kilner Ednnrd 
117 McKay David 
119 Hicks Wm 
121 Sbaw Jab.." 
123 Willougbby Charles 
12;;-7 Dent Mrs Bessie I, gro 
.Oxtord st intetsecrs 
12\'-:n ra"tory, s I' 
133 McKnlfiht (
135 Walls 1' H 
137 Ht'nderson John 
139 Holman Cbarles L 
HI Auchlncloss Wm A 
143 Acheson James 
145 }.Iurley John W 
147 Rrowu Uoh"rt 
149 Prescott 
It.s Jo:Iizabetb 
1;;1 F\'encb Hugh 
15:1 Anderson J A (' 
};)5 I5heppa rd J (tbn 
157 [)alhv Gt'orge C 
159 f'onley James \V 
}'H nnrmim Jaml's I,' 
COli I otlke. s e 
-- , " West Sirt" ..,...... 
Honse. s e 
14 Sykes J.1mes 
I'; Eastman Chnrles ^ 
18 TÜlly Helll... J 
20 Ihdson Cha;'I..s 
tnlker ('olin J 
24 I{oster Matthe", J 
House, s p 
. Bellevue pi commences 
Denison sq 
Honse, s I' 
00 Flegehen Charles H 
Parsons'z. dairy. r 
Bracewell A A, r 
ö:! Porter Gporgl' A 
64 Calder Miss A 
M Macann ?>Irs A f' 
5S AblJtt GeorJ!p W 
60 McDougall }.(Jss J,lIIel 
62 "-IcCulloch Henry W 
G4 Hmltb Jnn1l's A 
C"-; Gale Wm J 

8 Chnlklpy RklJ:trd jr 
,0 X"ash Alhert F. 
12 Corner Edwnrd. contr 
76 Wehh Frederick 
78 Moore T
80 Clnrk Wm 
84 M"Kpe Alexanlter 
88 Vacant store 
I'leet Frederl('l... exrJress 
as9au "t Intersects 
00 Vacnnt 
92 Dunn Miss 1\Inr.,. 
94 BabIngton E R.-I\rchltect 
00 Corti Cesare 
98 Sloper Thomas M 
Berthond Mme E. drsmkr 
100 Lockhart ausp Annie 

102 Chand II''' Frederick S 
104 Peter August J. b.lker 
108 Ramsden J A 
110 Jo'orsvtb John K 
House, 8 e 
. Oxtord st Intersects 
House, s 
112 Le Bar W\11 f' 
Hnrvey !\Iiss S A. drsmkr 
114 }'lolr James 
116 Dancy Arthur U 
Forbes James, r 
118 Laur Edgnr L 
Laur Wm B. com me. 
I 120 
lncMIII..n John H 
12-\ MenzIes Mrs J.lllet 
1211 SrafIord Mrs Ann 
128 Fletcber Hev W Pe
I 1:\0 RUPCl-t Cbarlp!! Ii: 
132 !\IarshaIl Jobn R, bldr 
134 Asblee Wm 
136 Dnllas Mrs Hannah 
138 Watt '.rhos, bIlrsmlth 
Store. s I' 

ACSTIX" A". I' from 305 Pape 
av to J01"'
 .n. "ardl. 
_ . __ __., X orth Side .. 
2 Gra
' Walter. gro 
.Jo Pettit John E 
6 O.-el'ladc Chri
tian S 
Ii Booth Alhert 
lrs S..rab 
1:1 Cra" turd Walter L 
H '.rnggart Thomas R 
16 8lmllion<ls Alfred 
18 Hopi Wm 
24 SrrugneIl ,T aUles H 

tl D.....idson "'alter 
3:1 Green Alfred 
40 DelI John A 
42 Uurston Robert 
4-1 Ho\\"ell Wm 
-IS St Dennis '''m 
;)0 Jaw.'s J Howell 
M Smith Etlnard 
56 Peake Olh er 
. , .. . .. .. South 8ide ..,...... 
Store s " 
15 f'1I1I,,'roi }'Irs Carollnp 
17 Wt'llIug. Georg" 
2:> "'hitI' Wm 
27 Hr...ant Herbert W 
29 Co,,'ling Peter W 
31 (;Ibboll' George 
33 T-:Hlott Habert H 
35 Hili Hobert 
37 !':mlth Ednnrd J 
41 Lyncb Jerellliah 
51 Lynch 'liss No.... 
53 Saunder
 Wm II 
55 Donovall Patrick 
57 Smart Th('mns 
;;9 In Ing Wm 
A Vf
 PL. " trom 10-1 
Hazelton ,1\' to Avenue rd. 
ward 3_ 
. ... .... North Side , 
1 s e 
10 Sohle ThQmas H 
lc'licha('1 A F 
14 Glhblns luke H 
111 Kcrr J H S 
18 Honeysett James S 
20 Sha" Jumes 
Z! "'atson James A 
2-1 Clarke Hobert 
House. s I' 
'. -- __ __. Soulh Sll1e __. 
1 Harnootl tInrrv S 
11 Brown Re... Alfred 
St I' .\11 I' s 'Ietn Ch. s I' 

A n
XrE ltD. n from 170 
Bloor w to city limits. 
wnrds 3 111111 -1. 
, . . . " I':.t"t Side 
Phurcb, s e 
];) Rohcrtson "It! J 
17 Hell Atulrcw J 
19 GIIIe<ple Alexander 
. Ct1Il1he....lntl 
t l'nd
2" Clark 1'ete\' 
31 Flncb Fr.tukIln 
33 Bailey Charles H 
3:; Dnrle 
Ir" Anna 
37 Powers EtI\\"ard W. bldr 
. York\-m.. ",- entl
39 Kemp Herbert G, pby 


Telephone 86 

The lake Simcoe ICE Supply CO. 
HEAD OFFICE, Limited. 
.lAMER FAIRHEA[), M...._ 

Best Quality. All Siæt. 
Telephone se 


4t Vacant 
lcD"llIIltl Don..ld. contr 
-I;) Banld ElIl'nezer H 
47 1I0\\den J J 
;;3 Adams 'Ie..ce.' J 
,,1 DulIett Frertet"ick B 
;;\1 Vacant 
()3 Cart\Hlght John n 
61 ,'acant 
71 Clarkson Ert\\Rl'tl n C 
77 Hadgley Re\ Jo: 11"\ Ine 
79 Cook Hnrrv G 
81 Doel Ue, john 
,,1 I\.Cys Da\ld n 
b9 Burnasb Ue\ Jobn 
1'7 Wood Hon Samnel C 
103 Armonr E Douglas 
107 I{ogers 8.'lIIu,,1 
111 Splllk John I. 
n;; McLennan Uoderlck 
:5t Paul's 
Ietb Ch 
. A\enue pi ends 
131 Brodie J Kl'rr 
133 Cullitt Woolmer C 
13;) Smith Wm B 
137 'fbompson J Hrnry 
1-11 lLitchle Cbarles H 
Canada Lawn Tennis and 
Bowling ClnlJ 
173 Leggott S U. lItchr 
. Du, enport rd inters"cts 
Store, s I' 
17;) Pears Leonard 
177 "'ellster James S 
179 Xoble C Jobn 
)."1 Stead John G 
b3 Woodll'\' E G. bltlr 
IS;; Sheppard John 
1:07 Slee Urs Ellz.ohetb 
1/'o!1 'Iel';:ee Joseph W 
]91 '{eehan I;-rancls 
1:I Bell John 
. P"ars a \. Inter!!ects 
1!1;; Harbottle 'Irs Eupheml.l 
1\17 Thomson Geo\'ge 
199 '.rowler Charles 
Vacant lots 
. Roxborou/(b st wend., 
'"acant lots 
241 Rne John. carp 
2-1D Dinsmore Uobert 8 
'-acant lots 
. :\Iacpherson av wends 
Store. s e 
: 'larlhorou/(h av end... 
CPR crossIng 
Smltlt S H, cattle dlr 
. Cottin
ham At end!! 
}.Iacdonald 'Irs Annie E 
Macdonald A A 
..... _..' West :;;Irte 
Prh ate eronndA 
2-'1 M('Uaw '.rhomas 
. Prluce Arthur av rom 
30 ,'acRnt 
:!2 !':omrrs I'rancls 
.34 Hmellle Rohert S 
I.ttlle :\Irs Hannah E 
3'1 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 
Currellev John 
411 null win Perl,;llI;; 
50 Rose Haniel 
Rosp D Alhert. phr" 
:)2 Sppdlpr f-:'l'or
p H 
;;-1 Wilkin Gt'nr/(e f' 
1\11 nice ThonUlQ r. 
:;.q MR('ITOI./(all 
Irs E ,\ 
. Lowtbpr nv cornmellces 
60 Torranpp "'m P 
 'Towal Joseph F 
111 \\"m .\ 
fN Symons John 
 (;'eorgp TboJn3S H 
711 Perkins '.rhom:Js I': 
î" Aikens Jobn R 
1>0 Campbell (,harles J 
. f
lght a\" ('ommenc/'. 
:a...J S (\ 
84 HtranJ!e "rs Ellz:lhrth 
86 }'Irs Emma W 
1:8 nitUal'd Oweu G 
90 Conley Eth, ard 
94 Petrie Gordon 
1. drug. 
. Boswell a\ ('ommences 
00 Broughall Geor/(e 
98 Dunbar Furgnson J 
100 Darlln
102 Lan ,'ence J ,nuson 



f ! 
THE . .. ... 
:)b"ER,Y.f I 
{" '- 
Q t S.,. I'" 
, ,.


" C Ö A L. 

c. "u,o o'f\


1 0 

La" rence }'Irs \\'"111_, YO- 
104 I;lal'l.. J '" I J 
lW Burwash Hev Nathaniel 
1<Ri ..\lIan A Grahum 
. Tranby .1\ COUlmen
110 Alexander Wm J 
112 WIlliams Richard S Jr 
IH Robinson Henry 
11'; i<mlth John M 
118 Gallow Edward 
1:!0 Hitchcock Mrs Huldall L 
12:! Buckley !II.lurlce J 
-I Smltb Henry 
. Bernartt a... commen
12'; Jones 'Irs Helen A 
12S Heuderson Dugald A 
130 Tonkin Charles H 
13.9 HQUIe for Incurable Cltlld- 
140 I.nmttt 
Ir" Helen 
 }'1..cTntosh John A 
144 Armstrong Robert 
14(\ RolJinson Charles. 
. lIa\"enport rd Intersecl.ø 
14' EIII
 Wm A. drugs 
150 Rock\\"pll Jobn 
1;;2 Bayly }.I rs C B 
I:i4 Ellis Z'orman G 
cheak Frpderlck J 
1;;8 Dickson Wm H 
[)\('kson 'lIss E Y. YO, 
"ucant lots 
. ppar
 a, Intersects 
Vacant lots 
.I'h\('ora a... commences 
GlIlesple Rev Jobn 
Church ot tbe Messiah 
. Dupont st commence 
244 Peake Louis C 
2-16 Ahbq Geor/(e H 
Vacant loto. 
. CPR crossing 
. :\Ia"pberson av 'tV Interet. 
2tìO Wilson Johll A 
2112 Kormann Francis X 

6" :\Iallon John F 
211/J Rovs Thomn!! R 
211'! H.;nter Henry 
270 Chamherlaln Saltern G 
27:1 XeiII James H 
27.Jo Tsaac James 
27.1 Simpson C S 
I('('aul. Rev Jamed 
:Ji;0 Boone Ert\\"arrt 

 Darl"neh John 
2"4 I eslle 
Ir$ Marlon 
2>!6 BastC'do David II 
. }'lc:\laster av comDlI'IIC
Vacant lot" 
300 (;lIh'
pl.. Albert C 
302 PauJ!man Charles E 
:JOR Farmer Edwurd 
. f'ottltl/(ham ..t Intpr
:nu (;11J<on Thomas W 
:11:1 f'ape\\elI Herbert 
310 Gordoll Hpnry R 
"acanr lot.. 
. Rathn:tllv cr". ('oU\mell
3:".0 :\fR"kenzi.. "'m 
. Edmund a\- commences 
Ertwnrds Cbarles H 
Stephens Walter G 
. Clnrendon 11\ commC'nceø 
Ellis Richard Y 
Saumlers Dyce W 
. Balmornl a... commenceø 
"'ebb '.r Frederick 
lIenderlion James B 


T.a. No. 423. 

92 A \"ondale A\". 


A \"OXDALE A V, n from Park 
rd to Uospd..le rd, w.uti 

ot built on 
A \"O:'liDALE l'L. s from 63 
York, Ille a,-, ward 3, - 
.. ,..... I:ast Side 
House.. s e 
. . , . . . ... W p"t Side __... 
House. s e 
2 Grant Da, It! 
lcWIll1.uns Johu 
II Granl Jllllles 
8 Pratt Peter 
10 l'ike John 
12 King Mrs \I I
. mus tchr 
Png-e 1Irs 
3"ßlJl r.lIrse 
14 Stnrk Uufus 
10 Lappin Mr.. Rebecca 
BAHt;FHOW AV. e frtlm 263 
Pape a... wnrt! I. 
. . .. .... North Side ., 
8tore. s e 
4 Heake" SRInUe! U 
'"acnnt lots 
30 D.1\ Ison Joseph II 
I!'noU"Kh Robert 
M Buck John 
40 Riley Joseph 
42 Vacant 
44 Vacnnt 
4tI 8wuustou Robert 
48 Walkey WII1 I'; 
50 Best '\"111 
.. . . . . ... Sou th Sidc ...... 
:'Iiot built on 

BADI A", runs e from Broad' 
\Iew a" to Pape av, first n 
of 'Vlthl"OW ,1\-. ward 1- 
. ..' .... l'orth Side .. ...... 
\"acunt lots 
. \\ïnchester drl\"e com 
Vacnnt lots 
. Logan av Inters('cts 
Vacant lots 
100 Kerr 'Vm 
19'..1 "[aher Patrick J 
210 Bulloek Albprt E 
212 Wilson Charles W 
214 Thompson Charles II 
216 Swanson Charles 
Vacant lots 
. Carlaw nv Intersects 
 JpfTprles Ert\\ ard 
2:iO WII.on '\"111 
2GO Caßkie Jolm 
--'" .... 
outh Side 
Vacant lots 
. LOgan nv luterseets 
20:1 Windt H.'nry T 
. Cnrla w n ,- Intersects 
2:11 Harris Wm T 
233 Rohertson Duncan C 
235 Sllmnu
rs Gpor
2.'J7 Mnrshnll Fred!'rlek 
239 8tewnrt 'liss Annie 
2-11 Hundns Gporge 
Vnennt lots 
turdy Geor
261 Harding Harold A 
263 Rowleq Ernest,. II 
Housp, s e 

BAIRD A" (formprly Fpn, 
nlngs), I' from Jones av to 
Leslil'. first s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 
Not hullt on 

BALDWIN. w f!"Om lJì2 Mc' 
Caul to Augu'tn av. ,.ard 4. 
......... Xorth Side P......' 
2 J orlmpr Herbert R gro 
.. Mitchell Mrs .
anny M 
6 8tark Wm 
8 Downing ?Irs M J 
10 Ferrlman Mr8 Elizabl'th 
12 nutchart W A 
14 McGovern John 
16 Rppd Wm 
18 Tompkins Horace E 
ID RldrteH Robert W 
22 Mnther Mrs 
24 ROBR Da vld 
26 f'opp Mrs Annie 
. IIpnry st eommenceø 
28 8ulllvan Miss A 
30 Firth W }<'l"Itncls. vocnJlst 

34 Gt'lhll'
 '\[rs ,rurtha 
lIss J, nurse 
36 Young George A 
38 1\Iilligall 'Ibs Bessie 
"". s e 
. lIe,-erley st IlItprsects 
IIousc, s e 
70 8eh...lel Churles 
72 elldow Ala:ernon 8 
 Johnson Thomas B 
76 Carson Henry P 
78 I'u tterson t;eò H 
80 Cat'ey l'atrlck F 
82 1.0' .'ys George C 
84 lJulbJe George 
86 Dom..lle Jall1es H 
88 Templemlln John 
90 Hassett Mrs Amy 
92 S\\allow John T 
 ::;wahvell Thomas 
!It: ('ampbell Wm B 
98 lIaker IUchard A 
100 T.'ylur Arthur 
. Uuron st Intersects . 
102 l:.-abam .Will J 
104 ::;l'f'tlle 
Irs ElIz 
[orell .\Irs Georgina 
108 Fitton H W 
110 Whellton Charles I,' 
112 1I0wnrd Edgar R 
114 Mimms Joseph 
lW I':usons Io:ugene 
1I00lh :\Irs Junl', r 
Purser Fred, r 
118 Trlnder Cbarles 
('orbptt John 
120 !I[eDonuell 'Thomas C 
122 ('llIrke Mrs Jane 
124 O'Connor John 
Sim" ]\1I8s J, m08 tchr 
126 Uea M..s M,uy 
12'1 (',Imphell Robert \V 
1:{0 Jllcrall Harry 
House. 8 e 
. Spadina av Intersect. 
Store, s e 
144 S,lIIford Tbomas 
Uti Addie James 
148 lIul,p J Wilson 
l:ïO Taylor Hl'nry 'V 
152 Wilson 
Irs Charlotte 
 XI'W St..pheil 
Hent.y JlJrs Mat-garet 
15(J .\11..11 Uobert 
1;;8 nodgins Alfred 
HjO 1.0\\ Charles 
11;2 .11'well I.' 
IG4 Cox Arthur E 
WI; Hugl...s Arthur 
Gill Mls9 ]1[, nurse 
Iaglll (;eorge 
170 !o:mplli.. 
Irs f' L 
172 TlIshlngham J. bldr 
P,'ivate gtOunds 
IrR Augusta 
17S Bilton (;I'orge 
bO Xolan J,tlnes 
2 \lcG,,,'rv Frank 
I S4 M..glII itubert 
ISG McKillop John 
18<; I1nmiltoll Alex 
1!)0 L..g.tsslcke IIl'njamln J 
1!12 Clark Johu 
 Johnson Albert 
1!IIJ Hughes HI,nt.y E 
1!J8 Cnnnodv 
e, s e- 
. . , . . . ';' Soutll Side ........' 
1 Mumford J & Son, btchrs 
\[umfùrd Jnmes 
3 ('usj!rnve 

 Goudson David 
9 Heath Itobert 
11 Parr 
lIss Jane 
1:1 Brown Frnnk J 
15 Glovpr Wm 
17 Milligan Hobert J 
19 Furee Edwin 
21 IIrlmer I.' J 
Ioore '\'m J 
25 Geary Wm II 
'Z1 Little Wm B 
2!J Irvlnc Alhert H 
31 PiddIngton Snmuel 
33 Polllek John A, gro 
3:1 Miller 1\Irs Mary 
37 Stephenson George 
39 Weldon Wm 
41 Kinsey Charles i' 
43 McGookln Jame8 

45 Harris Alexander 
47 Hopkins 1I.'I"I"Y 

9 Quigley Jo
51 Dixon Jò'.edetlek 

Iay H H. carp. ,. 
'V.llker \\ ID H, pntr. r 
Lindsay Tholl1us, r 
Bud.!e Joseph, r 
(,. s e 
. lie' erley st tntersects 
 School of Ille Sisters of 
the CiJureh 
77 Bennt'tt Archibald 1\1 
7t! Bruce J 8tuart 
81 Glleht'Ï
t Charles 
8:1 "'insor Henry 
S;; Woodley Wm 
87 Reynolds 
Irs Eliza 
89 Jnekson 
(rs Allee 
91 Fprguson Hugh 
9:\ nartelilfe Jnmes H 
95 Simpson JlJrs 1\Inry A 
97 Cllhert CharieR 
99 Spink Mrs A. drsmkr 
101 1\IcGre
or John H 
103 Kirby John B 
105 J.I':'t"U Io:noch S 
107 I<!'lth 
(rs ('alhe-rlue 
. Huron st Intersects 
H1:' IIr;(,,'ly Ht'III'Y. gro 
111 Hi!'kson Sptherwood 
115 Walsh 
[jchnel, plstr 
119 Rmwn Gporge 
121 Gihson Wm 
123 Ireland "Irs L)-dla 
]2;; Emery 
Irs 8arah 
127 JIIlmllls George 
I2!I JlfeClenry Wm J 
1;11 81lmme.'s Rohert 
13:1 Semp10e Uobprt W 
135 I,'oster 
[rs Elipn 
1:J7 U'her l'bnrles 
139 Allen Thomas, uphol 
14:1 B,'pwer John 
. !'1padlua IIV Intprsects 
147 Rook S,unuel 
149 I.Iston Hnrry 
1;;1 I
yfp Jnmes 
153 lIel'kpu Samuel 
155 (;rlggs Alfred 
157 Taylor Colin 
159 Grpgory {\'m 
1m Corker G H 
COI'kpr Miss 'I E, drsmkr 
103 Smith JnOles 
,'acnnt. r 
165 Easton A A 
Robinson :\Ir.. 8usan, r 
IHï J p
 Hurl". P 
1f;!} Pn."kpr H"enl"V 
171 "owry HkhÙrt B 
17:1 Tohias Irwin A 
175 Wilkins Miss J. drsmkr 
177 .Johnston 
179 Smith \\"111 P 
11;1 nllii .<l.Ihert 1;: 
. Kensinglon av I'nds 
House, s e 
18!í F'(>uunrl('r Cl1rl 
187 Ferris Jam!'s 
9 Gn.Un AII>prt 
1S91/.. "[nlone Jobn 
191 i
lng J os II. h;dr 
1911,1, Carr /1ordon 
1!1:J }.[nglll John A 
195 MlIglII John 

[t:TO. n from opp 19 
Czar to Bloor w, ward 3. 
. . . . . . . . _ Ei\
t stele 
5 DOIII;I'S Ch.11"les 
7 Flinn Will A 
Stonp yard 
13 "acant 
[ortlmer John 8 
17 '[cK,'nna Fpllx 
1!J I'm cell 'II s /Christina 
21 Pickett 
Irs .Annie 
23 Ballpy Mlltthew 
lllnro Mnjor Ii G G 
Z1 Klngswood George S 
2!J Stnnyon Tom 
31 FInegan Johll 
33 1IfeAuley ]\Irs Margaret 
35 Gl'ddes Walter A 
37 Mil thleson "[rs I 
:{9 Hainer L H 
41 Xortheote Henry 
HOllf:.e, 8 e 

_ _. . . " W,'st Sid" 
2 Leitch Wm 
4 )[,u'kny Will E 
6 Blllllie Chltrle" H 
8 Stacpy Jllt-s Ka Ie 
10 Mannering lolls Colomba 
12-18 Crean Robert & Co Ltd, 
20 Lnekey Robert ..! 
22 Cox Wm H 
24 JlIcLennan Miss S F 
26 Blnckman A J 
28 Sheard Hem y 
30 (,oles JlIrs Jllllry 
32 ß.lkpy Rev It A 
34 Will nev P D 
Buuse, s e 

BALSAJIf, w from 2
lotte to Spadlna av, ward i. 
..,.. __.. Xorlh 81de 
Huuse, s e 
2 Dawson :I'homns 
4 Ste\\al.t John 
6 JIIllrtln Thomas 
8 Alu]er:o.Ol1 JdlllPS 
. .. .. .... ::;UUt!l Side 
7 Duff Dnvld 
House, S e 

I A V, n from lb. 
lake to Queen, first e of Lee 
av wurd 1 
. . . :. .. " Ea
t Side . 
"aeunt lot 
Vacnnt hOllse 
"lIeant housel! (3) 
Robarts }<' W 
Vaeallt houses \2) 
. . - . . . . -. \\"1'-;;1 Side , 
2-12 Vaeltnt 
Vaennt hou
eB (3) 
Oakley Albel.t 
Oakley George 
Smith George H 
Withrow WIl1 J 
Lyonde }<'l'ederlck V 

BASK, w 1I"0nl 5;)4 Dulferln 
to Sberldl.n IIV, ward u. 
'.. " ., " :'urlh ::;Ide .' 
e, S e 
10 Donovan Harry B 
20 Bo,-ell Howllrd 
22 Wood Da,ld 0 
26 Johnsoll Uanlel 
28 Pdee S.lll1nel A 
32 Huehn Heury E 
. .. . __ ... 80mb 8ide 
1 RdlOfield Henry 
9 )[cDonnell 
Irs H 
11 Hlreh Edward 
'aeant lots 
2;; Ue.ld .\1I's H J 
'Z1 Andrews Ednln 
29 Montgoll1er) 'Vm 8 
31 HlIl'lle\ J,tmes P 
3:{ H..moñ Gros,enol' 
35 Hogg John 
37 Jordan Joh1> P 
39 Douglas James 
41 Cruil!; Peter 
8tore. s 

BAH:\".-\lIY PL. n from opp 
!j;; Edw..rtl, \\ard 3. 
. . . , . .... E.tst 81011' . 
1 Xt'\\ nUIII Chnrles 
3 Blakler Is.lIIc 
:; Staugb Abrnham 
7 Helllllln Louis 
!) Kerr Alexander 
11 Je\\ Ish Church 
1:; Elliott John 
17 :\"elson John 
t.. s e 
. Jo:lm st lutersect,;; 
e. ... 
. .. _ , . ... W pst Side ......... 

Hsslon Hall, s e 
"aeltnt lots 
10 Feight Max 
12 Rottenbt'rg Abrahaw 
14 Sheds 
16 Corn Samuel 
Grace Chureh, s e 
. !>:1m st interseet" 
e, s e 
Bell Tel Co's stores 



McGregor & Mcintyre 

IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, / 65 to 73 Pearl. 
Angles, Bar Iroll and Steel. 'Phone 2748 . 



e Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 

BAlIltE IT, n from Sobo av 
to Conduit. first w of Sin- 
clair a\. ward 6, 
lIõot buUt on 

lIA ItTLI::TT .A V, n from Bloor 
w to cil) limits, becond e 
of lJnlIerlll, \\ ard 6. 
. . , . , .... I::.tst :5lde .,....., 
7 I rwln Hamilton 
11 Hllnter Ueorge \V 
Iould Cbarle" 
Vacant lots 

t H.tU1P lJeujamin 
'''.lcJ.nt luts 
4i lJeettam lIarry G 
4:1 Bbhop W.llter S 
51 Cottrell Jnmes J 
5:1 Skim III Ueorge E 
:;;; Snulldels Aillert A 
67 l;ollrley \lrs C 
Vae.lOt lots 
6\1 Kenunrd Alfred E 
71 Lowry James 
\'acaut lots 
. Shallly st Inters!!cts 
10:> St.tllley Wm 
107 Butchart 
lrs fib> h 
109 Hedderson Atjlllla J 
111 (;nellhcad Wm 
113 WlUard "'rank W 
lcFarlane John 
117 O,,!: ./ames jr 
11\1 Lamollt Allan 
Vncant lots 
. H.tllnm st intersects 
Store, s e 
2'l7 l'tiec Joil11 J 
nlllldel',; Wm E 
Pri nlte .l:'rountJ
2fi5 Ullr!!
"'s A'e"iunder S 
267 All,lmson Alexander 
Vac.tut lots to end 
......... We"t Side 
TwIne mill, s e 
lason Jallez 
40 V.tcant 
42 !\Inltol' James 
44 Baird Alexander 
411 Ken 
1rs Jeanette 
48 Maloue Lllke J 
'1'" Ine mill. r e 
52 V:\C
I Ut 
V.tC'l1l1 lots 
. Sbanly st Intersects 
\'nc.tIlt lols 
128 Bro\\ lIell Thomas 
Vncallt lots 
. Hall.lln ,t InterS('ets 
Vacallt lots 

cbuol. s e 
V.\C.lOt lols 
I,\rcllm John D 
V:!c,tIlt lots to end 

llAltTO:X A V. w from 378 
Hruns\\Jck .tV to Cbrl"tie, 
\V3nl J. 
. ... __ __ Nortb Side .. ...... 
l-Iou8(', s e - 
\'acnllt lots 
. Ho\\ n\ Intersects 
St Alh.tIl's Catbedral, s c 
V'lcallt lots 
. Alb,tIly '1\' Intersects 
V acau t lots 
. lIalhurst st Intersects 
St ['aul's Pres Cb 
\' aC:1It t lots 
.1\[""kham st Intersects 
Store, s e 
28 Buu,lv Alfred C 
Iurll;ss J 
3:a Bryan Cbarles V 
34 Macdonaltl 
lrs Maggie 
36 Powt'!1 Charles A 
f'r1\-ate grounds 
.l'almerstou av Intersects 
5" Harton Josbna J 
56 Valiant U J, gro 
1>8 V .tUltnt 
[rs A E, baker 
GO Uell
c Frederick 
Gedge !I1rs E. dry gds 
62 B'lk",' [,'rederlck 
6" 1
letcher Mrs Rose 
00 Marsbnll Alhert l' 
68 LeHY Mrs Jane 
iO Larkin Wm J 
73 Broderick Wm J 

74-7U Croft & Co. gros 
7S Croft Dn\-id H 
.I::uclid a\ iutersects 
Sol Herdsman Josepb \V 
86 Uordou '1' R 
58 KinK Jobn 
00 Christie 'liss ElIz 
Cbrlstie \Irs E, drsmkr 
U:.! Wyse James 
Prhate :;rounds 
100 Cameron 
lU:.! D.I\ Is Jobn 
LO-I :\"Icbolls Owen 
. "lanniuK .". Intersects 
Vacaut lots to e"d 
........, Soutb Sldl' ,...... 
V:tcant lots 
. Ho\\ 1.lItd .tv Inter,; ,s 
V:tc.tut lots 
. AllIauy :tv Intersects 
V aC.1IJ t lots 
. Ba!ln:rst st Intersects 
1 Cbarles 
lltrkham -t Intersc
:n Treutou Wm R 
33 Hnck Ueurge 
. I'ahuerston av Intersects 
Vacaut lot
7;; Dllon Jo'el'b 
. I':uclitl ,tv intersects 
V.\caut lots 
/itcbell Tbomas 
Jo"reelln Peter 
Rro\\ n Ueorge. r 
launlng a\' intersects lots to end 

HAS E 11-\ 1,[' 1'1. ;; from ou;; 
Qnet:>tl .e, w
lrd 1. 
. . . . . , . -. E,"'t !<:Ide 
Store, s e 
1 Boume John 
2 Cral'kuell 
1rs Annie 
3 Johnson Tbom:ts 
4 Jobuston Hohert 
5 "Ullmlne 
1rs Ellen E 
6 Wlttts Wm G 
. . , . , . ... West Side 

 ot huilt On 

!<:T, n from tbe 
Queen's "harf to cit
. hm- 
it... lutersectiug Kin I( W at 
{;Ii7. \\ ards -I .tnd 5. 
"'."'" I::.t"t !<:idl' ., .
Laking W J. \\nol lum 
Peters & ('aln. \\ bol lum 
I'..ople's Coal Co (br) 

Iartin Aillert, boats 
Queen's Wbart 
Hall Cnpt \Vm 

atloual Y.lcbt and Sail- 
Ing Skirr Cluh 
Hauckbam Alexander 
f'arton Thomas 
EllIott J W. wbol lum 
.. Frout st w euds 
1 Bertram Eng \Vorks. s e 
. ;'\;Jagara ..t intersects 
2\1-31 Brittain H, gro 
1attbew" E. coal 011 
olall(t Patrick 
37 Lee Wm 
39 Hemslead Fred. exp 
41 Donnelly Jobtf 
43 Lnvln 'licbael 
[rs M. drsmkr 
4;; IUcb:trdson 
onnan l' 
49 TunnlclllIe Sampson 
. \\'ellIngton av Intersects 
;;1 Huhhard Wm P 
5.1 Glad:\" Jubn 
57 Bdttaln Herbert 
59 \'an D)'ke, Delos 
li1 Shuttle Josepb l' 
63 Coles Tbomas 
tewart ..t ends 
Unfinlsbed balldlng 
. King st w Intersects 
Iunro B D 
87 Boyle Frank 
89 MncIntyre John 
91 Alhert Edward l' 
93 O'Conuor John 
9:) Xewmnn Josepb 
97 Dalton Jobn 
99 Sullivan \Irs Ellen 
. Brown la commences 
101 SC'rh er Jacob 



10'.3 Adair :\1rs Annie 
10:' Hand Percy 
"tU; Waltun J.tmes 
Iilano Jo.epb R 
111 Carter Hlcbard 
113 Hyrne Syh ester 
115 'icCue Mrs Bridget 
11; Fitzgerald Jobn 
119 Harthelmes Mrs Sarab 
1dIabon Tbos 1<', pby 
. Adelnlde 8t wends 
Iuhey Tboma
IlIIar Da\ Id 
131 Cbayter \licbael W 
133 Brereton 
lrs Ellz A 
13;; Taylor Albert W 
lIss A, drsmkr 
137 Cn Id \\ ell Andrew 
13U eh ri;; tie J.. mes 
141 neunlnl( Wm 
143 Gates Henry W 
14;; Parker U..orge 
14; Bryant 
Irs Ann 
140 \[oore Cbarles R 
1;.1 "hite Stuart 
1;;3 Young James 
I:);} Buckel Henry J 
1;;; Atkluson I(ohert 
159 Emllurv S.tmuel E 
un Fletchèl' Wm 
. [<'arley .t\ intersecUi 
1113 Caddick YI'I! Eo r;ro 
1(;;; Burton RIchard J H 
Campllell E S. mus tehr 
lltcbell Jobn 
 Allison Jobn 
HI Cbrlstiau Temperance Hall 
1. caretkr 
IOU T. Prince of Wales 

o 130 
A 0 I'. Ahstlnence 
R T T. 
o Ii'() Euclid 
Brotberhood of Trainmen 
(ladles). \1aple Leaf X 0 9 
S of T. Excelsior DI..-I- 
o 8 
Ladlcs' Auxiliary to Or" 
der of Railway Coeduc- 
tors, 1st Canadian No 
í'naadlal1 Assn of Sta- 
tlon>1ry EUl(meers, To- 
ronto. I\o 2 
 of Eng Bene- 
oclpty. Grace 
Darling. No 19 
.\ 0 F, Juvenile br, Ab- 
stln(>nC'e I\o 3.'1 
1.3 B..nn',
 r>nrlwell T 
175 Hall 
StOl'.. . P 
. Quppn st w Intersecta 
Storp. II P 
181 HolmpQ \\'m ß 
18.1 Hull John 
18.') ('ollins "''','''k R pntr 
187 ('00,," "-m .1. ,llOemkr 
\Yorkshop. r 
189 Du
Hou'ie. s Þ 
. "Wool,le:v st interRects 
leK,gtlt, Alht'rt p. coal 
1!1f1 Gourl'.y Jaml's 


n J:
20:; Kemp 
20. Gordon 
1t's H'rrriet J 
2m Brndshnw 
It-s Ellzabetb 
211 Lines Thomas 
[<'raser Miss C. d\"smkr 
1eQull1an i\1rs 
215 "[clnerne..- 
1i"ses. dress- 
McInernev !liiss Marcella 
217 Rurns Ch'arles J 
. F:den vi commence!! 
. 219 ('allls Edward · 
221!" Samuel J St J, pntr 
I:ttthew J 

5 Thompson Thomas 
227 Rudd 
1rs Julia 
229 Jones Jobn 
1cCarty Tholllas, h;dr 
McCarty :\lIss E A, dress- 
23.'1 Turton Hohert W 
235 How Rlcbard J 
237 Murcblson Rlcbard 

2:m Elmdale Skating Rink 
241 \[urcblson \1rs C J 
2-13 Fltz!:erald James 
2-15 Duck"ortb Lawrenc;? 
2-17 Payne Albert E 
It'Eacbren Neil 
2:;1 Hnmllton Noah I
l'rh:l te grounds 
279 Gzowskl lady \1arla 
2'J7 Gardlnpr Geol'ge 

1e Phersoll Alexander 
I'rlvatc grouuds 
.St Patrick st euds 
:111 Gum Poy. Indt.y 
:n:1 '[ontgompry J S. pntr 
3Uí Howurd Hl'nrv H 
Ioss Wm, bldr 
:119 Itiehmond J.tmes H 
21 Wood Pcter 
I. da Iry 
Chalkley It &. Sons, cont... 
:12'1 ('hulldt,} H.cltnrd 
:!2:; Thompson Wm 
:;27 \lartin l'atrlck B 
331 Rrown Jobu W 
:!;{:I Tnppin Heury 
:13., Lawson 
:{;;í (;pe Lpe. In untJr7 
Tbompson J"amea R 
;U!I Scott J" :\cl...on, d\"ugs 
:r.!f)':' ('ollator: Jo",,'pb P 
3-11 St:mton Tbomas 
:H:I ElIl
 J Sl'clH'pr 
::-1:; Ilui'.kh/e Hoh..rt 
a47 ['t'ake\" John W. pity 
34!J ('lIlUmlngs John A 
351 IInll Johl1 
lIall Wm A, phy 
\'ucant lots 
. Itost'herry :tV commences 
V:I..ant lots 
:1"1-419 Tor "'estern Hospital 
a!':!':ë111 !':t ends 
421 Procter Heary. "hoemkr 
42"! Glh<on John F 
42:; Lcake Benjamin 
Lt'"ke ""m \" 
427 Snnrlcrson \I:\'I:well R 
429 T.ind..r Jobn 
431 \I..nzies David 
4;{3 King Alex,Hlder 
4:n Hamhlv ('barle'i 
439 Ito.s Iloht'rt D 
441 Wll"y 
frs S \ 
-1-13 'Iolp "'111. \l't surg 
lilllnl': Jumes, shoemkr 
4-17 Ft'rl':usoJn Jos"ph n 
44H SC'1H'llrf'I.' AU
4:;1 WI1..h.\1I GeoJ\"
e. bldr 
45.1 CI:trhoe .Iosellh 
455 I.aUmer Mrs S:tr"b 
.I:-.i "\,"a 1 1,-"".0 Edwnrd 
459 Lec J uU,IS T n 
461 Jex Wm C 
46.1 Rohlnson Wm P 
4r.5 Hally Jobn 
4Hi .1..husol1 Mrs Xellle 
11'(;illi'.ud<1y Tbomas 
411 Ibrl!ra..-p r.d\\ard 
4.:1 Amhlt'r John 
475 So'hr"lner Jo
477 ('rowlpy Thomas 
k(,Ot mlck F L 
481 \Ioore Wm D 
nt }Irs E. nUr
483 ßa
' d"n \Vm J 
Vaeant lots 
. ('ollegc st Intersects 
Store. s e 
495 Frcnch Isaac 
.ISO' F:dwnrd, wblps 
\'aellDt 10ls 
Ault'lope Skating Rink 
5!1f1 'rihhits \Vm E 
roOl Taylor Wm 
Va..ant lots 
. TTlster st Intersects 
Vaellllt lotø 
H7(1 Hutchins Jobn B 
r,sl Yalp Mrs Barbara 
. Harbord st IntersePla 
Stor". s e 
r,s!) 8tmln 
Irs AlIC'e. "oal 
Private I!rounds 
6!)5 Wright Wm 
GO!) Gale George. hardware 
701 Ramett Sbaw. tlr 
Cradlck Robert H 
.03 ']'UI ner "-m G 
Vacnnt lots 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 
large amounts. reasonable terms. 

Standard Life 




Assurance Company. 

w. M. RAMSAY, 
Chas. Hunter, 
Chi.f ÅKen
, OnLario, 


Toronto Offices: 

Bank or Commerce Building. 

715 'ropplng ChRS, frUit 
717 Gibson FrRnk W 
719 Coll'ln John 
721 Strah, Isaac, esp 
. Hcrri<'k st IlItersects 
Vacant lots 
743 Webster Wm, contr 
745 Wilson Thomaa 
747 Lo"e Andrew 
749 llnlr John Å 
751 l'iobJe Wm 
75.'-1 Hamtlton Wm S 
Vacnnt lots 
nnox st Intersects 
767 Smith Edward 
'iT>\! f(mlth Mrs J, conty 
Private gronnds 
775 Harvey Joint 
5t Peter's (It(,) School 
St Peter's (RC) Ct}urch 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Douglas Blo('k, s e 
79\1 Harmony Union Mission 
801 Cbong Sing, .ndry 
803 Urqnbar t Miss J, àrsmkr 
8()(i Stroud R n, harness 
ßO. Llewellyn }'b", M, prtr 
809 McKay Miss 111, conty 
811 A, '*'w mnch
Vacant lots 
7 Griffith Wm 
83lI Godfrey Henry H 
&\1 Stone John F 
84:! Hryce Reuben J 
845 Hllrrlngton A J, phy 
Stï Wilcox 1\1llford A 
Vacant I..t 
. Barton av Intcrsí'Cts 
Vacant lots 
905 Dunn Jnmes U 
Vacant lots 
il15 Dunn WRllls 
91. Esten John l' 
Vacant lot 

Zí White Wnlter 
P27 Perry Selby 11 
"aC>lnt lots 
. Wells st ends> gronnds 
1001 McCollum Ue.. J H 
Private ground" 
1011 Bntll'r Jobn J 
1013 Dongberty Jllme.. 
1015 Forhes Wm 
1017 Waites Wm 
ant lots 
 Collins Andrew l!: 
1()-;;;) Schlick CltRrleø C 
10:>i Allen TbollIas 
105\1 5aunderø Arthur J 
1061 Llnd
ay !>Irs Margaret 
10117 Fell W '1', hnrdware 
. Dnpont st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. CPR ('rosslng 
_, _. WCßt Sid" 
Waddell George n & Co, 
. Vacant sh(>ds 
(,PR storehouses 
Park. Blackwell Co, pork 
packers anl1 provisions 
roas tank 
28 Rogers Elias Co, coal 
Kaiser Lorne 
House, Ð e 
. Niagara st Intersects 
4ó-42 May Flower 110tel 
44 Williams Mrs Snrah 
46 Wynn.' ]<' 1., harber 
48 Wllilnms Jnmeø 
:>254 Vacant lots 
60 Trenor Miss UOSI' 
62 Vncant 
. Wellington st inter"E'Cts 
64 Kennellv'w 
66 Neild Mrs B,' 
70 FlnillY Wm M 
72 Cusllt'k Mich..el 
i4 Fll'tcher George. J(t.o 
76 Flet('ber Mrs J S. bt('hr 
Bowler- JOS"I,b 
J..oney Robert, r 
78 Tate gdward B 
Tnrrllf John 
Buchannn Ht'nr1 
Bmart George ":, r 
80 McKeon John 

82 Jam
s I> 
1!4 I,'hthert)' M1"I; J ull/l 
8li Vutbwait Joseph 
88 ...."lIy Wm J 
!.IO Letray George 
!.I2 Luney' Joscph 
100 Hotel, s e 
. st w inter
Tor Lith Co, s e 
l'rivate gronnds 
Eutrancc to .\I('J)onnell Sq 
I5t Mary'
 (It! 'j Church 
I>t MI1ry's (Ill.') School 
Entmnee to lIlcnonnell 8Q 
HO-UB St lI1llry's Conven' 
1;;2 B.nnllrdo's l
lt'ls Home 
154 Mercier VClu,'e 
\Vood Yllrd 
1r.o lIIcG ill W m It 
1G2 O'Leary 
s Ii, drsmkr 
Sulllvlln Miss Marv J 
1G4-Gli Union Hotcl - 
.F..rlt-y ..v ...teo'sects 
11\8 ?\{('GiU Wp, 
 ClT: <coal 
1ï8 Adams !\Irs Jessie, clgllrs 
180 Summer", 
1I1rtln, barlJer 
Hotel, s e 
. Queen st w Intersccts 
Store, 8 e 
186 Loftus ,lamcs J, d"ntlst 
188 IUchardson II, watcbmkr 
100-!J2 MclJouald & Clarke, 
. Sheppard lane commences 
III,! Logal' Fraucls 
196 Mill shall Chao'les W 
lU8 1II111cr Napoleon 1\1 
200 Brown W m A 
2u2 lIe,-ins l!en.lamln 
2(H Armstrong C, esp 
. Woolsley sl Intersects 
20li Itosl',-"ar Charles I. 
208 1\eule Jobn H, pntr 
210 Ur,.h:lm It H 
212 J).o,'ies )Irs Itosena, tir 
214 LlblJ} 1I1urtin 
2lû lIouontu 
Irs nunnah 
218 Jewell John T 
2".t9 Ureenwood Jame" 
222 Irish Catholic Henevolent 
Kincb John 
224 VnCHllt 
:!:!<: Hootbe Hurry 
228 WiuterlJollom H. fruit 
. Itohlnsou st COUlmences 
230 Burgess \Vm, !:ro 
[oorl' John 
2.14 EJ'Il
t Petel' 
2311 Ewing Robert 
ehoales !\Iatthew 

J Alderman James 
240 'fopplu AI"xnnder 
24:! Breut Wm J 
le Pherson )) A, lIhy 
24H Eifler .James 



2:;2 nask,'yne 1Uchard 
2:;4 Henrv Itobet't 
mltli Frank 
2:;8 Ward Fred C 
2';0 'Vatkins 
Irs I.'annle 
2132 Ito\\e lIlrs Amelln 
:!lì4 I'oie Jumes G 
261; Holdeu Tbomas 
261> Gow James 
2.0 Stuart IS:lnc (' 
272 GilI..sple John 
Murphy John, r 
2;4 McCorm:lck Wm H 
Prh-ate grounds 
2.<;0 Ximmo Jobn 
282 Morton 
Irs I", mus tchr 
Morton G E. mus tchr 
!llm.ton Miss Ida. artist 
2!<4 Heniey Wm 
enllonr Samuel J 
2\10 Binson .John R. dairy 
:!t\:! Tbor\'e Henry W 
2\.14 Adams Wm M 
2t\tl "-flit
e F 
:!!I>'I Rol1Prtson J"ml's ;\1 
300 Montgomery 
ß02 Bourne Jobn 
304 Secker Wm 
SOO HulJLnrfl Judson R 
308 Hamilton Walter, phy 
310 Uogf'rs \Ym D 

:H.J Uan!;" Johu li 
31-1 ,\101'1") lieoo'ge J 
31U TUl'uIJuU l;e, John Å 
 I$Ul'tou .\11',; Emm.o 
luÌLh HOOCl"t 
 Haiu.s l
3:!-l .\1111\\ard C W. corsel;;; 
u Fieldhouse .\Ir
F'eldhouse Mis.. M A, 
 Carol.1ll Mrs Jane 
3;;0 Trade,s' and 
Ietllcal Col- 
lectiun Agency 
ThieL... 8t.onley E 
 Tbomson \\ m 
3;H lIe\\ etson John W 
33U hldd :';I1111uel 
33:, .\leek Wm E 
3-10 S,xon F J plmbr 
:H:! D"rham \<' H lJtcht, 
34-0 Soxon Allan. 'phy 
. Artbur st COlllmences 
34li .\lacllonalll D J, gro 
341> Corter Henry, pnLr 
350 Johnston Alfred W' 
Jobnstou ?\Irs 
lllry, .Ire..;;;- 
352 WII.on Howlantl (, 
3;;-1 ll.o)tlen James M, plmbr 
3:;U H:lzeiton Joseph .,: 
3$i Duncan Lytle 
300 I';:irkendal.. Wm 
362 Hazlitt 8amnei 
364 I..eckev Hobert 
300 ('ruidi.",hank J can, pby 
Burn.. \lrs Sarah 
;{l;.." Bul'll" 
3ïO Hi:.:gin" 
li('hael J 
3i:! West Ueorge E . 
374 Flndlnv John G 
3íG See W'm H 
3ïS Heam .Andrew 
3""1t ('ulhbl'rtson Uf'orge J 
 Kennedv Albert Ii: 
3b4 Urelg \\:m 
Prh-a te grountls 
300 Bro\\ ne I'bmp 
408 Tomlin Henry C 
no Asllng Wm J 
 Burton Wm 
414 Hea 
Irs 1Iiary J 
418 Tor West..rn Hospital (br) 
4:!0 Tomlin II C. baker 
'"acant lots 
448 Jackson Robert 
,K.\) ('olIIns Abraholll 
452 Robertson David W, tlr 
>1 Lynch I'n trick J 
45G Sklppon 'rbomaB G 
458 Solomon Samnel 
462 Tresidrter 
Irs Sarah 
4t>t .\lorro\\ Arch. livery 
4ßH Bro\\n Wm J 
4ß8 Mackinuon A L. tlr 
4iO Collie lIlrs Annie, gro 
Public scbool, s e 
. ('ollege st Intersects 
Presbvterlnn Ch. .. e 
7.06 }let wiler Rev Nonh 

.o8 Hrndley Wm H 
;'10 Wnodvari1. Charles 
;;12 Price' Wm "" 
\"acant lots 
harp Sylvester J 
522 Grlli:!: Alfred R 
!\24 Turnhull Jnmes 
526 Sampson lIIrs Julia E 
 Aitken Jobn 
530 J .arkln Peter (' 
'"acant lots 
:ïfH \';:Ipp Hl'rl)f'rt !tf 
548 Lendl:l\" Allan
57.0 Rennett Jûslnh 
,'acanl lots 
;)fiH Yokt.-"" JnßlP!Õi I... 
 Johnston "\Vm 
JiO Pa'" Jobn 
;)72 Tltoinp
on Fred W 
('nf1nlshed houses (21 
578 f:ha w Geor!!f' R 
580 ArmstronJ( C R B 
,'acant lots 
. rlster 
t Intersects 
\'acnnt lot
ß18 Roncb !\Irs Snsan 
cott James 'I' 
G::?2 f:mltb John 
r.24 I'urdy Alexander S 
Ia)' Samnel A 

<; lIuuter Johll lJ 
van Hooper I.: U. pby 
6."\2 Gullo"o1Y Wm 0 
li3-l I'UlL.hill J H 
ljJl) ChuUlb..riain WI', pby 
lO::.., Bl"U \\':lltl"r 
G40 (Jouy \\ m 111 
642 Kiu;.; J.llllt'
644 'lortl Frank 
t>tl) Tbompsou Ueorge S 
G:b llamilton TboUlIlS H 
6:;0 VI edd Wm 
. U.ll'I)(I\'lI st Intersects 
(j:;4 Kennedv Hev F W 
G5U Barrett' F A 
6;;8 \\ 11I!':';el!! \\' A 
IJ6() Covne 
Irs 8urah 
Vaèunt lots 
6t!lJ I'..term.tll Jobn M 
692 )),,, Idl':e & I.unn, bldrs 
1I,nillge Will J 
G!h. Ayling (,h:ul..s, sec hd gds 
 Jord.1ll Hobert. cabs 
iOO \leI,-O\\ n "'m J 
l'rh-Rte grounds 
iU \'acant 
. Herri('k st Intersects 
'"acant lot
i2:!: \Iowut James 
i24 Brook Joseph W 
Iav John 
-"'" 'liic'lwn .\Ir
 Jllue E 
730 f:mith C. till ware 
73:1 I.infi..lrt J:llnes 
Linfil'ld \[ rs R. dr!mlkr 
Linfield lIliss L, drsmkr 
\'"nc:lnt lots 
\let hod 1st Cbllrch 
nno" st intersects 
75.... HaU Johu J. carpet clnr 
iOO Jones ,,'m. flour 
il12 1.'luch Geor!!e. real est 
York ('0 I. & S Co (br) 
 I.'uel Co 
764 Tooze 
IRrk. uphol 
'i66 nouldlng & ('0. gros 
Green Lewl
iiO \lUlieI' n..v Jonnthlln 
ïï2 W.'st Jllr" lIlarlon 
iï4 Rail 
lr9 !IIary J 
ïi6 Yacnnt 
iõS ('],Il'k Henrv R 
Clark SlIsses E & L, em- 
780 AU"" meycle Works 
Holmes George A 
Vacant lots 
Store, s e 
. Bloor 
t w Inter!!ects 
802 f:t Alhan'" Hotel, s e 
601 Tedford & Tortgham. guts. 
800 ('oil' Pa, id A. bllrber 
608 L"rquhart 
II!'S MIlY, muS 
Hot!'1 stables 
lcKelvle Geor!:e, hlksmth 
Vncant lots 
822 Kldrt GeOt'J(e. shoemkr 
824 Walker Hnrry F 
8211 Dempstf'r 
frs M. dry gða 
 Adare "'m J. stoves 
830 Jont'" Arthllr 
832 II1t'DonouJ(h Joqeph 
Private grounds 
Sr.2 \\"rl"ht (,harles 
. I.ondon st commences 
PrlvRte grounds 
800 Turk Jnin.... E 
Fr.:! Yntes JRmes A 
864 Fa ,,"celt R R 
IRgee Wm, dnlry 
FAA Jordan .Tosf'ph. shol'mkr 
1'70 Lo-.yey Jam
Fi4 Rohln
on R. pnlnts 
Fir. Kni!!ht GI'Ot'l!:f' D 
Prh'nt.. grounds 
1':!IO HRlson f'hrl.tlnu 
Fi!12 Rarker Wm T 
Pt''''ate grouuds 
00<; Enl'ft'r Frf'derlck J 
t110 "'enm..n ('hnrles. btchr 
. Rarton a\ Intl'rsects 
\'''I':lnt lot.. 
. Fonl!'! :1' romïn
96S 'larks Frederick. htchr 
970 Partrldli:e W H, dry gda 
PartridKC JlII
s A, drsmkr 
1)12 Tomlinson A M, gro 
Oï4 Forse)- Charles P 


NC' I QEO. ::sl::

, T. C. BLOGG, City Agent. 
Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. East. Phone 251 Re!'ld
nceTclephollc 3154 

The BERLIN FIRE INS. CO. Head Office, 
(Cash and Mutua'r Plans). CAPITAL, 5500,000 j BERLIN. ONT, 

College ut Physic"tD
Iedlcnl Llbrar)' 
'ic. S.IInpson. barra 
YnckenzlC II U, I'an' 
Jonea J G. bnrr 
Unwin. l'tIUlplJy & Esten. 
Pinkerton & Coo!..... barrs 
l\ i
. Cook ..\. SJuitb, 
Tbomson l' C, bi...r 
Rose Charles. c,...ptnker 
159 Hogg - D H Co. photo sup- 
. Ricbmond st w Intersects 
House, s e 
165 Rear cntrances 
I 167 Brian Uobt. shoemk.. Brock W R 1.'0 Ltd 
1 " ' I I P wbol dry gd" . 
II.. .u. 'l"er U e . berballst . \VelUngton st W t r ter - ects 
171 Rubinson W J. snoemkr 70 S 
173 WiI
on Alfred, clg....s tnudurd Mica Mfg Co 
lI"s K MLCnllongh J 
 & Co 
175 Cnrrle A A, harber brokerlo . 
177 Rear entrance Pense F W & Co. brokers 
S Fn
1 & Lnmber LO 
tore. s..e Gad>den H B & Co. o.frll 

:cis'''''' al:ts 
; Rnllwu
- cros.lng 72 Bay Street Cb.tlllber.s 
plannde st intersects I<'rame Andrew. bloker 
. Tor Coffee & Spice Co Clurk & Ross, mfls' agta 
4 ('nn Printing Ink ('0 Unbery l' \V. mfrs' agt 
68 Schepp L. I'rep.tred co- Jagger & Bonlter. wins 
connnt Tor \Iailing Agency 
Harris Lltbograpblng Co Child H J. wal puper 
10-12 \-crr..1 Storage Co Crocb('t & KllItthJg Spe- 
Blhhv J & Suns. cattle clalt) Co 
food II1fr
 _ ,4 Dandy Henry, caretkr 
Sallndt'rs Elldo. birr Vacant 
14-18 \lcClury l'tHg Co, 
tV8 7tJ Garlaud l'tIfr;:: Co. cloth- 
:!O LaUey, "'alson & Bund. In!: 
l"lotblng 78 Allcock. L.tlgbt & Weilt- 
22 Vh Inn J H, prtg m.lchln- wood Co Ltd, tilshlnr; 
I'r)- tackle 
Torollto I'harmacul Co Cragg F H. mfrs' agt 
242f; E('kardt Cask!!t Co, IIn- Uotbscbilll Bros & Co. 
' supplies buttun mfrs 
F.ekardt Siher Plate Co 80 
Ienzie-Turner LId. wln- 
"'IlI'ehoIlSl'. s c dow shildes 
. Front st w intersects Jessop ',m & 
ons. steel 
40 'Varl'huuse, 
 " S2 mfrs 
44 Ya..ant 
Iuirhead Andrew wbol 
46 Cockhurn & R. '1. wbol valnts ' 
millinery 84 Dn'l"i
 & Henderson wbol 
48 D, Son
 "" Co. stationery , 
mf",' ag!s 86 Holmnu. Drnyton 
::;0-54 ?II',"cbants' Bldg Slagbt, bnrrs 
Canada Veiling Co Pnrne W H & Co com- 
I,p'l"er Bros mtrs mission . 
Sunllgbt Soap S8 !;:Iater It l'tl & Co. dry 
Alexander A A. tr:!v ::ood
Knott John A. trav Dominion Leatb"r Co 
Thomas 1. J, ag! lIf.cLnren D K. beltln!t 
Kerr \II, mtrs' agt 
rlce l'tlfg Co. pro med 
Coles I
 W, mtr
' agt 90 (an.lda Paint Co Ltd 
Kllhul'll's Ster('o
coplc Lewis ',"m. plmbr 
'"lew", & Saturn Scopes Frontenac Ink Workø 
Hurdle Gcorge C. mtrs' Toronto L('ad & Color Cq 
Ret Machlln H G. drRII8'bts- 
I.ester :\1 l' & Co, mtrs' man 
ngts 02 Toron to F.n
ra \ Ing Co 
Drllke. Hambly .'10: Cock- Aylward R J tJr 
burn. fnncy gds 94 Vacant . 
Xelles H W. mtt'H' ag! Iì6 Ames J H. tJr 
f'\emmer A H. mfrB' ngt 98 
 a O t rt o l n tt aI W C m IU ' b tJr 
Cooeb H C, mtrs' ngt 
Greensl1lelds S. Son & Co, 100-102 Vacant 
whol dl'y j>;ds Office, s e 
Ullle John, mfrs' ag! . KlnJ: st \V Intersects 
Internntlonal Sliver Co 106-110 l'tlall Bnlldlng 
Livingston George. mtrs' !IIolloy Francis J. barber 
agt Alexandpr II< Cable Uth 
Ipe J l' B Co, commn Co 
Ryrle Paper Co Hilton Frand" A barr 
Davis J 
1. st'-'rPOscoplc McWilliams W d, hurr 
supplies ('Inrl;:e. Rowes II< Swabey. 
Jackes J A & Co, mtrs' agt barrs 
Carmw J A, ry supplies l'tll'ek F.t'lward. bllrr 
Adams J & Co. linens I,nln
 John M. barr 
1.1''' Is Isaac. caretkr Uohertson J S Co, pub- 
56 Vaennt IIsbers 
58 Andet'son & Macbeth Co Ruslness (monthly) 
Ltd, whol bllts Cnnadlan Home Jourual 
Parke Wm, mtrs' IIgI (monthl,.) 
roO F I b M k S "- C Toronto Paper \lr
s er ar, ons "" 0, Riordan I'IIDPr '1I11s Ltc1 
wbol woollens Rnrher Wm &. Broil, paper 
Turner F A. mtrs' agt I mtrs 
Ut- 62 Wilkes-Westwood Co Ltd, Robertson J S Advprtlslng 
reg flsblng tllekl e Ae ency 


976 Woodbouse W ].' S. bkr 
978 Ryan Artbur. tinware 
1180 Ryon Tbomas 
Ryan l'tlrs Snrab. dolry 
Vacant lots 
.Oll'l"e av commences 
004 Holmes, gro 
1196 Webb Cbrl.topber 
99S Henry Da\ld T 
1000 Calder Wm jr 
Vacant luts 
1014 Bowen G H, confy 
1016 Dehvurtb C D 
1026 Cameron Robert H 
I'rh nte grounds 
1044 Langdon A 1. 
Vacant 'otq 
. ,'ermunt av commences 
10'iO Blael,,,ell Alfred l' 
\'acant lots 
1096 Pinkerton Albert J 
1098 Carbery James. gro 
. Dupont st Intersects 
1104 McCarten l'tlrs Jane, gro 
Coal ynrd 
1110 Cnrzon Robert l' 
. Railway crossing 

.RAXTER. e from 927 Yonge, 
ward 2. 
....... .. Xortb Side.. .. .. ... 
Store, s e 
......... South SIde ......... 
Blncksmitb sbop. s e 
7 Emery George W 
Iadill Samuel 

BAY, n from tbe bay to 55 
Queen w, ward 3, 
, .. .. , . , .- Enst 
Ide _ . , 
i Lake st intersects 
Ralhvay crossing 
E"'pl.made st w Intersects 
21 1(oyal Dom Mills 
\leI augblln l'tI & Co. flour 
Warebollse. s e 
. Front st w Intersccts 
Warebouse. s e 
43-47 B.trbcr & Ellis Co, whol 
45 l'tlaple Leaf Woolen Yj)Js 
4i 4!1 Tooke Bros, sblrts 
Sanford W EJ Mfg Co. 
whol clotblng 
51 AliaI' A A & Co, whole- 
sale bats and cnps 
Toronto Cnp l'tIfg Co 
53 Croft Wm & Sons. fisb- 
Ing tnckle 
55 Goulding G & Sons. whol 
fnncy gds 
57 E l' Cor
et Co 
59 Lincoln P..per l'tlllls Co 
61 Flett. Lowndes & Co. tail- 
ors' trimmings 
Lon ndes ('0. clot bing 
 It! Darlln!: Co. wbol 
dry gds 
. 'VelUnl!:tun st w Intersects 
67 Gwatkln R 1., printers' 
1::1 DI..k. Ridout & Co, bags 

 l'tlorrls. "Iothlng 
Cannda Screw Co 
i1 Hees Geor!!'e H. Son & 
Co, window shades 
i3 Sba
pe H F & Co. photo 
75 Cro.....n Hutel 
ii Offlee Specialty 'If!: Co, 
offlee furniture 
51 Tele:;:ram Bid" 
J.:'I"enlng Telegram 
. l'tlpllnda st ends 
83 Enterprl'e U"no'l"ator 
Co, carpet clnrs 
Hubley Thomos A 
Pltzl!:erald John W 
S5 Hlgl!:ln
 "" Sannders, tlrs 
87 Bunker G & Son. sellis 
89 Uamsev J G & Co, pboto 
(11 Watson .Tobn. mer tIr 
Ru'bell Waltpr 
(13 TalloriuJ: .'Ie Repairing Co 
Robson Wm. matbematl- 
cal Instrllments 

Acme p.lntlng Co 
Andel'son AI"x, elee sup- 
bmlm Samuel, clotb, 
fe, c
. KIng 8t w Intersects 
9;>-97 Molsons Bank 
Campbcll I
 A. \ ct slIrg 
97-103 London & Canadlon 
Weir Specialty Co, pre- 
pared food
IìIì Tutti Fruttl Selllr.g Ma- 
]01 Hlme R 1. ,," Co. real est 
London & Loan 
& Agencv Co 
103 Ridout & 'l'tlaybee. solici- 
tors ot vatcnts 
Uldout J G. barri5ter 
Chipman Willis, CIV eng 
Bn'.'lIIng & Segsworth. bar- 
Impruved Realtv Co ot 
Toronto Ltd, real pst 

Ieaney & ('0, wllol IlIm- 
('owthra Victor Ins 
Bristol. Cawthra & Bay- 
ley. barrs 
Arnoldi & Johnstcn bar- 
risters t 
Rayly F.dward. bnrr 
Broad CO'l"e Coal Co Ltd 
Wllso1) Thomas. real est 
Corley & Loftus. barrs 
l't1..Arthur Bros l'O Ltd 
wbol lumber ' 
Toronto Humane !:Ioclety 
Granfield 'Vm 
'.fhomas John, caretkr 
J05 Toronto Genl llospltal, 
Emel'!:ency ijrnncb 
109 Tltu. J.lme;l. hd/.:' 
111 AndPl".on J p. c;gars 
11=!-117 \V1I.on D R. ,Inpgar 
11.. \I..L.lehlan Electric &; 
Gasoline lIIotor LO 
119 Corby \\' J. rest" 
121 B..y Tl'ee Hotel 
. Ad"l:1ide <t w In'crs:'ctq 
Brush .'Ie Co. s e 
125 Spence J D. cig.lrs 
127 American :'\ews Agpncy 
12<J Pnrker J G & ('0. 1,IInbrs 
L'U Collin" J H. slt'hcils 
Idcal Coin Pa..ket Co 
f"mmdian "r.ters' Uureau 
133 AmeriC'an Pressing Co 
Fire Hall :'\0 1 
. TI'mpe. auee 5t Inter!.'t'cts 
145 Dixon John. carri:Jge mtr 
15,'1 Forhes Hoofing ('0 
155-61 l'tII'd Council Cbambers 
Retail Mercbnnts Assn ot 
Tbe Retailer <<montbly) 
Trowern E 1\1, marriage 
11 "en ses 
cula Embolmlng Fluid 
Centurv Cnrlstlan 
Century Christian (week- 
Bradley-Garretson Com- 
pany (Lid) pUbll&h"rs 
Linscott Publlsblng Co 
Urquhart & Urqubart. 
Winston Jobn C Publlsb- 
Ing Company 
Toronto Anti-Consumption 
Ontal"lo Anti-Consumption 
Cannd:! Antl-Con>lumptlon 
York Mutual Fire Ins Co 
Medical Ag-ency ot Can 
Canndlon Creditors' Agcy 
Toronto General Burying 
Grounds Trustees 
Ocean Accident and Guar- 
antee Corv 
Downey Alex, stenog 
Agnew John. notary 

Iedlcnl Registrahon 
flee. Dr R A pyne 

 Fit. PH... "'. II_ "HAPLEY. \'I. E 1'....",,, 
F. CLEMENT BROWN, Manaclnc Oirector. 
J. A. MACFADDE"N, Ceneral IIgent, TORONTO, 
24 King St. West, Tel. 165 



r ",THÆ. 
el 1iY ,,,, -/ .... .'... 
s)" I !;t-


 Co A L. 
\. '1 It AD orFl

J'OROI("t O ' 



The EQUITY FIRE INS. CO_ I Authorized Capital, - $1,000,000 
TORONTO. CANADA. Assets, - $520,000 




North Western MIIl"r 
Gold Hills E
plol"aUOn &. 
U"..elopment Co 
Challes U E, mtrs' agt 
Mansell C }.'. mfrs' IIgt 
ro.I10n :Ocott, caretkr 
110 Vacant 
. Pearl st commences 
112 Taylor, Scott & Co, wood- 
11-1 Uogerll Electric Co 
116 Steel" &. Honeysett, whol 
118 Ueynolds G N & Co, mfrs' 
Goldie & McCml"uch Co, 
Canadlnn Office &. Scb 
}.'u..nlture Co 
Howlltou Brillge \,""ork.. 
A..t Metnl Conso:"ucU"u 
12ú \\ blt"ortb & llestall, 
mattress rnfrs 
122 ,'..cant 
124 CalJada Hadi.ttor Co Ltd 
Arcade Printing Co 
Americnn Chandelier Co 
126 Hose DUlJiel &. :Oon, prtrs PuL Co 
Canadian Crllftsman & 

Iasonlc Uecord 
i'eers A &. Co. prtrs 

t'"ing Machine Supply 
130 L\ on W A Co Ltd, photo 
Slnc:In CllrllJOo 
lIlJing &. 
De\elopmem C"! 
132 ('rosln- Co The. sbcet me- \'"I"l,.rs 

lillen John & Sons, bl. 
eycle 1):1rts 
Fisbcr A U Co I,hl. 
134 l;urn.... Tilden Co, sto..e 
Hoss II C & Co, mfrs' 
cl&,ents II 
136 Eurcl<n :\lInerol Wool & 
Asbestos Co 
Johnston Temperature Re- 
guluting ("0 
Germnnla 011 Co 
138 Sllarllng A W" restr 
140 Golden City Hotel 
. Adelaide st w Intersects 
 Tor Agency 
Tor Bu.lness I
Cnrtls Tboma
146 Tur([ Tbomns, CI\I"P 
UfI-I;;4 p..terkln C R, mld.
. Temperance st Intersects 
 Kwong Yoot Loy Co. groB 
1:';i'!,ltôO Hallomore .1 C, rl est 
Y.. Vacant 
160 P..n('ock MI
s 'I. nnrse 
Gnul(hnn \1I.s III, uur1!e 
Garratt A n. pby 
IG2 Park..r Jo.pph G 
1(\4 Vacant 
161) ('ro" tb.... JnnH's. hnrr H H harr 
Ree..e John T. bro\.pr 
1M Toronto Re!!nlla ('0 
International IIlerc:mtlle 
& Profp,"lonal 1\lIrpan 
Canadian 'Waterproof Sign 
170 Macdonald Wm C, tlr 
Helm IIlrs Annie 
172 Carrick A W. bnker 
. Rle-hmon" st w Intersects 
'remple BlIlldlng 
Templp CI!!"ar Store 
Temple Cafe 
 Jrerlal.. .lamps. tln.mlth 
Hotel. s e 

BAY FHOXT (Toronto 18 
IImd). 1"1111. w from Lake 
Shore n... w of Ward's Point 
to Cblppe" ,1 a... ward 4. 
175 Goodwin Joseph 
1 77 \lIIes 'WID 
5 F.dl(nr "Ir. 

nJ;;Af'JlÎ'J I., n from 212 Mill 
to Eastern avo wnr(, I, 

. .. .. . . .. East Side . _ . .. ,.. 
Warebouse, s I' - 
Da..les Wm Co Ltd, pork 
. Front st Intersects 
. CPR crossing 
Factory, s I' 
'"'--''' West Side '__'.'.__ 
HouBe. S e 
. Tate st ends 
..!U O'Brien JOIlJ(>s H 
24 Stobie 
\' aennt lots 
. Front st I' Intersects 
. C I' n erosslng 
Vacont lot 

lIEAco:\":;:nIELD AV, n frow 
11:>4 Que..n w to Dundas, 
wa."d G. 
. - - " . . ., Eust Side ",.,..'. 
Hotel. 8 I' 
II HolIYlDalJ 
Irs A 
11 Doh \Irs Arnand 
1.t1:lJIion Wm IT 
15 Orr Will A 
1. Dearhorn 
Jrs H 
1\1 ('Ial"e Hobcrt J 
}'I"" lite ",..ounds 
23 !'eolt WIll O. phy 
2:; IIIcl{".t Ale"amler 
27 Cbllreh Jobn 
29 Knox Thomas II 
31 Quinn 
{rs Cecello 
33 Smith 
lrs LIlU,1II 
3;; \'acnnt 
37 Odell 
39 \"acant 
41 O'I earv J:ttne
"lcDermott W II 
-13 Short Ale"nnder 
-I:; lIfar,;b Chnrles E 
47 ('oulson 
Ir< Ellen 
m Hathhon... C K blrlr 
51 "'nll,el' H(I]l('rt I 
:>3 Hunl "Ir
:í:) Rnrrow JanlPs 
57 Rane T H. mns tcbr 
;;9 Blnck George 
61 WlllInm<on Albert G 
03 Vol:ett Tbomas Y 
6.'\ Hpid \Ym 
67 He" Itt .1.lmes \V" bldr 
1::1 I"renl'il r-:rnest 1l 
71 Hewitt Robert 
He" itt R & Sons. contrø 
77 Griffin 
fr" Isadorl' 
. Arl(yle st Intersect!! 
Hou!õ'e. s e 
8:) {.ll'!h tfoot Robert J 
87 Scott G..orge 
89 \laedon:1Irl \Iexonder 

_ Vacant 
91 Gnl\"ln James 
93 John.on Alexanller L 
II;; ('nnnington Matthew 
ß7 Spooner (,ha rleo H 
!19 Barhour J W. bldr 
101 :\Iartln Forgie 
Vacnnt lot 
. Afton av Intersect
l07 Store. s I' 
113 Galhr:Jlth Geor!!e H jr 
11;; Lindner \Irq !\fary 
H1 Uttlp :\fr. E. dt'smkr 
11!1 \\Trl"ht 
121 F1ard.. Wm R 
123 Johnson Herhert E 
12:; \fpE\'oy Dermot 
127 Flil!:l\J 'Arthur 
129 Smith RIchard. bldt. 
131 '1'111 Thomnq E 
13.3 P11nd\nrd (,harll'S 
Vacant lot 
13!ì Forrpstpr G..orge 
Itt Sa..ell Robprt 
It3 Forrp
ter Andrp\\" (' 
145 Da..r<1''''n \\'m D 
'Itt 'Wm 
Honc;oe. s e 
. 'f c1{"nzlp cre" enðs 
Ronc:e. q e 
1:;!I SpC'or Franklin 
n:l Jone
11:3 (,Iarry IIlr
lIt') ("h..
tnnt Wm G 
167 Do..le Jnmes L 
'1m ('orllin:r Wm !II 
171 Fletcher Alfred C 
173 Hnrve'l" John H 

175 loIllcdonald Mrs M, gro 
Vacant lots 
. -- .. . ..' Wcst Side 
Sto..e. s I' 
10 "lIcant 
Inrtln Wm F 
16 U,.llflth Ueorge 
GrUnth G J,:, pntr 
18 Eo) p Edward H 
20 AlJderson John 
22 Smith J nmps T 
2-1 AntbollY James 
X O'Urady St"lJdlsh G 
28 Collins \V G 
Templeton Miss H, nur.e 
30 Cllt..kson Mrs M A 
32 ('ollins :\fJ"s O..pbena 
34 Martin Wm 
38 !\I,.) "I s ""lIlUl..d 
40 Lennox Cbarles W 
,"ltcllnt lot" 
52 Dalrymple James S 
5-1 RowIin Frnnk 
"acnn t lots 
1'.8 B.II'I"ls JohlJ 
70 H..rpet" Jo.eph \\ 
72 SI""art Edmund 
i4 Raymore Henrv S 
. Argyle st Interse"t!t 
House. s e 
711 Berner UI..lcb R 
78 Denison Jnnlt..
1'<0 \\' :llker 
lt'o S E 
82 Lonl( GUhe..t R 
8-1 !II.." Am<,ha 
811 Id.'nden I'''ed,'rlck J 
 Bank.. Tboillos 
[I() IUlpv Thomas 
HU!J8 !\j("Inholl !lfrs Altnle, 
. .\fton a.. Intersects 
110118(0, :iI e 
100 Mc
{u"('b" Jobn 
108 Ho"man 'John M 
110 Howpll J)lmes 
112 I?mser John 
. Cross st commencell 
114 Elliott J osepb 
116 I\nuff.s \\'m H 
I\nulfts :\Ii"s F M. mus 
118 Jome
Iumfo"d J.lmes H 
122 Sharland Gilbert 
124 JalJ1it'!Õòon 
h's June 
12G Grn.. James 
12.<; Triùthle (,horIcs 
1:10 Fowler Ch:J..les H 
1:12 Jackson Wm A 
134 ?-Ioss J Alhet't 
"ncant lot 
138 Rea M,.s IIInry I 
llIrtin Percy 
142 :\"el.on John A 
144 Woolnon!:h Wm W 
141; Wells Gerald A 
148 Granville I. 
150 Wilson Pcter R 
1,,2 Rullen G,'orge 
1M Ra<1dllfe Ft"ed A 
1;;6 :\fJ"s Mnry 
158 \\ll.on J nmes 
lr.o Cl'llwford Robert G 
1':2 Filz<imons Thomas 11 
164 Rogers Robert 
IGG Un rrptt Geo..
e '.r 
. Collable st commence" 
168 \Hller Jnm"s 
Vaennt lots 

BF:ATRlf'E AV, n Ar- 
thur to College. second w of 
Bellwoods a... \\"ord II. 
......... E:Jst Side 
I\ot built on 
, .. ". . ..' "....t Side 
2 Bourne \\'m 1
4 1II,"l.pan Wm J 
\'aCllnt lots 

BEA'I'Y <\ \'. n (rom 1500 Ring 
w to Qn..en w. ward 6, 
. .. .... " F;u..t 1':1<11' 
33 Emhree I.ntber I" 
37 Clnrk" John 
:m (')nl"lle ''I'm 
p..l..ate J(rounds 
55 Duthie George jr 
6!J \/c:\"cll Jobn J 

71 \' acant 
Private grounds 
81 Boyce James G 
83 J ",. 
85 Tbompson lilts E G 
87 Bell Da vld It 
......,.' W'''S[ Side 
House, 8 e 
28 Vacant 
:iO Vacant 
32 Godson A..thUt' W 
l'rl\"ute grounds 
60 Gall George 
52 Bnrrlngton J W 
Vacant lots 
G4 Clohy Will J 
Vucant lots 
74 IIIncGregor lIfarsh.tll 
76 Vacnnt 
Cburcb of Eplphsny 

BEAU. n from mm av 
of Soulh 1>1'i\"(.. fir_' 
Glen ..d, "nrd 2 
_ _ _...... J;.,..[ Sid" 
House, . I' 
13 ("Ie,' Edmund II 
1I01de.. John. I' 
."...... ",'st 
12 Jamieson Philip 

to n 
e of 

IO:\"T RD. e {rom Glen 
rd. fit"st O\
('r thp bl"ld;;-e, 
n of S..uth fI ,'1 \"", ward 2. 
, . . ,. .... :\" "rth 
i<1" .......'. 
1 U,,
..t1ale Golf (,Iuh 
2 Hixull 
;:"n11t.l J.
3 POI""ons '''m G 
4 Audre" s W S 
;; \, I 
:"11 \lIdn'w 
ht'd bouse 
"..... :-;outlt Sid" , 
?\ut "Þnllt on 

IIEDFOIUI HD. n f,'om 2-14 
nloor w to Davenpol"t rd, 
"ard 4, 
, . . . . . . .. East SI<1e 
House. s e 
1 Uohorlson A J 
3 :llorto!\ Henr" H 
5 Lea 1I11-s 
1 Forhp" 
7 Madd"n (:porl(e F 
() <'lark Frederick 
1:1 Perry James B 
"acnn. lOts 
. Prince Artbur 8v Inter, 

":1cant lots 
27 '"aeant 
2!ì Ma"ten Co..nellus A 
. Lowther av Imersects 
11011'''. s I' 
&7 Campbell Arcblbald H jr 
. Elgin a\ ends 
"ac9nt lots 
{):J C""els R.cbard S 
g:; Wallace Re.. Prof F H 
97 Reid TllOllJa
9!1 W..Ue Jamcs 
101 J.iilllaw (' !':hedden 
]03 :\lolTat IIIrs IIlargllret 
105 Laing John B 
. Ito""ell ".. ends 
10!1 Al'plegath Llewellyn J 
\'ac:1nt lots 
11:; Ca

els "'lIlter G 
117 Smyth Henry R 
11!J 1'0011' Jobn A C 
. Trnnby av ends 
House. !õJ po 
121 CI:lrk Thomas J 
12:; Ki\'kpntrkk Al"thur E 
12:; IIowl'\lJd SI\' Wm P 
127 McConnell I\eaven 
120 \liddlelon Wm 
. Ber",ud :1\ interse!'tll 
1 StpwBrt John K 
133 ('oullb"rd Wm G 
n:; Baln AI..!rhall1 R 
137 It .in J"mes \V 
1:\!I \{"rIN Artbur H 
141 \ acant 
. . . . .. W""t Side 
House, s e 
2 Vacant 
.Pl'llIce Arthur II



 "Hagar" Shoes 

Easiest and Best H. & C
Fitting Shoe made 114 VONG E ST. 

Bedford Rd. 



UELLE\T E .A\". n from 42 
lIelle\ ue pi to College. 
"UI"II. 4. . 
......... Ea>>t :';id" ......... 
Z; Castou H"rr.r E 
27 Hanney Mra Louise 
2!1 Unrrougl1e" }o'red C 
:n (
ray Alfred W 
:!3 Hoss H Ugl1 
a;; Uro" n E In ing 
:1"; Cunnlngl1am \\l)lter C 
3:1 Clewents John M 
41 Gemmell All'xander jr 
43 I>halpe John E 
4;; Cbarlton 
lrs J. dry gd. 
<:I1arlton Abraham 
47 I'billlps TI1omus. hldr 
4:1 Boker 'Sawuel. 
;;1 Jr\\Jn Gl'orge W 
J3 Hill Will ß 
l,'rank Morrison 
5;; Martin :.\1r.. Helen 
;;7 Uullo" uy Wm 
;;9 GullowlIY John L 
(jl Clal'k V W, gro 
. :o.asslln st Intersects 
(j;) ALJl'rneil1y Jomes A 
(j;; \Irs M ::i 
(;1 GiLJLJons Wm. shoemkr 
GILJLJons J.tlues, putr 
Gral1am :llrs lIlargaret, r 
::itorc) Thomus H. r 
Gmh.l111 J 
1. expo r 
(;:J l'anuabl'cker 0 U 
n Hunt Joseph :II 
73 \"an Loon :llrs E\elyn 
73 " , Crlttendeu :lIrs L H 
7;; i.owe George W 
,7 I';gan :llicbael 
Cotton W1I1 '1'. r 
mlth John 

3 I'iltl Fdw..rd J 
. Oxford st Intersects 
I'ri.....te grounds 

7 1110'111" ue 1I0s)lltui 
111 Moore Charles I.'. phy 
(I:; :llachell Hemy '1', phy 
!I11 lIrougball Ite\' A J 
St Stepl1eu's Chnrch 
.,. . - . . ., Side _''''.'' 
2 \Vntt J:unes 
4 Cooke Clnrl'nce W 
ti FIIt'rance "'niter C 
8 HOllinger James R 
10 \"01U1j>; J.tlnes D. bldr 
1:! Hard, DigLJ... 
14 I'ayne J "'ebber 
16 :lre:ll ullen Thomas, pntr 
111 ' J :llcI'ortland Tl10mas 
18 Wyatt Alfred 
20 Eccles Haulel 
2OY., Cummings Harry 
22 Dm-ey James :-,- 
24 Ha.. "'m D 
26 J';,\lnl'( AlexanQl'r 
30 Knox John A 
32 Hodgson Prederlck '.f W 
34 l'('tl'r8 J I'sse 
Harris J';d\\ ard. r 
36 Wblte !\Irs :lIarI' A 
3S Jobnstone 'Wm C 
4:! O'Brll'n John 
44 O'Brlen Da...ld 
41. Garde Jobn 
48 Wrh:ht James C 
,.0 Willson Jobn R 
52 I'rpneb Alhprt R BELr.WOODS AV. n from 768 
;;-1 Phillips James Queen w to J\Ionsßeld av, 
56 Flint Rlchnrd H ward 5. 
58 Dixon GeorJ(e E _ .. . . . ,__ East Sidp ........ 
00 Wt]
on Tbomas G Rtore, s I' 
tõS Hur
t Fredprlck 1 Mix DRnlel J 
. :\"assall st Intersects L...nch IIIrs E. drsmkr 
Vacant store 5 Cilnkunhroomer James H, 
70 IIHtchpll James hlksmlth 
[ltcbpll A S Val'ant lots 
76 Rlrld<'ll '[rs Jnne . Crol'ker av ends 
7S ContiI' Da...ld 11 Btewnrt John 
80 ('lark Thomas J 13 IIIC'ßretnv Wilt 
"2 HertImnn Jospph I
 15 Johnson 'Thoma
84 'lartp!1 Thomas, bldr I, \Iodlev Andrpw 
Icnllin John VaC'ant lots 
RELLI:F.Uß A \'. n of f
: 8R ('ornnpl1 J Frpdprlck 31 loaell I;\'"m 
Qneen e. ...cond w 1)-1 CRrpenter Dpxter 

av. ward I, .Oxforrl st Intersects :;:; Rclrl Wm A 
-...,. '. East Side 96 Sh n pp nrd )laxßeld . Robinson st ends 
1\ot huilt on 
 VaC'ant lo(s 
Wl'St f',d.. ,........ 98 
h', Tholllasine 8t 'IlnUhlas' Church 
. .. . Ö';

IR' Gporge B 100 Lm-elock Henry III JolIl'Y Mr 
1.IrY G 


n 102 Ti pton Ricbard .Tol1pv :111< 1'1 F H. drs mkr 
 ..R"E BT ,i::







. Lowther av Intersects 
House, ø e 
80 Court!cl' Re... A C 
82 Prentlnce David 
lIIurray John S 
84 Moyle Henry 
86 Wood Edwurd R 
88 Edmnnd 
Vacant lot 
92 Doherty Wm K 
Vncant lots 
100 Phillip
102 \'l1cant 
104 Vacant 
106 Val'ant 
110 De Lury Alfred 'J" 
Ioorp Frank A 
I('\\ hlnney Wm J 
116 Kirkpatrick !I(rs J, Janp 
118 Greenwood RlIssell 
120 Rnrrows Acton 
122 13ootl1 Wm 
124 Hobinson Titns \\ 
0 Hurton Phlueas II 
1.18 LII ud Hohert J
UO G.llle!t Alexander 
142 ('a...II'Y 
' Osmnnd 
. Hernnrd ov Intersects 
HOllse. s I' 

RELFORD. n from G T ß 
trnck to Smith. second I' ot 
Pape a Y, \\ -:ird I, 
0.. __ .' '. I;"..t 
Ide ....... 0 
1 Eagan J"ItlCS 
3 Sievert :llrs Mary A 
. - '" ... "'est Side '....... 
Not l1uilt on 

RELL, I' (rom 105 Itlver to 
Don Terrllt'e, \\ a rd I, 
. .. ...... ?\orth !':ide .. __ ..... 
Kpmp "'Ifg Co. s e 
......... South 
Hle ........ 
1 \lovlan l'atl'lek 
I) Tel:ry Edwin J 
11 ('oJj>;lIn III... Ann 
13 Andl'r.on Tbomas 
15 Hutchinson 'Vm 
17 'kE\\('n "-m J 
17 1 , :O\i('ol Jobn 
10 'rmnlin John \\' 
21 1\11'('1('111'1' George 
21 f"nomhs Samucl 
2:) Glllespil' 
Jrs Elizabeth 
31 Gl'dde. Itohprt 111 

3 I.uc... Thomns 
35 Gray George 

7 Pollard :llrs Chnrlotte 
:ID"stpw Edmund J. 

ßF.LLAIH. n from S2 Bloor 
w to YOI.j..\'lIIe 'n'. word 3. 
- - . . ., East Sid" ....,.... 
Honse. s I' 
9 Good....ln '1' J 
. Cumberland st Intersects 
11 ('ollett :llartln A 
13 Turner Wm J 
1;; Smith Hprbert 
1ï Frpnch Joseph '1' 
19 Ha Ie Benjamin R 
21 Bohbv :llrs 
I. dairy 
2.1 Cummings IIIrs lI1ary 
2:3 Charlton Wm 
2i I'nrkpr Challes S 
 Gillespie Wm E 
House, s I' 
. .. - . - ... West Side......... 
nouse. s I' 
8"ij>;ht Lawrence 
. Cnmbprland st Intersects 
House. s e 
18 Woods John C 
20 Waldon John C 
22 Rmitl1 Andrew 
24 ('"niter !l1I's Letetla 
26 D..tnlt'ls Mrs Susan 
House, s e 

104 Hughes 8tewart 
10li \'acant 
10S Warner James 
110 Grunt ArchiLJald 
112 GILJ
on llarnal1a
114 Flynn .Joseph 
Uti \\ tlson Ueorge H 
118 llrlnes Henry 
120 Teeter I' T 
122 lIIack Miss Jaue 
I.'lre Hull Xo If 

llELLE\'UE PL, w from 24 
Angnsta av to Carlyle, ward 
. , . . . , ... X orth Side ". __ , . 
Denison sq 
. Belle,-ue av commences 
House. 8 e 
46 I.ampman Joseph A 
48 Bra) ley John B 
:;0 rye lIenry A 
52 H) ers :llr
 Annie S 
Featherstone George 
54 lIurkholder Harry R 
56 Young "'m 
58 Jawleson 'Wm 
t30 Bo\\ man John \V 
62 Schadel Emil 
64 Ðu,-is Tl10mas W 
06 Jol1nstone Tl10mas ß 
08 White \Irs A, I'(ro 
"'bltp Wm. pntr 
. J.eonard av commpnces 
Ilollse, s e 
H Cunninj>;bam 
Irs Helen 
,i! Cooper Charles 
,.'..... Sonth !':Idl' 
1 UlIJer Wm :llcC 
3 !':om
rs HorrT B 
5 \\ll1cocks :III's Annie 
7 }o'o
tl'r :llrs 
9 \latns John :II 
11 Taylor WID J 
13 \'ncant 
1;; Butler Robert J 
17 Dell,are Louis 
19 Hardie \Irs :lIary 
21 pea...oy G"ol'ge W 
23 Do....l!nl'( Hr.-an 
2:> Gnthrip James 
'27 Kpll... 'Jatthew E 
. Denison a,- pnd.. 
21) Pl'terkln (,harleR R 
Prl...ntp gmunds 
39 1.a,-('1'\' Rnhl'rt 111 
41 I'etprkln Cb'll'les R Jr 
 S('bnnl'k Cl1arll's R 1r 
-1:> 'YRtprh01lH' RpnJ A 
-Ii Gonrllp Wm H 
49 King Jospph 
:;1 na...I'''' Wm 
ã.1 Barkër Je.'p W 
1>:> RlaC'kwpll Fr,md.. E 
!\, Miller :III's Rn"annoh 
511 ColIY1'1" Roltt, mns tchr 
61 Hall ChRril's E 
f13 Walsh John 
ß7 Al1gpr IIl1chael 111 
 FRrranC'p Arthur R 
7:; Flllott 'Irs Jessie 
jj Hart Wm R 
,!I FI'll :lrr

 Reprv. dairy 
8, Connors \lr.. Catherine 

Vacant lots 
75 Lindsey Joseph 
77 Fell Charles E 
,9 HottelI'll Wm 
81 Stanley :111-.. 
Iarlon Ie 
83 Graham 1I11"s Ada 
1i5 JUllieS Arthnr 
89 Phillips Edward A 
91 Sl1elton IIlrs EmJUa 
93 Thornton Josepb 
oc. WeLJstl'r JUllles H B 
H9 lI(oynlbnn 1IIicb1l1'1 
101 Vahey Mh:hael 
103 "'ebster George H 
105 Jobnston Wm F 
10, lInrtbolomee Mrs A H 
10(1 :l1"y Henry It 
111 Park.'r Edward 
113 West....ood Gporgp C 
Vacant lots 
. Bpll"oods pi ends 
121-131 Npwcolllhe 0 & Co, 
piano f.tctorv 
13.. Copley Will S 
, 1I1"('alhll1l Wm 
131) Trotter J.lJnes A 
HI Hnkpr Jll'nj C 
14:1 ('"mi"kp)' Tl1orn.I" I' 
14;; :llurpby Wm I' 
Hi IIn".o;. Arthur 
HI) Pl'lIt'son 'YIll T " 
1;;1 D.."man Anbur 
153 Whlttlnghltm J 'W pntr 
155 Suundpls George ;j 
1:;7 Tl1ol"Utou Peter S 
1:;9 III:tbatr... Will J 
1111 [.1'1' :I[i.s E,,, D 
163 H:tskett John H 
11;;; GI iflìtbs :lIrs E 
1117 ('olluack J"l1Ies 13 
1.19 Pringle J Howard 
. AI'IIIIII' st intt'rspcts 
1,5 ROddy IIIrs III, gro 
l,i Budd,. Ch.lrlp, I.' 
lin Trnnlln Gporge 
181 Zock I.eopole 
 Luckey '1'l1omas 
18.3 Ginln 
h-s J:I.zabeth 
l'>i Spl'ing 
ll's Charlotte 
IS9 Goodway (,h..rlps 
191 M('Phpr
on Dovld 
 Pickerlnl'( M..s Jane A 
19;; pow.-Ie David 
19i (,hing Hl'nry H 
. Plymouth av Intersect. 
191) III"r<hall Hicl1ard 
201 ßrndlev John 
203 Holltnd Frank 
207 Harris Edward R 

I Deacon Wm J 
211 Pnrrv 
Irs Jane 
l'rlv:ite grounds 
215 Devpreux Freder'ck W 
217 Den\itt John 
:?t!J (;oodri
p \\'Itl G 
221 RlC'hter Wm H 
 narel1 James A 
22;; McFpul John 
227 Rohluson Edgar 
229 Hobson Artl1ur A, dairy 
Hoh.on l\Irs E C, g('() 
. Treford pi ends 
Yacant lots 
2.15 McPherson Angus A 
2.17 ROl'hmpr J.' C 
2:{9 'Ioore Wm 
2-11 J.:lIIc:hlill John, dolr,- 
243 nibb Walter 
245 IIlnmb... J.lmes A 
247 Stewnrd Wm T 
249 Rowman J;lm('s W 
251 McLean Richard C 
2:33 Hurst John 
House. s e 
. , , . . - , .. West Side ......." 
Prl...ate grounds 
38-40 Rear entrances 
PrivatI' j!"roulld< 
. Arthur st intelSef'ts 
Stnre. S I' 
1"4 S('ull... :Ill's '[.ny A 
1M George 
1!1O ('l"I\wforrl John 
)2 Allan John 
19-1 Hendl"ikz 
196 Goldring Tbomas. pntr 
. Plymouth av Intersects 
II)S Kennedy J.lmes 
200 \[o


Tel. 952. 98-100 King St. 'P n Toronto. 


.Bell wOOùs A v. 

2 Goodman Ww J 
:104 Townley WlU II 
20\1 Galloway Ww. pl'O med 
208 Gilmore Joseph 
210 Pepall Gt'orge 
212 Welhn.tlJU Etlwllrd 
214 McCullough ltoÞel"t W 
216 Bryan Mrs Jltllt' 
218 I.llIliu
sley M,'s Sarah 
220 Co..nish '1'holll.ts 
22:1 Lavin Wm lJ 
22! Snllh.1ll John 
22\j 1'll1tt Johu 
22S Ste\\urt Samuel 
2.30 nake,' lIlrs 1
lIcn S 
%J4 McMillan John 
Vac.llit lot 
240 Thompson Hohert 
244 LoÞhuu Charles 
2.1li Hhodes Fred 
248 La "SOU Ch..istlan 
250 l'inkerton J.tmes 
2:í2 Wilson Charles J 
254 Willmott :Mrs Agnes 
2:\6 ("Islor Ueorge A 
2á8 Wiggins Wm 
2,;() Bl":lithwlllte Wm 
2;;2 Mole John W 
26\j Meen Wm 
2(;8 Uohu Johu I" 

trow 2-10 Crantord to ShllW, 
.. . . . . ,.. l\ orth Side ..'...... 
I\ot Þullt on 
......... ::5outh 81de ......... 
1 lIulltinl(tord ltev E W 
2 Mu..doch 101 D 
3 COll'lll.tu Il,cl:tard H 
House, s e 

LI,WOllDS PI., W trom 
128 CI.I1't,nlOllt to l.Iellwoods 
uv, w.trd 5, 
. .. ...... .'\01'11.1 Side.,.. ..... 
Sture, Ft '-' 
8 IUll'Y Hol.....t G 
e"cotulJe 0 & Co, 
Factory, S C 
. .. .. . ... ::5uutlt ::;ide ..."..., 
House, s e 
3 Jeffs Thomas 
5 Wilson rJlOmas 
7 HIII'Þour Will G 
Store, s e 

BELMOX1', w trom D82 
Yonge, ward 3, 
"""'" :-' Side ".....__ 
2 Uardiner Wm A 
4 Kune Juhn 
6 Sheppard Peter 
8 Sheppard Wm 
10 Hol\\.IY AuÞrpy H 
12 Cholwill Mrs E A 
14 Stnart David G 
16 Henderson Mrs Emll7 
18 Cla..k George 
22 Sheppard John 
2426 "acant houses (2) 
28 Kerr Heu"7 
30 Bailey Alexanller 
32 Young Douald 
34 Hammond John 
36 Huut '1'homas 
38 Gofl' John C 
40 Grant "'ran
ls W 
42 Meuear Joseph 
44 Gillespie Ueurge 
46 McManus George 
48 Stewart H..m7 
50 'Wllson Mrs Eliza J 
52 Priestley Urley S 
M .Fla7 Walter 
lcC()nneli Will 
58 Ha.....e7 Amos 
60 Bonner Samuel 
62 Johnston James 
64 McLoren John 
66 Sheppa..d Frederick 
68 Sheppard !\Irs Jan(, 
70 Jacobs Mrs S, drsmkr 
72 Holmes :\Irs Fannie 
74 Derry Anson 
76 Brown Robert 
78 Dowling Wm H 
80 Moat Albert 
82 Eversfield Hene- 

84 1'ord Ueorge 
88 Madill ((ohert H 
00 Uobinsou "D1 
94 Guy Will J 
96 Bullen Miles 
D8 Cat tel' John 
loo Mulcolm "Ill 
W2 Brit l' l:5amuel 
f)lIth Side .... 
Store. s e 
1-:1 Vacuut (2) 
. Samh st cOllimenceø 
7 Pt:'Hl"ce John 
!J !\Iont Olher J 
11 Lines I\1rs Lut'v 
1:1 'flwdy 
rs SRrah 
15 Magee Benjamin 
17 HoÞan Thomas 
19 Lovett Jumes 
21 llron u John 
23 Ledingham James 
2J Lan'rty \\ w 
27 'rehlluu 1.'lllllk C 
2'J Bryce Ww E 
31 W:Ìtson Jumes 
33 Browu Jnmes 
.1I1c'Iurllcb st ends 
43 Aged \Ieu's llome 
51 Aged Wome,,'s Home 
Lumber y.lrd 
73 Wullace Wm W 
75 'nn
i('kle \Vm 
Store. s e 

BELSHA W A '-. s from 32õ 
'\ïlton :1\', nurd 2, 
- . , . -. Ktst 8ide '.'.'' 
1 Gorham Edward A 
:1 J.lscouJIlh .1 
5 Chamberlain Arthur 
7 "ooe U H 
9 A,hb
11 Lowry 1>u\'ld 
13 Wllllnms Jumes 
1;; Nicol Will 
17 Johnston Wm W 
11) Cleghorn 'Vm J 
'....__.. West Ride 
e, s e 
2 WeÞber !\Irll Ii: 
4 "a('Rnt 
U Ashhv Jumes 
8 I';th....t. Jol1u 
10 Klnt'ade EI'nest 
12 Cosburn Thomas 
14 An;::u" Frnncls J 
16 Oulton Go:orge 
18 Andrews I;eor,;e 
20 McWIlliam Alexonder 
22 Ji:el"" Jnnles 
24 !lobertson Alex ::; 

BERKELEY, n tr<om the 
Bay to 215 Carlton, wV.rd 2- 
. . . . , . , ,. East 81de 
Vacnnt lots 
"'actor7, s e 
. R It çrosslug 
Hallway Yllrd 
Gas Co's works, s .. 
. Front st e Intersect. 

;; Canada Fouudr7 Co 
. Kiuli: st e Interse<:1S 
8tore, S e 
55 Saugster George A 
57 Johnston James 
5!) Crawford Wm 
61 \onzuben Frank 
63 Hownrth John 
65 I'ethlck Wm G 
67 Mounce John 
6t1 Brindle John 
71 Simpson Robert 
73 lI1cEachren Nell D 
75 Wardpll Will H 
77 Wright Johu 
79 Briusmead Thoma& H 
. Duke st Intersects 
House, s e 
89 Beatty Adam, builder 
Beatty Adom A, ph7 
D7 RndcIifl'e Heur7 
{)'J !tol(ers Wm 
10,1 Dalp John H, dalr7 
105 Bonden Francis A 
107 Thompson Joseph E 
10!) lIastil'n JIIrs Mand 
111 Smith \Irs Sophht 

London, Eng., 


8TREE'1 S. 

11:1 CUllnlngiJam H 
115 Wilson I,'r,'derkk 
117 Hinde \\ m E 
. Bnche"" st IlJtersectø 
lUJ 110use. s e 
1:!:1 Lrl]ululI't Gcorge 
1:!;i Dnnt'nn John 
J:!7 Lnpplo '\lIS III 
12U Dll1l1nn :\1I8S 
I. drswkr 
12lW. How Wm 
1:11 'l'hoUtsou I.' J 
133 Quigley Sumuel 
5 .rl'
\ YerR 'l'homns 
1:17 Ba I rett John 
13D Huusle7 W 
141 I
nright TiJomas J 
Bums John. r 
Metcalfe \\ Ill. r 
I George's Hall 
'Volfe Mrs Irene 
Rtore. s e 
. Queen st e Intersccts 
I.m Store, s e 
1;;1 Cooppr Ueorl(e H, plmbr 
 Hothwell B, sho<emkr 
1;;:\ :\lcQuillen 0, blkomlth 
. Hams"7 lane Intersects 
1:>7 Je\\<ell Frpdcrlck 
Ic C;lrt
r J.llnø:'s 
 0 E 
11::\ 1":lrley 'Ym 
165 \\'1I"on 'II S :\Iargaret 
11;7 Ga"dlnet. Jawes 
Wfl Hoylnlld G Henr7 
171 Martiu 
I J 
17:1 H.llmons .Iames 
177 l.Iurt )\[..s I:llz..beth 
17t1 Hooe HUlr7 
IS1 Nicholson John. contr 
IS:; I;n'ell :\Irs Eliz.IÞ<elh A 
1S7 Wukefield !Irs JRne 
18tl l'nj:".lt ty Wm 
1m Butterfield Wm 
. !'y,ll'uhnm st Inte,'sects 
1!1;: ('h'll'lic SinK, Indr7 
If1!' K"lIv Da\ld J 
2D1 O'!':lillivun J\lichael J 
2U:\ I"'
nllivan 'Wm 
207 Mason Ell 
200 ::;tarllng Wm S 
211 KU7 :\h's Agnes 
21:1 Flcmilll'; \\'m G 
21:; Gll'dhlll J<:, mus tehr 
217 Arm.Hong :\Il's C:ttherlne 
219 Sl>ottiswood l\Irs !d A 
Hoskin IIIrs EJ 
221 Co.hnrn Hiclhlrd J, dlllr7 
lcCaÞe :\lichael '1' 
22-ï 'rumer Thomas IIlcl 
2'27 L" nl';tou 'fhomas 
2.11 Co..tleld Wm 
Elliott John 
23;; Cartel' Wm A 
2.19 malr Francis, express 
241 n..lnnev John 
2-13 Thompson IIIlss 
247 Thompson John W 
Il'nt'lde John R 
231 Jat'km.1U Jolm 
,5 Roddy 1Ir" l
257 O'Connor Mrs 
25!J I'oole Thomas H 
2Hl [ò:.luith Frank 
2ö:1 C.H'r Wm 
265 Smith "Irs Barhara 
lin John 
Patterson Jobn 
26!J JIIa('klock Archibald 
. Coatsworth laue Intersects 
277 Store, s e 
. "'lIton nv Inter9..cts 
Rnuse. 8 e 
2M 'leI."Rn George 
 Hamill Wm C 
285 Harris :\I1's Grncp 
Harris \V J, mns tcbr 
2"-7 Paine John 
2.<;9 McGann :\Irs Anne 
2tll Perry Alexander 
2!l3 Furze Harry 
2f1:> Clarke Jnbez W. jwlr 
2!l7 Vicl{ery Orlando 
29!) Walker 'Ya!tpr J 
301 Wil!li:lns Thomas 
Smith Alfred 
303-25 Dufl'erln School 
327 WIlliams !\Irs C. cf.nty 
Williams Francis 
329 Winnett John E 

331 Hugel'mau Ii:'lcholas 
33;; Ucl.ley He, Juhu I" 
337 Felkln Wm D 
3:!!) Wickett S.ltlluel It 
341 MortilDer Jame" 
:I.n \\ lJiiums C 
345 Moss 8) dlle7 
347 McLeau Hector. IJphol 
34t1 McClelll7 Wm J 
li11lln MI'. Mlnne 
1l'Craw DII\1d 
lilnes James H 
:157 Westou WID H 
:1;;9 Mausell Chm le8 ... 
House, 8 e 
. Uerrard st I' interseëts 
House. s e 
:165 Dower George 'V 
:167 Hearing 'l"holDos V 
Gearlllg I
dward, blr1r 
371 noin ThoDl.1S It 
:173 Square7 Will R 
375 HVlles 111.-,; Margaret 
H7nes James P 
:171 Scott J II mes C' 
:181 Johnston Albert 
383 Christie Wm 
:185 Hidl.,y Jnwes Mcr} 
:187 Dnnlel .\II'S K ... 
:189 CamplJell Mrs Ann 
:l!Il Uohenson 
iss Jessie 
:1D3 Masten Ueuben B 
lIouse, s e 
., ..... " _ Wf'Sr 
Ide .. 
Lumber ..-ard. s .. 
. R It crossing 
4 H"eson UtJl"klng Grate 
Bar Co 
6-8 Trelollr. BlnsnrOl'd & Co 
fuundprn . 
10-12 Tor Knitting J<'actOI'y 
Uas Works, s e 
.I.'rout st e Intersects 
VIICRnt lot 
44-41; '-a.....lIIt offic!';, ,2) 
Vacant lot 
Oftlce, s e 
. King ot e Inte..sects 
..,1 H'l'pn>hlelds James H 
1!6 Cronlu Walter H 
Crouln Dennis P, r 
Fire Hnll Xo 4 
. Duke 8t Intersects 
72 ?1t'Adnm V'-m 
14 II1cCrlmmon Daniel 
76 :\Iathleson Alexandl'r 
78 Heslop Thomas M 
80 Dnucan Robert 
....2 Murphy John 
84 Hnnt Thomas H 
st: Hnnter George FJ 
8-<; Wood James W 
00 Vlrj!lu Robert S 
92 McGuire John 
!!4 Bradley SOl'man M 
96 II1t'Mann 'rhomas 
98 Johnston Hn rJ'y 
Thompson J E. r 
102-4 Bocon Wm H 
106 Jones Robert C 
108 Vacant 
110 Urquhart Donald 
112 \IcKa7 John R 
. Duchess 8t Intersects 
118 Graham Robert 
120 Forsvth Walter 
122 Ga..dlnpr Thomas 
12-1 Rlchm'ds Fl':lnk 
126 Murphy Mrs Mo..y 
Hallinan JIIlss J. drsmkr 
128 Perry IIlrs Snrah 
130 'IcGolpln Wm J 
132 gar!!' Frnnklln P 
Walsh James. bottler. r 
Churcb, s e 
. Quel'n st e Intersect. 
HZ Hiland Wm P 
144 Klliser John 
146 Hopkins Albl'rt L 
1461.1, Cas"'ell Wm A 
. Ramsey JUne InterøecU 
14<; Cooper Mrs Margaret 
150 Follon John 
152 Grahom Wm 
154 McNnlr James 
156 Curran Joseph 
158 Snook John 
160 Vaughan George 

F I Solder. øabbltt. 1 SO RA P 


NERAL LIFE I. unqueati
ly the best Oompany "'or the best 
lives. as It Elves them advantaa-es no othÐr ComDanv can give, 


1(;2 Clemen I Jobn II 
164 I.'u..ntll FraucI
IGG Greene J..wes 
168 Jobn .-\ 
liO Wood UolJe"l W 
Iartin Jobn 
 lIIn..tln Will J 
Icl.augltliu )licbl'l'J 
liB l'nrrnn )lIs Sarnb 
I nir UolJert S 
1'2 S,'ull 'Irs 1(1'0 
. :<,dl'nhl1m sl inlersects 
 Slte..idl1n Jubn 
I""; \Inson \I..s \111"" 
1hS l'ut"l'nu Jnmes ÌJ 
IHO Bl1in Rlchn..d W 
Bnlu )Irs Allpe, l'onfy 
1!J2 )lagone 
Irs E 
1!J-1 Carroll Alfred E 
1:.16 Carroll lIIr
1\.18 Davies Edgl1r J 
200 ".u"I'oll Juhu 
202 "oruney Joseph 
204 MdJulllen U\\ en 
201. \Vood<lucl, \\ m II 
I1unghlon )lIs I.. nurse 
210 I:osa,' Will J 
212 l,-uigbt Jobn 
:.!B "u..pby Dennl
2lli 1.IIIIJ<th,n J.tUI<'s 
21'> Walkcr Wm 
2'2\.1 "Cplou I'rede..u:k )1 
222 Da'ey Hicbnrd 
 \-I1t'an I 
22'; Jackman Fr.tuk 
228 J.emon WItI 
2.;0 Sle\\ .trt J.tmes II 
2-:2 GOllyn Jo:,,
2-14 Ctttes Stel!lten 
Z;G Penfuund 1....1:lC 
2:,1'0 H..itlm.l11u H..nry 
242 Apted Edwortl 
244 \1:o..tin I'rede..l..k \V 
24G lIoge..
lurI"lsun Frederi<'k 
torm 'liss Annie E 
2 )111\ llich.u'd 
4 \ .t"'zant :\"t.lson 
. Coats\\ 01 th Inne Intersects 
HOIl'ie, S e 
. \\ IIton av Intersects 
, s e 
272 }lnl(Jl}(
Il"s E 
 !,>lcGce )Irs n..ldgt't E 

1('Cluy J.llies 
2i8 )lit..hell S.tDJUel 
2'-0 WIckens Albert )1 
2"'2 Owens Albert 
2.q )1) et s WID 
28G Lluik Wm 
:,!....S l'üg'llC Johu 
2<J0 Wnllat'e Wm 
Z-I:! Wntson John 
2<J4 Lvnar reter J 
Z-16 Armstrong Frnnl. jr, bldr 
218 Burns 1II1's Sarah 
300 'fomhnson Thomns 
302 Hugbes James 
304 Sbort 'Irs )1 
300 Rogers John F 
308 Wright 'Vm 
:no Dandv Mrs Sarah 
312 GrIerson Charle
314 Pnrk Andrew 
316 Doyle David 
318 Patterson Samuel 
320 Street Robert 
322 'lcTnmney Jnmes 
32-\ Hagermnn Albert E 
32G Boyd Ale"nnder 
:-128 )I<'Calfry James R 
330 FlemIng Wm F 
332 Gnllowny George A 
334 Trebilccck Albert E 
336 Gobeil George D 
338 Hnillbly Frederlt'k P 
340 Cm'lngtou 'Vm J 
342 O'Connor Wm 
344 Seholey Joseph 
346 Stewat.t Mrs Lily 
House, !õ; e 
. Gerrard st e Int
House. s e 
356 Cook Wm J 
358 Rolls Henry J 
360 Westmnn )1\ss bIny 1\ 
362 Doran James 
364 DavIs Magnus 
366 Vacant 


3GB C.tuld\\ell )1\-.. 11:hl1;a,'t'( 
Cauld\\ell Thumas 
lIIlth 11, 
ï2 Andf""sull J u 1l1
:\7 4 I.t...
OIl lI.ItTY 
37ti J8cke
3i8 RennIe Uohel l H 
]I ell II I.. It ,,,- SOli. 100fers 
:ISú I.ulJJbel
 Jam.." H 
::"t.rt Jnhn J 
::"'4 II", t" )1. 
::.,.. I a,":lil, I/a' id 
3!>8 Artbur U 
::!IO Amcts John 
Housf'. s e 

FIt:SAltD A\'. w from 120 
A't!nu.' rd to \\ U
Jner rd, 
"anI -I, 


H Cnndall B"lIj I' 
-In CnOlhel J:rnf->
 '[ iI.l\ "I"", \1 

. s c 
. - .. __ :-:lIlIth :-:'1l1 . 
Store, 0;;: e 
1 Fontaine t;,'ot"'-"'e 
. 1I"II\"lIIe \Irs (
<J Wortll\ Ju,,'ph 
11 !la,is Wm 
1:-\ Johnston JU:-:'l"Jlh 
1;; !lechert J'Jhll 
Ii Tucker Gl'orgc 
1!\ ('nrter )IJ s )1.,..y A 
21 Hi<,hards AllJ"n 
2.1 IInlebi..;on Jallw.. 
2;;" JUSt'I,b 
2i Qlliulall l'ntrick 
31 I.u
ly Ch:,,'le
33 (;eoll
e WI" 
;; Un.ld Josepb 
:-17 1'10\\ mUll C \Y 
;:!J f:eliua,o: Alfre..t 
41 HI..kllll'h<Jttom J I,' 
lXot1t1illg Charles 
-1:1 C.tllll.. itll'e JOIlIl J 
-\:; Fisher Wm K 
4i MolTat Hub..rt S 
4\1 11001''''' F....d....ick (' 
Bonse, s e 

) ,,
HE. I ........-, 
78 "''tV It . ,- 
l'S.,.. I...

"" # "!,.'. 
\ c 0 A L. 
'-'j. "tAD orn C & 
2Dk\MGSTWi.S 1 


;; Thurlll..11 )IiS" S 
12'..1 Tu\\ lI
ellt1 \Irs _\hct. )1 
l:a JanIs St<'pllen :\1 
. Sl I'atrlek st luter<t'cts 
1:1:1 Ultdlle George 
1:1;; Horwood )1... I" 
1:li :\Id t'an :St'll 
IJ!J " Alexulltler (0' 
141 8anlp
un Alpx.lud
14:; Billgham (; A 
l4i Killg Jubn 
.U'AIt.y -l IIII"N.-cls 
1;)1. Pic-I.t.c U Ft'lh: 
I:;!' lIulcblll-on F T 
111'0\\ u Ale"ullder 
Ita U.,llIbo\\ Johu 
W3 H..\\lhorue 'lis Susan 
H.lwtburne E. orsmkr 
J'rh-.tte glOuu<1s 
lill \lnUhlas Cb.lrles Z 
. Buldwill st intersect!' 
IS;-. \'acaut 
i Scholl' )[rs A 
18tl Haulnn Fd\\3rl1 
J!Þ:I 'lul":IlIJ! (;"01 
1<J;; )lucKeliar )lrs Adellna 
)1.1(' Kdl., r )li
, <choul 
HI. :\[nIliIlS Cat\Jenne 
1lJtl B..undoll Jnmes 
201 She..ris Hnrry 
:!U:I H.till"
 CII! istopher 
. Cecil ..t inlerst'cts 
20.. Fril'P Cb.nles 
20i AI'pleg.lth Jesse 
2'.1:1 \\ "'Ier Heury I. M 
:!ll Baln,'s )It sAmella 
213 Uolwrts )1 rs A 
215 H<'Ilry \Irs Letitia 
217 Qllil(lt.y Hobert J 
219 Uutln'cn Mrs Anno II 
221 Thoillson \Irs E 
22:1 Wetbey Cbarles H 
2'.l.J Sillger Jacob 

"i' Bl'utty )Jl

 E. drslnkr 
:!2!J \\'ood Samuel T 
2.;1 )[(')I.lster !tobert S F 
2.:3 Ste\\ al.t \lrs l<'lol(;uce P. 
:!.;;; :\Iulllz Eugeue G 
:!.;i Shi.'lds Charles 
2-m \lm....y Cbarle:ij B 
241 Cuhle \\'m 
24:1 l'blllil's James 
24:> K.,w \\ m 
24i W\Jelall 1[rs lII.try 
Hotl!':e, s e 
, ... , . _.. W''SI Sit It. ,...,.... 
24 Store. s e 
12 Crns\JIt'y ('artage Co 
14 Ja('k
ou C J 
It; Amory \Ym J. contr 
18 Lp
tel' Wm 
:!(\-3-\ Elliot & Co. drng mU} 
. I'boebp 
t commPDces 
40 Beaucbamp G 
42 Cllthers Charles 
H Gemmell Robert 
46 Synge )Irs A. drs!Dkr 
Blnck )lrs T. mn, tchl 
48 II:"orrls A
50 Fllut Rle;." 'd E 
52 Cdsi'll. Wm H 
54 Herrel/JRn I
dward po 
56 Hnrrls JRmes 
58 HlII FrederIck W 
60 JO},J\stone J K 
62 W:J:IRmson 'l'hom:ill 
64 Smith )lrs Flora 
66 P'uland Alfred R 
68 lIIlIl,rr Jnmes W 
i(l Bnln ,Tl'hn 
. SlIlllvon st comm"n
Bnptlst Churcn 
'Phone J FAIRHEAD M 'Phone 
86. , gr. 4062 

-'" " - :\"ul"lh 
G "'icol )It-s J.lDe 
10 Cha noht'r
 \\"m r 
14 110" Ie. It.., Johll A 
ate ::1'Olllld
18 Pip",' Fd\\artl ::< 
22 l'iI)lOr Hh'.lm L 
24 Hall Hev Hobert 
:!t: Glhb 1.11 \\ rpnce 
28 )lasoll FI"l'del'lek 
::0 l.trkiu \Iiss )1arl<'ul'et ;11 
:!2 Hurrov.s Stllart 
:u L:tCl'y Jud
tJlI (' T 
tI KellllPv Jobn J 
38 Hehur'" I:d \\ ard T 
Rt" nold-RellUrn )It:; X_ 
lims tchr 
40 \-acant 
42 Wi
IIIOJe Alfretl 
U; Holl'h Alfred J 
4" llrnwn 11rs Ellen 
;;0 Pbilip Edw.lrd J 
House, :3 C 
. B..dford I'd Intel'seets 
60 Lefroy A Ht'IIt.y Jl 
2 (' .1Il1plwll \l1ss E S 
\ a..ant lots to entl 
, ... .. .., Suulh Side 
7 Hook ThollJas 
!} :--:mih' ThoC1
 U A. elo"u(ionl
l'ri...tte gorollllds 
19 )I/J1'pb) I-; F' 
21 Hall )[rs Martba C 
:.! 1 Forsh'r llarvt')' A 
:!. Ste"nrl Jos..pb () 
2. :1.Illru1\ John 1 
'" ncant lot 
:n Coulthmd J nuvI'e 
 Audprsun I'd" in E 
30 L.\" ....nn J u
3i Kin'nn Wm 
:In JI.ldgel'ow Abram H 
n T.\ylor M..s Tilln 11 
 JOlles James E 
45 YOllng Ralph E 
4i lXrl'en Chnrles 
\-ncant lot 
House.. s e 
. JI..dfOl'd ..d Illter.;"cts 
HOllse. s e 
ã3 O'Hara Henry R 
\" acnn t lots 
Unfinished house, s e 
. AdmIral rd ends 
" Horsey John H 
Vacant lots to end 

BERRY;lIAX, w from 95 Dav, 
enport rd to Huzelton nv, 
wnrd 3, 
. . , . . , , " 
 orlh Side. . , , , . ., _ 
2 :\"elles t.Irs Elizabeth 
12 Cht'yne Henry G 
H Sellers A J 
14 Hat1dell F J 
18 Wintleid C S 
20 Somers Arthur T 
22 Cntterall Wm 
24 Cnldwell Hugh 
26 :\"ewby Joseph 
28 Roberts W H 
30 Woods Mrs Annlf' 
32 C.lDtwell Wm .T 
34 'Iendes Mrs Ann!e 
36 Gutbell I. W 
Pl'ivnte grounds 
40 Gt'een S.tmUel 
42 Fraser Duncon 

BEHT!. II fWID 52 Hirhm('nd 
e to Qne..n e. ward ð. 
......... 1;;I.....t :-:'ilh. 
1 He:;lstn Urnee 
. s e
. . _ . .. \\ r.....
 :"'UIL. .. 
l'uu lu..;tilllte s e 
G :;eott J & SO'II. contr
8 I:ul to J ndg"e HODlns 
1U StOI'.lgt. 
]2 (;I:llId Ol";:lUg.. lIall 
14 Lee Wm 
\ïdol'la Hall. s e 
8tnre, s e 

BEST'S Pl.. e frulll n lane olr 
B,'uee. IIrst w of Shnw. 
WH1"1l :So 
..Il' . 
5G Fer..ier Joseph I 
;;S Tm'ner 8amuel P 
. '. , , .,.. :->onlll Side 
we"t Jns..pb 
54 )h'O\\ n Hpnry S 

BE\TI:LI-:Y, II from :.!i2 
Qllt'l'1I " to Cullege. \\ .1. 01 -I, 
. .. '. , , ., E.tsl 
ltlc _ 
I H.IIlI;.!õlll :\Jr
 S l, 
Hili Alh.,,, 
3 W..i::hl '1I
, ,[ Inti 
Hel"u JnDJe q 
;; ,"aennt 
7 lI,suu )Ir
!J Ii...... Dalliel 
11 l.enl'hm.tII \\'m 
1:1 Ansley J N 
Hos. G \V & ('0 11\ .'ry r 
1;; J'lu'lnn )lIss Sarnb . 
1i {-'Isllel' )[rs A 
19 l'ow..r Jobu 
21 Cosgl'\Ire lII..s Ellen 
23 ",nnington 'I' 
2;; Kelly James, dalr..- 
2!1 Walker WID It . 
31 Moo'rison John 
3:1 Kiug
lJet"l"y )lrs JOllie 
35 Wnlkev .Tohu 
37 Gel\rlu' Mr
:m AIl'xnuder Jobu 
. StephaniI' st elld..; 
House:. 8 e 
41 Splgley DanIel 
43 HUj!hes Jnm..s G 
45 ß..rker Hnrry 
4i Splglt'y W \I 
49 11nrtln Wm 
)lnrtln Mrs 1[. regIstry 
51 Kellt Joseph 
53 QuIrk Jobn 
QuIrk Miss A, mUI! tchr 
55 1'\JIIIID5 Edmund \V 
. Gtllnge rd ends 
PrIvate gronnds 
100 Bnllock Jnmes X 
'\Ylntersglll MatthE w 
Btillowny Jnmes W W 
123 Copeland Uobl'rt J 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canad&:i .6.667.079.94 




76 Blmon Cl.Jllrle
78 Bates Miss !\Iary 
80 Langton 
84 Dever Will 
00 Cayley },'...,nk 
98 Caldwell lJu\'id 
. Grange av commcnces 
Honse, s e 
alker Herbert B 
106 Keating Ed\\ard H 
Private grounds 
. St I'atrlck st Intersects 
Private grounds 
136 Beardmore Geol'ge W 
150 Cuwthra W Herhert 
. lJ' Arey st Jqtersects 
Private grounds 
174 Beardmore Walter lJ 
Vacant lots 
. Baldwin st InteQ;ects 
1&. Coulson Duncan 
PrI...ate gl"Ounds 
194 Bethune Henrv J 
1!J6 Curry James " 
198 Winnett Henry 
200 Innes Ml"!! Annie, hdg 
202 MeMabon John B 

 Hnmmond Mrs Marla 
. Cecil st Intersects 
20(; Sprngge r.dwald W, phy 
210 Flint Mrs E A 
21-1 lolatbeson J..mes D 
216 Brock Henry 
218 Ricbardson H A 
220 Bertram Mrs Cbrlbtlna 
222 Meehan IIlrs Ann 
224 CnITey Matthew C 
22-6 Cllrey Johnston 
22-" Thompson Chris W" 
Honse, s e 

Blr;SCAUTH un, e from eua 
of Roxborongh e, ;o.ard 2- 
. .. .. .. '. l'ó"orth ::;ide .' .. ..... 
. C.ty limits 
Dnndas Alex, (lairy 
. RItchie eres commences 
\'m'ant lots 
. Glen rd Intersects 
Despurd Francis A 
Alexonder David W 
Sale Julian 
Thomson Alexanael' 
. .. .. . ... Sonth Side ......', 
Bridge . 
.Cltv Ihull;)! 
. I'(.iham pi comm(,nces 
Gr:tIIt Wm },'or
. (.It>n rd intersects 
l't'llnycnlek J a1> lJ 

BIRCH A V, \\' from 1100 

e 3
0 rear of Avenue rd, 
.....,. " North Side 
2 Duncan Mrs phoëjjé..... 
4 Uear entronee 
10 White James 
14 Fan Joseph H 
16 Murray Charles 
18 Stewart Mrs Rachel 
20 Murtln Edward 
22 Cox George 
24 Holmes Dovld G 
26-28 Buptlst Mission 
30 Tomlinson lolannel 
'omllnson Geo W 
3t Cook '1' Arthur 
36 Hodson Harry F 
38 Onley Thomas G 
Vocant lot 
46 Moore Arthur H 
48 MaguJrE Alfred C 
r.o Gillb... fi6bN't 
ti2 Halg .l)c,illtld J 
./a:nnt, r 
GO 11eBride Peter, 
C2 Macey Charles 
64 Ross Mrs Ellen 
66 Dodds John J 
(,8 Dwan !\Ilss Julia 
711 lob-s Ann 
';4 Carpenter Wm II 
7'.1 Wedekamm Alh('r, 
78 f'1.1Il Roht'rt 
'., dwell '1'11eophll uS 
82 Ta.,I'),. Challe,' T F 
BlJ lúcRride Arc
88 MeBrlde I

!JO 1Ill'H..ide Johu 
U2 Illllllilton Jame
94 Cnrd Mrs '1,...y J 
!J6 Cohurn Rev Jam..s 
U8 COSB Rohet't .... 
100 Bauer Charles J 
102 ::;mith Uobert 
112 I-IUI'dlng Eneas 
11-1 Welch Wm J 
llti Griffin John 
. . _ " "" I':outh !'Idl' 
17 ":tcnnt 
1\1 Breen II L. fiol1r 
21 Russell Wm 
23 Hogg Thomas 
 Glhbons Joseph 
Z7 Saul Wm J 
29 Ahhs Miss I. A. drsmkr 
. Gang" ay end< 
:-11 ,_.:ïhson WIIII'"11 
33 Speucer 'Vm 
35 Johnson Andrew 
37 Gnn'in John 
39 1"Old John 
41 B..Ig-gs John 
43 G..cen Wm 
45 HI'nshall Arthur J 
S..hool grounds 
65 McBrld.. Wm 
69 Bwdy 'I'errence H 
75 Dayls Edwin 

BIR'l'I.E, w Dundas, n of Conduit, ward 6. 
Not bnilt on 

BISHOP. \\ 113 Daven- 
port I'd, w,ud 3. 
, . . .. . . " r; orth Side ........, 
Simpson It E 
Gorrett Robert J 
2 Jollow Henry 
4 Hilborn Albert 
6 Hawes Frederick J 
8 McMahon I'lltrlck 
10 Fowler Thomas A 
12 Warner Thomas J 
lnrI'ls Jacoh S 
16 ßlake I'eter M 
18 p..lor Richard 
20 ßlackmore George J 
22 Green Oliyer J 
2-1 Snell Daniel 
26 Madgett Robert J 
....... _. South Side........, 
5 Uead ljeorge 
7 Smnlle... Hob....t 
9 Ch:tpm'an It H C 
11 S..,> J:tmes 
13 Bolge.. John J 
1:'; Ellis John. contr 
HI Hirons John H 
21 Jo:Illott 11\ ..on A 
23 Eln boden . 
Irs nannah 
2;) Gllhert 
27 B:tr!!:er Joseph 
29 G..aham 
31 Madill 
'homss J 
33 A\' Ant'll E 
35 L;twless James J 
37 Allams 'WII\ 
3!J Ioudon Eleanor 
41 COl,plug John H 
IARCK AV. e 'rom 775 
Yonge, wa..d 2_ 
. .. " . __. I\Ol'th Side. ....... 
Stol'e, s e 
10 Lewis Mont Gomerle 
12 \al'llon J T 
1-1 1"lynn Jobn H 
18 Bnrcher Mrs Ann 
20 Crown Robert, pntr 
22 White Mrs L E, drømkr 
2-1 Crown Mrs Mary, drsmkr 
2,; Ansman Jsmes ". 
28 Huher-tns Mrs MlJrle A 
30 Sheph('rd George H 
:{2 Wilkes Wm II 
34 Dm'ldson Mrs Morgaret 
36 Beard Miss B Louise 
38 Coombs Jobn 
10 "ïlsolJ Abraham H 
42 Benstone John 
44 Wright Bryan 
"'right Miss B, drsmkr 
46 Allen Mrs C. bdg hse 
House, s e 
. Park rd Intersects 
House, s e 

:;0 Lungford Arthnr L 
52 Tr.>nt I
rnest W 
M Ashdown Vmcent E 
G6 Foster Fred C 
58 Cohen E D Y 
roO J..ckson John 
62 Galbraith Rich
rd G 
G4 Lowes John M 
66 Keith George A 
68 Rlee Mrs Funny L 
70 Kearns Ulcho..d J 
72 Bonser Wm 
74 I'ort..r Rev Wm H 
76 Wood Tbomns 
78 Gonsh
' George 
Gansby Miss A. nurse 
80 Robinson M.trtln 
82 Tbomas Rev Hrrl."rt F 
......... South Side ......... 
Hotel, s e 
9 Downs Jeremlnn 
11 WIllis Wm 
15 Jesse K 
19 Key Wm H 
2.3 Ed" ards Mrs S, nurse 
27 Dod
worth Thomns 
29 Stinson lolt's IIIRry 
33 Jonffret Mrs lo: A, nUl!!e 
35 White Thomas 
Bn..ns Miss Ann, r 
Moulton Colle!,;". r e 
. Park rd Inter
House, s e 

BLACKBURN. n from Mount- 
stephen to Ger....rd e, Orst 
e of Don', ward 1. 
. .' .. .. '. B,t"t 
Ide ....,..,. 
1 Pearce Ricbard 
3 Bncon Ueuhen S 
5 Moffatt Thomas 
7 Haines Henry 
9 r; orton John 
11 \forse James 
13 Allendo..f Mrs Emma 
15 Curry Hugh 
17 I'et..v Thomos 
19 Death George 
21 Brown Donald 
2'J Comptc,n George 
. . __ , .... W..."t Side 
I\ot built on 

lonE LA I'ó" E, e frolD. 
70 Da\'"enport I'd, \\ard 3. 
. " - - -, " Xorth Side.... .. .. . 
2 Morgun Walter 
4 Ricbsrdson Frederick 
6 Mead Miss Sarah 
8 Rarmel' HeDl'v W 
10 Itaÿm"I' Mrs hi H 
12 Richardson A J 
, 18 c 
. .. . . . . " !;outlt Sid" ...._ 
Not built on 

BLAIR AV. n from 92 S:rd' 
enhsm to "'lIton nv, ward 2. 
.. , .. .... ea "t Side ......... 
House, s e 
. Cnrrle 1'1 commences 
e, s e 
. Regent nv Inters'!cts 
House, s e 
Vaeant lots 
. St David st Inrersects 
41 Clayton Robert 
43 Groy Charles 
Vacant lots 
M Evons Mrs Catherme 
1)5 McCurry James J 
57 Thompson Jamps C 
5!1 Hvnes Rlchol'd 
61 Millson David 
(;."J Lacey Tbomas 
65 O'Donnell Mrs .\Hce 
67 Mstthew
69 Bincette Frauk 
71 Huntcr Wm L 
73 Wright Robert 
House, s e 
. . . - . - '" \\' est Side 
Honse, s e 
2 Burler Richard 
4 Roberts James 
6 \I1sslon HslI 
8 Murphy Frank 
. Regent av Intersects 
House, s e 
. St David st Intersects 

House, s " 
46 James Wslter 
48 Gordon Wm 
:;0 Faulkner lo'ord 
52 Banks John 
5.. Marks Tbomas 
56 Deering Henry F 
58 Stanlmry Thomas 
IR('donald Wm 
62 Driscoll Dennis 
70 Open
baw Ale>.ltnder 
72 Sheehsn Mra Mar,. 
74 Le Uur Jose('1:1 A 

BLAKE, n from GTIt track, 
first w of Jones .IV. ward I, 
, -- . . , . ., East 
I\ot built on 
,--....,. West Side 
2 BI'Yltn James 'J' 
Vacant lots 
20 Plumb Ueorge L 
22 Tltylor :-oamne. 
. Boultbee av Intersects 
4U Slml'
on Brick Co 

BLAKD A V, w from (,hrlstle, 
firs! n of Bloor w, ward II. 
riot bnllt on 

BfÆEt:KER, n from 186 
C:trlton to Howard, ward 2- 
. .. ,. . . .. E.tst Side 
St Peter's Chlll'Cb;'å'ë'" 
!) A

nder Mrs, drs- 
11 Thomson Wm J 
13 CI'OSS IIIrs Elizaheth 
1:; Bror,ke ._.h....le
17 Hentty Alexun.ler 
19 Asbcroft Uev Itit'hara 
21 nouglaH John J{ 
2:J Xol>)e Wm 
z:; Cowi(' lIedley V 

" s Miss !>:wma, drB- 
27 Bonter l' It 
31 l'ó"eshlll John A 
37 Bruce John 
39 DOl\sley MI's JUlie 0 
41 D,nidson Charles It 

son Miss H, mus 
4:. Cutts Will. artist 
47 GI'(,(,lIwood Wm 11 
40 V:IlllJf'Vl\f Jnwes 
I'olla I'd I., fiol'ist, r 
51 Chu.mulII Alf"e 1 
5;) 'Vin\('rs John R Ii: 
59 Faircloth !\Irs S:trah 
61 Chattoe .loseph 

I"rtou I'; I", mll
63 "'"I>I> .lohn W 
67 Lllmlu "S \\'m 
6!J j,'re.\rson John, coal 011 
'er Hem y L 
L:III11> (,horles, t' 
71% Caldwell Hllrn 
73 F.1I1ss o n lIarry W T 
Rell Edward, r 
75 B",',']ay Hemy "I 
77 Scully Uol>èrt 
79 Jpfft'rles 'Vm .. 
81 Hawkev Herbcrt L 
83 IIrown "\\"m 
85 Ca
'lt'y Ht'\' 1.:.11\ ard C 
Io('donald ltIrs Jane 
87 1,'Iow(>l's Alhert 
91 I.oan Edwal'd, 1ndry 
93 Wlgham Cuthber
97 1<: a ne Thomas 
99 Tompkins Alhelt, gdnr 
101 See Is Mrs F.stber 
101% Foresler EdwIn 
103-C,'elgblon Mr.. AdelaIde 
105 Kirk Belljamln 
107 UOY Itenben, pntr 
Stor(., 8 e 
. \\"ell('s]('y st Inter5ectø 
!'tore. It e 
1O!J Hyde 1I.'lIja mln 'I' 
111 S""tt .Johll 
113 '"aellnt 
FIt!!:an Hllgh, r 
 Laurence F.dwsrd 
117 BUI foot 
Irs J,me 
11!J AdJlms Wm. 1>1(1.- 
121 Moore Ht'\II'v H 
12;) Fowler I':dwln 

Guarantee Company of North America. 
MEDLAND &. .JONES. Cen'l Agents, Mail Building. Cor. Kine and Bay. Tel. 1067 

Covernment, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

H. Q9HARA & CO. 


127 Flynu Daniel 
12(1 Dolan Joseph F 
 Moore John 
135 Perrin A. l'oyutz 
137 Jamieson C R, coal 011 
139 Gardncr Charlps 
1&,1'h Weeks 'rho milS W 
BrIggs Mrs lIlarg.oret 
141 Jackson lobs Charlotte 
Buck Jol1u I." r 
143 Statham Wm 
145 Aud..ews ('upt Will D 
+ Bleecker pi commences 
1411 Boyes X.,lsou 
151 Hamill Johu A 
J.53 Paton Hugh 
155 B1uut Hcury 
Vacant I.!.t 
1;\9 Siddall 10l1n W 
It:1 O'Brien Alfn'd C B 
16J Porte.. Orlando 
1u;; AndelSon John 
It)7 Hallam Johu 
1671,/;, 8tce!c Art!>ur H 
169 Lalor ']'hom..s 
171 Moore James K, earp 
Donovan Mrs Joanna, r 
17:1 Broom 1J 
17;; Broom :\Irs Mary 
177 Bates 'I'hos. shoemkr 
Swatherldge Mr" Annie 
181 Hunter Wm 
1SiJ Dover Wm A 
1&:', Parker Wm H 
18;; Ï'erry F..ede..k'. I!: 
 Gruy Rlch.ord B 
187 La\\sou :\Il"s IWzaheth 
1811 Sand.'rs A I, 
un Reynolds Henry 
 Coleman Rev Rohert J 
19J Andersou Wm 
m;; Bell M..s :\I....g.Jrl't 
\" acan t lots 
21)1 Ro....rtson Wm J 

Ioffat Thomas n 
20;; Gould t.eumas 

.'7 'Iulr John 
20û Stewart Bernard 
211 R1ngham :\lrs Carrie 
21:: Ketchen Wm F 

n Tozer Mattl1ew 
21:i t l, Banks Deforest M 
217 Hessln Arthur E 
21:' Robertson X I'll lol 
221 Granger Miss Carrie 
Store, S I' 
west !':Ide ....,.... 
. s I' 
G Rossie 'Irs Lucv J 
" Dason Joseph .\1 
]1) Glbsou :\1iss J.'ssle C 
Gibson :\1iss .\1 \\, mus 
]2 Anderson Wm 
It Rlakely Johu II 
Private I(l'o,md.. 
4{ Jackson Dominick 0 
4t: :\lcC..ff."y Wm 
48 Broadwood 101Js
;;0 Cl1arltou JQbn .A 
52 Pritchard 
I..s :\Iary J 
;}{ Bedford Wm H 
Iac Rain Henry 

 Weir Hobe..t A 
GO 'Ioore R.,v \\ m 
 Roh.o;.on John 
G{ Low Wm 
"'i Kprr 'Irs Julia 
. Welleslev st intprsectl 
Houp;e, R e 
110 Hodkinson Mrs 11artha 
112 Footf' Oliver E 
114 Jefferv Mrs Ellen 
111; Cashman Richard 
118 ('arnpv Eflward 
120 Fox Wm D 
122 Davidson Rohert L 
12t 8('ott Wm R 
12'; Mills Francis 
]2'> Naylor Rt'v George ". 
130 Patterson Wilson S 
132 Mc:\laster Wm 
134 ('lark 
trq Amhy 
13/1 .WlIson Charles, r I' 
]56 McDonald Mrs Eliza A 
];}8 Da\'id
on John L 
1m C'Rld..cott Frederick C 
FleL Ing "Uss C, mus tchr 


11;2 Brodie Francis \ 
]tJ4 Holph NathaDiel 
It;!) :\lltchell \\ m A 
ItJ8 Dencon Edwur'.1 J 
170 Hornpll Robert 
In :\lcGovern John J 
Ii{ Jlllnrd Frunk, p'mbr 
17/1 ('l'owe Thompson B 
178 Walsh John, dairy 
180 Patterson Thom..s 
182 Hil"Ons Arthur 1- 
aunders John W, pntr 
Vucant lots 
100 Dutfield Hobel't 
1\12 Winlow Chnrle
I!H Kelloud Orland) 
1911 I.usk Charles P 
11)8 Balfour A B, bldr 
200 rugI' },Irs }'Inry 0 
202 ()'
elll Dennis 
21H :\Ionkmnn Alfred H 
2ùfl 1I0yd 'Irs Jane 
212 ,"obII' James, C.tbtrnkr 
214 Shel'k A E 
2H1 Sanderson 
Irs SarRh 
21'> Cooper Wm 
220 M.H
dollald ArclJlbald 
22"2 Ho"urd Richard B 
22{ :\lcRae "'alter R 
22tJ Horsman Andrew J 
2-10 Greer James 
Store, s I' 

BLEECKER PI., e from 149 
Bleecker, "al-d 2, 
. .. .. ., " Xorth Side.. .. .. ... 
1 Steet Duvid B 
2 ('lessell Josepb 
:1 Heffermun \Vrn, mus lchr 
4 Hot'lle Wm 
" _ _ ,,__ S._tl,tb Side 
I\ot built on 

S PI., .. tlOm 
SlImal'b. "nrd 1. 
... '. .... ?l.ortlt 8ide 
Store, s I' 
2 Dillou John 
4 Ur'Juh.lrt Jobn 
6 Gleason Tbomas 
8 Bnnk8 Alexander 
10 Hanna Johu 
12 :\J.tck,ty Angus 
H Flemill
16 "lInns Frank 
18 Tboml,soll Jam"s H 
20 11'\ illg Jos,'ph I" 
22 M('Adnlll ".111 A 
2{ 'licks H,'ber A 
21; :\Iood\' 'Ir
2" I'lh.:rim .ramI's 
IcIlltosh 'Ir8 Jane 
32 Chapman Henry 
:{{ I1ndd Stanislaus 
:u.. 1Jill01l Jume.. 
3S SC\\ cll GeorgI' 
. . , , , __ ., SmIth Side 
Store, s I' 
1 Pickel'ing Johu 
3 ('osgt'ove Thomas 
5 'lcCoy Thowas 
7 :\!.lrtin Wm H 
!I Hevnold, RIt-IUlrt1 
11 HoblU
"'s Ellen 
13 Hvan l:dward J 
1;; Vimho,'ne H.chard 
17 lIun!(ben J.tmes 
UI Grlrtlths Ishm.wl 
21 }.1<'I"tosh Wm J 
Z! Foster Jolm 
2;; Lawson Jolm 
27 Suu"de..s 'l'homas 
2!J Oillon \\Irs Bllen 
31 Keogh Michael J 
33 Duvls Churles J 
35 }'lIIls I\IItbanlel 
37 ('apell John J 

RLONG A V. " trom Pape aT 
to w ot Brooklyn a\', second 
n of Queen e, ward 1. 
"""", Xorth Side ......... 
2 Bee Wm 
4 ('a George I,' 
6 Klrknl' Hobcrt 
'a,'nnt lots 
14 :\lcIlmnt"ray Henry 
]6 He
d James 
]8 Alk..nh,.ad Wm 
20 Pi('kard James S 

22 Dudle) Mrs :Mary 
24 Thlrsk Charles B 
26 Smith Stephen 
28 Cl'uig Joseph S 
..--'__.. 80uth 81de ........ 
1 Ensminger G W, butter 
7 FoleJ' Thomas 
9 Trottcr Thomas 
11 Chnndler Georg
, buker 
13 1.1'1' H..ny 
25 Foley John 
27 Bnmtord James 


lILOOR EAST, c trom 737 
Yonge to Sherbourne, wards 
2 and 3, 
. . . .. __ " X orth Side ......... 
2 Hose DAlbert, Jlhy 
8 Spencer Bertram, phJ' 
10 Kormann Mrs 'Iary E 
12 Toronto Ot"tbopedk Hosp 
14 Galloway Herbert P H 
10 \llcKenzle Bart E 
18 Carr Mrs Sarah 
2u Gooch Robert ).. 
2{ Warwick Gu, F 
34 Moulton Ladles' College 
Central Metb í'hurch 
. Park rd commeD('clI 
4S Bawn F J H 
!H-GI; Tbo,rne Wm H 
90 Simpson :\Irs M.try A 
102 Smith Hun Sir f<'rank 
118 Wilkb 'Irs 
]:H Graham :\Irs Mary J 
1-H Kilgour Robert 
];}2 'l'homson Mrs Ellz 
1ill Walker John H 
172 Cromarty Robert R 
17tJ Orr H 
180 Jac<:>bl Philip 
]!;2 Xormun Tl'Ifer J, phy 
. Huntley 8t Intersects 
]8-1, Follett Joseph J 
188 Cntto John 
19{ Ansley Alfred 
2>6 Reade R J. delltist 
......... :-;',)utb ::;Jde ......... 
1 GO\\ (;"()I'J;"_ -leunsl 
Bell Telephune Co (br) 
Ogg Miss J, underwear 
7 roftley James A, Indt.y 
o Smitbt'rs GeorJ:(' 
11 Chessum Arthur, paprr 
13 Pentecost Ashtoil 
I;) "'iI.un :\lrs lIl.ulha 
17 Rohertson Ale"ander 
]!I 2;; :\luber P. Ih'"ry 
2;; (;arl....d l:dwlH"d. fish 
2!! Pringle John 
31 \'ncant 
33 I'..rlow G H 
3;,.k "'Ul 
3!J Duncan 
Irs A J, bat( 
Dunclln J T, phy 
43 'Iaber r.ltrlCk 
{5 Harvey Walter V 
"'pstrninster Prei! Ch 
57 Boone Cbarles S, contr 
65 Annett Philip J 
Ludford Edward 
Ludford Bros \lltg Co, 
fiU\ orlng extracls 
6; I'otts Ed" in 
Crystal Case Co 
I'otts Mrs E. tancy gds 
611 ClIssidv Jobn J, phy 
71 Inland Alexnnd..r H 
. Church st enos 
8] ".ood Thomas R 
83 I':nglisb E Taylor 
8;-11;; St Puul's Ch (Ang) 
117 Shpppard Mrs Eliza 
119 Boyd Hon John A 
]29 Mc}'lullen Mrs J, J 
I:U Jenkins Benjamin B 
133 Bnll \llrs J M 
House, 8 e 
. Jarvis st ends 
]39 \\fav Charles F 
145 St".,enson R A. phy 
Vi;; ('aldpcott !':tapleton 
It!J Ft'rl!uson :\h'
 S B. bdg 
1';5 Ru('han JIIi

Ruchlln \Iliss }.fa ria 
Freeland :\Irs Margaret 
. Huntley st Intf'rsects 
IG7 Bl\rnham G Herbert, pbJ' 
li1 !':uckling Wm J 


'Phone 5481. 


175 Jopling Joseph 
Jopling l\Iiss }{ J, lanc, 
lJss E A,mus tchr 
177 Rcnd \Irs 
Iary A H 
]81 Boyd Wm T 
187 Banett Hobert G 
HID Cburch :\1Iss S I':, bdg 
1!J3 Westwood BenþmlD 
HI;; Robertson '.fhomlls 
199 fia worth George F 
201 Crawford :\Irs Catherine 
205 McLcnn R Gordo'l 
20ï Nasmltb John D 

HLUon WEST, w trom 79t 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
3, 4, I) nnd 6. 
. .. " . . '. XOl"th !,:Ide " ., . . .. . 
Bank, " e 
U Richardson G A. dpntlst 
16 D.tin J.Hncs II 
18 Ellis Matthew C 
20 Wilson Hobert J. (lhy 
2{ Brown F'ederick D 
26 Christie Robert 
30 Eaton H E, dentist 
32 Webster A F, dt'ntist 
40 Foy Jobn 
46 \Yatson James 
52 Johnson A J, ph] 
litler Daniel 
6t Donnld 
Irs L:Uy.abeth 
6() Hewitt John U 
r.S Blcktord Edwnrd n 
;2 Parsons flaroM C. phy 
Parsons Mrs Mnr)':: . 
'>0 Scanlon Mnrk 
b:! Hodgaon John E 
Hodgson Miss U, nur.. 
. Bellalr st commcltcl'S 
I>li Bull Thomas H 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
10{ VncaDt 
108 Robertson LlcwO'llyn B 
110 Jones \IIrs Chnrl.,tte 8 
Armstrong & Co, drsmk" 
112 Easton Robert 
Easton Miss F, n'"s tchr 
114 Bell Alexander 
116 Spauner Cbarles 
Iattlce ".m 
120 Faulkner !<lIsses. dr..mkr. 
Fn ulkner :\lis.s C'ara 
]22 Eostbury \\'m 
Sharpe Miss B. mus tcbr 
I2{ Hodge!! \\'\.11 
12t1 Haner Hoss W 
]28 Tattersall Richard B 
134 Ell\' Joseph F 
H2 BrÌldley Richard B 
H{ Hewat Alexandpr 
I U6 Foster Tom G 
152 Presby Ladles' Col1egf' 
Macintyre Mrs Sophia 
Jones Hev Septimus 
Churph ot Redeemer 
. A,enue rd commences 
170 X 1'\'1111' \II rs E. school 
1h2 Scudding Crawford, phJ' 
192 Clute Roger C 
11>> 'iJohnston }'Irs Agnei1, bdC 
206 Rowan Tbomas A 
208 WII90n Robf'rt 8 
210 Porter George D, phy 
2Z2 Shaw John 
232 Pngh Mrs Rachel 
23./0 Perry George D 
236 Yacant 
238 Brown TAlbert 
UO Clark Arthur D 
2{2 ('rean Robert C 
2{4 Small Artbur A, phY 
. Bedford rd commences 
2{Ò Dunn Orlando 
266 \lead }.{rs 11ary A, bdC 
House, s I' 
+ 8t George st Intersects 
House, " I' 
3tO LIster Jumes 
lUrch :\l:1rtin, r 
3;;0 Langmuir 'Iatthew 
. Huron 
t Intersecb 
Rloor !':t Pres Ch 
400 'I,.Arthnr :\Ir
. 'Iadlsoll nv cummences 
402 '1Ilsse\' Arthur I. 
Yacan't hon s (2) 
412 Trotter W C_ dentist 
lIJnpr Re\erl..y Z, phy 





Bloor West. 

 Thot'vurn Jame
, phy 
val1ina rl1 ..OUlmences 

!; Va..aut 
4;;4 L:nge Wm J 
. Walmer ,'d cummences 
VnCltllt lots 
4tô2 He) dell Miss Barvora 
. Bruusy,Icl, 0\ iutersects 
,'ltcaut lots 
. 11owl.1Dd 11\- commellces 
"acnnt lots 
. <\llJ>lu) a \ commeuces 
\'lIcallt lots 
536 :\ICVouUl'lI Alex, restr 
;:'38 IIrock Alfred. lIour 
540 Hague C H. btcbr 
542 Uushvr<Jok GCl
, tlr 
544 Slean Tl.Iomas W, plmhr 
:;46 \Iayo John W, haker 
 lIurfoot Geo. gro 
ó:;O Greeu :\Irs A, I1r)' gl1s 
Greell James 
:;;;2 Hoge" VII \-id J. sboes 
:;;;4 lIartlltm H S, deRtlst 
lugle \Vnlter 
!Jouglass Hall 
5:if1 110yer Allan ß, drltgs 
Gr-;W 'fel"i;mph Co lbr) 
1'0stoflice (br) 
. ßathurst st Intersects 
5:;:; St Alh.w's Hotel 
;;(;0 Clelanl1 Doniel 
572 !llhH'l.Ian Uev Lnncelot 
. :\larkh.lD1 
t Intersects 
Vacnnt lots 
úQO-GIO Scott, Cross & Co, 
. Pnlmerston a\' Intersects 
612 Stnm.. orth I e\i. hicycles 
U2f1 Da\les Cbarles J 
622 CourtenllY Stephen H 
t;,'W Butler Wm. ('''pre<s 
634-36 I'm1<lon :\Irs F A. gro 
Paddon l'rederlck E 
. Euclid n\" Intersects 
63S Hogan John ß. gro 
IHD F:cott :\lrs \hlrY 
642 Hart Watson S 
641. CIt.ments St.llllt.y H' ('OI'npll "elson 
,-I \" i1d J .mles :\1 
(;..1. mll J Alhert 
Gü2 l'O\\t'll rr I'. carpet elm' 
. !llltnltln
 a," intersects 
Id'arron Jo<, whol btcbr 
V acan t lofs 
. Clinton st Int..rsects 
694 Dron'r !II r
 :\1 A, gro 
Dro\"er .1 1<;. ht,'hr 
\'acant lots 
720 ßutwcll Henn 
722 Tin
lev .Tßmes 
'i24 Ford john A 
f'bldle\ 111ss ,1_ .h'smkr 
72r. pentla'nd. "'m, flour 
. ('"hrl
tlt' st '-omnwnee8 
Vocnnt lot, 
. f'rawforl1 st Inter,ects 
"acant lots 
. :::h:l w st Intel'sects 
'"acant I"ts 
. (':lrllnl': st commences 
87tJ Welllnl':f'r F \\'. re:ll est 
Vacant lots . 
. Ossington a\" Intersects 
Vacant lots 
896 Farball \Ir. r. A. dry gds 
Farhall George 
. Prl'ston a\" commences 
916 Hodgson Robt, blksmltb 
Deegan :M J. carrioge mkr 
920 Rell1 Thom:ls. coal 
92ß Hop Sing. Indrv 
928 C\oon{'v 1\1" K, wiDl's 
èloone" John 
R\"nn '!lchapl 
nTan Panicl. contr 
paO 32' nerrld
p R1chnrd 
934 ('alh'n \\'m 
9.18 PavÎ1e Arthnr 
944 Ri
hari1son Wm II 
Hutwell HpnI'v 
. Delaw:lrp n\' 'intersects 
St Mary's í'burch. 
936 Emery \Vm. hardware 
Vnennt lots 
9GB Vacnnt 
Ð'l2 GreJ:("on Samuel. gro 
91'4 WI!'e Fred, btchr 

'r6 Wroy & Morgan, plmbra 


!Jib Foster Hlcl1.1,'11 shoemkr 
!fbU Alldrc\\ s C, tub:I<'COlllst 
lutes F W. h,lI-ver 
:Jð:l Stc\"Cnsull 8 H, ùrug
1'0,;toflice (vr) 
. Du\ ercuurt rl1ll1tersects 
11M Vu\Íe,; Ww Cu l.tl1 
1IbU Walluce I]eolge, liunr 
UbS Drn")" Jul1n, !:ro 
HtHJ Allal} '\"Ut, b..ulJer 
 ('.I111\>hell 1.1 0, confy 
\1'.)4 Iltir\\ uud :\lr" 11, I1ry gds 
1101'\\ 0011 111';8 J, dr!'mkr 
H'u"\\UfIlI ),llss 
I A. minI" 
Hurwuud Ulcl1ard 
Þtt Blnuington I'

US :\lu
her JaUll

Hose :\Iiss Cl.lra. drsmkr 
luuu lIuwell Gilbert H, haker 
loo:! Carll \\ ell J A, shoes 
10U-I !Jumhle W C. pby 
. Westmurelnnd av Com 
l00li \\ hitt,lker HI':, eIp 
,,"bittaker Hohert 
1012 Horwool1 Wm 
. Sulem 0\ cummenc a 
fD3... Gosuell George, J!:ro 
lu-IO Hti<ldingtun C. shoemkr 
104:! Twldal,. J C, h..rber 
10;'0 :\lunus Samuel 
. Hartlett ,,,- eummenccs 
 HO\ ercourt TwIne Mills 
. Hamhurg n\" commences 
112" 1lcKllln..y John, gro 
. Dufferlll st Intersect a 
1130 Durì'erIn Hotel 
Yncant lots 
. Russett av commences 
11:;0 "'llilre John. wbol btchr 
\'..caut lot" 
1110': !llar,;l1.lIl G H. produce 
p6S f'ummlng J:Ime", sho"mkr 
1170 Lawl'eIH..'(. I
. tiu\\ure 
1172 VI"\on Will H, btcbr 
1174 lIager :llrs Barbara, gto 
"ncant lots 
. Hr<",k av Intersects 
1O Wllllumson George !'; 
'"acant lots 
. 11m'guerptta st Intersects 
]211< Stevens J .lIn('9 
. EOllnerson BY ("ûlumences 
. !'t Clarens 0'1' Intersects 
. 1.ans.10\\llp u\' IlIter8ect
 IIIncKay Hngb, gro 
13011 !'biJlm"n John 'J', btebr 
1308-12 '""callt storc
1321; !'chultz George 
. Uailway ('rossing 
ta72 1I0ug.1Il Da \"id. florist 
})rh ate grouniIo;: 
1412 B..ckett 11rs !llarv J 
. !':)'mlngton av Interseds 
\ ncant lots 
. Perth U\' Intersects 
Yn('unt lots 
. Uailwny erossln!: 
14!JIõ Huntley G J. mkt gl1nr 
. Dunòas st Intersects 
1;;;;11 Cole Wm 
1;;62 1-'repm:ln 1>lrs Elizabeth 
1:;68 ('ochrnne !llrs III A 
 Tra('ev Tl1oma
1514 )lcXaÌn"rR Johu 
I;;UO Hob..rt
 Jobn. mkt gdnr 
1:;\lS Hu!'!!;nn J I' 
1600 I{ennpl!\" Hlehnr,1 
. Indian roal! Intersects 
IG7:! Vncant 
Vacant lots to end 
. .. .. , . '. South Side ....,., 
!':tore, s e 
11 Henwood J !II, phy 
13 :\I:lpf'allnm Jas !II, phy 
I;; noddv 'liss Elizabetb 
17 Xndei Sirs Is"bel 
19 Lanih'r John C 
21 Fra wlev Dr !': 1., dentist 
. I\almufo st ends 
23 IIfJlldns Th, QC 
Rap.tï-t f'hurch 
. Xorth 
t ends 
Vacant lols 
71 Hutton Benjamin 
73 ('urts Fl'lInk E 
7;; Tilley !llt,
 :\Iary !'; 
77 f'art\\rlJ!;l1t George A 
79 Brown Edward 
81 Tarberton Chrlstopber 
83 lIIactlonell !lh-

Allùe..sti!l Xorrn"n, ph,- 
K. Va \ !sun John 11 
bU Fuster Jl1is
 11.1ry L 
m Smith :\11" llt-Ill'letta C 
!J;! 1'Iullhctt 11..s nusI' 
U:; Starr C L, phy 
. Xl 'J'hUIIJ.,,, st enl1s 
!)7 I'ringl" Jll..s K W 
U\J Wout1sworth Ilev R W 
101 A
h\\ Will H 
HKi Kenll!'l1y 11r" IIInrgaret 
Kt'UUl'd)' \li:-:"; L. mus tcbr 
107 Ao1alr Thumns 
IUU Itos
 :\lrs 8arnh 
111 Churcb John T 
] 13 l:01g...' L.II1\" :\Iatilda 
Pri\"ute iròuuds 
7 malkle Juhn L 
1:11 lIull :\Irs :\bry I 
la7 I'ngsl!')- J obn 
143 Aleum 11..s 11ary G 
H7 Kellnel1y George 
1;;1 !l1('l'l1el1ran All'x. pby 
. }':ntran('e tu Queen's Park 
PrÏ\ ßt

k!ll..ster rnlverslty 
Prlt('hnr<1 Juhn, steward 
Unl\"ersltv rof Toronto Alh 
Jetie FIeld 
. lIe\ onsbi..e 1'1 ends 
V"ennt lots 
3t!J floomer Robert C 
e" !Õò e 
. F:t George st intf'ls..cts 
a29 Thorburn J D, I.hy 
331 \'ogt A R mus tehr 
h,'d house 
343 C;ordon A It, phy 
. Hnron st Intt.rsects 
Vaennt lots 
403 St IIIm'garet's !'ollpge 
})h'k!Õòon Geurg-tO 
. Spadlna nv eu.l, 
House. '"' Q 
Vneant lots 
. Rolu'rt st end.. 
1'..lnity lIIethodist Cbureh 
. 1Ia},,' 
t ends I 
45H Leaver Heo, I(t"fl 
\'a..l1nt lots 
4n!! Slean J D. eonf.. 
471-:1 LanJ("kill J."np
. gl'o 
Rain Hohert R 
475 "'redin Peter 
481 Brunswl('k Hotel 
. Bnllls\\'i"k a\" intersects 
48:{ :lleAllist.... Wm. slaty 
5 f:rindlp Ht.or
('. h:1I'I>('1' 
Hornell Jam('s 
] Jri ,"n te 
;;1)1 Binnie Mrs A. dr) I(d" 
;;0:1 I.ougshow Arthur It 
:;0:; Hnmilton ,!'homas 

.o7-9 Jllarks Danlpl, 1(1'0 
. Rorden st ends . 
511 !I!n'l(rnv.. Jame". "h)' 
513 Chowne !llrs A"I':,.t 
:;15 O'Brien !llrs :\l.tI'V .1 
517 \\'oon !IIlss gjiz:Iheth 
:;19 Woltz Arthur 1.: 
;;21 Lea \'lIt T W II 

;; SerlvenPl' Mrs L A 
. rlsler av pnd
:J2"i (;illieR John 
:,2!>> ShU"
t-"ss JalDP-':; .0\ 
:;:n Smllh I':dwnrd .1. jwlr 
533 CII]J1eron l' :1, ('nnl 
537 I[pnry D T. 1,Iksnuth 
. Lippincott st .'nd, 
539 l'rhach C A, fionst 
. n"lhurst st Interspcts 
567 D:I\'les Wm Co Ltd 
"ne:lnt lots to 721 
721 Md'iellnnd Jom..s 
72;\ Rheds 
Rutwell H, I>rl"'( mfr 
'-a('ant lol
8;;1 Glh's W1l) G 
S:i5 QlI if))1 M i"õs \1. :.!I"(' 
. Gh"en!'l !oõt t'1)(1
V nean t lot
1'71 Hewitt John 
873 Majo.. 'Wm 
!llajor !\Irs J.'ssi.', 1"1'0 
Vacllnt lots 
881 Cork J H, btchr 
. O
sluJ:ton "V Intersects 
"ncant lots 
. Concord nv end", 

Vacnnt lot
927 T",'ne.- Alfred 
Vncnllt lots 
035 :';t..venson 'I' C, 
Va{"ant luts 
. I1ehtware aT Int....seeta 
V,,,'ant lots 
971 Stinson J \Y, coal 
\17:; flit) nor 11o's I':, fcy gda 
!taynor !l1:lttl1ew, hldr 
1taynor H"ttt'
, Ndr 
977 Clltpp !II H, bl<-ycles 
981 1>a \'Is l<' H, gro 
. Do\erco'll't rd Inlersl'cts 
V ncnn t lot
 to rail 
. St Hel"n nv l'ttds 
131!J GrilTln t.trs Hl'hlgct 
. Railway cl"Osslng 
"a{"ant lots 
1371 "a(,'lIlt 
1:\\)1 lIolllnd !It jch,...1 
1:m3 lIoland EI1\\anl 'I' 
Rolund 'II'
 A, grocer 
1403-1411 Loehrle J.llne", rOl)e 
and hk\"de ,ufr 
. S)-
tull uv Intersects 
V,,,'nnt lots 
. I'el,th IIV intt",,,'('ls 
\'a('ant 10ls 
1457 Hnlrd John 
'"nC'nllt lot
 to, f'lJrt 

 A V, n frolll bQO 
Qne..n e to Uel'ra..d e, "ord 
, " . , , , ,. Enst SId,. 
1 Store, S I' 
7-U Weston l<' ,I & 80ns, 
hoot "nd shoe IIlfrs 
1;; Weston Frt'dPl"it'k " 
2:\ Hall !llrs Elizaiwtlo. hdg 
2=> ?\lcJJermott U('Ul'g
t 'J'olhul"st '1'110111;1' G 
:1:; Olo\-e,' John .J 
3!! \Vndhnlll Joscph A 
tß .1ohnston J
4!J Junes J.llne" II 
51 Vacant 
5:\ l'..itcllUl"{l \y", J 
:;:; I]lover Will J 
57 ('orlu 1>,tltl..1 
;;!) Fanell Frt'd"t'it'l( I, 
63 Shee Geol'ge H 11 
67 Puwell \Vnlter 
71 Spreeman Juhn 

1 Low..s El1wnrd 
 \V:ll"(" S.lulnel ,

:) Fltoul"Y J:llue", 1:. 
87 '..caut 
!H Lamh f;t"OIg't-' A 

enu Aimee 
!I;j .\1Il1-'
 JolUl U 
Hi \\
.tg'ill'r F'..:tnk A 
\J!! l.itll..wooQ Johu W 
JOI Hom')" Frederick A 
10;\ Sl:Iter '\'111 G 
10;; \\'hitesid.' 'fbom.ts 
107 ('opelllnd Hugb 
10!! Harrison Ge"rg,
1 n Ha rrison J n. 
. f'lIl11mlnJ{ st intet'Sf'cts 
141 AI kin Thomas D 
14:; E\'o\' J.lm,'s 
H\J TUJ{\\"{'II Philip 
1:;:1 Alldl'ew
 Will R 
150 'leKlnll'Y Jam,,,, 
163 !llotYatt AI"xaud,'" 
1tj5 Ta)")ol" John 
167 J>a,,'soll JalUes, gro 
IH!) She..",in John 
171 Zimmermltn Gccl'gc 
17a Horton \\'111 
175 n.'owu ,1.11I"'S 
177 Jones Wm 
179 S..ek..r Wm 
]81 11mphy !llrs F.ll...n J 
18:1 O'Rellly I,'rnn<'ls 
1'15 F.lrley F f'. bkr 
187 I.nke Jucnb. <lnlry 
18!! JlId':J!'tnev 'I'boma
1!!1 n,'lIik..r 1.lrs Iì:!iza 
10:1 Thl)m..
on Thnlli3S 
HI!! Gill !llrs 
 F,'\Pnd I':<lwln J 
20;; I'ralg Andr""" P 
207 DUl(gan Thomn
2O!J L..slip !lfrs Mary 
211 !l1,'Douald AleIander 
217 IIIcbmond Will 

Uni on Assurance Society A.D. w. & 


Toronto Office, 1&-17 Leader Lane. 1714 Tel's: Offlce,2288. Reeid'ence, 3&16. 

Head Office, 
King st. E. 


Securities for Money Collected. 

Bolton Av. 





219 Hornell D"..ld 
221 Hal'ker John 
22:1 Ca<kle Allen jr 
22;; Mc:s"alr Wm C 
22. Hogg I:d\\"rd A 
229 Post )In. 110'")- 
231 Sindair V.tIllel 
233 Itenlile .John 
2.1;; Lom"s George 
. First a.. Intersects 
Bolton A \ Seh 
St Johll's Pres Ch. s p 
. . _ _ . . . .. W l'st Side 
Store. s e 
4 M3sonlc Hall 
1I00th n'Jhert J 
6 Public Llhr"ry (hr) 
frs M"r)' 
8 nell
"n John 'I 
10 Klrhyson Thomns 
12 Jlnrney Rohert 
14 1'homas 
16 "'ard John. car
1R Campbell Alex."idcr 
20 I'"rkcr John 
22 1t.-3n John 
24 :\";'wherry 
Irs E A 
. ('lark st pnd< 
30 Rill Arthnr W 
32 RnlZhes Wm J 
lcCnlTrey Jllmes 
311 Hallowes Georlre 
38 S"anstoll Irwin 
40 A fcrs 'Vm 
42 Dol<on Fr..derlck L 
44 Wlnn J.' W. II.."'.... 
4fJ G,."dy narry (.' . 
48 Sommers Johu 
50 Shlp('ott Uohert ;: 
Ioore .\1 thur 

Ioore '-Irs S. .lrsmkr 
54 Cro('k" tt DII..ld 
I'rl\'3te IZronud
62 Paddon Thomas C 
St Am....s IUCI Sch 
78 Mahpr '-Irs '-llIrln 
80 n"yn('s Jo:dw"rd C 
82 Grah"m TIpnderson 
84 Howerllll/: 11rs Carlotte 
Rft Fleur
- Alpx"ndpr 
88 Le"soll G"orge T 
90 Spr31Zg Arthnr n 
911 Taylor Alfrpd 
98 Yon ens Jam('s 
Prl..ate IZ,'ound" 
'ortprs GporlZc W- 
108 G"rnett Anthon... 
110 Taylor Frederick " 
112 ""lIl1nt Alfr"d 
114 C1elZ
111! ""phst,,r 11r. 
Iury J 
. ('nmmlnlZ st infPr!.ects 
120 Hrend '-Irs Allnlo> E. gro 
Ht-I'nd Georl/:" W 
Prl..ate gronnd
132 Vacant 
Vnl'"nt lot 
. Elliott st en,Js 
140 Itoherts Charles J 
Irs Anlll". conf)' 
Prl.."te II:ronnds 
146 )flller GeorlZe 
Vllcllnt lot 
.Allen n.. euds 
Fire Hlln !,,, 12 
162 l.ow('r F....derlcl!. W 
Donobn(' John. r 
164 Whlttakpr Robprt 
166 Gould ThQ1t1as 
168 Coltart Rohert J S 
170 Hllxter Wm J 
172 Rlnder S3muel 
Val'lInt lots 
182 ('lIshmore Edwlll J 
11'14 Jonps John 
186 Flpld Edward 
Prl...ate I/:rounds 
IP2 Seeds Georl/:e n 
194 Langstone J J 
HII pUst Church. .. e 
. Flr
t a.. IntE'rQl'l'ts 
23.f KpM1ß I/:han J. I/:ro 
236 Cormßl'k FranK II 
23S Hutler Thoma
246 Gould CharlE's. ""p 

BO!'D. n from.... Queen e to 
Gould, ward 3. 
. . . . . . . " Ea"t :SIde ....... 
M..tropolltan Church. s e 

. Shut..r st IOlerslcts 
St )llcoa('I'" Cath,'dral 
7!1 Loretto Klnder
81 Loretto Con..ent 
83 1 oretto Academ.. 
St Aluy
lus School 
. "ïitou a.. InterQ
rpl/:atlonal Churcb 
97 Soul \\ m 
fcCutchon Mls3 
101 JIron n All'xander 
10:1 Kerr HenrlZ P G 
10;; '-lcBrlde Robert II 
Iulleu Mis< Anule 
111 Tbomas Isaac 
113 Tranter Thomns T 
115-121 Ho)y Blossom Syna. 
GeldzalE'r M.lrks. caretkr 
123 Reresfurd MI's 'I 10:, bdg 
I J. lodg 
125 Wilson Mr
l'rh .ttp IZround
137 O'Keefe ""lIgE'ne 
... ., oo oo "'PSt Sid.. oo oo oo . . . 
2 Clarke '-Irs ";II..n. bdg 
Clarke ThomRs. contr 
1"rUn 'Irs Kate 
6 Allison Mrs Lizzie 
8 )Ierrlam 
Ir. Mnude 
10 Howle 
Irs Sopitla 
12 Lewis Mrs J.In" 
14 Pope Joltn H. hd
Hi Hul.... )I.lttbpw M 
18-36 St Michael"s Ho
38 Condv '-lis" 
40 C.tdwpll 
Ilss A J. rE'glstry 
42 Kimhall 
Irs Rnse M 
44 8rnedlp... Mr.. Emma 
46 '-Ioore Robert 
'-Ialoncy James. eontr 
48 Foster 'fI
"es. I\rsmkrs 
:;0 Hurt-Shl'rrntt D,. Ellen 
Sherratt Wm 
. 8huter st IntE'r"'!cts 
:i2 Baldwin Walt?r 
54 Arnold Mrs 
I,try. bdg 
60 fl3 rrl<-k Ell J. ph)' 
613 Murray Wm T 
Iulilln F T. I'ol)tr 
713 G.lrbutt Mrs Mury 
80 \I\'an MlcbaE'1 
il'Carthy Elills A 
84.86 Sanderson S )1. Indr)' 
00 Trumpuur Mrs I;mmn A 
!l2 Rohertson John D 
!H Lnul/:hlln 8nmuel H 
. Wlltoll a.. Inter'!ccts 
House, 8 e 
!l8 Young John H 
100 George Rob!'rt 
102 Wall James H 
104 Hawthorne Mi"s M J 
I"lthy \Irs )I,lr... bdg 
Ir. ,I. lu1
no Thompson Mr.. \!:Ir)' 
112 Farqubarson )Irs Jane 
114 Crosby Mrs Runn..h 
1111 Gprman LutherRn Cn 
11S McMillan Robprt 
120 Pan
lIIy Mrs Harriet 
122 Brown !ofrs Eupbemlll I. 
124 Eckert George 
EekE'rt Mrs EIlII. b'lt;. 
1211 SII'II/:h \Irs Fannie. Mg 
128 Meehlln. Jobn, exp 
130 Col\\ell Chnrles. I'arp 
132 Ross Thomas W 
4 Hm'kley Mrs Annie 
140 Truscott GeorJ;\"e 
Irs S, bdg 
Sparrow Cel'll. phy 

BOOTH A V, n frum Ash- 
brldge's Bay to Jemima. In- 
tE'rgecting Queen e at 841, 
ward 1. 
oo oo oo . " I':" <t SWp ....-- 
43 Corson Joseph ,,- 
45 Hogg 'Jllmes M 
47 'Vatts "'rllucls 
49 A_re Thomas 'V 
51 ,,'riJ!ht :\I.-s Ph_ llis 
53 D,ïncan Wm 
55 Malllndine Fred,'r'c\'; C 
57 Pliliman John 
59 Pamenter "'m 
61 Cowan Thomas 
\'acaut lots 

71 Beamish George 
;3 I:!enmlsh 'l'homlls 
75 '-lcCarthy Charles 
77 Houtley James 
79 Courtnl'Y Wm J 
81 Parm 
Irs Imf.uIJ
Vacant lots 
Gr..nd'" Uepository (br) 
89 Inch Fr!'derlck 
!Jl Dohso[. James D 
9.1 flullpy John A 
95 f>llks John W 
97 }Ilchnel 
Val'.:int lots 
. Eastern 0\' Int..rsecls 
105 Bro\\ n I.ewls, haker 
107 ..\ ford 'Vm 
]00 Shields John 
111 Cattell Wm W 
113 C" II Rohert G U 
115 Hilton Thomas 
117 Gerrard John 
119 Murdock Robert 
]21 Sqnires Jacob 
12;> 'leDoneli Andrew 
Vacant lots 
133 Widdlfleld Jam('s II 
135 )lcllmurray John J 
Vacant lots 
145 Watts Wm A 
147 Walsoll Charle.. I' 
149 McCartnl'v And....... C 
1;;1 l'..arson itob..rt S 
Vacant lots 
163 Orr Hellry 
11)5 Terr)' Charles U 
11)7 Vale Bruce 
11)9 \' arey '-Irs g J 
lil Small Frank 
173 :"mall Wm It 
175 Dixon Wm 
I'rl..a t.. ground" 
. QUt'eu st e Inters..cts 
Slaughter houses 
. :s"atalie st Inters('cls 
22U Gillespie Wm 
2:H Stt-iI'kland Wm 
 It"e l1a...lð 
2:\5 'rambling Altred 
2:17 Turner James 
239 Jobnson Thomll
241 Kyle T 
243 Curle G<"Orge 
245 navlson S,uuuel 
247 McCartuey MatthEw 
249 lIeali Wm T 
251 Hohln
on Charl
s W 
2f':i Add)' Henry 
Xi5 Freeland Joslas W 
2;;7 Lancaster Jose
h J 
2:i9 Hardy David 
2111 Hayden George .-\ 
:!Ii:! Craig George 
2105 Buckner John 
2(;7 Brock Silas H 
...'..... W('st Side 
1I0a t house
Athletic grounds 
. Eastern a... Intersects 
Cricket grounds 
. Queen st e Intersects 
Vacaut lots 
188 l1org3n Dllnlel W 
lUO Ih'h'k Wm It 
U>2 Gouldlug Joseph 
1!14 HIII'kner Alfred. r'str 
1!)t; lIt.It'Kpllzle ('harlE's 
198 nllckner C 'ltarle..;. ".!
200 Hnekner Henr:r 
202 Smith 
:!II-I White WIllis l' 
. Satalle st Intcrsect& 
2 ' H \'..cant 
2':14 {'\t'lalld Wm 
2'11; Wilton Jumes J 

BORI1I';S. n fruill aso Col, 
Il'ge to llloor w. '..ard 4. 
'...'..' I.::t"'t z,;ld" ......... 
Store, 8 e 
1 )I<'G "('gor S I'; 
7 LowE'ry Mrs '-fnry 
9 J('well John H 
11 Shaw John It 
1:1 1tE'3dman Wm A 
15 SmilE'v Francl" L 
1j J"h flt'my H 
19 1"lemIDg A GrHat 
2l Pt'nton 'Vm .\ 
2.1 HundT !\ F 

I \ \ 
) ..fHE. 
 I ott' 
, 8P
,Y '( ..


'..'R 0 C:J
\ CO A L. 
Itt_D OfnC.\ 
10 kJIIG S


2;; Po\\cll 
'm E Y 
27 Sutherl..nd J H 
2!) Itutberrord JU,'hard G 
31 Jo't-aser John \V 
3:1 Wolf,' George T 
3;; Utlll,'a.1 
37 MacLeod Xormau 'J 
39 Hopwoud Wm J 
41 IIlntl James T 
4:1 Colllllq Walter 
4;' Uf)uoh1son P "''"' 
47 Peters At tllllr ,,; 
49 Moodie 11r
51 l1..nloll Frank U 
53 Flnnl'Y Wm T 
55 Sl,enee Itohert to' 
57 Smith 
59 COlquhoun 
Irs J 
111 n"lIIh Z ,nn J 
113 Luke Herbert 
135 Kellnedy I1
 ron L Û 
107 L,,

lIe .TOSl'ph 
I1!J Mearns Fmnk S 
71 James Will H 
73 Bates "'m Henr)' 
75 l'enrcc Jobu S 
77 I1luulck 
Irs C \I 
7!1 Worth Wm 
81 Jt'I'llt'ott Wm C 
83 I.c.."rly Martin 
85 Greig W3rren n 
87 Thompson S 
8U Lemnn '-Irs Jan;! 
91 Sheppard A G 
!l3 I'alslev Charles 
05 l'renlèr Hector 
!l7 Ma(lIl1 Walter R 
0!1 Laurie Jame.8 A 
101 "ood Jame" H 
103 'Valtl1am E.!'\\ard 
House. s e 
. lïster st Inte,'sE'('ts 
House. S Q 
lrq Sarah 
1m Andl'r",.., -
 E A 
107 Toilt :ill-s '-1"r1 
Hss I",abella 
109 !';aUlli1ands James 
111 Cllidwell S W 
 Pillar Wm 
11;; Hesq L.
11'i' Firth John 0 
119 Ham George P 
 Lambert Leonard 
']21 Atkinson James L 
 Wells Joseph A 
12.') Vacant 
12Ï HOlZers 8nmuel W 
'i29 1lc"'arland Thomas 
laxwell '-In Sarah B 
133 L"tlmer Da..ld 
135 Jordan H 
1:11 Ste\enson F Y 
1:!!I Armour S.lmuel J 
141 (:ourtney Samuel. exp 
143 Collins Fred 
 Ra..ward W W 
14;> QuinD '
147 HOlZart Fred C 
1;;1 Terrr- Frllnklllnd 
. Harhorc1 st Inter9l'I'ts 
1:m Plummer "'m. I'onf)' 
1;;. !,;klpl,on )Ir< Knte 
';;9 HIli Rowhnd 
1fJl Slpmmann Alhprt J 
11'.3 maklpy UohE'rt W 
11'.'\ "'" JamE'R W 
11I1':s"E'illle Thomaa R 
lr.!! Ryelpr Thomas. carp 
171 Eád1ngton Wm 
1.3 Dodds Wm C 


rf:. 15 Ade/a{fJ'8 E. 
1!Jvewriters Rented. Ribbons. Carbons. PaDers. Etc. 'Phor.e 2251. J. J. BEITZ, Man,"gBr. 





loore Mrs I. 
175 Cordingle} B G 
177 Hiley itoiJert j,' 
liU Hrlllr I'aul W I. 
llil Ea
tou )1rs Emily 
183 Major HolJert I. 
 Major llobert, shoewkr 
lbi OsIJorue Jo
189 Atkinson John 
1\11 Jessop Walter 
193 Emer}- Mrs 
100 Ball Wm J 
Bali Mrs A, gro 
191 Phillips Thomas 
19:1 Storey Hugh 
201 I5herlllan W E 
203 Mead Wm H 
20i HinchciiIJe Benjamin 
. Sussex av ends 
20:1 Miller loll's Emily E T 
Millcr l5amuel A 
211 Diamond J H 
213 Steele Wm 
21;) O'Bvrne Charles 
21i Beckett Mrs Esther 
2111 Gardner J P 
221 Green 
lrs )1 A 
223 Ballard C J 
2231'> Wl'ight 
lrs P 
22:;'I.'homas Charles A 
22;;11:. Beney Wm H 
227 Wìlson "Irs E 
229 Gllmonr J 
231 Al'llI
tronK J 
233 Poole Harry 
235 Hart Cbarles 
237 Cblck Henry 
239 Rm'khill 
Irs Charlotte 
241-;; Vacant 



253 Irvine Hcnry, ca ttle dlr 
Vncaut lot 
2;ji O'Relllv 
Irs Elizabeth 
2;;!I Bawdei. Wm 
2131 Bawden Samuel 
2113 Smith George 
265 Roulston Andrew 
lcConnel John E 
2í7 l\fark
....,.... WPSt Ride ...... 
St"re, s e 
2 CollinI/: James H 
10 Uothwell 'I' H 
12 !tlilne John H 
14 Stephenson 'Wm 
16 Yates Wm 'I' 
18 Mvers Jobn 
20 C1Ìlp :\lrs 
Iary H 
2"..! Grav :\Irs .T:me H 
26 Jenkins [,harles 
28-34 Unfinis1Ïpd HODses 
36 Gettnlll .Tohn F 
-40 :\Iaulev Ger,rJZe W 
44 De Geel' Yrs !';arah 
-40 Reid Aimon P 
48 Taylor James R. pntr 
50 l.'ewson A l!Jert E 
52 :\Iorrls Owen J 
!\4 Armqrnnl'( Wm G 
56 JI'/ferv Thoma
GO Hon

. "ankonl/:buet 
t com 
0:1 Hare .Tosln", D 
G4 \'ac:1I1t 


::')ol},nO H 
iO Thorle.. !llr
i2 DaltOli 
Ii<s Hal"rlet 
74 Howard Wm E 
70 Morric" Adllm ß 
78 Wood Tbomas 
80 Jones John B 
82 Pyne 
flSR Elizabeth 
84 Wellster John 
iO ['amphell 1\I1<s Mnr)' 
88 f<'orsvth .Tames 
92 1.'ll/:g'Wm 
9-1 Vllcaut 
!J6 Evan. C J 
98 La('kle Hamlltl)n T 
100 Grnbam 811muel J 
102 Shartt .T E 
104 McGee Georl/:e 
106 Forsytb Mrs Mary A H 
108 JohDBton Wilson, exp 
110 Lugsdin W E 
112 Whitelaw Mrs M T 
114 Morden N S 

11(; Wooilcock C A 
 Co\\au David K 

 DunIJar )1I<s W, drswkr 
 .\il"h.iIlUUll Ale
l:.!ü Ch.lpw,tu Charles 
1:!b :,;tu..rt g It 
l:!u :';tuart Ww 
. Lister st lutersects 
13ti :';beehll11 Plitrick, coal 
'acaut lot 
142 Du,ies 'lIs :\I.t1'garet 
14-1 11'\\ III :\It.s 'l..r}. uphol 
148 !lowland Wm E. diliry 
I cI\.l11op !lobert 
1;;2 I'ark"r 
I rs It 
154 Hicks "m S 
1;;6 :';mltli Er,kine, ùldr 
1;;8 Reford Le\\ Is 
1GO :\Ic:\Ilchael Jilmes W 
lü2 \\ï11cbeste1' Thomas 
lü4 Hill George E, dentist 
lü6 'lluor Slo1'gan J 
,> B. mus tchr 
1GB Wats011 Edward U 
W.,tson :\Irs A 
liO Crewdsoll John E 
li2 ColIlns !III's Mary A 
li-1 Sexto11 \'ID R 
Iii; Whitton Is.
li8 "\'"acant 
I.ldden Daniel. bldr 

 Forrester Augustus 
184 Glenson Owen 
186 Oll'-er Wm H 
188 WblttIeton John 
190 Youn,.: Jobn H 
1!<3 ßrophy Hugb 
194 [)arUng Chnrles H 
191; Hoblnson Alex, gro 
. Harboi'd 5t Intersects 
1 , Hogers John G 
Rogers 3Ilss L 1\f. mUB 
202 KI111'( George F I" 
20'; Dunnett JaID"s 
208 l'orter ""m A 
210 Houlston Thomas, coal 
212 Reynolds H R. doll')' 
214 B1'ol11lev Bootb 
211' ItimmiJi/:ton 
Irs Annie 

O Tholll!!ûll John S 
l'uIJllc Scbool 
. Herrick st ('ommences 
23'; Hallett Samuel 
loug-el...1 Arthur 
240 Hnwiltoh JaDle
243 Blnckmore WID 
2-14 :\louJZe11el Jos. shoemkr 
2-16 Bruce Edward 'V 
24" Lang Ar('hihald 
2;';0 Crowe Flemhll'(ton 
2;;2 Patterson Rlebard 
2:14 T:olllbol1c-h ".m R 
2;;ü Rozenhlott ,Taeob ß 
Turner 'I rs }Ol ary. r 
2;;8 1'orra, ilIp Gporge 
2nO Carl1100dy ""m J. exp 
21;-1 :\lcCollnm T E 
2t;fJ Thonlp
on Gporge 
2/18 KnlJZht GeorgI' 
2iO 'l'homp"on Mrs Margaret 
2i2 YounJZ John T 
hlngler :\lIs8 B. confr 
:t r
pnriox st comn)euces 
27.. Tozer Ephraim 
Ia1'tln John 
2S0 Plm John 
2"2 ßrltton I.'ronk 

"-l noO(lDlan Frank B 
2"0 'I('Rnhe..t" Rohert C 
2"-" I';itchener 'YIIl J 
2fJl\ 'Yelt'hE'1 Frank \1 
2!J2 Baldwin Hpnrv Y 
294 :\lilI Ren.lell ' 
2tm S1cholsou.T T 
Nicholson Mr8
. Indl')' 
300 8hC'a1'er .Tobn 
304 !\Iurrav }Irs Marthn 
30R Halle"- 

IO Rtephen.. )lrR Mllrl'(aret J 
312 ('lIrev F Bruce 
314 !';lPIih floraC'e H 
et s e 

BOSTON A V, s from Gerrard 
e, bet Carlaw and Pope avs, 
ward I, 
Not built on 


BO::;WBI.L .\'. \\ from 00 
A, enUt' 1'0.1 to 1I,'IIfo1'd I'd. 
nard -1. 
..,.._ Xo,.th Side 
8 E\\llrt Johu H 
10 Higl11hoth:lUl )Irs BIIz'l 
 Arm<tronK Thumas 
1-1. Ht'at}. Juhn G 
16 WeIJIJ Arthm' A 
18 Hon I.'nd l<"r..nk !II 
Iatthe\\ s Charles R 
22 l'.ttLo Jame, A 
2-l Hoss A G 
2U Watsun T G 
21; Forson James 
3U Flsh..r '1' 15 
IH Forgham SlImuel B 
36 Plaskett John S 
38 I'earen John E 
40 GrO\ es Uobert 
l1J.rlesl r 
Tholllas 'Irs 8.lmh, r 
42 Wilson Harrv J M 
-1-1 Harper Geor,;;e R 
46 VemOll Cbllrles \V 
48 CU11ningh.,m John 'V 
50 Watsun Allam D 
52 "'elch 'I.'bumas 
;)4 :\Iuldrew ,,'m J 
56 :\lcBrllle Chllrles G 
58 Uose 
I r
 1"I..rence 101 
GO Smvthe Mrs Jennie 
Ro" laud :\lIss Hannah 
63 Hogg Robert F 
. .. , . .... South Side ,__ ..... 
Storp, s e 
1 Petrie Gordon 
15 Ross :\Ir
 Julia, drsmkr 
Ii Parket' Cb.lrles. bldr 
19 Duff M.. Barbarn 
23 Cnldbeck George 
2;; Elliott Frank 15 
27 Han-e,' Henrv 
2l} Gah h; Jam"" 
31 '\'lIeu" John 
3-3 Roper John. tir 
35 Brown Thomas, carp 
3i Xorwieh :\ll's :\Iary 
39 Cramp Thomas H 
41 (
ranlljea11 Philippe 
45 stemmln :\[lss E 
4i !\Iartln AIIJert .T 
49 Armstrong 'Vm 
Armstrong I .J 
iiI Walu" rignt G 
:;;; TeaJZle & Son, bldrs 
Teagle Edwnrd 
House, s e 

 A V, e from 
donalll to Jones av, first n 
of GTR tracks. ward 1. 
. . . . .. ... North Side ......... 
2 Hayes ,\'m 
4 Crocker Wm 
, . . . . . , .' Sontb Side ......... 
K ot bnllt on 

BOr.;STEAtJ AV. w from 
Ronces,-alles av, opp Dun- 
das to IndhtD rd. ward 6. 
..... .... Korth Side.. .... ... 
Vacant lots 
18 ByrneU Georg.. C 
20 Hall W Joseph 
. Alhalltllra st commences 
Vacant lots 
tJ4 Watson 'I.'bomas J 
Howlird School 
76 Ewlnl'( Hohert, dairy 
.......,. South Side ......... 
Vncant lots 
Pierce Airs Mary 
Vacant lots to end 

BOWDEN, n from Hogllrth 
av to Danforth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

BOW!\IA;\;, n from 338 Carl. 
tou to Sack,lIle pi, ward 
, .. .. . '" East Side ........, 
House, s e 
3 Passmore Simeon 
7 Godfrev !\Irs Grace 
9 Chlshoim James 
11 :\lcLeod John 
13 Ross \'1m 

Iulr \fm 
17 "hSllJ.111 )liss Annie 
. . . .. . .., \\ "'[ Sid\' 
2 Culross Wm B 
4 Lepper Arthur 
6 Lewis L A 
8 Woodlev :\Irs Ann E 
10 Tbaln J'oseph 
1:1 Thain James 
-fi"ld :\Irs Jane, r 
14 \Ietge Alexander 

letge )lrs E. drsmkr 

BRA,\U'I"O,\: PL. w from rear 
of Dufferi11 DrhluJ: Park to 
-li;; Bl'oek av wal'd 6 
. . . .. . , " Korth Side .:.... ,. , 
Jliot built on 
. .. .. __'_ South Side 
1 0' Hellls l':obert 
11 Callan Xorman 
13 Va clint 
. Brlglitou pi ends 
House, s e 

BUAXT. n from 534 Kine w 
to 1....rley avo ward 4. 
. .. .. .. " East Sid\' ......... 
Factors. s e 
17 McCarthy 
Iary A 
1:1 Crampton G E 
21 BucliJer E B 
23 Alcock 
2;; Walsh I:dward J 
Vncnnt. r 
Store. S e 
. Adelaide ,t w Inters
Iolse wni E. gro 
3i Rimmer John 
3!J Slatten- Jobn 
oil Smith hcnry 
43 TolJin Tlinothv 
45 Armstrong J .1' 
47 Dawson Thomas 
49 Arnott Henrv G 
. Camden st eñìls 
51 Hope Geor
e B 
Flood John K 
:;3 DugJZan 
White Josevh J 
5;; Depew Jerome. vet 8Urg 
57 Leverlllgton John 
61 House. s e 
, __ .. _ ... W <"Bt Rlcl(' ......... 
Hotel, s e 
8 Corl'lgan \Irs !\lory 
10 Boureg,1rd John jr 
12 Kinsella Richard J 
14 Allen Jame-s 
16 Wal-b Jobn J 


Sr A 
20 Dunnett Peter 
22 Scholes SaIDuel 
24 Attrillge H J 
26 Bird Wm 
28 Greig Jobn 
30 Whvte Andrew G 
Rehòol, s e 
. A(lelalde st w Interøects 
St Andrew's sq 

BRAXT PI.. s from 529 King 
w, ward 4_ 
. . . .. ,. ., E'lst Side ....,..., 
Store, s e 
\ Kld,l Charles H 
3 Hill Edgar 
5 Forester Wm H 
7 Green Frederick H 
9 Bushy John 
II VIIll<Jpwater Wm 
13 Gray Jobn 
15 Jennlnl/:s Thomas U 
......... "'('8t Side ... 
Store, !I e 
2 Morrison 1011's Eliza C 
-I Adams lo'raucls W 
6 Sboemnker Mrs 
8 Lh Inl'(ston Wm 
10 Cameron Frederick 
12 McDa,.!tt Edward W 
14 FlnE'gan Jllmes 
16 Warren Frederick W 

HREADALBANE, w from 530 
Yonge to Surrey pi, ward S. 
. . - .. .... Korth Side........, 
Store. s e 
:I Burgess Robert 




Brass Railings, Sheet Metal Coods. 

79 Adelaide st. E. (Cor. Church St,), TOROHTO. 


, - - 
Call at any hour. All kind. of" Verbati... Report_ 
in&". Copyin&" sent f"or and delivered promptl
Tel.I343. THOMAS BENGOUGH. C.S.R., Manager, 


50 Rose HeDry 
House, s e 

1-1 EtlgccomlJe Ww T 
Iii ISwllb H,ur.) 
II! Wurtl JohD A 
20 HUDter Hugb 
2:.! Green George, ù.J.l1'y 
 Hoytl Hobert 
2ti Mulbolland Mrs M A 
28 ::;amo Charles W 
30 Kiucatle ltobert 
32 McI uughllD mchard 0 
3-1 RyaD JUlllCS 
36 Reg.J.D James, bldr 
3Iò .Edw.J.rùs J D 
40 Ueatl lJavld B, QC 

 Dlu'ls HeDry N 
411 l'atto Charlell J 
. St VlnceDI 5t IDtersects 
St llasU's School, s e 
St Júscph's ConveDt, S e 
......... ::;"uth ::;ide 
1 Hutty James H 
9 Fenwick G W 
11 DuggaD \Irs A 
13 l'arker A E 
Mills Miss A, nurse 
 Muuro Mrs Ellzabeth 
1;; Downey 
Irs 1-; L 
Ii Martin 'I1S9 B L, drsmkr 
19 AllIin \\ III 
21 Wilson :\U,s Elizabeth A 
23 I'ltlllaD John 
25 DevlDe \ll-S Anne 
27 ThomsoD J.J.llles 
29 Cooper :\I['s Mary 
31 Lash John I" 
33 Barber Hiram R. arch 
Lash )Irs 'I. Durse 
35 MacEw('n John 
37 LnDgtry Rev Dr John 
House. s e 
. St VlnceDt st IDter'ects 
House. s e 
89 Douglas JohD 
91 Woúd
 Jam('s W 
JI3 MODaban :\Irs E 
93 H('Dd('rsoD Wilbur 

BRIGGS A \-. s from Taylor 
lIrst w of, SumaCh, 1\ :Ild 2. . 
... .. . . '. I'..lst 
Id e 
1 MaDD Wru C . .... . .. . 
3 Kilpatrick Robert G 
6 PatersOD Thomnq J 
7 Brady JoseVh - 
9 DobsoD RohPrt 
....,. .. "'. 'Vest 
ide ......... 
2 Webster James 
4 Scott \Irs 'I 
6 '1Il1s Mrs Julia 
8 Rorke Mrp !Iury 
10 WIIlker "'I'('d..rlck 
12 Fraser Wru 
14 MulleD \\ m 
16 Palmer James 

BRIGHT, n from 460 KIDg e 
to QueeD e, ward 2, 
.. . .. . , '. 1' Side 
House, s e -- - . . .. . . 
11 Crute Samuel 
13 C'nrmlchael Mrs I 
15 McLenDan JOhD 
17 Sproule Wm 
21 CurraD Jobn. e:ocp 
23 Collis Thomas 
25 L()rDSOD John 
House, .. <> 
'" '" ... West Side ....,.... 
"Ietbodlst Ch, s e 
10 Charlton Robert 
12 SlmpsoD A I. 
14 ADgus Wm 
16 Berrell Cha rles H 
18 PerklDS JOhD, jr 
20 YouDg James 
22 IIlarks John 
24 Miller JOhD 
26 M('DoDald Mrs MarT 
Buchan Charles 
28 Tutlft NeJl 
30 Herhert Gcorge 
32 CosUgan )Iatthew 
84 JohDston Johl.[ 
36 Robinson Charles 
88 Mahon Wm J 
40 ArmstroDg Jehu A 
42 LoDg FI"8Dk 
44 M..Donald Rouald 
4e SteaDland Wm C 
48 Pardee Mra Mary A 

BRIGHTOX A V, e froru 181 
Pape av, ward 1. 
... .. ,. " North Side __ 
House, s e 
2 Ireland Charles 
4 Oray Charles 
8 ShaughDessy Wm 
......... South SIde ......... 
VacaDt lots 
1 Hackett Joseph 
3 RoblDson Alhert 0 
6 Hertfclder HeDrT 
"acnDt lots 
1!J WarreD .Arthur R 
21 Yates Wm H 
23 Bell Fl'edelick A 
25 Ross Mrs Alta !ol 

BRIOHTOX PL, D !rom Co- 
bODrg IIV to 13 Brampton 
pi, 1\ard 6, 
?\ot built on 
IIRITAIX, e frow I-I!) George 
to Sherbourn(', wllrd 2. 
... ., -- " Korth Side . 
Coulter & Camph"eii: 9 ë' 
2 Reck \fI:uñ. cu
ar boxes 
Pease FurDace Co 
. Stone Cutter III IDtersects 
Store, 8 e 
. . . . , -- '. South 
9 Ross Robert S 
H Jon.'s Robert 
13 Jobn
nn Arthur 
1í HarDett Tlmothv J 
19 )lcCoDnell Archibald 
Va(,'lDt lot 
29 O'L('ary DaDlel 
31 Kelly Jllmes 
33 Healey John 
3;; Pollock Robert 
37 'I'bompson Edward 
45 Kclly JohD 
47 Rushton .Tohn 
51 'Ierson Wm 
. StoDe Cutter la IDlersect'! 
5:j WhllleD John 
55 Burger Anthouy 

ßROA.DVIFW A. V, n from 
Eastern IIV to DaDforth av. 
crossiDg Qneen at 712, wllrd 
. . . , , , . ., E...,t Side ......... 
1 Clayhourn GregOl'v 
5 Gu('st G(,o['ge, wh'ol htchr 
Prh'ate grounds 
11 Bov('s RlcJ>md 
1:l Tavlor SlJruu('1 R 
15 SlomaD Henry 
17 O'CoDllor 'rhoums 
19 Parm Peter H A 
PrIvate ",rounds 
27 Rall('y Wm 
29 RyaD !olrs Eliza 
31 Parm )Irs Ch.ulotle 
33 Tr.-mpe Arthur 
Y aca II t lots 
f>1 I.ackey Mrs Ma rgaret 
53 l\frAvny Owen .J 
55 l\flt('bell Thoruas 
57 Dirk"v Alfred H 
59 !ollnll
 )1I's Jane 
61 Carllaghllll Jos T 
Vacant lots 
73 Fahey )llchael 
i7 Talbot Xa\ler 
79 ReDDardsoD George ". 
81 Rarlles Joseph A 
83 Steele Judson 
85 MiDDs "'m 
87 Murray Wrn J 
Prlvnte I'(rounds 
!)1 Harris Henry 
Stor('. s e 
. Queen st (' Intersects 
Store. s e 
100 Jav Tbomas r. 
Jaÿ MIs JeDnle, confy 
111 HIDe SamDel 
HIDe V K mus 
119 Hili 'I.'homas, dairy 
PrIvate grounds 
137 Kelley Robert 
Kelley 1\IIss E C, dr!lmkr 

Kelley :\llss L K, mus 
139 Jllpp J.lmes W 
HI ('are Thomas 
C.[re 1Iiss I';, drSIJJ!..r 
1-13 Watson T J 
145 IIIi1ne AlexaDder 
147 IrwiD 
lIs 11.Il"lh,t 
Vacant lots 
. Klntyre uv commt-ilCes 
lJdden Wm A 
163 B.J.sUan Thomas 
165 Scott III1's Susa m.ab 
167 8heehey Thomas J 
169 Patton Louis H 
lí1 Masoll George J jr 
1i9 IIlacdol>:J.ld Peter 
199 B rlc!..cll Georg.! 
221 Troman George 
22'J HaDn.t J,.mes 
lIanna IIlrs !o[ J, o1alry 
2:11 Pen warden ". III J 
 Harbutt Thomns H F 
2,15 GrlnDell 
GrlDnell T 01'< SOD, coal 
. Elliott 
t Intersecta 
2,!) Shields Jos('ph, gl"O 
241 Armstrong George. tlDDer 
243 Hind Wm K. prov dlr 
243 1 '2 CODnter },'rt>d. shoemkr 
245 Rlhle Io'rnnk II, vro 
:!-1ì S"'wuy Da\ld - 
St>l" .,
lIs" I':. mns tellr 
251 I eameD It G 
257 White Wm '1' 
239 Hllrrls Alhert, w[ues 
.-Allen av commeDces 
26;1 Coombe It II, I:ro 
265 !ol:1dder \"t'('d, h
2t.i7 nllrr('tt Won 
VacaDt lots 
. Seeond :1\ "'OIllIlI
'"caDt lols 
. FIrst 0'- commcllcr-;. 
\" acant lots 
355 Hyde George 
a57 G['e"l1 IIPtll'\. 
35\1 Browil lIellÎ'y I. 
\"a..ant lots 
. Gerrard st e iutr.rsccts 
36.3 ,"cL(,lIn ..... Van 1.( nn. gros 
:163 Jl[cLean Donald 
VaD Loon JUrha..d 
:16i Sneath C U. 
[D. drugs 
I'ostofflce (hr) 
IIlcCmlllless !oh'< (" 
369 Bo)'d W J 
Boyd lI[r" I'; .1. d,'y gds 
371 Gib<nn John W 
373 Gibson John 
Va c,'" t lots 
385 SDeath Churles U, I,hy 
. Simpson a v ('omm<>lIces 
VncaDt let" 
-125 EvaDs :-';ouh 
427 Armstrong JOSPl'h J.; 
429 pnrker R..\" Peter C 
. Vktor av commenC('1I 
433 Green 'I..s )1. IntIry 
Pllv.[ t(' I'(rollllo1s 
441 l.:tI\l!:le
' RpujlJrulu 
. Lnngl('y .1\. cOlurnC"nCC!!I 
4-13 "\"nl(' Uobert 
Priv.uI! I!:round
41;11 Davidson James 
. Smith st ('ommcn('es 
Prh"o te 
483 Zarfass G F, hakEcr 
\"1J('ant lots 
. Withrow av comm('nces 
505 Uamsav Wm I 
. Baln av ('omm('u('I'S 
\',,('ant lots 
. Spllrkhall av ('nmmenCl'S 
Vacant lots 
583 VtIle )Ir.. FraDres 
5!<5 Whitehouse Henn- 
G:1.1"tll ò llS 
633 Hogarth 'j'hoDias 
VacaDt lots to t'nd 
". t>,.,t 
ide . 
Bas..hall grounds, " e 
104 Store, s .. 
. Queen st e Interspds 
Bank of COIUnl4.'lce-, S e 
108 Store, s e 
Dlnghman's 11,)11. s e 
110 Russell 1II1ss A, d.''!mkr 
110"" !oladdo('.I; Charles 
112 Royal CaD I!icyde Club 


11-1 Craven George J 
Craven "\Irs I, dr.mkr 
116 Brodie Alexander 
118 Hughson Wro. 
120 GuckeD Steplien M 
122 ThompsoD Johu ir 
12-1 Farr TerreDce 
1213 Hay Des John W 
128 Haliburton Jam!!". 
134 Buckler Frederl('k 
136 :\{ac
IlllaD Will J .:! 
140 M'\Xwell Francis 
1-12 \\ïlsoD Thomas 
144 Sparks Robert 
1:;0 Sparks M[q ADl;e 
180 CullltOD 'I.'hoDias J 
11'2 DeDnen Jay II 
184 Boothe James 
IS(] HutchlDson I E 
188 CaID<>ro1ï Robert 
100 Cllthro Wm H 
. Paul st ends 
192 Allen Robert 
198 \"acaDt 
200 T"nßnished house 
202 Solomon Joshua 
\'acIID' lots 
2"2-1 Methodist Churcl1 
2"2tJ )lcGoverD E A 
2"28 Hpdforð John W 
2J() I:!ncklalld C J, plllr 
2:12 Hump Walter 
2.1-1 I1t't"fie Thoruas. t.1< 
. Elllott sl IDtersects 
\"a('ant 10ls 
246 Laur[e DODald 
PrivatI' grouDds 
2.2 (ltmerod J 'V, fto:Jr 
2.6 Kennedy 'Ifg Co, t',a('klnc 
280 Burt"ÏtIg" Edward, rlalry 
Burridge Ww T, ('xp....,,!! 
21'2 Scale FraD"ls H 
2,>-1 Erno ,,'m 
286 Wllcoc!.. Sll'phen J 
2SS BRrr.-tt Christoph. .; 
2')0 Buckl('y Georg
Yacnnt lot 
29-i IIluDn John 
CODgI'egnrloDal CÞur('h 
. )Iountstephen st (",d 
302--1 Smith G D, nO,,"t'lties 
306 IIIcKenzle John R 
308 Belyea John W 
:UO 1\I('('ual" Uonald \ 
312 S A Ranacks 
YacaDt lot 
3;;-1 Cordwell Jltln{,s, IIkr 
356 Conlnm Frt-derldc C 
I 358 RyaD Jllmes 
360 Scott A. iJlksmlth 
. Gerrard st p lutprs
I 380 

hns e 
\"lIson Thomas H_ r 
AileD Denis. r 
r o't\ rv Jt)bn, r 
Xorris John, r 
Hherside Purk 
olatioD Ho.pitlll, . e 
712 White George K. dnlry 
VRcaDt lot 
i42 Hannllh H"hert W 
B4 Hooppr Henry F 
i46 Wheeler Robert 
748 EIIIII'I "'"Ito>r 
750 Richards f:eorge A 
752 O.lteD Ruhel"t. gro 
BrowDe J A. artl

BROADWAY PI., W from 268 
SpadlDa av, wa1'd 4. 
-........ ?\orth Side 
2-8 Store, s e 
12-14 "'1Ireholls" 
20 Hunt J:1mes 
22 I\:yle Jllmp" 
20; Collier John A 
2S !olarkeJ'" John 
:;0 Hattey 'I.'homas 
:;2 AileD Wm 
34 lee Dunlpl F 
36 Griffith !oIrs 11:1 t lldll 
38 Fette.. Jobn 
lcEIr<,y HlIgh 
42 Ch.trles B 
H Scott Wm 
 Bllrkworth Charles A 
46 l.o('klngtoD \Iark 
48 W"lsh David 

Iron Stable Fittings, I Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited, 
Oat Cleaners, Feed Boxes, Office: 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 & 104. 

The Confederation Life 

Issues a Policy which has NO 
CONDITIONS, and Kuaranteea 
af' two 

106 Broadway PI. 


Sherman E. T ownsen

:;0 Jones Thomns 
52 BUI Vavld A 
54 Pcarce Vanle! 
......... South Sidi' 
:Store, s e 
7 lllUer 1'11111p J
9 Keahn \Irs HII<lIIII 

llUUCK A Y. u !,",)m 1:1112 
Queeu w to u of Bloor w, 
"al"d 6. 
. . , . . . . " East Sidc """'" 
Office, s e 
5 7 McQullleu J, bllt.mlth 
9 11 llwwn W J, f'8 rrlnge- 
'ltcllnt lots 
1. 11c
lull"n J, "hot'lukl' 
. ,,"oble st ends 
1:.1 Rolston John 
21 Taylor A I<
, ,-"t .'urg 
:!:: ,-\tkluson 
 S J 

son \Us. J.: A, mus 
2;; Smith !\Irs ;\Iartba 
Vacltut lots 
:I;; Klnlteltr Philip 
I'd ,",I te grounds 
4;; Caml.b"U AII'xltndt'I' 
. Eltrubrldge st end" 
47 Warnock Ch:trles E 
4[1 Clltrke Le" is 
51 Stoll..h:tlO !\ll"
5:: Mondey Albert J 
;;;; \"u("ltnt 
:;1 t! Harrlsou J A "(':II 
 !lleuzles Gi'orgè 
,:;, E,pl"lgh Will 
Vltc,'nt Jot 
71 Bowli')' Wm 

;; Mortson l1i'urv 
87 H.tlnllton "'"i 
. (t:tllwa)' crossing 
11. Beltttle Joho J 
. Floteuce st cuds 
123 St.." al t Joho J \\ 
;j 'l
hurul{'v (;,-
12. Guno John -- 
12:1 Duck I.'rauk 
131 B:trller I':dwllr<l 
 Homer Wm 
:i BUIlll SHUluel 
137 Harris Edward 
13[1 Lnogle>' J',ttrlck 
141 FI,'mlnl': ,-\lex.\Ildf'r 
14:: Clark Hltrva 
14;; S\I\('k 'Thomas 
147 AdnÍl' El"1Iest T 
149 Malone George 
151 Wilsou Johu. 11"0 
. Middleton st eod 
1;;:1 Grand :s"atlon:tl Riok 
. Frankish :tv ent1s 
20:.1 Vncaut 
2\Y.) Roherts Hugh. g"'"O 
207 J.eljth ton 'I'. gm 
20\) Pollnrd A T. t1" 
Vaeant lot 
21;; Snider Cll8rles 
217 MePh,',"soll Jo!m 
219 Summers AI"",,"der (' 
2'.!1 1lottrlllu Prvce 
'Iottrnlll M.' mils (('h,' 
22:; Hobert," (jt'}or
e C' 

:::-. Sell UlllU'nn 
f "nnlPron )lIs:-: I{. Jlhl
2:!. \111....0) Un;::1t 
Muir 'Jiss I':. III 
227'1" Lld.lIard G,'orlCt'. 
Iarsll.tll st pods - 
22!1 Marshall 
Il's !l1:1\" 
 Marshall Wm 
2:J.'í White JIt',"hert 
237 Montgou...rv J A 
2:19 Chamhers j':d,\at..1 
. HrocktlHl ß\" L-llt.l... 
2..1 Marshall John. 
24:{ Brodie .J:llnes. 
24;; Beatr:llll Will 
247 '\"afwl)(Jd J:1nJI"!oo. 
24:1 Sr'olt JIIIII"". IIldl' 
I iller Ad.11lI 
2;;:\ Edwards He, Thomas 
255 Strelton George A 
257 Wharton rltoma
259 Adams Walter 
261 Hutchins Wm 


rlymouth Brethr"n Ch 
I5tore, s e 
. Dundas st Interst'ct8 
Store. S Q 
Vacant lots 
..llldl'r:sou R G 
Io!'("tt Gel}) 1:" 
. Atkill a, ends 
'"ac,IDI lots 
. }Iuutray st ends 
1Ul"too J .1, whol btcl1r 
!11m tOil '1lss J, mus tchr 
339 Seager John 
. College st Intersects 
Honse, S <> 
 Le\ltt:k A. whol btchr 
o.H Unuy Lawrence F 
:t;;!J VU) Ie Joho 
3Ul Hllmmond )Irri E 

lcl<"I\'lalle )lIss J, drsmkr 
 Ewing )Irs Margaret 
:II;:; Blahle," .rames A P 
3G. P"rkiùs 
Idney (' 
V ncant lots 
. LindslI'" a,. enols . 
:169 V..rey joseph J. gro 
Vacant lots 
lllnp Tlteu.lore 
h"pherd Louis 
:I,,:: "nre, Juhll H 
:{-;:; HI_hi", I>lIoiel 
31>7 '''111'0"' Uallif'1 J 
"i\l\ams 1>,1\ id. gl'O 
I ulr Cl\ "Ilds 
3t!:.1 Whetstou. II. g"o 
:l1eI7 Rooth Johu J 
3!JH Petrie Alldrp\\ 
1U1. !lloltl'aru (;.'orl/:" H 
40:1 Hynes \llchael E 
40;; Blsbop Edw,ml ,-\ 
107 Perrlll I!lch.. rd 
..09 Clllrl v Hm ,-ev I.: 
411 Dicksno Joho' W 
-11:: 'Vbl'eler Loni
..1;; O'X,.iII \lIchnel J 
-117 StltllJey Edmnnd 
H!J 'I'lInner AI<,:<nnder 
-121 t'lllllmin;:- ('h:lrles F 
. ("heslt'J" 11\- cndF 
".'I::lut lot
4-1:-' Bush Will H 
4..7 J'lett, Jo1hu, shoemkr 
toko'r Thoma
"ncant I.ots 
. Collourl/: ,1\" euds 
1:;7 J:1Dle:-:oll J.1Ines P 
Vacant lot. 
4ti3 BUI"ll
 Thomas .1 
-Iii:; Hobertson J A 
11i; Tullock Peter 
"al:llnt lots 
47;. Bern:Ird JOIJU"S 
. BrulIIPton 1.1 "nd", 
:\Inl"b.f-'t &:Hf,)ell 
;;7;; Lightfont f'. IIIkt gdnr 
Vacllnt lot", 
. Bloor "t w illtel'sect" 
'.ncant Int:i1 
It!1 D"a('ou Johu T 



{d)nllald Dooal,1 
'i:U }1.-II"nald Duncan n 
1033 Wi(" John 
auL;.::er Georf(.. 
7 Ïoun;:- John 
Vacaut lots 
,;,;:; BnddlllJZton Chlll-les T 
1;1;7 nlbson 
Irs C. jtro 
s G. mu'i tell, 
';71 (
roat Alhert S 
';7:1 ('orllett Hohert 
4iï:\ Thonlp
nn John 
G17 MOJ:nn Thoma" "" 
/J.!! f'e"I{'\' 1'h()mas H 
11"1 ,,",,11:1('" 
t;<:3 ,"aeant 
(;I;:; Rnllp,' Thorn." 
/J,,!) ('att......n John 
J('r,mn J",'!ix 
'\"(>8t :0.:;,1., 
Store_ " e 
II Grac,'y John 
It'Q..lllt'n Jalll"
12 'Iarshall Joh.. 
14 ('ottler 
Irs Isnbell.t 
. Atohs st commences 
House, s e 
W ,,"..lIer Au!:ustus 

1::1 "eelis Edwin 0 
20 Veull Juhn 
:.!2 Tra,ers James 
Cre\\ S \Irs E'It, dr>lllkr 
:.!4 W..lker Jum..s 
:.!6 Leek W..tson 
 E)"ru IOn Henry 
30 \\ orsuup :\ltss )Iltrv 
32 I5tone Edward C 
SIOO" }lrs June, tirsmkl' 
:H Dukt'l.. \\ l'eler 
3t1 'l'l'Pgn
kls Ueorge 
. Maple Gro,,, commences 
l'uugr"l':..tlOual Church 
56 Todd Thomus ,\' 
5!:! )lcKluluy Vuucan 
tjO :5IJellee Ua,ld 
. :5eaCorth uv commences 
ti:! Wooluer haac X 
tJ" )Jed,1 Si'llley T 
66 HUl:h N J 
tJ8 FnJ"ber John 
70 :llihell GeorJZ" A 
7:! )Iuss..lman .raeob 
7.. Garhutt Hichard. t'J:P 
7!:! Hodge Llllanll"l n 
1<;0 Littlt'r Fr:lnk 
M Brown 
Irs l5usall 
Slj Hosl' Wm B 
. Cunnlnl'"ham .tV com 
. Halhnt
. crossing 
'"nC.!ut lot 
122 \feJoul", John 
1&s-40 ,'.IC:lllt hous.'s (2) 
1-1<; W.,,,to\"er (' J. cpt I)'r 
1;;0 Hughes Wm W 
1:-'2 ""alk..t' James B 
Vncltnt lots 
. ))ehtl...
 cres commences 
11M Hankin Hobert 
I'rh ate grounds 
17.. Price Thotll." 
176 Daltnn IUch..rd 
178 Ulath..rwi<-k nt'nrJ 
Vacant lots 
100 Greeu An,lrew ,\ 
l!I2 l'ea," "'ulter W 
W" limil'I' )1 W. Imtr 
196 Ostrum (;corg-e F 
198 Rllrns WIll J J 
'..IC;lnt I'Jt
. '\"ntdhlllt1 H commence8 
le:\:.,l1llltr.1 !llrH Yary 
214 Ho
-<l I';,,"id 
216 U:tlr.1 Joseph H 
218 Holden 
It's Annie 
Holden Holwrt, pntr 
220 Dnult Antoine 
 ('ns.lck 'l'honuis 
22.. KII\.atrll:k .... C 
l'rh a If> grounds 
22-'1 Corp Walter 
2:10 Ha"lett Thomas J jr 
232 K{1nt (.it'nrgf' 
hlr[ey st r'nmmenceø 
23-1 Halt1m ,,- '" 1'. contr 
r" A 1'. gro 
'; Stryker Reuben 
23'i Lee Frf'rlerlck 
2\0 l:alla"hel' ""m J" 
242 ('a wthorn Albert R 
2.U Hughe" James .... 
tei-lInJZ Wm H 
21'\ I'nynl" '
2:'0 Rro("k Jnß1Ps 
cnh,,1\ ....Ifred G 
2:;.. nohln.nn .1nme!i 
2:,U Park", John 
,i< Crnl/: Mrs Ann J 
2m) Atkinson Samuel n 
\4 ue :Int !ots 
2í4 'Vfl"phc-n
Inrk's Hall 
. nunrlJ1" st k111'rsects 
Oht hlllldlng 
21'2 !llorone.. Jnhn. Ih'erv 
'":lcant . !ot" ' 
2f12 Thomson J C 
2!J8 Ahh
 Robprt. florist 
Vacant 10ls 
318 Gllnnon C. \\1101 htchr 
I'ri ,"n tp I:'rounc1!1'i 
:1:!2 XI,::htln!(:1I1' Stephen 
'"ac.wl lot" 
. College st Intersects 
la('donali1 Wm H 
Iarriutt Alfred 
.o Brennau Jnmes J 

\'acltot lots 
370 Cumpbell Xell '-I 
3.2 McInnis Mrs E 
374 Wm H 
37(; Stubbs "'rank 
:l7S Martin George 
V..caot lots 
3.,0..00 IIrock Av Sch 
40.. !l1:1lolle,' John 
Vacant' lots 
416 XC" tou Edmund D 
V.tcaut lots 
Hli )\.tlone, !\Jlchael 
I'rl \"a tè grounds 
-tUG Hoe Albert 
4GIi IIltehl>lII n T C 
1.0 Crosbie J.lmes 
4.2 UurfOl'd Wm I': 
..7-1 ('atlleron Hu,::h 
47t! MIIIII/:an H I 
47!:! \lItchell S. pntr 
Vacunt lots 
G68 Roland T J. mkl gdnr 
. Bloor st "1\ Inttorsects 
,'ac,1II1 lots 
G2" !llarshal Georl:e J 
II'l'llPrsnn !llrs M J 
';32 \1.....1 JanlPs 
';:.1-1 Ft'" son John 
(;31i Pra It :s" A 
')38 Ree\.es Anson 
(;\0 Kelsey John 
/J4;! Uorl,lIngton Frank J 
"acnnt lot" 
rnflnl"h",1 hous.. 

IInOCKTO"õ AV. w from 112 
Sheridan "" to Brock ay, 
ward 6. 
. .. .. , ... X orth Side .....,.. . 
Vacant lot 
8 G.-ossman Abraham 
10 I'luukett Su muel, contr 
I:! '"errill Hobert J 
Store, s e 
. , .. .. ,.. SOllth Side ......... 
Honse, s e 

 AV. e from How- 
lalld rd to Logan av, first n 
of Henard e, ward 1. 
. . . . . . . " X orth Sidp .......', 
4 Dormall WID J 
U ßruck..haw George 
lonk WIll .... 
10 I'rury George It 
12 Small 
Irs l;mUy M 
14 Lowrey .1,tllles 
1I0mlnir'k A J. WtlS tchr 
16 Galrns Edward \V 
18 Williams Thomas 
Kater' _,Jrs Surall 
20 Luens Charles R 
2.. Leslic Alexander C 
26 I"\tzslmons Ht'nry 

 ('rnwCurd "'I"l'<lt,.kk 
311 IUsli 
Irs }IßrY E 
"." -.... Sotlth Side '........ 
HOllse, s e 
7 !'Inll.hur.. Henry J 
9 ('are win 
'"acant lotll 
2d Ratlenhur"t John C 
27 ('are Helin- 
2!1 Grady John 
31 J 1.'1.' John (' 
3:; Jonf''' Frllnklh. 
37 Coulson Angtlll 
 ('Iarkp Wm J 
41 !'Ipence !'Iamtlel J 
43 Dut!' Thomas A 

BROOK FJELD. n frum 1031 

åu5. w to Humbert n, 
. . . ., __.. East 
1 Tuck Wm H 
Plaskltt Barr 
7 Rolston James 
9 ""l1l1l1m80n JolIn 
11 Jnck"on Johu 
13 Stm'er Ahraham H 
1;; Rard George A 
17 Brown 
Irs Racbel 
Iag-ulre Edward A 
21 Ba,liss H W. mtl
23 Joñes Herman A 
25 mack Harry 
27 Smith Mr!l Ellen \f 
31 Mkk Herbert G 

Publiø AOOOuDt8nt, Audiror and AssignØØ, 



Policies are indisputable after two years, 
and carry guaranteed Cash, Loan 
and Paid-up Values. 




. . .. , . ,.. \V I'St Side ......... 
:';tore, s e 
2 Gillles Ed wa rd 
Irs Eliza 
Beaton D H. dentist 
Xlcholson Wm B, barber 
2'h Boyd Charles E 
4 :,;torerooms 
6 :';hort ErlIest 
4a \Yood Alexander 
4'h Levee Louis S 
6a Coiling Rev Joseph S 
8 Ruddock John 
Illlburn Thomas 
12 "'alker John 
14 Paterson J Harry 
16 Ho\,"on 
Irs Rebecca A 
Howson \lis
 A J, artløt 
18 Wilson George L 
Iurton Arthur W 
:.!:.! I h:hthonnll Gl'orge 
24 Hunnah \Vm G 
lrs ?>Iftrgaret 
28 ('raufurd 
1IS8 ?>Iary 
30 Chapman 
Ir" B L 
32 XI xon \I r
Ia ry J 
34 Conlin ,It.
 Julift A 
af\ Hfty 
Iar' E 
3., Kennedv I vman' A 
40 Wllllftm
 rÙchard T 
Davl..on Horace W 
42 Rogers A"II C 
44 I>lIncftn C\11e J 
46 Rurtlam JOllie" L 
RftrtlftID !oIl"!< E O. school 
Rartlnm J Llpwellyn 
 LIUlpjohu John 
50 Dalp 
..." Hftnnah 
Irs Lilly. mu.le 
52 Browne "'m A 
54 Helllwell Frank 
5ß ('ook Wm 
;;., Cho" n Re\'" Samuel D 
foO Fox Wm C 
62 ']'Isdnll Henr\'" W 
64 Oranl1 'Ir
an J 
(;6 Hrpckpnridl1e Mra Agn.,. 
r.!'. Olle" Dn\ 111 A 
70 Rrll1ham John E 
XursP!i" Homp 
72 Rowpr Jospph W 
74 Hilhorn FII H 
71ì Hnnnlnll (,hnrlps W 
7S (
1a"well R 

 Rpadv John A. 
S2 PaUp..on noMroy B 
"4 Pftterson 
Ir" F r 

r. !llillftr Llnd
a:v F. pby 
. Tï..tpr ..t Intpr
8" Bntt Tbomn" W 
!t,! HnntPf I nWfPDce 
91 Flvnu 
lIs.. RE'rtha R 

ß Mi-Oreji:or Rpv \lnlcolm 
flS Hoidji:I' Hpury J 
WO Woltz GcorlZp 
. "(. 
Ip\"ert John A 
T02 Renjamln !llerltt A 
T04 Kepðer \Irs A 
I V 
100 Trout Wm E 
plnk Jobn 
110 Rusp Cbnrles 
112 .Tackson Frpderlck D 
..,t. roß
tPf1.o IT:lrr'\"' 
11f1 Rowprs A hlel S 
11" "orrl
 "'m J 
120 Hnll Cnn" A. hldr 
mlth Hem'\"" T 
124 Camphpll Thomas 
I:.!U Bromlpy Jftmps 
12-" Rromley Alhert E 
130 Hedge George 
I C E lA
Delivered to all parts of the City 
and Suburbs all year round. DflIce, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
TELEPHONES SA - 40c:;.Q "AS. FAIRHEAD. - ManaR"er. 

33 Grlfðn John C 
35 Copeland Archibald 
37 O'Leary George 
30 Clarke ChariI''' l:i 
41 Shepberd Alfred 
43 Damp Wm J 
45 Carson John 
47 Heid Wm 'r 
49 Hanscb Charlel J 
51 I\elly James 
53 Held J lillI'S ß 
Iartln Louis 
57 Harbf'r Tholins 
59 81alZht \" m H 
61 Hohmson Thomas D 
mitb JohIi & Son, bldrs 
8mlth Johu 
{j5 McCreary Wm 
McArthur Mrs !II, nurse 
{j7 l\lcRean 
Irs S.trnh 
. . . _ _ . ..' W .."t 
i<1e __....... 
Store, I I' 
8 Ste\enson beplhnus 
10 Jarvis Bold 
12 I'ark Andrew 
14 ('arter !\Irs Sophia 
16 Brown John 
18 Edw,u"d CI1.lrles 
22 Lungstalf It l\IcK 
24 Dance Mrs Surah 
26 Stepbens J A, dairy 
I,,-dden Mnrtin 
GrI'ensldes Johll 
30 OIlnr .John H 
32 Dance John 
34 Banger Henry 
36 Jobnson Oliver E 
38 Britton Mrs 
40 Hn..k Henry, bldr 
42 Gilbreath John 
44 Wóodall AII,..rt G 
46 Warren Frederick W 
50 Prestoll Albert It 
52 t'roud F..anchl T 
 S"eet George H 
56 Cablll I
d" Itrd 
58 '{Jchle Georg.. or 
60 Abbott Wm J 
62 Graham John 
6t Eaton l:Ienjamln R 
66 Ander
on Thoma
68 Lillie Frank G 
íO Rattray 
Irs Joh3nnll 

BUOOh.LYX A\'. n from 1098 
Queen I' to Dagmar a1', 
"ard I, 
oo ".. , .... E.lst :,;1<1.. .., __ , .. . 
Vacant lots 
St Clements (Angl Ch 

3 Young Jumes 
\'acaut lut. 
;,., Hinkley .Jobn 
;;ï Linton Wm 
;;!' l'bilI'O
\'ac,,-nt lot

3 Ihbetson Will 
lcLacblan Hugh J 
\'acant lot" 
1>3 Drummond John 
fq Gillespie John 
\'acant lots 
L"ntlnlshed hou"e 
107 Carter JOH'I,h 
Vacant lots 
11:) FII\\."lf,ls <<'h
l"nßnlshed house 
121 Oxley Will B 
 Hollftnd Jobn 
. . . " . . , .. Weost Side 
Store, s e 
2 Tyndall G R 
1. l1alry 
4 Murphy D,mlel 
Prl\ ate ","rounlls 
10 ),{olfatt 
Irs :\Iary C 
18 Edwards Wm 
Y acan t lot
211 MorJ:an "\"111 H 
3(1 Howarth Jobn J 
Vacant lot. 
50 !I{urrav John J 
 Montji:om....y George ,,' 
:),1 Utle
 Edwin. acct 
Prlvftte ji:rounds 
60 HOJ:ftrth Thomas J. exp 
70 Lewlø Wm 
Vacant !ot
Stxon John 

. I:Irlghton a\ end.. 

 ('olinI'd Cbftrles 
r"t!ulsbetl hou
124 "Klmherlev Wm H 
l:.!fi I'a)(..t no'bert H 
lr, A 
l;jO '\fìllm" [srapl W 
132 BolI;ÎnlÍ Patrick. cuttle 

IOl'X L" RD. n from 
Queen e. tblrd I' of Kingston 
rd. ward 1 
Xot built on 

BROWX LAX I':. e from 9!1 
Bathurst. w,trd ,I 
. . . '. .' .. ]'i;orth Side .".." 
House, s I' 
14 HeInrich George 
. .. .. . ... South Side ..,...... 
House. .. e 
3 Burns ,\Ir
13 11) rne Thomas 
15 Donohue I'atrlck 

BUlTE, " frum 1;;0 Shaw to 
Dundas, "ard 5. 
o . . . . . . .. X orth Side __' __ __ , 
Store, s I' 
2 :';lIlilbprlllnu .Arthur E 
4 Price James 
lrs Elizabeth 
8 Hosler 
Ir" Annie 
House, 8 e 
. (;ivens !<t Intersects 
Slaughter house 
. Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson 'Irs Ann 
26 Weir Wm 
House, S I' 
... __.... !>outh Side ...,. 
House. s e 
1 Wright lUchard J 
3 Fr.... James 
:> Douglns John 
7 Hu<1
on Cbarle" 
9 Addison Frank 
House, s I' 
. Gh"ens st Intersects 
Hou9l', 1J I' 
47 Lambert 
Irs Mary 
Store. s I' 

BRL"XSWICK A V, n from 
3;;4 College to Wells, ward 

. . . . . . . '. East Side ......". 
1 McBean's Hall 
Baker George, caretkr 
Felton Clement, gunsmith 
Mannlug Mrs E. tobncco 
Central Gospel Hall 
3 Hooper Ebenezer, phy 
5 Loclthart Reginald it 
7 Winter J.'rancis W 
9 Jubb 
Irs Margaret 
11 Hamilton Ue\" l'hllstopher 
1:1 Wilson Jacob 
1:; Wedd John C 
17 Gilpin Wm H 
19 Xlle
 Charl..s B 
2t Ppnfold A D 
lcTß\ I
h Thom.ts H 
2:i J"Wl'tt 
Irs Cntherlne 
27 "'alsb JftUll'S W B 
31 Greenwood A S 
33 Wilson Wm A 
g:; CochranI' \lr" !lIarv A 
37 Walter 
Irs Annie C E 
39 \\îtzel Tbeodore A 
tewart Alexunl1er 
4;j Dutblp Jobn B 
4;; Alpx'lIldpr \\'m W 
Iisa J. elocu, 
47 Scott J Fairhnlrn 
49 '{ftcrae George E 
:>1 Rovd John 
:;a SailDder
 S P 
55 T.lttlpjobn J Ð 11 
Inlholland Roh..rt 
:i!1 White W Thomas 
lìl Rehl Alex ']' 
6.1 1\lc'lurrl"b John D 
65 Battv Wm 
Eattv ?>lIs
 Alice. nurse 
67 Taylor 
Ilss S I. 
fill VaCftnt 
i1 Gamble Charles 11 

IcConnell Wm G 
l:tster Wm F 
77 Pblilips George 
79 Joyce Wallnce J 
L"nfinlsb"d houses (4) 
. [ïster st intersects 
"':; Bustow F \"", gro 

7 \'augb.1Il 
Irs Eliza 
Vaughan 'lIss B, drmltr 
h9 1:1.111 Wm 11 
lcCullougl1 Wm J 
!J3 Downard 
lrs Mary 
tlj Hagg, Wm 
!l7 Arcber Wm J 
W Hili John A 
101 Wllllolm
 W J. plmbr 
103 Smith Jawe" 
III;; E*rry \V m 
Vacant lots 
121 Dale Ernest 
123 Vftcant 
125-29 Jones Bros, bldrs 
Jonl'>l Will C 
131 Johnston Robert 
133 t'uu
ton Jobn J. jr 
13;; Hall Alfred E 
]37 Power Fredprick H 
139 Do" ne)- 
1 J, d.llry 
HI Hatb"av E O. btchr 
. Hurbord !It Intersects 
14:$ Cobb G W, barber 
14:; Krumrayh Henry, baker 
147 !lIah Jim. Indn- 
14!1 Caddell Walter 
1;;1 Farthing itobert 
);; Lewis John 
1;;7 Robin
on Thomas B 
1;;!I Ballant\ne John 
161 Foreste'rs' Hall 
Church of Christ 
165 Alexnnder \Irs J, fcy gds 
Irs Georgina I, r 
Itj7 HelZl(ln Jobn 
Iii. Vacant 
173 Box Georji:p W 
1,:; Hnln Donald 
177 Ste\ pns Geo, Jr. ðorlst 
179 Alpxllnder James. bldr 
151 Bromley John 
Iartln Hugh W 
15;; Collins Jobn X 
IS7 ('orin John L 
lAI William
on Thomas 
]9a Ral
on Charles W 
191 Brftd" Ick Frederick 
lW ("heat1e
' Mrs !II, I(ro 
Chefttley Patterson 
. SU
hex a\' lutersects 
201 Jack!OOn Cbarles E 
:.!f):J Applpton Harry C Y 
cott Charles W 
:W7 Rrownl.." \\'m 
:!1Ì!ì Bowlp
 \Vm. exp 
h James, pntr 
213 I'parce Tbomas H 
21:; Kennedy JamE's. ðorlst 
Irs J. drsmkr 
21!J Sberwoi..l John 
22.1 ('olll
s Frank 
22;; ('illuming" Jameos 
Yacant lot 
on SIl'l 
2:!.1 L:tnlZstfttf T.oui"a F 
Iiln.. A 
. carp 
l ilnp Gporge 
241 ('ox Jame,. 
24a Bond Gporji:p 
"'J Potter J.."eph "V 
24:; W.lllnms Alfrpd 
247 Uft\ldson Rpv John 
:!t'i'4. Hnncock (.yru
?t!) Adam
2:;1 Fox 
frs Ella 

 C"ookp -c;eorg'. 

:-)'l Dn\"IQ Thomßs E 
:!:)7 A
hfo.." ThonlßfC 
2.>9 Rol1t1ers Jamp". dairy 
Hotel, s e 
. Bloor st w Inter
Prl\""atp IZrOtmd
in!'lnlr A J 
2ï;j "acftnt 
a17 nalton 
Ir" Ophellft n 
\'III'ant lotq 
. T owther n\' Inter>lel'ts 
Vacnnt !ot" 
Irs Emma H 
33;} Williams David 
337 Slmp
on Wm J 
3;)9 'rhoUlp
on \"m I 

.) t/HE. 
 . :....., 
ð lFf.y ( , "' 

S1' to 


C 0 A L. 
\: Itt"D OfflC& 
10 kiNG S


North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 26 Wellington St. East. 
GOOCH &. EVANS. Resident Acents. Tel. No. 423. 

108 Brunswick Av. 

132 iSi.,ttery Harry J 
134 p"rrenden Mrs Harriet 
136 Farwell Frederick 
138 Fewlngs Ernest B 
140 Hannatord :\Irs Ellen 
142 Gates Arclubald A 
144 Pinkney Joseph, dairy 
14G Atkinson "01 J, coal 011 
148 Vacant store 
. Harbord st Intersects 
150 Wllesple George 
1:;2 ,Maltby Wm C, gro 
"bubart Wm; blchr 
Schubart )lIss A McD, 
mus tchr 
15G Wal'ren )Irs Annie 
151:> Bambrldge George 1" 
,lIIlter \Vm J 
162 I'lncombe John L, plmbr 
164 Connery Joseph, bldr 
16U Price Leon
rd G 
. Uoblnson John T 
lC.. 'lcArtbur Wm L 
li2 )Iulr Wm, exp 
174 Baldwin )Irs Eden 
176 Van Sickler J ,", 
li8 LnmlJers Thoma' 
U;O Bradsbaw John H 
182 ('rook"nden R P 
,- L '1.\I"k John J 
186 I' Thomas R 
188 )lcCrea )Irs A E 
100 Forbe
 "'m R. massage 
Irs \Vm, massnge 
192 O'Connor George W 
ID4 Pettit Ebenezer T 
1!1!) l'enklvll Wm N 
198 Pnrrv Mrs Susan 
200 'I orrison James X 
:!'r.! Ward \Vm H 
. Snssex av Interscts 
20-1 Wray Alex. grocer 
2Ot1 Brlnsmead Hugb 
208 Hillock James 
210 Hnnna Thomas 
212 Sexton Wm 
214 Parks Robert 
21G Darch 'Mr.. )Iargaret 
21" Hardlnji: Wm 
220 Olson )Iaguus 
222 Dnrno Robert A C 
22-1 Ferre.. "'111 H. f. lstr 
226 Robinson Geo I, uphol 
22" Conway \VIII J 
2 Bakewell Eùenezer 
234 Lecour )lr8 Eliza 
2-'31} ('onner ('arlton W 
238 Sbeppard Miss Mary J 
2-10 ('redlcott IUchard 
242 lIIand Lancelot J 
244 Honev Artbur J 
24(; Bolton 
Irs Elizabeth H, 
Irs J, nurse 
Munns !\Ilss J H, nurse 
2-1" Riebards Fretierick W 
2:00 Yorslon James A 
2:02 Bond 
04 Gourla... 'II's Sarah 
2;ttì J'nrltnil Laundry 
2f.o "nnl(han Altred A 
2G2 Strachan J A. blksmlth 
Store. s e 
. moor ,,( Intersects 
"ncant lots 
300 Jlrnmell Walter B 
 ('nil Arthur G 
:HO "".her Jobu F C 
312 "'ntson Josel,h 
314 Lowndes maries R 
316 Tnylor J Ferguson 
Vacant lots 
o Good"Peeð Rev ('nh'ln 
332 Borrett Jnm.... W 
:.-,. ....mner \Irs Loretta 
S3A !ofcKE'e !\Irs Ellzn 
3."18 Slmp"on \Irs Sarah J 
340 '\' p....ton (1eorj!e J 
:J42 Thomp
on Wm S 
344- n"""ell F.,lwnrd 
3411 Allen Edward 
348 RO;>;E'rson Wm 
3:>0 Spence John 
8tí2 Marn Jobn W 
Unfinished hou.e 
37'2 Booth Charles E 
Vacant lots 
. Barton av commencell 

... Xitldrle Wm H 

380 Bruillell )11'" I;mlly 
Cartel' )11. \I. milS tchr 
Vacnnt lots 
1('(;1'l! H.u r) 
410 Lloyd Henry H 
I:!IJCHA:o.;A:\. " trom 424 
Yonge to 'reranl:lY, wnrd 3. 
. .. .. . .., North Stde ......... 

tore, s e 
2 Hanna :';umuel R 
4 \lcLean )liss Elizabeth 
6 )!1l1ner George F 
6Y.z Blackgro...e 
lrB Mal'g 
S-Porritt \Irs Fatima J 
Porritt 'liss E, mus tchr 
10 !':toodley "Irs l\lary 
Stoodl"y \lIss 
I )1, artist 
1:<1 Townley Wm A 
14 Buchanan 
' H 
]t; n"hert""n )lrs F 
18 Taùer F Wm 
20 Hutchl
on George 0 
22 Baker Wm 
. ,.. ..... SQuth Side ... 
1-7 Store. s e 
9-11 Store room 
13 Henrv 'Vm 
1;; Tomlinson )Irs Annie E 
17 Bonner Jllmes 
Bonner )lIss I...a 
19 Adams Renjamln, pntr 
Irs Barbara, r 
21 Hopkins Jobn I. 
23-29 We
)ù's ùnkery 
31 Siuman Wm 
33 Ardle\ Albert P 
Ritchie P J, r 
3:; Smith George 
Gthhons pntrlck, r 
:J. HollIdav Edward D 
39 Lea...ens Bruce 
 Irelnnd Frank "I 
41 \\ïllinm
43 Emerv James 
41 Beulåh Hall 
hl'rook Henry J 
;;1-;;0 Thompson D W Co 
Tbe, ul'hol.terers' sup- 
BULWI:n. w trom 12 Soho 
to Spadina II.... wnrd 4. 
..... .. .. Xorth Side.. .. .. ... 
HOll"';:C', s e 
Lnmb"r ynrð. s e 
4 Peer \Vllmot 
6 Hnpkln<; Edward 
8 Adams George 
10 '..ll1idprsff>lnp J,)<,;, 
]2 Rrerpton .Joseph 
14 1,,,, .,'h \lr< \lar... 
16 \lul'phy Juhn ' 
lA R,'ið \lr
20 !ole(':lrth\ 
Irs Honorn 
22 ('onlter Andrew 
Kendrick John. r 
24 Lnpnt Wultert 
Sn...der "'01 
2fJ JUrlj!e Wm 
tewart )Irs 'Iarl!ltret 
30 Frankish Edward E 
School I(rounds 
Rear en tra nce 
4R V:lennt 
:'0 \lcRrlde Robert 

 Weeks John M 
54 \lIcks George G 
.. . .. .... SQuth Side 
House. s e 
1-3 Storebouse 
Planing mill. r e 

lú Penninl(ton Richard 
1;;1(, Ser\'lc... Philip 
17 Dearie T R. pntr 
Iowat James 
21 A bhot Ge<>rl(e 
I' rl\' a Ie I!rounds 
2;; Rallev 
Ir. Janet 
27 Kennett Joseph 
Kennett Miss I.. drsmkr 
HeRr .entrance 
31 Perrin Wm 
35 (iulllver )lIchael 
37-gg.Vacant (2) 
41 Drake Lewis 
43 Meier Jnmes, shoemkr 
45 Davies Samuel 
49 Davies Da...ld J 


;;1-;;:\ "acant (2) 
;;:; )1"lone )Ir. Rose 
;;7 lIannau John 
:;!J Bnrker John J 
Hol1se, s e 

lIL"H:o.;l'lI.:LD A \'. w trom 
101:1: Sba \\ to 0- Ingt(!n av, 
ward 5, 
. . . . __ . ., l'ì orth :5lde . 
:!tj ( .ute.. DanIel 
House, -ø e 
. . . . . . ... SQuth SIde ......... 
33 Keltb John C - 

In ((IIX A V. n trom Chatham 
to Dantorth av, 1 e ot Les- 
lie, "ard 1- 
... .. . ... East 
3 Blùby Jnmes W 
:; Vacnnt 
9 Jordan Wm J 
.. .. . . .. West Side 
l'ìot built on 

".\I'-H HÚWELL, weøt trom 
head ot SImcoe to 161 
Caul, ward 4. 
.. . .. .... =" orth Ride ......... 
\IcCnul School 
Erskine Pres Church 
20 Grltfin Wm 
22 Yates Wm R 
24 Schell Wm f" gro 
. Murrny st commences 
2'; fln!:!!
' )Irs Annie 
2<; )lcCaw Wm 
30 ('arpet Cleaning Co 
Corney Henry W 
32 Williams George 
Prl\'ate grounds 
;;4 \lannlng Jnmes A 
"'oollngs Bros. s e 
. " _ . .... f:úutb Sidp __ __ __ , 
Church. s e 
hneoe st ends 
Storp, " e 
1 T"nderhlll Wm 
3 Fraser Alexander 
:; Jones G H, mns tchr 
7 Rnrllnl! Henry 
!J Blun.l Frank 
9 1 , Riley \Irs Elizabeth 
It ,",et"rla Hotel 
. WIIlI:lm 
t ends 
Ic('oll \lr
1:; McLean \l1
s Annie 
17 Irons Wm 
 \lIs" E T. elocut 
19 Conji:hlln \Irs Helen 
21 !'1chool, r e 
23 \I:lx\\'ell John 
2:i Rotbwell 
Irs Hattie 
27 Thomll" Ernest G 
29 Dean Thoma'! 
31 Rannprl11:1n !olrq Clara 
3.'3 Coomhs Tbomas 
3:i Re
t Thoma" !ol 
Rest \Irs 
Inrla. !ltaty 
37 Coombs Tho
. conty 
('AF.R HOWELJ. PI., now w 
s Vnl...ersltv av. n ot Caer 
Howell. \\'ard 4, 

CALLAN PI., strom 301 Wil- 
ton av, wnrð 2. 
. , . . . . . " Ea"t 81ð(> ........ 
House, s e 
1 Steele Rohert T 
2 Polnton H G E. pntr 
3 !"ll(htlnl(nle John A 
4 Etberlnl(ton Mrs Mary 
, .. . , .. .. "-est SIde ,.,...., 
IIouse. s e 

CALLr.XDAR, n trom Qneen 
w, first w ot Sorauren av, 
ward 6. 
......... Ea"t Side 
7 Salthouse Wm 
9 Brown Ge<>rge 
Vacant lots 
:!1 Winter ('edl L 
23 Wallis Ernest 
lcGIll Donald 
27 Grnnt Wnlker J 
31 Sahlston Robert 
,'acant lots 

4;; lIarr) )1.lUrlce 
4. Lognl1 Julin }<' 
4!1 io"rkker Wm F 
;;3 Ilughes Jubn, conlr 
;;:; :5aunders J:lllles A 
:'7 Clare 
ll'!-t \larul 
:;9 Mellam\' Johu H 
61 Campbèll John C 
63 Uldout 
 Angu,ta H 
65 Wooð Louis H 
67 Ormiston 
Irs SUS8n 
Harrison Mrs Margaret 
. .. , , , ... W <",<t Side .. 
26 Graham 
Irs 1\1 J 
. Hnrvard av commences 
House, s e 

CA'lVr;x. w trom 124 Sl>a. 
tllna a \ to Brant, ward 4. 
. . . . . .. .. X orth I5lde ,........ 
Store, .. e 
4 Hartford Jonathan 
6 ",111.1111S Albert D 
S Tracy Heber 
10 A) res James 
12 Ueddi<=k Va\ld 
14 Bell \1 rs 
lU Jones Le"l" M 
18 Hvnds :5amuel 
20 Còttrell Wm J 
22 Morrison ",orman 
21 Cole Wm 1" 
2(j }<'ollett Hobert 
28 Allan Benjamin 
30 Rockall Fred
32 Cooper Robert A 
:H 'l('Cornl.lck John 
3C Cald"en Pb.lIp 
38 Ford Hugh G 
40 Bnrker Ukhnrd R 
i:': '1.1('Leay Roderick. D 
H nell Wm A 
4G W'i
eman James R 
48 Hozack Robert 
50 Wardman Jobn H. exp 
54 Murphy Albert 
56 Howe Dcnnls 
Honse, s e 
. , . , . __ .. South Side 
House, s e 
Vncant lot 
:; )IcCrea... I:dward 
7 '1111 
Iri Fl"Rnces A 
9 lIeaumont )Irs Sarah A 
11 Welch John W. vet sur. 
1" Ma... Xeely E 
n Ellis George 
19 !\Ioore Robert 
Reol'I(,mlzed Church of 
Jesus Christ 
2,j Maxted George 
2'i Arnott Da\-Id J 
2\1 Casle II.lrry 
Prest )11'8 Ellznbeth. r 
31 Hugj!ins Mrs M, dairy 
Johnston Wm. r 
33 May Frederick 
mitb Richard A 
3i Hagerty 
Irs Bridget 
39 MUj!tord Juhn W 
Incdonnld Hugh 
45 Hassnrrl \lr" )Iary J 
41 Rnte Wm S 
House, s e 

CAMERO=", n trom 406 Queen 
w to Cnmeron pi, ward 4 
. .. : . , '" Ea..t Side ,......., 
Store, s e 
1 Draper Wm 
3 Brav !>It.s Xelile 
5 Clelånd Daniel 
7 Jentsch Ch:lrles 0 F 
9 Tbomp
on James C 
11 Brown Mrs Jane 
13 Gnuld Richard H 
liner George 
17 Hardy Mrs Isnhella 
19 Freeborn Bruce 
21 Vnughan \Irs Ellen 
2.'1 Wilson John B 
25 O'Relllv James & 
Prl...atê grounds 
37 Crossman Edwin A, Jr 
39 Le...nck \Irs Charlotte 
41 Horner Benjamin 
43 Chetfey Robert, phy 
45 Yard Edwin 
47 Sennett Mrs )Iary 
49 Tnrner Henry It 


65 to 73 PEARL ST. 'Phone 2748 

Plain & Ornamental Fencing 
and Grille Work. 




51 Wolrk George K 
1t:Marun Angn,; 
ugent M.lrk 
57 "Ibon Alexander 
;:;U I.'oley Frederick 
61 Cl1.lpman Wm 
63 Cr.!mmond 11rs Eliza D 
G5 Hea \ es J .!Ules 
67 M.!nson James 
6U McTague Edward J 
71 O'Urlen 
Irs Anme E 
. .. . . .... "'t.'st 8ide ......... 
- Hotel, S e 
Cameron Hall 
:l Baker Mrs Emilie 
lolcomb Tbomas 
6 Leacb 'Vm 
8 Ashht.'ld Mrs 1Iargaret 
10 Carnaban Al'chlbald J 
12 Portio" Howard 
14 Oster Peter L 
16 Creelman 'Vm 
18 Snrl.blls Ulchard H 
Holmes S & Son, stair 
bldrs, r' 
Turner Harry W, wood 
turner, r 
20 hlpln Wm 'I 
 Hllss{'1I Hobert C 
22 l'ulwpr Thomas R 

H llpiit Hobert T 
26 Heid 
Ir" :\1 A 
IC.-\l'r hur John 
30 Dudl:eon 'II'" Elizabeth 
I J. drs- 
32 Scott Wm 
34 Stephens 
3G Cameron George 
3b Bro\\ n \Valter 
40 Kin
Is R.lehel 
44 Rle'h Hnrrv \'" 
46 Thompson 'Wm 
48 O'Toole James 
52 !t1ltchE'1l :\Ir
lcGa\\ Jo
hl(o\\.to Hu
58 Wehb Joseph 
60 Ármstrong 
62 BI
sptt Wm I" 
Irs L E, drsmkr 
Irs CIJlra,mem- 
olal wreJlths 
70 Ranks John 
. Cameron pI commences 
IEROX Pl., w from 70 
CamE'I"f'" to Yanauley, ward 
. . .. .. . .. X orth Side ,__...... 
2 London JamE'S' 
..'...... Sl\uth 
ide ,..",... 
1 DJllbv Wm S 
3 Hove'r 
5 SIl\-erthorn Xewman 
7 SturgE")o 'Irs 
9 DevprE'llx John 
11 r.E'orge 
13 Badji:er 'Irs Jane 
15 Dickson Wm H 

CAMPBELL A V, n from Wal- 
lace av to city limits, first 
w of "\orthern Railway, 
ward 6. 
. . . , , . . " East 
Ide ,'.." 
Vamnt lots to 253 
253 WakE'fh'ld I<:dward 
2.J{; Lasee lies George 
Vacant lots to end 
.. .. . . ... 'Vest Side ......... 
Vacant lots 
. IrvinI': av Intersects 
Vacant lots - 
810 Grol:an John 
Vacant lots to end 

C AH LA \\ A Y. n from Ash- 
bridge's Bay to city 11m Its, 
cro.-slng Queen eat \)43, 
ward 1. T 
......... East Side 
Boat houses 
17 Smith David, poultry 
Vacant lots 
83 Stewart Wm 
85 Anderson Harry 
37 Dyer Robert, ;lr 

 Chanter Wm 

lj 8u'aùer John G 
;:;1 V)'er Hobert 
V.!cant lots 
. Eastern 11\ intersects 
Vacant lots 
10;; Appl{'ton Walter S 
Iasun John 
10'J '1') llJUn 
I Patrick 
111 Crighton George W 
113 HarllJer John 
11;) Ho\\ ell 
rs Caroline 
117 l:owbes Edward 
,:.:1 \\ asblllglun Thoma< E 
123 0 Hara P J, dairy 
133 John
ton Thomas H 
135 Wbite Allan C 
,"ncant lots 
1tJ7 h.llb)- V.wlel, mkt Kdnr 
Churcb, s e 
. (,!ut.'en 
t e Intersects 
Start.', s e 
. G T H bridge 
. Gerrard st e Intersects 
V.!cnnt lot.. to 587 
:;1;7 lloyd Wm, contr 
Yncolnt lots to end 
. . . . . _ _ .. \\ est Side ....,.... 
2 Hendry John, boat bldr 
8 Curtis Chrbtopher, pntr 
Vacant lots 
36 Fuller George 
38 Thompson Jobn 
Yacnnt lot 
72 Connell George 
7-1 Irons Fr.!nk J 
76 8tel,bens Ernest 
78 Roger WllJ 
bO Semplt.' Wm 
82 Lee"U\ re Charles 
8-1 Ellis "I'homas 
IS6 Vacant 
House, s e 
. En
tern n \ intersects 
Vacant lots 
11M) "itcbell Wm E 
102 Rave Alfred 
Prh nte grounds 
108 Fleming Robert 
11-1 Wilkins 
116 Ford Frederick 
Vacant lots 
124 Uro" n James 
126 Rlake 
rs Ada L 
Yacant lots 
13-1 Cooper Gavin 
lolcE' aeorge W 
138 !'Ullth David I. 
140 Xewberry Charles 
H2 Burke Peter 
IH Oke I Francis 
H(; Jamieson Wm 
U8 IIlJlCkstonB Fdwln 
.O Rvott Edward C 
152 Green Arthur H 
156 RIckard X J B 
 8te\ ens Arthur 
1.:0 Harris Jesse :\1 
Yacant lots 
If.f. J-e Rov David J 
If." Xorrl,.' Cbarles C 
172 Flint George C 
17-t I I'slle John K 
176 Jones John D 
House, s e 
. Queen st e Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

CARLI"\G. n from moor w 
opp Givens. to cIty limits, 
ward 5. 
. . .. , . . " En st !':Ide ,...,..,. 
2 Gascoyne Thomas 
.'. ...... West SIde ......... 

ot built on 
CARLISLE, see Carlyle 

,'AHI.TOX. I' from 443 YongE' 
to fbe Don. wards I, 2 nDd 
......... Xorth Side......., . 
Store, s e 
2 Forster James 
Forster ed" 10, dentist 
4 Brooks H H, cabt mkr 
6 Thompson W P, phy 
Chapman Ms Ann, r 
Bell Mrs Ada, r 
Spence Richard. r 

Kennedy !Il
,. Anole, r 
I; Howal"l.\ G, ùentlst 
10 Richard50n '1' 1:1, phy 
12 Jones 
Irs Minnie 
1-1 Emory Wm J H, phy 
IS Ogden Uzzlel, Pb '! 
2.l l:I.tld win 
Irs E :\ 
28 \folIatt !Irs S J 
Gibson :\Irs 
artha, nurse 
30 Homerll Mrs Lucy 
Ul'formed Pr,'s Church, r 
lcIo'urlane M, oculist 
34 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
36 FotheringballJ J 'I.', phy 
iss C,ltherlne 
to Webb Albert E 
attress Ww, phy 
44 McGinn John 
48 Snider Jobn E 
;'0 Watson Archer G 
loO'att 'Irs Alice 
;:;6 Colleran John 
60 Greene E Herbert, phy 
6:5 LonnqUlst Axel 
Store, s e 
. Church st intersects 
72 Janes Simeon H 
Prlvute grounds 
84 Urown Alexander 
90 Scott 
rs Jessie 
. 'lc'llIlan st commences 
:is 'Ic
aught Wm K 
100 Ho" itt WllJ H. phy 
llrJ Ruins 
Is 'Iarla 
101'1 Allen Xorman, phy 
Iartln Caleb 1:, phy 
House, s e 
. Jan-Is st intersects 
Store, s e 
114 HUhlenby 'Ym 
lI8 8mlth James. farmer 
120 Taylor W 
I, agent 
1. mus tchr 
Huston 'liss 
. mus tchr 
124 ,,'lImot \lrs Anna 
126 Jones D O
den, phy 
130 Thomas 
f Augustus 
132 Dwver :\Irs Florence 
134 Geddes Wm A 
140 McDonagh George, phy 
142 Seccombe W, dentist 
1.14 Vacant 
146 Amles Miss Emily, bdg 
148 \Vllliams 
Irs Eliza 
150 I,'letcher BenjamIn 
152 Ivev John D 
. Homewood av commences 
15-1 Oldright Wm. phy 
1M Rlachford Horace P 
W,< Rlachford Cbarles E 
172 Keith George 
Jlouse, s e 
. 8herbourne st Intersects 
Pl"ivate gronnds 
17.; Walsh J J, vocalist 
178 Brennan J, horse traIner 
0 Stewart 
Irs Kate 
182 Dlmopk !>Irs Isabelll\ 
U,4,ll;t: AnnIs 
ler\'ln B, drngs 
. Bleep!"er st commences 
St Peter's Church 
1!12 Howard A \lcLean 
198 RIchardson 'Irs Harriet 
. Ontario st Intersects 
200 Dewey 
Irs L E, grocer 
200% Johnson Jos. shoemk 
202 Jeandron John E, bkr 
204 Miller Thomas 
terllnj1 Walter 
208 Copeland Edward 
210 "',Ison 11rs Louise 
212 Forfar James E, phy 
nlder R 0, phy 
21fl Doan Robert W 
218 Coatsworth Emprson, jr 
220 Henderson 
I J 
2'22 HolmE's John 
224 GJlusbv R. ncet 
226 SdlOtli-ld Richard 
228 Hume 
Irs Ann 
Hume G G. dE'ntist 
230 CI.amplon Mrs Elizabeth F 
Ilss S 
232 Brown Frank 
224 Parker Samuel 
236 Colby Alfred 
Anderson \Vm 
228 Armstrong !Irs l8ßbella 
240 Turner Ernest W 
Alexander Wm H. phy 

242 Stephany H, barber 
:l44 Hoblnson R 
 dry gdl 
Be\ ler 
Irs I, nurse 
246 Byron Edgar, staty 
248 Balch Wm II, baker 
2;;0 Wbitel:lr08, grocers 
White Richard H 
2;:;2 Clayton T A, btchr 
. Parliament st Intersects 
Store, s e 
lcLean Alex, contr 
anes Thomas W 
2liO Bro" n John 
2l;2 l:Iegg James G 
:'!li-i Hegg CMs G 
Ioodey Wm J 
Iutton Frank 
270 Parsons Arthur R 
. 'Ietcalfe st commences 
House, s e 
274 Armstrong George F 
:l76 :>1I\"er Charles J 
27:- Beall' BenjamIn 
0 !lllIer Allan F 
2S:l Yun Norman Charles C 
2>,1; Kpnnedv Daniel 
2..."8 Walker Raymond 
2'J4 Woods Wm S 
29ß Millar John 
2(18 Gendron Adolph J 
;jOO Shuttleworth C B, pby 
ackvllle st Intersects 
308 Brick BE'njamln, bldr 
314 Tyrrell Fdward X 
. Woodley pi commence. 
3IIS Pamphllon Walter 
lc:\"b Alexander 
324 Fair Charles H 
32tJ Benson W E 
. 1:10" man st commence. 
3.'3u Yacant 
3.'36 MuIrhead Robertson 
33ð Willmol H Lanson 
340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 
34:l Armstronj( Robert 
344 Breckinreld Thomas 
346,Hoss John 
House, s e 
. SUllJach st Intersects 
Rh erdale Park 
__ __ .. ... 80uth Ride ' __, .. .. . 
Store, s e 
1 Barker Samue!. barber 
Armand J 'I.'rande 
Ilss Is.nbella 
Metbodlst Church 
21 Stnrk ThomJls H, phy 
2:1 Higgins Va\ld 
25 Kenl \frs Ann 
2:i Swann G A. dentist 
29 Caven James G. phy 
31 Vallean C G 
:I. Urown PricE', pby 
39 MeU... railh K e, {lhy 
4l Warner Albert F. phy 
-18 Mann Mrs Margaret 
45 f'lsher 
Irs A E E 
47 Adam John W 
49 Fox Wm H, phy 
McChesnev Isaac 
Irs M, bdg 
51 Pnssmore 
Irs Isabel 
53 !fcXllul':bton Mlsq K, bdK 
55 McCurdv Mrs Kate 
f>7 WlIll:tm;.on Mrs E 
Trow Charles, phy 
59 Crosby Albert B 
61 Hendèrson Miss L G, 
Hall I-
Hotel, s e 
. Church st Intersects 
Store, 8 e 
6'T-{)9 Vacant 
73 Pettigrew Robert, bicycle 
8E'aton Xell, r 
Lyons Mrs E. nurse, r 
75 Beales 'Ym. I!;ent repaIrer 
17 POWI'll Rradford N 
79 Barker Wm 
81 Ross :\Irs Jane 
83 Cowell 'Irs Alice H 
85 Arnott David 
8T Bothwell Clemens 1 
89 Stanley Robert J 
Crompton George,maneor 
91 WrIght R, plmbr 
. Mutual st ends 
93 Shaw Wm H 

Limited, 78 CHURCM ST. 

pense or delay attending these loans. 





ASSURANCE COMPANY. J. W. KERR. CashieJ:'" on Endowments. 




l'rh'ate grounds 
105 SnelgroH C Y, dentist 
1U7 Jel1rey Andrev. 
House, s e 
. Jarvis st Intersects 
Old 8t Andrew's Ch, s e 
Ui Marshall Wm, btcbr 
1l!! l'ettl!:rew T. bicycle repr 
Graham Wm S 
121 McDougall Joseph E 
Horticultural Gardens 
. Sherbourne lit Intersects 
Church. 9 e 
165 Wlllfong Em"nuel 
16i Gee Jobn J. phy 
169 <;tubhs Fr"nk 
171 "\I a III son Frederick 
li3 15blell H Telfer, phy 
 GIbbs M"lcolm 
177 Kinnear Jame
179 Angus Wm M 
. Seaton st euds 
1"'1 Wills 
lIss Joanna K 
cLachlan Arch W 
18" Hearn Wm 
11'7 Hplllw('11 
Irs Sophia A 
I"!! lIarb
191 "'estlDan S.lmuel J 
lfl3 Hancock Thomas, confy 
Barras Charles 
l!1f. Smart F.II. htchr 
. Ontario st Intersects 
Hli McFaul John H, phy 
W'J Johnstoue Hobert C 
cPherson Jalltes 
M"Phprson 11 W, phy 
2u:i Richardsou Wm 
20;; McIntmd.\ 
Irs J('nnle 
20. CorBOn Hobert 
20(1 Barker Edwarl1 
Oronhvatekha Dr 
211 Balle': John C 
213 Hplntzman Gerhard 
 Fallis John D 
. Berkl'ley st entls 
219 Hurlburt Frederick F 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Mlllpr 1 
225 S('alfe Theol1ore J 
22i :Phln Jj!hn A 
229 Crawford Wm A 
2:11 Hawthorn W", T 
2."1:1 Turnpr I)a ,-hi \V 
235 Parkpr Gftor
237 Walkpr John 
2:19 Beeker \fr" !'I 
2H Thoma!! Julia. ph,. 
24:\ Bryans Will F. I,hy 
24;, Henderson R H, dl'ntlst 
. Parliament st Illtersectq 
Stor.., 9 e 
2;'1 Cowen ChariI''' 
Cow..n !llIss 
I L. artist 
, Whit.. Rohprt 
2:i; H01J!i"ton Thonlß:i1 
,9 Cohen Jal'oh S 
2t11 HOJ!
21'."1 Wall1ron John. mu" tchr 
2(.'\ ('ooch Herhl'rt C 
267 lH-rmlt t Grur2P G 
26f1 Stol1l1arl1 W 
271 Jellnf' :\Irs !II .1 
27:\ AnderlfOn :'o(r
 MlIl"rn... Alfred I'
277 Harl1in" !llrs Annie 
279 Hevlanl1 ERR 
281 J.epppr Jamp," 
. n..rmott pi 1'"11,, 
2/'..1 Cornell 1)11 vil1 (' 
 'Millar Mel\'lIIe 
287 Wilson Rohl'rt A 
2.<.9 M('(,oll Anl!lIq R 
2!11 nrn Mord \" rn 
eUson Hnah 

!!Ii Rrown A J. 1'0Il'tr 
\'aeant lot 
!lOO ('ooppr Roht J. hl<\r 
307 John 'r 
S09 DIxon Hobl'rt 
311 RII!ler 1-:11\\'al',1 P 
31:1 Frp....pnl: EI1 wa rll .1 
315 FrpV
f'.HZ Ppter 
. !".l\l'k,.m.. .t Int..r>'Pct. 
:117 'fm..r \("m \f_ 
Mlllpr )flq
 (' E. mils tl'hr 
:l1!1 Wlqker Thoma" 
321 Miller Jame. 
323 Caston Fretlerlck A 
325 Cllrry Ueuben C, phy 
327 McEachern Peter B A 

32(1 DlJllnlgllu .......ncls J 
331 Moore .\lrs Ellen 
333 lUtcbie Wm W 
33;; Watt Ue, Joseph 
. Gilford st ends 
:I:\ï .\Inlone
:J:JfJ Little Frederick ". 
3-n Vau Valk..nlmrg M H 
343 Uose George A 
:14:> \)nle 
I., tthew 
:147 L
 OilS 'Irs ellzabeth 
3.1\) Uruce Waiter 
3;;1 Bodd, Will W 
3;;3 Tremble Robert 
Iartln I--mllk H 
3;;7 !':lIell \VIII 
Ede John 
3:;11 G.I 110 \\ ay Hob('rt T 
:161 Wad" Wilt I' 
3G3 Ho\\ lIen John 
, \\ "ekes II C 
367 Steeu Wm 
3ml Wright Wm 
:Iil I'riddev Thomas G 
:ii:{ Bucbañun James 
:i75 Eeslev Aihert R 
377 I'roll flng "'m 
:ii!1 Held Charles J 
3S1 Watson Wm J 
Watson :'olrs 
3R."I HUl:bp" .\liss F.. !:ro 
. gumal'b st intersects 
, .\111 rk 
frs Ch..rlolte 
31'7 (;ool1rlek Wilbur C 
:!!.!I Town.. \V Frpmont 
m'l !':"ott Jumes P 
:{93 lIarrls t;'rank S 
:19;; Oswllld Charles A 
3!Jí Reeve J"me
:i!l9 L
'(1iatt James 
401 QIIII!:Iey James 
4ü."! nïbson Wellington W 
40;; IIro\\ n James J 
Hrown & Cooper, contrs 
407 Russpll Fr'tnk J 
4()!I La v. son \\. m 
411 HUl'klnq John .\1 
413 BUl'klep Thomas L 
41:> Jpwell Charles H 
417 Gorman Jamp" 
41!! ('opp ß..njllmln 
421 ('rawforl1 Abner W 
42."1 Rvan John J 
42:0 Fiol1g q on Wm I) 

c.-\RJ;n.E. n from 256 St 
iatrlck to Bellevue pi, ward 
.......,. Þ:u"t !,:Ide 
5 Jonps Tho"",,, 
7 Hall John l' 
11 flrew John C 
Housp. 1\ e 
... ...... West Side 
Housft, 9 e 
2 Rotstortl Mrs E 11 
6 Ghen Wm J 
8 /lò"pl"on John 
10 Hill Thomas H 
12 'J'homas Mrs S A 
14 Rpvnolds 
Irs Ma tIIda 
16 SmUh Wm A 
18 MI'Keftn Frank E 
20 Johnstone Mrs A. nurse 
Rohertson John 
22 Duperow "m I': 
24 Davison Andrew J 
26 Powers 
Irs Esther 
Smith Emilie S. mus tchr 
Smith Miss W S. mils tchr 
30 Lillie Frederick W 
32 Ppllny Wm 
34 WhIte DavId L 

CAUOLI"'}.: A \'. n from East- 
ern a.. to \Jueen e, first e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 
. . , . . . . .. East Side 
Not built on 
......... West SIde 
Yacant lots 
46 .\I<-Kenna John J 
48 Carey Wm 
00 WllIlamsou Alexander 
52 Hoo!<e Truman M 
54 Goddard Wm R 
56 KellIer Wm A 
58 Jones Wm D 
60 SmIth Edward 'r 

t.i2 I1011ingworrh Jam.>s W 
tH Atklus George S 
Vacunt lots 
84 Creighton Wm H 

6 Foster "'m II 

S Fdklns AII",rt t,: 
!I() \\' est Joseph 
'J2 'Iontgomery f"harlel! A 
94 Morris George- H 

CAUH, w from 58 Esther to w 
ot H,lCkll(,Y. ward 4. 
. , . . , . . ., ;l;orth Side '''.. .. . 
Store. " e 
. A lane 
Store. s e 
. Uenison av intersects 
14 House. " (' 
22 "'oolon Charles 
24 Gee Charles 
Vacant lot'; 
38 Hoyles John 
40 Cllspy Thoma!! 
e. s e 
. Hackney st Intt>rsects 
44 Jon".. Wm II 
4(; Ir\\ln John 
48 Shpa J osppb 
50 .\Iltl'hell Joshua J 
52 Smith Edward 
54 ('usey John 
56 Martin Juhu 
58 Toozp }<' W 
etll !\Iicl,,,pl 
. " , - .... Routh SIde 
Houfe, !'Ii e 
t ])enlsoll nv lutprseclS 
1. Henllett \Vm K 
19 ('owan Hoh,.,.t 
21 Tnylor D:I\'ld 
2;; Knlhhs Frt..terlck 
27 !':Iraehle Frl'derlck J 
:n Rohinson AI..llander 
33 !lII'Afee John 
35 Antrim Jusepb 
:1,. Rallev \\ m H 
1"Donald George 
41 Armstrong Wm 
Store. s e 
. lIacknev st Intersects 
4:{ :>:lchola8 Wm J" 
45 Kennedy !olrs AnnIe 
49 f)ß\'enport \"nlter S 
51 Jackson David 
55 Cunertv Jnme" 
('unert" Mls
 !of. ilr!llUkr 
tllnprty Miss K. drsmkr 

CARROLl.. u from 644 Queen 
e, to Thompson, ward 1. 
.. .. .. '" Ea "t 
illp ,........ 
1 Gordon R J. hlltslDltb 
11 Hurne1 Thomas, coal 
,'. ,. _... Wpsl !';ÏI!t' 
Hotel, s " 
10 Hepten Wm B 
12 Kyle George 
14 Ross Mrs Marll::tret 
16 Qllllrrlnll:ton John 
18 German Charles S 
20 Duul'a11 \Vm R 

CA!':fMIU AV, n from 240 !:It 
PatrIck, ward 4, 
. .. .. . . " East Side ......... 
House. s e 
3 Clurk A M 
5 Hardman Edward 
7 Lncas Alexander 
(I nllbert Mrs Margaret 
13 Gihson lIol...rt 
. ., , . . . " West Side .....,... 
}lOU8ft. !'10 e 
4 WrIght 
Iury 1. 
G Brewer Alhl'rt E 
8 )'ettle 
Irs .\1ary J 
12 Bartlett GCQrge W 
CASTLE A V. w fro-m Spadlna 
t'd to Howlnnd a'. first n 
of Lowther av, wnrd 4. 
:;lot hullt on 

CAST!.I': FIlAXK AV. n lint! 
s Ilcros
 the end of Dale 
IIV, ward 2- 
,........ E:lst !':Ide ......... 
Jaekson \Iaunsell n - 
. ., .. .... We"t Side 
Vacant lot 

. Dale av .....1" 
Cn rl..tou !III" !>1:U'11l 

forms a drde from com- 
1U,'uc<'w..nt of ('..stle l,'rank 
an o , walll., 1 und 2. 
..,...... :Suuth XIII" ......... 
SllUeon .1ubll H 
...."... E:I"I :SIde .,....... 
:oìot hullt on 
ille ......... 
5 Vacant 
. .. , .. ... W,'st SIde ,..", , 
4 Carroll Robert 

CATllERI:l.E, w from 130 
Pete.". \\u."d 4. 
. , . ., . . .. :\orth !,:Ide ....,.... 
Hou...e. s E'" 
8 McI"tyre Wm H 
10 "'oOlkol'k Allen E 
12 Jorda" Heury 
14 tlh,'ruier W J 
Ol...rlllpr :'oll's !II. mils tcllr 
J6 !.ePI",...1 Snudford 
18 Jacl,son ,Irq 
20 lIos..utbal 1I..rrls 
22 Yacnnt 
. . . . - . ... SOllth Ride 
Ilouse, s e 

1al'l1unnld \lfg Co Ltd, 
7 Oshor.... \Viti 
U Jones Ernest E 
11 Thornton Vavld 
lI1c('.tndllsh :llrs M. r 
('rllil/: "'m, r 
13 Wells James 
19 Murchlsou George W 

C A WTIIIL\ SQ. \V from 4110 
Janis. \\ard 3. 
,..,..... Xortl.L SId.. .,....... 
c. s e 
Hta ble 
U West Joseph 
8 Brvcc Thomas 
......:.. Sontb SIde 
Honse. s e 
1 l,'rancls \\"111 G 
3 Crool.s Alexander D 
1\ MncGIII\'/tI,y !ofrs Marlon 
7 I"nrhy 
I rs Emily 
9 \tocb.. Wm It 
11 Trowell John V 

CECil.. w f!"Om :14 Henry to 
Spadlua av, wartl 4. 
. .. . .. . __ :>: orth Hitle .,....... 
HOllse. s e 
. He",rley st Int"rsccta 
16 Sprng!:e I': W. phy 
20 Bllldwln .\Irs Susllnna 
22 Franks \Irs Louisa J 
24 Delltmere Jospph !II 
26 \Vatson 
Ir" I_abc!la 
. Ross st commenCe!< 
2,>; Winans 
lrs .\Iargaret E 
30 Harris "'m R. acet 
32 Townsend Sherman E 
34 Wilkie 
Irs JessIe 
36 Wily Arthur 
38 Rarker Rohert W 
40 Frazeoe Mrs JennIe 
42 Hellewell Mrs Mary W 
. Huron ,SI Intersect. 
lIouse, !!II e 
44 Hrlmson \,"m 
46 \\'indeat 
lIss E S, artl.t 
48 Carrick Wm H 
50 Wright Thoma. 
Bennett H .\t, humorist 
52 Hurt !olrs Eliz:tbt-th M 
54 George 
56 Collinet !lfrs Francps 
. Spadlna pI commenCeS 
Churcb of Christ 
60 Cecil Hall 
Store, !! e 
......... South Side .','..... 
Hou..... s e 
. Re,'erley st In terserts 
House, s e 
2:J Duck Henrv F 
25 Harman S 'Bruce 
27 Ryprson (' Egerton 
2!1 Long \'" m E 
31 Cassels Hamilton 
33 Cattermole J þ'. phy 




CEO. R. HARCRAFT, Cimeral Agent, 
.Phone 2&1 TORONTO 





35 Davl('s :5)dney J 
37 Barnlmrt Mrs l'.nlwrfne 
39 Me
li"hael AI,'x A 
41 Plpon Charles A 
43 Bolte Auguste 
4:; lliaekley \\" m 
. Huron 8t Inter
53 Clad, L' Vay, phy 
55 lit \ I"" WIn 
57 Tisdell I.'j-ancis L' 
Bnker Wm H 
:;9 Baine.. '" B.lllcks 
.n Canniff Jam.s I" 
63 Vulmage Alpheus 
Ð5 Hand Alfted J 
lì1 Canu.roll Jallues (' 
Greenwood :\lrs Eliza 
69 Morton :\lIss Hebe,'ca 
71 Ve Mnr :\lrs Eliz 
73 Hodge James 
House, s e 

TRE A Y. n from Armory, 
opp VI'iIl Hall, to Chestnut 
pi, ward 3, 
. .. " . . " Ellst Side 
1 Challis James 
5 Hutchinson :\lrs M:lry 
Sharaman Jacob. r 
7 Slmp
ou Mrs ElIz:lhpth 
:\llIrtin All'xliuder J 
9 Levine 'loses J 
11 Rrpslln Solomon 
13 "Ioronev J oh n J 
"Ward 'Îh's E J I' 
15 \\ halen :\Irs Aónl(' 
Wilf('rd Katt'. I' 
17 Greenlmum S.llliUE:1 

Irs Ann;e, r 
19 Mardonald A;'cblba:d 
21 Hoffman Slimuel 
Lyons John J. r 
Brown :\Iaxwell, r 
23 ',"cingarten Anezel 
Cadt'sky Jarob, r 
Ros('nthlll Charl('s 
. r 
2:i Warren Alexander 
2!) I'endt Ith A- Co, fonndf:rR 
33 Ccntre A \. :\lisslon 
35 Down
37 Salnmansl,.y Philip, gro 
:19 Hah('rman Philip 
41 Grelsmnll Jo
rph H. gro 
lcGIII Bl'njamln 
45 Hire Miss M,1fY 
47 O'Flynn !llrs Annc 
4!1 Connell Jllmes 
51 Vacant 
53 lIothcuhurg Samuel 
Saf.'r Alexander, r 
55 S,'h\\artz David 
Ho) :\Irs fua. r 
57 !;mith John 
('h" .tl"tz Samuel 
ROUSt", s e 
. Agne< ,t intersect

 e .. 
()1 FIn fell 
Irs Rnehacl 
r.3 Brod)" :51j!lIInnd- 
G5 Bo.ldiugton Walter I
67 11....\\ 11 Ellie 
119 IJ\ kes Jame
71 Dimgy :\Irs 'Ian 
73 l>a lion \Irs Bridg..t 
75 Rubeu Lonis J 
77 S.mzont.",lIore 
House. s I' 
. Ed\\ard 
( Intersecl
;9 nohiusOll \'"n] 
,,;; WllIi,lInson Frand< 
87 S]\t
ne Gl'IÜ[ 
sn (it'ol'gen :o.;lcholas 
House, fC e 
. J:lm st Intersects 
Houç:e, S P 
111 Cn
<'i:tto P:I''lunl.. 
1]:\ n:trtcle Fr:mk 
11;. T:n lor \Ifrpd 
1':Grogg-nn .Johu A 
"1I,'ant. r 
119 (;otlin )lIcha..1 
121 ('olll'u Benjamin 
nuln Solomon. r 
12:1 :\lcGnnn Wm 
'ell" ",rette 
12:) Harl"Ï
('allih,.",,;o F. nnl,.. r 
127 P,mks :\h-
129 In('oll
131 I'olligrea n J limes 

Goldstein Jolin, r 
1:13 :\Ieleillor Antllon)' 
135 Levety :\lose8 
13; l\...lIll1nnn Gt.'orge 
1311 :5u'kleu '11I,,\\ell 
141 Hoeemek '\hr.,hal1l 
Homilton Mrs Antill, nurse 
I-t3 Seb.IsUlin John 
14:; Heale... "m 
H7 Brown Henry 
1411 :\lcCnllum George 
151 :\1,'( 'o,.d Alex.lUder 
]:;:\ 1I0uzer Upll 
J:;5 F,eedmnn b,..lel 
157 J.lndran Phillip 
];;:1 Iknll I'rank C 
Atkinson Charles H, r 
1111 :5toue John 
I,'letrhe,. Alfred J, r 
1m! Collel Jos"ph 
Hi:; Jlfkins F A, btchr 
IG7 I nlllhert 'liss H, gro 
. Ch,'lstol,her 
t Intcrseets 
IG:J UI"hlnt't
ky J junk 
171-7:1 Darch Alfr
175 Holling_worth George H 
177 Vefoe Anthony 
179 ,",rcher Edward- 
on !IIrs Calherlne, 
181 !llt-Vonald John 
183 Hollodatto G{'orge 

1.1Y Yincent, 1" 
18:; :\Iarko Joseph 
187 De:ts Louis 
iSH J,lItIt'S Fr:tnk 
]91 Sh.II'V rr,lIlk 
1113 III.nuett ',"Ill 
Benl") :5.lIllUel J, r 
195 Branelere HobN't 
1!J7 Spearmau Mrs Cath 
UIII '''mnan Va,id 
201 Lipp{'lti Giouanni 
2U3 Elrick Louis 
:10:; Walker :\lIchael 
:!Oi Pn
tolnnk Isaac 
 Thompson Jnmes 
:!11 rage EII..n 
:n:! :\1...11":1 n ";ugene 
. . . " . " . " "1'St Side 
2 Uynn \uthonv 
1II.-Uon.tld :\Ii's \[ar)', r 
4 Le\ i V'I\ id 
\-ncaut, r 
8 '1.lrks J:tme, 
10 KI'lIv :\Irs 

Ior,in )'ntrick, '1' 
Painter John, r 
 C;l'orge, r 
Glu",,,'hl Llugl, r 
12 Brick\\ ood John 
14 Roe Jam"s 
l(i :0.; e\\ ..irk Levi 
1!< "'olfe Benjamin 
20 Glusherg Joseph 
22 BI eslln Charles 
24 Yogmau Hnrrv 
2'i Steinbe"g 
2!< Knlg-e. :\Iax 8 
30 Sauls Charles 
:12 IIrodie Josepb 
34-36- KeusbaulU Henry, gro 
38 FII.r.ji:erald Wm 
8nuble S.tJ.\Iuel, r 
Rosenbn"h Abraham, r 
s 'Ir
 Rnv. r 
40 1I..,'"nhanm Lõul
42 Goodman Samuel 
44 Rpef1{;e Walter 
46 Catalnno Bartolo 
48 Turner John 
:;0 Harrl" I.proy 
Pri..-ate ji:rounds 
:;4 Roon Jobn 
5G C.trnsl Frank 
Iathern George 
(\ s e 
. Agu"s st Inter
Rtnr{>, :5 e 
G4 Gzw.Idron Osills 
66 D((,k
on John 
68 Jnckson John 
70 Korenfeld Hoory 
72 Vncant 
74 R
rtram D.lvld 
76 Bevington "'m 
House, s e 
. Ed\\.1l"d st intersech 
I'rivllte grouud
80 Ewlrsky S. junk 

!is I'ettet 
on Harris 
!IÜ [0'.1'"1",,11 Ed\\ IU 
1*2 Burns 11r
[14 H9rnshaw :\lrs Sar.lh J 
[It) VI Cristofro Carmine 
!IS Laslta II;U..zlo 
100 ('nrdorouo [o'r.1llcl
102 lladoli :5nh atore 
102"2 Store room 
104 V,n Is FflUJk. 
. Elm st inter"'ct,, 
H)<i :5 tore. s e 
10" B.tzele\ Alf....d E 
110 HolI'oÏ1 Alfred 
112 Vuughn Johu 
114 8tllinh:Jrdt :5lmon 
111; Bt'unett GUstl1\ e 
]11> L'uttIer 1"l1ac 
12U Vlnlek Ellis 
122 I." Insk\ Bernard 
Libl'WOIÌZ 1 
]24 :\1eL':J1I 'Irs 
1211 l'erlmeu .Joseph 
!2s Crod)" :5,lmuel 
1:\0 Wluer isr.1el 
13:! Luker George 
13.Jr Care) P.nrick 
:\Iontlcano Leuardo, r 
Cosinteno Catino, r 
1211 Ponls" ThoUl,IS 
138 V,tl".1ut 

l"ll\\ .lrtz 
IlJrI l
, r 
:\Iakie J" IDes, r 
1-10 :-\ebl's..:::ul 
142 :5huparn \Irs :\[ollle 
1-14-41; Ilineen :\lrs Anuie 
14>; OIher Anthon;J" 
mith Alt.".tuder 
1;;2 :\lel.,111)(hlll1 James S 

leL.t1Ij(hlln :\1I<s Rebecc.1, 

IeKnll!ht 'l.1rtln. r 
1;;4 Phillips ß"uj..mln B 
Forbes Thomas, r 
lilIer James 
(;(l>sou :\Irs B, drsmkr 
:\:icl,.son Henr.... l' 
I:.s Heml..r""n ,,,'m 
WU Hohins"u ',"m 
1tõ2 Perill,. :\lark 
lti-l Izzu P.I<lJu.'le 
IGtJ ('alll':"osl,., Henry 
L"nno" :\Irs Ánule 
lfi1> Kall
her Samnel 
17,1 Y nca nt 
. Christonher st Intersects 
17:! Hunt G('orge. gro 
174 Taj(,wrt W J 
17G l'ellgrlno Bruno 
('''nnoe 'lI('hael, r 
 Catone Lonls 
lS0 :-;tonl' Renhen 
182 n..-an Thomas 
Fòggett :\Irs J. nurse 
1!<4 :\leXult..- John 
ISIJ Hum Jòseph 
188 Ru
sell I'eter 
Iargaret, I' 
100 'read Arthur 
:\lcXally 'Irs Ann, I' 
[(.-iIIe Hospice 
1!14 :\Iotto Gulseppe 
]lI6 Erskine Thomas 
198 Gloucester Alfred A 
200 :\[h IIII' George A 
:!O2 '1I..-lIIe Ho
plce A 
204 Walsh :\rrs Brldg{'t 
201) Kell... John 
20<; Townlev Robert 
210 Black 'Îlorrl
212-H Cohen Loul

CHAPEL, u from 40 8t Jo" 
seph to St Mary, ward 3. 
, . . . . . . " East SI<le ...,.,." 
Prl..-ate gronn'Ïs 
. Irwin av ends 
Hous.e. s e 
. Inkerman st ends 
9 'Ioore Rollin C 
It C.lmphell Wm 
13 8tephens Joseph 
15 O'Connor Jerome F 
17 Trlcke.- James 
. s e 
. -... We-st Sid" I 
House. s e 
:-;1 :\[(('hnel's Coli grounds 

I THE. I ,l \ 

 ? ...iI"..;'" 

Sl" I

. '-'-.
"i c 0 A L. 
I:AD ornc;r. 

"ORON'T 0 

CHAIII [0':5. e from 67:; Yùnge 
to Janis, "ard 3. 
. -- ""'" Xorll1 :5lde . 
:5tore, s I' 
'.Il",tnt lot 
12 Veake AI{'xauder K 
14 :\Iellride W George 
16 CI:1i1d Hurold J 
18 Xell He\' Jobn 
:!o V,n Ison John L phy 
30 Hoaf Jllmes R ' 
I'rÏ\ ate grouuds 
-tU '-:tcant 
42 "aeant 
Iacdoul;all Alfred 
4(; Heuderson Charles '" 
41> Risehrough John H 
;;0 l;eorge W 
:;2 llaker Ch..rles E 
:;4 Wilkie Thomas J 
;:iG E.-nns :\Ir,. Annie 
;'is :\Icllro) John 
I'rl..-ate grounds 
(;2 Ames Jnmes II 
ti-1 LJ\ Ingston I. !II 
HeiDler :\liss A. mur tchr- 
li6 Uytuond Allnn !I[ 
Mellish 'Uss 'I I.. mu"!! 
Prln,te grounds 
. Church st Intersects 
House. s e 
7G :5hnrp !llr.. Charlotte 
CaDipbell :\[rs Mary. r 
Grnham Adnm. r 
Graham Edward. r 
M Platt Will 'I 
!<2 Howe Etna D 
86 Gooch rrederlck H 
SS hlllaly !llr" 'Iartha 
90 IInlu Jnmes jr 
!l4 lIal...1 Hobert 
!).: Wnlker :\lIss ,[ L. schl 
House. s e 
- - - . . " ". 8uuth Side 
Store, s e 
1 \ nn Camp J C 
9 !'tartup Da.-Id J 
11 Le\\orthy Wm T, florist 
13 Lodge James E 
15 Hazza :\[ark 
17 :\lcXeil Wm. horse dlr 
19 Gamble G"orge 
23 Eddl
 Wll!<On C 
2:i Da\'lv""n Mrs 8 F 
3,'J :\Iacdonald John K 
41 E\es 
Irs Xettle S 
43 Br()()kman Rev "'m 
4;; Joselln Edwin J 
47 Armstrong Henrv W D 
49:;1 !'Imp
Cnmeron (,harle9 J 
:í3 '1lIIar Jobn 
55 Stlbbs Wm J, architect 
59 Fraser Robert L " 
61 Fenton Frpderlck. phy 
65 Bell :\Irs :\Inrv 
House. s e ' 
. (,hnt'ch st Intersect.. 
House. s e 
77 ''Ig-eon Harrv W I. 
79 Dockra... Tho'mas D 
Ielnto;.h DI1..-ld T 
85 J;!Iacl-.hnrn Frl1nk .1 
87 l1::ellv HUlrh T 

!) 8meillp Thomas 
91 !llntch "!o[r
 Annie E 
93 I'rlngle Alex R 
95 Hunter Alhert F 
97 Pate Wm J 
99 Roberts George H 

The OFFICE SPECIAL TV MFC. CO., Limited. S H ANN 0 N . . . 
Hi&h Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture. 
TnRnNTn nNT_ 177 R.... et+,. 
Gft'ft.lft.' lI
w""l(n "liT FI LES. CABI NETS 

I C E Lake Simcoe ana Grenadier Lake I C E 
Telephone 217 or 5103. GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. _ 



101 Campbell Sheridan 
103 I'ro\ aD Alex 
House, 8 e 

ClIAHLOTTE, D trom 426 
KIDg w to Adelaide w, ward 
'...... East Side ......... 
Blasksmltb shop, s e 
11 O-LoughliD ADdrew 
13 KeDDedv John 
1:; MoorlDg George C 
17 Ward Albert E 
19 Ross James F 
21 Latva John 
2::1 SteaDe I.'rederlck 
. . . .. . ... West Side ,........ 
Lumber yard 
. Balb-am st commeDces 
2-1 Brewer },'raDcls J 
21; GlbsoD Wm H 
2."; Shand James 
30 Thompson A J 

C'J{ATHA'I, e trom w ot 
Bvron a\ to Greenwood av, 
tll:st s ot DaDtorth av, ward 
.. .... __ 
 orth Side ...".... 
Vacant lots 
. Byron av commeDces 
Vacant lots 
-iH O'DoDohoe Patrick 

U Joblu Arthur 
Vacnut lot 
58 PrestoD Garnet 
, .. .. .... 
outh Side......... 
1 JobiD 
Vacant lots 
\ Rpnton Thomas 
Vacant lot 
Miller James 

t.'HEROKEE .... V (ToroDto Is, 
laDd). n trom St ADdrew's 
{;hurch, Lake - Shore av, 
ward 4. 
. .. , , .. East Side ......... 
11 Relllv Hobert 
13 CnmêroD JOhD 
:......., W
t Side 
4 Ellwards Tbos C 
H Ayre Shs M A 
8 Luke Wm A 
10 DarllDgton Wm H 

CHEHRY, D trom the bay tC' 
73 Eastern nv, wnrd 2- 
. - . . . . . .. Eas.t Side 
VacaDt lots 
. GTH crossing 
GTR yards 
Standard Fuel Co, . e 
nll st Intersects 
House, s e 
41 Jessop Charles E 
43 Patterson George 
. CPR crosslDg 
. Tate st commences 
53 Kertoot Tbomas 
:;5 Sbnrp :\trs Caroline 
57 Corbett Thomas 
59 Dunsmore Simeon 
61 Edl;SOD Alfred J 
63 Bennett Thomas E 
IIotel, s e 
. Front st Intersects 
Store, s e 
81 Pember Edward J 
83 Beetbam James 
85 I'mlth John B 
87 f\ugpnt \Vol 
loore Ricbard 
Shanacy :\1icbael, r 
91 A"hnel l Zachariah 
93 Wilson Wm J 
97 Woods Mrs Sarah 
mJth SMney 
101 !';tRnle.. Edward 
103 Kingsley Thomas 
. 'Worts n.. commencep 
St Lawrence Square 
. , .... West Side ......... 
Don Rowing Club House 
The bay 
. GTR crossing 
Gooderham & Worts' tank 

. Mill st Intersects 
House, s e 
. Cl'lt track 
W Sa\ln 'I'homas 
62 Stoner Wm 
54 Byron Wm J 
;:;ij Fugler Richard 
. },'ront st e Intersects 
Vacant lots 
88 Stein Ph1l1p 
00 Enright Thomas 
Vacant lot 
00 Sutton Thomas 
98 Cherry st :\lIss1on 
Housë. s e 

éHEUln' A V. w trom Indian 
rd to HI
b Park, first n ot 
GTU cro

. ward 6. 
..... .... Korth Side" .. ., .__ 
House, s e 
.Jone>! 'Vm 
. . . .. .. " !-;outh Side ......... 
Not I>ullt on .. 

CHE..:LE.... A V, w trom rear 
ot Dufferlu Vrh ing Park to 
Brod_ a\. third n ot Col, 
lege. "ard 6. 
.....n.' Korth Side ......... 
K ot built on 
... .. .. '. South Side......... 
1 I:!iJllng Samuel 
19 Fuller Henry W 
House, 9 e 

ClIE:,;T:o.. UT. n trom 114 
lJueeu" to Chestnut pi, 
ward 3. 
. . . . . . , " East Side 
Hotel, s e 
II Beatty Francis 
11 Lt'ollard Wru 
13 Lvons Jobn 
1;; Jõhnson Dalton 
17 Breen "'m I" 
19 ,'aclln t 
21 Vacuut 
23 Lang Peter 
2:i me\'ens Wm 
Lumber yard, s e 
. Albert st ends 
Store, s e 
37 Woltisb Samuel 
41 :\l.tck Mrs Ida 
43 Roncone Sebastl:lllo 
4:; Uosruillsky Va\ld 
47 Schlesiug-er Henry 
49 I-IO\'d Thomas 
51 Meisel Ahraham 
53 Solowev Samuel 
57 Rosen 'Harry 
Uabinowitz Simon 
. L<>ul
a st ends 
5!I Vacnnt 
61 lIalpern ne.. Isaac 
63 Cohen Benjamin 
r.;; Zipper Da\'ld 
67 13resUII Uev Jllllus 
69 GreislllnD Israel 
71 Ellgel Hyman 
73 1:11'5\ Inlck Jncob. gro 
75 Ha,mlnsky Solomon 
77 Simon CbArles 
79 Uullin LOllis 
81 Cohen J IIcob 
83 Gros
er Cbarles 
Rã Rl'e"lIn Hymon 
87 ('nlhert \Vm 
li9 .1.u'ubson Isaac 
91 Soh\ay Joseph 
!Y;:\ ""lirler .1 nrnes 
Wilrler Cbnrles 
95 Jarkson Albert C 
97 Stat'klDnu Jacob 
!J!) KcUv Johu 
101 Uahinowltch Isaac 
103 I'allnesq Abraham 
10;; KnIhorongb Charles 
107 II.II.tOIl Le,'1 
]09-11 Synagogne 
113 Curry John G 
115 Hlrler Mrs Clara 
Vacant lot 
119 Zipper Louis 
. A!!;lIl's st Intersects 
Rtore. s e 
121 Vacant 
123 Deao J'olrs Mary 
123 Snl<1er Isaac 


1:!7 Cor..i.;.1U Mrs J uUa J 
1:!:.I Leposky l:Iernard 
131 GownJ.ln Philip 
133 Edmunds Elv)'li A 
1::1;; Fel
en Otto 
137 Houzer Jacob 
1311 Belyea ,\ elJlngton 
141 J' Lcwl
, conty 
. Edward 
t Intersects 
143 Vauc)' Wm. btcht. 
House ot Industry, s e 
. Elm st Intersect!! 
Itjl Slm'e, s e 
W3 Arwstt'Oug \\ ID 
W;; FI)'un \1.." Catheriue 
1U7 :,;keue Alex.lUde... exp 
lUll Zeihr George 
lí1 \ ae.lUt 
173 Muto James 
17;; l'a
quaU Barn:lrd 
177 {;uiro Sah- ,. torc 
Scbool ground... 
Us:; Le\ Illsb.y Lewis 
1/j7 Gurotsky V:\\id 
lli:.l {;nl..o Pete
L.." I
 Wm, r 
lU1 TurIe
 Wm J, exp 
Shepherd Joseph 
1:.13 Clarke George H 
111:; S ta ble 
W7 \\ ri;::ht Gl'orge H 
1!J!J Garrick Tl1om,.s 
201 Ve ":oursey itichar.! 
203 Hockridge Ulcl1ard 
:l0;; I';'eelor James 
2u, UiL
on "rllOmas A 
20:.1 James lIerver 
Cook 'II's L, drsmkr 
:lll HoftuulU :\Irs Frances 

nowden .\[r
:ll;; {;..!hol'lle Artl1ur 
Stroug J 1:1, publr 
CnUlllia Customs Hand 
:l19 Piper James 'V 
. Hayter sL ends 
'''00<1 yard 
:l:!;; Coli". :\Il's (':Uen 
Hnnter Jam<'s, exv 
:l27 Bakel' J A, gt'ocer 
:l29 Brown :\Intthe" 
231 )lr'lnllUlI Bernard 
Murmy 'Irs :\Iary, r 
:!33 :\Iulr.\hy :\1ichael 
23:; !-;rnlth Robert J 
:':37 Jose George E 
23\1 Pnnl Mrb :\Iargaret E 
24l Armstrong James 
243 C.'l'l' WllI J 
U;; Gilhert "'1It C 
2H Dear JRme!i1 H 
:?49 Gliunna Donato, gro 
2.U Ju<l;.;e :\hs Jull.l 
Hull George. r 
2;'3 TllI'ner Charles 
, ., __ ' _ ., "'t'
t Side,........ 
(h;.;oode Hall. s e 
Vrlll Han and Armory, r e 
. AmIOt'} st commences 
 Grelslllan Henry 
74 O'Kane '1'I1omas 
7H Rolltalu John ß 
78 Clute Mrs EllznlJeth 
RO Sboplro L<>nls 
R2 Vac,lDt 
 Cnmpbell John 
84 Sih er Jacob 
86 Grlmhurg Jacob 
88 Flukel"telu Charles 
tlO J.unenteld \Vm 
114 nrltlsh M E Church 
90 Bambrick Wm 
98 Brown Archibald 
100 Hlc:glns Wm 
102 Harris Barnett 
104 RarneR Jobn. cabs 
106 Frands Simon 
.1e" i"h 1\[Is
lon. r 
lOR U I"i mn ok\' :\Iorrls 
Contier Tboma
L r 
110 Gurfinkiel Samson 
11:l Untteohl1rg- Lnzar 
1H Gorrasi Angelo 
1 lH (;rel
rnnn JRcob. I'(ro 
G lncorno Lorenzetti, r 
Pas'l"nl.. Petrl1cclo, r 
Pertosa Pa!OQ.uale. l' 
F,lDelll Donnto. r 
('on,.iIio Raffaele, r 
Gaudenzlo Felix, r 
118 Spence Thomas 

120 1'.\tterson !llrs },' 
12:l 4 Somers Charles, gro 
. Agues st Intersects 
12ti U Reilly lIrldget 
12::; Gold Isaac 
1;JO Jackson :5,lmuel '1' 
132 801 te Jacob 
1:\4 Xarducl Giovanni 
I3U Itoeco D'Angelo 
131i },'reeman Isaac 
HO Luu-IIl'I';'; Va\ld 
 Friedman Han'i8 
142 GUonna Vlncenzo, gro 
. Edward Sl Intersects 
B4 G Ilmma Fr.tncJ"co, hotel 
146 Cooper Bernard 
Cooper lsnac J 
14::; Lnr"la Rocco 
1:.0 Veao Gilbert H 
1;;2 Muccluo George 
1:>1 Lohrai,'o Xl1uzio mu
IjG (;l1roC.I,\ Loul,. 

 . IS.UIC 
100 W ollul/lit Henrv 
1li2 Gondm:1U Benjamin 
RouU\ueHo Lni::d. r 
IG4 !\Il1mtrado Dominick 
Store, .. e 
. Jo:hll st Int('rse(.ts 
lliß Sehofil'lrl H. drugs 
IG8 Darwin "'111 
170 'loSslIlall Hohert D 
Iï2 '1'111'11101111 !III,s Sarah 
cott Ch.trle< 
HI! JlonacrOl'so St"llarlo 
l7S Kilo" Itoll F J 
11'0 'lo..:lev A G 
1 "2 'rerr...' M 1'" :\lnlT A 
1,.-:(-1 \Pll";:ro Gflora:e 
1<;r, Pn,'k..r ('I\:irle
1'<:''' Staule_.. Uohert If 
L,\wt''e :\11" Ann, r 
Ln" rell("(' "" nl. r 
Hazle ton :\[N Dl'lin r 
1!1f, Uohino;on Gl'or".. G' 
loo l !, 'l"IIg-I'u(lhnft Xapthall 
192 Pierce Re\' L"fn
In4 Tiller Anania, 
1!\ß Zimmermnn Murris 
 Rralu George E l' 
:?()(I :\lnthe,," Jo<('ph P 
:JO:! Patterson Hrs M 
Pnttf"rQon Alpx T. r 
204 l:lnkli."k 311.... t
uhlle gro 

IIU< Jobn . 
2M AflAmQ-':\fr
2W nf'unnlt LOlli" 
.lnHIPI. r 
:?13 \\'Pi.. Wm 
213 1 1 ".nt
n ".n1 
:?14 RI'll .J"hn H 
211: ('011 .John 
nrl!'n Rohert r 
21S Thom""n Wrn 
Axte" 'Ym. r 
220 'Ing-ep Charles 
"n Jeremiah 
:?:?4 C:H
"n .Jame<< A 
22r. Wnlker ]',frq Marv 
. Chrl
toph..r st rowmences 
228 'I
Carthy ,rrs Catherine, 
Tlp!'h .1nsf'ph. conI 
2 ]',fey Charlp.. tndt 
234-:11: Dnmele .1, SPI' lid I'(d
23S R"uhamra Charll'S G 
2-10 Rnrrnrk Afi! 
242 ('nneo ,rr
 Annie. fl'uit
('uneo Joseph, r 
Rell J"ol1ls. r 
2-\.4 ('nstru

1 A odrpw 
21r. RAtes Heorv 
248 !':helTel LOlli.. 
Harry Pntrlck. r 
Thnf'krnv John, r 
2.0 C"plen H
2:;2 'Vrlcht Amos F 11,'0 
2'i4 A!111's Rohert W 
2:;(; n..11 :\Ir
2:;R Ahate John 
21;0 Jo.e .1..
!'ph H 
'I"s< Wrn R 
2fJ2 Powpll Amos 
2/14 P
rpl'(lo" "lIl'hAel 
2r.r. Rennett Rohert A 
26S HarrIson John 

CI-IESTl'(rT I'J. w trorn 242 
Jo:II7.aheth to [!nl..erslty avo 
ward 3. 


Stein way Pianos 

PIANO & MUSIC co., Limited, 

Chestnut PI. 



. .. ,. . . _. Xorth Side ......... 
Rear entrance 
House, s e 
40 Bell Michael 
f4 Lauder Johu 
48 McWllIlam>> 
[rs Lillie 
. .. .. .. " Sonth Side..."...." 
House, s I' 
1 Bremner Daniel 
8 Vacant 
House, 115 e 
. Cbestnut st ends 
House, s e 
23 Harris 'Irs Ann 
Mahin Anderson, r 
2\1 Gaiueor Mr!.' 1-
81 Smltb Mrs Elizabeth 
Honse, s I' 
. Centre a\ ends 
House, s I' 
41 Storey John 
43 Kersubr 801 
45 Denlord Ricbard 
47 Meehan Mrs Mary 
Honse, s I' 

CHICORA AV. w from Avc- 
nul' rd, second n of Daven' 
port rd, ward 4. 
. .. .. . __. Xorth Side. ....... . 
Vacant lot 
2 Snckling bnac E 
4 Hnnter Rpy Wm J 
6 Morrison Mrs Annie 
8 SinclaIr Jo'r:roJi: L 
10 Gain TbolDB.s 
12 Smltb Wm E 
Vacant lots 
. . __ __ __. !'ontlt Side ......... 
1 Scott George 
3 Pooler Herbert G 
II 'rhompson )[jss Jessie M 
7 Clnrry Henry J, piano 
"acnnt lots to end 

CHIPPEWA AV (Toronto Is- 
lond). n from :n'i Lakl' 
Sbore a.-, word 4. 
II.Hgrnft Geo U 
Sproule ('bas H 
Holpb Alfred J 
O'Hnrn Henry R 
Smltb James F 
Littlejohn J E B 
Hnrgrnft Jobn 
Royal ('an 1.acbt Club 

CHRISTIE, n from 726 Bloor 
\L to city limits, ward 5. 
. . . . . . . " Fast Sl<le .'....... 
Store, s I' 
Vacant lots 
33 h.eyes Thompson 
35 Vacant 
Vacant lots 
. Barton av ends 
Vacant lots 
In Wood Frederick E G 
Vacant lot 
147 Pippy Levi 
H9 Ja.-an Rndolph 
:;'51 J egrow Wm P. pntr 
153 Harris Jobn S 
Private gronads 
161 Beck George 
163 Lever Hlcbard 
169 Rruce 
IIS8 Martha 
171 Cundall Robert J 
173 Hotcbkln Ezekiel 
H5 Dockeray R W, d.tlry 
. Follis av ends 
Vacant lots 
211 Caldecott Jobn 
Vacant lots 
2:39 Prince Edward 
2-U Sinclair Wm 
243 Holyoak Wm J 
2-15 B.llrupr Charles F 
247 Barnett Mrs Lucy 
2-19 Hamilton R ''', btcbr 
. Yarmouth rd Inters
Epworth IIletb Ch 
259 Sanford Ll'wls 
261 Butt Wm C 
Vacant lots to end 
....''... WP9t Sh1e 
Vacant lots 
16 \[ullln Jobn 
IS }(pnnt'fly .1.ln1l' 

20 Keicher WOl n 
22 'Irtue Charles 
24 Payton Mrs M 
2tl Parkin Albert 
Vacant lots 
. Blake av commenc(s 
Vacant lots 
138 Winslow Wm 
HO Rowntree Da.-Id 
H2 Hpnnett Jobn 
141\ ShIH P Frank 
Vacant lot 
. Pendritb aT commenCI!8 
'acant Iota 
1:).1 Balmt.r PbllIp jr, btcbr 
];;6 Xuttall Mrs Ellen 
 W::ugh J. wbol btcbr 
HH SltI(') Peter 
170 Gibson W H. gro 
House, s e 
. Essex st commences 
176 Handcock n W. gro 
178 Colbomn Andrew 
180 Ellis Mrs M A. fc;V gdi 
Elllo Charles 
182 Austin Peter 
Austin Mrs H E. gro 
184 Porter Wm J 
'"ncant lots 
194 )Iontgomery J H 
200 Flsber A E 
V acan t lots 
. Garnet a.- commences 
-21O Bolpt )I.ssion Room 
212 England Wm 
214 )Iolnuel I'..ter 
'acant lot 
218 Asb Henry J. gro 

'ü 'Iackenzle A J 
Vacant lots 
. "\.armouth rd Inter3ects 
'acnnt lots 
. 11elvllle aT commences 
"ncolnt lots 
St C
 prian's Cbur('h 
280 Sl'lIger Rev Cbarles A 
. Dnpon t st In tersects 
'acant lots 
286 Wilson Da.-Id 

CHRH5TOPHER, w from 228 
Chestnut to University aT, 
ward 3. 
. ... _ .. " Xorth Side.... .. ... 
2 :5tore. s I' 
\"acant lot 
10 Axler Benjamin 
A yard 
18 Store, s I' 
. Centrl' a.- Interseets 
Store, s I' 
2tl Broombead 1<' 
28 Smltb Alexander 
30 Murray Robert 
Church, s e 
. _ _.. . . .. South Side .'"..... 
House, 8 e 
9 Dempsey Wm C 
11 Harper Jos, pIano tuner 
13 SmItb Mrs Catherine 
15 Carter Mrs Hattie 
Store, s I' 
. Centre a.- Intersects 
Store, s e 
27 Dunlop Wm 
29 Miles Samuel 
House, s e 

CHURCH, n from Bay to 
Bloor 1', crossing King at 
101, \\ ard 3. 
.. . .. . ... East Side ,........ 
1 Tymon Andrew J 
City Welgb Scales, Jobn 
GlanvlIIe snpt 
8 Vacant 
Vacant lots 
9-13 '1'or Cold Storage Co 
Warebouse, s I' 
. Front st I' Intersects 
Store. s I' 
23 SlpE'man Brew & 
faItg Co 
Vance & Co, whol fruit 
2.3% Ontario Cbamber>! 
Queen's Own BUl!:le Room 
H.lmllt,)D Tbos, catetkr 
lcWllllam & gverlst. 
\\"bol fruit 
I H & Co, apple 

29 Northcote Reginald, brew- 
ers' supplies 
. Colhorne st Inters
31 Bllllngburst A J, teas 
31a Imrie, Grabam & Co, 
33 Vacant store 

s C

Store, s I' 
. King st I' Intersects 
Catbedral grounds 
St James' Sunday Scbool 
St James' Cburch veøtry 
Millen Charles E, caretkr 
. Adelaide st I' Intersects 
75 Puhlle Library Bldg 
Pul>lIc Library. Jus Baln 
jr, librarian 
81-83 Menson, Ward & Co, 
_how rooms 
 Holiday Mrs H 
un Long. Indry 

cJ '
Yielding Wm 
S. Meyer Bros, wasb machs 
. Lombard st Inters(:cts 
8\1-91 Ryott & Smltb, lIuctlon- 
93 0 lI.-er 
I.. )1 E, gro 
95 O'Connor Mattbew, pntr 
97 Stone John n, dyer 
99 Wickett A R, bnrber 
101 Glllloway David, 1' 
100 \",,('ant 
103 L " Vacant 
105 jobnston Joseph, I.rtr 
. Uicbmond st I' intt'rsects 
101-9 l'ewcombe OctavIUs & 
('0, pianos and organs 
l'ewcombe Piano Co 
111 "lIson Jobn, sblrt mfr 
113 Arnold Henry, sboes 
Lanl! )Irs Susan 
115 l'hnnll
 ... E, pnt\" 
119 Gloynes Mrs Margolret 
]21 Grlffitbs & Macpherson 
Co, P'-O med 
121'1. Ossard GeorgI' 
1:?3 Sadlier D &. J & Co, bks 
12.3 1 J -l:?;; Xettleton 
[rs '\, gro 
. Queen st I' Inter>,ects 
12\1 Store. s I' 
12!J'io Wood Wm, gro 
131 Lee Knm You, Indr)' 
 'anzant Bros, blirbers 
133 Coots 
[lIry. bdg 
 'Wells H..nry }I 
135 Autbors & Cox. art limbs 
137 Lrl'n Jobn F. phv, Gnutrev 'V H, 
139 Hicks r'l.. ell'c supplies 
HI-3 Lyon X 'I.', staln..d glass 
145 81m & Co. plmhrs 
 Sim :\1'rs :\[:lrY 
147 Webh :\[rs :\Iina. hdg 
H9 Tbompoon :\Irs Eliz. hdg 
151 Ponlton J S, sboemkr 
153 Shea & Co. tIrs 
T,,\"lor Tbomas 
15;;-1;;7 Gand..r J M. plstr 
159 -\lIl'n Wm. tailor 
Wills Edward 
[cCutcblon Tbomlls 
Tarling Cbarles 
163 1hllett J R, bdg 
165 Bel'fstenk Cluh, TlJe 
Kine- Georg(' A 
16i-9 Atbenaeum Club The, 
of '1'oronto, Ltd 
:\[cGraw Fred, caretkr 
Dlllott House, s e 
. Sbuter st Intersects 
17!' f:wl'l'tnnm L :\[. phy 
183 8tuttaford Andrew 0 
Stuttaford ?tIrs C. music 
I..xden Frank 
187 Plewes Mrs E. hdg 
189 Kin..ey ?tI1 s Ellz. bdg 
1 -\rmstrong )lrs Ehz. bðg 
]9:; r ougheed Dnvld. bdg 
1!1;; Roos Mrs Knte. bdg 
197 Hatcb James C 
Hateb :\1I's '!ary, hdg 
199 \VE'lIington Richard G 
Wellington )[rs S C. hdg 
21'1 Lord Alfrl'd 
Lord :\[rs )[, hdg 
211 lI.n ,. John C 

205 Hawkins Jumes, .ontr 
207 Hong Kee, Indry 
209 Vlrdin F M 
211 Smith Donald I" elect 
213 Breoldon Jobn. dollrJ 
215 Benson W N, clgs.r. 
Collier Mrs Emma 
217-219 Hawley Jobn. proT. 
Irwin Mrs M, drsmkr 
219 Elliott )Irs Alice 
221 Crawford James jr 
3 Gilbert Mrs EII
2'.!;; Kee Wing, Indry 
22. )[CKelllle M. staty 
2.!:1 Squire'!' W. gro 
. "Hton av Interse..ts 
Pri.-ate grounds 
2-l1 Jones Mrs '[argaret G 
2-13 Emigbt W J, hosesboer 
215 Cranston John, dairy 
2-17 Dlon l'bomas, slJOemkr 
 Lpl' Charlie. Indry 
2;;1-3 Good Jobn & ('0, grocers 
Good John 
2;;5 Hawley Jobn 
2;;. Dancy Bros, btcbrs 
Dancy Henry 
2.j1 Hnroft Tbomas W 
2.J;J SÎlfirp Wm 
2tm Neall's Mrs Sarub 
2';7 l'ennell Edwatd T. putr 
2';9 Rose :\[rs :\Iary 
2.:3 Spooner Frank 
2.:1 1 J Spooner Frnnk, gro 
2.;; R.lDkln Wm, b.lker 
277 Wilson T, tlr 
2.\1 Tai Cbon, Indry 
1 Hernon A T, btchr 
2Si Htuk Da.-Id C 
. Gould >,t interse..!. 
2'!' Albright A F, gro 
28tl'1. Jobnoon James S 
1 Forh", Alex. sbo..mkr 
2'11 1 J Jobnson J S, tlr 
2U3 Saulter :\hos :\[aT'l' J 
:?'.';; noy ". ,uren - 
Roy Ennlcl'. hdg 
I 2!1. French ?tIrs Hugbl'nll bdg 

--I9 Cook 
Irs Ji:JiZ:1 ' 
::01 BrYllnt Wm H 
:103-:; W.ltkins 'l1"s H 
Watkins L X. mu'! tcbr 
Watkins :\lIss H, mus tcbr 
30. \Ietcalfe James 
3\Y.1 I{('rr Jobn F 
311 ""lIterson Wm 
313 l\I.lDnln
 :\Irs Eliza, gro 
TUI'nbuli Jolmes 
.U5 Dl'nnlo "-m 
317 Rond 'h's 
I A 
321 S".ldding Fdwnrd A 
 Herbert H 
32;; I..trk.... G Harry 
327 '-npaut 
329 Hnmilton H J, ph;V 
3:>1 Rae George 
333 Good:t!1 }Ii
s B, bdg 
335 Kl'egan 'h s Mary, bdg 
3:lï rulton 'lis
341 Anderson :\Irs Jane 
. G..rrnrd st I' Intersects 
Hou::e, 8 eo 
349 Hughes 'Irs J, bdg 
:151 Hoake ,It.s ,[ A, bdg 
353 Ste\\art 'lI's E, bdg 
355 Hurnbnm Albert L 
RurnlJfim )[rs S. bdg 
357 Finnigan l\Irs l\I E. tlr. 
359 Ro..s Jobn. plmbr 
361 \[cLeod Jobn. sboemkr 
363 Hl'e D.l\'"ld, baker 
. '[eGiIl st intersects 
House, 8 eo 
365 Croot Jobn T 
31m Pickard Wm J, exp 
371 Pickard Wm 
3i3 Lung Cbong. Indr;v 
375 J ol>a ico '\"icbolas, fruits 
377 Cnlrncross J H, earp 
. Annl' ,t Intersect, 
37!1 Goodcblld James 
381 Sheppnrd Charles 
38.1 -\11.1\1 Georg.. 
3.';5 Pugh T E. d.lir;v 
38. Gill'" W '\". htchr 
'HII_ Uol...rt 
3N' I'l'arson R D. gro 
391 Snmson Jobn 
Lhln!.'kl )[me. 'I. palmist 

" M V I t " FOUNTAIN the TAILOR, D t 0 S i t 
y a e , 
nAdelaidA St. W. TAf.8074 1 ,en S ress UI S 



T orol1to Fruit Vinegar Co. Umited 
81 FRONT ST. E. 



:It'3 Tuller AI", lItel1r 
. Carl
[ lUlensects 
Huu::ìe. ::; 
-Ill Hu!;u .\in; Luui
Hugu MIII.s ::;, mus tcbr 
413 lli
nop Ueorj;e W 
-II;; \\ ade Mr'" Adelaide 
-111 tirown Alex.tlllle.. 
-oil!! l.IutiJUm J.lwe", I' 

1 Muu
uu Clareuce 
4:!.:J neetly Ml'''' L'ull1erlue 
. \, ouLl 
l iUler.eel.. 
42;, McDouugll MI..", 1\1 J, bdg 

1 \\ alker J U, coutl' 
\\ eir .\lIs ti, wu.. tcbr 

U Clap Ltl\\.1rd M 
431 H.1uks .\ll"s Eleauor 
.,a:J;j-H:5 l'ulllie lòclwol 
. AII'>.untll'l" 
t intersects 
-Hj Heutlcr..un IIi.."" Ueorglna 
.147 tiucllner JollU L 
-14\1 "uric) ,\lI", Bmma 
4;;1 l'eal"{JI'k Jame.. 
-4:.3 )'lch..JJPU:' Jault:'s, contr 
-1;)5 H1c-c \\ m .\1 
-1;;7 l'curtlou .\Irs IlelJecca 
4;;\1 \\ oulse} Holaud 
.,aliI Zingg .\Ir:s 1\1nQ M 
41>3 Hctltcrn Hollcrt U 
-Iw Cburcl1 Jolin 
Cburcb Tbum.1s L 
-IU7 ::;:IIIs :Se} mour E 
4li9 Hennlug 
Irs Janer 
-171 Etlg,tr .\Irs .\I.lry 
473 l'erry .\lr8 .\lury 
 FIL'mlng Al'tbur 
47;; tiootll Ale" U, gro 
. .\IßLtluud st iut!!rsects 
477 :sterliug Frederick K 

Irs C E 
4b3 Kuo\\ Ie.. Juwe
4h;; lJulut.tge \Irs 80pbla 
4!;7 Wm J 
9 :scott \\"tlI H, broker 
4U3 Gile.. ,ft-s I.;lizJ. 
1I"I'I1t'rd .\lr8 .\l:1ry 
-199 :5pei
lIr \\ tlI B 
I'rh .ltu g-ruunds 
50'( Cllin.t Inl.1nd }fi9810n 
lIelltlcr Josbua S 
rri\ f1te grounds 
. Welleslc} ..t In tersects 
5W Vucan[ 
511-;;13 Grunlte Club 
Gmnite Uu\\lIng Club 
t;ranlte Curling Club 

neen ('ify Cnrllng Club 
"',mclt'I-I'rs' Hicvcle Club 
l.Iuvl\ Etl\\ard ' 
r John. earetkr 
Luck Hkhard. <teward 

,1U Granit.. ("urllng and Skat. 
Ing Co Ltd 
PrhaIt' "rounds 
 f'rawf(ud George S 
Pri\ah' grounds 
llIlo..k a,- commences 

n\lltf'r '\"111 G 
1);",3 Sullhun 'In. Nora 
):; Ballt"\" 'Irs Snrah 
I\,s }.' .\I, artist 
,1J Ramsey Jobn 
5lil Pnf\-\s .\Irs Å L 
5\.i3 Boulthee Alfred 
. Gloucp"ter st Intersects 
 Podmore Mrs 1IIartba 
5(;;; Ke\\in Edwin 


i:d W 
 AlI..n ,It-" F A 
569 Thoropson 1liss 
571 !llordpn Sa JUuel R 
573 Parkpr T Y. contr 
57;; William.. (,bnrles B 
577 SlIIith Waltpr H 
Iapdonuld J:lme8 
51'3 Svmonds Harrv 
, S)-h'e
ter G P: pby 
. I,ahella "t intersects 
e. s e 
5f;0 Sewpll Robert S 111 
501 Clnrke 
Irs Cnrollne C 
fiO:l Pick Wm C - 
5U:; Colp 
{rs Agnes 
:\07 Pann deorge 
599 Stppn F.phrnim 
r..o1 Ph,bpr Arthur 
1103 Hyland Herbprt J 
600 .\Iacnamara Micbael J 

007 .\Iuntgullier} It Ü 
:stltzej .\lr" E .\1, nur"e 
\.ill tia} )e" Tllomas ::; 
. ClluJ'les ",t intersects 
1i13 Tllulllp..un lIon J Enoch 
1i1;; Hulotlal'd A I 
):;t:'s..t school 
Suuntler" Miss 11 
:-5..1undt:'r:i \l1s:i Julia 
\.i19 \\-rincII \\ .11"\\ ick 
\\ rincll .\Ii... .\1 I
. ßl.tlSl 
Ii[cllell A 
Ii:.!:; \1..[nlO..1I AnKII" 
O:!ð Cuthrull 
lrs C'uruline A. 
l-rl \ ute g['uuuds 
1>31 Fur[lIi ü A 
Farlni :'1111" A, mus lcbr 
\.i:J;j l"ringa
 Ale" 'I' 
. UiI} tlen st IntNsecrs 
W\I 1J,lItun \,"m. contr 
t1litll J.tltleS 
li43 Joscph 
\.i4;; Jcnner Bd\\lIrtl 
\.i4j Hoh....ts J 1:.I\\urd 
li4\1 Pringle 
Ir" Lucy V 
wI ü'll.i!,:glns .\frs Isabellu 
. . .. . _ '" W pst 
itle _... '... 
2-11 Grepy Wm & J G, mill 
1:.1 Vue.\I1t 
14-11i \-ucllnt 
Ib-2:! t;illhra[th \\"111, storage 
Hughes D W, wool 
24 l:utoll Bros Brewing Co 
\Vurebousl', S e 
. Frollt st e Intt'rsect
Goodl'rbam louildlng 
. \\" elling[un st e ends 

 Bunk ut Toronto_ 8 e 
Hyslop J C, cJ.l"etkr 
:-10 A rhll t II110t I're,<s 
32 (Juel'n (,ity Chamloer8 
 Wlllmsley, un- 
QUt'ell City F[re Ins Co 
Halld-ln-Hant\ Ius Co 
Fire In" Exchange Cor- 
Hrithll & Foreign Marine 
Insllrnnce Co 
l{e!illllCe Murine In8 Co 
Hand In-Hand Plate Glass 
"lllIprs & 'Ianufacturers' 
Ins Co 
lulkln I" C_ Ins 
Scott \V I. ulltlert\ rltN' 
:-;;lItional .\I[nlng & De- 
'elopment Co 
Imper[ul TruHs Co of 
MacLl"e L H. broker 
ltuneÎman It. ins appr 
\Ialcolm J. cnretkr 
Uawson Tbom"s, elev opr 
34 Douglas & Ratcliff, pa- 
36 Turtle Hall Hotel 
Booth Ueor:::e 8 
. Colborne st intersect8 
3S Smith W H. prodnce 
40 ""cant 
42 Bon A('cord Building 
Byford G R, book hinder 
Can Confidential Agpncy 
I.o\\d('n Jolin & Son. mfrs' 
Young & ('0. hrokers 
Lambe A B. broker 
IIIcGlnn Tbomas, caretkr 
44 Petchon S G. pro llJed 
411 East India T & C Co 
4S :'lontgompry R 0, leather 
50 Hotet. s e 
. King st p intersects 
:H Tor Rallwav Officp, s I' 
56 "acnnt 
5S ("ß
hmore E J. :;!un!'l 
1'.0 Phillips Smltll. prtl's 
. Court st ends 
Ion('tary Times. Tradc 
Rev[ew nnd Insnrsncl' 
Chrontcle (w('ekly) 
'lo)]l'tary Times PrInting 
('0 of f'anada 
Canadian .Journal of Fab- 
Canadinn Engineer 


Call1ilan Textile Diret 
Higg"r. ::;umuel & Co, pu'). 
Toronto Paper Mfg Co 
Tront J K, phy 
tH 1towllnson J H, picture 
frn ules 
\.i6 Curl'Y Grol'ge, rnbber 

\\Ift l' .... Co. shoe8 
70 hin
!.:,llnpbell It J. pntr 
_ ("llnl'bell & Soo, artists 
It'l",ugal Hornce te'1s 
74 IHb>on & Ueft'les, 'lollrrs 
_ H,'c]ftlrtl t; H, caretkr 
.6 (''1n P('rmunent & West- 
_ ern ('
n .\Iortg Corp 
3\"1I1gs & Loan Co 
80 Foj' ,\ KI'lIy. barrs 
)1,ic1dleton I-: I., bllrr 
\\ hl,lan J,lm('s 
Smltll R H. barr 
82 York L,\Uodry .\1"l'hll)er1' 
('0 Ltd 
84 Hyg[ene Kola ('0 
86 Gu('
t & 1'0. plmhrs 
Egyptian Damlana Co 
88 Bow,'
 Jobn H. carptkr 
9O-V2 Lindsay & ('0, mfrs ngt8 
Adelllide st I' Interstcts 
1)4 8[01('. s e 
96 CIIlIrlton A A. signs 
Buker IIIrs E 
Jo:Illcott John r.t 
Bro,,"I' John 
08 Hnmllton 
Ifg ('0 engl'nV- 
PI'" supplil's ' 
100 Dull'''l [n ('lIalllhers 
O'Donohop .... Co harrs 
 'Vm, barr 
102 "ncant 
104 Bl'pto: JIIPob, clgar
]0.1 Ashdown Gpo. catiug hse 
]OS Wood 
{rs F. J. eat'n
no Houghton John, mach 
. I.omhal'ò st inIt'rRt'cts 
114 Jli'llOprIc & f'o, contrs 
Dillon \V F.. Iron t\kr 
114 ' , 1'(", npr Path'l'n WOI'ks 
116 S,'hell Frn<mus, gro 
l1R )I,'A,'oy J,lmes. btchr 
Barthau I'etpr, r 
Irs H, r 
Iar-donald Ppter. gro 
120'2 SlIamhrook John 
122 PI"'1"lu \Vm R & ('0 mnl'h8 
124 "'[udsor Hotel ' 
t RIr-IllllOUd at e inter_,eet8 
121> .\Iowlorny '1', sculptor 
12<; Paln1Pr John. barber 
1:10-132 God \\ In H (', rest 
134 Southnm T L. hll'ydes 
1:16 Ferguson \1.ltthew 
Storp, 8 eo 
. Qupen st e Intersl'cts 
'IletropoJltan Churcb, s_ e 
. Shutl'r 
t Intersects 
lichnel8 rathedl'nl, r e 
fit John's Chapel 
200 St 
lIchaers Palace 
Rohleder Rev F F 
It"an Rpv Francis 
Tieap," Rev J P, D D 
Hl'nc'lI Rl'v l' Josppb 
202 8t VIncent's Chnp..1 
240 Thompson Hpnry 
242 Woodhouse .T Joseph 
244 O'('onnor 1II1-s C. dress, 
24(1 1II,'Lpan Albert 
248 Goodmnn A D 
0 Archpr Genlo C 

2:í] WllII,lms Isnac V 
:!:il; Ho<1' Cbarles H. gro 
:!;;S Shaw H J. liquors 
2.;0 Ste\Vnl't Jobn. pntl" 
2 Curry I,aac. drug" 
. "'!lton nv Intersects 
21.4 Alklu. H W. pby 
2\.i6 Stewart Wm 
\\"{'yckl E. nm. tchr 
8 Clarke George 
270 Hudgln .\Irs Ly,lIn. drslllkr 
272 Dunn David A 
274 Hephurn Mr.. Mary A 
276 Hall Jobn 

278 Fl:l1l1llcy 
Il<s J, d..lry 
2SO Wallnce Jobn 
2S2 Smltb John, grainer 
284 Arcber Edwnrd 
2-;\.i Evans Alfl'l'l1 co-turner 
2"8 !IIul'phy James 
2!JO Howell
 'lis ,\ H, dress- 
Ho,vells )1i8< C. drsmkr 
Howells '1i
", :So nurSe 
2!J2 I'lewes Frederick 
2!14 H.lmlll John K 
2m; Smith Ml's K dr..mkr 
::;mltll "-m J 
218 CI('J.:llnrn Alt'x.mdt'r T 
:100 Simmer Loul8 
302 G S[,l1ldnrd Stur Laundl'Y 
Co LId 
Hofland Walter F. 
:108 Spindler 
ll'a '" I
, tll'smkr 
Stev('nson Arthur 
:110 BUl'IIal't ""Ill C 
:112 Deal' M,'s Jane 
:;22 ".orhlll
 Roy:o:. HI-'lne 
. Gould S[ Inter8ect8 
St JanU'8 sq 
Normal School, s I' 
Model Seh..ul (boy_,) 
. Gel'rard st e Intersects 
Stor(l', f1I e 
:mo Bell Hohert J 
:m2 I.t'onnrd Gcorge N 
ul ',"ab. 1,I1lndry 
:1!18 Ll'dley .\flss Mary 
.,aOO Inch Alfrpd 
4Hz' narv."y "'altl'r B. pntr 
4U4 Collett .; '1', staty 
. MeGIlJ 81 Inte"<ect:> 
401i C"lIlg Robert, 
408 McCnrtne)' James, coal 
\",,('ant lots 
-114 Marshnll !III" ('. hdg 
U\.i I",yton Alhert G 
lrs Ruth, IIII
-lIS 1Iluod Jahez. grocer 
. Allnp 
t intcl"sf>cts 
42Ö L.'a11 Edward C 
422 (;ur"f!on 'Ii
s Agn
:õ: bdg 
424 Ll'sllc George 
42'; I'hni,' )11'8 Eliza 
42'> Hopkins .\Irs .J essl.. 
4:14-6 Some,'s('t Hou
. Carlton st Intersects 
4:18 Al'lnlt"l(t' "" H, gro 
444 Kirkplltl'icl Wm J 
44<1 Smnrt Wm 
448 E\-an
Irs Eliza 
,o Hohins Hl'l'hert 
4;;2 Cm"ter M... Ellz"beth 
4;;4 Slt'plwns "'m 
4;;1ì ('antlll'l' \VIll H 
1:;8 ltothw..11 Will E 
41ì0 WalkeI' Josepb H 
464 Ft'rj:uson Archtb9.ld 
4(16 Thompson Rob('rt 
p,'h ate grounds 
. Wood st Intel'"ects 
"UjS Housß', s e 
470 Naft..1 :'Il's Cnrollnf' 
NortllPl'n ('ong Church 
488 Hownrth SlImupl 
.jVO Rlchard.on Louis J R 
4V4 Tolfree "Irs (' H 
. Alexander st Inter8ects 
4!1'j F.lllott J Ephrnlm, I,hy 
408 Nlt-boJ"on Andrew 
f>OO Lelj:hton Jobn S 
502 GI'nha1ll Dermat'
Scott Frnncls J 
504 Coatps 1111's Mnrv 
r,(1f. How .\iI'S ('a thpt:ine J 
[,OS MacDowell Hl'nrv 
fi10 Cal'ml..hnel Wm 'R 
M2 Pamp 'h'
51-1 SImpson Wm 
Simp,on Mrs M. hdg 
dIG 'Yo..
 ("bong. Inundrv 
518 Bl'own \Vm L. gro 
Jt'nnlson Rpub('n R 
. M,titlnnd st Intpr8ects 

_ 8 e 
PI'I\'ate ground. 
522 L,lwl'cnce Wm 
524 Sipprell Arcbibald 
526 Ham Dr Alhert 
530 Lynph "Ir
532 Williams 
ll's .\Inry 
534 Belding 1I1rs Jp8s!e 

R oses, Carnations, Violets Dunlop ' sI 5


4w. 1 
and Decorative Plants 445 YONGF. ST. 
. 'Phone 4.92 

lAnsdowne Ave, and 
Bloor St. Weal\. 
Telepholle 151215. 

An Unexcelled Record I The Tem

;r3.1 Lire 



Ynle :\liss L p. nut.s" 
536 Blnd"n 'Il's Ann 
638 Cnlham Ch.II'lps I': 
540 Ewart 'Voman's :\lisslon- 
my Tramiug Home 
Llvinl!swn :\1..s Elizabeth 
542 Luml Jam"s 
S"ohi.. :\liss ß. mus t"br 
5-14 Lawr"nce Olher 
541) FOld :\(rs Annie 
54.. 1..',' \\"m II 
. "',,\leslt.) st intersects 
552 Kplso :\ll's Janet 
55-1 Wulkt'l' :\11'8 1-:lIzahetb F 
556 \1111e,. J.llne" L 
55S Berkinshaw Erlwln T 
5.;0 Sntht',"and :\11"8 Helenn A 
51)2 Goodman Re\ S C 
5114 Hartman ('ary W 
G,.eat Ea8tt'rn Lycenm 
;;Gt; :\(osgl'ov" Rlt'lwrd 
5t1S ""lipalev \Vm H 
570 Samln'ook IIIrs III.trla 
572 Adamson :\11'8 B n, mus 
Adnnu;.on Miss E, music 
tea "her 
'l.damson :\hss .. n. v(o- 
5... Gmh"'n James 
576 8t"ott \VIII 
578 ('onrad Lonls A 
:1"0 \Villl,unson Thom3
2 CQ'sler \ll's :-;ar:lb 
s J'
. artist 
584 Chnn,:: 1\:1'''. lanndry 
590 Rnrlev John 
592 :\lIl11ch.l1np W"lIace 
:\hlliclutlnp G Jo:. phy 
f.!)4 IC.uhinsnn 1I..
. Ulotlt','stt'r st luterspcts 
5\1,., Kno" les \Irs 
Prh nt
uo", Colpm"n :\ll's Am:lIlda 
. Isa h..lI.t st Inte, sect, 
, s e 
1i12 Blpa-d,'11 \Vm H 
[,14 (;,.It Thomas P 
GIS c;amhlt, :\1," :\lal1lda 
1)20 :\("Icolm \\"111 B 
622 Armon,' :\liss Annie 
624 Stock II Edw.ud It 
62/: Wilson Alfred 


s '

634 Frost H"Ill'y W 
ß3G \\ h.l tIn"ugh l\lIss 
mcd ele"t 
638 CurriN' Wm F 
640 HRchhorn Etlwar<l H 
1)42 Paton lloh,-..t G A 
644 Griffltb Robert J 
. Hayden st Into-rspcts 
 Hili JI,'nrv J 
5Õ Hume JI1ni<'S G 
House, 8 e 

('HURCHILL A V. w from opp 
83 Ossington av to Dover- 
court rd, \\ ard 5 
. . . .. . . " 
orth Side ......... 
2 Coulter Josepb 
4 SL'Ott James E 
(j McQuay George W 
!j Collins Frank S 
10 Smith Hugb J 
Vacant lot 
14 !\Iurchlson Wm 
16 Murn8 Rohert 
18 Seager Percy 
20 Stone James J 
Stoue Miss A M. mus 
22 Coldlle Robert J 
Vacant lots 
36 Arnold Samuel S 
Vacnnt lot 
48 Reid John W 
50 Freeman Rohert K 
j2 \Valker Alhert G 
Yeo Jobn 
54 Hustwltt Ernest E 
Private 1O"0unds 
58 Lasber Am09 W 
60 SIlvester Mrs Emma 
 Lasher Georre 
64 Morris Mrs Marin L 
66 Cutbhertson Allen S 

ixon James II 
House. 9 e 
. .' . . . . ". 
ontll Std" 
1 l'oh \lie Johu E 
:I Dale Thomas 
5 Cralglll) Ie James 111 
7 Henderson Thomas J 
!J Tuylor Fred..rlck W 
11 Cameron Wm M 
13 Smith Ale>:under H 
tepbeus Johu p. dairy 
17 French Daniel E. bldr 
19 Rae Jumes D 
 Wright Andrew E 
23 AmlJUry George 
House, s e 
. Lakc\"lew av euds 
House. 8 
\",want lots 

;; Rmlth Wm L 
17 \(uson Tohias II 
\'ncnnl Il)t.... 
:;3 Sumner UI'OI"g-t.o ". 
:hJ Ita'on (' W. IUlt,. 
House, s e 

t:IBOLA A\" (l'oronto I!.'land). 
w fr011l centre of Chippewa 
:,V to Clandeho)'p U'. wnrd 
Xot lJUilt on 

l'IXDI:R A \. \\ f....m Uti Rul- 
I) to era \\ ford. ward ;;. 

 ot I.ullt on 

CITY HALL. n side Queen w 
bet James and Teraulay: 
ward 3. 
Engiue. motor nutl ventll- 
atlug s)"stem, Jobn M 
DI>:ou. chief eng 
G..ound I"loor- 
City Eugineer"s Depart- 
ment. C H Hust. CEo 
"hlef: C L 
'ellowes, CE 
delJUty , 
Street Commlssloner's De- 
partment. Johu Jones 
corullr . 
Medical Health Dept, 
Cbarle" Sheard. MD. 
CIty Pnrks Dept, John 
Chambers, COllillr 
City Relief Office. Ed- 
\\ a..d Taylor. relief offi- 
Amlmlance Dept 
\1ouuted Police Dept 
Poli"e I' a trol Dept 
Police S ta If Dept. Da vlel 
Archibald Insp 
Clerk of tbe Peace. H I.: 
Irwin, barr. chief clk- 
Edgar Parsons deputy . 
Irwin & Jones, barrs 
Irst I'"loor- 
Cit). Treasurer's Office R 
'I' Coady treas. Jobn 
Patterson deputy 
Clt)' Auditors' Dëpt. Wm 
Auderson and \Vm W 
Joues auditors 
City Tax Collecting Dept. 
Samuel Baird. S H :\Ic- 
Comb. J H Prlt"bard E 
 Hush. Snmuel Vnnce 
'I' n Wbiteside and J ri 
Woods. collectors 
City Waterworks Dept, 
H Gilhy and G J Adam- 
son receivers. Josepb 
Raffnn acct. James A 
Boyd chief Insp 
" Commissioners' Dept. 
Emerson Coatswortb 
chief. Edward Copping 
hldg Insp 
Division Court (,bambers 
Western Division, Conrt 
E H Duggan clk 
Po\lce Court Dept and 
Headquarters. Lt-Col 
Henry J Grasett cblef 
Bengougb Tbomas. stenog 
Nield Ernest. stenog rep 
Jenkins A R. stenog rep 

Court I1.tJ.l:O-'" ..uul !ail\\ (.(- 
SheriIT's Ufht"e t '\. ol'h CO), 
J II \\ïdditit.ld ,be",ff 
Ale>: Sutbcrl.tDd d"(>Ul)"' 
J E Hc, ers hnllilf 
Sheriff's Uffil'e (TOI'outo 
City). FI' \(o\\at 
shenIT. James \\" Severs 
-. A W Hanls of 
("onul)' e..O\\ u Attorney. 
II II Dewart attv 
Couut). of York La\\ 
Assn. J S Deulson see 
Couuty C'mrt Cbambers. 
J E :\1.l<'dougall aud Ed 
t\ ard :\lorgan Judge.B 
Surrog,1te COIlrt Of lice J 
 :\I.."dougall judge, 
Josepb Talt reglstrnr. E 
:s :\Inv deputJ" 
x"helJi,er Coùrt (Admlr- 
alt) tlh-i"lou). J E :\Iac- 
dougnll judge Jobn 
Bruce reglsh'fll'. Wm 
Bo)'d marshall, Alex 
Do? ney official reporter 
Police Court and offices 
Police Court. Lt-Col G
'l' Denison police mng!s- 
trate. It E Kln
Det,,"t\\-e I ' "om Stark 
"Icol Geo B. .-Ik of ,t8- 
Se\ ""s J.lmes C_ haillff 
S<,coud I"loor- 
City Council :wd "lIice, 
('Ity (,Ierk's [I"l,t. \\ III .-\ 
Lh tlejohu t'lk 
('It)- S"lIclt.....s Offi,'('. J S 
Fullertou couus,,!. Thos 
Cns\\ e\l clt" solicitor. A 
l' Lohh ñnd Wm f' 
(,hlsholm deputl\l8 
:\1ayo..'s Office. (;eor/:e '" 
""lison prh" Sl'C 
City A"spssmeut Dept. U 
J Flemlnl:' comur. J.lmes 
C Forman chief clk 
James R Hav Danlt.1 
Kennedy. J l' 
allon. F 
B :\IOl'row. Rohert Sahls- 
ton aud Cbarles I.:"nwlu 
])h"lslon Court f Fir
t). r 

I 'Iorson and r.d"ard 
\IOl'gan judges 
t'ounty Court. J E )Iac- 
doul!"all seuior Judge. EeI- 
(organ junior 
judge. (' :\1 Morson se- 
ThiI'd cf.,

nlor judge 
City Surve
"or's Office. 
ViIllers S.lnkev "hlef B 
G Lcigh dmuibt"mn'; 
Toronto Puillic School 
Board. W B '1<,'lurricb. 
QC. solicitor: Wm C 
"ïlkluson sec-treas. Ja
I, Hugbes senior Ins r, r 
f' W Chaflmnn jun or 
Inspr. (,barles H Bishop 
supt of hulldlng". Jobn 
Thomp<on drill In..truc- 
Separat.. Scbool Boarrl 
Toronto Colleghlte Insti- 
tute Board 
Harris :\[rs Catberlne 
cnretaker . 
Harris R C. asst caretkr 
Bennptt r.eorl!"e. a"st 

CI..AXDI-:BOYE A V (Toronto 
I9land), n from 298 Lake 
Sbore av. ward 4. 
1 Oldfield Jo"epb 
3 Monro Mrs Marv 
5 ('owan l\Irs Letsy E 
7 HuckvaIe J Evans 
9 Jones Alpbonsus F 
11 Nal5mltb David R 
Whitacre John G 
13 Samuel J Hu!!,bes 
17 Petri.. Henry W 



THE.. \ 

tieS..,. I 

",. ,. "!., 

oc'É R 5 

\.C 0 AL. 

 HEAD OFnc.f. 

'tOROM"t O 

("LAH.\, n frum :n Orford av 
to Oak, w,trd 
, .. " , ','" East :-;ltle _ _...... 
1 \\ allaee \\" ellington 
3 Edward_ Wm J 
5 :\Iorpb\ Wm T 
7 Quinto'n John 
9 :\Llrtln George 
'owler "'niter G 
House. s e 
, . . .. . , .. W l'st Sid., '..... . 
:! Bolan Wm l' .' 
4 AllIngbam l\lIcbael 
6 Kell)' Thomas H 
8 Cooper Rohert J 
10 Oake Henry W 
12 Robinson Wm C 
Honse. 8 e 

IOXT, u from 180 


n;;.w. to :\Iausfield avo 
. . . . . . . " East Side ......... 
Store, s e 
7 Carey John 
\I Klug \Jichae! 
13 Bums :\1is
15 Geare Franklin N 
. Cro"ker a\ Intersects 
lï ('abill Tbomas 
:!1 Hill Tbomas C 
:!J Marrett Miebnel 
:!;:; Puttock :\(rs Emily 
:!7 nrown IIlrs Annie 
:''9 Howe Johu 
i! Smltb Wm J 
i!5 Crawford James l' 
37 Roach :\1ichn,,1 
 :\Iarshull :\Irs E 
39 LatUhrlck TbotUa
. Hohluson st Intersects 
-II Gruuery Pblllp. gro 
-Ii! Leask Wm I, 
47 Helmore Jobn 

9 Jobnston Wm L 
51 Field George. exp 
;,;:; Xey George J 
;.7 Augell H Å 
;:;:, Long James 
1:1 Hlrchall Henry 
Ii:; H..ittull 1Irs Tberesa 
Rrlttou :\1is<; C. drsmkr 
(j;\ Patton I'eter 
\'"C.lIlt lots 
II Xh::on 
.!' Ashhv 'Vm 
1<>1 Jennings Jame9 

J Rulli, an Thoma!!! 
1<:; Rogers 'Vm 
"í La W80n Da vld 
R9 :\(r-Kpown John 
91 Kenney Thomas 

j3 (;ra
" :\10'8 Georgina 
U:; Gregory l\1rs Sophia, .ro 
97 I.e.- I
[19 Kelleher Cornelius 
cott '\'elson 
103 110wler J W 
10:; Sl'aton '('homas n 
107 :\lcAfee Jobn C 
109 Gartlan Peter 
111 O'Xelll Wm E 
113 Laugbton 1111's Ann 
115 :\Iundv Kennetb 
119 :\lItchell E J 
1:!1 Gillespie Wm 
1:!3 ('hillman M 
12:> Hickey Tbomas J 
lZ7 F..II Cbarles E. gro 
129 Reeve Alfred 
131 Gertln Cbarles Å 

for Pure ICE. PeÑect Delivery. 
Head Office, Tel. 8a 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 
Telephone No. 423. 







133 Bousfield Jobn W 
Bousfield Mrs A, uurse 
135 McCay Wm A 
131 O'lUley Edward P 
139 Wood Albert E 
HI Westlake Wm T 
143 Sparks l,'mnds 
14;; Broomer Jobn 
147 Grabam Jobu G 
149 Roblnsou Tbomas 
151 Sumner S S 
1:;a MCintyre George III 
1:':' Hmlth Josepb 
157 Cbrlstle James n 
1;)9 Cronin Dennis 
163 McManus Patrick 

100 Little Wm J 
171 Thorntou Peter 
173 Laugbton Jobn B 
175 Foster Tbomas 
117 Jnmlesou Samuel J 
179 mack Wm 
181 Htepbens J E 
Store, s e 
. Arthur st Intersects 
11S5 Wbytock l' B, btcbr 
181 '\Ï1I"tock Peter B 
191 Couher Wm J 
193 Rodden Jobn 
1IJ:' Pullan Mrs Alice 
Vacant lot 
203 Morley G W 
. l'I
'moutb av Intersects 
Scbool grOunds 
241 Barr George 'V 
249 Lnmb Hobert 
2:'1 Hands Albert G 
253 Young David 
2:'5 Weston J H 
257 Browu Mrs M 
2;;9 Barrett P F 
261 Canessa JObn, fruits 
263 Wortlev Frederick 
265 Scott 'Ym 
269 Carr Wm 
211 Clto l'atale 
273 Ir\\ In -Wm J 
275 Miller J, contr 
217 La wrenee Alfred C 
279 Mnthleson Dougal 
281 Irwin June A 
283 Wllsou George G 
285 ClaI"hurn Samuel 
287 lI1nÎI{'y James L, gro 
........, Wcst Side ......... 
Hotel. s e 
6 McCoO\'ey F 
8 Bradsbaw Tbomas 
12 Cook Mrs S 
14 Smith Autbony 
16 mng Jacob J 
18 Donnelly Patrick 
. Crocker av Intersects 
20 Dobbs Henry 
20% Schofield Jobn 
22 Hcbofleld Jobn 
24 Glmson Mrs Clara 
r.illlson \lIss C. dramkr 
26 Hinson Joseph H 
30 IIl1ddleton Enoch 
32 Rvnn Da.-Id 
34 Snedden 1\lrs M 
lIS Mall:lDey M J 
. Robinson st Intersect. 
Vacant lots 
46 Martin Isaiah 
4R Fernlev Erlward 
M Atkinson Henry W 
152 Sto('kfisb G{'orge 
M Goodes Horatio 
116 Wood Frpd('rlck 
58 I.lnd
('y Robert, bldr 
f)() Hu/(hes Jobn 
62 MpA,'nv Jam('s T 
f.f. Hurd Ìllr" Ellen 
r.s Dorwnrd Wnlter 
74 Ewing Rlcbard 
7f. Nolnod Jnmes 
78 Stephen
on John H 
SO Shnw Wm 
82 Crowley 'f'imothy J 
Yncant lot 
88 McCartby Patrick 
00 Massey J osepb 
92 IIlitcbell David 
94 Keene Charles E 
96 Norris Wm 
98 McDonougb Pblllp 

Moody George, r 
100 IIIartiu Patrick, exp 
102 Ben y George '1' 
104 Holdswortb :!.lts C 
Holdswortb Jill, pntr 
lOG Fltzl'oy Josepb 
108 I "nuo" Hugh 
110 Mundy Henry H 
112 COhl'lIU J.IDWS 
114 1"eston H '1' 
116 Walker 0 H 
118 Pickup Thomas 
120 Condie Thomas 
sell mcbard 
]21) J oh nston S 
. Hellwoods pi commences 
 Grnbam MIss A C, gro 
Powell lI1iss M, drsmkr 
130 Weston John 
B2 Aykroyd Maltlnnd 
134 L('wls Jnmes 
136 Moat Georg" 
138 l-umber 
U8 Co..: John J 
150 Dempsey Thomas, gro 
152 Spellm,l1l Patrick 
154 O'Brlen J.lmes 
160 Pres Mission Cb 
1132 Mission Savings Banlr. 
Boyles James, r 
I 164 McCarron Owen 
166 Blair J.lmes 
170 Vacnnt shop 
. Claremont 1 ,1 commcnces 
. Arthur st ntel"sects 
182 Fralelgb Wm S, MD. 
]84 Jenkins Isaac 
186 OS" lu mchard J 
]88 I.owndes ll"nry 
100 '1'hol"uton Alson 
]!J2 McMillan Thomas 
HH Mplllillnn "'m 
19': II1c!\Iillan Jobn 
198 Hro\\ nscombe A P 
200 !\IcPherson Frank 
202 S('aton T 1. 
 W('bster Tbomas 
. Plymonth av Intersects 
20\1 \\"rl::ht Jobn G 
20S Jpnkins Thos 
210 Mclllsh R C 
212 !IIpBetb Andrew 
214 !\IcLacblnn Jobn 
216 Browning Walter 11 
2\8 Williams H R 
220 Crowle 'Ym 
222 Foster IIlrs Jnne 
 Swift W Jobn 
228 O'C{)unor '1'lmotby 
2:10 Joblin JollO 
2:12 Simpson E G 
Vac"nt lot 
2 Lennox Wm J 
244 Brown J, gro 
. Treford pi commences 
Honse, B e 
6 Clark Jobn 
2-18 H('rhert Dennis 
.o Donnelly John 
252 '}'outnnt E J 
254 Hnmnl'r Joshna 
2;;6 1'rett\'" Tbomas 
2:>8 Gouri'ev Jnmes 
21:2 Xe"coiube RIchard 
, 2tJ4 Crnng George 

Cr,ARF.IIIOXT PL, w from 
170 Claremont. ward 5. 
2 Wilcox H('hron. piatr 
4 Wrlgbt George 
6 H:unc
 John H 
8 F.nright James 
10 Flett Thomas 
]2 Currnn I"l'nnk J 
14 Roney Edward 
16 Brnn;bles Thomas 
18 I'bnpell Isanc 
20 Jones Fred C 

CLARENCE, n from 122 Wel- 
lington w, ward 3. 
....... " F.n"t Side 
Renr entrnnceR 
. . . . .. ... ". est Side ......... 
l<'actory, s e 
Gold Medal Furo IIUg Co. 

CI,ARF.NCE SQ, e side of 
Spadlna avo at tbe bend of 
Welllugton w. w.trd 4. 
., .. .. .. 1'(OI'tb. Side.. .' . . .. . 
1 Grnbam Wm n, M D 
2 Young W A, artist 
3 Brnuud 'Vm 
4 Jackson Miss Maggie 
5 I\Jrk JOllll Mclll 
Nurse's Home 
5 Dover Miss Josepblne. 
Pbalt' Miss Lottie, nurse 
6 HIley Jobn B 
7 Nihlock John T 
8 T"ylor Mrs Minnie 
9 Foster Jobn T 
10 !lllIne David F 
Brittain Mrs Annie 
11 Robertson I"'nald M 
12 Anderson Rev Wm 
13 Little James 
14 Vacant 
15 Flshcr WJl1 
16 Chalmers Mrs Agnes 
. .. .. .... Soutb Side......... 
]7 Moore llobert 
18 Nello,-e Miss Muriel 
Grav Mrs Florence 
19 \\"ilkiu
on Daniel 
20 Dl'foe D.wlel M 
21 IIInl tin Jobn 111, ncct 
22 !IIcCartney Jllmes 
2:3 N'ewmnn Fr('dk, contr 
2-1 Reddick And,'ew. bldr 
2:i Gralngel' Mrs Violet 
26 Dowdell Jamcs R 
21 Lay Henry A 
28 Sihertborn IIlrs L 
29 Jones Willis 

CLARK, e from 2;; Grant to 
Bolton av, ward L 
. . . " . . " N'orth Hide. . .. ..... 
House, 8 e 
Va('nut lots 
. Ho\\le av commences 
eJ s e 
32 IIIcConnell Wm 
34 Masters Alexander 
House. s e 
, " .. ,... Soulll Side ......... 
Private grounds 
11 Carter Henry W 
13 Stpvens ,Ym 
15 Walpole Jame<! 
17 Rlo{)mpr IIIrs Lillie 
21 Perry \"m 
2:1 Sidev :!.Irs Rhoda 
Z7 Follii 1I'l's III"ry A, bdg hse 
33 Boyd Mrs Ellznbetb A 
Bovd Jobn 
35 t;l'ì'lm.m Hobert 
37 \\"III

CI,AllK ('RES. n fl"om GTR 
In rear {)f ()8 ]
dwlu av, 
ward 6. 
. . . .. . . " East Side ......... 
1 McKay Jobn E 
3 Elliott George 
5 'I'bompson Samuel 

CLASSIC A V, w from 308 
Huron to Spadina avo 
ward 4. 
. . . ., .... North Side. . .. ., .. . 
Hon![e. s e 
2 Strntton Wm C 
4 Rogel' IIlrs Elizabeth 
6 Gibson Robert L 
8 Camp Lewis C 
10 Paton I'pter F 
]2 Hnvh's :!'Irs Jane 
14 Clnrk Jobn 
16 Nohle !IIrs Emmn 
18 Hnll John 
20 Ale"nnd.>r Joseph 
House. s e 
. .. ., .. '. Soutb Side......... 
House. B e 
1 Travel'S Fergus J 
3 Mcl'nnl Charles C 
15 Baillie Wm 
7 Buller John 
9 Gnle J Wm 
11 Boyd George 
13 Vnnghnn Robert C 
]5 Phnlr Thomas H 
]7 Kelly John D 

19 Cbrlstlt, Wm 
21 Adair Jobu G 
23 Dodds Jobn E 
House, 8 e 

CLASSIC PL. runs e from J01 
Huron, ward 4, 
. .. ..,. " I'ortb Side.. ., .. . . . 
House. s e 
Vacnnt lot 
4 Balero !\Irs Ella 
6 '1'hompson Jobn 
8 Nutt George 
. .. . . .... South Side 
Bouse, IS e 
1 Gregory Joseph 
3 Lnldlaw Wm 
Ii Crysler Normnn D 
7 Tapsfleld Wm G 
9 "'ehb )ll's SlIrab 

CLIFFuItP. w from 217 NI 

d 5. to Strachnn "V, 
___ ,.... Nortb Side .....'. 
Prhnte grounds 
Bre'\\cIY. 1" e 
. Stanley ter Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
10 Daniels Jobn 
12 Cook Robert 
H I'aniel,; I'avld 
16 Dounell Jobu 
IS Wilson Tbomas G 
20 Allan Wm 
22 Simpson 'Ym G 
2-1 KennedY Alexander 
26 Ornm Edward 
2" Smltb 1'homas 
30 !\IlIls Wm II C 
a2 Harm.1ll Fmnk J 
34 G1acl,.pn Wm J, exp 
af. Sherer Robprt I 
:18 Marshall !\Irs Martha 
40 'l'bompson James 
42 Cowan Rohert 
44 Wldgery James 
Hons p . s e 
....,.... Soutb Side 
House, 8 e 
. Stanley ter Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Stalford st ends 
!Jonse, s e 
3 Christie Wm C 
5 Mackin Jobn E 
7 Williams Edward J 
. Wellington la ends 
9 lIIarshall Thomas L 
13 lIIarsball Robert 

CLINTO;'\/, n from 40 Mans- 
field av to city limits. 
ward II. 
....'.... Enst Side ....." 
1 Brown O
car J 
Vacant lots 
11 Ford :!.Irs Mary, gro 
. Henderson av Intersect. 
1;) Jones IIl1cbael 
21 Frnscr Wm, quantlt7 sur- 
, e
23 Imrie J obn 
2:i Pa U('rson 'Vm 
27 !\Ioore Alexander 
29 Kinsalla Jn1Des 
31 McKnv Thomas 
33 Blnghnm A W 
35 Llun James 
45 Topp I?rederlck G 
. ColI('ge st Intersects 
Store, s e 
49 Cnrpenter Cbrlstopber 
:J3 Mann Frederlek 
;;;; Yllcant 
. COllrtney pi commences 
5!1 OnklPY ].'rederlck 
61 Nlcbolson & Pettigrew, 
N'lcbolson George 
m TomlIn Wm R 
65 Tooley Wnrren 
67 Hopkins R E 
69 Worsdnll IIfrs C, gro 
71 Lonl!"heed Oeorge 
73 RUn",," 'Vm 
7;; IIlackhnll !\Irs Jane 
77 D"wey James T 

Guarantee Company of North America. 
MEDLAND A "ONES, Cen" Agents, Mail Building, Cor. Kine- and Bay. Tel

H. O'ijARA & CO., 

..30. . 
Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 

Clin ton. 



79 Summers Edwin 
81 OIlHr Rev J H 
83 Dixon George E 
8ã McFaul Henderson, ph, 
Vacant lot 
1>9 Lobban John 
91 Smallwood George 
93 Smallwood i'lUss E 
95 Smnllwood Charles 
91 Smnllwood Wm 
Smnllwood Mros, contrs 
Pl'Ivate grounda 
115 Nixon Mrs Mar1 
117 Campbell Angus 
119 McDonald George S 
McDonal<1 IIlrs M S, drs 
121 Saunders Henry J, Ur 
123 Hadle\'" Thomas 
12;; Walkèr Wm J 
127 Ogden Mrs Adeline 
12'J IIIcGulre J0I111 
McGuire A, mus tchr 
131 Atklnsoll Arthur E 
133 CaSßidy "m J 
13;; "'ra' \\ a Iter 
137 Baròu George 
13\J Belbln George E 
141 Saunders Joseph H 
Public school 
1;;\1 Ero" n Merritt A 
IGI Morrow 'Vm 
It:3 Carter rnarlcs, barher 
llÑ Fewson D 
167 Sp:hle Frederick 
11,9 Alldersol\ George A 
lil Bruce Wm 
li3 Xeal Thomas 
17;; Bucller Herman 
177 Tro" ell E,lw.trd 
lõt! Paddon Ch.trles 
1'1 Turner Jollu 
1"" 'l'urner George 
1....-. CaDlp!Jpll Alexander 
1'7 :5mlth Heury J 
IStl Cra" ford Itcdford 
191 BI':1>11 James 
I..c:mllan John C 
1!1:; Bailey Wm 
19í GrtlliJle George 
199 UcC,mn "alter J 
:!n1 Kent Edmund S 

1)3 Hut('heson T H, plmbr 
. Rickard Joseph 
:!l1í t:ntìulslled house 
:.:on Adams "];.bomas. bkr 
Boole E C T, bldr 
:!l1 Saunders John, exp 
:!13 Xixon Thomas C 
:!l:'t Powley George 
:!1 í J errs Isaac 
:!HI Husspy B W 
2:':1 Rohln>on Edwin 
:!".:.\ Joedlckp Charles 
:!:.::> "'elr Robert S 
227 Haml.. l\Irs Ann 
:J Llgbtfoot Wm 
2.11 Hamlv Jamps E 
lc)làbon Thomas 
:!3.. Whvtock l' B. iJtchr 
. Har'bord st ends 
23í Splan Thomas, gro 
Iayes Charle9 
241 Ford John J 
2t-'! Hurst ""alter. exp 
24:> Garrett GeorgI' A 
24í Lalster J.nnes 
24!1 Broderick A A 
2:>1 IIInm!Jv Hpnr.. 
Ioore' 'I rs Rosa 
.:> Spain F W 
2:;7 Mi<'haud W"m H 
2:>9 McCaul Thomns W 
2r.l Forwnrd Wm 
21>3 Hulme W"m T 
21);; Bolitho Chnrles H 
:!1>7 Hlrlphp.. Charles 
2';9 F.llIs Wm 
:!71 Coulman F. P 
273 Rudmnn Wm H 
[etcßlfp Archelans 
271 Vanzandt Jonas, Indry 
279 Ba..lnj!ton George W 
Ba\'lnj!ton 0 G. exp 

1 Slade Wm 
2"-1 Cuthbprtsou Hugh 
2<;:\ WIlliams Norman M 
2"7 Ford ,Wm J 
2-..(1 Wood Thomns W 
2111 Walmlsley H W F 

lcKay Hugh 
295 Whitney W B 
297 Montgomery John W 
29\j Vacant 
301 Huck Wm 
303 Ir.-Ine George E, coal 011 . 
Vacant lots 
321 Hendry R F 
:12:1 Campbell Malcolm 
32.1 Long Frnnk 
I onl: \V H. contr 
327 Barton Samnel G T 
329 Jones J W L, uphol 
Vacant lots 
343 Eldon Robert H 
34;; Adams Da.-id S 
I 347 Burton George 
:l49 )[aw Frank C 
Vacant lots 
. Bloor st w Intersect'! 
Vacant lots 
373 long 1-' W. btchr 
37í Hammond II G 
381 Fnlny Daniel 
I 383 A
h Tbomas, blchr 
\ "aeant lots 
. BaJ:lQ.[! a\ intl'r
\-acant lots 
481 R
wllnson H, d..lry 
483 Yates George W, I'Xp 
Vacnnt lot 
487 Yates John 
4RI I\Ullgate Robert 
49:1 Lowd
y James 
:; H.lwken Charles 
Privutl' gronnd.. 
503 Studholm.. \\'m J 
;;0'1 Long RoiJert 
;;Uí I\orri
;;o!1 McLeod Fr('deri
511 :-;harp 'l'homas 
 Wake Herhl'rt It 
;;1:> Jolliffe 
Irs Eliza 
:;>17 OIdfields J E 
. Follis flV IntPr
Vae'\lJt lots 
531 I..arter Wm 
533 Froud 
Irs III \, gr;> 
5-35 Xichols Robert 
Elliott Edmund 
537 Ru>"ell Wm 
539 Leith John 
.,....... West 81de 
2 Store, s e 
4 Salmon Ed" ard 
6 John
tone Robert 
8 Atkinson John II 
10 Cook Erne"t 
12 Delany John 
14 Hollinger Robert 
Hollinger Mrs E J, gro 
. H('D(lerson av Intersects 
16 IIkKeown George A 
18 Browning Charles 
20 Gardinpr 
Irs Marla 
22 Sannders Alfred G 
24 Worfolk Wm R 
2ß ""alkPr Wm S 
28 Nij!l1t1ngnle John 
30 William.. Frank G 
32 HNlj(Ps J G, tinsmith 
Va('nnt lots 
. r<>lIpgt' >t Inter
50 Fraleigh Wm S, ph1 
52 Blakeley Harry 
Beth..] f'hurch 
66 Gummer..on A W 
Vn('unt. lots 
76 Benl Wm F 
78 Ril'hards Sims, vocalist 
82 Samuplson John 
8f. Vnt'nnt 
88 ""oolley Edward H 
00 100 Mrothodlst Church 
102 Saundprs Henry J 
104 Drummond Wm 
Drummond Miss H D, 
106 Grnydon John 
108 Hall I\plson 
110 Hall Hprhert F 
Vacant lots 
116 Svencer Walter J 
Mannder John 
U8 Hny Alexander 
]20 Hotton John 
122 Allingham Win 
124 Smith Andrew 
126 Lnkc John M 
128 Mawhinney Wm 

Iacpherson Oscar M 
2 l'n tteraon Frnnk 
1:l4 Killer Wm C 
138 Glßndln John, plstr 
140 Harvey R 
142 'Jason '1'homas W 
144 :\1"Honnld 'I' A, coni 
146 Wardell Wm, honse mOTel 
148 Smith Mr8 C E 
Private g,'ounds 
152 ]':..ans David 
1;)4 I';gles Wm 
156 De l\[ara A H, bkI' 
1:;8 'I'hompson John II, conf1 
11;0 Spriug('tt James 
11;2 Steer St,'phen, gro 
164 1110 wa t haac 
It.ôlì ('nit Hohert C 
16R Wilson Will 
170 l'arkinson Wm H 
172 Nicholson A D 
111 Hughes Joseph 
171; Weston Wm 
1711 Ogden Johu 
.I':vans av commences 
ISO Harper John E 
Irs M, gro 
2 Milson John 
18', Low Joseph H 
Ioulton DanIel 
Wet Bell Jo
eph R 
W2 Watson Joseph H 
1!14 Alfred 
InG ('r01gg< Wm, dairy 
1!18 'faggllrt Hobert 
200 Bertie J, bicycle livery 
2O.J Mertle ArchliJald 
:.'OG Hopper John, gro 
2118 Hewitt George 
:'>10 Hedges Joseph G 
212 Gore Robert 
214 B,'od, Charles 
21r. :\Icdland Wm G 
21S Batf' Walter 

.! :-;lI\'C"ter E C 
224 I aiI'd Joseph C 
22-j :\lc)l
urlnnd J3meø C 
228 Mitchell Charles W 
:.>:;() lIusseY James 
2:12 Low Ârthur 
:.>:14 Collis lI1iss Mary 
2:'; ('I",'k Alfred W 
2:8 Elliott Andrew J, dairy 
210 :\Iitchell John H 
212 Itouse John L 
214 Ini:lis Walter F 
211; Butler Alfred 
2-tS Butler Gl'orge 
2;;0 Camplln Mrs E J 
2.02 m"hworth II1rs H, drsmkr 
2:>1 '[..('01llum J A 
2:;', It'edale Thomas B 
) Wrlgut Wm J 
2;;., :\laln Richard 
2.;() Wrig-ht Wm J 
2';2 Butler John 
2..4 Garrett George S C 
2'ôG Bmlthwalte Joseph 
2.;G Hl'ffron James J 
2õO Westwood L J 
272 Hogers Geo M, pntr 
27'; Bean Joseph 
27S Cnll Henry J 
O Wood Mrs Ellen 
2-2 Sihley & Son, uphols 
Slhley Edwnrd 
2"4 Hickerson R, bicycles 
2<;r. Bpn>on Klngsborough 
2<<8 Phillips (,harles, gro 
290 Treloar Wm 
Vacant lots 
3:10 Bowden J W 
3:12 Vncant 
Vnc01nt lots 
. Cliuton pi commences 
Vncant lot9 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, s e 
372 Newborn S. whol btchr 
:l7t; SluJ!leton Mrs M 
Private grounds 
382 (,headle Benj 
Prh'n te grounds 
 Glfklns Wm L, btchr 
Vacant lots 
. Barton av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
490 Crowburst G D, dailY 
Crowhnrst W H. dairy 
492 Boston Thomas 

494 Dennison John 
496 Enright Cornellns 
498 Westerby F, excavator 
000 Steed Wm 
f)()2 Hroomhead John 
Vacant lots 
508 Watson George 
512 BlUnes W K, btchr 
. [.'ollls av Intersects 
Prlvate grounds 
516 Moore George 
518 Xeate Charles 
524 Henr
52'; Larter Alfred W 
52., Miller Thomas 
5:';0 Cook John 
532 ,'acant 
534 Hardman J T 
Vacant lots 
580 Cole Alfred T 
Vacant lots to end 

CLINTO:-J PL, w from 350 
Clinton, ward 5, 
. " .. ,. " Xorth Side 
Vacant lots 
...... " South Side 
Vacant lot 
1 Crewson Joseph W 
3 Spencer "" m J 
5 Finnigan Owen 
7 Skinner Mrs Jane 
!J HathwlI\' I'rancls G 
11 Marks tteuiJen 
13 Vacant 
1:; Bryan Joseph 

(,LOSE A V, n from OTR to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6, 
. . . , . . . " East Side ..,...... 
1 Robinson 
Irs Jane 
3 Cadenhead Alex'tnder 
5 Duperow Norman 
j :\Ioe James 'V 
11 Stotesburr Cha9 A 
13 Presant Charles F 
'acant lot9 
21 Smallpelce H E 
Home for Incurahles, r e 
95 Godfrey Rev Robert 
97 Ashpr Alexander 
99 Smith Alfred T 
101 ('rews Re.. Albert C 
105 Harris G E, grocer 
109 Inglis Wm S B 
Club house, s e 
. King st w Intenecta 
In'lng W"m J 
Parkdnle Rink, B e 
143 Williams Samuel 
145 Smith James 
131 Vacant 
153 Shaw Herbert A 
155 Parish Robert 8 
157 Core.. F Trnman 
159 Brady Francis A 
161 Eaton Robert W 
If.'! 8tO\'ei Ebpnezer 
lr.5 (,hlsholm Wm C 
167 Hatch Arthnr F 
169 Somer..l1Ie Miss IIllIY 
Vacant lots 
1<11 Lester Mrs I'll C 
183 Hamilton Wm 
185 'Ia..fleld Alfred 
187 Hannah Robert J 
189 Irving James R 
191 SmIth Cecil B 
193 Earl Wm 
lcConnell A C 
latthew9 Harry E 
Iearns Robert, florl"it 
207 Bailey George 
[cDon01ld Caleb fI 
209'h Beattie Wm A 
211 Godson Arthur F 
211'h Chamberlain S H 
213 Parsons Wm G 
. . __ .. __ . West Side .......,. 
House, 9 e 
6 Nash Patrick I'll 
8 Downey Thoma... bldr 
10 Prestoñ Rohert 0 
12 Pearce Arthur V 
14 Rlack Dnvld 
1/\ Z,Ucks Wm J 
18 Hurst Auhrey 0 
20 i'llingay Frank G 

Metallic Ceilin




Roofing Co., ultm. 

. ft.....rrft... ""rft 




Close Av. 





Ioe Chnrles H 
Yacnnt lots 
30 Keeler l'ercy A 
32 Mc Knj:uf' H H 
34 Sibboid 
Uss Janet 
36 Rosser Harr)' P 
40 Deau Uobert W 
42 Ueld At'moUl' D 
44 Scheibe George T 
Vacant lots 
58 Hitchle Frederick Å 
00 Hunter \Vm H 
ü2 Uay Egerton W 
64 Foote 1I1 1 ss Jean 
6': \V..tson Geo C, bldr 
68 J';lIIe.')' J Gordon 
70 Scripture Thomns N 
72 Harris LouIs M 
74 Reburn Wm G 
76 Neft' Arthur C 
Vacant lots 
82 Prench Sheldon Y 
84 Cook James A 
86 Westren John, jr 
Queen Victoria School 
House, s e 
. KIng st w Intersects 
Vncant lot.. 
la6 Smith Robert 
138 Vacant 
142 Hunter Thomas 
144 Harris Audrew D 
146 Threlkeld Wm 
160 Soutbcott G W 
162 Arland \VIII H 
1ü4 Ballt.v Charles L 
106 Goodfellow James 
]68 E"ans Robert 
lIl1er Thomas W 
Colleginte Institute, r e 
2011 La ws \Vm 
Queen City IUnk, s e 

COATS\VORTH, s from 457 
1\:lng e, ward 2, 
. . , . . . . .. I%st Side 
1 I:!tore, a . 
3 Churchill I
5 Marlatt Wm H 
7 Shecbnn' Philip 
!) Burus 
11 Cat... Alfrcd H 
13 Hvl:md 
I..s CatherIne 
15 !>l,mnlng Francis E 
17 Benson John 
19 Bowen Albert 
. . . . . _ _ _ \\" t'st 
ltle .,....... 
2 Housc. s e 
Irs Ellen E 
6 Foster Francis 
8 Glhbons Wm 
10 Quluu ('hnrles 
12 Hvlund TIJOmas 
14 HÎlrvey John A 
16 Vanllect Wm 
18 1.'lnch \h's CatherIne 
20 Clark Mrs Mary 

from 2ï7 Outnrlo to Parlia- 
ment, wnrd 2. 
. .. . . . . .. North Side., " .. .. . 
Not hullt ou 
......... South Side 
House. s e 
11 Russell Chu rles 
House, s e 

COBOURG A V, w from rear 
of Duft'erln DrIving Park to 
Brock av, fourth n of Col- 
lege, ward 6. 
. . . , . . , .. North SIde ... - .. . . , 
2 G..lffln Thomas, mus tchr 
4 DaUrv Osborne E 
10 Stpel,; p, urt limbs 
. Brlgbton vI comlnences 
House. Q !Po 
..,...... South Side ,........ 
11 Terrv Thom'ls 
13 Hnlñes John 11 

COLRORNE i E' from 61 Yonge 
to West 1> al-ket, ward 3. 
. . . . . " .. North Side... ...., 
4 Trnders' Bank Bldg, s e 
6-8 NordhE'lmer Piano & 
lIIuslc Co Ltd, r e 
10-16 Murray \V A & Co, r e 
18-22 Vacant 

21'; Webber J H, mnfrs' al';[ 
B..ltlslt Chemical Co 
R...]nor Wnter Co 
28 "fiC.wt store 
28'fI Nasmlth Co r e 
30 Xpw J H & ëo,mfrs' agts 
'rnronto SI'W"1' J'lpe Co 
32 AIiHou 1\1 B, woollens 
32Yo Edmanson. Butes & Co, 
pro nled 
lunJle 'lfg 
Co Ltd 
rt,t...hnnts' Counter 
ClIec-k Bool< Co 
36 Harhoe R B & Co, teas 
:i8 'l'o"\'Iln('E' & ß.tln, 
. Lender Inne Intersect!! 
40 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co 
Flt'lder liltS Co, jE'wE'1 
42 Hub Hot",1 
44 Dewdn..y A H & Bros, 
46 Richm'n A, clgnr Jut\' 
Dods P D & Co, paints 
Islnnd City Vnrnlsh,Paloijt 
& Color Works 
Bon Ton Mnnufacturlng 
Co, ladles' wear 
48 Ozone Co of Tor, pro med 
50 McLaren J C Belting Co 
MacArthur Å 1>, mfrB' 
Ifg 0 
Star Jron Co 
1\2 Wells S C & Co, pro med 
luerson G I'
. mfrs' agt 
B..nnett Chemical Co 
54 Imperial I
xtrnct Co 
IIrll:ht T G & Co, wlneB 
XI,,/-:ara Fulls 'Vine Co 
56 \"1<'nnt 
1\8-60 Green W ". & Co, whol 
Store, " e 
. l'hurch st Intersects 
62 FerrlE'r & Co, produce 
64 !\lcVean F & ('0, ,'Inegar 
Baltimore Oyster Co 
ImperIal Mllfg Co, shIrt 
 Ryan J J, com mer 
or. Ash H J, produce 
68 Vacant 
70 Smith T H & Co, produce 
72 Imperial Produce Co 
H King- Darrell Produce C<; 
KIn!!: A J.produce exporter 
7(1 Andrew. George, proV8 
Peters Herbert, whol frnlt 
Moyer S K, whol fruit 
James F G, fish 
78 'Wllliams & SOl), pickles 
Barrett T F 
80 Collyer John, bdg hse 
Kimpton Chas, wbol frnlt 
82 Hushand Bros & Co, fruit 
84 Coutts J & Co, fruIt 
86 Store, 8 e 
88 Brownlow J W & Co, 
Store, s e- 
......... South SIde ,....,... 
Trust Building. s e 
11 Bremer A It & Co, pro 
Alison Thomas, woollens 
Woodwnrd Ch..mlcal Co 
Dudley & Burns prts 
luster Vnlv 
Guild Gazette 
Misslonnry Link 
Uanldu Court 
19 McCormick Harvesting 
IIlachine Co 
Warehouse, 8 e 
. Scott st ends 
21 Store, s e 
21% Belcll
 F A, rest 
23 Cochrnn Robert, brok..r 
25 1>IPlntyre. Son & Co, 
who I dry goods 
27 Tuckahoe Llthla Water 
('0, storehouse 
29 Frfime G, elec supplies 
31 III0ssop'" Hotel 
33 Vacant 
35 Locbore Alex, tlr 
I('f'onnell George & Co, 
whol liquor" 

. Lead..r lune Intersect8 
;:\!J Vllcant 
41 Cauadlun Kodak Co 
43 L
 mlln. Kuox & Co, whol 
4;) Long Albert E, paper box 
Imp..rlal Book Co 
47 Bolte A, brewer8' 8UP- 
l lliPs 
40 "oodbridge 'r & Co, sad- 
dh','y hal'dware 
51 MneLaren A F ImperIal 
('lIeese C... 
1\2 Atleau"" F E & Co, dye 
55 Mllb.....n T & Co, pro 
1\7-61 Hotel, s e 
. Climch st Intersect8 
Stbre. s e 
113 Standard Oyster Co 
115 H,..-ou 'VIII H, cartage 
117-71 Covp, Clark Co, mfg 
sta t:oners 
73 Minto Bros, wllol teas 
75 Vacant 
77 McLean J A, produce 
79 Fox Hros. provs 
81 Barrett Wm. produce 
83 Olbb A & Co, provIsIons 
Store. 8 e 

COI.II'A, n from 950 Enstern 
ItV, ward 1. 
Not hullt on 

COLLAHIE, w from 166 Bea- 
eonsfield a v to Gladstone av, 
\\urcl u. 
. .. .. . ... N ortb Side ....... 
House, 8 a 
6 Sliortt Joseph I" 
8 Shortt Wm J 
10 Sbel>3rd Mrs HenrIetta 
12 Uaslem Fred T 
H A..dill John 
1(; FIelds George 
18 I'..escott Cliarles F 
20 Singer W1II F 
22 Cflcl1rnne James M 
24 Maephale Mrs M A 
26 Doyle Wm I
28 Helilemlller Cliarles 
30 Fogal ArchIbald 
:12 Haslam George R 
34 Sim))son :\lIss 1', dt'
30 Robson '\'m E 
38 Grogan Wm 
. .. . .. ... South SIde ..... 
Honse. s e 
3 Kennedy ClIarll's lX 
5 Gregory Charles 
7 Mlehael John 
tI 'J'nylor John l
11 Woodland lI1rs M.II'y 
la Hog."s John 
15 Usterhout Hel'lJe..t G 
17 \'acnnt 
19 Hurt Charles 
21 'rhorucloe \V C, muS tebr 
2:1 "'elhur.. \"m J 
. A laue 
2., Hon cll Frnncls J 
27 Attridge Edward 
29 Mult. George 
:11 At'mst.'ong Thomas 
33 Wood JOSt'plt 
a5 Coulter 
lIss JauE' 
:11 Hutler AnIon N 

OI.I.I':GE ì w from 448 Yonge 
to w of ndlan rd, wards :', 
4, 5 aud 6. 
.....,.., North 
ide ......... 
2 Oddfellows' Hull Bldg 
JlnJ"ne Vlucent. jnnltor 
1'0 0 F Hall find lodge 
1-2 Itoper I.'rcd 
3 "acant 
4 G.lllagher T E, dent 
:; 1I0ss John F, dentl8t 
:>%-9 Ximmo & Harrison, 
bnslneAA college 
10 f'aldwell Hugh 
11 Hayne \ïncent 
12-13-14 Plummer MIss L 

15 !\Immo & Harrison 
17 MorrIson Lewis N 
18-19 Gouznles R,mus tchr 
20 Macmillan MIss Via, 
mus tChr 
21 Ahbott I; C, dentist 
22--23 Foster G B, phy 
24 lI1orrlson LewIs N 
2,j-2tJ Currle T A, dentl8t 
27. Shankllu MIss E B Y, 
Christian scientist 
28 Vncant 
29 Harper Will E 
30 McKa)' lI1rq GeorgIna, 
ChrIstian sclentlst 
31 EakIns W G 
:)2 Stouer MIss LIllie G 
33 Heudershott 
lIss L R. 
{"hilla þntr 
34 Oldfield A H. mus tchr 
Cutt..r G \\', caretkr 
Ground floor- 
I"tampE'r Fred 
Irs J, work 
roo 111 
4-t; Ituhert"",.. 
lrs J. ladles' 
8 lI1arren JUll1es. barber 
10 CI:nJ.e 
Jiss F A. confy 
12 Thom.on R L. taHOl' 
"nl":1l1t. r 
10 Ard,,/;h Artllur 
18 C..pon I,' J, dentist 
20 Ball George L, dentist 
Ilihsou Huhe,'t E 
40 I'lIlmer I. Lor'lIl, phy 
50 Aikins W II H. pllr 
52 IIl'lunger Joseph 
Belnng.... \J,II' J A. drsmkr 
54 WIIE'Y IIl1s" I'llariotte E 
50 Ppnrsun Xath.lnicl, dentist 
Penrsou C 1-:. dentist 
58 MeLn..en Jnuwq C 
00 Ryerson G Hterllug, phy 
72 \\'lIson Juhn 
74 Pat"..sou 
76 Sulli,-nn \liss 
I, drsmkr 
78 \Yilson Sall1uE'1 
80 Grantham Mrs LInda 
82 l'all:18 Harry 
81 lIoldlp Wm, phy 
. Ellz:1heth st Int..rseCrq 
7,ion ('oug Ch 
00 Cook Edgar M, phy 
02 Smith G ß. phy 
9tJ WlIIlI10tt J n & W E. 
"',Ihuntt J Brnnstou 
100 PI"ÍlIlI"US" Alex. phy 
102 Pelt.... t: A. surg 
110 Tor Hihll' T..aiu Hchoal 
IIlllc"'1II1:1I11 Rev \\'m 
lcGee \It's III:1ry A 
lpGee J.I111t'S (' 
116 Henry 
Irs LOllisa 
. I:nt to QUC1'u's l'urk 
142 "'orts 
. {"nlverslty c,'es commence 
lR4 Drew Jam,'s 
1(11'> Leach Hngh 
2()() Cosby IIlrs Clara 
. St st commE'npE'S 
21t; r..rklns Edwnrd J 
Zl'i Vacant 
2:18 Rohb :\Irs I""hella 
240 Klhw.. Chnrles 
. Hurou st Intersects 
244-252 Gract' HoQpltnl 
2':2 Kl'Ilnss IIlrs Charlotte 
2H4 Jo'er/-:uson John, ))hy 
21õ6 Swepny fie,- ('anon J F 
Ieth ('h 
. f'padlna IlV Intersect. 
21)8 Can Bank of Commerc
270 Tangent Cycle Co 
272 Hickmnn John, gro 
274 Avenue Chambers 
!\Iorson Alfred Est rl ('j!t 
1 Brethour F G, dentist 
2-3 I'E'a('ock R M, dentist 
4 WestHn Business Col- 
5 Brown 
lIss B 
1\ Goodill/( Thomas J 
ï lunE's II1lss Isa.bel, dr... 
making school 

w. · 


NACHI I UNION O Å F S E S NG U LA R N A o. N A. C o. E 171 S 4. 0CI ETY 
-... -- --- --.- 

Head Office. 
King St. E. 


FINANCIAL and other Corporations 

c" lIp w'. 








ÇnlD nDnlD
 in "1/"nDrmnnrl" TllnDlllritD
 HI:mrlnllnrlRrtl for BunnliQII:. Tunewriters Rentea. 

8 Junor Miss C, artist 

, Hetzner Jacob 
In :<mvtb 
Ir.. A 1 
11 l'eÎld Miss :\I, drsmkr 
Iatbleson ::; C 
13 Cruiksbank :\Irs Eu- 
genia J, '1'1:1st 
14 Toronto Tbeosopbical 
s May, 
music teach"r 
15-16 Helnrlcb Misa }.'.mus 
17 Crew.. Harry S 
AIl"y :\Ir
18-20 Lodge room 
19 International Business 
Co lip!:.. 
21 1I0hinson :\11"9 Jean, 
wood carver 
:!:! 2-1 !I[etropolltan Seh ot 
A,enu" Hull 
276 Joss & Co, hardware 
 lIryee Alex, dairy 

O Dunu Tbom.,
, sboes 
[d)ougull Duncan, gro 
lcKerrigban J, 1I0rist 
z.,.; Xewlove F H. stat l' 
Parkin J W. pboto 

S Stote..hury It C, ,'Igars 
200 Urr J F & W 
:, Incycle>> 
:\Ia pes J a me
ewton Cbarles, shoes 
29-1 HI
lop H W, baker 

I.-Laug"blin Wm H 
296 Swiss Steam IÆundry (IIr) 
Brit Am Dyeing Co tbr) 
!taynor Allnn 
298 !lfiekletbwalte 
::100 J',[eGIII J D, undertkr 
302 Xlebol
 A J, btcbr 
. Robert st t'omw.'nces 
30-1 Purvis A 
I. millinery 
306 Tbompson 
Irs :\Iarlan 
30'\ Jacob, jy,lr 
Iacdonald W, sew macb 
312 Gee Walter 11 & Co, 
Gee Walh'r B 
314 Hediean Frank 
Rediean \lr
 S, fcy gds 
31G Tynell 
Ielvin. barber 
318 Wicks T H. jwlr 
320 Gray Wm, bilker 
:122 I'aln...r Cbllrl..s. stllty 
32-1 Cbard E W, bard ware 
326 G.lpln Wm H. drugs 
. !I[njor st commences 
330 Sblelds Miss Agnes 
3-10 Vacant 
3-12 Alpba lileYI'll' Livery 
Lunnn David J 
344 Rrayl,"y & Co. btcbrs 
3-16 Sykes \\ III J, g..o 
348 Klluer T B, flour 
350 Brayley & Co, mlnrs 
IIravley James I
352-5-1 lIubilc Library 
. Brun
wlck av commences 
35ti Dominion Produce Co 
358 Cum Cbong, I:tUndry 
360 Clark Ale... sto\'"es 
362 Lapntnlkoff Aaron, tlr 
Lnpatnlkolf Miss C. Ger. 
man teaehe<' 
364 :\[cLacblan J I,., 
366 Tueker Mrs E, provs 
Tucker "'alter 
;.;68 IIlrmingbam Henry, baker 
370 Townsend Wm 
Odd i'IIrs IWzabeth, fcy 
Toronto 'Voodworklng 
Williams Uobert, Illaeh 
370'h Central Macblne Works, 
bicycle mnfl'S 
372 Doel Wm H. jr 
37-1 Jones \Irs Louisa 
376 11 rldgla ud C 11. g..o 
378 Currie Wm, tallor 
380 Taylor Bros Co, proTs 
. Borden st eommences 
382 Coiling James H. drugs 
3tH Habart Fred, hlcbr 
386 Blnmbergb 
, plmbr 



388 Riley IIIlsses J & M, fcy 

Iiss Jane 
390 Tasker Jonatban 
3!12 Clarke III..s Isabella 
300 P('pler W H. pby 
. Ulster st commenees 
Vncant lots 
Ch..lst Cbureb, r " 
Lippincott st In tersects 
41-1 1I1ason Artbur 
418 Cowles Mrs Emmn 
Vaeant lots 
422 MeLpod 0 B, prluter 
42-1 Reynold
 H R, h.trber 
-126 Houston J \V, drugs 
G " W Tel Co (bl") 
428-:\0 French Edwin baker 
4:>2 Irving "m, sboes 
43-1 Hooppr Jonatbnn, dry gds 
436 V"caut 8tore 
4:JS Wbite Ahmbam. gro 
-1-10 .'rencb IS1lac. flour 
Pense Edward. wblps 
. Batburst st Inter"'-'cts 
I'resbvterlnn Cburcb 
VacalÎt lots 
468 Clouse Elias. pby 
470 Bentley I,afayette, pby 
472 Gilpin Will H, drugs 
e Herbert S 
. !llarkbam st Inters('cts 
47-1 MoU J J. bardwar., 
476 Peterson 1I1rs S C, elgars 
478 Sommt'rvllle S. sboemkr 
Vacnnt lots 
. Palmerston av \Iltersects 
Bapllst Churcb 
Vacnnt lots 
ueJjd av intersects 
Vacant lots 
. !llannlng 1IV Intersects 
51;8 Grlgor Johu, gro 
580 Johnston F & Co, coal 
Curry George, sboemkr 
586 Hoffman Jume8. barbN' 
Parkblll Alexander 
:;88 Hudson Wm 
Hudson )',Irs !lIinnle, conry 
500 Hibbard G E, drugs 
Clinton st P 0 
590'6 ArmstrouJ! Simon 
Juhlle" B.tll 
á92 Uawn Alhert \', btchr 
59-1 Hnll Xelson, gro 
. Clluton st intt'rsects 
596 Fralelgb Dr Will S 
:;t18 1IleRae Ch'Jrl('s A, pby 
Yaennt lots 
.tsillyth Alexander 
Vnennt 10lS to 810 
"10 Grier S.1Inu('I, gro 
812 "'ehlhnber Ricbnrd 
81-1 Powell Hnrrlson 
Vac1lnt lots 
H22 E,-erett Rr08. gros 
b2-1 Carlaw 
Irs lIIary, gr. 
Carlaw AI('xander 
S2G Chisholm W G. btebr 
Vaennt lot 
8.12 Davl,.s "'w Co, provs 
.Osslngton av Inter"ects 
834 nrown Ephraim. gro 
Vacant lots 
8GO I.ucas Henry, bldr 
. Con$'ord fl" commenees 
\'acnnt lots 
. J)"laware n,- commences 
!..H Barrlnlrton T G. plmbr 
936 Radcliffe DaTld, gro 
1'ufiuisl\('d building 
. Dovercourt rd Intersects 
Vaeant lots 
fl56 Se.trlett Uohert A 
l'rl\-ate grounds 
. Rn"holme rd intersects 
Ilol1se, R C 
"aeant lots 
. Haveloek st commences 
Vnennt lots 
McRonald John F, coal 
. Glndstone av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
t". s e 
. DnlT('I-11> st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Sherltlnn av Inte......cts 
1158 Woods Wm J 
lWO Woods '[r" Snsan 
1162 Pym Albert V 

. I 

llf.-t Cox Jobn 
11m; :\Iartln Artbnr A 
1168 Burns l';ugene R 
1172 Rrown Hobert B 
lcI ('an Jobn B 
2 H.lrrison Miss Bertbn 
6 C....aloek Slepben J 
. Brock av Inlersects 
Vncant lots 
. :\Iarguer..tta st Intersects 
1252 X"wall Rollel"t 

Irs III, confy 
12:H O'Connor Jobn. gro 
I:!:\.; Raines S.lIDuel 
12:\8 Arnold llenr\'" C 
1240 \IlGulre Ricbard 
12-12 n...... h-ex Cbrlstopbt'r 
12-1-1 Jobnson E<Jward E 
12-16 Penney G"orgc E 
[oroney John 
\" acant lots 
. St l:lar..ns st Intel'sects 
\- acan t lots 
1278 Sand..r
on Hohert H 
\'aeant lots 
. I ansdown av inter5!e.lts 
:\ot open tor two blocks 
ornu.."n a,' Intenects 
Vacant lots 
. I ynd a v eommenccs 
\'acant Jots 
. Ronees\'"alles av intersects 
\" aean t lots 
Pleree :\Irs :\Iary 
... .. "... South Side,........ 
Store, s I' 
[cLaughlin It G, dentist 
Proudfoot Tbomas 
3 Wood Henry 
', dentist 
5 Andel'son J N, pby 
7 Harrington E A, dentist 
9 Sønde.-son '1'homas 
11 Sand"rson Jobn 
PI ivntc grounds 
31 Blsbop Stmcbn School 
Hodgson Horaee W, cnre, 
. Teraulay st ends 
Garratt A H, phy 
Va........nt lots 
. Mission a\'" ends 
liosp for Siek Children 
. Eliza betb st In tersects 
Vaeabt lots 
83 Forster 
85 Morrison :\Ilss Ellen M 
87 Ston" D1Ini"l 
liss _:\1, nurse 
1;ss M. nurse 
03 Hoyal Collt.'ße of Dental 
Jones Thoma. B 
99 Sv.ankey 1-I..-ycle Clnb 
103 Somerville He..bert B 
10;; Gmv 
Iss J1Ine 
107 Bloôm"r J..wes C 
109 Arnoldi 
Irs Agnes 
Ii's E !II, nurse 
111 Morse W I'ltman 
115 Flet"ber Hohe..t A 
117 Seymour !llrs "Iary 
Seymour Miss T, mus tcbr 
IHI I,'nce 011 ver 
121 lIi11am George 
 0..." lIIrs Eh Ira 
125 Osl... Hon Featherston 
13:j Wa:Us Charles H 
. t.:"nht"rsltv It" ('nds 
135-7 Tor êOD.....rvatory ot 

u"lc, Ed"ard Fisber 
musical dlrector 
'1'or ('onser> 11 tory Scb ot 
Elocution. !lIb" 

"s'on prln 
141 \\ ib;on Wm 
1-13 Sl1nl'son H 1>, photo 
145 Young W A. phy 
Jennings Jmnes 
("3tJlldlan Jonrnal of 1Iledl- 
clu" and Surgery 
U!J Toronto T..cbnlelll Scbool 
!l108es Frank 
Private grounds 
151) WiI<on Wm J. pby 
löl Stneey C E, pby 
163 1I1cHonaid Tbomns 
165 Tod.1 James A. pby 
.J',lcCaul st ends 
167 Powell X Alhert, pby 
169 Trebilcock 1" C, pby 

I . 
, -".' 

:. . 
,. "to"''' 

Patterson Mrs Martba 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
Irs H R 
175 Dlekson lIfattbew C 
177 Bayly 
I1ss E, nurse 
liss Jennie 
Ban\ Ick 
lIss M C, nurse 
Plnyter 'lIss !II, nurse 
Douglas :\ G, nurse 
179 Coombc 
Irs Emma 
181 ('oans "'m n 
18:j Davle J.eila A, pl1y 
18:) Tbom Cbarles A 
187 !llclntyre A D, dentl
. Henry st ends 
189 Yaeant 
191 Clarke Jobn T. pby 
11)3 S..igJey 
I. s 
I J 
195 Ben nett :\Irs )Ielcy 
197 Hanna Da\'"ld 
199 Dymond Bertba, pby 
21.11 l't'aU F....nk 111 
203 "'under '\"m :\1, d...nlst 
207 Davidson Alex. pby 
. Be,..rley st ends 
211 ("nwtbra Henry 
. Ross 5t ends 
 Alison Tbomas 
2'29 Vltcnnt 
Vacnnt lot 
Ienebnm & Co, dmgs 
nnll Mrs SlIsnn 
235-2-17 Davison J R, gro 
Bowman Artbnr M 
. Huron st Intersects 
21!J ('ar\"etb G H. pby 
2-13 Ed"a.ds Josepb 
2-19 V''''lInt 
25;; Jermvn !I[rs Anna 
Pa wson 
' J. phy 
2:;7 Johnston !llisses M 10< 1<:. 
J obnston 
I1ss 1[ !.[ 
Bo"ell Da\"ld J 
259 H8mllton Miss N, d,-wkr 
2tJl Hoare H G. dentist 
263 Alison lIInttbew B 
Bank. s e 
. Spadina a..- intersecls 
Store. a !Po 
21,7-!I Steward Bloek 
Conger COlli Co (ht") 
A Rlcbardson S A 
lIIls J A, dentist 
5 Jobnstone, J F, music 
6-7 P('rry 
I1ss !If J, dresg. 
8 l'ordhelm..r Albert 
9-10 Tbomson George, 
11 Hailett J H 
12 Tbompson George 
13-14 Smllrt Wm 
15 lI[orrlson "'m 
16 Thompson :\1\8& Flor- 
enee. artist 
17 Murrny Daniel 
18 Wright W. caretkr 
Cbrlstinn Brethren 
Stewllrd'l! Hail 
2'11 W..IJ!ht Wm. tlr 
27:\ Asqultb Jobn, sbo('mkr 
275 Readmnn HI.;. blt-ycles 
2;7 Dnvles C & ('0, pntr
279 Mnrks Yis"es M & I.. 
2'11 Aebeson Will n, tlr 
283 EII!!.- Hnrry. nndertaker 
285 Busb 
I E, gro 



120 Collpgp, 


287 Frogley C J, bak..r 
Helll Charles 
289 Smith J B, jwlr 
291 Vacaut 
293 Oï.l'a,"y J J. livery 

lfg Co, tin, 
Fulrgt"ievl' An:hlhald 
803 8nlmon Lumber Co 
811 Charlll' Luug landr.. 
Watkins C, locksmith 
313,15 Sarntoga Laundry Co 
McMullen C W 
Prl""te grounds 
321 Kel'fer Ed\\ln. dentist 
323,25 Adams J Frank dentist 
327 !IIallo('h W J 0, pbY 
329 Macdonald 0 F, phy 
331 Bryan )lntthe\l: 
333 O'Ll'ary John J 
335 Morrow Bugl1 
 Delanv 'rhos. tl'aLl 
337 }.Ioss Slglsmund S 
343 Dalby Gporgl' 
, coal 
Dalhy MI
s M. elocution- 
. Augusta IIV ends 
345 Wallls Uporgp. plmbr 
347 Slngl'r Mfg Co (hr) 
IIlcllõclcl' John 
349 Good James, Inrlry 
351 Perk
 H J. dl'corator 
3ð3 Emery Thomas 
Emer:v Miss E. drsmkr 
355-55'h \' a cn n t (2) 
367 Riddell Thomas 
St Stl'phen's (,h reading 
room. r 
St Stpphl'n',. Church, s e 
. Bplle\'ul' fi\ end
Fire Hnll No 8. s e 
381 Chr!!,tlnn 'Yorkers' Ch 
Shaw Richard 
391 Pulll'r T Hichard 
3..'13 Huntpr )lI"s A I 
Yllcant lots 
399 Wrhrbt !IIrs E J 
403 Sanderson John 
407 Robl'rton Wm. cnrpt clnr 
. Lippincott st Intl'rsí'cts 
409 Cleary John F. gro 
411-13 Baxtpr Gporge. china 
415 Allen J R. upholstl'rpr 
417 Sproule Hoht T. htchr 
419 Low J T W. hllrness 
Tlerne:v Mrs K dr!'mkr 
421 Harradpn Alf,"pd.('roekery 
Vllcant lots 
. Bathurst st Intersects 
Pnhllc Scbool. 8 e 
. f'ollege vi commences 
457 Prlcp Adhur. htchr 
459-61 LohlRW 'I' p. gro 
Adllm Dn..ld 
463 Ronl'Y E,lw"rd S, tlr 
Jackson wñl R. mus tchr 
465 "'on/: 1-'00, Indr
467 Ritchie H A f'..clp Co 
PnUon Fd\\"...I,} 
HltchlP 'Irs !llnrla 
400 Dale I\Irs f', coufy 
OreenlaUJI Oordon 
471 Starr F.'ell :'II G. phy 
Vacllnt lots to 
Iannlng av 
1193 'Vro. gt'O 
1í95 Topp F G. htchr 
Vacant lots to Dulferln 
1113 )f<,Glnnls Hohprt C 
1115 Wbnl('y Jobn A 
1117 Rogers Gporge 
1119 Brpnkpv Ch
rll's F 
1121 Farrnnts Edwin 
1123 I\Ic1\l:ohon Walter 
Vacant lots to Ynrgupr- 
1253 Bond Charles 
. a 
. St Clarpns II.. Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
1259 Elrick f'bllrll's G 
1261 Ellard Bn!!"11 E 
 Le"lI('k Wm B 
1265 Orlffln Peter 
Vacllnt lots to end 

. . . .. . ... West Side ..... 
Store. a 0 
2 Cleary 1
l"fiJ]ds P 
R, e from 807 Yonge 
to east of I'ark .-d, ward 2. 
. . . .. . , '. oS ortb Side ."... . . . 
lIou5P. Q ø 
6 'I',I} 101' Rohert 
8 'l'nylt". Ellga.' 
. Sevei'll lane COillltlences 
lU HInton AI\"en 
14 Dwan !llichael J 
16 1.111110\\ !llrs Chnrlolte 
18 Smallman G.' 
20 AhllU Edward 
lIIerson Mrs L B nurse 
22 1\IcDongnll Hl'clor' 
24 Bourkp And,'I'W 
2/J Ba..rett J"IlIl'S 
28 Sunllerson Will 
ao Hewlett James 
. Reynolds st cOlllmenc
32 Lnldl:o\\ Anllrew 
34 Uohins S"l1Iuel 
au Joncs 1111's Jnne 
38 Gossage Cha..les A 
40 Bdhnne 
Ilss Jane 
42 'Villl:llns Waite,' d 
44 !';ewlon I
ntncis U 
46 Dobson )Irs Samb ,4- 
. I'nrk rd Intl'rsects 
 1:lllolt James W 
5-1 Slewa..t 1I1.s Emily 
56 }(e,",' John 111 
58 Petry Waite.. F 
GO Lewis Albe..t T 
G2 Hutchinson 1""l'derkk \V 
Galhraith IUcbard G 
G4 Rlehards J.lml's 
66 Boultpr Honry C 
G8 Arlllst..on!!" Frt'derlck W 
10 Rrown Alt'xllnde.. 
72 nrown Gco\"
74 S}'lInev I
..nest C 
76 Tu..ner \Ym A 
. . , , . , . " Sonth Sltle ,......,. 
1-3 Storp, s I' 
7 Flnlapon W J, dairy 
9 )Hlls !lI,-s H,'It'n 
13 Rusb ;\[rs H..len 
15 1.'ll'gehen J, hlllsroltb 
J.l'l'lIl(c Angustus 
17 Fi"!whell James 
Powell 1\I..s S, nnrse 
21 lll"O\I"n Cb.....les W 
23 Cnrtls !IIrs Mary 
25 Jones Gem'g-e H 
2f1 Itod!!"ers John 
33 "'hlte Hany R 
31 l\anks Grpenhow 
41 ;\Inrplly Alex R 
lu"llhy Archlhald J It 
. I'm-I, ..d inte,'s.'cts 
51 "'ooll!! J,mws 11 
55 '(n."tllnel" -rhoßJns 
fiT BIshop Charles ß 
59 Uoothe AII.....t E 
61 Booth Wm N 
 Dnlm,.g-p Sidnpy D 
. ;\Icll..ltle IIa..rv R 
61 Ruston Frederick 
li9 1I0hi'l't
l)n !l1I's I 
11 He:vps S\"Ilnl"- A 
73 cbèckll'Y" Ed,,'ln J 
15 SllIltb Archihald W 
71 Fraser 'Vm J 
19 H" rlleU ,V m 
81 Juhn.!-'to1\í' ".IU 
83 Pettit IIIN Helen (' 
85 Cmger f'lmries 

COJ.t;!lIRVS, w oPP 38\J 
SOI"aUI"en nv, vnu'd 6. 
......... Korth Side ....... 
It Dtxon John 
12 Cooper Josppb P 
14 'Thomson 'I'homas 
16 O'Connor J('rl'mlnh 
18 Hilton Gcorge N 
32 Dnlf And..ew, plstr 
34 King 
36 Stewart Renhen 
... . . " " Sontl1 Shle ......... 
:'IIot built on 

. .. . " .. " Sot"lh 
hle ,..... 
. J"l"an{'i
t intt'lSf.'cts 
Store. .., c 
12-11; Pin I, III .'\: C Co, Juuk 
1'1111, ;\Iicl...el (' 
....... '. South 
Hotel, s e 
. I
t Intersects 
Hnrbcl' shOl>. 8 e 
21 Hea.' entrance 
23 Ueo Sparrow & Co, s e 

coxcoun A V. n 860 
COllt'ge to Bloo.. w, ward 5. 
. .. , . . , " I
ast SIde 
IIouse, s e 
1 Singer Allred 
3 Bray Oscar E 
5 Ringer Albel't 
Scbool grounds 
. n..wson st Int('rsects 
\ nC'lDt lots 
107 H:orkel' Alfred F 
191 Bennett 'Vm 
lcCully John W 
1t15 W"nt 
1!I1 Hunter Alf,"ed l' 
19!1 Nicholson F L 
WI W\lßon Jmnes J T 
20:1 1.'lndl"v Jobn 
. Hpphourne ßt Intersects 
Vacant lot 
213 Anson Harvl'Y 
Bowen 1111's III, nnrse 
215 Shiaeh John 
211 Crouel1 'L'l1om"s 
I 219 l\It'Coll Dl1l!"ald 
221 Kennedy !\Irs Bridget 
22-\ 'V"rne.. Gem'!!"e 
225 LI'\\ Is Wm H 
221 HUI":ress Will C 
22!! Wolfram Grorgl' 
231 I<'eUprll'\' :l:atbanlel P 
2:;3 Bpnnl'ßs' Albert 
2:\;; Pm'kl'r IIlis
2-17 Hotcbkln E
2-\9 Cottam Jame
243 Ste" art Uobert 
241 J<'IInings. Jos, florist 
Vacant lot8 
251 Smltb Tbomas 
Prh"tc grounds 
 Abl'rcrorobte 0 E 
2(.1 Hunt Wm 
:If.9 Dunning Rlcbard 
211 ('Ioug-b mcbard, contr 
1 Brown John 'V 
totb"rs R H 
219 Brown Jobn 'V, 8boemkr 
........' "'pst Side 
V:lcant lots 
22 !"pencpr Itupert 
2-1 Robinson "m 
_ V acaß t lots 
7:1 Ball Harry W 
i-t Wllttam Wm J 
11\ Bonnell W Herbert III 
18 Enger John B 
80 Lindsay (; I. 
82 VaClint 
House, s e 
. Dewson st Intersects 
House, s e 
84 "'atson Hl'nry 
86 f'ockhurn James A 
88 Spence Wm 
90 Shurl:v Rn\'mond 
92 BrowÌl Xewton B 
04 Sinclair Donald L 
08 Robinson Wm J 
Vacant lost 
184 Iredale Jobn C 
1811 Clnrk John E 
188 !"kelcher Wm 0 
100 BtÙ1ker Amos 
192 Laurence Henry A 
194 Adnm Jnmes 
196 Colloton Wm 
l!JS Rundle Wm G 
200 Aucblncloss Alexnnder 
202 Riches Chllrles H 
. Hepbourne st Intersecls 
Fnoccupled cburcb 
222 Burns Joseph R 
224 1II0nlthrop Allison B 
226 Hammett Wm 0 
Vacant lots 

241i Cballener Alfrl'd 
241; ;\lcTaggart \\ elllngton 0 
2::;0 Hepbnrn Uobert 
2;;1:\ Catbcart Mrs S, gro 
2::;1; lIIartin Wm 0 
21i0 Stinson Jobn W 
2')2 Bell lUcllard H 
2G4 Nsten Henry L 
Yacant lots 

CO:'llDUIT. w from Dnndas to 
city limits. tblrd n of Bloor 
W, ward 6. 
Xot built on 

COXST AXCE, w from Ronee.- 
\alles a\" to Sunnyside av, 
second s of Howard Park av, 
ward (), 
Xot built on 

('OUI.\I1:1.I'; \ V, n from 324 
Dunllus to St Anne's rd, 
"arll li. 
. " . , . . ". Eust Side 
Hunse, s e 
5 Millward Jobn 
1 Logan Jobn 
lclÆcblan George 
11 I a"rle Jumes 
13 Stepbens Hllrry It 
L::; Itollinson Hlrllm E 
C> A lane 
11 Ford HpDl'Y J 
19 Eamcs Charles B 
21 Boyle D.nld 
2'J S))'" ro\\ Tliomas 
2:; .IIarrlq Will J 
lrs l
 L, nnrse 
27 Smith Will 
29 Forbes Jolin 
31 Hr}.m Jobn A 
Orpbans' Home, r I' 
. . .. , . . " \Vest Side ......... 
!j Kh'kpatrlck George B 
l'rh'ale grounds 
34 ,]"i1
ton Geo W S 
36 '{cCruney l.'rnnk G 
I.lckllnzle Alexnnder 
40 \lcI'uug.11J "'w J 

 Blckl'lI George 
\'ucan t lots 
;;:J L
-don JIllnes, musician 
34 Hall Theron A 
,'acant lot 
t):J Halllle John 
IH Holland Juhn H 
61\ Yandl'rbol'f Jobn B 
I;'! ;\Iorrlsh Jobn 
10 Grel'lI Cfurll's H 
12 Jobnsoll Richard I 

COItXW ALl., I' from 157 
Rh er to tbe Don, wa.rd 1. 
.... '... North Side 
House, s I' 
S Stratton Alfred 
trnlton Jobn 
1:1 Vacant 
1.' Pender Wm 
uell Robert 
18 I((ng (,harles B 
20 Weir Jobn 
22 'fllylor 'l'bomas 
24 )0;, ans 
Irs Eleta 
26 Bnrrl'lI Cbarles 11 
28 H31'dh'l( Hicbard 
30 Fox 11 E, nr!!st 
32 Labelle Antbony 
Vacant lot 
3S Lubelle Juseph 
40 Dnvles Henry 
4:1 Cnrtls Jobn 
44 Smith Wm 
46 Forrest Louis 
48 Llscumb Jonathan 
50 Stevenson \Ym J 
. .. . . . .., Sontb Side ..,...... 
1 Clarke J G S 
5 Walls 'I.'boroas C 
7 Wnlden Alfrell 
9 Parkes Jobn C 
 l<'lnlay Tbomas 
11 Hoberts Edward W 
111,10 Beck Jobn 
13 Rennie IIlrs lIIary E 
13 Wblte George W 
17 Lafontllfne Alpbonse 
UI Clark Duncan 
21 Reid Rohert 

COLI.EGE PL. s from 457 
College, wtll"d 5. 
o .. . . , . .. East Ride 
School yard 






 S ! :


COIlUIERCIAL. w from 54 
Jan Is to w of Fmnds, ward 


Tel. 1343 for anything in our line. 

, Ofbcial <';ourt Btenographer, .....AN.OKB-.. 
Skilled Stenographers and Typewriters on call. Copying 8ent for and delivered promptly. 






!:e6 CO. 

23 Peterman Samuel H 
25 Lafontaine Mrs Delvln8 
27 HUschy Wm J 
211 Lock Wm C 
31 Joslin Samuel 
33 l.'euuey Henry G 
35 MuyJJard John C 
37 r. uthall Samnel 
39 W.1rlng David 
41 ;'\Iugent Jasper 

COTTlXl;HAM, w from 1118 
Yonge to city lImits, wal'ds 
3 und'/'. 
. ... .... North I:>ldc 
4 Xiblock Jumes 
l'rlvate grounds 
18 Denham James 
20 Stephenson Frederick 
22 CI'UWfOl'd Alex II 
.l;ange av commences 
26 Gunge :\lrs E, bdg hse 
30 Marshull 1.'rederlck W 
32 Woolnough John J 
84 Du\ls Wm 
Honse unlmished 
l'nblle SCllOOl 
{it) GIllespie Jonathan 
52 l; John 
54 Brooks John 
á6 Farris Josepb A 
68 Trnax Henry 
60 Daniels Walter 
62 Williams Josepb 
Vueant lots 
. A\enue rd Intersects 
House. s e 
176 Hwltb :\Irs :'1 T 
178 Lea Josel'h 
1f10 Hudson Usear :\1 
1ß2 Holt Henry R 
184 ELy R
v Chnl"les S 
186 Shepard J H. elocutionist I 
188 Smith Prof R Wilson 
Vacant lots 
194 Jeffrey Charles j,' 
196 :\lllne Wm A 
198 Ultchle liugb 
200 Bell Dnu('an 
20,/, E\ans Wm J 
20û Crossin Albert L 
208 Tnylor l;corge C 
210 Lovell Robert J 
212 West Valentine T 
214 Dunning John P 
216 l'eace John 
. Rathnelly a\- Intersects 
Private grounds 
228 Duff 1111's Is,lbelia R 
Vacant lots 
234 Bro<ll:;an :'1I's Emma 
236 Sneddon Wm 
. .. .. .... South Side ........ 
Store, s e 
. Cro" n st commeUCes 
j Cuttell J,tlues, prtr 
Prl\ n te grunnds 
11 Argue Uriah 
L'PR depot 
CPR freight sheds 
i;)-bl '1'oronto Pottery Co 
 I,ewl.. \Vnltel' 
85 COlps 1.'red",'lck W H 
:\tcClellnnd Mrs E\a, I" 
1;;7 1>:I\\son I';d"..rd 
Goode J';dwar,l G, r 
89 Jennings lIellr]' 
91 Clnrkp Charll's 
95 I<
dworth)' Henry 
Cunnlllgtoll Mrs 
, dress. 
99 Lynn RolIert 
101 McX.lDlOrn Patrick 
103 Edington .Jllmes A 
105 Hnekett 'Irs IWza J 
107 Green I,'rederlck W 
109 Ireland Nat Food Co 
Vacant lots 
. A,'enue rd Intersects 
House. s e 
171 Polson Hugh 
li9 Queneau Maurice 
181 Dunhar George I
183 Sewell Charles I 
185 Neville RIchard W 
187 Mackenzie Jnmes H 
Vacant lots to end 

COüRT, e frulll 13 Toronto to 
Church, wurd 3, 
. . .. .. . '. N' ortb. Side ......'.. 
Bldg & Lonn Assn. s e 
2-4 Toronto !Iol.tgage Co 
Vaennt oItlce, r 
6 AllIbnlnnce, Mounted Po- 
lice nnd Patrol Wagon 
8-10 Police Court, Lt-Col 
George T Denison, police 
Pollee HeadtlUarters, I.t- 
Col Hl'ury J Grasett 
Police !'tntiou No I, John 
Hall In
Detp('tlves' 1II'adqunrters, 
"Wm Stark. inspector 
14 SChotlplii Richard, ptg 
18 .lackes & J.IChes, bnrrs 
Beaton A H, barr 
... . . .. '. Soutb. Side ......... 
1 York Chambers s e 
3 Weise R & Co: teas 
Grant Arthur L, assayer,r 
5-9 Kasmlth Co, r e 
11 Vacant store 
13 'Van'housp, r e 
1:> Coffee Irouse, r e 
Store, s e 

CDURTXEl I'L. e trom õ5 
Clinton, "ard 5. 
.... "" North Side 
House, s I' 
2 !lcFarlane James H 
......,., South Side 
House. s e " 
1 Hnllignn Wm 

COWAN AV, n from G T R to 
1311 Queen w, ward 6. 
.... v
;Jde ......... 
. Huxlpy st Intersects 
Vacant lot 
7 Mncl'y 'Vm .:r 
!1 Morrison Chnrles R 
11 McAlister Joseph F 
13 Ta]'Jor Adam 
Va('fint lots 
Vncant lots 
37 Ross Geor1:e 
Vacant lots 
43 Bryce 1Ih'_< Ann.1 
Anderson J. plail") tuup, 
45 Howe Robert 
47 Clockenburg Wm I" 
49 Bird Wm It 
III Dr:vsdnle \"Ill I' 
privnte gt'Ou!1,Is 
83 Smith Snmuel .1 
85 Vacant 
87 McKechnie "'rank R 
89 Folwt'll Philip C 
91 Collier Alfrpd P, 
93 BrectoD Geor!{e P 
!J5 Wnrren Frnnk It II 
97 Grelltrex \"Ill R 
99 Aldprson '\'m 
101 BI'oddy Jamps I
103 Kent Thomas I' 
10:; SmIth \,'m II 
107 Genell John W 
109 :\lcCnbe Jllmes W 
Vacnnt lots 
117 Kilgore Thomns H 
119 Greenshlelds 
Irs .Jessl
121 Munro J Alpx.IIl,ler 
12.1 Wnrdlaw 0 
Housp, s e 
. King st w Intersect" 
Vncnnt lots 
147 Orr Rowlnnd B. nhy 
149 Kh'hy Chl'istopber 
151 Scott Mrs C 
 Brown Chnrles 
155 CorcOl'nn Jam""s 
157 Hnll Mrs JOlin 
159 Bohne Wm 
163 Hendry Andrew 
165 B1nkc .lohn 
167 Barker W R J 
169 Tulloch Jesse, blllr 
Bouse, s e 
. Melbourne aT ends 

House, 8 e 
183 Abel Hprmnn H 
187 HopkIrk Mts Margnret 
189 l'ellson J"lm 'I' 
191 Hamilton .JolIn II 
193 Dixon A, borse dlr 
Hi5 Jull D,'ange, Inventor 
St !I1ark''i Churr.h 
207 Hewlett Henry J 
Bell Tell'phone Co Ltd 
'Vood ynl'd, s e 
.. . . . , . .. \\" est Side .. __ , . .. . 
Vncnnt lots 
. Huxley st InteI'sects 
House. 8 e 
Vacant lots 
. '1'renton tel' comm"uces 
4 McFadyen Hugh 
1.j Ewart James 
18 Scott Wm H 
20 Slemtn Charles 
22 SpeIrs Ollnlel )1 
24 Ul.tlnlshed house 
28 I'lsher Fra nit I'J 
30 Douglas Charles 0 
32 SInclair John 
Vacant lots 
50 BIIII Erne
1 S 
52 Kuox Wm H 
54 Scott Wm, bldr 
jfj Wolf Henry 
58 Woodwfil'd L J, pro mfd 
00 Ma('kld Alex A 
62 HeIliwell Alfred A 
Vncant lots 
8G ('ooke l;eorgp, ph7 
Vncant lots 
88 1I0tht'I'mel J E, bldl' 
Vacant luts 
!l8 Ca
elle Helll'Y 
100 !\lcKnv Petl'r l' 
102 Belden IIl"uben B 
104 Don2"l:ls Joh'! 
10(; Hilker Ichabod 
108 f'lal'ke Thomns B 
110 Jewell I,'rank G 
Vncnnt lots 
. King st w int..rsfcfs 
House. s e 
PrIvate grounds 
un Doran Will W 
148 Jackson Jo,epb A 
1jO !'chofiell] Will G 
- Schofield F C, watch I'el>r 
1:;2 Hm'ton Alex I 
lii4 E,'nnson Wm H 
156 Calder John 
158 lIIahon..v Stppnen P 
1HO :\1ol'ton \Irs Chal'l')tte R 
1,;2 lla\'mond Frank S 
164 !oln'rUn Andrew 
1tô1j Railey Fl'pdel'icl, W' 
liO Blo,<ham :\11''' Aun", 
172 Grant Kenneth 
Ii,/, Heudel'son Chllrles 
1,fi Hogg Gpúrge 
1 is l'al'kel' George 
180 Pringle George "' 
182-88 1'l'esln-teriun Chnrch 
1:)0 lIedmond .lnllles !11 
1!12 HOlllutb John 
l!H Dllv Richard J 
l!J1j K}'le John 
1!18 Cameron :\lIss 4.nnli! 1 
2QO StP\ens Edwnrd A 
202 !\[n('klnnon Georg
204 Vn('ant 
I 208 Jaekson 
210 I
"erett Sohn 
Cmllu/!, RInk 
Fire H.II1 1'0 15 
Police station, s ;! 

COXWELL A V, n from opp 
1609 Queen e to city limits, 
wnrd 1. 
. .. . , .' " Enst Side .'...'... 
Sot bnlll on 
. .. , , , __, We"t !'iile ,'.....,. 
14 WIlHnms John 

CRA WFORD, n from npar 
1000 King w to Bloor, ward 

.., .. " " En..t !'Ide .' _ , ,. ,_ , 
\[assey-Harris Co, ynl'd 
. Dpfoe st Intersects 
Vncnnt Jots 
69 1I[nd11l Renjnmln 
71 Scully :\Irs AnnIe 



tgf I

bert . 
91 Jones Andrfw 
93 Roberts Edwnrd 
!J5 Meehan John D 
97 Gallaher Robert C 
09 Hutchison 1I0bl'rt 
,'ucunl lots 
. Quepn st w Intt'rsects 
I'Itore. s e 
('ollego grounds 
179 :'Ietcnlfe George 
1'I'lvate grounds 
lS:l Findley Thomas 
18;; Hay 1I0hert 
187 Silt] th Mrs S H 
lS!1 HeDt7 IIlrs Ellen 
1!J:l ('lark Hev Wm 
1\)5 :\1orgnn CbnrllS Jj' 
1!I7 Tnylor Chnrles 
203 Atkinson Wm T 
205 Creller Hlrnm 
213 Scott Wm L 
Scott MIss E S, Yocn\l
215 Wesley John 
Vacnnt lot 
219 Wright Edgar U 
221 !'teele Jobn W 
22;, Rocquet LouIs 
22:> Wpbster GeoI'J
e J 
227 DeGruchy Charles H 
Vacant lot 
241 Wheler George 
Bellwoods Pnrk 
. Arthur st Inter8e

Vacnnt lots 
269 Aldridge John 
271 :\Inekenzie Mich,tel _-\ 
Vacant lots 
279 Selwood Charlps 
2';1 Johnston George 
287 '1'ill Edwin 
 Schotleld Alfred J 
291 Dunlop Wm 
2!13 Bonlsteel Philip J 
Vac'lllt Jots 
2!19 Lackie Wm H 
301 Bnker Herbert 
::03 Andrews Herbert n 
303% Gilpin James 
305 Jardine J G 
307 Tighe Wm E 0 
:l09 Det;ruchy .lohn 
311 F\ans George A 
 Hardy Wm H 
315 WlIlmot John H 
317 Drummond Alex A 
:\19 Vacnnt 
:;21 Fleming Tho1D.1S ,'I. 
32:3 Gorman David 
Vacant lots 
33::1 ('nl\ prt Joseph H 
5 N'epdhnm Harry 
339 Malcolm Andrew 
Vacant lots 
345 Hewitt Arthur 
347 Fidler Walter M 
Va ('ant lots 
361 Harkl!1s John A 
Vacant lot9 
387 Railey Ell 
38!1 !'iu('hllr John 
391 Atkin Frank F 
3113 ;\[oody Isaac 
39..') Bell Harry F 
397 IIlcl';nrop 0" en 
39\1 "'phber DIIII('an 
401 Bpnnett Eilwnrd 
403 :'I:lgnl'r lIIilfred F 
405 Holmes Thomas 
. . Sully cres inter8cCtS 
Vacant lots 
. ('olle/:e st Intersect9 
51:i !\lcKenzle James 
517 BoothroYd 
521 Sawdon MIS5! :
523 K,-Iso Alex R 
52.. Courtuev Thom,ls F 
527 f'o,< ChÎtrll's 
65\1 Russe\' U"orgp H 
5:11 nark :\Irs C,.th. Dur

Vn('nnt lots 
537 Dillon Jobn It 
5:l9 "Cm1erdo\\ n Jnml's 
541 Le Roy Eugene 
543 Sklrvlng John 
Clntworthy AIt"",1 
Vacant lot9 
553 Townsend John 
555 Jones James 


or a Paid-up policy, .s cranted af'ter 
two years by the Unconditional Accu.. 
mulative Policy of' the 
Conf'ederation Lif'e Association. 




Sþer111sn E. Townsend, 

Vacant lots 
657 Churly Obedlab 
6:JtI BU8sey. George n 
661 Tra.-ers 'V }O' 
665 Ste" art Mrs 
I, uur8e 
667 Wblte Wm 
Vacaut lot 
671 Spragge 
...s Eltul>etb 
673 Edwards H E 
675 Edgar D'l\ Id 
677 Asquitb Jobn 
679 Dunbar Jobn J 
681 Ball Samuel Q 
683 Wood Jobn C 
Vacant lot 
691 Ha\"lland Sanmel 
693 Ba,.lIand Wm 
'........ Wcet Side... _...., 
Ma8sp\'"-llarris Co.s \Vood 
. Defoe st IntH

Public Scbool 
Crawfot'd St Metb Ch 
100 Wrlgbt Peter A 
. Queen 8t w Întcl'OII'Ct
House. s e 
Leadlay E & Co, t:lnn
. Logie pi ..nds 
108 11unkey Wm .J. :r 
110 McGow.ln Samuel 
112 Tolley Wm J 
114 Stagg Wm 
llG Pike Elid E 
118 Sclmlte 
It., I';\can.,r 
orris ("b,nles 
124 Wllson Charles 
12(, Vacant 
128 Stpwal.t A n. wootI dlr 
ISO Has".trd l{e'ó W E 
132 Dennison 
134 Scott Wnlter 
136 Burt! Henn. E 
138 Lo,.p Charlès J 
140 Xelll John 
{a("donald Charles I. 
14-1 W,lII.tms Hl Dl J" X 
146 Ba rker Hobcrt" 
148 Hodges Gt'org-p 1. 
In..oomh Alhert 
152 Thompson C X 
1M Lo\\" J II. phy 
131> 01'1' Uoh.-rt J 
158 Sanderson Geol'g'e 
160 Tutblll (,hristopber J 
162 Parkblll Wm 
IGt William" 
1t." mi
.\ J 
Wr. lIu_ton \\ïllhlll1 
lfiR I..nhf'h.k\'" Si PJ:1l1() lu1 
17Ó G:lIl,Ig'hêr 
Inl'y A 
172 H"ynps Edwin 
174 Lowry '\Vm H 
176 Cole !Irs Elizabeth 
.I.obb av commences 
liS Hnnnisett Frnnk 
Vacant lot 
1!'2 Kinnem' Wm. r;ltUe dlr 
I\)4 Fisber Alt'xnnd..r )) 
Hl8 Kinnear !lit's ElIcn 
PI'1\.at(' g'rounl1s 
202 ('owan Johu J 
Vacant lot 
208 Lemon Wm E 
210 Gordon Iohn 
212 Cunuinghnm \\,'m (' 
214 HallIgnn 
216 Finlny JO
 nuncnJl \Ynt 
222 RodJ(er 'Vm 
224 ))8\ l
 .1n:-:t"pl" I: 
1('X.lit' Alt.""ndcr K 
l'rivnte gro1luds 
2:12 l.nkt. Will If 
234 Prl('(' Frederick 
2-18 Slmp
oll Uolu,..1 
I I. .It.,,"k,' 
2:13 "'ph8t".. John I' 
240 Chur<:bill Eelw,nd J 
Bonse. P ... 
. Arthur 
t illt
Vacant lots 
21\2 1II0ll'att \to......t 
211-\ Hinton (
rorJ(" H. '!ail', 
6 JIenð.el'
oli ""Ill P 
268 Stubhs I1a....y t: 
'incaut lots 
2iG Ru,,-ell John ,,- 
278 Ru
sell Jobn 
280 Meredith Cbarles H 
282 pett.y 1"I'{'(krlt'k A 
284 Bralm.. Thomns E 

Vacant 101S 
294 Tate Rol>ert F 
Vacant lot 
302 Hossack 
Irs !\llIry 
30-1 Smillie Wm H 
30\1 Tu thlll J obn V 
. Harrison st commences 
Vncant lots 
:1:12 llllrdy Wm H 
:I:H CI.tyson Alf..ed 
3:\\\ Woods .....lInk H 
338 Goode Wru 
:1-10 Cooper Jumes W 
Vacnnt lots 
3;)8 Hon8c Fdward G 
Vacant lots 
:IS2 lJaxter Wm 
:11'14 nUl.kell It B. dnh'y 
:1811 1I"lIndon AI""<lInl1..r 
:188 ('I'll wfo..d H,lfiltlel J 
:mo Hender"on Slainf'r 
:iH2 Hilker Hobel.t J 
:194 Qmll'lnl(ton G H 
:iHO Smith :,m,.cster 
3!J8 Jo..y Fmnklln P 
400 nell Fr('de..\<:k 
402 H....dman Samu..1 
40-1 Stnln8by John W 
. Sn\l
' CI."S Intersec;s 
'-"..ant lots 
. College st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
5-10 Dnll' Frpdet'lc'k ;/I 
"'"cant lots 
. 111001' st \\" IlIterset.ts 
Va..ant lots 
720 Sntld"by !\Irs Sarab 

('UI';SCEX'l' Hn. " from \'"onge 
to ::Jotttb Drh.... lir..t s 
. .


'hh S
'. . 
Vacant lots 
:12 MrGaw Thomns D 
:1-1 Vn"nnt 
:16 Vacant 
:18 At!am"on Jnmes III 
4S wo..ts ThomnS F 
:-.0 "lnrl>lw..son Da.-Id n 
. Ho""dale rei intersects 
Yn..nnt lots 
is Rolph Frank 
SO Hanev Arthur 
81 Dn.-Is Rohprt H 
88 Gerold Cbnrle\! 
2 Gnrrett James 
Vacant lots 
I.t..tln T "ower. artist 
"I,ll tin "1I"s E 1\1. nrtløt 
. t;;
nt.tl1 rd IntPl""ects 
'-ncnnt lots 
'-aennt lots 
16:1 Junkin Jnmt'. F 
11m FI
hPl" ";dwnrd 
{"utlntsbed house 
'-a,'nnt lots to eud 
. . . . . . ... South !'lcì" .., 
",t('ant lots 
21 Hull Rkhnrd 'V 
2i Rnnhhe.. ,,- lIIulock 
2\\ Town.."nd Chnrl..s 
::1:; Rouhbee Alfr,,11 
Houlthee Alfr<'tl jr. artl8t 
"a"au1 lots 
. R..
",l.tlp ...1 Int<"l"
'-..rnnt lots 
8í Flnw< ''''m A 
S!I {"nfini<h..d hon"" 
ff.} HR'f'
oll James 
. Pnrk rd ('nds 
In;; .1unltln Robert 
1<<:. Grnves 1'01 Pnul II 

I'ROCKEI( ,\ Y. " from e of 
. ('lar..mont to Hellwoods 
.1'., warrl ::i. 
.... '.'. Xøl'tb t;;idp 
2 .l
on \'.111 
4 1>a\\<on 
I J 
fi ('rnw... Piltl h_ok 
Honse. s e 
.,. Claremont :o-t iJHér.sp("l'" 
'\ Stnrp. s e 
h'G.lrrhd.. Yrs 
1:1 Xash Aillprt }; 
H O"('onnor 

A lane 
1tJ K..lh. Wm }; 
InCkeanfJ. D;n'id 

2"3 \I\tcbcll 1m A 
24 Ford Ed\\ard 
House, s " 
"'n',., :5outl1 Side 
"acant lots 
3 Turner Wm J 
'.a..ant lots 
House, s e 
. CIII...'lllouI st Intersects 
Ilout;{', s e 
11 Yerex ',"m J 
13 Tbomp
on Pblllp 
15 Thorn.t. Ed\\artl 
17 Hinel James W 
HI :'le
lnrra\" Fred G 

lb""n J;uues R 
\ FI,.her 


y, carp 

, 111"' Henry 
:n Pretty Alfred 
Vacltnt lots 

CROS/':. w from 114 Beøconø- 
field a,' to Gladstone av, 
ward Ii. 
.... .... Xortb Side 
. .Iiì: Q 
6 Hi.." Fred..ri..k 
8 Tm.lor Wm A 
10 mÏlon Arthur 
12 Jobn8ton Artbur 
14 In('C)n.'
... . . . ... 
outb Side ......... 
Hous{>. s e 
Irs Sacab 
I<'clfortb (,harles J 
9 Pncker Alfred 
11 "lnld'1ßn James 
13 M..Gee Tboma", gro 
15 Duffin SldneJ" 
17 Craig Da,id 'J, dairy 

CROWX. " from 5 Cottlng' 
hnm, ward 3. 
_..,...,. 1;;.lst Side 
Rear entrances 
,'....,.. WI'"t 
Ilouse. Ii !Po 
4 Hardwkk Yattbew 
n8S L A, mus tcbr 
6 Ta)'lor Jam..s 

IBERLAXD. w from 82ti 
Yonge to A\"enue rd, ward 3. 
. , ., .... l'orlb Side 
2 ,,- m.11 J p""e 
12 Ro" I'll Wm F 
18 Glanville Jobn 
20 Kln'lI Fred..rlck N 
22 !\lar-Donnl'lI 
s L 
24 Shafer 
s Lilly 
2tJ Peal""on 
Ir" Margaret 
28 ('nrter Gporge II 
30 Songer Henry I 
32 Freer James. contr 
3-1 Hond John J 
h.('nnn Peter 
40 ;\ll'rrltt A W 
42 Riishin I1pnr, 
4-t 'I,,{;r..gor Ht.nry 
41) ('I'm... 1.1" I A 
48 Xl''' lnan Jame' 

.o ("ross John 
52 l'lt'land Tbomas 
5-1 Whltc {;""rge 
5fJ Hur"t James 
, Hudson 1;"01'1(" Å 
58 j.'pw"ter 
Irs Ellzabetb 
Ioody !Irs THII.. 
1\2 Tew !l11'>o 8nrab 
64 Buttery Tbolin8 N 
66 Crall( FrederÏ('k J 
61'1 ('onle.- Jobn H 
iO ('arter Alfr..d 
i2 Yates !III''' Jnne 
74 Harron HUJ(h J 
Ia,.('()('k Jobn H 
78 {"pion Bl'nry 
80 Addison James H 
Addison Jobn H 
82 Qnigley Francis I' 
S4 Rtuce.- Wm U 
!III Turner Edwnrd 
R8 PauJIIlln Gllhert. 
96 Collett 
1 A. 
. Bellnir..;':( Ipter'ti'cts 
98 Castle .dchnrdson 
100 Qul..k Frederick T 
102 Sindalr James 

10-1 Sbler Ernest E 
106 Dowling Georg
108 Crone Edgar B 
110 Spring Thomas n 
112 Croz\..r 1111's Annie 
114 Godding Wm 
116 Wood Robert Jr 
118 Wood Robert 
120 Wayte Rohert, contr 
'Vnvl.. 1I11ss M. drsmk.r 
122 Hf'wl"v I"aac S 
12-1 RandnÌI Wm B 
126 Rll'hnrds Pblllp 
1:{2 S('lIar Rohert L 
1:1-1 Rld
dnle Robert 
138 Hulcblnson !lIra !II 
140 Crook G..orgc 
142 Sea"rJtItl 
Irs Mnrtha 
140 Jollffc Gl'org'e H 
148 Smpllle Va.-id Jr 
1;;0 Treeby J obn 
1:;2 M('GIJllvrny 1111's Mary 
154 Raker Jobn 
1;)11 Thomson John H 
159 Hamilton "Irs Isabella III 
11;(1 e 'hapman 'VIO 
H;4 Thomp"on 1111's Ann J 
Ifo!! Toms WIO 
Prlvnte grounds 
Hou.e. s e 
... .. . ... 80utb Side 
Storp, " " 
3.5 Sumherland Hall 
KJondike Clnb 
1 'UlIl'hcrh'41d Hnll eh 
Wblte Onk Social Club 
7 Huzelton J08evh 
9 ('1'....81' Thomas I' 
11 WhUe Frands T 
13 Allen !\Irs Fllzabetb 
17 Yacant 
2.1 Raine Iacob 
25 1I11s
 Jan.., dr"mkr 
8eott H..nry W 
27 Arno Harry F 
2!1 Da.-Is Jnmes 
31 Ir.-In.. 
Ir.. Cathcr,ne M 
3.'1 Tbomas -Henry 1<' 
35 Rr..dln Wm J 
31 TloJ(::ls Jam..s R 
39 Fuller Samuel 
41 Grfl('e Patrick 
43 IIInrshall Hornce I. 
47 Rauckburn Fr..derlck 
49 Grnhnm G..orge !. 
51 Cnrr Benj J 
53 Tolliver )11''' Josephine 
!l1..Kown 'Vm J. r 
55 1IIc
la"tt'r Thonns 
57 Roden George E 
59 Parßnl Louis G 
61 Porte-I' AI..xander 
6:! Sinclair !\Iag-nus 
f\:ò TylPr Chnrles E 
67 Frnucl" Frank 
í1 Tortlng-ton Josepb 
73 Toulmln 
', mus tcbr 
75 Cooper Mrs Gracf' 
i7 1II1l\
i9 Dutton 'l'bomas B 
81 Booth John 
Irs Mary 
85 ('oils John 
('oils 1111",. M. drsmkr 
Si Worth\" HohPrt P 
8!1 Grlm-imw Jos<>pb R 
!II \{"orlhy Jobn 
!l3 (,Ia rk (,barles 
. Rellnlr st Intersects 
97 Enrlgbt Lourence, gm 
[19 E\"nns G..orge B 
101 PltfleJd Georl(" G 
lIlligan I"rcderlck 
10-'i Lytl.. James 
107 Town"enl1 'Vm H 
10!1 Pllfold '\VIII B 
111 1-:1nor HC'rbert 
113 "e.-Ine !II''' !\Iary A 
115 Worthington Edmund 
117 K..ntlnl( Peter 
11!1 Tllnnd GeorJ(e 
121 Hkhnrd,. Jnmes 
12.1 Gilchrist "h'" Snrut 
125 Potter RlC'bard 
12'i Adku.s )11"s Matti.. 
12!1 RPid 
Ir" Jane 
131 SmUh 'Irs 1\1 A 
133 Rrlgg.. Henry A 
135 Ne\\ Ion 'I1lOmnS 
137 Hardlngo G Y 

CAble Addresa, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 


Hon. JOHN DRYDI!N, Prell dent. 
GEO. B. WOODS, Ceneral Manager. 



139 Waters Jnmes 
141 Robinson John J 
143 Cantwell Wm C 
145 Steele John C 
147 Edmand Wm R 
149 Elliott Josevh 
1111 Hutchl
on Uobert 
11\3 Web,tpr 
Irs J"ellIe 
11515 Send ell Cuthbert 
1117 Glenlster GMrge T 
Private grounds 
165 WlIlJlot :IIrs l<;llZ;l 
Private grounds 
183 Wallace John 
18.5 Fenton Mrs 
House, s e 

I\IJXGS. e fwm w of Bol- 
ton av. bet 118 and 120. to 
Wardell, ward .1. 
I\ orth Side .. ...... 
Store. s .. 
. ROõton !IV Interse('ts 
10 Anderson T F 
Private grounds 
18 Clark Rohert 
20 O'Relllv Thomas E 
22 !lI<'Donåld John. gm 
2-1 Buxton Thomas 
. De Gras..1 st !ntersect! 
Sunday &hool 
. . . ... South Sldt, ......... 
Yacant lots 
. Bolton av Inter

Store, S .. 
13-17 Tldby Wm B. baker 
Store, s .. 
. De Grassl st Inh'r,;cct'f 

1 h
rles W 
Private þ:rõur.<1
39 Hud<on Thomas 
Private grounds 
45 Fllton George 
47 Thompson John H 
49 Klngsmlll Je"p J 
51 Klngsmlll !llr< E P 

GH.\ \1 .\ \', 'v from 
86 Brock av, wanl 6. 
. .... 
orth SIde.. ...... 
12 YcLachlnn John n 
Private grounds 
20 !llcLachlan John 11 
.. .. .. South Sldp ......... 
Rouse-. Ii e 
Knowlton John 
II.. A, Ilr
9 :IIlhpIl Wm P 
11 Pook Henry 
15 Cornock Hpnry 
17 Abercrombie Wm 
19 !llannlng Albert t
25 La Page Hpnry T 

Cl RRIE PL. p frout lilnlr aT, 
first n of Sydpnhn'u. ward 2. 
I\orth Side .. ...... 
1 Evans !llrs .\hhe)' 8, "<1g 
2 Booth I'",id 
3 Jordan :\Ios.." 
4 H..ndprson Charlps B 
h'" Jpnnle 
.. .. ... South 
Idp ...,..., 
Rear ..ntrances 

CURZOX. n from 1192 Qupen 
e to !lh'rtle n,-. ward 1. 
. . . .. .: Ea"t 81<\.. ........, 
Private grounds 
23 lIIaundpI' Luther 
Private ground.. 
43 McGlue John, cont<. 
47 Stone Taple,. 
51 BP8t Hpnr,y 
M Simpson Wut 
Catholic Church, r e 
. Doel 
v InteNP<'td 
Private &"rounds 
139 I\ orton Peter 
141 Klrbv Thoma" J 
St Jõspph IRa &ho")1 
1:15 Siaughtt'r housp 
Prlvnte grounds 
163 Wilds :\Ir.. Johannll 
Public 8('hool. s e 
. Sproatt av Inter
Vacant Ið't" to end 


....,.... 'Ve9t Side ......... 
Store, " e 
2 Daldry C1l;u les 
20 Costello Thomas 
22 \Blloy John 
2.J. !llcKendry Alexander 
Yaeant lot 
30 Preslo
32 Burns David :II 
44 Hurley George W 
66 Holland P Jr.. whol btchr 
84 Smith James 
104 Cahll. Patrick 
120 Xolan J. whol btcbr 
1:12 Cook Robert 
. DOl'I av Intersects 
141; West Wm D. mkt gdnr 
. Sproatt av Intersect. 
Vacant lots to pnd 

CrTTF.I.L PLACE. e from 
100 Elizabeth, ward 3. 
.... .... Xorth Side .. ...... 
Store, II e 
......... South Side ......... 
3 Rollinlt Frederick 
5 Powell Thomas A 
7 Bowman Aaroll 
9 Sosklns \Iorris 
House.. a .. 


, n from Front e to 
Eastern a\". first w of the 
Don, ward 1. 
o . , , . . . " Ea,;t Side ...,'.... 
1-13 BIckell & Wickett, tan- 
. . .. . .. .. ',"est Side ........" 
12 Bickell & Wickett, store 

CZAR. w from i28 Yonge to 
Queen's Park, ward 3. 
..., .... I\orlh Side __ .. __.. 
2 Store, s e 
. Balmuto st commences 
1M Barton \,"m J 
SImpson James 
20 Redick George A 
22 Hppton Robert 
24 Ln('key Wm 
2'; Arhuthnot IIIrs L. drsmkr 
28 Hayeslllrs Elizabeth 
30 Thompson Alpx :,1 
32 Cassidy \Irs Mary 
34 Fraser :\Irs C A 
36 Xetherton Will J 
38 Rutherforll John 
Rutherford Miss H, music 
40 Steel Henry 
42 Ronter :1110" Minnie 
44 Brown Harry H 
4t; !lkCurry James 
48 Canfield Edgnr 
. Xorth 
1 InteNPct< 
5U Rooney Xicholn.. 
56 Stone Wm H 
58 Vacant 
tj(-, Toews Peter 
62 In('kson l';dwln J 
64 Pearl John 
66 Dunn George 
68 !III' Brady L Vill"e'lt 
72 Rowllson Wm T 
it !I[oylan Wm 
i6 Vacant 
i8 Smith Charles 
. 8t Thomas CJt f.onam(1to1)1
SO !llackle Alpxandd 
82 Parkinson Joseph II 
8t Pope \Irs Eu,m t, bdlf 
Sf] Payne John 
88 Brown Vere C 
90 !lIcEachern D0'1311 
92 !II ueller Uev I' 'Y 
94 Carml('hael I'r..,\ult'K 
... . . .... 
olltb Sid.. ......... 
Store. .. " 
3 Bnrron Rohert 
5 Hackett !I(I
. J, drsmkr 
7 Moselev ChIOne>! 
9 Back i.Vm R 
11 Evans Geo W 
E.-ans !II... J, dr<n,Kr 
13 Farrow ',"m 
. St 
I"holas st ends 
17 Lee Hiram 
19 Whalen Mrs I''). tb.!rl ne 

21 McKav John 
2:1 Flynn" 
Irs E'I.t3 
2;; '''ray Thomp.3. "11.'1' 
lIss P. Jrsmkr 
27 McIntosh John 
29 Palmer Gpo!"!;e 
31 Carr Geor
33 Dunn 
lItchel' A !""-lIl,\er 
37 Carr Benhllllll I,' 
39 Fergu<on \[rs \f nrv 
lIss :,1 U, mus 
41 Knott J W, pull' 
43 Carr Abel 
45 Watts Charles n 
House, " e 
. Xorth 8t Int.

House, 8 e 
55 Forbes !llr, Janet 
Forbes J III, ,'oc..l\st 
57 Paterson Johu II 
59 Cleml'nts Mrs Knt.. 
61 Hornlbrook John 'I' 
6.'1 Clowes Charles \V 
65 Arbuthnot Jam
67 !llurray Alex G 
69 Ezard John 
71 Ely 
Irs Henrietta 
73 Phillips Wm G 
75 Burns James W 
77 Lloyd !I[l"" Charlotte 



der!Ck C 
83 Rohlns.,,, Jam
8;; Smith Wm 

DAG:\IAR A V, e trom ;leal' 
235 Pape av to Jones avo 
ward 1. 
. . '. .... 
orth Sid;> '. ...... 
32 James Clarkson W 
34 Humphreys John R 
30 Rulley Samuel 
Vacant lots 
66 Jonee Edward 
Irs \1, &"ro 
r,s Shlpcott John '1' 
iO Bpll George 
72 Templeton Charles 
74 Jennings Charlps 
84 I.yons ""m 

 . . .. . . .. South Side .............. 
Vacant lots 
. Brooklyn nv ends 
5; Smlt
1('Kee John 
65 C1emett Jnmes 
75 Shield.. Thomas 
77 Xlcholson Wm 
79 Klrh... 'I' J'),eph 
&'1 DufTv \[rs 
Iary -\ 
Ionl Glaccomo, gro 

DAI.E A V. I' from Glen rd 
to Ca..tle Frank av. first n 
of Howard. ward 2_ 
. ... .... Xorth Side ... 
2 f>nrling Robert 
4 Jpnkins Thoma' 
Vacunt lot 
8 r.rllv Robert 
10 KNit .Tohn G 
Vacant lot" 
. Powpll "t commences 
'"acant lot
36 Fleming Charles F. 
. "lnpI.. IIV ends 
,r aca n t lots 
. :Sanlon cres commpncel! 
Yacant lots 
. Hawthorne av commence'f 
House, " e 
. . .. . .... E'otUh Sldp ... 
1 Croft John 
5 Burgess Ralph K 
9 Hodgins Frank E 
15 r.llthero (,hnrles 
21 Hoskin John. Q C 
. \lcKpnzle av commence! 

DAI.HOl"SIE. n from i2 
Quepn e to Gerrnrd e, 
ward 3. 
. .' ., . . " E,t"t Side 
Fnctory, s e 
13 DI('kson George 
15 Thornns. fish dlr 
17 n('nnle Robert 


 ' .'" 
. Y1lfY 

S .,. . ......
,.. ... .. 
Co A L. 
\: "lAD orr"
i'õ"ON 1('1 

Haines Thomas 
10 Clarke Wm 
McDonald Mrs Catherine 
21 Cornfield Samuel 
23 neld Robert 
White !llrs Margaret 
25 Rowe Mrs Catherine 
27 Cory George W 
29 White Jos('l'b H 
:!1 Small 
I rs Ca therlne 
33 Weir }Irs Eleanor 
Gavlltan John, r 
37 JlI('Carthy Patrick 
39 Towers John, tlr 
Sweezey Robert 
41 Dohoney Stepnen 
. Shuter st Intersect! 
Housp. s e 
SI Kennedy Robert 
Skatln&" Rink. r e 
97 Clark Thomas 
House, s e 
. Wilton av Intprsect! 
House, s e 
12;) Darbv John J 
127 Adanis loanc 
IcCat'fery Wm J 
131 Haisley Hiram 
133 Morrison Mrs Rnth 
135 !\IcLlm '\\ IJI A 
137 Weale George H 
Iarks Fdward R 
145 Smith Jnmes. p
Irs H, IndQ" 
147-151 O'Kepfe Ice House 
Vacant lot 
. Gould st Intersects 
House, s 
187 O'Kt'ete's stables 
189 !l1"Xarnara John J 
Iurrav John 
193 Browñ Stanlev 
I\)5 Ryan Percy P 
197 O'Le'1rY CharlE'S L 
199 Downe
' I'atrlck M 

1 Bvrne 
21):\ CÍarke 
Irs !I[ary 
20;) Gowpr Wm B 

7 QU{'IJley Thomas 
2071.1, Cnstpll !llrs Eliza 
2(Y.) Richardson Gporlte 
211 Weatherlpy Wm L 
213 Sherlock Roh('rt 
215 Cra wtord Robert J 
217 Bearden Jamps 
House. " .. 
. .. . .. ... ',"CRt Side . __ " . . .. . 
Store. Q 
12 Ouderkirk T \. 
Rear enlrnn,,('s 
18 Payne Wm 
26 Rear entrall<!e 
28-30 Down TltlJlII.ti! &: CO, 
Hotpl. p '" 
. Shuter st In
R4 Henderson Rkll,tr.l 
House. S Q 
. Wilton av 1Dtp
Prh ate grounc1s 
140 Duggan Jam.,s C 
Rear entranCt'8 
. Gould st jnt
House, " " 
168 Brooke D O
170 Huff Wm J 
1i2 Hanley Jo"P!,'1 
I 174 Brown Chrl.{,)pl1er 
176 Shier Richard 

LAKE SIMCOE ICE The a e Imcoe u
HEAD OFFICE, L..,,.ted. . . 
 ESPLANADE T. E. I J Best Quality. All SIZes 



Tel. No. 423. 


Danforth Av. 


DANFORTH A Y (nodb IImll), 
e from Broadvlew aV to 
east limit, ward 1. 
.... .... North 
Ide .. ...... 
2 Rf'ld G Harry. I>lk,<mllll 
Plaskltt II, carrtu!<:
4 B..own Hen..y [.' 
6 Benson Tbomas \V 
Danforth Hall 
. Ellerbeck st commcncea 
40 I'layter Bros, mkt gdnrs 
P]ayter Albert 
Playter Wm 
130 Ross E 
I. heating CLg 
132 l'layter J L, mkt gdnr 
V,tcant lot!! 
. ""ltney st comm
Vacant lots 
. Logan av Intf''''CC's 
Ca..wardlne A It. mkt 
. Moscow a v commcnl'es 
S32 Prince Jol1n, mkt gdnr 
.Pape av Intersects 
Frankland Hcnry R 
Hamilton Mrs M A, mkt 

420 Warwick Wm 
. L'Ingrord av commcnces 
. Leslie st commences 
Arnold .1acob 
Preston Bro!!. mkt /;dnrs 
... . . . ... Sonth Side ......... 
27 !lIeEvoy Bernard 
37 Sbales John H 
61 Hallat Jos(>ph S 
. Bowden st cnds 
131 Cobb George, mkt "lnr 
V acan t lots 
S03 Beesley Henry 
Becsley Mrs q. l' hI r.' p 
. Logan av Inter'cNs 
Vacant lots 
. Fcnwick av (!Jld
Vacant lots 
. Cnrlaw av ends 
843 Mills John 
. Pape av intersects 
893 !l1lI1!! John H. :nk! g'Jnr 
40õ SpnrkbßII G. wh.}1 btclJr 
Sparkhall !lIard:, mkt <!dLr 
407 Hnyf's Thomas, f'''P 
415 Vacant 
417 O'Donohoe 'Wm 
. Jones av ends 
461 Aggett John. lJ.kt gdlll' 
f>21 E,::erton Jm,les 
liZJ Galbraith F B 
. Byron a vends 
815 Ryan James 
. Grf'enwood a,- ends 

D' ARf'Y. w fl'om OPD 153 
McCaul to :5p'll.1ln:l av, 
ward 4. 
. '" ..,. North Side .. 
2 Kenne:v John H 
4 Wald '"\Irs :\Iary 
6 Grabam Rohert 
8 Kelly Thomas, J';rocer 
10 King Mrs Brldlæt 
14 Strohmavr Jobn .1 
16 IIIt'nton 'Wm. h1tlr 
lIIenton John. nrtlst 
18 lIIf'nton Patrick 
:\I(>nton !l1i
s Ti, drs'.!kr 
20 Campbell R :\I 
22 Neville MIchael J 
24 !llcGlenn Hugh 
26 Fraser Mrs :\1. drsruil:r 
28 Covell Alfred 
80 Brndley Mrs 'Im'garet 
82 Wanty Wrn, bldr 
84 Drake Herb....t 
McConvey Miss D, nurse 
86 Stepben James !II 
S8 Dou&"las Robert 
42 Nyne Frederick W 
44 Dane Frederick 
46 Baln John 
48 Sßuer Grorge 
House, s e 
. Beverley st Inler<e
68 Brough Mrq Ha!ln'lh 
80 Thompson Samuel H 
84 Peters Mr8 A mellll 

86 Cownn :\I... J. J
88 Robinson S :\1 
00 :\Iorrls H.., John T 
92 I alsbley I onson C 
!J4 Haskins F,-('deriCK H 
!JO Graham J D 
98 1\leI.ean :\Irs :\li1dred 
100 Spa..llng J H 
102 O'Xelll :\lJos A, bdg 
100 McCall Dugnld 
lOB Simpson 
lrs Ann!e 
110 Root Wallace 
112 Moore :\Irs Annie 
. Huron st Intersects 
114 Lennox Robert J 
116 Hogle Jobn A 
118 Keyes 
liss J, r1rsmk
Keyes _Niss F. drsmkr 
120 Heck Albert 
122 Montgomery DanIel 
12-1 Harper George A 
12ß A II ward Fred J 
12" WEeston Georgf' W . 
130 M,,<.'all And..ew 
132 Young James 
lIss L, mnS tchr 
134 :\leGIll Wm H 
Hazell Cbarlf'q, r 
13G :\lcBreartv John 
138 Snider John 
140 Cameron John 
Vacant. r 
lIouse, a " 
.. .. . .. .. South Side ......... 
1 Parkes Charle3 M 
3 O'Hearn James J 
5 Manning Norval 
7 O'Toole !llIch'l
1 J 
9 Harris :\Irs A, 
11 Wadr1ell Jobn 
t:! Garrett John 
15 Findlay Wm IT, .lalr.f 
19 Strf'et Richard B 
21 Johnson Alfred 
23 Owen R S. 1)lano mir 
Skillen Mrs A. mus tchr 
25 Hurrison Cbarl"s 
27 0" cus John 
29 "'lIIll\ms Henry N 
31 Holford John. 't o)nt
Chard '['homas. c'Jntr 
33 f'rolly Patrl
k J 
35 C.'aig John S 
:17 Holm('S Mrs '3abelle 
39 'lC'lntyre 1\lrs I.anrn 
Honsp. Q Þ 
. Beyerl<,y st mtcl'sf',
House. 8 Q 
67 Johnson Samu('l 
G!) Miller Mr" Bllza J 
71 Wright Alf'xnn.l
r A 
73 Purse '''m J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Whalc 'Irs ",..ta 
79 Bywater Jo
81 Walters J H. f"P 
83 Flcur:v tiptb 
85 'leBrld.. Mrs 1I1ll1nab 
87 SmIth John S 
89 Gorrle John A. piltr 
91 t
Irs Jennlp 
93 Barton Wm H 
95 O'Donogbuf' Uaulpl J 
97 !llartin Ferdlnnl\'l 
99 Vacant 
101 Giblin John 
103 Davidson J W, carpet ITr 
105 Walls 1\lrs Je8SI,
107 Sf'ale James 
Todd DavIdson. bHr 
. Huron st intersects 
109 Peter John W. !!ro 
III Campbell JO
111% Oaklf'Y George W 
113 Rums 
115 Lyons Charles 
117 Re/lly John 
11!J Falrhrother Edward 
121 Fr:v Solomon 
'I Arnold George W 
125 Rf'1I FA1wnrd G 
127 Leadf'r Johnson I
129 1\lc:\laboli pntrick' 
131 Lowe John J 
133 Good Snmuel 
135 Wilson Thomas 
137 Kelly Mrs Mary 
139 Carter Alfred 
Carter F 
I, drsmkr 
House, a e 

DARLlXG A V, n from r of 


arlo to r of Howard, 
. .. .. .. " East Side ......... 
R"ar entrances 
17 Vacant 
19-21 \ ,.cu nt houses (2) 
23 Bucke Mrs l\I,lI"&"aret 
25 Durubleton Wru H 
27 ßlenkborn Wm 
2<J Farquhar R B 
31 Taplin George 
33 Thompson J J 
39 Robins Richard 
41 Richards Albert 
43 Morris John 
45 Williams Frederlf'k 
47 Brook.. John 
49 Pureell FlOnk 
li1 Conroy John 
53 Hopper J W 
li5 Cranston Wm 
li7 1\Iason Frank 
59 Walsb Snmuel 
61 Ed"ards Tennyson 'V 
G3 Laird 'Thomas 
61! Do
'le John 
67 Wblte CIHules 
G:J HOPPl'l' John W 
. . .. . .... "esf ' 
2 Sbf'pherd George 
4 Watd 1"H
e..lek E 
6 Graham Wm 
10 Ward Richard 
House, r e 
18 Burns Patrick 
20 ROUlJlls 1\Irs C 
22 'ff'nnyson Mrs Hanna 
24 !l1(>vrlck Wm 
26 Lpê Richard 
28 Gibbons GeOl"ge D 
30 Onkley Richard 
40 Clif/' Robert 
Vacant lots 
48 Douglass Jumes 
50 Ho" e Amos 
. Darlln,:: pi commf'ncc.s 
54 Price Wm 
56 Oldfield Bert 
fi8 Moorbouse Thomas 
60 rdwards Thomas 
62 Reagan Dennis 

DARLI!\G PI.. w from :;4 
Darling av, near OntarIo and 
Howard, ward 2. 
. . .. - _ .. !IOorth Sidc .. ...... 
"acant lot 
. .. ...... ,;outh Sil.1e ......... 

DA VEXpORT pL, e from 13!j 
Davf'nport rd, ward 3. 
. . .. .... North Side 
30 Da vis Mrs Anna 1\1 
34 Burgess George V 
36 "'lIIls Char]cs 
38 Carm.m .A]frf'd S 
40 Blake 
Irs Elsie 
42 L.." Is' H 
44 Cooper Ebenezer Q 
46 I.eonard Edward 
48 Sutbf'El!!nd Edward 
50 Andprson John 
fi2 Offord Charles S 
54 Lilly James 
56 Onyon John T 
fi8 Cummings Thomas 
nuth Side 
17 Boynes Cnarle!! 
19 Cum mer Samuel S 
21 Spence Wm 
23 Robinson George IT 
25 Ahern :\Irs ElIzaheth, 
27 Cummer Herbert A 
37 Sheppard Jas 
Hotel, s e 

DA VENpORT RD, w nno1 now 
trom 884 Yonge to cllT 11m. 
Its, wards 3 and 4, 
.... "" Xorth Side .. 
Cbnrch. II .. 
14 Trimble James 
16 10hnson Robert B 
Vacant lot 
20 Curran PatrIck 
22 C1ancy Mrs Catherine 

24 Davis I<'rcdf'..lck W 
2t1 Rock" 'l'erence 
Vacant lot 
House. H 
(c'I.1l"rieh ,t c(,mmeuce. 
32 Tremaine J B, furn 
M.mhlr.. :\1I
s A, drsmkr 
34 Reuel Carl 
3(; F..ench James 
38 Patrl('k Robert 
42 Harrington W!Imott 
44 Cbatterly Wm, exp 
Chatt....I" \iI"S 
Vacant 'Iot 
48 Conncl'('" Hpllimuln 
50 Ryan James J 
Vacant lots 
. Blackmore In cummeloce!! 
70 Hall Wm, fruit 
72 IIrokenshlre Rev W H 
76 Brooks ltob..rt J 
7S King Charle!!. I{ro 
80 Bannermnil D J. dalrv 
82 Johnson l
 W, gro 
84 Gaston WID 
G:lstou :\Irs E, IndrT 
. 'leAl pine st ends 
88 Vacant 
90 Dowson Walter J, bkr 
fJ2 Dow
on },'r..derlck C 
96 Dunn Wm A 
1oo-1OG llllrge

. Dunn & Ib- 
hotson. plamng mlll 
lOB Ga&"an John P 
110 SWI'euey Mrs C 
Private grounds 
116 Ewll'g M..s Selah 
122 Whi
 Ueorge H 
124 Vacant store 
. Belmont st ends 
12'; PrInce Wm 
130 Harris Wm 
138 GIbson H,trry, hotf'f 
. D.I,,'npurt pi l'omlD.'n.
. North View ter commpnces 
142 Varnell J E, btcbr 
144 Spring James A 
14S Kirkpatrick Andrew 
'lt lot 
154 Pratt DavId 
156 Garnett Wm 
1'..1\ :lte gronnds 
172 Thompson T C 
174 Windf'yer R C 
Private grounds 
180 Kirk :\hs B 
2 Douglas J R 
184 Stevensun J 
186 Lawson Mrs C 
188 Carman Wm A 
190 Sumner J M 
192 /lunnlJj$ H H 
194 Tow SalIluf'1 
196 Page "'nlter, contr 
2Q4 Forster C H 
PrIvate grounds 
208-212 Pears John T. gro 
. Avenue 1'1.1 Int(>rsects 
Store, s e 
224 Alcxundf'r James 
2'26 ßegg Hohert 
Vacant shop 
240 ('hud" iek Alfr(>d T 
242 Wiley Wm E 
244 Breen Wm 
2-16 Conlcy Fr(>dcrlek J 
Vacant lots 
258 Conlter John 
2üO Spencer Alfred 
2.;2 :\lcMinn A]fred 
264 Henley Wm 
21ft1 Sw.Hlson Olof 
268 Worbolse 
Irs Jane 
270 Davies Enoch W 
276 HN's George H, Son &: ("0, 
window sbade mtrs 
Vacant lot 
282 Dryden Andrew 
284 'lcDoweIl Robert 
286 FlemIng J J 
288 WII('.$ Arthur 
Vacant lots 
308 McDowell R. blksmlth 
PrIvate grounds 
328 Lenhardt Ch..lstl:ln, ,,11- 
low worker 
330 Lugger JOI;ID G 
332 Steþhenøon A 
334 Haynes George 




McCregor & Mcintyre 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 73 PEARL. 'Phone 2748 

Da\enport Rd. 



. Dupont st Intersects 
. CPR crossing 
. .. '. .. .. South :5ide ......... 
Store. 8 .. 
liddleton Hnrry 
Iarshall Mrs :\1 
21 Smith Thom'1
23 Thomas Thom
s J 
25 LOTI' Mrs 'I'iry A 
Zi Goudy James 
2!) 1)<\ pn Charlps 
31 Ainsworth Mr
33 \\llson Wm B 
lIss Sidnel 
35 Stnnton K, .1-Ilry 
37 Thomson :.\11 s Margnret 
39-43 :\"orth I';n} Cll Ibll 
45 Bailpl F J] 
49 Lawlor .\0(111'''. gra 
. h.etch 1m .". "'lds 
J(>Sse K
77 Allen \hril.J'lill A 
79 :.\Iacpy JeM.!: 
81 ',"hlm<e't t 11.1 r;ei "l' 
83 Chapm'ln SOl 1111.'1 
Iarchmpp. S .
87 Kettpl" I'll Wm 
8!\ Roll" ALfr,'d 
91 :\Iaee> \\ III 
93 Shun!" "'....d -rl.ok 111 
95 Fontain
Fontaine Mrs L. fCl gds 
. B..rryman st commt'll
Irs r.. J':e:ll 
99 Montgomf'J'!:
t'. l)to.:!1r 
101 .Arm
trollg R. 
103 Besspy Wm B 
Vacant lot 
. BI,hop st comme::lees 
113 Simpsun Kobel't Ð 
119 West :llrs Jane A 
121 Palmer Wm 
123 Buck J.lmes 
1.2;) Sh"pp,trd Fredt'l"Ick 
127 Easb't' George 
129 Cartwright George 
131 He<\itson Harrv )1 
133 Williamson Wm. gro 
. I\ew "t commences 
135-7 West Chas A. gro 
Prhate grounds 
147 Clegg Chilrles, barber 
Vacant lots 
179 Yates Joseph 
181 .Atchison Worthy 
183 Brad<:haw C .A 
187 Gibbs Joel 
189 Y('" mnn Fredk, shoemkr 
191 Sha" Thomas 
Sha w T & Co, gros 
. Hnzplton av ends 
195 Palin John H. florist 
Pri 't'a te 1IT0unds 
209 Agnes John 
211 Page John J, excavator 
213 Ros" F\"('<1erlck H 
Canada Bowling & Lawn 
Tennis Club. s I' 
Store, s e 
. A't'enue rd intersects 
Store. s I' 
223 Fielding Joseph E 
225 Rooth J G. bldr 
227 Hewlett James 
22!1 Carrell Wm 
231 Be't'an Walter H 
233 Poole Fred H G 
235 Forbes :\Irs Ellz
Forbes !llIss 
llnnle, nu!se 
237 Peters :llrs Ell:I:a., J 
239 Hoa:g W F 
241 Walker James 
243 Coles Walt.'r 
245 Johnstone :III's Jane 
247 Glbb Edward J 
"acant &Ots 
281 Vacant 
. Bedford rc1 
289 Pope James 
Private j:round
800 Anderson ,Tae.'h, l1,kt gdllr 
807 Wnllls \1I
s A L. gro 
321 Wilton S3ml, tlnl.'y 
343 Kinchen Ile?rg,' -' 
311:) Lewis Bros. 11.l{t gdnrs 
Lewis Mrs Mary G 
361-63 M(,A'1Y -\. '}alry 
Vacant :.,t!I 
377 Scott .Tam'
!i I 
881 Scott J'lIll\'3 1. 1::'0 

. Dupont st Intel'sect3 
Vacant Jots 
. CPR ('rJo<lnoC 

DAYIES AV. 11 !>om 1)18 
Queen I' to> 'Iat, iI.ta w.nd 1. 
... .. .. '. East 
!de ......'.. 
Store, .. .. 
. Thompson st ('ommell.
27-31 Moore C. hlksmith 
33 McDonald \11" :"US31l 
35 Devane \hlurt_l" 
37 Fleming .1os"'iJ11 
3!) Inlng W.n 1\ 
.. . . , .... v,' est Side 

ot built on 

D.A WSOX A Y, .' t
.'m 23 
Dunedin to Leslie, ward L 
. ... .... :oi"orth Sid;! _ _ ..... 
House. " I' 
12 Greene James, blolr 
Greene !of A. CIII'> Ichr 
14 {{yan Mrs I11;,,'v 
. . . . . . , .. South Side .. _ ... 
!'ot hullt on 

, n from 294 Wilton av. 
ward :I. 
. .. .. . . " Ea "t Side 
StorE'. s I' 
1 Pntterson R A 
3 J awson !to>bert T 
5 Cotterill 1
7 Wilklnsr it Fredf'l'lck 
9 Walm
lr'v \\'m J 
11 Songburst W'II 
13 VacaDt 
15 Pinel C:'o>r.:e F 
17 Dempsey l'''tri.
t J 
...... West Side ......... 
House. .. c 
2 GrR
2'h Råynp! It JOD'l 
4 Irplaru' :r"sl'ph P 
6 Snell Rob('.rt E 
8 Kenway Donal.' J 
10 Webber Ch
12 Enou v Georlre -\ 
14 Donaldqon WII' P 
16 Ebach Frank 

DE.ARBOURXE A V, e frr.Ol 
Broadvlew av to n,)wden, 
first s of Jlallf') 'Iv., 
ward L 
. ... .... Xorth Sid!' .. ...... 
Wood;; Ilea .1, .. dr 
.., .. .. .. !'outh Side 
Xot '><lilt (n 

DEFOE. w rr'J;n !If.'Dolll1eõl 
sq to Shnw. w'1:'.1 :). 
, . ., .... Xorth Side .. ...... 
Rogers 4.: '" !o;"II.. Co>, S I' 
8 Jllgold..b,v '1 haJd,'us 
. Tecumse;1t 
t Intet'
Store-, ::J e 
12 O'Brlpn John 
Vacant lots 
18 Cooper Peter 
20 Br('nt James 
22 Fmm('tt Mrs Kate 
24 Moore Edward J 
26 Stain Wn' A 
28 Fitzgerald 
Irs B E 
30 Burnett John G 
:12 Valentine 
34 Collier Henr:v 
36 Caddell Samnel. e:!:p 
38 Hickey ))l\nl.'1 J 
40 Burns AlIprt .I 
42 Devane:v .1J!me
44 I1lcGrath Wm 
46 Edw'I,'}" W:llter W A 
48 O'RE<:lly In!1II J 
50 Brodie "ol'n,,'I,lS J 
52 O'Hanl,'v 
54 .Armstr"ng Je,hn 
56 Irving John F 
58 I1lnr,hman Thomas 
58% Badger Isaac . 
60 McCord Mrs lIIargaret 
6011. Quealey John 
62 Hnnter RIchard J 
64 Robbs Thomas 
66 Mitchell Wm E 
68 TicI' Wm A 
70 Mlllwnrd 
72 Walker Wm 

74 Sntherland n..'!: J 
7G \lontgomei'Y I;".'rge II 
78 Pearse v,... 
80 Bourland 
Irs J) 
82 Robbie Francis !of 
84 Walsh John 
"Webster Snmuel, gro 
. Xiagara st Interse.':. 
House. B Q 
86 Ker Henry 
Stanley Park 
. Stanley ter inter,,,,:rø 
152 Xpwman Wm t1 
154 Xugent John 
House. iii Q 
. Stafford 8t luteri"c1s 
1tjQ Brawn HUEh P 
. Wellington lane Interi!eds 
17Ó Adnms David A 
172 Cnssldy Mrs E"ther, dalrl 
. Strachan a v Intprsccts 
174 Offen George II 
. "acant lots to end 
....... '. !'outlt Side ......... 
1 Whit", W G, tlr 
3 Burgess John 8 
5 J('I'r1"lp" Hpnrv E 
lcGulnn Ed'" J 
Hou"e. s I' 
. Tecumseth st Interl(;ctl 
9 Hou"e, S I' 
11 Bailie Ad'1m. e:sp 
13 'lcLeod Nell A 
15 Christie :lllchael 
17 Kelly ,Ir;; Ellen 
19 Grant Donald 
21 Whittaker Hpnrv 
23 Hinton Alb('rt F.: 
25 'Iullard !'amuel R 
27 lIIarshman Jos('ph 
29 Rutledj1e Edw J 
31 Buchanan '.-ñarles 
33 Bovd Archibald 
35 TrÈ-nwlth George A 
37 Kell..- Edward 
Kell; 'II
 S. drsmJr.r 
39 :llcCua I
 John III 
41 Cov,h Fr('derlck 
4:1 Minion John S 
45 JA'ahy JIIrs Annie 
47 Ellis 
ìrs :llary 
Lumb('r ..-ard 
65 Ta't'lor Walter 
School grounds 
. Xlngar& st Interse<'tl 
87 Store. s I' 
89 "Iorrl
on John. exp 
91 Wnlsh Mlchnel 
93 !'penc('r Cbnrlel 
91 A't'Jett Jnhn R 
icKlm"'> G"or"e 
101 !'ulllTan Mlchßel 
. Walnut av endl 
!'t:ml('v Park 
. !'tanlpÿ tE'r Int('r:ects 
lnrrl80n Henry 
153 Haml1J('r .Louis 
Hous('. s I' 
. Stßfford ,t Int('rSPe1s 
1,,;; Rpir1 Edward 
Hi!! nlllic'k Jobn P 
161 Crozier Christopher 
163 Tavlor Chrh'topher 
165 Thompson Wm J 
YaC':1nt lots to end 

DEFRIES. n from 18 Raden- 
hurst to :llark. ward 1. 
. .. . . . . .. Ea"t Side "..,..,. 
1 Durston Wm 
5-9 American Chicle Co 
" .. .... West !'h\" . __ __ ,... 
HOl1"O:e. 8 e 
2 partin,.;ton John H 
4 Hind Jo,eph 
14 Ca8sldT Patrick 
lcMnrtln Albert 

DeGRASSJ. n from 822 Queen 
I' to Gerrard e. ward 1- 
. . . . . . . " East Side ......... 
Railway grounds 
3-7 Grlnnel T & Son, coal 
13 Parker Walter S 
17 Oakley James H 
21 Hall Mrs Victoria 
23 Crldland Mrs Annie 
2;; Wilron Charles 
27 Vacant 
31 Bamford Joseph 

33 Smith Wm S 
37 Hunter Va>ld 
39 E> ans George 
41 Orrett Joshua 
45 Richardson Wm J 
47 Brown Wm 
49 Malllndine Miss Minnie 
. Wardell st commences 
5. Crane Burnett J 
59 Leaman Vanlel 
61 Wlbby \Irs Jenlpher 
G3 Fitton Lionel 
00 Earl Charles .A 
(;7 Schledel Jncob M 
6!) Uoberts Thomas 
lcCall David H 
73 Kingston Paul 
75 Allison Wm 
te> ens Wm 
8:> Taylor J H, whol btchr 
93 Holland 'r, whol btchr 
95 lHchrs' yds and sheds 
101 Whlchello George H 
103 Fenwick Wm H, exp 
105 Johnston ',"m 
Johnston 'Irs E. dairy 
107 Thomson Charles 
119 Hyland George 
. Cumming st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
137 Brown 'Irs 
139 Brown Thomas F 
145 Smith Arthur 
141 Cn tton 
HI! Crump John R 
1;;1 Goldring lUchard H 
157 Beadle Wm 
Crump BenJ J, r 
:llpdealt 'Ir
 !'nrah, r 
I;;!) Flemin;.: John 
165 Cox Charles 
167 Dowswell Wm 
tt;:} \\ Inford (.'rederlck 
171 Zarfa'>s Herbprt .A 
173 GUßrd John 
171 Hirons E.\ward 
Vacant lot 
183 Horton Frank 
11'5 Gould !'.tmuel 
IS!) Lan
stone John 
1!)1 Banks Thomas W" 
193 Hanev James 
Vacañt lot 
205 Rolph :\"
209 Pollock :\Ir, 'Iargaret 
213 Eberle GotJfrled 
. First aT intersects 
Vacant lots 
241 Vacant 
!'tore. s I' 
...... W""t !,Ide 
Store. s I' 
8 Jones James 
10 Matthews Joseph 
12 Wiswell Walter 
14 Herrmanu Charles 
10 Saml
r Wm 
18 Chestnut James 
20 Clarke Wl\lter H 
22 Clarke Joseph L 
2-1 Peck John J 
26 Walker Jnmes 
28 Cooper John P R 
30 Crldland Frank F J 
32 Swift Samuel 
30 Bewle:v David 
:IS 'Vatte'r" Thomas M 
fcCoppln 'Irs Mary 
42 Potter Bpnjnmln 
46 Burgess :llrs Hannah 
Private grounds 
52 Bucklev Thomas 
54 Spencer !-'dward J 
5G Hßmllton r;J:l\lcolm 
58 Robln!c>On Wm H 
581.1.. Rossne:v James 
nO 'lacl't'er'Thomas C 
62 Watson Georl:e A C 
Vacant lots - 
72 Crocker Win D 
76 Dickson :lfrs Margare
Vacant lots 
82 Setchtlehl Wm J 
Vacant lots 
00 Gerred Edward 
Gerred 'IlIss Ada, drsmkr 
Vacant lots 
96 Taylor Richard P 
98 Trudene Rerculel 




!., I 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 
large amounts. reasonable terms. 
N'n VArnATrnN' 1;'1<'1<' l"UAJU

Standard Life 




A88urance Company. 



Toronto Offices: 
Bank or Commerce Building. 

Oha.. Hunter; 
Chief Agent, Ontano 


100 !Jobson Fra ncls .1 
102 Bennett Jllmes 
lo.! McGrath James 
lOti Fitton JluJ;h J 
Vacant lot 
110 Cummln;:, Thomas 
112 Cal.-ert J.l1nes W 
114 Casey Wm. gro 
. Cumming st Intersects 
Prh-ate I(rounds 
124 Ste\ens Heury 
128 Corbett Da .-Id 
Vacant lot 
138 Ellis Hudolph P 
140 Hodge \VOl 
142 Apted 
t..phen J 
144 Tarry Alhert E 
148 Cordmgley Wm 
Vacant lot 
152 Chapman Henry 
1;;11 Wheat Leonard 
Vacant lot 
162 Losee Anl(us, scrap Iron 
Prlvnte grounds 
170 Ashenden Thomas W 
172 Lemon Alfrf'd J 
174 Pearce John H 
"acant lot 
180 Smith Alfred J 
182 Making" George 
184 Gilbert Re\' Jobn D 
1!J0 Cln rk 
{rs 1
19R Leef Wm H D 
200 !altchf'1I Rolwrt 
202 Prlestle.- Snmuel R 
204 McKemile Alexander 
200 Da.-Is Tbomas 
208 1\{c('abe John 
210 Thornf' George A 
212 Whitehead Thomas 
214 TolburRt 
lrR Elizabeth, 
Vacant lot
222 Robertson (,harles A 
224 Smith F.dwnrd 
22G Harris Wm 
228 RamaJ;e Frederick J 
230 Cooper ,,'m G. gro 
. First 11\' Intersects 
Public school, r I' 
Store. s" 

. wand n 
from lrrl Brock av to 
Wyndhnm. ward 6. 
. . . . .. . " :-; ortb Side "......, 
6 Williamson Joseph 
8 Stone Wm T 
10 Hefner Chnrle
12 Lynn Wm G 
14 Lonl(e\\"ay John 
111 Bush Dn.-III 
. Mechanics n\' eOllltlJences 
1'; Smith George 
Vacant lots 
32 West John 
3G Hartnett John. contr 
, . . _ . . . " &..t 
Id.. ......'.. 
V acan t lots 
52 Fraser Mrs Elizabeth 
House. s e - 
. . .. . .... South Side .......'. 
3 Humphreys Janws 
;; Whelpdale Mrs Flora 
7 Ansell 
l1-s Fanny 
9 MorrIssI''' Da.-I,I 
11 Norris HUj!h 
13 MI'Klnnon 
Irs Cathel'lnf! 
19 Thorpe John 
Privatf' &"rounds 
27 Jones John 
29 Hutchins Jamf's W 
31 Germnlne I.ewlR E 
33 La Forse Hercule A 
. .. . . _ .. . West Side 
35 McIlroy Jame
37 Martin John 
39 Da.-enport Wrn A 
41 Williams George W 
43 Birch Frf'd 
45 Bennett John R 
47 Gartner Henry 
49 Packer Alfred J 
51 Leetch 'Iatthe\\" 
56 Cal"{'y Francis 
Store. s I' 

DELA WARE A V, n from Col. 
lege to CPR. first I' of Dov. 
erconrt rd, ward 5. 

. . , . . . . " Enst SlrI" 
Vlleunt lots 
7 1\lor"s Arthur C 
9 Friz"ell A II 
1'ullulshed houses (2) 
V",,"nt lots 
85 Hutson H 
87 Vacant 
89 Mcllouj(1I11 II 
111 J a nit's 'J'lJOIIlIIS II 
I'rlvnte groundA 
D7 l\Iuckenzie W I 
.lIewson st Inl.el"se
Honsc. s e 
Vncllnt 'pts 
181 Lawrence Will (' 
V:le:lnt lots 
Housp, s c 
.lIel.houl"lle sl intersecls 
Vn"lInt lots 
22:1 Jones 1>lIvld J 
 :\1I8s R, drsmkr 
225 Wray S W .. 
Vl\eant lots 
235 Uundle Will J, rill I 1''' 
2:17 IIl"1elo1('1I (,harles 
Unfiulshed houses (2) 
249 Goodm:lu I.' J. contr 
253 Hop" Jnmes A 
257 Bnrrett John, hllker 
Vneunt lotll 
2ï1 Allf'n Henry 
273 Dodson L('I'dr1ck 'I' 
275 Ihlt'l,II'Y Thomns 
Va"lIlIt IotA 
. 1\1001' st W lutersects 
Housp, !' e 
283 Shllrpt. John 
2R5 1'r(}lIhn,.t ROllcrlck 
287 Wllsou ('hUl'les B 
28!J Zlher Aud"ew jr 
. Vaenut lots 
21/5 Wrlj(ht 1111'" C 
2!17 Pe\ 111(' Walter II 
2!J!1 Vllc"m 
. Norl hllmherlllllli st intel" 
:10:; ('"rlylt, Will 
Vlle:lnt lob; 
3M Pooler :\Irs Sarah 
367 1.'ll't ehl'l' AI hert 
385 "ncnnt 
I'rlvßte g...nnnds 
437 Hixon Uohert 
439 Burt Wm 
Vae'lIIt lotll 
477 Washhrook :\I,'s I'.. Indy 
'''ashhmðk 'VIIt 
479 Hale John A 
\:ncllnt lot 
48.'J }o'orwnrd John II 
4S3 Vllcant 
4S7 Pf'trle James 
48D Holnws Charles I': 
491 Pril'l' Louis 
493 Fryers JI.Irs H,umnh 
495 Bpll Wm II 
Vflennt lots 
. Hnllam st Intel'sects 
Vlle'lIIt lotll 
52:1 Uohillson l
533 Petermnn Edmund J 
Vacnnt lots 
539 Fligg George W 
Vllcllnt lots 
557 Kesteven Thomns. pntr 
559 Hlrd JP 111' AR I 16!!!;; 
Vncllnt lots 
569 Scott Rlehurrl H 
57a Stf'wart George 
575-7 Smurt 1\Irs S A. nurse 
579 Fulmer George 
.. . . . . . .. 'Vest !':1l11' ...., 
Vacant lots 
14 Tllrner 'Vm 
Unfinished hou
20 Clinkullhroolllf'r (' 1': 
Vllcant IotA 
36 Pnrklnson 1\1 
38 French Joseph 
Vacant lols 
84 Hllj!hes David A 
86 Pllrks Wm J 
Vacunt tots 
98 Van Nostraud G J 
. DeW80n st Intl'rsect!! 
Voeant lot 
104 Day Wm It 
Vncnnt lot 
168 Hay\\ ood GeOl"ge 

170 S) Ivester W J . 
\",,('ant lots 
. HepboUl"ne st Intersects 
House, S t;" 
212 McLeod 
orm..n. dalr,. 
Vneant lots 
2:\6 I\ro\\ n 1':rI wnrt! J 
V"enllt lots 
244 I.'orester .10st'ph H 
246 Johnson Jelljamln I, 
248 Pentlleton Svlvanus R 
2;;0 ('lIl1lngton 'WnHer 
2;;2 White Octavius 
Vacllnt lots 
276 ('Olltf'S 1\larshllll, pntr 
V",'allt lots 
. moor st w Intersects 
('hllr"'l grollllds 
St IIInry's (Ang) Church 
282 Hal't Hl'v Anthony 
Vllcnnt lot 
294 Dawf's I.:tlward 
. Norlhllllthet"!and st Inter. 
1I0llse, S I' 
":I "ant lots 
314 'VIIsolI S:lmucl E 
\"n(';1nt lots 
320 :llawson (,hnrles 
a24-328 (':lrlyle Wm, Imker 
Vßcnnt lots 
332 I.el'ch H S 
334 Dalton Wm 1\ 
3a6 R.ukl'l' 1..I"ed....lck 
338 Guwlf'Y Jnnlt's 1\1 
340 Yates neorge 
342 C"hll' FI"ank II 
Vncunt lot 
34G Ad:lnts J:101I'S 
348 DOlleette Dnvld 
350 Gntt' Arthllr, skewer rofr 
352 ,n'!j(ht Hf'rhl'rt W 
a52 1 f, Hrl'llIlou John 'V 
Vllcant lots 
360 Munn John 
I'I-Ivnte groulld
:u;r. Goodman Chllrles 
368 Wilson 1
370 IIIl1rp hy J ,mll'S J 
372 Dllvls IIIl"s'lIl1rrlet 
a74 Jory Wm 
V,II'nnt lots 
394 Todd (,lIde L 
. Sh:mly st eOlDmenCefI 
":lellnt lots 
408 noole John 
410 Dl'wh",-" John J 
412 (,Iat worrr. y Gl'orge 
414 lI1lrrett W111 
416 Ra'der Jolm 
Vnennt lot
446 Phyllis JII111es 
448 BntJc'r Homel' 
4;;2 Rrllllll Helll'y, I.ntr 
458 1\I1I1'11t'1i Thomns 
462 H'1
UngA JIlmf's 
464 Prlel' Etl WlIl"d 
4ro!! J.f'wl
468 'V"gner :III's Hl'hecco 
470 Long Wm J 
Vncant t<fts 
480 Phmkf'tt Thos 
1'lnnkt'tt Mrs "'þf, gro 
Vncnnt lots 
400 Fryers A E 
Vacant lots 
. Hallnm st Intersects 
Vocllnt lots 
536 Russell Erlwln 
Vaeant lots 
MO White Hl'Juy 
Vncant lots 
548 Jones John C 
552 rUing George 
554 ('OOPf' John 
Vacant lots 
562 Robinson '!'hollillS, bldr 
Vncant lots 
574 Tmner David 
Vncnnt lots 
!}sO Goodl'rham Cbarlæ 

I18NISO:-; A V, n from 484 
Que"n w to Bellevne pi, 
ward 4" 
. .. .. . . .. Ellst Side 
Store, s I' 
1 J..odge rooms 
3 Carrol Wm, shoemkr 

7 Lsher W, In.-a lid car- 
9 WlIklllson J E, tlr 
13 Tn
ker Jonathan 
15 ('I a rL.e Gporge 
17 Hnle )liss Carol 
liss Hlltlle 
. Woolslt'y st Intersects 
19 Fulton Hohert 
21 Wagner Joseph 
 Murphy Mrs Julia 
2j Cllrmichael Donald 
27 Curley IIIrs Eliza 
2!J McLeod Dougal 
31 Forhes Wm 
33 Harrison Hobert 
35 Mack John 
37 Fitzgerald George S 
39 De\'erall ('baril's 
41 Brown J H (', paper hngr 
43 Castle Mrs 
45 Ferguson J Stullrt 
. Cllrr st Intersects 
47 Torpy Mrs :\1, gro 
Vacant lot 
5.3 McKibbin John 
55 :\Ioore Uobert E 
57 O'Uourke Francis 
5D :\lcLeod Hobert G 
fit Wnldon J Herbert 
63 1\1 ess('nger George C 
65 Carroll M..,. Clltherlne 
67 Younl( Stuart 
71 :\{cHrlde John H 
73 Cndleux Joseph F 
C"dlf'uX Mis" F J A, mus 
75 Keeler John G 
77 J..ohb RIchard 
'ro 1\lulhsll John 
81 Bea tt)' J amf'S 
85 Mc('arter Wm 
McCarter :\Irs C, Inrlry 
87 Rossiter 1\lrs Anna 
91 JÆUmer Mrs EmlI,. 
93 Lf'adlay Edward 
. Grang-e a v Intersects 
95 Ros
 John F 
97 Boyle Jllmes 
101 Power :\1 rs :-; orah 
lOa Tilling Robert W 
105 Brown Harry J 
107 Howard T C 
109 Kennedy Frederick W 
111 Stephens Robert A 
113 Thornton :\Irs Elizabeth 
115 Hoare 1\lr
117 Jamieson Hf'rbert J 
119 Rmlth Ernest E 
121 Taylor J..t'onard H 
123 Wilson Robert 
125 8eller
flss G L muS tchr 
. St PatrIck st InLerøeCt
12\1 Mnnly 
fargaret J 
131 :\lcKlnnon 
13.3 Howell John. confy 
137 Dprmody John 
1:19 ,,, ood James 
141 As-bllelrl Wm F 
147 Jones 
Irs Rebecca K 
149 Grnham George 
1:;1 Pol1lck George 
frs Harriet 
155 )Ihl:hton 
amuel J 
lItcheli GeorgI' H 
..,.,.... West Side 

tore, s " 
2 Miller Charles 
Squirrel '''m 
8 Chrl"Uan Workers' Ch 
10 :\Iatthews George 
12 Hntt.. Chnrll's 
West Pres Chur
. '''OOISle\' st Intersects 
20 Porter Joseph 
22 Black JIlmes 
Vacaut lot 
21\ Howev Samnel C 
28 Wrlj!lÎt )Irs Slary 
Elliott !':amnpl T. I' 
SIj!ley Da \'h1. r 
ao Thompson J..f'I
h II 
:12 :\fe)rartln Elljllh, "'dr 
.'J4 Vat'ant 
31\ Vllcant 
38-44 Lawrence Bros, bkn 
46 Huddleston J H 
48 Copp Henry J 
. Carr st Intersects 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. East. 'Phone 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen', Agent. 
Residence Telephone 3124 
T. O. BLOGG, Oity AKent. 
Residence Telephone 3154 



· · Managing Director, d. A. MACFADDEN, èen'l Agent, r oronto, 
(Cahand Mutual Plans), CAPITAL,S600,OOO BERLIN, - ONT. Mau!1ÏIlgBldg,. 24 K1ng St. W. TEL. 166 

ul1 Av. 



50 Cnrroll Jo
5:! Tn'l"lor "'.tlter 
54 Shë)lpurd Uobert :s 
56 Wllllam
on Henry 
58 lIumlyn John H, hldr 
W Smith Will H 
(;:1 H;tllll'l"n John H 
(;6 HerLJërt l'"ter J 
'Vnlton Cbarles, r 
iO Long Will 
Pont Wm J, r 
70% Alexander Will J 
72 Clark Wm 
 H. drsmkr 
74 Cnmmlns :\lls
McClusky Jobn 
i6 WIlliamson C W 

O Farrnncc' Jnmes 
86 Sbeeb... :\Irs Cutberlne 
88 Rolls 'Jobn G 
00 Summers George 
02 Jobnston :\Irs Jnne 
U4 Seon Hpnry S 
:t Grnnge av Intersects 
\jij Crowley :\llcbael, gro 
.lIn :\Irs Mary 
1J8 riash :\Irs Alice A G 
!JS% SlcGrnth Handrehen 
100 Stanford 'Vm 
100 FincÎÏnlll Alfri'd 
104 :\Iorrison :\Irs :\I J 
106 Fo\\ler John A 
108 Cole .Wm S 
110 O'llrlen Ch.lrles F 
112 \lcGuane Frank 
114 :\I"nnev Tbomns 
116 Long èllllrles 
118 KischI'I I;'rederlck W 
120 Weiss Louis 
 Buker Tholllas J 
124 Kettle Samuel. hkr 
. St Patrick st intersects 
121\ Limlsay John, barber 
12<; M.lson JUllle Q M 
130 Linds.!v John 
13:J Fraser- "'Ill A 
134 1'owcll John G 
]36 Kellv Wm 
138 Ro\\'cn Charles W 
140 Sharpe "'m T 
House. s I' 

Dr.:-;ISOX SQ. w from 46 
AUA"nsta a'l" to Bellevue a..., 
'''\1",1 4. 
. . .. . . ... ]I; orth Side .. .. . . . . . 
2 HI.lDd :lobn D 
4 :\lcConnell John P 
6 Vaennt 
8 Hndson Rohert II 
10 Wbatlev Fred L 
12 Bnn"oul:hes Herbert R 
14 Cocbenour :\[rs :\[ A 
16 WiIllawq :\Irs JI[ A 
18 Jonn C 
Bedell Georj1e C 
20 Casev Daniel 
26 DurlÎam ('baril's B 

 :\lIss M. dress- 
. .. .. . ... South Side ..... 
Denison Park 

DERBY. I' from 69 Pnrllament 
to Et'Ïn. ward 2. 
......... Xorth Side ......... 
HOUSE\ s e 
4 Stable 
6 Elsworth Robert 
<j Johnston Robert 
. .. - . - ... South Side......... 
wery. s I' 

DER:\10TT PL. D 
Spruce to Cn..lton 
. , . . . . . .. East Side 
Honse. 9 I' 
. . . . . .... W pst Sltle 
Honse. s e 
2 Flynn John 
4 Hall Jo
l"h. exp 
6 Knapp Wm A 
10 Rl1nltp.. ',"m 
Balfonr John. r 
12 I-'errnn "'m 
14 Harleßs John G 
16 Lawrence Joshua 
Honse, 8 e 

from 28 
ward 2. 

HIHE PL. n from 
Hoskin It ,- to lIloor ". fir
I' of Xt (lporKe. ward ;;_ 
X ot built un 

OX, " from 244 Os- 
Ingtoll .n to Hn,'elock, 
wards ;; lIud (; 
, . . . . , ... X ortJl Sid" ......... 
Vacant lots 
32 n....h..rt U H 
34 Ua)- Hugh 
3f} Ada III D.n hi 
\'o,,"nt lots 
. Concord a v Intersects 
44 Cnmming
Irs Emily 
411 Holt Geo..g" E 
50 Muekenzie George G 
. Delnwa..e a\' Intersl'cts 
Vaenut lots to 
......... Sonth S;d" _ _'. 
Store, s e 
Dpwson St School 
. Concord av Intersects 
43 Hutebins Will U 
. Delaware av Inters('cts 
1I0usl'. s I' 
Yucnnt lots to end 

XS A V. e from l,og.11I 
av to Carla" II.... first s of 
G T R. ward 1- 
Xot built on 

DIVIS lOX. w fro III opl' 221 

uron to Sp.,dina nv. wal'd 
..,. .. . ",orth Sidp .. ...... 
2 Rol)('rt
on :\Ir, Mary 
4 Va('ant 
6 Gourlay David 
8 Ste" IIrt And,'ew J 
10 CbnrlelJoj" Jos(')lh C 
12 Dlln;,'1 \,"111 I" 
14 :\Iered'th Will H 
18 Waddell John 
20 Tncke.. J"mp
22 Hu..ns Jam"" K 
24 :\1:1f'Grcgor AI('xandp.. 
2', Hond J P. vet su..g 
28 Wright Hobert J 
30 TIII..- Will Y 
32 Gra'nt Edmund A. hldr 
34 \\'arne :\ll"s I': A 
36 'V.,rd 'VIII A 
38 Per)"\" Hie-hurd S 
40 :\Iiln' John 
Hous.., s I' 
. . . . . . . .. Snuth 
('.. s (!' 
VI WI1'ton :\lIss Bessie M 
1;; Re..s :\frs Anna :\1 
17 Robert 
19 Cumpton 1\11"" Margaret 
21 Little Uoh..rt 
2-1 Yellowlees Thomns 
(>, 8 e 

DOE[, A V, I' from Jones nv 
to y,eslie. fll'''t n of Queen 
1', ward 1. 
, , .. .... Nortb Sld(' . 
PrI...ate grounds 
. CUI'zon st Intersects 
30 WagstnfT "'m 
46 Hopkins John A 
, .. . . .. .. South Side . 
7 LOf'k Wm A 
9 X ewberry Thomas H 
House. .. e 
. CurzoD st Intersects 
31 \lcY,.lUghliu Joseph Y 

DOl\UXIOri. w from Dutrerln 
to Dunn n.... first n of the 
Inke. wnrd 6. 
. ... "" Nortb Side .. 
Vacllnt lot
. Fort Roulllp st interspcts 
"ncant lots 
. Tyndall av Intersects 
7(\ Kennedy David 
. Spencer a... Inter
811 Vacnnt 
88 Watt J Xplson 
.. . .. '" South Side ......... 

ot built on 


 TEI:IL\4'I.:. n ..long the 
w s of the lOon Rh'er, from 
E:tste..n nv to WIncbester 
st. "n..d 1- 
R,llIway t......ks and ren.. 

DORA A V. w f"olll 226 St 
Helen av to G T H. Wl\rd 6. 
.... .... Side .. ...... 
riot built on 
.. .. _ ... 
onth Xi<le ..... 
o IUordun J,'rcllliah 
11 Un'a nt John A 
13 CIR,'k Hende..son 
15 Trncy :\Irs CutberJne 

DORRET. n f!"Om 24S Wel 
I1ngton " to Klllg w. flr
\\ of Simeoc, w:trd 4. 
. . . - - - - -. East Side 
lionsI'. s I' 
11 H.lstlngs Will J.: 
1:J Smith I'Pler 
I:> Hozack James 
17 Somm..r\'lIIe :\lrs 1\1 
19 Wbltehpad Jobn 
21 H.'nnesoey J......mlnh 
21 1 -;' Thompson '\"m 

-: Pm'ish Jalll..s 
2:; Jonp
 :\Irs J"nnie 
2i Arnot John T 
2!J \".Ie:tnt 
:U HalTis :\Ii
< \fary J 
::;tol'e. '>; e 
. . . . . . . .. West Side 
House. A C 
lA-22 Factory, s e 
24 Rnse John 
2', (,halllbf'rluin Clark 
2'1 !\I.-ers Uobel.t 
:10 Mßf'klnsoD Wm 
. Rohertson la commenccs 
Sn w works, s e 

I>O\"F.HCOrRT PARYt, lies 
bet Bartlett av nnd West- 
mOl'el.lUd n.... n of Shanly, s 
of Hl1l1am, ward 6. 
Xot built on 

DO\'ERCOITRT RD. n from 
Armonr to eltJ' limits, cross- 
Ing Queen at 1090, wards 5 
and ,,_ 
..... .... E.lst Side 
f"aetory grounds 
. Armonr st Intersects 
47 Wilkes Oeorce B 
49 l\Jit..hell Wm A 
51 l\Jf'akili Wm A 
53 Lowpns James 
55 Pnrlong :\Ioses 
57 SppddlnJ( John 
Y:1f'nnt lot 
!)7 G.olner "'I'Dl B 
9!1 S"hwab Petpl' 
101 Ward Will 
Y:\ICA Bnlldlng. s I' 
Mission Hall. s I' 
. Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s I' 
111 \"ncant 
11:1 I'..nn'l" Gf'orge 
11:> Hllssall Rlebnrd 
11i Brewes Snmuel J 
119 Talhot "'111 
121 Hunter !III'S Rehecca 
]2-3 (,hlld Aaron 
]25 Vaennt 
12T McLeau Tbomas .1 
129 IIrew John 
l:n Railey Joseph 
133 Chapman John 
135 ArmstronJ( Rohert J 
1:17 I
a wcett Mrs Mnrthn 
1:J!I Cum('rol! Cbnrles 
141 Vacant 
Ï!'holas Wm 'I' 

lt-holas Ml"s I
. lllllS tchr 
145 Goodnll J:lm,'ß M 
147 Gnllagbpr Edwul'd () 
H!I Hart Lawrenç.... J 
1:>1 \\"\ddlf'ombe 'Vm. haker 
15.3 Skelley J J. htchr 
. Humhprt av ends 
155 Crawford Jam 4 11. d.llr1 
157 "'e
hroom "ID 
159 Murray l\1I

 J. nurse 



'Phone 1694. 

-I. ""lit V ,( ... 

S7' \. I -;-. ".:: 


co A L. 
I:"D Offlc;'=t 
-L.1I1IIG 5'\II! 
'"ORON1 0 


:,el:. HhoPlllkr 
Beatty !\Irs Jo: A, ,h'smkr 
165 MilJli:an ATthur 
llii Tuek('1' Amino,,!' :\1 
l"n ".'rral "'m 
lit Aldred Chl1rtps W 
17:1 \Ian
er t-:d\\ In J 
]Î:; Al1tho"'l" John 
Vaf'lInt lot 
IT!ì Alllsoll .-\Ibt'rt E 
]81 J:lf'k John J. 1;"1'0 
. Argyle st interseet
IS;J Dempster John bnkpr 
18i Larlck
IS!. Wf'slf..ldt Cllrl Ii 
Hit Smith (;eorg.. J 
103 H"nnpssf'v Jamb H 
Stables ' 
2f1_; :\lcCammon Robert 
:!II:; Seymou.. John 
21li Hnlse WID J 
2O!ì Vaf'nnt store 
. Foxley 
t pnds 
211 Holllnl(shpad W H 
21:J Da\les Jobll B 
21:; \1,'Go\\.III Jl1mes ,-\. 
217 Hurd :\lrs Mnr:v E 
21!ì '1,,\lull!'1I James 
221 Blair Wm 
22-! Lf'nnox E G. phv 
22:; 1'e..rlcp Walter F 
227 r.rundy lilts Emm.t 
'1 Flower Geo L 
231 Hntchlng-
 Charles H 
2:!:J :\I('('ran('... !.Irs Sa..ab 
2::5 Brooks Henry H. daIry 
 Hf'nd('rson Elmes 
24i-9 Hearn Riehard. phy 
2-.1 l\lalC'olll1"<Jn John C 
2:>:J Tovell Rpv Isnnf' 
2H5 Wltf'hnll & Co. bid.... 
"ïtchall Chrlstopber C 
2..!1 Harrison :\Irs Ellen 
27:) Yncnnt 
270 Onkley Francis, phy 
1 Armstronj1 J W. dentist 
Sherwood C W 
IlouS:l'. s e 
. Dundas st IDterSl'ct

torf"t R e 
297 Gay Robe..t L 
2!1\J l\IeCullouJ(h Wm A 
301 Sharp John 
 Power 'Vm 
305 Spence -F1ugh 
Goodworth Mrs :\1. nnrsp 
30i Seott R :\[. hldr 
. Harrison 
t ends 
Old Orcba..d Rink. s 
335 Pl"06ßer Mrs L 
3:J7 Lawr Gporge 
339 Gerrans G('orge T 
341 Rrvant 
 Annie M 
343 p,ir...lq Arthur 
345 Pentf'f'ost Alhert K 
;Hi Loft FrPdprlelt 0 
34!ì Walkln
haw John C 
::151 Winfield Thomas 
35=1 hory Joh!! J 
. Cburehlll av end
355 Cozzens Chrlsttna 
3:;i SandprSOD George 

5!1 Byam F..emont R 
1 Rpll Wm D 
3r.a Porteous Wm 
365 Pyke Edward W 
:J67 [ngleby Wm '1' 
:Jf:!) Purdon Dnvld H 
371 Gardiner James 
373 Reid !.Irs Emily S 

... TH08. CRAWFORD, M.P.P., Vice-President. 
WM. GReENWOOD BROWN, General Mana&"er. 
TORONTO.. OAN ADA.. Selects risks In fire protected placee, 
24 KING STREET WEST. ....elephone 2413. CANADIAN CO. and &"lVee rates accordin&"ly, 


Dovercourt Rd. 


Vacant lots 
t Shannon 8t ends 
41 l,angton Wm A 
415 Wright Altred 
Vacant lots 
. College st Intersects 
Unfinished hous
, s e 
Vacant lots 
4117 Minto John 
White f<'rederlck J 
461 Peake Thomns J L 
463 Weldon Robert V 
465 Craig Wm J 
467 Pnyn
 Wm H 
469 Thorold IIlrs Annie 
471 Rogers Joseph W 
473 Davidson Douglas 
Vacant lots 
M5 Matlh('ws Charles 
Vacant lots 
. Dewson st Intersects 
Vacnnt lots 
557 Scott Dan 
65!} Thompson H P 
661 Bedford H..v Alto-"d 
66:1 McAllbter SnlDuel 
665 Carruthprs Rev Samuel 
(J(j7 Kerr Will 
Kero- Thomns, phy 
. Hepbourne st Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
687 Carlisle Hobert J 
Vacnnt lots 
695 Humphreys Frnncls 
697 IIIC'Alllster George D 
Vacant lots 
Centennlnl M('th Ch 
Vacant lots 
739 Morrow Hugh, dry gootls 
Morrow II1lss J. drsmkr 
Morrow Miss T. drsmkr 
741 Shnrp George W 
Store, s e 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
767-9 Ch:unberlaln T I?, provs 
Vncant lots 
. I\orthumberland st Inter- 

Vacant lots 
, FletC'her David 
80!1 Ryan James 
811 Yatps Wnlter E 
81:\ Curtis Colin IIIcK 
81;:; Adamson IIlethven 
817 Rnynes Edmund 
81!ò K('lIv Louis 
Vnc:Înt lots 
82;; RiC'hard;;on Alfred 
827 Kidowv Rohert \V 
SZ!) Taylor Amhrose F 
831 Marshall John B 
V 11<'nn t lots 
839 lIIarshnll IsmI'I B, gro 
841 Po-lcC' !',Irs Eva 
Vncnnt lots 
847 1II('('uliough Wm 
Vncnnt lots 
. Shanly st Intersects 
VaC'nnt lots 
931 Mosher Wm 
!l37 Williams Jnmes M 
V.want lots 
947 j'nhev John 
VaC'nnt lots 
955 Houle Henry 
957 Fnllprton Robert F 
V:lcnnt lots 
. Hnllnm st Intprsects 
VnC'ant lots 
1037 f"rlC'hton Mrs Ellen 
. . . . . . '.. ,V <,st Side ......... 
 'Yorks, s e 
. A,'mom' st Intersects 
Vapant lots 
00 I\olnn IIlichnel J 
62 Clnrke George R 
64 1II0sps IIfrs Adeline 
ßf\ 'YllIi,nns Jos<,ph 
68 1IIC'I\lchol Chnrles 
70 MpNIC'hol John 
72 Hnrdv 'Vm L 
VRcnnt lots 
98 H('Tod Wm C. bldr 
100 Dodd
102 Dny Albert 
Store. II G 
. Queen lit w Intersect. 
Store, s I' 
106 Gmhnm T H, dentist 
I\nsh John M 


110 Gill John, dairy 
112 Holmes Jonathan J 
114 MncArthur Chnrlps 
MncArthnr Donnld 
116 Heggie Wm c. phy 
120 Power WilIonA"hhv 
122 Thompson John i 
 Jones John L 
126 Fnlrbalrn John K 
128 Alexander Rev John 
130 Johnston J.uues 
1;{2 Cornock Wm 
1:14 Hewitt G('orgp 
136 Alexander John jr 
138 Shll,mnn Georgè 
140 Camph('11 
h-s C E 
142 Vneant 
144 Shaw Jnmes I' 
Irs A. drsmkr 
146 IIIcCmdy Alpx. bldr 
148 lIIc('nu;;lnnd John A 
lIIeCauslnnd III J. drsmkr 
150 lIIeCalIulU 1111's I\nncy 
152 lIIeredith Wm E 
154 Hlllin/(hurst Altr<'d J 
15G Vnn Wlnckel BIllIngs 
1;;S l\IcI\ichol Thomas 
160 I'lnxton John A 
162 I'u terson :\Iark J 
J64 Greenly l\liss C drsmkr 
166 Emmett Henry' 
168 Knmm Julius 
I(amm Frpderlck 
170 Blakeman Thomns 
172 Boyle A R. phy 
Royle :\11's F.lIlllv I, 
174 l\Intson Harry,,,, 
17(; St('phenson l\lrs Annie 
178 Hnldnln Thomas 
180 Chapman Joslma 
182 Smuck Junws W. !lhy 
. ArA"yle st Intersect" 
Raptlst ('In..'ch, s I' 
]\)4 An dt' Hollert 
1!}6 Cairns Juhn H, plmbr 
1!18 Sintzt'l TLlOInas 
20(j 'Yhi
21)2 Cork F.manuel, gro 
204 Hemsted E. pny 
206 Newton TI1OIll.IS B 
208 Vneant 
210 Hartmnnn Albert }' 
212 Barrie Jnmps 
214 Nethprton Snmuel 
PrlvRto A'l"ounds 
218 Groom IIIrs Emma 
Miller F S. mining eng 
220 1'ennnnt Fronds N 
Prlvnte grou",ls 
. IIIcKenzle Ct'es commences 
224 I,ynd Will 
Lynd IIIrs Id", pl1y 
22.. Davpy Ut'v George 
228 Hend George 
2:10 Dale Chrlstopl1er 
2::2 Phillips John 
23<1 Le llov F.dmund B 
2-\6 Burger Jol1u S 
Vacant lots 
2132 Augct. :\Irs Cnth('rlne A 
264 Richnrdson A H 
Vncant lots 
270 Mills IIIlss Fannv 
274 II10rgan IIlrs E 
I A 
Private gt'Ollllds 
284 Woods Frederick. gro 
Store, s e 
. Dundns st Intersects 
Church, s e 
:I()I) Gordon Alexander C 
:102 Ross Pt.rcv F 
304 Cavenngh -Malcolm 
30t] Grohnm John J 
308 IIIf'Gulre Alhert T 
310 Sinter David J 
312 pparce Rohprt A 
314 Harrington Amos 
316 navis GpOl'g,' F B 
318 Bnlman Robert 
320 }'ortch Albert E 
322 Van "'hlckl" Jacub 
324 IIIcCI('lIand Matlldn ?I 
Private gronnds 
344 Prote.tnnt Orphan's Home 
Miss I( E Deacon 'ma- 
. St Anne's rd C'ommences 
Hpydpn Vllln 
Deñison I.t-Col Geo T 

410 lIIlIIlgan I,t-Col W J I, 
. College st Intersects 
VaCRnt lots 
rnfinlshed houses 
Vacant lots 
I;nfinlsllt'd house 
506 I';nton Austin 
Allen James S 
60S Vnt'ant 
"neant lots 
518 Hutehison George 
520 I'etersen Adoll,h 
Vacant lot 
528 Grant Rohert 
;;;\0 Holme I';"ic W 
Vaeant lots 
. Dt'wson st intel'sects 
5:!:I Vacant 
540 IIlcl'l1(,\80n WID D 
Vncnnt lotH 
624 'I:hompsoll \\ 1', 1I01'1"t 
'aC'nnt lots 
. HCI.houme st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Bloor st w into'rsecls 
 Lyons l\Irs I{,ite 
7(jO StlJ]
oJ] Jilll1PS. ('oal 
7\;2 Cummins Albt'rt 
7tH 1';lIiott J ,IIl"'S 
7Ü1; Uobh S,lDmel 
7"8 "acant 
Presbyterlnn (,hurch 
. :\orthumherlnud st Inter- 
\'ncnnt lot 
782 Caml'h('11 James A 
VnC'ant lots 
7\.12 Mackh, Pntrlck A 
7[)4 Weir Rohert 
7[)Ij Knigl1t (',.Iph 
7!18 lIlntthews Thomns 
SOO LillI' Renjamln 

(l2 Hecl< 
b04 HC'nde..son lII..s 
I A 
806 Atchison John W 
\'a('nllt Jots 

24 1'001... mi. gro 
!>:\O Clegg nt'nj.llnJ.n 
Vncant lots 
840 Griffiths EdwlI..d, pntr 
!H2 p, ntt Wm G 
1'44 lIiay Wm 
\; Hawkhlsstone R 
848 l\Ic('u..dv David S 
1',;;0 ,"orth ('l1arles W 
"'Ghl(' Wm C 
8:>-1 JIeurd 'I'llomns B, gl'O 
. Shanly st Intersects 
\'aC'nnt lots . 
\)54 Gillies Angus 
[)56 Hnrcollrt l\Irs Jane 
Vacnnt lots 
!}70 Clarke Rouprt J 
\)72 Thompson Wm J 
V"C'lInt lots 
\.178 A..mour Pnul 
!ISO Gut'st 
lIss IIInrlon 
IIð2 Simpson John 
!lSJ Cnrler Henry J 
!ISH lIlcKav Robert 
91'8 Cnrlm' John 
[Ioo Pricf' Adolphus B 
11\)2 Cottprlll Jam
tI()4 Frnspr Jnmps 
11!)6 IIleKt'ndripk Johll 
99S B..nckley Jns, grocer 
. Hnllam st Intersects 
HOllse. q ... 
Va('nnt lots 
1026 Snvder t:y'-us 
VaCant lots 
10;;4 Busby Joshua 
V nennt lots 
1064 Finan 'Vm 
. V"in Horne 5t Intersects 
House, s e 

J.lOWLI:'oiH A V. n trom the 
lake to HS. Qupen w, ward 
......... F.a
1: SI(le ..... 
p..lvnte grounds 
. LI1hurnam av ends 
Vncant lots 
. J';mprf'ss cres pndg 
. G 'I' H C'rosslllg 
tj7 Wnller H 
69 Ashdon II Wm A 
71 ZoC'k John J 
73 Cohen 1II0rris 

79 Cln..k Rev John A 
\'acnnt lots 
97 Cromar Mrs Burbal'a 
09 Dockrtll Wm T 
Vacant lots 
103 E,'erlst f<'..nnk 
100 Vncnut 
111 Clnrk Edgnr M 
11;; Forbps Hobert 
117 Con-ell Cl1arles S 
119 Hoberts Edmond L 
. King st w Intersects 
Housf', 8 (" 
V8cnnt lots 
143 Ro'on 11 John F 
145 Charles H 
147 Holtbv Amhrose W 
149 Speirs JI1mes J 
151 "pl'ner 'f1tomns H 
153 Robinson BpDjnmln K 
155 P"rl,er I" )., sl"mp dlr 
157 lIIe....lfield L L 
1;;\1 Sl1pl"mnn 'Vlbon H 
161 D) kes l'lnltp 
163 McB<'nn Jol1n, C'onll" 
. L..opold st cntls 
House. s e 
165 Vacant 
1G7 TI1wse 'VIll D 
169 Wnllac(' J
dwlll ß 
171 Kirby John (' 
V"cant lots 
. Fifp st commene,'< 
17& Itohillson Altr('d 
175 Wnlker Wm 
177 Clarke C H, conU' 
"ucant lots 
ilia sonic Hall 
Scott Wnlter T, ca..elkr 
Alpha Lodge I\o 384 
7.etn Lo<1ge rio 110 
Antiquity HAC No fJ1 
. . . . .. - . _ W C'st Sille _.. 
20 Cool, Herman II 
20% WIlliams Rohert 0 
. G T U crossillg 
96 Baldwin IIIrs I.'rnn('('s E 
\.18 1'f'C'k Wf'lIinglon J 
IOITPIi l\I,lXimiIl:m 
114 Patteson Thos C 
PI'ivate grounds 
. King st w Intl'rsects 
\' acant lots 
138 RpYllold. Gt'OI'g,' N 
140 E<1man<on "'m J 
142 {!

i i

,O Brvan Hev Reo'uard 
152 Yo'ullg Rev F.gerton It 
Pl"lvate grounds 
158 Aspdpn Thomas 
A<pdell Jame. I, phy's 
160 Harrl< G,'orge J<' It 
p..lvnte gl'Ounds 
170 Sutton Thomns E I' 
172 IIa, Idsoll John J 
174 Thompsou Joseph P 
176 Leckie John 

DOWNEY I,AI\E, n tl'Om 46 
Loulsn to Alice, ward 3. 
o .. . , . . .. J.:nst Side 
Iiousp, 8 e 
. . . _. . . .. We-st Side 
HOllsP. q I' 
2 Smlt Henrv W 
-1 RnnC'epr Henry 
tì ('"ven J.lmes 
10 Tilley Chnrles 
}{Pllr entrnnC''''5 
30 Haddleton Fred 
36 LC'e Mrs F.lIzubeth 

DRA pF.R. n trom 4\)2 Fronl 
w to Wplllugton pi, ward 4. 
.0..... _. E.t.t 
Hou....(., S (I 
1 Bul'llPss 'Vm 
l'i. Bnllcv S.llnuel 
3 Hownril Fernnndo 
5 K..nnlPr August 
7 Cross John 'V 
9 IIIeK"e JI1mes 
11 V..('nnt 
13 '\leCail( Samuel 
1'í 'Vnlkf'r Thomas 
17 Angus .1nJues 
1[) Burns J..mes 
knollald Matthew 

CO L " ' t d Dealers in Clarified Milk and Cream 
1m I e · and Dairy Products. 



A&1;s. II HAGAR" SHOE. unexcelled 
'for Style. Fit and Wear. 




23 Hendf'l"son :\Irs Catherine 
25 Watt :\ll"s Angnsta M 
2i Armstrong Juseph 
29 Roller! Dominic 
Rollerl Mls_< C, vocnllst 
Cavanagh :\Irs R, drsmkl" 
House. s e 
......... "' 
[(1e ......... 
2 Turrall Thomas 

 Carruther.. ltIrs Am,. 
4-M"Cart,. John 
4% Pollard John 
6 Fastwood Uol><'rt 
8 Bennett :\Irs Eliza 
mlth John (' 
12 \1..Farland Sidney 
14 f'Imnlnl!'hRm 'Ym 
18 Kennl'd}' Mrs MRrgarpt 
Goulding" :\Irs :\Iargaret. 
18 Angus Alp:ocnn<ler 
20 Bromell Wm 
22 !llorrlson RoÞ..rt 
24 Arnold James 
26 Graham Rob..rt K 
2S :\lef'Untoek Joseph 
30 Karn Frpderlek E 
32 Walsh Richard B 
Honse, s e 

DRESDEX A V. I' from Cnr- 
law a.... to Pop" av. second 
s of Danforth av, word 1. 
Xot built on 

DRl'M:\II'XD PL, n from 328 
Adelaide w. wnrd 4. 
.... . .. " East Side ...,..... 
House. s I' 
1 Wesley :\Irs Elmlna 

 Xnnn Wnlter 
" WIlliam:;;. GMl"ge 
7 Currie Jam
9 AndeNon !Ills, Cella 
11 Harl"lni!'ton :\lr8 Margaret 
13 Wntson Wm 
15 Holdpn Jacob 
... , . . '" W
t Side ......... 
Hons... s I' 
2 RIt"hle Jamps 
4 PIll.......S Fr..d'k W 
6 Peon Samupl 
8 Hatwood ('olumbns 
10 Hobertson Wm 
12 Thompson Henry C 
14 Konmare Robert J 
lfì Annis Wm G 
18 R..ld Wm 

DUCHESS. I' from 115 Jnr. 
vis to P,lrllament, ward 2. 
.... .... Xorth Side .. ...... 
6 !IIcTiernan :\Irs E, eonly 
8 Duggan John 
nUe'i!'an J.,hn P, exp 
1012 nmgan Bros, carriage 
14 'I('Donnld :\Irs Ellen 
18 f'OJ'hrldi!''' J, horseshoer 
26 Hodgson T. vet surg 
Johnston Alhert 
. Geori!'e st Intersects 
30 Store, s I' 
M VRcant 
38 Oll.....r Frederick 
Vacant lot 
42 Hartman Henry 
44 Rvan :\1I('hael 
4ft .1::f.ko;.:oll .I,,' II 
48 Duffv Thomas 
50 Nixon David 

2 :\Iahoney Mrs Bridget 
,,4 Pporcp Jnmes 
5fì !llIchnel 
ó8 Harrington Mrs Jane 
1;0 Plppr !IIrs F 
0)2 HI('ke:v :\Irs Julia 
64 SullvRn :\lIchael 
Elliott 'Irs .Tnne 
Hayps Thomas 
, :\Inrtln Mrs S 
Knox Church Mission 
. Ston.. Cuttf!r la commences 
82 Dillon John 
Store, s I' 
. Sherhourne st Intersects 
00 SÞone Wm 
112 Gunn Thomas 
94 Rldwpll JnnlE's 
Va('ant lotq 

. McFarren's la commences 
I<Jù Hickey :\lichael 
102 Harrison !llrs lIIargaret 
]04 :\fc:\lInn J..mes 
106 !IIcDonald JolmE'S 
Vacant lots 
118 Phillips Wm It 
120 Doley Wm 
122 Day John 
124 Hnrny Wm H 
12'. Heintzman Anthony F 
130 Gibson Wm 
132 :\Inrtln Ml"s !II A 
I:H Armstrong John H 
:\Ioore Frederick 
138 H..nderson J George 
140 Seaman Thomas 
142 Crowley Thomas 
144 N"ewell !IIrs Jane 
mlth S..mnel H 
148 Gunn AI..xander 
150 "1''11.. Samuel P 
152 ('upples Benjamin T 
1:>4 Vacant 
. Ontario st Intersects 
Store. s e 
1r.o Farl..v Patrick 
lfì2 H..nd;'rson Alex 
164 Gordon Hugh 
166 Burkholder C H. dairy 
Vncnnt lots 
Inclalr Wm 
1,6 Re('ks John H 
1,"1/., Snend Wm 
1,8 Ryan John J 
180 Colburn 1':dward 0 
1"2 )l,"oble John 
. R..rkeh'y st Int..rsects 
IS4 Pudsey :\Irs Mary 
18'3 Robson :\Irs Janet 
Robson Miss P, drsmkr 
S Sa wdon George 
1!\O Xieholas 
I!JO ' J Cnrter <\Ih..rt 
1!J2 )1..Donald John 
In4 :\Ialrolm Rohert 
HJt. F.lrdlev \\"m 
HIS Good"in Joseph 
200 IInlev John 
202 Fortier C J.ewls 
204 Vacnnt store 
206 -\!'mstl"on!( 'Irs Ann 
Farrnnt :\Irs Margaret, r 
J.pslie John. r 
Store, s I' 
.... .. ... Sonth Side ,........ 
a Store. s I' 
" Btrnehle John C 
, :\lIt('henpr John H 
9 ('ronln )1Iss Margnret 
11 Kplly Philip 
13 \"an Tnsspl Reuben 
I:> Lover Felix 
. G..ôrge st Intersects 
Faetory, s I' 
21 :\ltlldo,
n Jllmes 
31 Middleton ,Tohn, fruit 
O'Connor John 
Rlchford Patrick, r 
33 Vacant 
35-7 !IIcGurn John, eIp 
39 Vacant 
41 Bell Thomns 
-5 '"ncnnt /21 
47 Rarless David 
49 Reekett Alfred 
51 BIRckloek Edward C 
53 Reeves Wm 
5:> Lewis Henry 
5, Corley !\Irs Ann 
59 Sullvan James 
fì1 Harrington Daniel 
63 Malone !\Irs A 
r.5-7 Gallngher 'l'homas J 
69 J.nhlt7.kv Wm 
71 Mc:\lullén Patrick 
73 Lvnch Jeremloh 
i5 Si..ele Peter 
77 Foley 
llss Catherine 
.9 D"Arc:v John 
81 C.trroiI John, cob owner 
Hotel. s I' 
. Sherhonrne st Intersects 
Blacksmith shop, s I' 
95 Harmnn John 
9í-100 Kormonn Brew....,. 
101 Kormann Brp" pry Of- 
103 Carpenter D & Co, clg..r 
mil n ufo ctn rerø 

Schnefer :\Irs L 
107 ('IISCV John 
100 Woodley John 
111 110bJnson 'i'homaq J 
113 \\'heeler Thom:l
115 Colville Wm K 
117 Opelt John 
119 Gunther Hem'" 
121 Humphrey Erne
12."; Kremer Theodorc 
127 Rnmbcll 'Vm T 
129 Grlmbleb,. Alfred 
l:n Lubar Albert 
133-41 Gendl"on !lUg Co, baby 
t"" Dc
lnlon Rllllwny 
137 Cork Co of Cnnada I,td 
. Ontario st lutersects 
14a Durham .Tohn 
Durham :\Ir
 I, gro 
145 Wtmhles .\dam J 
15.1 0 rr !II rs )Ia rgn ret 
15:; Pennyleg-Ion Alh,'" 
157 lvI's Henry 
159 N" ealon :\Irs :\Iarla 
11;1 Smith Herbert 
16:{ Martin Jomes 
165 Thlrsk 1IIrs Elizabeth 
167 !\Iashlnter Thomas 
House. l1li: .. 
. Rl'Tk..le,. st Int..rst'cts 
Honse. Ø"-iQ 
187 Plews & Scott. scrnp Iron 
l!13 West Daniel 
1% Hayes \1, cab owner 
197 Arm4rong Henry 
199 O'Rrl..n John 
201 f'lemlng Wm 
203 PearsolJ Samnel 
House. S I' 

Dl:'FFr.RIX. n from the lake 
to city limits. Intersecting 
Que..n w at suhway, ward G. 
. . . . . . . .. l:n"l !<:Ide ......... 
Exblhltlon Park 
Cham hers John 
Lightfoot Wm J 
. G T R ('rosslng 
Yaeant lots 
159 Downing" John H 
161 Vncllnt 
Yacllnt lots 
2.13 Warrington Henry 
Vacant lots 
237 Thptford Wm H 
CIty nnr
. King- st w Intprs('''
MptnlJi(' Roofin!( Co, II (' 
293 Graham Nail Works 
Old (' P R shops 
319 T1nll J n. coal 
:\Ialoney John & C:>, blllld- 
ers' supplies 
(' P R :rnrds 
. Qu..en st w suhwny 
415 'leI.('nn !\Irs Ellen 
417 F('atherston IIlrs Hannoh 
H01Uif". s e 
. 1'.,..1 nv ('nds 
41!J Woo,1 Mrs F.lnnlc .1 
421 :\Iathl(,soll Thoma" fJ 
 -neal'born Wm 
42:; I.., Bpr RI('hard, jr 
427 J\I('Knv James 
42!1 (,hat('j. Thomas H 
431 I.oug-h('pd John S 
433 .Tov Wm 

tõre, s c 
. Alm:t nv ends 
Honse. Ii Q 
Hous.., S Q 
. \\'ate,'loo av ends 
f", A e 
f'.. 8 e 
. Trafalgar nv ends 
507-9 ))onn JII('oh & SO'l, nr- 
tlficlal IImhs 
Donn John J 
non n JIIIss F. III, oms tcllr 
Vncnnt lots 
521 Hnll G"orgp W 
:>2:1 Camphell A C 
,,2:> ('assldv Frnnk 
527 Emf'lT- John T 
52!1 Glllln
her Wm J 
1 Shnrmnn H..m'y 

.mnd..rq David 

53:> ßrndley n J . 
537 CI"O
sl:tlld John 
Vacant lots 
5:;f) 1I,II'ford Will F 
:>tJl IInll James W 
56.1 Byan George F 
51\5 I'arks :\laUhew 
5fì7 H1nckloek Rol><'rt H 
569 ('uuuulns 'Vm 
571 Va('Rnt lot 
3,3 Bnn'ptt Joseph 
575 Gracpy :\Irs Catherine 
:>77 Powt'rs David E 
579 Blyth Alex C, bldr 
581 Klrhy !II J, exp 
;is:1 I1ohprt
 Will M 
5"5 :\lcGl"oth I'pter 
587 :\11t('hell John 
589 Bnrlow Jnmes 
001 !11m phy Rlchord, plstr 
Vacnnt lots 
599 IIIrd John 
001 Shackel Wm G 
m)3 \\'lIson .Tohn 
roO:> P(':J('h Gpor!:e 
r07 Wlth",'I,I
p \\"m C 
GO!) HUllt..r \Irs \1:trgaret, grf, 
tork Roe W 
1113 \y" tt
 T:\f)ln:t!,l A 
VII e.1O t 'ot
. Ihm< st hltl'rsects 
Vacnnt lots 
St Allll"'" (Ang) Chur('h 
661 ßnlhll'd nt,\ J !If:JcJ.ean 
T"nfilllsht'd hOlls('s 12) 
"ncallt lots 
ill ('mist' John J 
Cnff Jolm J, r 
713 AnMews lIIrs !II 
VIl('ant lots 
. ('olle
e st Inters('cls 
7:n .Tones "'m J 
7:\:\ \!i II (',. .Tolm A 
73i Kirhy "m J 
PrI..-nte grounds 
7:'5 r:onlt1PJI .T:Jmp
hnm Johll J 
. J.lndsay a..- Inters('('ls 
I'."h.u te 
. 8"I\'an nv pnãs 
,. nea n t lots 
. Lawlor a,' t'nds 
,"n(':Jnt lot" 
. F.lirmont av ends 
\'omnc lots 
9"1 Boultt't. I.'rt'de,lek 
'",,('allt lots 
. n,'phnm'lI" qt cndq 
A 0 J.' l1all 
Vn('nnt lols 
.111001' sl \V lutcrseds 

tnrf'. R C 
1(>13 !IIf'Killlh'V John 
"11 ('a 11 1 löts 
1M3 Glt'uO..ld Hnrr1 
V,,"ant lot" 
1053 Varon: 
lOtH Cnnll'l'On J K 
Yn.'nnt lot" 
10,3 BlIlIl\ant I1pnr,.. 011 
Prl..a r.. grou OIls 
1077 How(' I:.'ol'ge 
108.1 And('rson H. pntr 
1113 Page Thomas 
Voeanl lots 
1127 f'hri__lian Mr
 E. gro 
hllnly st ends 
1129 WI1Ilamson James 
113.1 Chlllman Wm 
1141 Ea
tmnn Joseph 
V:Jcnnt lots 
1171 Vacaut 
1173 Foster Richard 
Vlle,wt lot" 
llRi O'Brlen I'Rtrlck 
'-Reant lots 
.l1allnm st ..nds 
Va('ant lots 
1267 Huntley Ch:irles J 
Vacnnt 10.'" 
1291 Hayes W A, vlo:in llI1Er 
1297 Rlehardson Thomas 
12!J9-1301 Winter Edward, blk. 
Va('ant lot 
1305 Charters D.lvld 
1307 Wheldon Frank 
1309 Holdsworth John 
1111 Praln Chnrles 

INSURE British America Assurance Co. FIRE and 
IN THE B" Losse. Paid Since Ore-anization, $18707,996.75 MARINE 

Tel. 952. _ 98- 1 00 King St. W. Toronto. 

London, Eng., 



lJ u tieri II. 

1313 Free JOhll }<' 
l:nã \"nc"nt 
1;J17 Vncant 
Vacfint lot 
. Van Horne st ends 
. (" l' U cl'o,sing 
, .. . _ .... 'Vest :"ide _-......,. 
V"cant lots to 1
196 C
\\ \ nne MIss AnnIe 
,,,,,',,nt lots 
248 JonI" John 
2:JU W".t Hicl1ar<l. bldr 
Kenut"d\ 'fbolliR:5 
2(;2 Wunle'
\" .!"unt lots 
2tJ2 V'll'ant 
ltlder Uu
. King st " Intersects 

tore, s (' 
281:1 IU1\ Harn F 

!I(J Mdlon,II,I' 
lrs F. bdg 
:.!92 Voúds Alexander 
;!9-1 Caines 
lary J 
2\J\I \"ncfint 
\"ncnnt lot 
:wo Von.ll1ue 
;J()'..! Egan lo'rnnk 
306 lllair Ed" ard 
308 Hinck 
:no Clnrk Will 
312 I';wcetman Charles 
316 Harry 'l' J. exp 
31S Dermody John 
323 lÚ'1\y Jol1n 
324 Wl1imbe\' l
red W 
3:W Hln,1ll l\ìiehael 
:121:1 Lnllt Jobn E 
3:!U Holl"nÎl James 
3:!:! Unll' ("harles 
;J;J4 Bridgewater II H 
33t> O'Vonnell 1'.\trlck J 
3:J1:I I'r1nee 'Vm 
l<:ll1011rne av commenc"11 
34U-76 DOIll ßndlalor Co 
Storn!:c \\arehouse s e 
. QueI'll at w snl1way 
39U Vacallt 
 BellJlett Jobn 
394 Bmton J osepl1 
39G Y ollng SIlllford 
398 Friend Jul1n W 
400 0'111'1<:11 :\licllnel 
402 Sim 
Vacant lots 
418 Uacdonnld Duncnn 
Vacant lots 
478 Lallgle)' SImon 
-11'\0 Tickc1\ :\Irs Ann 
2 1'e"cock Artl1 ur H 
41:14 Billing Cbarles II 
41:16 AdaDl'on Samuel H 
8 Sa.-1\1 George 
4!1O Brennan Aillert J 
492 Wnrd Wm W, gro 
. 1.'lorence st commences 
494 Hurst 
Irs }<', gro 
Hurst Thomns 
496 Hurst" Le.-I B 
4t18 Hnrst Wm A 
:.00 AuÌ\rew Wm 
502-4 Seath 
Irs !II, coufy 
Seath Jnmes, sboemkr 
508 Hnrrlngton ?tIrs M, Indry 
8wltzer 1\Irs 1" confy 
512 Umlnger John 
514 Richurdsoll Peter 
516 Go
lIng Thomns 
Prl\ate giounds 
526 White Thomns 
. Gordon st commenCf!S 
528 Hunt Bros, groB 
Hunt !\Irs Susie 
;;30 W ensley George A 
532 Pnlfer Joseph 
534 l\1cLellnß D,mlel S 
536 Frizzell Wnlter W 
538 Argue JOllies H 
540 Clnv FrederIck D 
542 'l'.-Icr Richard H 
ó44 M'usS()n Samuel 
546 WlIson !llrs Tamzen 
M8 Arnott Wm. blllr 
554 Schofield Harry 
. Bnnk st commenc,'s 
.S Hoherty 
Iichael P 
Prl\'ate grounds 
568 Hlll R H. bldr 
572 Poucher !I1orrls 
Vacnnt lots 

Ci31l mn"h,)' W R, blk8mith 
Beasley & Co, broommkr.. 

hop, s I' 
. BUDdfiS st Intersects 
Honse, S I' 
IHO lJenison Charles I, 

es. phy 
. Fisher st commenccs 
\'a('ant lots 
678 Smith Will H 
löbO :s"ewton '" m 
1>''':.1 8mith P.ttrld, 
lil-4 BI,tin James W 
(i llobel.l
on Jnbll I' 
li/:<S Craiglp Alfred 
"UO :\Ieh.l'e Hngh 
lõU2 Henderson :\I,'s SophIa 
6t14 Worlllnu Henrv 
Dllnlop John I;' 
6IJG l'nt('het Johu W 
I'fltl'het :\Jt's Lncy, gro 
. :\Ioutm)' st cowmence!1 
Vacnnt lots 
ilS 1
"lug John, daIry 
720 HltclllU,lll John 
2 "'ood Will. hldr 
Lewin J..ul1es 
724 Gl11es Cha 
 J, gro 
. I'oll..g ,t intersects 
Y.ICflllt lots 
746 Swunne1\ :\Irs :\Ial"'l' 
:\lontgomcry George 
74S ,1.lInes Frederick 'l' 
750 Thompson 8alUllei !II 
2 Va, Idgc \Irs Allnie 
7;;4 Ward Je....old I 
,:it; I1,"'ris '\'m F 
. I.l1td
ay ,,,- intersects 
I'rl\ ate gronuds 
. \llIlr n,' commences 
Yucallt lots 
80-! T"routo lJrh iug Club 
804-bO Dllfferln HidIng find 
DI'i, lug l'.lrk Assn 
f>80 Vwall Henuis 
Jal'ksou K 110rsctrailler 
:"82 Rn
scl\ Thomas 
Ynennt lots 
!lIS Rl'Ilmou Ralph W 
\'2(1 EIlI
 Will J 
to22 Kl11"pl<e\ 
h's ElIza 
to:!4 Bal<cr Geor!:e ?tI 
!121; Blll1lington Charles L 
" Han-e\' Charles J 
930 GI'lf/hi 
Irs Sarah 
\'32 8hlelds 'l'homns 
\134 W,HI,lns John 
936-38 l,C'go; Philip R 
Yflcant lots 
. Bloor st w intersects 
Hotel, s e 
1014-1016 ,'acnnt ofllces (2) 
1020 Asbbnry Edwnrd, hlack- 
1024 Stillson John 
1021; Decgan lknls 
1040 'Iarchant 'Irs Catherlnc 
1044 (;odldn Robt L 
1046 Thompsoll George 
Yacfint lots 
10;;8 Deegnn Michael J 
1064 Rrown S)'I.-ester, flonr 
ßrowu l\[rs Ida, dress 
106S Thompson Robert 
Y:lCant lot!! 
1114 .\lh..rt :\h-s Emllv 

Iarket gardens' 
1138 Tn.-lor ClIlI'ord 
Vncllnt lots 
1152 Hili Henry. gro 
HIli FrRncls. rtnlry 
\'acnnt lots 
. Wallnce nv commenCes 
Vacant lots 
. Armstrong a.- com 
11>;2 Mn
"r Ramnel 
Vacant IotA 
119R l.appln Pntrlcl< 
Vacant lots 
. MIIIlcent st commf!nces 
Vacant lots 
. LappIn nv commence!! 
\Inrket jtardens 
1292 Corcoran 1\1 & J, mkt 
1;j22 1'l1ll1imore Arthur 

Iarket gardens 


1336 K\1'k.',- John J 
. I 'I'll crossing 

V (JI\:.r-:, " froID 77 Jarvis to 
I'urllnillent, ward 2. 
. ... .... 
Ol'th Side .. ...... 
8tore, s I' 
Iason 1.Ir08, 11\ cry 
16 I\rowe Josej:lh 
1:; I>I1"mLÞroob. llenry 
:W 2"..! 
litchell J (est). livelY 
Iitchell :llrs Elizabeth 
. Geurge st intersects 
28-31S De la Salle InstJtnte 
SeJluratel::\chool Board 
 St 1\11('hal'l'" School 
44 Harris Septimus 
Key Wm H, biscuit dlr 
FitzpatrIck John, I' 
4M Cahill :\Jicbael 
;;(J-;;U FenSúm Ele, atol' Wks 
;..., \\'ootlhonse John 
tj() :lhl11'l1y Wm 
1i2 \\'oolid
f> Walter ,I 
li-l Bird Bern.lnl 
H(..7Iö lIuke Rt I'nb Seh 
78 8tngg George 

 l'iper Johu 
1-2 l'ethid, James. barber 
Irs A, drsmkr 
. Shl'l'LÞO\lrlle >;t Intersects 
"4 h,w'í TllOllias 
"H n....hl John 
 B,lCh :\Irs Sclin,1 
UfJ ('ohf'n Jo
tl2 \.illiprs ".111 
94 Girlie,' 
Irs R. btlg hse 
!14% Ell"r!>y John 
H(i ('
 J.llnes F 
\JS no')('rt
on James 
100 Stin,,'n \Irs Elizu, bdg 
Stinson "'m 
102 ;\I"dIcI' Jobu l' 
1(14 Arnot PH"r 
108 I'ark Jame.. 
110 C;"lInns Edwlll'rt E 
112 :\II' John 
114 Chrl,Ue Wm 
111\ "I.ukl... Wm J 
118 Vominiun :\1111 Stock Co 
Br...lnnnuz I onls, blcvcles 
118-122 Tor WooUen 1\1.ichln- 
ery Co 
124 Rllrchard "'m H 
121) Terry 'h', :\Iary I'
128 Yonn
130 Hook"r 
lI,s .1.!ue, hdg 
132 Brown 
h's Annie 
134 Langham !Janlel 
136 Brown 'Ym 
138 Lewis Henry 
It's S L, flower 
Ilss S, drsmkr 
140 Vacant 
. Ontario st intersect8 
142 Dowling- 1'.!trlck 
Dowling :\Irs A, gro 
144 Rheppard Cbarl
14ß Dugg"n !llrs CatherIne 
US Ru\llvnn ratrlck J 
1;,0 Hutchinson Mrs 'Iar, 
Cooper Georgc, r 
Vncnnt, r 
('lark Rohert A, r 
Soper Da\'ld. r 
1:,-1 Clnrke George 
Collnn 1\Irs l\1ary A 
O'l,enrv :\Irs Ellen 
158-62 factory 
House, s I' 
. Berkeley st int"rsects 
17:.d Cole Charles 
174 ReI' Stewart 
176 Edmonds Chnrles E 
'l78 Martin F'rederlck 
0 'l'nlt John 
Vacant lot 
1M Dm-Idson Wulter & Co, 
Honse. s c 
....... '. South Side ......... 
Store. s I' 
5 Wnrehouse 
11 Doyle }IIrs Margaret 
13 'l'umlln G C, livery 
House, s I' 
. George st Intersects 
Wood ynrd 

43 t.:hrlbU", llrown .... Co. 
IJIscult mfrs 
. j,'rederick ..t ends 
47 Soa(1)' 
Irs 8urah. bdg 
49 "'Uson 
Irs J. art flowerl 
:.1 "'oodhou>'e 'I'\lomas 
:03 BeU Hn
:;;; 11,1\)' U"orge 
;;7 Tasker W ... 
101 n"ckett 
fj3 f;orrie 
G5 Fognrtv 
Irs Ann 
Store. 's e 
_. 811"I'LÞonrne st Intt'rsect8 
.1 H..oIel)- ('harl...
7:> I ewis & ;1:"" man, cnrtag{> 
I ewlH ,John 
81 Sntton Samnel 
. ""hlte's pi commences 
R3-87 (;Iob" I'aper Box Co 
lI\lth John 
!II "'hltll('ld John 
!I:i Gunn John 
95 AtchIson Wm 
rs Jnlle 
99 Kelly Mrs Brl,lg...t 
. rrlncess st ends 
101 }"oley John J 
Iartln Mrs Ann 
10:; O'Brien nnvld 
107 Hu&"hes Jos"pl1 
10!) Rr()ok
111 Hllnt John . 
113 Wilson H.-nl"'l' 
House, s e . 
. Ontnrlo 
t InteNe.'ts 
IIouf:e, 9 Q 
127 Boylnn PatrIck 
12!ì :\lcGiun John 
kC'alllnn John 
133 Ford Wm 
13;;-;)1 H:Il....hard & Co Ltd. 

 packln!: case mft's 
1.,;J :\IIlstin "esper 
1;'5 n"irt :\lrs GeorglnD 
1;)!1 Fire Hall, A I' 
. Rl'l'keley st Intel'se<::s 
Honse, II 0 
1il-17;; Storehouses 
179 ""ahn_Iey !\Irs Maggie 
181 SmIth Sldne:v 
183 Brndhur.- John 
Currlage' works, 

BAR RD. n from Elm 8T 
to Sonth Drl.-p. first . o
Sherhourne, wnrd 2_ 
. . . , " I:"st Side .. _ . . , . . . 
he'd bouses (4) 
11 Fuller :\Irs R".amOl.ð 
13 Harrison J W F 
15 Gwynne Wm D 
21 McClnln Wntson R 
23 Gnndy Samuel B 
Scott Mrs Pntty G 
- ,. . - - . '. "'est Sirte ......,.. 
House, s e 
10 C11rlstle Thomas 
16 Rlackwood Mrs Eliza 
22 !llontgomery Robert J 
24 Holm.-s George W 
26 Gnnn Ertmond 
28 Hnywood Jnmes 
30 )foll'att Wm 
34 Holtlnrnke Thomas A 
36 Lnngton Hngh H 
38 Herbert FrederIck 

DUXCAN, II from 244 Ade- 
Inlde w to Qneen w, ward 4. 
. .. . . . . '. I
ast Side .....,..' 
Store. II " 
17 l"eader I.ouls 
. X...lson st Intersects 
rudford Henry 
House, S I' 
, . .. .. ... West Sldc .,...'... 
House. s e 
. Xelson st Intersects 
20 Oshorn Wm 
22 Rooney Thomn!! 
Honse, s e 
. Richmond st w Interaect. 
Honse, s I' 
Gospel Ball 
32 Yeoman & Co, fnrnaCei 
40 Small !oIl'S JennIe 
Store, S I' 

F I Cotton Waste, I M t I 
r- e a s 


is Distinctly Lower among Total Abstainers than aMongst Non-Abstainers 

nil mia"_ 

DUI\DAf:. n trom 1004 Queen 
'if to At Ihur. thence n w to 
city limits, w,uds 5 and G. 
......... Et"t 
BlInk. s " 
3 I'ntl.tnd Hem y 
5 Hili Wm 
7 Pike I,'rnnk. b:nb..r 
9 "lInd"l'lIr Fr..d...l"k 
11 Gllbrellth H & Co, tnel 
17' T.....4.t'V Jalll...... !--hOPlUk.. 
\'1I(.a.;t lot 
. 1I,.hpce.l st ends 
2!1 Thompson ,\' "', exp 
33 'tchillney Benjllmin 
35 DnkO' "'m. shopmkr 
Charles (lirs 'Iary A 
35'h Hogan W J. pickle mt, 
37 Po!lard J A. school sup 
39 Toronto Cuhlnet Co 
Shen Thoma
41 1I0hinson "'m 
43 Mup...-Ie C A. photo 
45 Burke Robert H 
Bpnnett Artbur A. cabt 
Kend.tll Jllmes 
4. B

r Thomas. mnch bllg I 
Annis Jo
49 Hall I;..OI'!;<' J. gro 
. III U(',' "t /'nds 
51 rason Wm 0 
Ir... Jpllnle, drs 
53 Hugh/'
 John 1'. pntr 
55 S....'.i"s I. 1>. tlr 
5. Ha re 
10 s I
, conty 
59 nuker John 
Houd J.I OIl'S. tI r 
61 Hurst Jo<<eph E, clothing 
63 Green 
fiss Flora M 
65 "'arn'n George, dairy 
67 Hili \VOl 
Ir. H. dtsmkr 
G9 l'otter J'1mes 
l'ottPr !tlrs Emma, IndlY 
71 !tfdhulsh Jobn 
73 'I/'Car.h, A. bldr 
.5 Pend reI John, hardware 
77 BIe,.llIs :\10 s Elizabetb, 
gt.ta hIc>s 
7!J Perkins Hl'nry, conty 
83 'lcCom..v 1'. cattle 
Prh:tte "grounds 
87 Bills St",phen H 
89 Fpt nlpy Charles R 
91 "-oods' Cornelius 
95 Bed .on 211 rs Alice 
97 DUlle,to James 
Dnncan 'lis 1\1, nurse 
I\utch Gporge, plstr 
00 Pugh & Watson, baker! 
h Will J 
Chpshlre Wm H 
101 Hol...rtson Hohert, gro 
. Argyle st Intersects 
103 Hnnt 'Irs M L, cro/'ke'T 
105 Payne T E, bicycle lI..ery 
107 Kpe Song, Indry 
109 Haywo'-'d r G, harber 
III Hunt Wm C, bicycles 
Hunt 1<' C, pntr 
113 nowrle James, dalrT 
115 Hndgill Albert, gro 
Posl Otllce (br) 
Da, Is V'-m 
117 Skplllllgton David, 
lash mntr 
Skelhngton Mrs MarT, 
Vllcant Jots 
125 Da, Is W H. shoemkr 
127 Jones !tIrs III, gro- 
Gourlay Isaac, r 
133 Holland :\frs Sarah 
137 Bell Wm & Co, coal 
Bpll Wm L 
141 Finlayson Wm 
Potter Wm, Indry 
143 Beck James 
151 Czerwinski Louis, cattle 
Hastlnl:9 'Vesley 
1:13 Jones Mrs Jane 
. Halton ..t ends 
1M Finkle M & Co, cartage 
Fickle Wilmot 



157 11.:\\ kes ... ll. plmbr 
1;;9 Jlnmblyn S. 10l'ksmith 
'If"{'ann J:nu..
Ita Rrown J L_ prtr 
1".1 Keen Gt.Ol"t:"l.o putr 
 Dougl.... D.n Id. barness 
167 Hnl:o IUcbard H 
16!1 Smith John, tlr 
1.1,."st S...phen 
1.3 '1<'I',"'I'1nd 
llln10rd. tlr 
1.;, H....nnan J J. plitt 
177 '-ftc-ant 
1.9 WIIII"III'on Johll. .(oW 
,'acant lots 
. Junc A'thm' .'<: Osslngton 
... :"ortbeast Side ...... 
Ml'th Cburch "lid School 
2i6 Rennett Jo
, blchr 
 SI",kesp.."re !tfrs J, gro 

20 Lpach P C. shoes 
222 Ossington Hall 
'ac.lDt lots 
e;'g,'r 'Irs :\Inl'y A 
. LaJ....,I.,w a\'" commenCes 
2.')'t Hunter 
es. flour 

-,8 IIpmp<ter J,' mes. baker 
2t,O Faton H W. Itro 
2,;-1 L
-ons Gporge A. flour 
21;6 F
rris P J. gro 
2';8 WelstOid -\Ibert J, exp 
2.0 !':mith JHmes O. bicycle 
2.2 Pollllrd P H. barbpr 
('a '.en J obn 
27-1 Hynds :\Irs Caroline 
2,'1 Vacant 
2.8 R. p.lth E 
2"-2'; :\It eran..y Coal Co 
2:>S S'1,.age "'-m, shoemkr 
2'10 Vacant 
Vacant lot 
2'\-i Fisher Mrs Annie 
2"H, Win!: Charlie. Ind. y 

 Holan Plltri{'k J. btchr 
. Do\'"elcourt rd Intersects 
Chalmers Pres Church 
32-1 Hornhy BrO", dairy 
Hornb\'" 'Irs A III 
. Coolm;ne av commences 
Pri\"lIte grounds 
. Rusholme rd commences 
Vacant lots 
. r.ladstone a\'" Intprsects 
'i'; Rn.. kon Richard. nursery 
. Dnffprin .t Interspcts . 
500 I....<ter ".m H 
512 S IDsom Fn'derlck. gro 
ãH Willltt_ T Â. Incubators 
516 HUl!ue "'m. btchr 
518 !tlt-('onnell Wm 
520 Rnttan Jesse '" 
Va..ant lots 
, Rankin .\: Co. lumber 
:\Iiles :\Irs Ann J. sash 
Toronto Casket Co, cotfin 
mtl". r 
54S..o Bnrns Ð R Saw Co 
. Sheridan av Intersects 
552 Fairies !tl.lIIng Co 
Fairies Mrs \Iargaret 
554 Chantler Mrs M M, gro 
Vacant lots 
560 Manion John 1', 1'0.'11 
5.ß Clarke R N, shoemkr 
5.8 \If{,C!pllnnd Alex.lDder 
Vacant lots 
58-i Parker Benjamin 
588 Thompson James I D 
Vacnnt lots 
594-98 Taylor Thomas, tmlts 
Vacant lots 
6O-i DII vies Wm Co Ltd, pro" 
. Brock av Intersects 
609 Duggan Stephen 
612 Sturtrldge John, ..hoemkr 
614 Hern \Irs T. conty 
616 Ahhs Thomas, btchr 
620 Ahbs Thomas 
624 Hili :\Irs I.ncy r. 
62S Wnu!:h Wm, whol btclar 
. :\Isrgu...retta st commences 
Vacant lots 
648 Smith Benj, whol btchr 
Vacant lots 
. St Clarenl st Intersectll 
6i8 King Thomas J 
.'rmstrong Mrs M E C, 

(;<0() Woods 'h-
 11.11)' A 
&H Crpaloek \\ m. .."tIle dlr 
.00 Blla\(1 IJII
II I:. tho 
Xorrj(!o \\.111 
Delnha\(' Johu 
Long john I
.02 :\f('All.t'r Johll. "10 
.t)t Smllh Alhert 
701; (I'
ell "m. cour." 
.u-; 10 '101lon .\. Cn: 11011'1 
'Iottou Tboma
Culd '\1"11 Albert I'; 
. I .1II<down(< a,- lul<..,.....ts 
712 '1:IlIon Jobu, 
.!':t Helen av ..ommellCPS 
. Bridge- ove-r r.,llwß
7S'. '.tcant 
.88-f'2 \lfatthe\\ _ Hl"os & Co, 
planing mill 
'leRrid.. I'l'tel'. I' 
. Bridg-ps U\ t.r r.lllw.IY 

h lIoh.on Jobn 
810 Rrakp '11"s Catht'rlne 
...2"2 1'001" Joltn It 
'2-1: Burns 'rholn.l

2.. Suthel"land "-11\ 
"28 H ol"lIn "'\11 I' 
Va.."nt lots 
..;;" "eston G""l"gl 
"';2 I>....coll II. \\ hol htchr 
\"a/'ant lot

72 !'Inn I'd\\"ard I' 
. 'Iorro\\" n.. comn...u/' 
S.-1 'Iolrow Fran..l... R 

'7tJ. 'Ipe S:lnlnpl 
8.8 Gilru\'" John 
ðS2 Hunter Jd
 P. 2'1"0 
'aeallt lots 
fIl2 V.1('" n t 
. Goldeu a\'" eolllmences 
Vële.1.IU lot... 
C> RUeh.., .n' lommpnce
'"e.lnt lot.. 
l00G f:tn'tton "'" H. hldr 
WilnVJtt \d, Co, Ltd 
1008 And,e\\"< Charles 
Prhate gl"ounds 
103G Li
httoot ". florist 
es g"rdens 
. Bloor st w InterslclI; 
'Iurket gardens 
."Incent st ends 
11-12 Benllett J os"ph E 
11;;<1 Sonthorn Bt1ward 
. Soho a\'" Inler.ects 
. C l' It trocks 
...."... W('St Side ._.,... 
2 Rt'I., 'illcent T. hotel 
-1 Hu"er 
 A. Illmber 
G 8 I'uhl... I ihrlll Y Ibl") 
Irs Emily A 
10 Fire Hall Xo 9 . 
12 "'ater '\'otks oftiee 
Cornorallon yard 
2S-:!O Hobson .-\ltH'd, whol 
32 CllnJ..unbroomer Miss M. 
3-1 CllnJ..unbroomPr J 8, exp 
36--W ('ntts John, coal, flour 
42 'Ir.r.n.y Jos. cigar mtr 
4-1 !tlcBurney 'Irs Mary A 
M..Rllrney Miss E. drsmkr 
46 Beall \lI"S Eltzabeth 
48 Rogprs Stephen 
RicJ..etts Wm 
50 Shaw !tlrs Mill \'" A 
52 Hou:;:hton JUIHP:- 
54 Caswell Samuel 
56 Harris Thomas 
6S !tlaeK..nzl... Georg.. 
60 Kupitz Edward 
62 BI"kely Mrs Susanna, bdg 
64 Rutledge Robert 
Rutledge Miss J. drsmkr 
66 Xewton James A. 
68 Benson John 
iO Cumming A, baker 
i2 Sh(<rlock James, plmbr 
74 Lloyd Jos. grocer 
.6 Ontario Tailoring Co 
De\\"shnry Edgar 
78 Monckton Wm J, contT 
80 Cosena !tIennottl, art gds 
82 Ferguson Alex, gro 
. Humbert av commences 
84 Meyet'1l H C, artist 
86 Giles Wilbert, barbpr 
88 Greensldes Isaal', bkr 



-.. . 




 C 0 A L. 
'\ !lEAD Ofnc.

TOR_M'1 0 

!!O Woods J L, btcbr 
92 Bailey i-: T jr, prtr 
Watson Wm !tI 
94 GodwlD Joseph, gro 
96 Ashdown J. willow ware 
98 Vacant 
10-1 Quibe<1I John, gro 
106 Wilkes 1<' "', 
108 Hood Fr"deriek. gro 
1I0 C"lhoun Robert J, provs 
1I2 Richmond Charles 
11-1 llG Finn Hugh, lIquors 
. Arl'"
'le st mtersects 
11- Smith "'ID H, gro 
122 'I..Ginn Arthur, btchr 
121) Smitb John 
S'lIIth :\Irs Charlottp, CODt 
128 Summ{rs 'Irs F B, drs- 
maker . 
SlImmers Will J 
1.JO 'Ia rlln & Co. tailors 
'1m tlD Caes.ll" -\ 
132 Llnd"ay Wm J, shoes 
1at Barnett Da\'"ld. gro 
136 Pritcb.lrn R C, dry gd;J 
l:{S John
t..ue Jam,-s W. bkr 
Iowl"Y Joseph W 
UI) -12 Sht'pheld Hnldware Co 
'liek & Woods, t1nSImthø, 
1.... Pas-more Rlehal"d, gro 
US-50 Passmore Sam, btchr 
1;;2 GodttPy F L, staty 
1M HOi ton Harry G, drugs 
. Foxley st commençes 
1;;,. Cole T W. gro 
158 Rutchart D F..t-, tlr 
11i0 Smith John \\', gro 
1"2 Dickesoll Fn'derlck. j,vlr 
Dtckeson 'fl... F, mus 
";1I'ant lots 
l.ù "'arner MaurieI' W 
lï-1 \)ollaldson :\fts LavinIa 
b2 Yick Hop. Indry 
18-1 'aeant 
186 Gr:tham :"icholas 
188 Gillard 'Irs Grnee, btchr 
lOCI Home Cbpmlcnl Co, Ink 
'hCrea Thomas 
1q_ Kipp Henry 1<', gro 
. Rolyat st eommence. 
194 Hiteltman U I
. barber 
100 Pl arson S E. dentist 
198 P.'yne Johll H 
l'orter :\Irs C E, mUll tehr 
Porter I;mlly F. mns tchr 
Porter 'liss Mand, mns 
200 SpauhUlIg W..,ley. dres. 
I 202 Bruce Ilobert 

 MeCrpa & Carrntherø 
es. bkrs 
206 Pennal Fredprlck, gro 
\IcJ..aughlln John 
208 George A. drugs 
. .. . _. Southwest Side 
200 I aker W J, dentist 
211 ,. acant 
Vacant lots 
m Stoeks John, truits 
227 Cleghorn Alex, tlr 
229 Brodie Bros, shoemkrs 
Brodie Mrs Margaret 
231 Sewman Mrs M 
Vacant lots 
2!3 McGowan George W 
24. 1\Iackrpll Henry 
Vacant lots 
. Grove av ends 


THY the LAKE SIMCOE ICE Supply CO. limited, 
,p:o;e J. FAIRHEAD. Mgr. 



North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments In Canada, $6,567,079.94 




261 Tully 1>1rs M, drsmkr 
21.,'9 King Mrs Janet, staty 
271 Jelfrles H A. lud,-,. 
\' ncnnt lots 
285 'erral Mrs AUDle 
2!i7 l'lark Allss l.:ntherlne 
'ncnnt lots 
801 Howan & Co, drugs 
Hownn Iticl1ard, 
. 110\ ercourt rd intersects 
BOO \\ oods Urocery l.:o 
30;;-30. "oods Jol1n (est), li- 
BOO Cnrroll J.lmes J, cigars 
Vacaut lot 
3:2:5 Lilley Mrs 11nrln, 1I0rist 
32\J Ita) ner :Samuel, pntr 
1141 Joues James 

43 Dempster Wm J, bkr 
349 Bo\ Ie & LlblJy, bottlers 
Vnèant lots 
361 Burns Alexander 
. LI>gar st ends 
363 Arillstroug Wm 
"acant lots 
. Beaconstiela av ends 
Vaeant lots 
419 \J.I(,donell 1lrs Pauline It 
Pri nlte ground>:! 
. Gladstone a\ intersects 
Vae.lnt lot 
465 Haines 11rs L, drsmkr 
Haines Daulel S 
467 l.:ouplaud II E, gro 
,'acant lot 
471 h.lrby '" m J 
11eCracken Hobert A 
4.3 \[cCraeken Joseph A 
4 j5 Boissonnea u Pierre 
. Erie st commences 
Vacaut lots 
. DulIerln st Intersects 
49;1-4f19 l'yelone Woven Wire 
"'euce Co 
Prhate grounds 
503 Collard JoseI'll 
513 Sk('ne !.Irs Elennor E 
Prhate grounds 
M7 Brockton Cluù House 
.8herld.1D n\ intersects 
007 Samp
on T 
, drugs 
ó;;9 Xixou A W. bnrber 
Xlxon Atehlson 
561 Mickus Georl;e. blksmlth 
565 Plmuh 1[rs E '\1, coufy 
567 Le(' Cilung. Indry 
5ro Van Horn Charles F 
571 Hopp('r Prnnk. confy 
573 Jone
 1Irs Emily G, gro 
575 Hurlhut C M & Son, 
Hurlùut Clinton M 
517 Wnllnce _\ndrew, dry gds 
Vacant lots 
581 Ward !llrs Mary, drsmkr 
Mara John 
583 McGraw Wm 
58;) Douglas Jos('ph, sec hd 
589 Jackman Snmuel, barber 
591 Poole Mrs Clarn 
Vlck('rs Robert 
597 Stirrett G('orge, hardware 
599 8tlrr('l! A 1', drugs 
Hager S A 
. Brock av InterS'ects 
601 Fitzpatrick Tlwmas 
Brockton P 0 
603 Dolan John 
OO;} 607 Gould J A, wood 
607 I'err)' rtlchard. carp 
()Zj 'lcConnell '\Irs Ellzab('th 
1lc('onell John H. phy 
629 WlItson Wm H, gro 
631 Hlck
 E N. flonr 
6.13 Sbea ,(j
s !\Iary, conry 
c:;;; 8cyt he
 Bros, shoes - 

cythes Geor
e, bldr 
qulre Wm E, gro 
\'"cant lots 
643 Vacant 
&47 Sulli..-nn Mr:
 E. produce 
I'rl..-ate s:rounds 
3 Henderson Jaroh 
Gã5 Rrnrly Thomas G 
637 F"ha
e Horace, gro 
t Clarens st Intersects 
Fire Hall No 13 
. Lan
downe av Intersects 
School, s e 

. Bridge o\"er railway 
8O'J Ta) lor John 
. Bridge 0\ er rail wny 
.8orauren 8\ ends 
\'acant lot.. 
. L)nd a\ eud.. 
. Howard Pnrk nv com 
:street car sheds 
. High Park nv commences 
rnflnlsl1ed houses (3) 
\'acant lots 
. Junc Boustead and Ron, 
cesvanes a \ s 
V nca nt lots 
Ill!)() Vacant 
1101 Pines Hotel 
. Bloor st \\ Intersects 
'.Icant lots 
1113 Graham 11rs C, gro 
Grnh:un Jo
. btchr 
1117 Andrew
 I:li C 
. r.,lna a, commences 
\'acant lots 
. Soho a\" Intersects 
,'ac:mt lots 
. Conduit '-t commencp 
1333 Wm. mkt gdnr 

. n fl'OlD Shndell 
a..- to Baird a,. first e of 
Jones a\. v. ard 1. 
. .. .. . . " East Side .....,... 
House. s e 
. Dawson a\' commences 
23 81mpSDn Rohert 
2;) Hose J.lm('s 
27 Robinson Henry 
29 ReId Jol1n 
31 Montgomery Charles A 
33 Moorcroft Thomns 
. . . . . . . .. "est Side 
4 Reed Wm B 
(; Hayes Wm J 
8 Hngl1es Henl'Y 

DUXX AY, n from the Inke 
to 13-H I,/ueen \\, wnrd 6. 
. ., ., .. '. );ast Side ......... 
1 Holmes It H, barr 
. 1I0minion st ends 
3;; Shannon J.lmes N 
37 Ford Thomas J, publr 
39 Smith George 
41 Puterson James C 
. Empress cres Intersects 
House, s e 
57 Harper Edward 
;:;() Uinllllock Cl1arl
. Ul'R crossing 
IJ3 Urquhart Wm J, druggist 
6ã Rohertson T R, btchr 
. Huxley st Intersects 
:store, s e 
83 Irving L Homfray 
V>lcnnt lots 
103 Lawson James F 
V,ocant lots 
121 Cole F 1'- 
127 Hook Thomas 
133 YacaDt 
137 Hnll 11njor Wm B 
139 Pankl1Ul"st John C 
HI 11unro Edwin S 
143 Kimpton Charles 
Hã Kortl1cott B L 
147 11i1ne Wnl S 
149 Acres Charles R 
151 \'acant 
153 Henderson Samnel 
l;)ã Little Wm J 
157 \lIncrae Mrs 11nud 
150 \'ncant 
161 Bro\\ n :James E 
163 Waterson Robert C 
Methodist Cilurch 
. King st \\ intersects 
Vacant lots 
189 Clarke J.lmes 
191 Sloan Wm, phy 
193 McSweeny Edward 
1ft;) Ruck It A, phy 
197 Bnrt Aaron 
201 Ryan Cornelius 

J Thomson )Irs Isabella 
 'rurpln James 
Vacant lots 
217 Thompson James 
2H1 Tr"dger John. bldr 
221 Shan"non Jnmes 
223 Rnnldn Re" James A 

Iay Will H 
 llrown Ueorge 

;;1 Ur.l' Eù\\arù 

.s.s _" ul.i.n \1drtin 
:!a7 Berhell John, IJlksmth 
:!at! :SI1.1w Edward S 

H \\ ilson Hobert 
:U3 Thollipson Thomas A 
U3 Elliott Tilomas W 
:!47 l"ord Andrew 
"1.49 h.emp Jesse 
\'acunt lots 
2;)7 Leech Ite\' Ueorge 
Uss E A, mus tchr 
2;;9 Car.on Hugl1 
'acant lots 
House, s e 
Sha \\ 's Hall 
Store, s e 
......... West Side 
\'acnnt lots 
. :5tarr a'" commences 
e, s e 
46 lIolland Wm H 
\' ..can t lots 

12 WIlkie Wm 
3-1 :'omen 111.. F L 
. Empress eres Interseets 
House, 8 e 
. UTIt crossing 
. Huxley "t lutersects 
tJb 11acpherson J.lmes B 
Iartln Hobert 
70 Watson \\ III J 
72 lUddell Wm D 
lIllnl';s Charles C 
'acant lots 
84 Hrad
haw Isaac D 
hIJ Hardy Henry R 
f':f Pink Rohert' 
,'acant lots 
Ir.. 11argaret 

ott Wm C 
130 Home for Incurables 
Burns Wm T, phy 
146 Ge
l1ie He..- A L 
US 1lcKl'lIar Alexander 
154 Hobinsou 1frs E E 
I:;U Hossac), Ite\" Donald C 
If.o Baln Wm 
162 E..serv Wm H 
' G W, pntr 
1&4 Arnold T S 
House, s e 
. King st w Intersects 
Yacant lots 

r"Ill"ery Walter R 
11embery )lIss I F, nurse 
mltl1 Gilbert A 
192 Fisl1 Re\" Charles 
t John Joseph VV 
196 La"t H"nr..- !\f 
198 Thomp
on 'w J. dairy 
2{(! I'atchet! Enoch. dnlry 
20-1 Cl1allen
er W 
1l"Kee Wm. jr 
"acant lot 
216 Reith "'m 
211'< ('ri('hton James 
2:x) Balfour John P 
22-1 rpnv. kk JaUl('s W 
2:)1; Rplli ng(,1" l'..ter 
228 Steven.. Holmes C 
 Hpnrv C. bldr 
2.12 SulherhlDd Henrv 
I a('ka v rtev Robert P 
fnrtiri James S 
.4 I'arkdale I'res Cb 
2.-...; Rlack Hugh C 
2:;8 Hunter James 
2f'Jj DI('kl(' Et1wln 
 Lloyd Frank E 
e. s e 

DUPOXT. w from 01'1' 251 
A..-enue rd to w of Cbrlstle, 
wards 4 and 5. 
.... .... North Sld(' .. 
HOl1"O:e. s e 
6 Wyllp IIIlss Lucy 
8 Heal (,harl,,", 
10 Laughlin James E 
12 r.r('('nwood Christopher 
14 Dwy
r Mrs Margaret E 
16 Rochl' Wm 
ulre Bros. coal 
. Da ..-enport rd Intersects 
Vncant lots 
118 Falrwl".1ther A C 
120 Au
tln John F 

122 CrOttcller John G 
124 Gour,le Eruest R 
12'; Joselln Jam
 Le\\ II; Albert Ð 
Ob('n Fr.tDcls A 
"ncaut lots to Kendnl a" 
2.0 Blewel" 1>frs Sellnn 
'-aeant lots to Bathurst 
Store S e 
338 Cong
r Coal Co 
348 Cra \\ ford Uobert 
350 Glasse)' )1rs Mary J 
352 Ctoziel' JOSl'!'.I1 
Vacant lots 
362 Cau("(lolrd Ale-xnnder 
3G4 Cra\\ford Will 
3GIJ Hylton Edward W 
 Bruce Ueorge 
\-acant lots 
368 Brown 'l"hol1L
s L 
. Pnhllerston av Intersect" 
Yacant lots 
386 D:o"es Edward 
3/;'\ Andrews Edward 
3tlO Holdge Silas I 

"(JI" Holtlg.. Wm Il 
:1!'2 Hoidge Hicl1ard J 
394 Hoidg.. & Sons, plstrs 
Holdge Joltn R 
:196 H"idge John 
3\)8 Unck Wm G 
"acnnt lot 
4.04 Cook Wm 
Vacaot lots 
412 Rohln Robert 
Coe \llrs Emma 
41-1 Elliott Ell 
. .. .. .. .. Sontl1 Side ...... .. . 
Church. " e 
. Dn\"enport rd Intersects 
7!1 Judd 1111's Jmzabeth 'V 
81 Arkell F Henry 
8:J Rl
hoprlc Allison 
Vacant lots 
. St George st ends 
House. s e 
239 Cross Daniel 
Vacant lots 
. Howland av Intersects 
House. .. " 
2.5 I'ol1e Cecil 
281 Craik \ill'S Elizabeth 
2s:; '1'roll"pe Henry 
. Albany av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Bathur
t st Intersects 
Store-, .. e 
335 Smltll George T 
337 Sweetm,1U Edwnrd 0 
341 Guard James, ('ontr 
_ . \IIarkltam st ends 
3:>1 Hlack John 
355 Finegan I'atrl('k J 
3;;7 D"nnis Erlward S, exp 
363 Turner 'V R, carver (wd) 
.Pnlmerston U\' lutersects 
:!7. Dainty Arthur T 
379 Coop Andrew P 
:ISI l\"ichols Albert 
Vacant lots 
391 mils Wanen H 
393 8lm'el Joseph 
39;) Carter Thomas J 
39. Phillips J.lmes E 
3!J9 Phillips Wm C 
401 ríi('holls Herbert 
403 C,'npp('1' Wm 
405 DrO\er Da\ld 
407 Rurrows Charles 
409 Harris Edward W 
413 Amoss George, dairy 
"ncant lots to end 

EARL, e from foot ot Hunt. 
ley to 526 Sherbourne, ward 

. .. . . . . .. X orth Side ........' 
2 Anglin Arthur W 
4 Grant !lohert A 
G Alley Henry R 
8 MeIntvre Wm T 
]0 ('.Ipon' Wm R 
12 O'Hara James W 
leJrlrum 111-s \II D 
I'; Fieldiug Ed\\ ard 
IS ThomÍ>
on "lll J 
20 R(,\I Thomas 
22 A!lderSOD George 
24 (".Illlphell 
 Emily V 
2', J elIrey l\Ir
 \IIary B 

Guarantee Company of North America. 
MEDLAND &. "ONES, Cen'J Agents, Mail Building, Cor. Kin&, and Bay. Tel. 1061 

H. O'HARA & CO., 30 Toronto Street 
Carry Stock. on Margin.. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 




28 Snellgro\"e Alfred "I 
30 Wickens 'Wm E 
82 Mcintosh Adam K 
34 Ireland James H 
36 Trow Alùert E 
38 Ewan I'eter F 
Leckie John 
House. s e 
. ., " . . . u South SMe ......... 
St John's GI'ove 
Churcb, s e 

BnIDGE, ,,' trom ry 
track to 45 Brock av, ward 
. . ". ., __ r\orth Side .. ...... 
8 (,horlpy Fredcrlck W 
10 Purvis "Irs Eliza J 
12 Graham Wm J 
U Buck George E 
16 Bigley James A 
18 Kentncr Erastus 
20 Floody Edward 
22 Hunter Wm n 
24 Bray Thomas I. 
House-, s e 
... ., .. '. South Side 
9 Cole Frank 'V 
11 Johnson Joseph H 
]3 Phillips James 
1;; Coulter !\Ilss Mercle 
17 Heaslip Elwood 
1!J Jackson Herbert E 
House, s e 

 AV, e trom 93 
fdnlty to Queen e, wards 
1 nnd 2, 
. .... !\orth Side .. 
Hous{>, S eo 
Ii "lo1rrlscy :'>Irs Ellen 
S "liddleton James 
10 Hazley Thomas 
]2 Hagen John 
hon Hobert 
]6 O"Brlen Dennis 
. Gilead pi commences 
18 Price "I rs E gro 
2<J StalT Robcrt 
22 ('ox Mrs S.trah 
21 -\l"lllstl"Ong Hl>ln'y 
Ht'amlsh :.\Irs "Iary E, r 
F.)gelm.1D Francis, r 
Itichardson James, r 
2<; Siorer Mo1rono 
32 Phillips James B 
34 WpstcaU Thomas r. 
38 Burns Italph A, Ice 
. S...'k\"lIIe st commences 
S,,,'k, iIIe st sehool, s I' 
i2 M."ClaJ" D..\"ld 
ï4 M,'Dowpll Wm A 
i6 Sh.'arer Albert 
 RI\.ton Ld ward J 
!'IO Lldrld!!:t' John, baker 
82 H.tllg Ell 
84 O'Rrlen S,'I\"ester 
8f; Sinclair A't"chlbald 
S'I Shea MUltagh 
B:trrett }o' A, brewerR' 
supplies, r 
00 C.l\lIeron Hugh,'her Walter. r 
Knl!!:ht Henry T, r 
G2 Adams 'J"bomas 
G4 P.ohson "'m G. pntr 
Dr. FI'aser George W 
OS B.lllnnn John 
V..eant lot 
. Sumach st commences 
102 11t'lgue II J 
104 I1l1lt Frederick 
106 Tho1mpson Andrew W 
110 !\lInes John S 
112 f;ordon Wm J 
114 I'rn..knell lll..hard 
116 \\'illl.lmson JJ.mes S 
120 I",,-Is :.\Irs Martha 
122 Howard Jobn J 
]24 R.'c!.. John 
]21) Railey Gcorgc 
. Williamsou pi commpnceR 
12>; Hogarth :'>Irs S. gro 
]30 I"orhes ;\Irs Agnes 
132 ('ane Alfred 'V 
114 'J'imson Burton 
]:J8 Jt'lfery James 
]-W-140'. B\ 1111111 Amo
Jdionåld James A 

. Schmidt pi commenceR 
1-14 Etheridge Evan 
146 Hodden James 
148 }o"oote 1\11 s Ellz 
152 Buptist Mission Hull 
Bamford J B, mkt gdnr 
Orr Thomas, r 
156 Kellhcr Dennis 
158 "Jurray Charles 
\ acant lot 
162 Tr"mpe GeorgI! 
164 Grigsby Cbarles T 
166 I.Iston Frederick J 
Clark "II'1I Kate 
. St Lawrence st com, 
Vacant lots 
200 Wa....en-8charf Asphalt 
Pa\lng Co 
I'\lelsen Andrew, r 
. Don ter commences 
. CPR erosslng 
'acant lots 
. Belt line crossing 
. Dort brtdge 
V.lcant lots 
. Broad,lew av commenceR 
House, s e 
,'acant lots 
. Lewis st commences 
Vacant lot 
362 Mahone)' Thomas J 
Vacant lots 
.lUlter st commences 
. GTR crossing 
}o'lagman's switch house 
,'ncant lots 
. Strange st commences 
-100 rhe .fames Hobertson Co, 
plnk '\ïghtman 
Vuc'ant lots 
. :.\JcGee st commences 
House, s e 
Prh-ate grounds 
. Booth a'- Intersects 
41)1; Hopklngs Edward J 
4.68 Johnston Alexander III 
4iO Foote Arthur 
Vacant lots 
. Logan a" Intersecbl 
,'acant lots 
4tH Johnston å. bicycle repr 
400 Gillman Wm F 
,'acnnt lots 
50S Ayrl! Charles. hotel 
. :'>Iorse 
t intersects 
;;11t Hare "'m 
tirllng A F A, gro 
514 "'ol"kman I.' E 
51t) Whit... "Irs Ellz 
5]1'> Knight Thomas S 
. Cariaw a\" intpi"eects 
Vacant Jots 
. Heward aY commences 
,'"cant lots 
5!}4 :.\Ior"an ,Vm 
. Pape a\" commences 
Vacant lots 
6]0 Thompson Wm H 
I..e house 
Vacant lots 
. ('m'ollne a" commences 

 tJI'sel")' gronnds 
. Leslie st Intersectli 
Vacant lots 
Houoc. s e 
. Lnln/:" st Intersects 
Vncant lots 

1'2 Wheat Wm. mkt gdnr 

t ('ook John 
"a..nut lot 

 Kuox a" Intersects 
I'>!lh .Tohn
on Renjamln 
!\I\2 Upe\"es John B 
00-': "lc)lullln James 
,.. . I' 1
"1" "
9]2 :'>IcKeown Jesse 
Va..ant lots 
920 Rlenkhorn John W 
(\22 ,."..donal<\ Frederick S 
!'I24 IIl0rleJ" "'m G 
02r. Ro\"cp frenrv 
!)2Q Pr{.
s 'Inx[p 
030 Ratemnn Wm jr 
932 mcMel Ha....v 
Ð3-l Pickering Henry J 
936 Plck"rll.!!: Henry J jr 
Vacant lot" 
. Colina st commences 

1150 :'>Iacdonald Duncan A 
Vacant lots 
1000 Hand III Jamps, whol 
Vacant lot 
--. .. .. '. South Side....,.... 
House, s e 
5 :'>Iooney James 
9 Carter Roùert II 
11 Meadows Wm 
Terrell Samuel 
13 Secord Hector 
]5 Muhogue IIIrs lIIargaret 
17 Pilson IIIrs Alice 
19 Campbell Wm 
Tann"r Wm 
. Eastern pi commenceR 
21 Ulchardson J T 
23 Taylor Charles 
25 Goodfellow Wm 
2!) Vncant 
31 Asher James 
33 8teadman John 
33 Taylor :.\Irs Ellen 
37 Rllev Thom,ls 
39 Stein Mrs Annie 
41 Cumming" John IT 
43 Howitt James. tlr 
4;; Wright John W 
47 J..hnston 'Vm '1' 
49 WarinK )Irs \I E 
51 Gilmore Thomns 
Yncant store 
;;g :.\lcInerne\" James 
55 Gilmore ;fames E 
57 Hurley Edward J 
fI!J l'a\"ne James A 
61 Ruth J.lmes 
63 Kcnñedy 'l'homas 
71 Vacant 
Ïl- i3 Cberry St "lIsslon 
. Cbe....y st ends 
St J", wrence sq 
. 'Vorts av ends 
123 Stone Daniel 
12-; Tame\" James 
]2i Grllnsbaw 
12!J !<Ionn Da,-Id 
J3]-3i Hartshol"ll Stewart Co, 
shade rollers 
]3!J Hilliard Wm J 
mlth Ulchnrd, sboes 
U3 Ste,'ens Charles 
143 Da\"ls 
h's Ann. confy 
. Water st ends 
]Ïl Oakes John 
li3 Sornherger Henry 
]i;; Vac.\Ilt 
Iii Whitney Hamilton 
. Vine st' ends 
"acunt lot 
181 Rowe WID 
IS3 Bro" n Timotby 
;) "('Donald Donald 
]8; Oï.ean' Patrick 

) O' Lf':U"
' Be-rnßl"d 
L9] "'ardt'olle Rohert 
1m Fnllon Michael 
. nt'achell st end.s 
Ilt9-2m Clarke A R & Co. Ltd, 
Clnrkc & Clarke, Ltd, 
Ipn tber 
. ('PIt cross InK 
. Cypress st ends 
City Cremlltory 
,Rplt line crossing 
. Don hrld!!:e 
. nTH crossing 
l'lntl Geor!!:e 
. Rooth n\" intersects 
3 Quinn Wm. exp 
Vacant lot 
. Lo!!:all av Intersects 
Tn\"lo1r John E 
. :.\Iòrse st Intersects 
51:{ Cousins Fred W 
heppnrd Frederick 

)1S\ Crowther r}eorge 
:\:!3 (,olllns "'m 
52:> Rowers Charles 
7 (}rppnnwav Thoma
"acant lots 
;;33 Boyes Wm F 
53;) Hamilton John J 
;;37 Thompson George 0 
;)39 ,'acant 
. Carlaw a\" Intersects 

Vacant lots 
593-99 Lankln !tobt, mkt cdnr 
001 Matthcws Blake 
6U3 Itu",",,11 I,'rands 
003 Vacant 
613-617 <:Iarke å R & CO,glove 
623 Murphy Andrew 
Vacant lots 
. Leslie st Intersects 
Vacant Iot.s 
+ Lain
 st Intersectß 
Iurphy James 
8i5 Sa wden Thomas jr 
Vacant lots 
B87 "acant 
V acant lots 
. Knox a\" Interl!ects 
Vacant lots 
D]1 Hyde Albert A 
{J]3 Hopkins John 
913 Spenee Joseph 
lee house 
l07i Coleman Charles 
1]]7 'lc<:lellnnd T. ml..t gdnr 

EASTERS PL, s from 21 
Eastern av, ward 2. 
, , . . . . , " East 81de .,'..,... 
House, s e 
1 Henfjerson Robert 
2 Hr..dley Wm 
3 Gallagher Hugh 
-l WIl8'On Charles 
5 Morden Wm C 
6 Croxford Da\"ld H 
...,..... 'Vest Side ......... 
House, S f' 
i Sparks :.\Irs Mary J 
9 Carlyle :.\Irs Ellen 

EDES l'L, e from 219 Bath- 
urst, "ard 4. 
.. .. .,.' 1\"orth Sltle .. 
House, s e 
6 Curran John 
8 Taylor Herbert W 
oble John 
12 Curtin James 
14 !\Iblett 
16 :.\1 I' 'I u....ay :\Irs Barbara 
18 Talt "Irs Isabella 
III1Uar :.\Irs :.\Iartha r 
20 Burger Charles H ' 
22 Heise G Luther 
24 :.\laUOI y Frank S 
26 Foulston James 
2S Woodward Jame& 
3,) l'engllly Wm 
. " - - .... 
outh Side.......,. 
House. s e 
5 Hickey Patrick J 
7 :.\leUan James 
11 Blythe Jobn 
13 Sindell John T 
I;; Forel John 
Ii Parkes Thomns 
]9 Flook Mrs "Iury 
21 Steadman IIIrs "Iary 
23 Vacant 
2:> Colby "Irs Jennie 
27 Soutar 'Vm 

EDITH A V, w from Frank- 
1m to Edwin av, second R of 
CPR, ward 6, 
. . " ',., r\ol1:h Sld
 .. ...... 
Carlton Park 
. .. .. . . ., South Side 
5 Liston James H 
1 Peters Burton 
9 Squire JameR 
11 I'\ewton Thomas 
]3 French Arthnr 
15 )1" \faster Dn vlel 
li-19 Bond John g 
Z; Drury John 

A .\Y. w from Dnndas 
to clt
' limits. first n of 
Bloor w, ward 6. 

ot built on 

EDW ARD. w trom 322 Yonge 
to University. ward 3. 
.... .... r\orth Side 
2 Reid Samuel G 
4 Griffiths Wm 

Cornices & Skylig


Cor. King and Dufferin Sts. 









6 Peach 
lrs Eliza 
8 I.'arrow C R, lJlksmlth 
Danks Mrs !Ilary A 
10 Thompson Mrs Mary 
12 El!iott 
1 rs Mill y 
lrs Jane, drs- 
14 Bcrg !ill'S Annie 
16 Burns James 
18 Spring Jacob 
20 Farmet Edward 
22 Friedman Elias 
2-1 Doughty :\lr< !Illlry J 
2t; McUartln Walt('r 
28 Hoblnson John 
30 Goteter Charles 

2 Brydon Stephen F 
34 Bnrrett Augustus 
:-16 Robertson James 
38 Hlrnbnum Harr,. 
40 Hohinson Herbcrt H 
42 '''atson Jnmes 
44 Taylor James 
46 {<'errls Thomas H 
48 Simpson I\h-s Mary J 
50 r\elson Frank, mus tchr 
52 Runstedler Mrs l\rldgct 
5-1 Switt (;""rge 
W Adams Thomas 
Hoss John, r 
58 Ross Wm G 
Ross Mrs Jennie A, cont,. 
60 Campbell Mrs Mary J 
64 Vacant 
66 Ealherley Wm 
68 Grlesman Moses 
70 Hobe, tson Mrs R08e 
72 Forsyth John S 
74 ClaylJu.-n Jolm. shoemkr 
. Teruulay st Intersects 
76-80 Cmn,lll :\lrs Elizabeth 
A, &(ro 
82 Hann A F, dairy 
84 Hunter Jame8 
House, s e 
. BarnulJy pi commence8 
88 Anglo-Itallnn ot St Anth- 
ony Ch 
90 A mt's :\1 rs 1,'lora 
!l2 Holman George 
94 Jackman Heury, exp 
W McBride U J, coal 
. Elizaheth st Intersects 
House ot Industry 
Store, B I' 
. Cht'stnut st Intersects 
116 Hotel, s I' 
120 lll"u
ger Abrnham 
120% Lalld.hel'g Abraham 
122 J),ltldit, :.\lr< Margaret 
12-1-26 Barber T W, coal 
1:\0 Fll'mlnl! John Jr 
13-1 Uobinson \\ m, gro 
. Centre u\'" Intersect8 
138 Le, i Joseph 
]-to Gains ;\lrs Lavinia 
lIollse, s I' 
......... ;';outh Sill I' 
1 Smith Edward 
:J Wilson John 
7 LOJ(nn Charles 
Price George 
Cowlcy Miss ElIz, r 
9 Golden Mrs Sarah 
11 Ha!Jermnn Louis 
13 Stllr!ord Andrew 
Collins Thomas. carp, r 
Walker Wm. r . 
15 I.Iehermann Ahraham 
Rarr:tck Frederick. r 
17 Wright Alex 
19 Gans Louis, junk 
21 Yard 
2:1 Rlngham Rohert D 
ZI 5 Hlnghnm Geo, galvan- 
Ized Iron wkr 
21 I"eehely John 
29 Popham Richard B 
:-II Collp Rohert 
33 Goldhlatt Samnel 
35 Samuel Henr,. 
37 Has!Jkotsky Lazar 
3!1 Levi Joseph 
41 Hutchinson George 
43 Rrenke,. J E, cxp 
45 ßreakey Wm, pxp 
Brenkey Mrs E, p;ro 
41 Anderson Alexnnder 
J.ydon Michael, r 
O'ßrlen Edward, r 

lIawt"horn John, r 
49 Lctty ClJartres 
:;1 'I,. h,enzle '''m 
5:\ Williams ;\Irs Elizabeth 
II1l"Alplne :lliss Jane, r 
55 llod
l\ l"S AI rs I 
BI'adley .10sf'ph, r 
57 Sanderson John 
59 l\lurrny 1\1I-s Kate 
Hawthorn John, r 
61 Spotten Mrs Eliza 
Vae"nt, r 
63 IÜ'nnpdy David 
House. 8 e 
. 'l'e1"llulay st Intersects 
6.> Spnrks Albert, shoemkr 
67 Dynes Alexander 
G!I !thodeR John H 
71 Hart Jobn 
73 Gor! Charles 
75 Munshaw John 
77 Willis Wm 
79 Tpsta Neno, teather reo 
81 MnrkS'" Wm, gro 
83 Brngman Louis 
85 Knowlton Robert J 
87 Nicholl Alhert J 
89 I.\Dslt Samuel 
91 Slenn 'Vm 
RI'ngg Stephen, r 
93 F!ptcher 
Gmy Lottus, r 
Store, s I' 
. Ellznhe1h st Intersects 
10:; Goodman Gahrlel 
107 N<'l,sbanm Isnac 
StOle, s I' 
. Chestnut st Intersects 
Store, s I' 
117 Archt'ro Stanlslao 
l.'erlizlo PasqualE', r 
119 Twlnlug 'Thomas 
121 GrpenberJ( Henry 
123 nll'hardson Albcrt 
12;; :llcKI'(, Wm A 
127 Md.'adden Richard 
12:1 Collen Ignatius 
. ('cnt"e_nv Intersects 
1:\1 Lowe Mrs -!I1Ill':!" 
137 Dixon Johil A 
et s e 

I.:DWIN A V, n trom RuskIn 
. av to I.:thel av, tlrst w of 
. Franklin. ward 6. 
. .. '. .. .- ., I
ast SIde 
37 :llcBìu'rue JohO" 
39 I.illew Ernest A 
41 Humphreys Robert 
43 BIrd Wm E 
!til'h:trdson G '1.', f!or(st 
Vacant lots 
. Irving av ends 
53 'I.'url'!ln l':dward 
55 Hlllnlln 'I.'homus L B 
57 Little John 
59 Irwin George 
Vacant lots 
91 \\Iallaby Wm C 
93 Dunn Mrs Emma 
Vacant lots 
107 Drewltt F' J 
10!) Fitzpatrick Wm n, plRtr 
111 O'Rrien George 
113 O'Brien Jame@ 
115 Dodsou Wm 
117 House, " I' 
Sto"e, s I' 
. HOYl'e nv Intersect8 
Bnptlst Cb, s I' 
lZ\ Buschert \\Irs AnnIe 
125 WaJ(ner Jncob 
127 Spnill Bartholomew 
House, s I' 
. . . . . , . .. "'. pst Side ......... 
68 ('ave H Wellington 
70 Smith \\Irs Cather(ne 
72 Jnckson Hev J A 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 
. William av commen
88 Dt'lscoll 1\1Ichnei 
90 Dale George 'I.' 
96 Hnshbrook Wm A 
98 Hlue nenr,. 
102 Andpt'son Charles 
104 Dodson Hlehard 
106 Kennedy Michael 
Store, II 8 

. Hoyce av Intersects 
Val-aut lots 
150 Gerry Thomas J 
Vacant lot 
Ht Cecilia School 

ELGIN A V, w tmm 82 Avenne 
rd to Rpdtord rd. ward 4- 
. ... .,., r\orth Side .. ...... 
2 Schuch Edwat'd 'V, mns 
Private jrronnds 
14 Quinn I\lIchael 
16 'fen Broeke James 
20 Stoll",-,. Win. bldr 
2-1 Clark John \\I 
26 Anderson Walter N 
28 McDiarmid I';wen 
30 Rain Angus U 
32 Gould Rlchnrd J 
34 Parmenter \\Ilss Ida rn 
\'acallt lots 
52 S\'"derp A II 
.....:.,. South Side .......... 
Honse. s " 
13 Patterson Joseph 
15 PnrdOl' A <,crn 
17 Costello Michael J 
19 Wills Joh... 
21 ('1ll'lon John 
25 Millman Wm II 
27 Nash !tuhert 
29 Addison Altr"d 
31 Vacnnt 
33 Hende I\h's AlIce 
35 Sutherland W S 
37 \\Il'Cormnck John 
39 Brown George 
41 Turner Thomas B 
45 Bradnpe :llrs HMO 
Wrpytord Charles D 
47 Dyas Wm J 

ELIZABETH, n trom 102 
Queeu w to Grell\'"lIIe, ward 
,. ...... Ea sf Side 
Store, s I' 
9 Vncant 
11-15 Browu Alex &; Co, 
props Citizen's MillIng 
17 Lyons Mrs Bridget 
Standish Çhas 
19 Rospn Isaac, Ur 
21 Berkowitz Hev Isaac 
RrowD ltl
ye1", r 
Bresn"" 'I.'lmoth,., r 
\\'n"al'(, Rlchnrd, r 
2:1 Fnllon Jnmes 
2;; Wnlkcr James 
ShepDard Edmund. r 
27 Hoonp,. JnmeR 
29 Brown Altred F' 
31-33 KlnI: & Y"rston, tnrn 
. Albert st Intersects 
35 Grossi Oli\'"cr. trults 
37 Kh'k 'I.'holmas F 
39 r\eshltt S C 
41 Searle Wm 
Ainsworth Walter 
43 Colrrln John F 
45 H'IIJJDsoln !\Irs M 
-17 ('nnning ,,"'niter 
4!) Rolhertson Geo, dairy 
Jones Andrpw, blksmlth, r 
51 Houlgrn\'"e Thomas 
HonlJ(1"Ilve !III's C, exp 
Wiggins II1r9 Cath, r 
ã3 Watkins 1111's Ann 
5.'. l.'awcett :III's PrndentlB 
57 Spence Wm. gro 
. LOUlsn st In tcrsects 
69 Vncant 
61 I{ocrnpt' S 
6:1 Vacnnt 
6ã Val'nnt 
67 Douglns Miss 
69 Houser Moses 
71 I'lngerhut Jacob 
73 Bolchner Charles, gro 
. Hagerman st commences 
75 TnJ(endhntt Louis 
17 Hlndpr Bprnard 
79 Hahhen Wm 
Bloom !\Irs Annie, r 
81 h-edale Ishmael 
83 WIl:'oln GPO 
85 Smith James 
8T Hooney I\1rs Margaret e 

89 Vacant 
91 8achs Mrs Toba, gro 
. Foster pi commences 
 Glass Sumuel 
95 Swartz Michael' 
97 !Ilessenger Philip 
99 Plnnt H, china - d,'corntor 
101 Pullan Joseph 
10:1 Stokes Jnmes 
105 Mnnton Geol"ge 
107 Blinks James, shoemkr 
. Cuttell 1'1 commences 
109 Brody 1\10ses 
Brody Mrs S, gl"O 
111 Hnnlson I\1lss M B, dresl> 
Hanlson 1I1rs Sarsh 
113 Mnlorana B, macnroni 
115 Honse, s I' 
. Agnes st Intersects 
117 SI01-P, s I' 
119 McAInry !>Irs Mary 
121 Cole :llrs Eliza 
12.\ Mullen Alexander 
125 Fenrnl<'y George, plstr 
127 1I1i11er Joseph 
129 Jack.nlln 'V H 
131 Uyan :\lrs I';, gro 
. I
d ward st Intersects 
Wood yard, s I' 
145 Rolthenb.'rg Louis, junk 
147 :"Ielson !Illss Jane 
Snow Moses, r 
149 Glackin John. cxp 
Varey !Il,'s :\1, r 
1:;1 IInrton J:tme
I 153 Hnghes (;corge 
Hughes ':\l\8
 (' ,\. mn9 
155 Rt'fd Will 
157 Sweet Rnls. 
159 Sweet )) W 
Sweet Geo ],' 
. glm st Interse<:lS: 
p, S ... 
165 Dnnlop Jolm 
1r.!) R"jJeY Hohl'rt 
171 I)a \'"1';" Rohert 
173 Pkkêtt Joseph, .I.tll-y 
H011"';P. s e 
. \\':1110n st cnd. 
hl'fTt'r \, IIt"l'tl 
187 HopI' John S 
189 '1,'('lcllnnd Hohe,-t 
'I, Ch'lIand :.\lr8 I':, ;.:ro 
. nenard st w ('nds 
1!ll lion <I', s I' 
HI;; :\1"l"lIn John G 
!!I7 IIlnkel"y 1I1rs lIlarg",'pt J 
199 JII,I('k :\ll"s J, gro 
201 lIa\p :.\11 s :llarla 
 UN]" (HId Charles 
205 Wpst Hcmy F' 
207 SI":J:..nor !IlI"S Mnl'gnret 
200 Hoftnlld 1> H. prtr 
. Haytcr st InterBl'ct
211 \',Icnnt store 
21:\ Brooks Gporge 
pl"llIger Wm 
217 IIpp Hohprt, exprp,", 
219 Hilldu'y John 
221 l,'pn:nson Cbnrle;:: 
22:\ Kd
o .1olm J 
22:; R:\lIltpr Wm 
227 1I10rl"Ison John 
229 Gilley ISlllah S 
2:\1 1'011111"11 John 11 
2:1:\ Longbot tom 1\1r5 J 
2.% Ward Wm H 
2:\7 Hayncs Charles G 
2.19 Jones MI"
211 (,hlltoll Wm 
2-1:-1 AIIIPs !IlI"S (,harlotte 
2-17 I\loahy Wm 
249 Thcnkstone Thos II 
2:;1 Phillips I\lrs R. ,!rsmKr 
2;;:1 Brnily Jamcs 
. ('ollegc st Intersl'cts 
26:; House, s I' 
.. _ . _ .., W cst SI,le 
Hotel. s I' 
8-10 Vncallt (2) 
12 nllvls Gl'ol"ge 
14 I't'tpl"son F'l"edPl"kk 
16 So\'"cl Jacob, tll" 
18 Speal"s John 
20 Gmy Edwin 
22 Speyer Isaac 
2-1 Buck J S, uphol 

Union Assurance SocietY8 
InatKuted in the Reign of Queen Anne. A.D. 1714 

w. A E. A. BADENAOH. O.n.ral AC. nt .. 
T.I.phon..: - Offlc.. 2288; 3618. 

Head Office, 
King St. E. 






Gllonna Mlchnel 
H CartwI:lgbt Mu lluth 
i6 Pike Wm 
i8 Garamona Francesco 
SO Zuppo L, grinder 
ELM, w from 346 Yonge to 84 
farllal"lno Antonio 
. n\, v.ard 3. . Elizabeth st Intersects 
.... .... 1'>ortl1 Side .. ...... />15 :\Iarkbllm :\Ir" Frllnces 
2 Gourley :\Irs E. drsmkr I>S Trevalll MIs Catherine 
4 Windeler Wm, shoemkr 9û Kirkpatrick H J 
6 Vacnnt \12 G.lrrlck Henry 
8-10 DII\-ldson Wm &. Co, :H Wilson Thomns 
furniture Vncant lot 
12 Audre\\s W A, pianos 98 Turner :\(rs ,\(nry A 
14-16 8t George's Hall !I,,"!. Stephen.on Lionel 
St George's Hall Co 100 
am Wing_ Inrlry 
St George's Society, J E . C'he!'tnnt st Intersect!! 
Pell sec Store. s e 
II A, Reaver, Xo 845 104 Henley Patrick 
It A, Canada 
o 612 104Y., Spero Jnmes 
It A, '\Iaple Leaf, r\o 867 100 DUlTant Frank 
CO..., Concord. Xo 420 108 Gn
e 1\l1s8 Xellle 
C 0 
.. Eqllltv, 
o 170 110 Prltchnrd A E 
K of :\1, Fidelity, Xo 13 112 Organ John 
K of P. Amicus. No 20 114 Go..dlke C B 
Cnn Home Circles, No 37 116 Cnshman Dnvld 
S 0 E. 
t George 118 Smith Charles 
A 0 U W. Granite 120 Virgo Thos J' 
Toronto Clinical 
1C' 122 Dowson Alfred 
 tur" -t'Pc n{ 
 . Centre av Intersects 
 124 llynehart J R, I!"r. 
C O 
 s City 121) (,Inrke Chal"les E 
Dau. of England 128 Vllcant 
A 0 . W. Capl
,Q 1 Q
<1raller Thomas 
K 0 T III. t;: !;W W 'HemIe- 1:12.
hem C '::J 1It4 Å'!.lms Wm E 
K 0 T Jr, . tar of Card- Synngogue, R e 

 ell '\(' O 

 ."1 ' :t::... ......., South Side ..... ... 
" . J.- \-> 1 Imperial M"dlclnp Co 
:"ou t ey Somers John S, dentist 
K 'rl\(. 
padlna Hh'e Gibson llobt. mtl'S' llgt 
City Tra\'ëllers' Assn Ho\'enden IIh's S 
Gardeners' nnd Florists' Hrweuden :\1iss Jane B, 
As'n drsmkr 
Retnll Grocers' Assn 141 Worley 
frs Cather(ne 
'Vheeler Ch:H' R, caretkr 3'h Bur
on Charles W, tlr 
1822 Y W C A. Miss Marthn 5 Rodl1lngton W E. plmbr 
ROj!;ers supt 7 Wrenn 
flss l\Inrgaret 
Toronto School of Domes- 9 LOJr:tn 
lIss M. drsmkr 
tic Science 11 Cll\'anngh F L. phrenol 
36 Querrle Philip 13 Nnpolltano F L, mns tehr 
Querrle 'Irs 
Illry J, bdg 15 Rell Rowland 
1\Iethodlst Church Hell Frederlek C. llrtIst 
48 I,oudon Miss Jane I,. drs- 17 Xew Jeru.nlem Temple 
mkr New Jerus11lem rdg rm 
!o(atts Peter Rell Adnm, contr. r 
50 Qunckenhuslt Wm 19 Wilson Jnml'9 G 
frs Annie, 21 Storey & Co, pntrs 
 Storey David J 
52 Shle'r W L 23 Jnckson James S 
lrs F.llzn J, bdg z:; M..Arthur Charlet! 
54 Plckarl1 Robert H<'dderson George, r 
Plcknl"<1 I\(r.. 
fnrv J hl1g Plater 
(lss Fanny, r 
56 Wom:tn'. (,hrlstlan Tem. 27 JnITett 
Irs Mary 
pemnl'e I'nlon. '\Irs 111 F. 29 Corfleld IIfrs Jane, bdg 
upt :11 McX..111 John R, bdg 
WI1I:tr<\ Fmnce!l nome fot. 3.'1 Wood Wm F . 
Gll"I.. 35 Johnston Jnmp8 11, ph,. 
('nn Temperance I,pngnp MI'Arthur Miss Kate, 
('nn Home ('Ircle, Xo 30 nul's", 
('l"3\\'forl1 Mrs !II E '1'homas Miss Helena, mu. 
. T<'Taulay ..t Intersects teltr 
 Stnpleq John. enrp 37 Mal'klp :\Ir8 Mar,. 
110 rlllwro Aneelo 39 Beatty !.Irs Elizabeth 
r.2 na.tlnes Alvin "acnnt lot 
f\4 ('oleman Davlel 43 Lnurl:t Roceo, mus tchr 
ornmn !\Irs t
lIzaheth. 45-47 Yorkvlllp Laundry 
hi": hse Palser H D 

orman A R. mns tl'hr 49 I,ahatt John. bottllD
 Ffpnl1"r.on '''m 49"!. Fuller All'xnnder ß 
70 Rmnl10n 
fa'''ev C 51 Robinson 1\Irs 11 
. Rarnahv pi Intersecls 
>3 Armour Archibald 
72 Gllonn:t Donato . Ternulny st Intersects 
n Br
s. Typewriter co.lie a;
15 Adelaide E. Phone 2261 Typewriters Rented. .I. .I. SEITZ, Manager. 

I.umbcr )'nrd 
28 Camplln Wm 
30 Snllnway Wm C 
LUUJbcI' ynrd, s e 
. Albert st mterseets 
34 Simmons Charles, furn 
38 Spence Wm 
40 TlDsle,. I.'erdlnnnd 
42 Ishecl Uev All'xander 
Clunt' 1\1o's 1
lIen, r 
44 Braun l.instnve 
4G 111'11 John 
48 Sharp Joseph '" 
50 Bacon Edwnrd 
52 Pickens Chnrles 
ã4 S11I:t1l Daniel, liquors 

 I,ouisa st Interllects 
56 nenll A E, gro 
58 Flanngnn lI(ichnel 
GO Welton John J 
(;2 Bolun John 
(;4 Coan lilts IIfnry 
lrs Mary A 
tiG Vncnnt 
G8 Schwartz 'Vm 
70 Seh.lfeld[ Mrs RosIe 
72 Itodd"n Christopher 
74 Cox John J 
76 McDouough Mrs M 
78 Levinsky lIIorl"ls 
Vnl'nnt lots 
84."G l.inlns 'John 
SS \ oldl'nburg Lewis 
Edmonds John F, r 
00 H,lskin JoseJ>h 
D2 mSl'uberg Solomon, .ro 
94 Kl"Ilgel Israel 
00 Tugl'udhaft Dnvld 
ltog,'rs J II mes, r 
98 Sl'iagosky Hnrrl8 
100 Le\ ine IIlrs Sarah 
Lobmlco 'IIChael, r 
102 Gootlmlln Henry 
104 MIlls IIIt.s )13 rgnret 
100 Greennway \Vm 
108 Olt,'"r Wesley 
110 Woods Archie 
112 Cohen Jacob 
114 Ernest :\Irs :\Iary J 
116 Fallon Joseph P 
118 Tnylor Wm 
120 l\1<'!\"eice Thomas 
122 Hogg James 
124 Ramsey John 
1211 West Wm 
121> S\\ itzer John J 
. Agnes st Intersects 
130 Hotel. s e 
132 Hammerton 'Vm H 
134, lJahnev Henry. bnrber 
136 Le\\ is'S 
13" :llacDonald 
14U Po\\is John 
142 Le.lthers George 
I'hamei Jacolt 
HOU8{>, s e 
. EI1\\ .,ri1 st Intersects 
\\' ood ya rd, s e 
Honse of Industry, s e 
. Elm st Intersects 
House. s e 
166 Bligh Thomas 
168 Brian Robert 
17U Den'em Herbert G 
172 \lartiu l\Irs Eliza A 
174, Lo" re\ Arthur 
'owicr George 
178 Littll' Mrs }(arlan 
180 Little & Brown, plstrs 
Public Schooi 
(jssiou Church (Pres) 
lSS Todd Joseph H 
100 Skelton 'lI<s J. Indry 
 Hirl'hal1 Wm 
194 Onl<\ lIIe Chas. gro 
196 ('owan Wm S 
198 Moore Mr. Snrah 
200 Roynton Edwnrd 
 F.lmonds I':nmuel 
204 Johnston John 
2011 ('rohitt Wm 


t01"". s e 
. Hn
'ler st Intersectø 

tf)1"". s e 
216 Hnn ,Çm H 
Hall '\Irs S A.phrenolor;iøt 
218 Brown James H 
220 DeLnnburgh Henry, pntr 

2 B.lrrett Michael 

2M Colby Frederlck 
226 Patten Mrs Jane 
2'b! Cullen Wm 
Cnllen Mrs E. drsmkr 
232 Currie John 
2.1-1 Trotter Wm J 
236 Scbrnpnell George 
238 Secord John 
240 Smith Jnmes J 
. Chestnut pi commences 
242 Skilton G C. shoemkr 
244 Smith Samuel, contr 
246 Crowson Dnn 
248 Hodkinson Walter 
2;;0 Organ :\f1chael G 
2,,2 Hnzen George L 
6 Ale
ander John 
. Collc
e st Intersects 
Church, s e 

LLIOTT, e trom 127 Mnnro 
to Bolton av. ward 1 
. ..' "" Xorth Side :, ...... 
House, s e 
4 Corney George E 
6 Jny Frederick H 
8 Garwood H A 
10 'Vatson l:hnrles 
Vacant lots 
. Hamilton st Intersects 
\'ncant building 
Vac'lDt lots 
. Brond"lew a\ intersects 
Store. s e 
48 Vncnut 
50 Ureen Edwnrd C 
Vncant lots 
58 :lleArthur James A 
GO I';,-nns Thomns 
(I'!.fnin Chnrles S, notary 
fa A,ht\..hl James S 
66 Sanderson H G 
68 Caton Eih, nrd 
iO Reesley Henry jr 
72 Cnrry 
(rs Harriet J 
Vncnnt lots 
80 Tedd Joseph D 
82 Jenkinson Edwin 
1'6 Creighton M A. drsmkr 
88 Jenning. Chnrles B 
Rmlth .Jnmes F, dairy, r 
Smith John T. r 
Vacnnt lots 
112 (' Re\' A H 
94 Gee 'Irs Emmn J 
!J6 ('nrter J 'I' 
DS MI'K:t\" 
H.s Allee 
100 Johnsõn John P 
102 l':anl1ers Albert 
]04 Hnce John F 
]06 Cook Henrv W 
 Jav A F, êontr 
110 Whltehonse Joseph 
(orA"nn ,\(r8 Rosettll A 
114 Weston Georee H 
(rs S, drsmkr 
111\ Bonney Robert 
House. " e 
. ... .. '" Sonth I':I<\e ,...,.... 
fcGI\IJrlln llIchard,contr 
I'rlvnte j!;ronnds 
9 Thompson James W 
Vlle:tnt lots 
. Hamilton st Intersects 
19 Hll'e Wm. confr 
Rlt'p '\(r" H. conty 
21 Hr:ll1lev "'m 
23-2!) H"vl", Thomns. coal 
Store. " f' 
. Rl"Oal1vlew nv Intersects 
r,;-; Hr\"l1..n Thomas H 
:,7 Wil"on Cromwell H 
;)!) r.on
1\1 ,"ndrew !tf:t"well 
63 Hunt Joll11 
(ontrov Robert H 
fill Stepnen"on George F 
il Rlrl'h Ffent.v 
i:l Sloan Wm ' 
75 Raker J e, I 
Prh ate JrrOlmds 

1 ('owlln!! Mrs '\{arv 
!<:! W:t,1I1,,11 f)
vll1 W 
S7 Rurgl'''' Frpl1prlck T 
!<\I Pye (,harlp" A 
91 Riley Peter 
93 Crldlnnl1 James 
95 '\tiller George W 
97 Allen John 



00 Couch John 
101 Ross John 
1U3 I.Ightfoot Joseph 
10;; Good John 
107 Maidiow John 
10!) Lnmbert Abbott M 
III Mouldey 

, THÆ. 
 _.:._ . 

 Sl" . I 1 


 .." ,.".


\ Co A L. 




ELLIS. e from 2 Severn III 
to Reynolds. wnrd 2. 
. ... __.. l"orth Side .. 
House, s e 
8 Cullen Richard G 
12 Bugg Wm 
20 Doddington E, cabtmkr 
. . . . __, .. South Side ......... 
1 Murt Alfre<l 
3 Hurst Snmuel 
;; Vncallt 
7 \Valsh Frank 
House. s e 




Honse-, s e 
Vllcallt lots 
Unfinbhed houses (2) 


115 Adams J G, dentist 
1\7 GUonnll Vincenzo 
GUonna, Marsicano & Co, 
mus tchrs 
1\9 Bumett Miss Annie 
61 \Vanless Duncan McG 
63 LeHoy George F 
65 Seltz Johu .J 
67 Jllrmonl Joseph 
6'J Genovt're Glovnnnl 
71 McCallum Gporge 
. Bnrnnby pi intel'sects 
Grnce Church 
79-81 Sweet Bros, groB George F 
. Elizabeth st Intersects 
87 House ot Industry, Arthur 
Lnughlen supt 
. Chestnut st Intersects 
93 Dnmato Agostino 
I'nollno R. mus tchr 
Paolino !III's B, gro 
95 CllmllJl F, trults 
97 Cnlengno Joseph 
99 Uoccn Hev Domlnlco A 
101 Branciere l' E, mos tchr 
103 Moroni Hocco 
105 Cnsclat... Enrico 
107 Jones Robert 
109 Davis James W 
111 Well wood John 
- 113 Summers Sebron 
. Centre av Intersects 
115-119 Dnvls Frank, liquors 
121 Cuthbprt Wm 
123 Burton Charles W 
125 CunniughnlJl Edwin D 
127 Rockwood f'ashus C 
129 Pettigrew Miss Sarab 

ELM A V, e trom W ot Hunt, 
lev to N:lllton cres, ward 2. 
. Side .. ...... 
"2'W"a:r'rl'll Wm A 
8 Rills !lira Eliza 
. Huntley st Intersects 
1Ö Rynn !\Irs Margarct 
14 JohnSlOn \\'"m R, jr 
16 Alley Wm S 
18 Drayton H I. 
20 Dnvles Mrs Mnry E 
Vncnnt Jot9 
. Sbeo'boul'lle st lutersects 
House, s e 
44 Mnce George A 
46 B1l1lkle George W 
110 O'Hllrn Henry 
Vncant lot 
112 Vacnnt 
. Dunh",' rd eommences 
114 l\lucAndrew John 
Vncant lots 
. Glen 1'01 Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
. Rl'au st commences 
Prlvnte gt'ounds 
. .. . . . ... South Sl<le ,...,.,., 
1 Rrodie !\Irs Joh.wnn S 
3 Hn.1t'Y !llIchnel J 
. Hnntley st Intersects 
I) ell wthm !lfrs Chnrlotte 
7 Hendl'rROn G E 
Vacant lots 
. Jun..Uon ot Sherboorne n 
:\1101 Maple nv 
House, s e 
nent' entrnnces 
VIIC'lllt lots 
51 Collinson Wm H 
113 Bllltchtord A W 
115 Hay Edward 
117 Lumsden Gl'orge E 
Honse, s e 
. Glen rd Intersects 
Honse, s I' 

EI.M GROVE. n trom 1286 
King w to Queen w, ward 6- 
. . . . . , . ,. I';:tst Side .',...... 
House, s e 
5 Jennln
s Snmuel 
7 Hnssard \Vm 
II McLaughlin James 
11 Pollwka Emil 
13 Johnson Wm A 
15 Izznrd Wm G 
17 Ingles Rev Charles L 
19 TOUKb Robert J 
21 HnU Samuel E 
23 Arnett I.pwls R 

25 Gilchrist D,wld 
27 S\\ inarton Albert 'I' 
2!1 Hdhelingtou John 
:U Lennox bnnc 
3:! 'l'homas Urs R 
llouse, s e 
.1\I"lhourne nv Intersects 
New Jerosall'tn Church 
47 Hyatt Hev Edwnrd S 
4\J Harwood Mrs Sarnh 
51 Wright Ll'wls 
53 !llitélJl'1I Samuel D 
55 llryee J..mes Q 
57 Adllms Uieh.u'd H 
59 Kpnnl'dy Angus 
61 Auld \\ m 
63 IIIacdonllld Henry E 
Vncnn t I"t 
69 Hanls C R, dairy 
71 Barnes James 
73 PlIl'menter A B 
75-77 Vncant 
83 Carter Augustos H, acct 
Bnnk, s e 
. . . . . .. .. \\' Sid.. ........, 
House, s_ e 
4 Colwell Wm W 
6 Jnekson George T 
12 lI1arter George F 
18 Kuox Jnmes E 
22 O'Neil Jnmes N 
24 Dul'l' Alexander 
Hou"", s e 
. !11l'lhonrne avîntersects 
House, 9 e 
46 Hughes Wm C 
48 Hall Charles W 
50 Webster G N, dairy 
52 Hoss 'l'homas 
54 Hnmmond Altred 
56 Noble Christopher 
Ialtland James M 
60 Wilcox Thomns A 
62 Clayton II1lss E, drsmkr 
G4 Peirce Wm E 
66 !ltcArthur Jobn 
138 Stinson Joseph 
74 Tooth Wm B 
78 l\teHnrdy John, bldr 
88 CrowhnTst !IIlss M, drs- 
Turner !I1lss A, dr!!mkr 
Store, s e 

ELM GROVE PL, e from 61 
Elm Gl'o,-e. 
. .' . . " " East Side ....,.... 
4 Wilson Snmuel 
5 Stewnrt John 
6 Willlnms J Dayton 
. . . . . . ... West Side ",.,.... 
Rpar f'ntrances 

ELM PI., e trom 163 Terau- 
lay, ward 3. 
. .. .' ., " r\orth Side.. .. ..... 
Renr entrances 
"utb Side ,'.',.... 
1 Brock !>Irs 
2 Bert1'Um James S 
3 Smerdon J W B 
4 \e
'sey Edward 
5 Burke Wm 

1';U.fER A.V, n trom 192ß 
Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 
. . . ...' ., East Side .... 
7 '\'hea tie\" Thomas 
9 llelbnm 'George 11 
13 neld Pntrlek J 
. , .. . .. .. \Vest Side ,..,..... 
Store, s e 
20 Lendrum R G 
24 Bell Will, excn\"ator 
26 R..eve Henry J 
28 Tew Richard 

Y PI., n trom \10 St 
Joseph, wnrd 3. 
. . . . . . , " J
nst Side '..'''.. 
1 Ross Hon Gpo W 
3 Chaleratt Wm E 
5 Dewnrt H Hnrtley 
13 Elmsley Remy 
, .. '" ... We!!t Side,.....,.. 
2 Greenshlelds 
1iss Jolla 
Vncnnt lot 
10 Pntterson A D, artist 

}'UESS CUES, w from e 
ot Dunn n,' to lJowllng av, 
first s ot ry track, wnrd 6. 
. . . . . . . " X ortb ::!Ide "....... 
Vncant lotll 
16 Harlsun 1\lrs Susan M 
20 1\lcl.aughllu J 1!' 

 Bennett llurtOll H 
Iol'den W IIlter H 
21i Hahn Uustav 
28 Telf"r Frederick J 
30 llolmested 10' W 
32 1\1 un 1"0 Xewbury ES}'LAXADE I,ASl', e trom 
. Dunn a v Intersecls toot ot :I. unge 10 lJon sta- 
34 Foy Wm J tlon, ward" 
 and 3, 
3U Foster 
lrs Jemima III . ., " .. " Xunb Side.. .. " . .. 
Foster Miss E, artist GTU bonded ( de- 
Irs 111 F pot, s e 
40 Gross James 1!' }.'ruil market, s e 
Vacant lots . :S"ott st COlUmence. 
46 r\icol !\Irs Helen 3:! Santos Josepb 
48 Daniel Juseph W M Dmper IIelll'Y 
:;0 Stl'wnrt \Vm J 3U-3S Can I'roduce Co 
52 Clarke nobert 40 R
-an 1\11''' Margnret 


tsDa"ld J 42 Crystal Ice Co 
58 } ' atlll AI . t l lltr C 42-50 Gmnt Hnmllton Oll,.!;o 
M Stockwell S, blksmtlr" 
Paull A E, Itrchltect Ynrds 
Vacnnt lots U2 Murphy Wm J, blksmtb 
72 n'n-rlngton G T Greey W & J G, s e 
74 Atkt,y AIr. cOlitr . Church sl commences 
Atkey !llIss L, mus tchr ,,0 Tymon A J, hotel 
78 Roberts I'ercy 90 Findlay Jnmes, mach 
80 King Peter Rodgers george, veter- 
Honse, s e Innry Instr lIIfr 
. Jnmeson nv IntersectB . Fllrquhar la commences 
84 '\'atsoIl 1\lrs Ellen 100 'Vatson Rohert Co, I' e 
Vacant lots It>> CpU freight of lice 
116 Hili John H T 116 Go"eroment Hide lupec. 
118 l?aulds Edwnrd flon store 
120 Armltnge T 'Vllson Thompson E A, hide 
122 Gianelli Altred W H Inspector 
124 Gt.uv Will T 11S Ontario Lime Association, 
126 Davis J:une9 E builders' supplies 
128 Thompson Fred H . West 
Iarket st Intersects 
132 Waller Wm G Mnrket extension, I' e 
. ., .. .... South Side......... . Jan Is st Intersecta 
Vacnnt lots \Vnrehouse, s e 
11 Vneant Reid George & Co, ware- 
13 Hodl(en" George house 
Vaennt lots Vncant lots 
. Dunn nv Inters..cts :\lelntosh & Son, I' e 
Housl', s e . George st commences 
Vacnnt lots 158-162 Anti-Trust Box Co 
4,') Wilkie Rev John 164 Williams H & Co, rooter. 
Rou<e, s I' De Lnplante & Bowden, 
. Starr nv ends r e 
Vncant lots 176 City Morgue 
. Jameson nv Intersects . ],'rederlek st commencetl 
The "AS. MORRISON Brass Mfg. Co. 

ELSIE A \', n trom Ernest 
av, first w ot I'erth, w:\rl) 

:'>iut hullt on 

EMILY, n troll1 1:;2 WelIlnK- 
ton w 10 King \\. ward 3. 
....,.... E.t
t Side"..,.,. 
11 W .Irriner Ueorge 
21 )IeLaughlin Henry 
23 Le Uoy Mrs Hose 
25 Scott l."l'Unk ::! 
Store, s c 
. . . , . . ... West Side ......... 
St Andrew's Church, B e 

EMMEU::;OX AV\ n trom 
Hloor w to city hmlt
W ot lJufferln, ward II. 
, .. . . . . " East Side 
:; Todd Wm V 
Vaellnt lot 
11 Todd Arthur C 
13 Moore Andrew H 
. Pa ton lit Intersects 
Vllcant lots 
111 Heed Wm, contr 
113 Blain WII1 
. Wallnee n, Intersects 
Vacnnt lots to end 
. " . . . . ., West Side .....,... 
4 Snnderson Rev Joseph I<: 
on 1\1lss M M, 
lIIUS tchr 
6 Peoples James 
.I'nton 9t Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Wallace nv Intersects 
Vncnnt lots to end 


I S 


EXGLEWOOD A V, e trom 
Pape n\' to Jones av, sec' 
ond s ot Dantorth nv, wnrd 
. .. .. ., " r\ortb Side,. .. 
118 Stone HeDl'Y 
138 Andrews Wm 
1:;2 Austin Edward I' 
156 Leamen Christopher J 
Church, s e" 
. . , . .. ... Sou tll Side .. 
2.-; Parsons Altred 
27 Dean" Samuel 
41 Rabbleh Ernest J 

ERIE, strom 4ï5 DUlltllls to 
r ot 461 Dul'l'erln, ward 6. 
, . . . . . , " I';ast 
Rouse, s e 
1 1I100re Dnvld Y 
......,.. West Side 
:'>iot built on 

, n from 340 Front e 
to }{Ing e, wnrd 2. 
. ' - . , . . " East Side ......... 
Riley Ed ward & Co, bar- 
Church nnd school... e 
. . .. . , ... West Side 
12 Vacant 
14 Geddes Wm J 
. Derby st ends 
e, s I' 

T A V, w from Syw- 
Ington n'- to U'l'H, IIrBt s 
ot \Vall.iCe nv, ward G. 
.. . .. .. " X orth Side ......... 
Stol'e, s e 
. Perth n,' Intersects 
Methodist Church 
.1';lsle .IV eommen
,......., Soutb Side 
Xut built 011 

89-97 AD
 8T. W



Shorthand and 
aTAF" o
and TYPEWRITERS ON CALL. , ...t ,. 


3179 Adelaide St. E. 

Esplanade East. 



Tor Rall way bulltlings, s I' 
VaC.1nt storehousc 
. Sherboul"De Sl commence. 
 Burns l' & Co, coal 
. Princess st commences 
Lumber yard 
(,Iueen City 011 Co's yard 
"'aNory, S I' 
"'ouDl:lry, s I' 
. Berkeley st commences 
G fit treigbt shells 
GTIt storebouse 
Paterson Bros, warehouse 
. Parllnment st Intersects 
Gooderbam & Worts, s I' 
. Trinity st commences 
Gooderham & \Vorts, s I' 
. Cherry st commences 
l<'relgbt sheds, GTR 
Cattle shetls 
Car shops, GTR 
Cnstoms otflce, Don stn 
Don station, GTR 
Sbedtlen Co (br) 
. .. , . .... Soutb Side ......... 
Yonge st wbarf 
Rlchelleu & Ont Z\a\'lg Co 
Milnes James H & Co, 
. Foot of SCOtt 
Tor Electl"lc Llgbt Co 
43 Lake Simcoe Ice Snpply 
Xorthern Ice Co 
Dickson & Eddy, coal 
Selby Robert 
. Foot of Churcb 
Church st wharf 
Syh ester Bros, wharfage 
Couger Coal Co's "harf 
Coal storebonse - 
Rogers Elias & Co, coal 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 
Belle Ewart Ice Co 
Cbapman A, wbarflnger 
City ele\'ator and wbarf 
Ice huu:se
67 Wilson C & Co, scales 
. West \lnrkf't st Intersects 
I Fish Co of To. 
ronto. s I' 
Vacant warehollSe 
Beard's whart 
. Ja1"\ I
 st Intersects 
Britnell & Co, s I' 
Vacant lots 
Vacant building 
Brown & Love, stone 
79 Victorl.t Yeast Co 
Dom ('PlIlent Paint Roof- 
Ing Co, r 
Vacant sbops 
Ice houses, r 
Sl Vacant 
Knickerbocker Ice Co 
White John 
Vacant otllce and wharf 
. Foot of George 
CorporatIon dock 
CPR wharf 
Corporation storekpr's of. 
. Foot ot Frederlek 
Pol"On Iron Works, boll. 
Canatllan Heine Safety 
Boller Co 
. Foot of Sherbourne 
Cameron Alex 
Wnrln & Jackson, boat 
Vacal\.t wharf 
Burns P &. Co, stables 
antl do,'ks 
. roolt ot Princess 

artln Gf'orJre E & Co. 
pork pnekers 
Fprl!usoln R W 
MeDonald David 
ROJrers Elias &. Co's dock 
Vnennt yartl and dock 

1ptller &. Arnot. contrs 
Reid &. ('0. Inmber 
. Folot olf Berkeley 
[fJr Co 
Beck C 
[fg Co Ltd, s I' 
. Parllnment st InterS'ects 
Gooderham &. Worts, ele- 
GTR lumber yard 

. Foot of Trinity 
GTR lumber yard 

 Foot of Cberry 

1.0nge to Lnlon' Station 
ward 3. ' 
. ... .,., North Side .. ...... 
Customs examining ware- 
:\lechanical englneer'ø of. 
fice for Dom bldgs 
Customs Express Dept 
:;0 Vacant 
Flour mill, s I' 
. Bay st iutei'sects 
('oft'pe &. Spice Co s e 
66 GXW Tel Co, storage df'pt 
Blaek A, picture tranles r 
Dominion Hat Co, r ' 
Eekardt Casket Co. s e 
Lumber yard 
76 Vacant 
78 Dryden T H & A H ma. 
chlnlsts ' 
8S Vacant 
. LornI' st commences 
Dom Tl"Uns Co, stables 
Wllllnms A R, r e 
. York st bridge 
.......... South Side ."...... 
Yonge st wharf 
City Park 
. Bay st intersects 
Cobhan :\1fg Co, r I' 
Switch house, GTR 

ESSEX, w from Christie. 
third n of Bloor w, ward II. 
,... .... Xorth Side 
Store, s I' .. ...... 
8 Vacant stable 
10 B..ock D,u'ld 
Yacant lots 
16 Hilliard Ernest H 
18 Caldp.. 
20 F..ase.. George A 
Vacant lot9 
30 Wood Thomas W 
Vncant lots 
40 Bake.. Thomas 
42 Robinson John 
Yae:lIlt lots 
52 Petrie Alexander, bldr 
Va('ant lots 
62 Boles Charles 
, . .. . .... Sonth Side '........ 
1 Chu..!y Abel, blksmlth 
Vn('ant lots 
13 Rutland Sinclair A 
p..h-ate g..ounds 
23 :\Iclntosh Jnmes W 
Vacant lots 
41 Bal..stow John 
47 Glass Samuel 
49 .\.Idous Wm j.. 
V,lcnnt lots 
larshall Alexnnder 
61 Garne.. Joseph 
63 Garner Joseph jr 

ESTHER n from Farley av, 
opl' Sl Aud.."w's Market, 
to St Pat..lck, wn..d 4. 
. , . , . . . .. East 
Ide .,......, 
] Hubba..d J & Co, coal 
Rank. s I' 
. Qapen st w Intersects 
Hotel, s I' 
15 A..mstron
21 Milll
an Samuel It 
23 Braund James E 
25 Leadlay 
1..s Mary 
a:! Leadlay Jobn 
35 ('nldw,,11 Robe..t 
37 '1'aylo.. n"my R 
39 McC.Il.thy John 
43 Le Francois Cha..leø 
!iss Annie, r 
Stone Thomns. r 
411 Hoche John H 
47 Ratcllft' Wm 
49 Pembroke :\Irs Elizabeth 
51 McLeod Wm D 
Johnson Winfield, .. 
!13 'Wllsou Andrew 
Riches Wm H. r 
1111 Baltonr Thomas L 

Green l\iLs Sarah r 
Asling Hnlph W. r 
Gl"IIham Wm, r 
59 :\1cDon.l:d Jnn
Iöl Coolahnn Joseph 
Lundy Hicbard, r 
l'e.Il'man F, r 
le:\lahon Joshua 
G5 Heardon Wm. 
Johnstone John, r 
6i Cooney Thomas 
Crosse Adolph, r 
G\I Howa..d 
71 Held James 
73 ('oyne :\lrs Rutll 
i5 He..on Thomos 
77 Townsend Mrs Elizabeth 
77Y, BUrJIs Wm 
7\1 Han'ey John 
81 Davis Alf..ed 
S3 Ke.... Joseph 
85 Hl"Own Hicha..d 
S7 Hand Etlw.1..d 
89 Jose :\Irs Jnne 
91 ßourga..d Emil 
93 Cmse Pete.. J 
95 '\"lIkes 
1..s Theresa 
9i A..mstrong James 
9!) Tinkes J,tmes H 
Hlve..s '!iss A, mus tc"
]01 Grant John F 
It'l'..illlmon :\1rs Janet 
]0;; Williamson A R, gro 
. Grange a\' Intprsect9 
House. s e 
113 Tlthe..lngton 
lrs S 
115 Ctul'le AI"xander 
117 Vac'lIlt 
119 Bnl..d M..s :\1 A 
]21 O,ho....e 
Irs :\1 J 
123 IIav Ed"ard C 
leCal1ley Hugh J 
]27 Lpste.. John 
lann,'11 :\11"8 Hebecca 
];n Johnston F,'ede..!ck J 
1;m Camphell HE>l"b....t 1 
VI;) Wphb FrN1p..lek 
137 Adshead T R. fl ults 
. .. . . , _ .. \Vest Side ..,...... 
2-6 B.lÌrd Samuel, tlnner 
8 Ashhy 
1..s Ellznbeth 
Hotel, s I' 
. Queen st w Intersects 

tOl"". ... {I 
]2 'Wnrd Samuel P 
14 :\Jltchell M..s Imn 
16 Davis T 
18 Traylil!g Alhert F 
18 1 '2 Godd.t..d Wm H 
20 Thmnton :\iL's C V 
201.4 Dann Jnrnes 
22 H('yd In('ob C 
. \Voolslev st commences 
2-1 Ferris Henry E 
211 Jo<slln John B 
28 Thompson \loses 
:JO ('oolper Hen..y J 
Ct'a \\ fo..d :\1..s :\1, nurse 
'2 Grav \Yol A 
:1-1 'Ic<'ormlek James 
Itton Frank 
3S Hel..ea Isnae 
-10 Issèll Jollll 'I' 
-12 Grahnlll Thomas 
.1-1 Hollo\\ I'll De Witt C 
46 Tu..ner Wm 
48 'J'urner Ambrose 
50 Hoddns Thomns 
;:;2 Hendprson John 
54 Henderson Wm J 
56 Chl"istophpr Jarn,'s 
;:;S lh'erpnd Hnn-y 
. C:l.IT .;;:t {'omnJPnc{>s 
60 Ryan Thomns. IIquonJ 
lcCoskev Duncan 
6-t Scott Ro'hert 
1'>6 Xenl Albert S 
1cQueen :\ll"s 
70 Sherwin John 
72 Brown James 
74 Houstoñ Jame
mith Frederick R 
78 Guthrie Hen..y C 
SO Da\les Mrs :\lay 
8:1 Poynts George 
1yers Wm A 
86 Gitklnson Wm 
88 Phillips Wm II 
90 Cullen ""alter 

!J2 Cunwath Edward 
04 Va"son 31rs Vlalla 
!J\J Martin Fl"Unk 
104 Hayden Patrick T 
. G...1nge av Intersects 
101>-108 Breckels & :\Iatthews. 
church ori:ans 
110 Veans Alexander 
1l;! Clark 'lbs AgneJI 
114 Wilson Daniel 
lIt> Tomlin Arthur R 
118 Fletcher Hemy, dairy 
lW Wood Joseph 
12:.1 Baker Hen..y 
124 Smith Jobn L 
121( La" rence Charles 
12S Bre.1key 
lrs Emma 
130 :\lalone James 
132 Paterson Joseph 0 
Vacant lot 

ETHEL A \.. w trom Fr.1uk- 
lIn to GTIt, second n of 
 1'1' a.., ward 6. 
Xot built on 

EUCLID A V. n from 6::;4 

ueen w to FoUls a.., ward 
. .. ,. . . .. 1:.1st Side 
1 Iteid George V 
7 Elliott Itobt D, øhoemkr 
9 Surplis Richard 
11 :\lundy Mrs Florence 
13 Veutscher Mrs Janet 
Vacant lot 
17 Giles George 
. Euclid pi commence.. 
l!J Uoiston Wm H, bldr 
21 )lurpb
- V.1nlel 
lc PherliOn A A 

,-; H.1rfleld :\1rs Emma ::> 
Ker!!lake 'Vm 
:r. Wray James 
29 Speer Ite\ James C 
31 Waboll Itlchard H 
JJ Warriner Itobert C 
3j Cas\\ I'll George C 
Cas\\ .'11 Mis.. :\1 A, dies;!, 
37 Henderson J 'V, cattle 
3\1 Kirk Wm 
 l'hlll'man Jobn 
n HInck Wm 
House, s e 
. Hobluson st Intersect.. 
Store, s I' 
61-63 To\\ n,. Mrs Samb, gr.) 
Towns Wm 
67 Early Wm 
69 Bolden George 
Vacant lot 
75 Raymore Mr9 E A 
loom D,n Itl 
79 Simser Philip 

1 Valentine Tbomas .\. 
S:J Atherton James W 
8:", Bailey Joseph 

7 Rnthertord 
lr!! Cntl:tcrlne 
h9 Lpah.. Patrick A 
Eller,- Tbomns, r 
91 Clark I,'re<lerlek 
93 Davis John 
95 ('lose Arthltl' 
!l7 Ta\'lor James 
!J9 "pim W John 
101 Val.... Jnmeq B 
10.3 Royle 1\1rs Y A 
107 Berzolne Charles C 
H!',! Ward..11 John C 
III Oswald \Irs \Ial"!!:aret 
113 Dunnett Charles C 
lcDowell '1rs Esther 
117 G'lskin;o Altred 
I.umbpr nud 
123 Jo
e Thomas 
127 "eun 'Vrn A 
131 Denning I-nac 
ì:J.1 ('ral!l' James 
13.'5 BeiÎ10n (,olin C 
137 McGinnis John 
I:!!ì Go.ldard John 
143 Stutchbltl.\," 
1rs Emily 
P:; "ioMlpton' A G 
Hi ClIrran A J 
149 Barft' 
h'9 Ellen 
Ijl SInclair E L 
Collier Ernest, r 



' I 

i; I 





The Confederation Life 

Guarantees Extended Insurance or a Paid-up 
Policy after two year., or a Cash Value 
after five years. 
See the Unconditional Accumulative Polley. 


Euclid A v. 


153 Harris Henry 
1:>;; Currey Henry J 
Heane) John j.., r 
 i Hamsllale l' E 
9 Langfield Frell 
161 Strickland A W, hldr 
Stl"ickland Miss E 0, 
14;;; Yarley Putricl. 
1(;;) Shearer Wm 
167 Kerr James 
IiI Ferrlman Albert 
17:; Powell M..s Ann 
1i5 Kyle !\I..s Sa..ah J 
177 Haun Mrs A E 
183 Lindsay I W, bldr 
IS:; Wiley Thomas 
187 Hili Wm G 
189 Conno.. Rlcha..d 
191 Todgham Ah'a J 
193 Coleman F..ed J 
197 !<\hannon Wm 
199 Johnson :II1"s Annie E 
199' -t. Cahoon A, pntr 
201 Cannon Joseph P 
203 FletchI''' W J. phy 
200 Drnmmond !\Irs M, gro 
 Struthe..s J W, drngø 
207 Sto..e, s I' 
. Arthu.. st Intersects 
2O'J Adamson Alex D, btchr 
211 r.lles Joseph 
213 Wlnterlleld Jllmes 
21:; Latchford .Tacksou 
217 Clark :IIl..s Lilly 
219 Cantlou F..ede..lck 
221 1"e"I:IIsol) D,,, III. 
223 Re..n" Wm 
2Z:; Mlllër F.sU P 
229 lUchll..dson Samuel J 
231 "'..ank. Hcn..y, contr 
23:; P..lth Wm 
237 Hnmpton James F 
Hampton :\Ii,s L,mus tehr 
2-11 1'rllax 'I..s Annn, mns 
'Iattpnley :\1I
s Xettle,d..s- 
245 Hl'w
on "'m I. 
247 :\lcKpuzle Thomas 
2-19 Sauude..s Cha..les H 
2:>1 HIli Robe..t H 
2:03 Rnkewell Hem'v 
2."".7 Ca..ruthe..s W ÌI. dlll..y 
Zi9 Griggs Samuel 
21:1 Del
nev Wm 
:! . '.pfllpr John. cODtr 
2foi :\lu1"1"ny John M 
20'9 Hindp.. F..edc..lck It 
2íl Phair Thomlls 
2.3 Orange Hall 
27:> Colby Wm 
2iÎ Ryan Will 
2.{1 Gould Tholllll
21<1 Corln Frank 
2'-3 1\laddocks John 
285 Taylo.. 
I..s, gro 
Tavlor John 
. :\fpphalll W:llter 
2S!) PI..rlc John R 
2:\1 Stepbeu Jame8, bldr 
21\.3 Melbv Levi J 
I.ucns Emma D. Ind..y 
211:> En'r>fipld Thoma" 
2'i. Gla
s ('hal'lps 

, E\t"rsllclol IInrr' 
atìl Let!ctt'I' (,hrl,f.>pl,,,.. 
. ('OllltP.. Josppb 
ao. Izz,t rd 
f r" F. I.' 
300 'Iline JOh11 
:11 1 Dnfflls l' \V 
311>'; Morrison Will I. 
313 Robinson Thomns G 
31:; Green Amb..osp W 
317 Cole Rolwrt 
319 Owen Wm 
321 Foord meltnr<1 J. pntr 
32.'1 8hl'pat<1 Thomns 
3Z:; ',"m F 
327 Panlknpr Wm J 
a29 'fcRap Duncun W 
' Dunn Rnlwrt K 
3315 F"r11T!1'"1' .James 
339 Nlcholø John 
Nichols Thomns, mus tchr 
841 Cbater John W 
3-13 Baker !")lliuel J 
845 Given John 1\1 
347 I.annln Wm 

347% flail Edwin B 
349 Taylo.. Leon E 
34!)y" Conterle Loul. 
351 Wilcox 1111's S J 
353 Swnnzey Jnmes 
355 GrahalIJ David S 
357 lIfnckenzle Wm A 
359 Wntts Arnndell P 
361 Pud.lln Wm, builder 
363 Eades John 
365 Itowpn John T 
367 Linton J 'I'homas. dairy 
Vacant lots 
. College st Intersectø 
Vacnnt lots 
417 WIlliams Wm 
419 Watts A P..yor 
421 Jo'prgusson Adllm D 
423 Flynn Henry l' 
42.. Goddpn Clnrence r 
4Zi Hickey James J 
42U Fox John J 
431 Robcrtson Mrs Jean 
433 Po..ter MIss Jnne 
5 Holml's F..rot-rlck, bid.. 
437 Snmuel 
439 Young Jamps 
4-U Grew Frnuk 
fo..eland A J 
4-17 ' Dnvld l' 
449 Pattl
on Philip M 
451 Roddv James S 
453 TurnÍ>r DI1\ Id F. 
455 Brown Wm E 
457 Gladmun A J 
459 Thompso-n George C 
463 Lawrence \Vm 
Vnllnlshed houses (2) 
473 Han's l\frs Amy 
475 Maÿltee James È 
477 B..own Pete.. 
47!J Pltton Jumes W 
479% Dn,"ls Frnncls J 
4S1 Clllncv Henr\" 
48.'! Tempieton Ròbprt P 
485 Butll'l" Frede..lck l' 
48. ('ordingley Arthur B 
489 Hpnkes Frank It 
\"ncant lots 
41\5 Wlllln,,1' Wplllngton 
497 Pugh 1\1..s Samh 
4!J9 Cu....en Alfred E 
001 Hcwson F..ank A 
\"acant lots 
513 Douglas Richn..d Y 
515 l\ George W 
517 Vacant 
51!J Campbell John 
521 :\fnl'Í.trlnue :IIfalcolm 
52:\ Browu Rev John G 
. Ulster st Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
553 Petet son :\1 H 
555 Hill I.:dwnrd (' 
55. :\fpek Edwllrd 
cnnt lots to Bloor 
Gfll Coat,.s Nathnn \V 
t;!1;-1 G:udin
l. Henr\" 
6!J5 Donklu Charles- 
6!17 Rennett "'m 
(\!J9 Humllton :\Irs Jnne 
701 Scvmour Thomas 
703 Wood John R 
\"'''':1IIt lot
715 WllIi,tm.on F.dwnrd 
717 Soper :\1.." :\l:1t'la 
íl!) \\"lIt.pler Jonnthan 
.2.3 DII\""\- Robert \V 
. London st Intersects 
Housf'. s e 
72:> loweI' Bernnrd 
72. Hili lIfi
s IIlnrtha 
731 Wilson :\foses A 
Private grounds 
741 Fur-r..1J ..' H. whol btehr 
Pm-rpll Wm T. whol btchr 
Vncant lots 
. Bllrton 
\: Intersects 
Honse. '8 e - 
777 Rl'ld Thomas 
.7!) F.lno.. Hal-r\" 
Prl\"lIte groÙorls 
787 ('lIr1'uther- :\1.., :\1 .1 
793 F<1ward" :\Ir. Elizall(.th 
7\)5 Culhoun Charles 
797 Sute.. Alfred E 
7!J9 Burry Jnml's, bid.. 
SOl Yentman Robe..t 
Fretwl'lI Harry, r 
803 Hardmah Hen..y 

805 Simpson Wu: 
807 Hardmnn Edward 
Wood John, eontr 
817 Vllcant 
...-..... \Vest Side .....,... 
Store, s I' 
10 Watson Albe1t D, phy 
12 Cockburn Francis 
14 Lawrence GE'Orgl' 
16 Cope Wm L 
18 Crowe George 
20 Hall Wm 
22-2(\ Cudmore F, 
28 Thompson John W 
32 KllIacke.- -Alexander 
84 J.tckson' !\Irs Jane 
36 ('onley John 
38 Boyd lJeorge E 
40 Pudney Sydney H 
44 Dt'nnlng Mrs Ma..y 
p..l\"nte grounds 
48 JII1"1"Ott J Edwa..d 
50 Swift IIlrs Eliza 
Prlvnte grounds 
58 Heddow Alfred 
Bryant \Vm 
. Itoblnson st Intersects 
62 Winfield lIfrs E gro 
WlnlìPld Geo, dairy 
ß.i A,lums Wm 
6fo :\11I1"1"lott Edmund 
Evans Pete.. T. dairy 
roB :\lItchell Thomns C 
70 Grove George A 
72 I.Ilfhtha..t Chas N 
74 lIfcCulloch Wm 
76 Rowan Patrick J 
78 Enrker Joseph 
80 Cnmeron James A 
82 Milt's John J 
86 Scollnn :\Iichael 
Scollan 1', dairy 
Oll,-e\' U"I,,'rt r 
00 Ca1"1"le :\I..
Hughes Herbert r 
\12 Shaw Dnniel A' 
11-1 Hnmllton IIlichnel J 
tit; Kreitz".. J F 
98 Alfred C 
100 Yllcnnt 
102 Wyse George 
104 Cunningham Samuel III 
]06 C..mpbell John 
108 Lnmont Jnmes 
Private grounds 
114 Olson Rudolph 
116 Rurton Edwin 
118 Collbary Mrs Belinda 
120 Hnl"1"lson 
lrs Ma..y 
]22 Upnth Thos J, bid.. 
]2-1 Darlington Charles J 
]2.; Cunningham George J 
128 Bush Wm 
Rush IIIlss I
, drsmk.. 
130 IIIl1es Johu B 
1 :\2 :\Ioorp J.\ mes (' 
Ia-l O'Uellly :\frs III. confr 
lar. Shnw :\lrs Elizabeth 
1:18 :\[,'Kechnle Hugh 
UO-2 \'..cant 
1401 Shaw 
Sha \\ :IIUss I. E, artløt 
Chilton Thomas R, .. 
14fo Stepls Daniel J 
148 Russl'lI John 
]ii{) mlis IIlrs 
fary A 
.2 Relmont :\lrs E 
Cummins :\frs :\f, drsmkr 
1;;4 Bennetts Geor
e II 
15(; Hilts Gporge '1' 
158 McDonald :\Irs Ellen E 
IIJ() :\}pKenzlc John 
H;2 Hpwptson John 
Iß4 'rUIl1' John 
lß6 R01"l:ptt Fredl'..lck J 
]68 Vacant 
('arey WRiter. r 
]70 \Yarllell Hiram, gro 
Wnrdpll J S. bldr 
172 FI'l"!(uS<Jn Wm 
174 Qunnce He'-\){'It 
1.6 Spenrman Wm J 
178 Dn\"ls Thomns 
180 Collins James l' 
Pattison !\Irs 111 A, gro 
182 Rlcha..dson Alexander 
184 Calhonn Waite.. F 
186 Genrlnjt Thomns G 

188 Fogarty Thoma. 
100 Dryland Hen..y 
192 Barrett Rlehard W 
194 Kelly Hlchard, exp 
1U8 Stewa..t Hobert 
200 Silvertho..n S H 
202 Curry David 
204 Apted Edwin, gro 
. At thur st Intersecta 
208 Store, s e 
2Z'! Hirst Wm 
2!O Easby Mnrk S 
212 Hule
 !\Irs M A 
2:14 Walsh M..s Dora 
2:J6 Cumming John 
2:\8 ('011' Henry R 
240 Ha..ker Frcdel"iek 
242 Claxton Jnmes 
214 Kirk John D 
2-m Ca IdeI' Alexnndpr 
248 Wat-l"Ington Henry W 
248% Taylor John L 
2-10 Angus Mrs Margaret 
2;;2 Doogson IIII11'k 
2;;-1 Stewart Joseph 
2;;(\ Stewnrt Henry 
2:;8 Cooney WtO J 

I;o Flaw
262 Bnl"ton Arthur W 
20;4 Pinkerton John 
21;(\ Dmner John 
20;1\1,<', Stinson Abraham H 
2m;; Robinson \Vm J 
2iO Hoge..son John 
274 Dunn lilt's Rebecca 
276 Simpson Sidney 
2.8 Currie James 
2>!O Coke Harry :T 
282 Ewing Wm G H 
284 Chlun Har..y 
286 Hnngcrford Hobt_ 
288 Shosenbe..g Charles 'if 
Brown Thomas M, I' 
2!1O Fowler Wilson H 
2112 Oke Wm 
Teece Wm H. mus tchr 
29-1 BlIIID!(hurst Mrs Cath 
2:J1; VOgt Fred. mns tchr 
298 Willson John D 
:100 Cox George 
302 Klddlp James 
304 :\Iale Frede..lck J 
3011 Helllv John 
:J08 Schadel Wm 
:\10 Evan
 Harry E 
314 Hpwltt :\Irs :\fary, rro 
316 Snide.. Jnmes H 
3]8 Jones BenJal!lln 
3:JO Coope.. Wm 
322 Wild Thomns 
32-1 Elgie He..bert 
326 Sun ton Douglas B 
328 Laing ArchIbald 
:mo Rucbnnnn Thomas 
332 noof1If'T Geo1"
e, pntr 
:134 :\1 c(']a v J limes 
:\36 Hili Thomlls. sbo"mlr.r 
:!:!I< f<mnrt Joseph T 
:-:40 ('olgnte Wm F 
:\42 O'('onnor Thomns 
:::401 :\lIlIs Wm L 
:HS TR.-Ior John C 
,o ('aiow John 
 Way Sydney R 
:::-.4 nnn,hol'
h '\'m n 
Vacant. I' 
a:>fI ('ro\\e Fmnds W 
3;;8 Pen<1rlth Georgp T 
Vaennt lots 
. (,olle!!"e st Interseetø 
Ynenñt lot
-tOO Rundlp Alhprt J, dairy 
 :\feI.pllnn 'Ym 
-to-t :\fplvllIe Rophfort M 
-too "olp
worth '''!IS E 
-to'! 'filler Wm R 
-tl(1 HlilinghUl'!lt .John 
412 1'11"0\\ n Rob"rt S 
414 Rlllp, "... ('Rrolln
-t1f: "vpr
 Empr_on B 
-tl" Dimn nprbprt J, 
420 Fnton 'Wm H 
Eaton 'II" A 'd. nurle 
422 ('armlchapl "rs 
-t2-t ('oekhUl'n D .J 
426 E\"ons Wm T 
42S "orrison Adam 
430 Hlg!!"ln" Jnmes D 
432 1\1001'1' Allan A 
43-t Chnter Wnlter G 

SherDlsn E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 

' Mr.KINNnN BUlLDlNlt 


POLICIES carry Reserves on a 3
cent. basis, and have guaranteed 
Cash, Loan and Paid-up Values. 

Euclid Av. 



436 HolJerts Jawe" D 
4;\!i Uryulwrt Lnarle:ò }o; 
-HO '1'urner Jo'I'etiel-lck A 
H2 \\ ani jjenJalllUl 
444 '1'anner Julm 
448 1:ìllllllun _Hugh C 
4ãO 1:ìollieHllle 
 .lllles M 
1:ìollier\iUe HolJert B 
4;;2 Dancey Henry N, bldr 
4;;4 \\ atsun Jolin B 
4ãti Lugstiln (;11111'les L 
4;;8 Uordans Mrs C 1\1 
460 Tupper J Hlce 
4û2 Beelon 1\Ir8 1\Iarf 
4tH Martln Hobert H 
400 Allen Alfred 
468 Moore Ueorgc \V 
4iO Wlilte Henry T 
472 Snelgro\e Altred H 
Vacant lot 
47li. Sinclair Mrs A H 
471! I"uller Charl!!s U 
4bU Cutllbertsoll I"red H 
4b2 Stewart John 
4b4 'rhompson Walter S 
486 La W Will H 
48!! Johnston Joscph 
400 Kitchen l\lr
Kitchen E, DlUS tchr 
41/2 1'001 John 
. Ulster 8t Intersects 
Vacaut lots 
ã02 Wadsworth '1' Page 
ãO-l Wadsworth )lIss S I. 
Vacant lots 
õ14 Vacant 
516 Trolley 1\Irs C E 
li11! l\Iclntosh A K 
620 Reynolds )1Iss M G 
Russell 1\1lss Laura 
Webber John H 
Young Mrs Aunle 
)Iacartney G 1', phy 
:\'iles 1\lIss Kate C, ar 
Vacant lots 
536 Ande,-son James 
. Harbol'd st Intersccts 
Collcl:late Inst grounds 
506 Vine Charles A 
Vacant lot8 
. B:errlck st Intcrse(t8 
61& )lItchell John 
620 Campbell Colin C 
622 Lane Jnmes M 
624 Harris Walter C R 
626 Copelnnd R Morrell 
628 MontgomelY Albert E 
630 Armstrong Wm E 
t32 I'hlllips Wesley B 
63-1 Harris l';dward K 
Vacant lot 
t36 Clohert.. )lart1n 
ü38 Grady 
Irs Annie 
û-lO Butterworth Wm 
6-12 Lelshmnn Will II 
orthey Robert 
646 :\Iaclntosh Hugh }O. 
.I.ennox st Intersects 
el8 Dixon Jolin H 
650 Irwin Wm J 
6:)2 Hendlug Arthur J 
65-1 Leonard Charles J 
turroek ))01,-1<1 G 
658 Vacnnt 
660 Elliot t Geor!1:'e !I( 
6H2 Hngarty Ellward ""- 
00-1 Goodall Arthur W 
Kllgonr )Irs F B 
Goodnll I11lss B, uu
600 Carstalrs J S 
668 Grltfith Wm E 
670 ('ross ',"m. plnno tuner 
67:J Whalpv '1' :\11'1. 
67-1 )(eCntrery Ann J 
Vncant lots 
. Bloor ..t w Intersects 
8tore, 11 e 
GOO Kplly Wm 
6(12 Hart Watson S 
Yacnnt lot 
708 Tamhllnll Henry 
712 !':yrptt l\f1"" A
71-1 !.pDrpw John M 
i16 Power Wm E 
i18 Price Wm E 
Private grounds 
. london st Intersects 
7:>2 Kerr Au,lrew, bkr 
734 Robertson George M 

I, 'drsmkr 
736 81llltli 1.'rank 
73!i Appleton Frederick C 
740 Dodd George 
74:1 GloHr WIU J 
Vucant lots 
756 McConvey 1', whol btchr 
Vacant lots 
766 Bailey Daniel 
7tJ:s Cooper Charles G 
Vacant lots 
. Barton av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
784 Kemp Hev,'rage Co 
Kemp Pitkin G 
786 CO\ll09 roll's L. drsmkr 
Colllmi Wm Jt' 
700 Sh.up John 111 
796 Kenyon John. btchr 
800 )I,\[chment Wm A 
802 Honllhton Gporlle R 
80t Pippy Georgp A 
808 Woodhouse '1' 'V J 

30 Hender80n H..rbert 
32 Brown Mrs Sophia 
;\4 Bedford Gporge 
36 Maher John J 
38 Grav Frederick 
40 McKnight James 
42 [tockwood Wnlter 
44 Tipton Edwnrd 
. 1\IcDou
,,1I t\ commenc.,. 
4b Morell Adolph 
48 Farquharson J C 
Tout Edwin J 
50 C'lmpbell George 
52 Dent Wm F 
54 Kf'mp Wm 
66 I.tttle Andrew, coal 
G8 Evangdlne Home 
Vacant yard 
74 Rennie Mrs Mary J 
Woodyard. s e 
. Esth{'r st .commences 
Store, s e 
86 Sawdon John 
88 Hardson lienry J 
00 Wilson Wm J 
02 Daly John J 
94 Kvlp Juhn 
96 Waldmlli Robert 
Bakel' George W 
98 Culley H T. IUUS tchr 
100 Gautt Mrs Jane 
102 Rush Edward F 
10-1 Humphrey James 
106 Fpnnell Michael 
Pl'ivate I';rouuds 
112 McIntyre John 
114 Colombs Arthur A 
116 Williams Mr8 Mary 
Fire Hnll No 2. 8 e 
.POt.tland 9t Inteuect8 
118 Little Andrew - 
12l Kilioe James 
126 Kaiser J, 8prlng bed mnfr 
CI'H'k J, mattresB mut! 
12<j Ellis Horace 
130 Chisholm Alexander 
1:!2 Maltus Leonard J 
13-1 '1'odd Mrs M:11"Y A 
136 Clements Wm 
138 Mitchell Frank 
140 Gould rolra S, gro 
Guulll Herbert 
142 L.'ndreville Mr8 Flnvle 
IH Guy Joseph '1' 
14(\ "'ard Hobert 
148 While I.'rederlck 
150 Juhnstolne Thomas 
152 Wood Joseph 
154 Conboy Stanle,. D 
156 Colgan J'<fhn 
Pl'ivate grounds 
1f.0 Enright 1\l1ch;1el 
] 112 1>ul'l'y 
Iichael J 
Jr.4 Halligan Patrlek C 
1(\6 Singleton Walter 
168 Gunge Gt'orge 
no L:mdl'e..llIe J T, plmbr 
Slore, s I' 
. Bathurst st Interøect8 
'Volnd y'lrd, s e 
1St Johuson George 
186 Dnnncllpv James J 
IS8 MeConl 'James 
10 8herman James 
12 Stul'dy George 
I!I-I Pickt'rln!1:' Mrs Mary 
I!J6 Walsh )lisses. drsmkrs 
198 W:!lsh Ml's Rose 
200 Collms "utrick 
202 I"oy Martin F 
206 Kirknes9 Mrs Ellzabcth 
208 Cnrran John J 
210 Ruddv Wm 
21-l Barna,.do Home 
Ups nnd Downs (quarterly) 
216 Hewlett Albert 
220 peunock John 
222 I1ul'l' Samuel C 
22G Banks Mrs M. drsmkr 
Banks Orlando 
228 Mdntvre Lawrence 
230 Allin JameB 
2:12 Theobald Joseph 
Store, s e 
. T.'enmseth st Intersects 
Uaptlst Church 
238 Hodgkinson J W, phy 
Hodgkinson T, mus tchr 
240 Espic S.lmuel 

42 Vacant 

. ..;......... 
 :.. -:"
- -c OAL. 
"(1100 orne-to 
l J &1IIt S' IIIIl!>1 

244 Sheehan Lawrence 
2-16 Kelly John. mus tchr 
248 McMullen Samuel B 
250 Ityan exp 
2;;2 Awde John 
25-1 Cole Mt's Elizabeth 
2;;H JuhnBon Wm H 
258 Hodge lUchard J 
21;0 Ryan Wm 
2<;2 Hoswell Wm C 
2M Abrahum Mr8 Hurrlet 
21;G Urny Wm 
2108 1\1f'Nelll 'Hector 
2iO Clnrk James 
2i2 I'enke IIIrs Ann 
27-1 McXalr Robert 
276 Beu80n Jt'rederlck W 
278 Snnderson George 
280 Wntts HenrY H 
282 Sipan ThomlÌB 
284 'rmey John '.r 
2i!6 Crncklc Wm 
2'>8 Wadsworth Mt's lanet 
290 Finlay Samuel C 
292 Scott Walter 
294 Capllng H..m'y H 
296 MOrJ'lson James 
298 Kaiser Joshua 
300 Bolnnd Wm J 
302 Worth CleophaB 
304 Kelly John 
S06 Konecney Andrew 
308 Glover Claude 
310 Prince l\Irs N 
Rennett Frederick, r 
222 Rosenthal Joseph & Bcn, 
. .. .. .... South Side 
Shop, s e 
II Archer Wm 
7 Borrows John 
o pt,dwl.1I Herbert 
11 Kelly Christopher 
1.1 Lillf'Y IIIlss Allee E 
15 Pnrk,'r !IIrs Margaret 
17 Dnrling H G 
P,'l..ntp grounds 
21 Wake-Iy C1\!ls E 
23 Hynm!< George 'r 
25 Black Wm A 
27 I
orster Walter 
2}) ParkN' 'rhomas 
:!1 Odell Wm H 
33 Ritchie Halph U 
35 8harf'mnn Helen 
39 Fryer George 
41 Gruele MI'
 Elizabeth, gro 
McCabe Mary, r 
43 Hibbert Wm 
45 Chapmnn John E 
47 Douglns AJexnnder 
49 Smith ,I Coul80n 
51 Jones Wm R 
53 Baquln !lh-s Ml!r,. 
. Hmnt 8t ends 
8t Andr"w's Market 
City Wei
h Scale. 
. Maud st ends 
House. s e 
117 Hurknrdt Oswald 
119 Grltfin Wm J 
Mann GPOrl:e G 
. Portia nd st In tersectø 
House, 8 e 
In HopklnB Robert 
129 Coleman 1\Irs H B 
Coleman )l1ss A, mUI tehr 
131 Squirrel Abel 
13.1 Graham Robert 
13;) Buntin Bpnjamln 
137 Hopkins James 
13!J Murphy )lIchael 
141 O'Leary Florance 
Delivered to all parts of the City 
and Suburbs all year round. Offioe, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
TELEPHONE. 86 - 4052 "'AS. FAIRHEAD. - Mana&,er. 


EUCLID 1'1., e trom 17 Eu- 
clid a", wal'll 5. 
. . . _ .. .. _ X orth Side ......... 
House, " e 
2 Holston Herbert W 
4 !I(ulbolland Isaac 
6 Luby !llIchnel 
, . . . _ . ... Smith Sille 
House, s e 
1 Egnn Jatlle
3 Conley Wm G 
5 G:\1"rntt Henry S 

EVANS AV, '\V trom oþp 181 
Clluton, ward 5_ 
_ _ _ _ _ .. . _ Korth Side.. .. .. .. . 
Store s e 
2 l.ane'Ml's Mnry 
4 Husst.y Arthur H 
V.lcant lut 
8 Notle.. James 
10 Conti; Thomas G 
12 CUl1ltllln o James 
14 Gilmore Altl'ed 
. Jersey av colmmences 
. .. . . _ ... South Side .......,. 
Storp, 8 e 
1 Brown Mrs Jane 
3 War.l Da\'1<l A 
7 Dunne Edward 
9 Cord,,11 Smnuf'1 
11 Dagl!ett Thomas 
13 Hard\' Fred 
15 Grlm.It... Walter 
11 Clarke Thomas 

EXHIBITIOX RD, w trom s 
end ot Str:!chnn av to Ex- 
hibition, wnrt1 5, 
. .. " .. .. Korth Side __' _ _ _ _.. 
Not built on 
.. _ .. _ ... South SI.lp ......... 
Garrison common9 
157 Curmn John 
Bartt Thomas S 
Ent to Exhlhltlon Park 
173 Langridge .Tohn 

IOUX'l' AV, trom w 
ot Gladstone av to Duffer- 
In, tour'h n ot College 
ward 6. ' 
Not built on 

I"ARLEY A" w trom 144 
Spadlna av' to Niagara, 
wards 4 and II. 
.... .., _ North Side .. ...... 
Store, s e 
_4 Brintnell G S, horseshoer 
Hurd Henry E, vet Burg 
6 Brltnpll George S 
Clow Miss A. drsmkr 
8 Pennell Henry 
10 Campbell Wnllace P 
12 Holmcs Samuel 
14 P,lckhman Charles 
16 Lynu John A 
18 Benham Hpdley H 
20 H,lcking flnrry 
22 l.õUle Jnckson I. 
24 Nlcbols Miles 
26 Rock Mrs Ann 
28 E..ans Percival U 

North British & Mercantile Insurance COli 26 Wellington St. East. 
GOOCH a. EVANS, Resident Agents. Tel. No. 423. 


Farley A v, 


141L. O'Connor John 
U3 H..ddle H J 
U;) Floyd :\Ir
147 Plntt Walter 
149 "laddlgnn Thomas 
151 '-oiIlY Wm 
153 :\Iul"1"n,r Pntrlck 
1;:;;) Downs l'ntrlck 
157 Cnnty John 
1;:;9-163 Walker E C & Sons, 
htlt mfrs 
163 Mneauley Joseph 
165 League of Cross Hall 
House, 8 I' 
. Bathurst st Intersects 
Hotel, s I' 
171 Hardson Wnltal' 
Tnce George, r 
173 Johnston :\Irs A 
Harker Alfred J, r 
175 O'1)onohoe Jnmes 
111 }'atter80n George 
179 Fraser John D 
181 !olcUill George W 
Is:! Rocam01"l\ :\Irs !\1nrgaret 
IS;; Hunter Chnrles 
187 Flo'l\er Wm F 
189 St....ens Wm F 
191 Wyld }Olrs 'Iary 
l!\3 Hennessey JOhn J 
195 Kelly Jnmes 
197 Walsh 'Irs Charlotte 
Wnlsh Dickson, dairy 
199 Young T R 
201 \"II lie.... Robert J 
203 Hnllarn Wm J 
20" De..lne John 
207 Doyle John 
209 ',"eekes George 
211 Rrown I,'rank 
213 Lnndreville J. cooper 
215 rinlay John C 
217 Paiuter "'m J 
219 Thoma.. Alfrl'd 
221 McC'roh:1D Jl'remlah 
22.1 Smith Nelson F 
 :\1('IJonnld John 
227 Prlt('hard Wm 
22'.' Harling John 
2:11 Milne )Irs J, gl"O 
!olllne Wm 
. Te,'umselh st Intersects 
233 IJunlop Jost'ph, shoemkr 
235 mack or W, rl est 
ma('k }Olrs W. gro 
2:17 Whiter Wm J 
239 Green :\lIss Catherine 
241 !oladden !oIntthew 
24:1 Paterson '\'m 
24;:; eltse Jnsp.... 
247 \\'orthlngton James, jr 
251 Hrlnkworth Snmuel 
25:{ :\llIloney :\lIss MIll'y A 
255 Rlgupy John 
257 Pen\"' ,,'niter 
259 \ ne.lDt 
261 l10gnn Mrs Mnrgaret 
263 'l/1r..yn James 
265 !olurphy John 
267 Rnlrd Hnrrv E 
209 0\\ ell Thomns 
271 Wilson Jnmes 
273 Ja('ques James 
275 Doyle - John J 
277 Young Will C 
279 BllIden Georgp C 
281 Fllrquhlll' Allau 
28,'1 Jordnn James 
285 Cochrnn Ab. nhnm 
2i37 :\1<"Ginnl.. Samuel 
289 Peake John W R 
291 Rrown A H 
293 Brown G..orge J 
2!Y.'i Hrlthnlll Snmuel 
2J'!7 Titus Wm D 
299 Ba'l''' Samuel 
301 ('hèsber Alfred J 
303 Edis Henry, pntr 
305 McKittrick !olrs Ellen 
307 Richardson Henry E 

FEJo:'S I'L, I' from 57 Snmach, 
'l\"lIrd 1. 
,. . ,... North Side .. ..,... 
House, s e 
. . .. .. ... South Side .. __ .. .. . 
1 Rhodps John 
3 Squires Loiel 
5 Cbnmbers Jnml''' 

i Cotey Jo
9 IIropl...y Hob..rt J 

1,'ELSTE:l>. I' fmm Ureenwood 
n.., seeond s of Dllnforth nv, 
wnrd 1_ 
Not built on 

FF.XXIXGS, n from 1006 
Queen" to Humhert nv, 
ward 5_ 
. . . . - . . , _ Cnst Side 
Store, s I' 
3 Yacfillt ynrd nnd office 
;; E\'el'ett Mrs Annn 
i Eager Wm H 
9 Blnks T 
'Veale Frederick W 
11 !olnynard Ueorgc 
13 ArlDstron!; Wm, phy 
15 Tracey Jnmes 
17 "Ipehnn John 
IcCoy Cb/1rles P 
21 Rooth Wm I 
23 1
lnnle Benjamin B B 
2;; 'l'rilnbl.. D,n'ld 
27 Hnrrln!;ton :\Irs Ann 
29 Patterson GeOl'ge H 
31 Llscomb Hiram D 
Barnes John 
33 Stewart Wm J 
35 Stewnrt John J 
37 Evnns T Arnold 
39 IIIntthews Jobu J 
41 Holmes John II 
-13 Jones Henry 
45 Bedford Wm T 
47 Shllw )lnUhew 
49 Howle Hobert G 
51 Humphreys Jnmes E 
53 :\I,'('..rtn..v O\\o'n 
55 WllIi,tmso-n George N 
57 !II('Kny Ashel F 
 Hili UeOl'!':" A 
111 "'"SS Charles E 
U3 He\\ itt Johu 
. . . .. . . .. "'est Side ........' 
StOff'. s e 
2 Mad<1en 111 J, coutr 
4 TOlllkÍl'Q Xnthlln 11 
U Smith 
Irs Annie 
8 Brüdle Frederick 
10 Eaton WDI. hldr 
12 GnlhrRlth Hugh 
14 Lo('k D,I\'ld J- 
10 :\Iahat. :\laUhew 
18 Stt'phens .h.lm W 
20 Stew:trd Jau,.." 11 
22 Hall John J 
24 !IIüore "'m H 
26 Cllmpbell :\Irs ADlplia 
2'i Latchford Joseph W 
30 nnd..v Jolm 
:12 )Iumiy Elgin T E 
34 Doyle TltolDns 
3U Souster Johu 
38 Rowhper 1m A, bldr 
40 Jamt's 
42 Ush't' \\'m J 
44 Pierce Wm II 
411 Relet John 
48 Hpndry 11ft's Aun 
00 Pascoe Albe.'t 1-: R 
52 Benumont Wm E 
54 :\Ioutgüme,'y 11 D 
5,1 Allen Rol...rt 
;:;8 Simpson )1rs E )1, unrse 
CO ('üx John J 
62 Howle Hohert U 

FE:-I:-JINGS, now Bnlrd av, 
\\'al"l\ 1_ 

FEXWICK AV, s fmm Dan- 
forth 1\\', IIrst I' of I.ognn av, 
.....I\rd I_ 
. . . . . . . .. Ea,.t Ride 
10 E\\lIrt Jnme.. 
12 Nonis Joseph 
. . . . . .... West Side 
Kot built on 

FEIßIAXAGH AV, w from 
240 SOrlll1l-pn IIV to Ronces- 
vnlles av_ \\'nl'O 6. 
.... _... Korth Side .. _..... 
I:'nflnlshed wnrl'house 

_ . , . , .. '. South 
t., S I' 
11 lIa.hlte !illS Nnncy M 
1:1 Youmans Willet C 
15 Str:t tford CI1I1I"Ies 
17 Rogers Wm J 
19 "I('..hllu Johll J 
21 " Wm 
31 Lamburll Matthew D 
33 l-:ùmolldson Hobert 
97 Hough Johu W 
99 Campbell John 

),'ERX AV, w fmlll 194 Mnc- 
donnell av to Sunnyside av, 
w.,,-d 6. 
. "... North Side 
\'ncnnt lots 
8 Hnnkln A C 
12 Gor man Henry 
14 Cumming Jnmes 
16 Meams John 
20 Thompson Rübert J 
24 "Iaywood 'Vm 
2'; "larks Wm H 
2'i Rail...v Edward 
:10 Oglh.fe All'xllnder 
3:J Xohlt, Jlllnes 
34 Phillips T Hpnry 
'I I.t'\-itt Samuel 
38 Pt'nrson John N 
44 1)urlp George 
46 Hubhard John 
-18 G,'O\''''' George JI 
52 Edmundsou T 111 
54 "acnnt 
5U Cunnlnghnm J J 
58 "'e:tdick James A 
60 'Yoodcoek II1rs Jnne 
Preshytedllu Chnrch 
.80rnuren av Intersects 
74 'Ielllsh Frnuk D 
i,l Hnt... Arthur J 
78 Harris James 
80 Scott (,harles 'V 
86 FraDle Samuel 
!I-! Bp..t James \V 
!If! Brumpton Wm 
!IS C'lInkullbroomer Wm H 
100 XeU John F 
lO2 :\Ioffntt Robert L 
104 Goüld James E 
100 Clark Hector "lcD 
108 Houga,'d CoUt'nd 
110 G,\1l1ble John H 
11'1 Glh..on John 
122 Bakel' Joseph 
Pllhllc s<'llOol 
... _.. ___ South Sid" 
Ilou!':e, s e 
1 1'11'1'1'<' !ollal H 
3 IIIH:hes Thomas J 
7 Grav Alhert A 
11 Rpllil Cbarles A 
13 Shprl",'k R 'l'homns 
15 Ogll..le J/1mes "I 
Blllllm Hptll"'l' A 
17 Shprlock RÜliert J 
\'IIC/1 tlt lots 
31. Atkpy Alfrpd 
33 Fenton Frederick A 
35 Rlack Walter 
49 !II('Donnld John J 
51 Rooth Wm 
53 Duncan I. J 
5!) Gral1l1lu Thomns A 
61 Rnhjohns George 
Store, s t' 
. SOrllnren nv IntersectB 
House. s I' 
83 Ste.....nrt Kennedy 
Yaennt lots 
101 Dodds Wm J 
10:1 Rpll James S 
105 Royce 'J'homß
10; S\1:....t.... Thmllns 
J09 Nicholls Edward 
III \\".'Ir Hi<-h,trd 
113 ,,'ntson Huttson 
115 S('d::wick R F 
117 Xpshltt Wm A 
123 1I111ckie RobPrt, dnlry 

FIFE, I' from 173 Dowling av 
to r of Jnmpson nv, ward 6- 
Not built on 

l' II: 
T \ '-. .' fr"lli Brond view 
uv to UTIt. hr
t s of Ger- 
'-,lid ", \\ ,ud 1. 
_.,. '" _ :'oõ"rtu Side 
Vn....nt lots 
2 Jeff.'rl.., WID 0 
4 ScoU 1\lrs E 
\'ucßnt lots 
1-1 McUili Thomns 
16 1\I0r"house Ueorge W 
Morebou"e IIt'rtrnm H 
18 Wylie Wm A 
20 Hanlson Wm 
Williamson Miss R. tlress- 
22 I.ees Ulchard D 
24 Jones Alzono W 
20 Preston Bn'on 
28 Twlj(j( Jolin T 
30 '1'1"11111 Jnmes 
32 Smith Thomns 
34 Duncan Alfred 
36 :\IOlTOW Joel W 
'"ncant lots 
52 I\IcFllrlane George 
5-1 ,,' eston 1\1 rs "lnrl.1 
:;6 "Iunay Hunlel 
}OIUl'ray 1\11ss H, drsmkr 
58 Russell Jobn, bag mkr 
GO Ste..&nson \\'m J 
"ncant lots 
741 Hl"llhulll Adllm 
76 Rrownllll: R..v Arthur 
78 'ratton :\Irs 
80 Unsworth Re.. Joseph 
1;2 Kernlgh;ln John 
Store, s e 
. Holton av Intprsects 
Holton nv school, s e 
. De Grnssl st Intersects 
' ynrd 
U2 Ashhur'l' J 
1:14 Crn\\ foi'd John W 
]:16 Hust Ernl'st G 
138 Dawson AI..xnnder 
140 Rnte Wm L 
142 J:l1uleson 
I'S :\Iary 
144 Hul.lbard Joseph :\1 
14r. Copp Wm J 
148 Dale Francis 
150 Ral'ker '!"homns 
"ncnnt lot 
J5(\ AII,eu Wm H 
158 Wise Wm H 
160 Asmus C H 
11:2 Mathewson G D 
166 Weston Rlch/ll'd C 
(nnn A C 
\'a('ant lot 
lí2 Vncant 
li-l Wilson Charlps 
176 Preston J onn than 
li8 Borthwick Adam J 
]1'0 J)onn..Jly Lesne 
11',) "ncant 
184 I\:nh:cht Harry A 
ISO Johllston Samuel 
ISS Bründhul'st T 
190 Smith Dnvld 
"acant lot 
1!14 J ülly J S, bldr 
1!J1J I-:Ison G..Ol ge 
1!1!'! Allison Audr!'w 
200 Carp ElDest 0 
202 Stewart El'ue
t J 
204 Hibbard W C 
200 Hunter Wm W 
.I.ol(an nv Intersects 
,........ !;outh Slde...,.._ 
13 )1/1 x \\'1'11 Rohel't 
lIaptist ChUl'ch 
. Rolton 11'1' lutersects 
8tore, 9 I' 
. De Ura ssl st In terspc"" 
Ln wn tpnnls g.-ounds 
St :\Iatth..w's (,hurch 
137 Scott-Bownnl Re.. Jam!'s 
1:19 )Ian('e :\ll's !II,ll'thn 
141 Hallford Frederick I. 
. West ay euds 
151 Hroomhall Jo' C. lUU" tchr 
15;; Hunt Jnmes B 
157 SindI' Simon B 
163 Kldd FI'edN1ck A 
lr.5 Weston Edmond 0 
171 Summel'hllyes Wm F 
173 'fhoDlns Fredel'kk 
. '.rh"el'ton nv ends 
177 Cnhoon Roho."t, gro 
179 Bretz Ahram 



McGregor & Mcintyre 

FIRE ESCAPES, Automatic Fire Sbutters. 
65 to 73 PEARL. 'P
one 2748 

First Av. 



181 ),'Iesher John 
183 Hnlll Jesse 
IS::; Fl'tt e,. Dn v id 
187 Domelle George 'I' 
18!) Banks John I. 
191 Wells John B 
1!13 l't'arson Jolin C 
19:11,i, II,I\-is Jllmes W 
. Logan IlV Intersect8 
l!)a Kmg James A 
197 Hohins Wm D 
201 Bell George 
211 Hrpunan R 
213 Wallnce Stewart J 
2Lí Jo
liu Will 
217 G"nHner Wm J 
219 Uiehl George 

FISHER, w trom 646 Dnt, 
terln to Slteridan !tv, ward 6. 
_ .. _ .... !liorth Side 
26 Barton Joseph 
28 Ul'If Wm J 
36 Hall George 
38 WIlliams Wm H 
40 '1'v"I.S Charles B 
42 J>"iploek FranK W 
......... :,:nuth !':idl' _........ 
9 W.-hb John E 
15 "a..allt 
IIOIIS", s e 

1o'1SHEI(:\L\:S'S ISLAND, e 
sid.. of ",1stern gap of To- 
ronto Bay nnd strom 
Cherry st, ward 1. 
Rnt..lIe Joseph 
Smith Thomas 
}'larUII Ft"l'derick
nn B..njamin 
Io'ormau Jamp!' C 
Fleml1Jg David 
}'lm.tin Frl'derlck W 
Fen,om John Jr 
M.'Kay Arthur A 
Mc}'lullen Wm 
Sparrow Wm B 
Pickerill!: Chas l' 
Townsend John
all George 
MQ.!!.tgomery \Vm 
Montgomery John 
McDonald Hector D 
Ramsd"n 'Ilrs Annie! 
U.1msden Henry 
Ramsden 'Vm 
SmÏl h 
Hamilton Henry J 
SInclair Wm 
!lilcholson John 
D'AH'J James J 
e Gt'lrr;e A 
Lan'::rldgp George 
Morley Thomas 
Dancy Hpnry A 
Flemlnjt Robert 
}'li1ler J,tlDt'S 
Paul JO
t'ph A 
Friend Thomas 
Barnes Thomas B 
Barnes George E 
Worthing Heflry 
Chapman George R 
Scholes John F 
Lord Georj(e l' 
Bavp,. Daniel J 
}'IIÌler John B 
Beaulnt' E J 
Brlckenl1.." F S 
on Maelnt09h 
Crone Frank 
Guest Wm B 
Burton Xorman B 
Masølnl(ham J J 
Apted Stephen J 
HRrrln!!:toI\ J J 
Marsh Leonard 
Thrln!!: Walter A 
Clnrke Ulchnrd 
Lang Charle9 
Grinnell Thomas 
Kirk Frederick 
Barker Alex J 
Montroy R H 

24 Kensington av, ward 4. 

os"orthy Richard 
3 Wakeford Henry, tlol"lst 
4 Xewman ',"m F 
5 Ralsen John 
6 O'Donn,,1I James 
7 Garland Samuel H 
S Wilson Alexander l' 

I?LOREXCE. w tmm 492 Duf- 
ferin to Broek av, ward 6. 
. . .. _ _ .. Xorth Side 
Store. s C 
o logan John 
8 },Iny Charles W 
10 McKeag Joshua 
12 :Spurgt'on 
lrs Elizabeth 
U Richards Charles 
16 Maloney James 
20 Burnes Frederlek W 
24 Earls :\lrs Frances 
2U Allen Joseph E 
2.'\ Wallnce J..aughlin J 
30 Lewis Robert 
32 Henderson Gavin 
34 Paterson Samnel E 
3.\ Spry James 
. Sheridan av commen{'e8 
House, s e 
50 Jones James 
52 Baldwin George 
54 Wilson Henry 
50 Stock James 
I01"1'oW Thomas 
60 Abernethv Ed\\ard 
62 Axtell W"m F 
tH Piercy Wm 
6IJ Br,tmball James 
tiS Jnffray JII.wes 
Bouse. s e 
. . _ .. .... South Side 
Store, 9 e 
7 Burn,. Samuel 
!) },Iulhall John 
11 Florenca Hugh 
13 Vacant 
Ialloy George 
21 '-oss Edward J 
Fredcnbut"!: Mrs Carrie, r 
23 Fryer John 
ZI Evnns Alhert E 
:n Hillson Wm 
33 Burrow.. George 
35 Br
l(g David 
Vacant lots 
51 Skeeles Richard W 
53 White Richard 
57 Grunwt'n Sllmuel 
59 Hall Orange 
lorton Hugh 
65 Armstrong Samuel 
67 Bnckhnrst Edwin 
71 Ramse
- George A 
Lake Simcoe Ice &. Coal 
Co, storehonse, r 
77 Longthorn John 
79 Gadsby James 0 
House, 8 e 

{,'OLLIS A", w from 008 
Bathnrst to Chl"lstle, ward 
_ _ _. .... r\orth Side .. 
Store, s e 
4 Smith :\lrs :\lary 
6 Cassie James 
8 },lcCay John R 
10 Thorns John 
12 Vandmark Dell 
14 Harnlman Mrs Jane 
16 Jessiman Georj(e W 
18 }'I01-gan Edward T 
20 Hales Edward 
22 Hammond Mrs Emily 
24 Herder Richard 
26 Payne Henry 
28 Muir Robert S 
30 Mitchell 
lrs Eliza 
32 Wilson Peter 
34 Cross John R 
36 Sullivan 
lrs Caroline 
&' Van!!:han James 
40 Jones !llrs 
4'2 Taylor Thomas l' 
Iarkham st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
54 Grell; Alexander. 
58 Feast Richmond 
Feast }'lrs H, gro 
.Palmerston a\- Intersects 
Vacant lots 

70 St John's }'lIsslon Bouse 
Vacant lots to end 
_ .. .. . ... South Side ......... 
15 Trott Berman 
Vacant lot,. to Enclld av 
95 Kenyon J H, whol btchr 
Vacant lots to end 

I<'ORT ROl:ILLE. n from tha 
lake to 
hsslssa nga, tlrst w 
of Dufferln, ward 6. 
Xot bnllt on 

1,'ü:;,TER PL,e from 93 Ellzn- 
beth, \\ ard 3_ 
_ . __ _.. X orth Side .. ... .,. 
2 Foster Jonas 
4 Goldman Henry 
II Ree\ es 
lrs Ann J 
HOllse-. s e 
8 Grlsmln 
. . .. .. . _. Sout h !':Iue ......... 
1 Foster Thomas 
3 Cohn Samnel 
3J,4 Fnleberg }'lrs Sarha 
7 Balloon John 
9 Heidelberg :\lrs Sarah 
11 Foreman }'lIss }'Iary 
Foreman 'liss Ida 
oFreman }'lIss Esther 
13 Store, 8 e 

FOXLEY, w from 154 Dun, 
das to Do\-erconrt rd, ward 
. . ., .. . 1\orth Side .. 
Store, s e 
2 Cole Thomas W 
8 Green George 
10 Beding!leld George 
12 Bedlngtleld James 
14 Xlhlett Francis 
16 Bell Geor!;e A 
18 Hurrell John. 
22 Charles Richard, plstr 
Plaster yard 
28 Crealock Mrs Elizabeth 
30 "'orrall Walter 
Private grounds 
40 Gartlan Patrick 
42 Bamllton Wm J 
44 Lemon Da\-Id 
46 Curtis John 
48 Hall }'lrs !\latilda D 
laharg Clark S 
. Grove av ('ommences 
52 Stacey James E 
54 Stanton Charles 
56 Bond John T 
58 Legg James G 
60 Dickenson Joseph 
62 Outhet John 
64 Rutled,::e 
Irs Ellen 
66 Brown "'m H 
6S Thompson R D 
70 Stnart 'Vm 
72 Cairns A B 
74 Bow Wm 
76 Bnrns Frank 
Housp, s e 
......... !':onth Side 
Store, s e 
5 I....lne James 
7 Kearnev 
Irs S J 
9 Wlgl;ins Xlcholas 
11 !':teele James 
13 Wallace Robert 
 Npl80n James 
17 :\leadows Alfred H 
19 Chivers AUred l' 
21 C....cknell John 
23 Nesbitt James D 
25 Potter James 
27 Clark Thomas 
ZI F.m n1l'tt Rûb"rt H 
31 apnrv Bartholomew 
33 Simpson J I 
S:; Emmett Wm 
37 Blair Andrew 
30 O'Brien Andrew 
41 !IIorrow Joseph J 
43 Challenger Franklin W 
4:; }'lcXlchol Felix 
47 Clarkson James 
411 Chambers Alfred '1' 
51 Cowan Arthur W, exp 
53 Collins James H 
&i Foreman \Irs Mary 

57 Sa \ IIII' Harry 
59 Tuck James J 
ti1 Hnnter Robert H 
63 Lh Ing,ton Alexander 
65 I.) ons GeorJ<e L 
137 '1'00\ ey Frederick W 
139 Hohbs Hn!;h 
71 Cole John - B 
73 Brillinger }'1 A 
7;; Chapman James S 
77 Srlelev Archibald R 
7!1 !':hùpson Hngh 
81 Donovan James, bldr 
83 Birney John L,real estate 
85 Ling Charles E, dairy 
89 Tolen !I1lss l:lIzabeth 
91 \lItchell John 
Store, s e 

FOYLE A V, w from Logan 
av, first s of Danforth !lV, 
ward 1_ 
Kot bnllt on 

F'RAXCIS. n from 136 King 
e to Adelaide e, \\ ard 3. 
o . _ . . _ . . _ East Side . -. "- - . 
Store, s e 
9 Eudo Minerai Water Co 
11 I"ational Cigar Co Lid 
. Commercial st Intersects 
Hotel, r e 
The Kasmlth Co, r e 
. . . . . . _ .. \\' est Side .....- 
Store, s e 
2 Berrlng S, taxidermist 
4-6 Store, s e 
8 Storehouse 
10 Spain Abraham, barber 
12 Ibhotson G & Son, cut- 
Ibbotson George 
14 Taylor A 1', barber 
. Commercial st Intersect" 
11;-18 Vacant 
20 Millar Wm & Co, show 
20th Bamford J, storehouse 
22 Pink }'1 C & Co, junk 
Dominion Fibre "'orks 
24 Ol
hanezky A, barber 
26 Summers D H, harness 
28 Kasmlth Co stables 
30 Vacant 
Store, s e 

FRAXKISII A", w from 76 
Sheridan av to Brock av, 
ward 6_ 
. ... ... _ ""orth !'Ilde 
2 Clark }'lIchad 
4 Donohoe John 
6 Bennett John 
8 Platt Frederick G 
10 }'lcLaughlin James 
14 Sweet "Benry 
16 Ferguson Wm H 
18 Kendall Robert 
20 Port Robert E 
Port Miss J !II, nUNe 
22 Johnstone Benjamin B 
24 Driscoll James H 
26 Bartlett Wm C, coal 011 
28 Crilly Wm 
"acant lot 
34 Carruth Mrs Mary 
36 Durnford James H 
Store, s e 
. .. _ . .. .. South Side ... 
House, s e 
5 Hazard Norman S 
7 May Thomas 

I<'RA:SKLAND, e from Car, 
law av to Pape av, tlrst s 
of Gerrard e, ward 1. 
Not built on 

F'RANKLIX A V, n from Rus. 
kin av to city IImlbl, first 
w of Perth, "ard 6. 
. .. .. .. .. East Side ... 
Vaeant lots 
. Irving a\- Intersects 
139 Copplethorne Luke 
149 Long James 
151 Knox "'w 
153 },lackey Arthnr A 

Limited. 78 CHURCH ST. 

and large sums. 
Interest at Hie-hest Current Rate. 

142 Franklin Av. 


Toronto Offices: 
J. W. KERR, Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 
Low Rates and LarKe Proftta 
on Endowments. 



15:\ \1eKenzle \loses 
157 Lew1s Wm H, shoemkr 
159 Watkin U
161 Rice 
Irs May 
163 Denno George 
165 Blain James 
Vacant lots 
197 Scadding Miss Elizabeth, 
Honse, 8 I' 
. Royee a.' Intersccts 
Store, s I' 
Vaeant lots 
207 Burke James 
209 Mooney Ephraim 
211 Lnxton John 
213 Roberts }oIl's Louisa C 
215 Crulekshank Wm 
217 Burke John 
Vaeant lots 
22:) Dwan Patrlek 
227 Curtis Mrs Mary 
22\1 MeKeand James 
231 Lellls }oIl's Mary J 
2.'I:J Kenned
235 Harrington Wm J 
237 O'Selll Felix 
239 Susbaun John 
2.n Ware John J 
Vacant lots 

 J ea Amos, eoal 011 
255 Brown Arthur 
257 Long George F 
259 maekle James R 
261 Wright Joseph J 
263 A very Thomas 
\'acant lot 
....___.. West !:ide ......... 
Vacant lots 
104 Thornbeek Robert 
. hvlng av Interseetø 
Vaeant lots 
152 Doane Ira 
154 '1llIer Frederlek A 
156 Burke Wm 
Vacant lots 
160 Stewart Adam 
Vacant IOt8 
172 O'Brien Daniel 
174 Coleman Owen 
176 MeMaster I\h'8 Margaret 
Vaeønt lots 
l&t Hateh Hem.. 
Is;.< Haines Jessë 
Store, s I' 
. Royee a.' Interseets 
Store, s I' 
200 Watkins Samuel F 
202 Simpson George A 
204 Lister Mrs Mary 

R A V, n trolD GTR to 
Kmg w, seeond I' ot Duf- 
t...1 n, ward 6. 
Not hullt on 

FnEDERICK. n trom 178 Es- 
pJunadp e. to Duke,- ward 2 
. - . . . . . " East !,:Ide .... _. .. . 
Tor Ry stores dept 
Tor Ry repair shops 
]1-17 Tomlinson T & Son, 
Tor Ry power house, s e 
. Front st I' Intersects 
Vaeant lots 
5P \Vorkln
 Boys' Home 
Smith S George 
Store, s I' 
. King st I' Intersects 
.. ...... \V e"t Side . _ .. . . , .. 
('lty Morgue , s I' 
Sate Works, s I' 
. Front st I' Intersects 
Tor Ry shops, s I' 
. King st I' Interseets 
8tor", s I' 
78 O'Reilly Robert 
80 Mulligan Patrlek J 
82 Gibson James 
Biseult taetory ,s I' 

I- RICHOT, w trom 950 Yonge 
to Me}Olnrrleh, ward 3. 
.. . .... North Side .. ...... 
2 Alhery John C 
f\ MeWhlrter Wm 
8 MeCarthv Jeremiah E 
10 Steele Charles J 

12 Bennett Joseph C 
14 Allward John 
16 Ross Thomas 
IS Ray Robert B 
20 Vaeant 
22 Molr Ryerson 
24 WII
on Wm H 
26 Carter Chas H 
28 Ellard James H 
8') Harwood John J 
32 Brown George 
34 Coulson Mrs Catherine 
36 Foster George 
38 Teal John 
40 Mason Da.ld 
......... South Side ......... 
Not built on 

Carlaw a.' to Pape a.., ward 
. . _ _ .... North Side .. ...... 
. " . 

 S"e ..., .. .. . 
Honse, s e 
Baln Nell K, mkt gdn

FRONT EAST, I' from 31 
Yonge to the Don, wards I, 
2 and 3_ 
. _" ..,. North Side .. ....., 
2-8 Board ot Trade B1dg 
Canadian Groeer (weekly) 
Crlekmore Edwin, broker 
Hardware & }Oletal Mer. 
ehant ("eekly) 
Vletorla-Montreal Fire Ins 
laeLean Pub Co Ltd 
Canadian Dry Goodø Re- 
,'Iew (monthly) 
Canadian Military Ga- 
zette (semi-monthly) 
Canadian Printer & Pub- 
lisher (monthly) 
Bookseller & Stationer 
12 Galt G F & J, teas 
Blue Ribbon Tea Co 
14-16 Go\\ans, Kent & Co, 
wbol eroekery 
Traders' Fire Ins Co 
18 Thompson & Thompson, 
20 Consolidated Cloak Co 
I-'Iemlng F A, mtrs' agt 
Brown J .C, mtrs' agt 
22 British America Assur- 
ance Co 
Barnard F..ed, ea..etkr 
24 :\Ielndoe It S, mtrs' agt 
Wilson Wm C Co Ltd, oils 
. Seott st Interseets 
26-28 Pacifle Buildings 
Flsh..r John S, wool 
Berna..d C :\1, teas 
Dominion Transport Co 
Clarke & CJarke Ltd, 
lea ther 
1<'....1'.. Robert 
30 Rose 
I Cartage Co 
Hndson It S. soaps 
32-36 Maedonald John & Co, I 
r I' 
38 Laneashlre bldg, s e 
40-44 Ellis P W & Co, r I' 
46 Stanway Geo & Co, eom 
Leask A 0, b..oker 
Eze Mfg Co, washing 
48 Indian & Ce,'lon Tea Co 
Creighton & 'Maekle, eom 
50 Janus Bulldln
Donaldson J 8, broker 
!\Iason I' L & Co eom 
Musson Geo & Co, eom 
Dowker H B & Co, leather 
G..ant Roh!, eonh' 
Grant W }<' & Co, eontrs 
May G II, aecountant 
Niven John K & Co. brok- 
Nh'en Malcolm. eom 
Anderson C H. broker 
Hayter R W, broker 
Ewen John, plumber 
Thompson Edwa"d 
Roherts, earetkr 
Gooderham & Wort8, 8 e 
. Chnreh st Intersects 

60 \'aeant 
6O'h Weddell A & Co, bmkers 
62 Fee John J, produee 
62'h Onta..lo Chambers 
Qneen's Own }Oless 
64 White & Co, p..oduee 
66 Baillie J E, whol provs 
68 Rutberford, Ma..shall & 
Co, whol produee 
70-72 Ryan Wm Co Ltd, whol 
74 Ramsay R II & Son, whol 
76-78 Gunn D Bros '" Co, 
whol provisions 
82 De Laporte A V & Co, 
whol grain and !lour 
Carriek John, eom mer 
81 Goodall James, grain 
86 Wllla..d & Co, whol prod 
88 Vaeant 
Hotel, s I' 
. West \Iarket I!t Interseets 
St La wrenee Ma..ket (tor 
oecupants see St Law- 
reneI' }Olkt) 
! st Intersects 
ß:.. Hotel, s I' 
94. Market Hotel 
96 Caldwell C & Co, flour 
!J8 Prior Wm G, ..est 
100 Standard Vinegar Co 
102 Speight Wagon Co 
104 Ontario Bru
h Factory 
100 Hntehlnson "" Peterson, 
' supplleø 
J08 Vaeant 
110-12 Central Hotel 
. Ge" st Interseets 
114-20 maek Horse Hotel 
Dalgety J, horse dlr 
Tor Ity repal.. shop 
. Frederiek st Inte..seets 
Vaeant lots 
152 Mabatl'y Wm S, blksmlth 
156 Dunham J E, teed mill 
160 Mah'ltl'y \\' S. wa..ehouse 
162 Mo..rlson 
164 LlttJ.. Aaron S 
166 Shields M..s Susan 
. Sherbourne st Interseets 
Shop. s I' 
174-6 Dominion Chain Works 
178 Rntley Warming & Ven- 
tilating Co, warehouse 
ISO Williams C & Co, plekJes 
182 Williams Daniel 
J S4-00 Shedden Co, storage 
. Prlneess st In
Lumber yard 

'O8-12 Sto..ehouse 
. Ontl1rlo st eommenees 
222 Vaeant 
228-38 Ont B & M Co, malt- 
242 Vaeant 
2.H Gllonna Frands 
246 Xaughton 'Jieha..1 
248 Wlleox 'Irs Elizabeth 
2:;0 Wright Thomas 
2;;2 Hili Edwa..d D 
2;;4 Kellv Daniel 
Vaeñnt lot 
. Berkeley st Intersects 
262-90 Canada Foundry Co 
. p"..lIllment st Interseets 
292.316 Consume..s' Gas Co 
pnrlt) Ing house 
318 Mattht'ws Tnomas 
320 Batt Wm H 
322 Thomas Wm 
324 Hili George E 
326 Rnnt Hohert S 
32S BaUey Snmuel E 
330 !':ehoenteJdt Lewis 
332 English Hu,,"h 
834 Outhwaite Thomas J 
336 }Olll rUn Robert 
. Erin st eommeneeø 
340-42 Fnetory, s I' 
344.46 Mllginn John 
348 Begley John 
350 Johnston 1\Irs Anna 
. Trinity st Interseets 
352 Store, R I' 
854 Nonls 
hehael J 
358 Gillian 
360 Kemp Thomas 
362 Allen Hen..y K 
364 Vaeant 

356 \Ionekton G 
368 Wingate Jonathan 
370 Hoult 
Iason George H 
Jobson John H, r 
376 O'Conno.. John 
}Olahon \\ m. r 
378 Hiekling Charles 
380 Hickling Chas, liquors 
382 Brown 
384 Hleks Rlcha..d 
386 Quinn Pat..lck 
Vaeant lots 
398 A..nold Alfred A 
Vaeant lots 
. Cherry st Intersects 
414 B1aekburn M..s M, gro 
Blaekbu..n Joseph 
416 Stee.. \\ m H 
416'h Dunn Daniel 
422 Fltzheltry Mrs M A 
Gooderham & Worts, 
cooper shop 
432 Webber Mrs Anne 
440 Storehouse 
Vaeant lots 
. Wate.. st Interseets 
482 Gordon Mrs A, gro 
O'Connor Henry J 
486 Collins }01iss Mary, dairy 
Vaeant lot 
. Vine st commenceø 
508 MeCarthy Da.ld, exp 
510 O'Connor John 
:;12 Ta..lor 
514 Ramsden Thomas I. 
i CPR e..osslng 
Besehell st Intersects 
Graham ter commenees 
526 Boddy Robert 
528 d"ale Thomas 
580 Parm John 
532 Llseum George W 
534 8hlrlow l\Irs \ A 
. Cypress st eommences 
Tan vards 
542 Hull-Wm H 
Eastern elty stables 
...._..._ South Side ......... 
1 Canadian Rnbber Co of 
M on treal 
Johnston A T. mtrs' act 
Dominion 011 Cloth Co 
3 Adams & Burns, liquors 
;; Elliot & Co, whol drugs 
7 Tor Blseult & Conty Co 
9 Lumsden Bro8, whol gro 
11-13 Reid G & Co, wool 
Anglo-Ame..lean Direct 
Tea T..adlng Co 
Seott James, teas 
I'lehol W J & Co, teas 
InternaUonal WIne Co 
15-17 Hamilton Wm B Shoe 
Co, whol boots 
19 Eekardt H P & Co, groa 
. Seott st In terseets 
21-23 Ehy, Blain CO,whol /lI'0 
Colville W K. eartage 
27 Adams James C, mfrs' 
Cla..k J E..nest, mtn' alrt 
Aeadla Suga.. Refining Co 
Dixon Storage Co 
Llghtbound U..o, broker 
29 Howard R H & Co....llquon 
31-33 Pure Gold 
ltg l.:0 
35-37 WaITen Bros '" Co, 
whol I:ros 
Imperial Lumber Co 
Metropolitan Ry Co 
39 Beardmore & Co, leather 
Beardmore B..IUng Co 
41-43 I'prklns. Inee & Co, 
whol gros 
45 Sloan John & Co. groll 
47 Foy G J. whol liquors 
49 Kinnear T & Co, groB 
51 Clemes Bros. whol t..ult 
!13 Edward!<bnrg Stareh Co 
Grllham Charles 1', agt 

Iuekle "'111 H, ea..tøge 
55 Blekpll & Wlekett, tanners 
57 Canning A H & Co, whol 
59-63 Bayley W B & Co, eom 
West & patte..son, drug- 
gists' sundries 
Claney George J '" Co, 
gros' spedaltleø 




CEO. R. HARCRAFT, Ceneral Agent, 
'Phone 251 TORONTO 



Front Eaost. 

Robinson l1tg Co, IInvor- 
ing extract:! 
Hewitt Jobn, rutrs' agt 
. t:burch st lutersects 
ti5 Cllrrle Robert, -rorage 
Zopes.1 Cbemical Co 
Cnhert Jos H, mtrs ngt 
Dominion \\ Ire Mtg Co 
Tunner:!' As'Soclnllon 
Hurns Douglas A, ncct 
67 Lumbers J.lme:!. whol gro 
69 Humphrey 1<' W. whol gro 
. Forquhur 1.1 ends 
71-73 Bros & Co, 
75 Wutsou Robert Co, mfg 
77 Taylor John &. Co, sonp 
}lorse Soap Works 
Domiulou D
-ewood ond 
Chemlcol Co 
79 Par"ous C & Son, whol 
lea ther 
)Iorton J A, hops 
81 Toronto I<'ruit Vinegar Co 
 Lamb W & Co, provs 
8;; Corter E '1', wool 
87 Leadlay E & Co. hides 
. West :Uarket st Intersects 
Old City Hall 
. Jan Is st intersects 
10-;; Steele, Briggs Seed Co 
109 Purtt & Co, whol contrs 
III Hallnm John. hides 
113 12.> 
lcIutosh l' & Son, 
. George st lutersects 
Store. 9 e 
131 Warehouse 
7 Keith John, coal 
139-141 Howden F A, whol 
145-147 Tnylor J & J, sntes 
. Frederick 9t intersects 
Toronto Uy power bouse 
1l;9 Burns Frnnk J 
171 Wolls 
173 Smith Edward 
17;; Griffitbs 'Irs (,horlotte 
. Sherbourne st Intersects 
177 Xelson Frank 
179-1S9 Tor Chemicol 'Yorks 
1!!l-9 Dalton Bros_ spice mills 
191 Levick Potrlck 
. Princess st Intersects 

IH-;; l'erb.ins J & Co, machs 
207 Ferg-nson John 
209 '''I\liams Henry 
211 floyd James 
213 nurley Chal"!es H 
215 !\filler James 
217 Gurnon Thomos 
Gerow John 
21!1-221 !'mith Wool I':tock Co 
223-37 Stantlard Woolen )Jl1Is 
Gos Co'. purihlng house 
. Berkeley 
t Intersects 
200 Consumers' Gas Co 
Economical Gas Apporatus 
Construction Co Ltd 
. P:ll"lInment st Intersects 
21\5 Mlchlgon Ammonia Works 
ot Detroit 
297-303 I':ldp entrance 
Gas Co's yards 
Honse, s e' 
. Trinity st intersccts 
Hou'Se. S I' 
359 Conlin 'Ir.. Ahlgoll 
361 IUllley Joseph 
363 FOley Patrick G 
3ô.'i Rarndpn Rohert 
367 Somers 
Irs Elhm 
31;9 Rnhln David 
371 Rnhln David, jnnk 
373 Crown I' Thomas W 
375-377 Dpe lIh's E C, gro 
Dpe John 
1 Crosbie Jamp" 
38.3 Rohlnson 
&G5 E..-erson )Jrs !\I A 
387 Crote John W 
393 Hore Wm 
395 Shedden Co's stables 
397 Hartigan !\Irs Saroh, gro 
300 Rutledge Jomes 

401 lIeher 'Irs JeuUle, junk 
lIeb..r \1.tX 
. t:bt'I'IY :It Intersects 
4U;;-I;; D'Arcy J J, botcl 
hs II, gro 
IcLellon J J 
423 llro" n Jobn 
42;; Groh.lftl Henry 
427 H.l\\ Tom M 
oJ29 0,,,, son 
"'e.lts Cb.trlps 


,î':[" [Î
437 OTollnor J.lmes 
439 I'-Iptcber Wntson 
.141 'll1e
443 Powpr 'liss A 10:, gm